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Rough strap on hd poor lil latina teen gina valentina is indeed not having a supreme
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Author's Note: This story is not a romance, please go elsewhere if that is what you're seeking. Part 5 - Let the Dog Have Her I peeled the duct tape from my daughter's lips, revealing a raw, red, rectangular patch of skin around her mouth. She coughed and glared up at me, her hands still bound behind her back as she lay on her belly upon the ground.

The leash around her neck remained tied to the chain-link fence, despite her feeble struggles. I left the swatch of duct tape stuck to her pussy mound, sealing numerous loads of cum up inside her hole. Mack and John stood around with their hands on their hips trying to catch their breath, dicks still hanging out of their pants. Luke, my huge, black-as-coal German Shepherd, remained faithfully by my side, always waiting for me to issue him a command.

He lived to obey me, and he was a very smart creature, probably smarter than lots of people I know. I really loved that beast, and as my eyes moved from his wagging tail to Elizabeth's supple asscheeks, I decided it was his turn to enjoy some fun. "Assholes!" Elizabeth said, spitting. Her voice was scratchy from all that screaming and groaning with a parched throat.

"Aw, what'sa matter, Sis?" said Mack, grinning. "Dad tells us you like dick -- lotsa dicks, in fact!" "You don't like dick. You love it! You love getting your holes stuffed by your brothers and your daddy. And I bet you love feeling all our sperms sloshing around in your cunthole right now, don'tcha?

I know you do," said John, his lips curling into a wide grin. He bent down and began fingering Lizzy's asshole and squeezing her asscheeks, making her legs kick wildly as she tried to roll away. "Fuck off!" she shrieked, John's hands pawing all over her backside. "What a mouth this little slut has on her! Good for face-fucking, I'm sure!" said Mack.

He was stroking his prick back to a solid erection. "Fuck you, ya'll ain't shit, you puny dick motherfuckers!" screamed the restrained blond sixteen year old. Mack was playing with her tits now while John grabbed the cucumber and shoved a few inches of it in her ass.

She shouted again and tried to wriggle away, but the boys wouldn't let her up. John was pushing the cucumber in and out of her asshole steadily even as she struggled. "Shit, I guess pov fucking gina valentina point of view amateur ain't enough dick for her, boys," I said, shaking my head.

My sons stopped molesting Elizabeth's body for a few moments, turning their attention to me. "She wants more dick, even more." The boys got to their feet. I stepped up and untied the handle of the leash from the chain-link fence. Then I picked Elizabeth up and carried her over to a grassy, shaded area under a large maple tree, the dog following alongside.

Using my pocket knife, I cut the rope that bound her wrists behind her back. But her freedom was only momentary. I grabbed a length of chain and secured it around her wrists, then I tied the chain to the trunk of the tree. Her bound wrists were now hanging down by her flat abdomen instead of behind her back. Mack and John followed behind, stopping along the way to drink some water from the hose. Under the maple tree stood their chained sixteen year old sister, her pale skin sun-dappled, her rosy pink nipples looking so big and succulent.

Her body was nude, save for the patch of silver duct tape still stuck to her pubic mound. Her knees were muddy from being fucked all over the backyard.

She was skinny anyway but was probably starving after a couple days now without a anal teen roxy first time a magical misappropriation. Her ribs clearly showed when she inhaled deep, frightened breaths.

Mack grabbed a few peaches from a nearby tree and handed one each to me and John. They were incredibly sweet and delicious, the peach juice saturating my tongue with flavor.

Liz glared at us. I'd only let her have a few gulps of hose water since taking her captive; she hadn't eaten since before I'd stumbled upon her barn gangbang.

We devoured the fruit in front of her, juices running down our fingers. John walked up to Elizabeth, the base of his shaft in one hand and a peach in the other. He drizzled some peach juice all over his cock. "Thirsty? Want some juice? Lick it off my cock, slut," said John with a smile.

Elizabeth stared hatefully back at her brother. And then she actually got down on her knees and began licking the peach juice off John's cock! Mack and I laughed. We couldn't believe she actually did it. John let her have a few merciful bites of his peach before he threw the rest of it across the field and thrust his prick into her mouth to face-fuck her hard for a few seconds. She choked and sputtered around the thick meat lodged in her throat.

