Glamorous honey shows oversized booty and gets asshole shagged

Glamorous honey shows oversized booty and gets asshole shagged
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I wrote this for an ex-gf who was very submissive. She enjoyed it so I hope you do too. Let me know what you think. I was at the grocery store when I met him. Tall and handsome he was, with fierce blue eyes and short dark hair. He made my cunt throb from the very second I saw him. I was attempting to reach a jar of olives, black olives of course, from the top shelf of isle six. His voice, deep and hypnotic, echoed in my ears, "Might I help you with that?" It took a second for me to respond. He had a presence to him, which, at the time, was something I couldn't quite put my finger on.

When my voice finally came, I feebly replied, "Please; if you would." His long arm reached easily to the top shelf, grasping the olive jar firmly before lowering it down to me. He lowered it into my hands and I took it from him graciously. Our eyes met as I dropped it in my cart and I felt his dominating gaze take hold of me.

"I'm Colin by the way, should I shop alongside you," he said, "Just in case you need my help again." I couldn't help myself.

"That sounds like a great idea, I'm Trish," I said. Adding, "I would love the company, and your helpful height." I looked at his strong, muscular arms again, feeling time slow and the temperature raise. He must have noticed as he reached his arm out and touched my chin, bringing me back into reality, and directing my eyes back to his, saying, "Which isle do we need to go to next?" I managed to point.

I felt giddy, and horny, as we shopped. He talked mostly as I found it hard to do so. As we walked down the aisles, he told me about his job and hobbies, and whenever he needed something he would just point and ask me to grab him one or so. Even if I were looking at something I would stop and put whatever he needed in his cart; He compelled me with his every word.

Every now and then, I would see something I needed on the top shelf and would ask him for his help once more. As he reached up to grab what I couldn't, it would give me a chance to spy on his magnificent body: Muscular back and ass, wonderful thighs and athletic calves. He was wearing shorts and a somewhat tight fitting shirt, leaving the solid lines underneath for my imagination to trace. I could feel my cunt drool every time I eyed over his body; I wanted him. I began flirting with him a lot: Once or twice brushing my tit on his arm or chest, or even bending over in front of him, pushing my ass against him.

I also noticed him glancing me over at times too. I was marginally modest in dress, wearing a simple light blue shirt forcing angel to surrender hardcore and bondage by a thigh length skirt.

The shirt, which clung tightly to my curves, showed off my round, perky tits expertly. Although he would only glance for a second, I could tell I was pleasing him, which oddly enough made me even hotter. As we left the final aisle and made our way to checkout, I was anxious, and still very horny.

"Was he going to ask for my number? Should I just give it to him? Will he flirt with me in the lot? Should I tease him more? Did I make a mistake? Is this all in my head?" All of these things running through my mind as we waited in line. I put all of my things on the roller first, and then helped him with his. My mind was in disorder as I rummaged for my check card.

I swiped it and struggled for my pin number. My eyes must have been begging him to end my tension. "Relax," he said; his voice full of authority, rippling through me, destroying my anxiety. He loaded my items into my cart as the grocer rang his up. He paid with cash and we made our way into the lot. We didn't say much as we loaded his truck up.

I helped him, handing him bags of all sorts. When his cart was empty, he pushed it out of the way, clearing the space between us. "I had a good time shopping today," he said, breaking the silence. Relief flooded me, and it must have shown.

He took my hand, giving it a firm squeeze. "I would like to see you again; you should rich mom flirts with handyman for hard anal sex me your number." Without hesitation, I rummaged through my purse again finding a pen and a small scrap of ripped post-it. I inscribed my number carefully and handed it to him smiling. He smiled back, "Good," he said. "Now let's empty your cart." Once my things were stowed, he headed back to his truck, both of us leaving the lot and heading in different directions.

On my drive home, I recounted the events in the store. I felt foolish, what had come over me, I thought. He was very handsome, and very charming; but that wasn't it. There was something about him, drawing me hot molly mae sucks dick for a wad of cash pornstars and hardcore. Once again, I just couldn't put my finger on it.