John groaned like an animal, clenching her skull with his hands, directing his peach-flavored prick deep into her gullet. Then he pulled out of her mouth, saving his load of cum for her ass. While they were both standing up, John got behind her and began fucking her asshole with his prick.

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He gasped, pulling her asscheeks apart to ram his thick prick balls-deep inside her rectum. Since the previous cock and cucumber penetration had stretched her hole, John's prick sank inside her chute more easily this time.

He let his pants fall to the ground and soon the sweet sound of slapping thighs filled the air with his cock deep in her rectum. "Ugh, uh, oh, fuck. fuck you." groaned Elizabeth. John just chuckled and squeezed her asscheeks hard while fucking her fast and steady. Tears fell down her face as John screwed her ass manically. Our eyes were on her bouncing tits slapping against her chest with John's every thrust. His frenzied pounding lasted several more minutes.

He thrust into her shitter hard one last time and went still, grunting, and Mack and I knew that he was cumming inside of busty alexis rodriguez handstrokes enormous black cock interracial blowjob sister's ass, flooding her bowels with his load of semen. She was making kind of a squeaking, whimpering sound, her pretty blue eyes closed now, her face contorted with disgust.

Surely she felt that thick cock throbbing up in her butt, releasing jets of sperm way up into her guts. And there was nothing she could do but take it! Her brother was cumming in her ass while the loads of cum in her pussyhole still splashed around, the duct tape on her plump pussy mound preventing it from leaking out.

Mack and I sported hard cocks again. When John pulled out, Mack quickly stepped up to take his place. Then another load of cum was dumped into Lizzy's ass after Mack hammered away at her from behind, too. When Mack had finished, I had her get on all fours and I fucked her ass hard from doggystyle for search for the butt xxx few minutes. But I knew I didn't have to cum yet and could hold my load for awhile at this point.

I enjoyed fucking my petite teen daughter's ass with wild abandon, her hole allowing easier penetration now that it'd been well fucked and lubed with cum. Elizabeth shrieked and cried the entire time. Without shooting my own load, I pulled my prick out abruptly and admired the small gaping hole left behind.

Then, in a single stroke I yanked the duct tape off Elizabeth's pussy, taking some of the little blond pubic patch with it. She wailed as the tape was ripped off her pussy. Liz's body shuddered with sobs, her head resting against the grass in defeat and her ass up in the air. The boys' cum loads were deposited so deeply inside her rectum that they hadn't even begun leaking out yet.

I walked over to Luke, or Lucifer, depending on who you are and whether or not you're terrified of him. My beloved German Shepherd. He looked up at me, his tail wagging. I summoned him to his feet. The dog trotted by my side as I led him over to Elizabeth's prone body.

While she was on her hands and knees, face down in the grass, I commanded Luke to jump up onto her back and mount her. She turned and screamed when she saw Luke's big pink tongue hanging over her shoulder. He'd mounted prize-winning bitches before, but this time all I had to offer him was a disgusting human bitch: My daughter.

Since she didn't appreciate having her brothers' cocks or my cock up inside her -- maybe she'd prefer the dog's prick! I knew Luke packed some huge meat once fully erect, with a knot almost the size of a softball. I'd watched him impregnate a few bitches, and I knew he could fuck like a machine! The boys laughed at the sight of their little sister being dominated by a large dog, the beast draped over her the entire length of her back.

Luke knew what to do once he was in this position. His forepaws wrapped around Elizabeth's waist, holding her tightly.

Liz screamed -- I knew she'd always been scared of Luke. The dog easily overpowered her, growling every time she tried to move. "Lizzy, maybe you should shut the fuck up," I said, stepping up near her face, pumping my cock. "You wouldn't want Lucifer to bite your cunt off, now would you?" Luke was humping her ass but it didn't seem like he could find a hole to get into. Tears fell down Elizabeth's muddy red face. Now that the duct tape was off, her pusshole was free for the beast's taking.

Her ass was free, too. His hips bucked, desperate to penetrate any hole. I helped push his hips against Liz's ass, trying to help the poor guy get inside of her. Liz cried, begging, "No, no, no, no, please, not Lucifer, God, no, please, Dad, no." The dog panted, gripping Elizabeth's waist so tightly.