When I got home, I unloaded the car and put everything away. It was about noon and packing away the last of the groceries, I decided to take a relaxing shower to unwind. Once in my room, I pulled off my shirt and tossed it aside. Unclasping my bra, I let my perky tits hang free, dropping the garment in the forming pile. Looking over myself half-naked in my mirror, I noticed how perky and erect my nipples had become.

Squeezing them ripped out strip club to fuck everybody, I cupped them and played with them a bit before unbuttoning my skirt and dropping it to the floor. I kicked it across to the rest of the clothes, feeling the dampness and warmth between my legs.

Putting a leg up onto the countertop in the bathroom, I looked at my soaked panties in the mirror. They were absolutely saturated. Looking at myself, I teased it with my finger for a moment before casting my panties aside with the rest of my soiled garments.

Standing fully naked in front of the mirror, I thought only of Colin.

"I wonder how big he is," I said aloud to myself, "or how well he will fuck me." The thought of not sleeping with him had not once crossed my mind. I turned on the faucets and brought the water to a comfortable temperature, stepping carefully into the shower and closing the door behind me. I felt the steam begin to envelop me, relaxing my muscles, calming my soul.

I opened my bottle of body wash and squeezed a bit of it onto my loofah. As I soaped my shoulders and chest, I imagined his hands running over my shoulder and down my chest. I softly tugged and pinched my nipple, shoplifter fucked in back room brunette amateur him squeezing and massaging my tits. I pinched my nipple a bit harder, becoming more aroused, and ran my loofah down over my tummy and then around my side to my shapely round ass.

Soaping it, I imagined his son mom oil massage sex squeezing and cupping my ass, perhaps even giving it a smack.

My free hand left my nipples and made its way down to my ass, gripping it as I imagined Colin would. Being very aroused, I gave myself a pat on the ass, launching bubbles everywhere. "He would do it harder," I thought. I raised my hand again and gave myself a harder smack. The loofah fell to the floor. I felt my pussy aching for attention, as my ass cheek throbbed slightly. I stood in the hot water, washing off the soap bubbles, feeling slightly embarrassed.

"I want Him to spank me," I said aloud, "God that's kinky." I spread my legs and ran the free hand between them. Feeling my outer lips, I gave myself another spank, even harder this time, resulting in my cunt twitching in excitement. My embarrassment diminished as I teased myself, slipping a finger inside my juicy hole.

I wriggled it slowly, feeling waves of pure gratification wash over me. I thought of Colin's muscular body. I worked my finger a bit harder, remembering how sexy he was earlier today. My mind became even more depraved as I fingered myself.

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Thinking of how Colin would spank and fuck me like a little slut had me wiggling even faster. I imagined myself on my my body wants caresses masturbation large ladies and knees, taking him from behind, him pounding me until I nearly screamed, or perhaps on top of him, riding his cock, pleasuring him like the whore I am.

My fingers found my clit, and began to rub it swiftly in circles. I knew that I was close, raising my hand, giving myself another hard spank, pushing me over the edge into utter bliss. I collapsed as my orgasm took me, my pussy, juicy and twitching with arousal, my ass, warm and red. I lay heaped on the floor as my climax slowly diminished, finally gaining enough muscle control to sit upright.

I breathed heavy for the minute following my orgasm, my body relaxing again. After a short while, I stood up, my mind, blank, except for Colin. I finished washing myself before getting out and toweling off. Making my way to my empty bed, I collapsed onto it, passing out. I awoke to the sound of my mobile vibrating on the glass nightstand next to the bed three hours later. "Colin?" I thought to myself.

I reached over and snatched up the phone, quickly accepting the call and putting it to my ear. "Hello," I said expectantly.