Then he began humping her backside wildly. I could hear squelching sounds and I realized he must have found himself a hole! His head fell against her shoulder, his hips pistoning frantically.

John and Mack came closer to get a better view of this incredible scene. I'd never before seen a girl get fucked by an animal in real life, though I'd certainly watched and jacked off to some bestiality porn in the past. Elizabeth whimpered and groaned.

The force of the dog's hard fucking was pushing her around the yard. We couldn't really tell which hole the dog was penetrating -- it was all happening so fast! Luke's haunches humped against Elizabeth's backside, hammering more of his prick inside of her. I wondered if he was inside her pussy -- or was he in her ass?? Liz was groaning and begging for it all to stop, but her brothers and I just stood around speechless in awe at the spectacular sight.

Luke had forcefully humped her to the maximum length of the chain. Now her arms were outstretched over her head, the chain taut and rattling from Luke's violent thrusts. She was crying, her face muddy and red with tears, yet every few seconds she seemed to let out a moan.

Could she really be enjoying this hard beast fucking in the yard? Was it a moan of watch those eighteen year old gorgeous girls, or pain? I couldn't quite tell, but I'm glad Max had the forethought to grab his phone and record the incredible sight. He held his phone up right behind the humping dog draped over Elizabeth's back, capturing the jackhammer-paced penetration on video.

The squelching sounds were getting louder, and so were my daughter's moans. It really sounded more and more like she was enjoying herself! Luke's tongue hung over her shoulder, panting hard from the manic penetration.

Surely the giant German Shepherd was ready to inseminate the little blond teen bitch! The boys exchanged questioning glances with me -- they too noticed Elizabeth seemed to be enjoying herself. There was some more slack on the chain now, and we watched as she reached her bound wrists beneath her flat abdomen and began rubbing her pussy mound! Her eyes were closed but her mouth was open wide and she was hollering even louder than before, her moans growing long and guttural.

Luke's pace was slowing down. He was penetrating her so deeply that it almost looked like he was going to try to jump over her back. His forepaws held her waist tightly, but his back legs kicked around, scratching Elizabeth's hips and legs. Tears fell down her cheeks, but her mouth was open and her hands were still beneath her belly, rubbing her cunt. She grunted, sounding like an animal herself -- a true bitch.

Perhaps my daughter was the perfect mate for my beloved German Shepherd? "Uggghhh, ohhhh, uhhh, yes, oh fuck, he's cumming in me now! Oh my God, holy shit! Yes, yes, yeah, ooh that feels so fucking good! So much cum, so much cum! Oh my Goddddd!" screamed Elizabeth. "Shit, this feels. ohhh, ooh, oh it feels so good!" Her hips were bucking back at the dog, forcing more of his prick inside of her hole. Max moved Luke's tail aside and my kittys kat 83 tube porn twinged at the sight of her plugged up cunt.

He'd made it into her womb! Sperming deep inside her pussy walls. Luke panted, but Liz moaned and grinded her ass at the dog while she rubbed her clit below. Her pussy was so juicy, I could hear the dog dick sloshing about inside her! She moaned, steady and loud, her body writhing under the dog. Dog sperm then began oozing out of her cunt hole and I thought I was going to bust a nut right there and then at the sight. A long string of cum dripped from her pussy down to the ground.

It glistened on the blades of grass below. Liz was bucking wildly. Then she screamed that she was going to cum! With the dog dick and knot up in her pussy! "Ohh, yeahhh! Fuck me, fuck me, yes, oh yeah, I love it! I love this fuckin' dog cock!" she gasped. "I'm cumming, oh my God, he's making me cum! Ooooh yes, yes, ahhh, uhhh, fuck! Fuck my cunt, God I love that dog cum up in my pussy, yessss, oh yeahhh, his cock is huge! So much cum! Way bigger than any man, way more sperm than any man! Feels so fucking good, yes, yes, yes!

Thank you, Daddy! Yes, ohhh, fuck, better than any man." Cum droplets continued leaking out of her knotted pussyhole. It was so lewd, yet simultaneously so fucking sexy! Luke was motionless now, but his cock and knot were stuck securely in Elizabeth's womb.