"Hi, is this Ms. Esclau." The voice on the other end was certainly not Colin's. "This is she." I said, a bit begrudgingly. "Hi," He responded, "This is Mark with FPL. We're doing some routine maintenance in your area and we were wondering if you were free tomorrow sometime so I could stop in can check your line and perform a free Home Energy Survey." I was daydreaming slightly at his droning, but noticing the pause, I told him "That would be fine." "Around noon then," I followed, trying to finish our conversation off.

"Thank you ma'am, I'll see you tomorrow," He said before clicking the receiver down. I lay back in bed dropping the phone beside me.

"Will he even call?" I wondered. I ran my hands down my naked figure. What was it about him that made me this way? I was so anxious just to be in his presence, to make him smile. The feeling was foreign, alarming to me even. In only an hour's time with him, I felt taken. I got up and went back to the mirror. I looked over my body again, ruffling my dark red hair by running my fingers through it.

I moved my hands down onto my hips, feeling the slimness of my waist above my obtrusive ass. Remembering the shower, I spun, craning my neck back to see my red cheek. It certainly wasn't bruised, which was good, but it was still red. Running my hand over it, I noted it was still somewhat warm as well. Finishing my inspection, I went to the closet and shuffled through my casual wear.

Feeling lazy, I grabbed an oversized sweater, slipping it over my bare skin. Walking out of the room, I grabbed my phone and turned the ringer on, slipping it into my front pocket. I went about my daily routine, trying not to think of the man I had met only a few hours ago. I cleaned my spotless kitchen and started the washer for just dirtied clothes.

I mostly walked around the house directionless, fidgeting with random items, focused only by the sound of the washer buzzer. Loading the damp clothing into a hamper, I went out to my not so spacious but mostly private backyard and began hanging it out on a clothesline I had erected between the house and the fence.

"It is certainly a nice day," I thought, "bright and sunny; perfect for the beach." I smiled to myself, snapping out a pair of trousers before hanging them securely on the line. Every time I reached up, I noticed that my sweater would ride up with me, exposing my bare bottom and trimmed pussy to the gentle breeze blowing though.

Even with the six-foot privacy fence blocking off three fourths of the backyard, I still felt a bit promiscuous exposing myself to the possibility of onlookers. The thought of my friendly neighbors, peering over the fence to say hello as I was hanging a pair of panties, made a tingle of arousal shoot between my legs. Hanging the last shirt on the line, I took the hamper back inside, putting it away sensual babe playing with her pink twat activ studio collapsing on the couch.

Enjoying the cold leather on bare skin, I looked around the couch for the remote. Fishing it out from between the far cushion and the armrest, I flicked on the television to the Discovery Channel. Commercials were rolling and I began to zone out. Before the show had even a chance to come back, I was out. Snagging me back to consciousness was a jingle emanating from just below my stomach. Groggily, I dove my hand into the front pocket of my sweater and dragged the phone out, accepting the call and putting it to my ear.

"Hello?" I asked wishfully. "Hi, is this Trish? This is Colin." My stomach turned to butterflies. "Hi Colin, how are you?" I asked eagerly. "I'm fine," he responded before saying, "I wanted to tell you I'm going to dinner tonight and I want you to join me" I paused for a moment. "He wants me to join him," I thought happily. Anticipating my answer, he said, "Be ready at seven, we have a reservation. What's your address?" I recited it to him and exchanged goodbyes before hanging up and having a wave of contentment rush over me.

"He made a reservation," I thought to myself smiling. Looking over at the clock, I saw it was just nearly six, leaving me little less than an hour. I rushed into the bathroom and stripped off my cozy sweater. Looking over my body and running my hands over my legs and cunt, I decided to shave everything so I would be silky smooth for Colin. I turned on the water and hopped in, quickly going to work. I started with my pussy, taking my time, making sure I got every hair, then moving down and quickly doing my legs.

Once I was done, I made sure to lather myself up and scrub every last inch of my body. When I finally got out, I only had twenty minutes left.

I quickly dried and ran my hands over my body again; this time, much to my satisfaction, I was soft and smooth. I kept running my fingers between my, now hairless, pussy as I made my way into the closet. I got out my best Victoria's Secret matching black panties and push-up, tossing them on the bed.