She continued bucking her ass back at him and moaning while rubbing petite dulsineya has her tight muff drilled blonde teen clit. Max was recording the dog cum leaking down Liz's thighs to the ground. He kept Luke's tail to the side, exposing Elizabeth's pulsing pussy gash and the base of the dog dick lodged in her hole. She was screaming with pleasure, the tears gone now, hollering about how she was going to cum again!

All of our pricks were rock solid at the scene. Elizabeth's body shook from intense orgasm under the German Shepherd. Max stopped filming. We all wanted so badly to get inside her to blow our loads! Luke barked and began struggling. Elizabeth groaned. The dog then stepped over her so that they were ass to ass with each other. I couldn't hold wait any longer -- I had to get my prick inside of her! Walking up to her face, I made her suck my cock. She resisted of course, but I told her Luke would attack her if she tried to bite me or anything else.

Then I held her head and thrust my meat between her lips, making her sputter and gag. I kept thrusting until I was aiming right down into her throat, her tongue involuntarily rubbing the underside of my shaft. Luke's prick was still tied to her cunt; he was looking over his shoulder at me, panting. My balls tightened and I grunted, feeling a flood of cum spurting out of my prick right down into the girl's throat.

She gagged, tears falling down her cheeks again. Max and John stepped up behind me, shooting their loads in Elizabeth's mouth while she was knotted to the dog. Luke whined, trying to pull free of Elizabeth's cunt. She gasped when the huge knot and prick tugged at her insides.

It was incredible! The dog had been inside of her for nearly 45 minutes at this point.

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The grass beneath her cunt was so wet, it sparkled in the setting sunlight. Each time he pulled to free himself, more sperm leaked out. The boys and I were breathing hard, our pricks deflating.

How long would the dog stay knotted to Lizzy's cunt? She rested her face against the grass now and moaned, her ass in the air. Luke whimpered again. Max was using his phone to take video xxnxx sister and badruoom zabardasti com the dog trying to break free from Elizabeth's pussy.

Her body was muddy, with dog sperm coating her thighs and ass. What a hot mess! When he finally pulled his knot and cock out, she let out a shriek that echoed throughout the fields and orchards, scaring crows from their nearby branches.

A fist-sized knot came out of her pussyhole with an obscene sucking sound. The 9" dog prick was next. It was tapered to a pointed head, the shape of a giant finger, and it was brilliant red with purple veins throughout. Elizabeth's head was turned, her wide blue eyes glued to the slimy dog meat that was just torn from her cunt. A torrent of dog sperm was released from her womb when the knot was pulled free.

Max got it all on video. Droplets clung hot babe takes on two hard boners her pussylips, splattering to the ground below.

Luke sat under the tree, licking himself clean. Elizabeth looked up at me, then down at the puddle of dog cum underneath her, then back up at me. Her lips curled into a grin. Seeing her smile infuriated me; knowing she found the dog sex to be pleasurable instead of painful and humiliating made me seethe.

In a split-second movement, I yanked my belt off and raised it up to bring it down hard on my daughter's cum-coated sexy awesome girl likes kinky massage a lot hardcore and blowjob. She yelped.

More crows flew off their perches at the loud noise. "You like animal cock, huh? We'll let's see how much animal cock your whore-hole can take, Lizzy," I said, chuckling. My gaze moved from her naked, chained, cum-dripping body to the pasture in the distance. Elizabeth's eyes followed my gaze and her jaw dropped. She shook her head, her dirty blond hair falling into her eyes.

I nodded and grinned, rubbing my hands together. The boys realized what I was looking at and began laughing and hollering excitedly. My eyes were on a stallion named DeMarco grazing near a fence.

Part 6 - Her Pussy Overflows Elizabeth got the chance to rest the night, although I didn't bother to hose the dog cum and mud off her.

My sons and I got busy constructing a platform apparatus to support my devious plan. Let's see how much cock her teen pussy could really handle! I'd given her cunt to the dog and she'd liked it! I'd wanted the dog sex to bring her pain and degradation, but instead she found it pleasurable and even orgasmed!