"I suppose its semi-formal," I sad aloud before grabbing a black cocktail dress and bringing it back into the bedroom with me. I set it down on the bed and slipped on the black panties. My pussy was already a little moist from my touch, and also from thoughts of the night ahead. I put the bra on next, clasping it in the front before picking the dress back up.

I held it to me and examined myself in the mirror. "I hope it pleases him," I thought. I took it off the hanger and stepped into it, enormous chubby sbbw shows tits on cam sure the straps were straight as I positioned myself.

The thin material hugged my curves nicely. Its low cut V displayed my voluptuous cleavage while the shortness of it highlighted my long, sexy legs. Looking at myself in the mirror, I les threeway ho fists ass lesbian fisting absolutely sexy, definitely worth Colin's attention. I went back into the bathroom and applied a thick layer of eyeliner, accenting my brilliant green eyes, leaving the rest of my fair, clear skin untouched.

I had about five minutes left so I ducked into the cabinets under the vanity and retrieved a delicate lilac bottle of perfume I keep for special occasions.

Giving myself a little spray, I put the bottle down on the vanity, reasoning that I would use it again soon. Before I had a chance to be nervous, Colin was at the door, beckoning me with a solid knock.

I yelled through my house for him to come in, which he must have heard as seconds later I heard the click of the door and the sounds of leather shoes on my tile floor. Checking the mirror and making sure I looked perfect, I walked out of my bathroom and down my hall to find the most handsome man I'd ever seen. He was wearing a jet-black suit with a matching black shirt underneath, pressed pants, and shined shoes.

No tie, but instead an open button, daring my imagination to wonder what I could find by unbuttoning further. In every way, he looked unbelievably sexy. "You look incredible," he said, bringing my attention back to his brilliant blue eyes. I managed a, "Thank you." I felt like I was floating as he took my hand and led me to his collared daddy girl all dudes want to do is ravage anyway, barely remembering the locks as we left.

As he drove, I stumbled through the small talk, trying to find the right words, not taking my eyes off him. I felt warm and enticed by his presence, his voice, penetrating deep into my mind, heightening mysenses, making him even more entrancing. Each word made me flush, causing my pussy to twitch, flooding my nerves. He spoke about how he worked in security, "as a consultant," he said vaguely. He told me how, as his own boss, he worked from home, giving him plenty of down time, even if the job pulled him away for business in other cities almost twice a month.

I told him all about my job as a secretary, and about how although it wasn't my dream job, it was one I couldn't seem to leave. As I talked, he would nod and smile, each time, making my heart flutter like a schoolgirl. When we arrived at the restaurant, I was greeted with an unfamiliar, yet very upscale building. Colin steered me through the shined front doors with his hand assertively on the small of my back, sending an instant tingle to my already dripping pussy.

This was the second time Colin touched me with such control, and as we walked, I hoped it wasn't the last. The interior was even more elaborate than I could have imagined. Wood floors and white linen tables filled the grand room; servers were bustling about, carrying huge platters, smelling of scrumptious delicacies unknown to me. Colin directed me to the left, where a short, stout man standing behind an antique-looking oak podium, was flipping through a detailed, leather bound book.

"Two for Karalis," he prompted the distracted Matradee. Looking up, he answered almost immediately, "Oh Colin, please, right this way!" Coming from around his post, he hovered a hand over Colin's shoulder, guiding us with the other to an inconspicuous door behind his podium. Through the door was a smaller candlelit room, filled with a handful of tables and only one other couple.

He led us to our table, which was covered in a fierce red tableclothadorned with a small vase and a single rose at the center. As I sat, I felt enveloped by the warm glow of the room, instantly feeling more receptive and sexual than I had all day. Colin sat across from me at our square table, taking my hand and giving it a kiss before asking what I thought. "It's wonderful." I said after a few seconds of feeling beset. After a minute of me taking in the environment and more of Colin's great looks, a waitress by the name of Sarah came out and gave us two crisp menus, asking if either of us were ready for a drink.

Colin spoke after hesitation from me; "I'll have a scotch on the rocks, and my lovely lady here will have a Ginger Spice, on account of her beautiful hair" He smiled; I turned a deep shade of crimson. "I'll be right back with those," she said, walking away with a grin. "I hope you don't mind me ordering for you," he asked, almost as a formality, knowing that I wouldn't. I blushed harder, "God he is handsome," I thought to myself. "Not at all," I said, "I think you know what you're doing." He smiled, chuckling slightly, causing my juices to flow even more, if that were possible.

I wanted him. I wanted him to use me. I wanted him to reach under the table, under my dress and feel my soaked cunt.

I wanted him to rub his finger over it, and feel my desire for him. My mind wandered to devious thoughts, thoughts of him finger fucking my soaked pussy. Watching him listen to my stifled moans as I tried to hide my whorish behavior from the neighboring table, only hoping I was pleasing him with my exhibition. He must have noticed my daydreaming, as her snapped me back to reality with a warm hand over mine. "Sorry, I must have lost myself in thought," I said nervously, hoping he hadn't been reading my mind.

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"Its fine," he said with a perceptive grin, "but you should look over the menu. Everything here is wonderful." Following his direction, I opened my menu and glanced over the fine-printed calligraphy before realizing it was entirely in Italian. I took a second, attempting to decipher the code before me, but realized it was a hopeless endeavor.

I looked up to Colin in time to see his smug grin before Sarah returned. She smiled at me, "What can I get for you tonight Ma'am?" she asked. I wasn't used to such treatment from, but wasn't able to respond as Colin, once more, took her attention. "She'll have the bistecca alla fiorentina with a small side of spaghetti alla puttanesca," he said with certainty.

The waitress gave a brief grin before he continued, "I'll have the Baccal?lla Vicentina with a side of spaghetti alla carbonara. And I think a nice house salad to start us, and an order of Bruschetta will top it off." "He knows Italian," I thought to myself, feeling a twinge between my legs at the thought of him holding me down, pinned by his strong arms, while he whispered Italian in my ear.

"Oh," He added, touching my hand again, "a bottle of merlot for the both of us when the meal comes. I think an eighty-two with do us nicely." She smiled, "Whore," I thought, looking at her begrudgingly. "I'll put your order in right away sir, and bring those drinks out as big cock fake agent bangs brunette model you," He said with a dismissive tone. Her smile diminished slightly, before she turned and walked back towards the side door.

"I didn't think you knew Italian, so that was my little joke for the night," he said smiling. I beamed back at him saying, "I guess that proves it. You do know what you're doing." He smiled before changing the subject. "So, tell me about this secretary addiction of yours," he smirked. "Well, it's not exactly an addiction," I blushed, "but for some reason it's a job I can't get away from.

I just love helping out the boss," The waitress brought out our drinks, interrupting me, setting them down meekly. "There you go," she said, landing them on two coasters she had laid out earlier. "Can I get you two anything else for now?" I looked to Colin for affirmation. He met my gaze before waving her away and taking a sip of his drink. "So you were saying," He said. I took a large swallow of my own and smiled. "Well. It's not that I don't enjoy the job, it's just that I always thought I would be doing more with my MBA." "But," He added, reading my mind.

"Well, I enjoy the work. I enjoy helping my boss, and making sure I do everything I can for him." "Ah, so you're the type that likes to support the leader, rather than do all the leading themselves," He mused, "Not to say you're not strong and independent on your own right of course." He smiled, "I kind of guessed you were." "Well I'm glad you're noticing the 'strong and independent' part, most people don't," I said, thinking of the past.

Sarah appeared again, carrying a large tray of bread, salad, and bruschetta. As she arranged our appetizers around the table, I found Colin staring into my eyes. I couldn't help but blush and look away, taking another large sip of my Ginger Spice.

Taking a bite of his salad, I noticed a blissful expression when I looked back at him. "They have such good dressing here, don't you think?" He said, motioning to my plate. I took a bite and felt, what must have been a similar rush of flavor before looking up at him gleefully, and nodding. Colin smiled back at me, making my heart melt. "I want him so badly," I thought to myself. When went on eating and making small talk. I made it through most of my salad bowl and finished my drink as our entr?

arrived. Sarah took up our empty and brought out the bottle of wine first, setting two glasses next to it. "Sir may I," she asked him. He nodded and she uncorked the bottle, pouring a third of a glass for him. He picked it up and whisked it around before bringing it to his nose.

After getting the scent, he took a sip, declaring it perfect for their meal. She poured the rest of his glass first before filling mine up as well. Placing the bottle to the side, she set out our plates and another basket of bread with sauces. Everything smelled wonderful and tasted even better as I tried both of my plates. As the meal went on, I enjoyed more than one glass of wine and began feeling the effects.

I felt warmer than even before, and had the urge to lean across the table and kiss Colin. Looking at his beautiful lips I found it was getting harder and harder to fight my urge. As our waitress cleared the table and asked if there was anything she could get us for desert, Colin ordered Italian blend coffees for us both. As she left, he also occupied the chair next to mine, rather than across.

This made not mounting him and locking lips even more difficult. I put my hand on his leg just above his knee and stared into his eyes. Biting my lower lip, I said, "Dinner was fantastic, I really enjoyed it." "Well I aim to please," he teased back, licking his lips playfully. I noticed the couple next to us was absent and their table cleared, prompting my hand to move higher up Colin's leg.

He brushed my hair over my ear and gave it a gentle tug, before running his fingers down my bare arm and taking my hand, pulling it further to his crotch. Fervent teenie spreads soft twat and gets deflorated defloration and virginity felt my nipples poking against the thin fabric of my dress, my cunt tingling and drooling all over my inner thighs. I wanted his cock, his big, thick cock. Perhaps in my mouth first, grabbing me by the hair, using my throat he pleased, but definitely in my pussy, fucking me like the nasty little slut I was.

Maybe on the table, my dress hiked up, my panties torn, hanging from one leg; Colin behind me, filling me with his massive dick, holding me down against the tablecloth knocking the vase to the floor as he used me. I needed a good, hard fuck. As I thought of what fate I wished for, I felt him moving my grasping hand closer and holding it in place, so I wouldn't grab for my prize.

His hands and muscular arms held me secure as gave his leg a gentle squeeze. As my eyes begged, I bit my lip again, harder this time, and spread my legs a bit so he could see my glistening thighs. I wanted him to know what a slut I was for him.

He took my hand from his thigh and placed it on my knee, pushing my legs farther apart. I let out a quiet moan as his gaze dropped to my soaked, black satin panties.

"Your being an awfully naughty girl tonight Trish," he said to me in a deep authoritative voice. "Usually I punish bad girls like you…" My wet pussy throbbed at the idea of him disciplining me.

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"…but you're drunk tonight aren't you dear, and I can't punish you for your intoxicated desires. Now, close your legs for me, there will be plenty of time for that later." I obeyed him, closing my legs and turning towards the table, noticing Sarah waiting on the other side of me with the coffee.

She set my coffee down with a grin, making me as red as my flowing hair. I felt humiliated, knowing she had seen everything. "I hope I wasn't intruding sir," she said, keeping her smirk "No, not at all; thank you and that will be all for tonight," he said, as she twirled and exited the room for the final time. I sipped my coffee with shame as Colin pulled a one hundred dollar bill from his wallet.

"That should cover the tip, don't you think?" he said, looking at me. "She's always such an attentive waitress." He touched my brazzers dirty ts at fuck shool teen xxxxx, bringing my focus back to him. "She was fine," I said, still feeling embarrassed.

He took my hand, filling me with a calmness I needed. "Don't worry about what she saw, I assure you, it's nothing to worry about," he said. His deep, soothing voice seemed to make my concerns melt away, leaving me with only my thoughts of before. I felt myself ogling him as my mind became fogged, once more, with lust. He stood and helped me from my seat. I felt a bit woozy, perhaps from the alcohol, or perhaps from my desire.

He opened the door and helped me into his truck. I was still very tipsy on the ride home and found my hands exploring his hard thighs and rubbing over his muscular arms as we drove. I made sure not to run my hand to close to his crotch, remembering his promise that there would be another night for that. I let my hands slide over his fit abs and solid chest, feeling more intoxicated with every touch. As we pulled into my driveway, I could feel my wetness with every step I took towards the front door.

"I had a good time tonight," he said as I pursued my keys hiding in my purse. He reached out, brushed my hair across my ear again, and leaned in, giving me the softest of kisses. One kiss, followed by another just as soft, led to my tongue finding his. I dropped my purse and braced myself against his masculine frame.

The world seemed to slow around this perfect moment. Lips locked, our tongue dueled. His chasing me around my own mouth and then baiting me back into his. When our passionate embrace ended, he placed another gentle kiss on my forehead, wished me a goodnight, strolling back to his car. Feeling dazed I slowly slid my key into the lock and opened the door. Grabbing my purse from beside my feet, I waved goodbye to him and took a step inside, listening to his truck slip from my driveway and down the street as I pushed for the door to close behind me.

Still feeling very lightheaded from the kiss and the drinks, I set my bag down on the small table next to the door and stripped out of my dress, tossing it down as I ambled to the kitchen in my heels and lingerie. Getting myself a glass of water, I let my free hand wander between my legs as I sipped. I ran my fingers over my inner thighs, noticing how damp they were from the night's arousal and the sum of my frustration.

Slowly sliding up, I found my clit through the thin, soaked satin of my panties, flicking the hard little nub back and forth with the tip of my finger. Setting my cup down and bracing against the countertop, I moaned softly as I teased and worked between my legs.

With my freed hand, I cupped my covered tits, squeezing them firmly and pinching at each nipple. My body became hypersensitive to my own touch, begging me to sunny leoun h d full xxx its needs.

Each squeeze and rub forced another moan from it. My brain was dazed and become only capable of envisioning Colin, and his muscular physique. Each time my fingers found my clit, or teased a nipple, I felt my pussy throb and quiver with bliss.

As I made my way to the bedroom, I found myself wishing Colin were waiting on the other side. I discarded my bra in the hallway, and lost my heels on the way to the door. Slipping out of my panties in the doorway, I hung the soaked pair from the door handle before jumping into bed.

As I sprawled out, spreading my long, sexy legs in the process, I felt my uncovered lips drool between my thighs. Slipping a finger inside my cunt with ease, I started to work my wet hole, wishing I had a thick cock instead. The more I played, the less I cared whose dick it was. "Any cock would do at this point," I thought, feeling like a complete tramp, "I just need a good, hard fucking." As I fingered myself, my other hand found my clit, rubbing it gently, bringing me closer to ecstasy.

I rubbed myself in circles as I worked my fingers in and out of my pussy faster and harder. My moans became shouts, forcing me to bite my lip to silence my pleasurable cries. Pushing another finger inside, I began to wiggle my two digits up and down, driving me closer to climax. I rubbed my clit faster, in pace with my jolting fingers and bucking hips. I was so close to orgasm my body ached; but it was soon quenched by a powerful release.

I arched my back and let out a shriek of pure satisfaction. Every nerve in my body felt electrified, and after nearly a full minute in rapture, my body collapsed back onto the bed, feeling utterly exhausted.

"Two orgasms and eight hours of slut behavior, all in one day" I thought, before letting out a deep breath. As I started drifting off, falling in and out of consciousness, I knew today was one of the best days of my life. Cuddling into the warmth of my comforter, I hoped tomorrow would be just as fantastic. I knew, somehow, my feeling marked a change, and as I finally fell asleep, I knew it was for the better.