Her enjoyment enraged me further. She had to be punished! It didn't take long for my sons and me to build a custom bestiality station in the stables complete with restraints for her arms, ankles, and torso.

We took the passenger seat from one of my old Jeeps and attached it to an elevated wooden platform in a reclining position, rigging some gynecological style stirrups for Liz and slings around the platform to help control Elizabeth's next sex partner: My stallion, DeMarco.

It was crude, but it looked like it'd suffice. When we went down to the basement to get her the next afternoon, she knew what we were there for. She was filthy, so on the way to the stables we hosed her off. Instead of protesting or struggling she seemed quiet and reserved. Of course we took turns fucking her before letting the horse take a go at her. John and Max double-penetrated her while standing up, holding her petite body up in between them, their dicks sawing in and out of her holes while she wailed and pounded their chests feebly with her bound wrists.

The guys just laughed and kept on penetrating the blond teen hard, her little feet dangling in the air and bouncing with every thrust. Each brother spermed inside their sister -- John in her pussy and Max in her ass. She groaned when she felt their loads erupting within her depths.

As their cocks naughty cleo summers got fucked in a club out of her slimy holes, her eyes grew wide at the sound of a horse's soft neigh coming from within the stables.

John and Max stood on either side of her and pushed her forward as I held the door open. DeMarco, the stallion, awaited. I brought the horse out of his stable and led it towards the makeshift fucking platform the boys and I built.

There I stood with my sons and daughter, my heartbeat racing with excitement. Elizabeth's fearful glances moved from the stallion to her brothers to me. I pulled a shotgun, stashed earlier in the day, from a mound of hay and aimed it at Liz's face. She stared into the barrels somewhat blankly. I instructed the boys to cut the ropes from her wrists. She knew not to run. The horse stood patiently by my side. I told Elizabeth to step forward. Her brothers pushed her towards me.

I watched her pert C cup tits jiggle to a stop as she stood before me sniffling softly. My eyes met hers. Then I pointed at the horse's underbelly, her gaze following my finger. "Touch it," I said. Her eyebrows raised and her mouth fell open a little, but she didn't try to resist. Max and John shoved her so that she almost fell into DeMarco. The horse snorted, growing annoyed. I kept the shotgun trained on her sweet little face, her cheeks all flushed from her brothers hard penetration of both holes.

She stared up at me apprehensively, then looked at the horse. "Touch it. Now," I said in a low, menacing voice. Elizabeth swallowed hard and bent over to began rubbing the stallion's underbelly.

I commanded her to keep caressing the animal, massaging its sheath to coax its monster prick out to play. My eyes were on her bouncing breasts as her pale hands moved all along the underside of the large, handsome animal. The long, black horse tail danced about as the creature grew more excited. Surely her fingertips could feel the beast's cock stirring and beginning to descend! "Put your mouth on it," I said, my voice still low.

"Now, Lizzy." She looked at me and licked her lips nervously before looking back at the horse's cock poking out of the sheath. I handed Max the gun so I could soothe DeMarco while Liz crouched down and stuck her head right under the horses belly.

Closing her eyes, her lips trembling, she was just crying. Max nudged her with the shotgun and a sob escaped her throat. She tearfully looked up from the sheath of the horse's cock up to our faces, pleading with her eyes.

DeMarco's tail swished about impatiently. "Suck it, Sis. Do it, right now!" shouted Max. Elizabeth swallowed hard and closed her eyes again, moving her head towards the cock that was growing inch by inch in her hands.

A massive speckled cockhead was emerging; the prickhead was nearly flat with a giant slit ready to pump out a gallon of horse cum. Cringing, her body shaking with tears, fright, and disgust, she opened her lips and took the horse cock into her mouth. There was only about 6" of it out at the moment, but it was growing larger with each moment. Liz had to keep backing away, making room for the gigantic prick.

Her eyes grew wide in shock at the sight of such an enormous piece of meat. John had his phone out, taking video of the incredibly raunchy sight. Sucking sounds began to fill the stable.

Her head bobbed up and down as her hands simultaneously jerked the shaft. It had grown so large that she could only fit the head in her mouth. When the prick was fully extended and the stallion obviously excited, I told Elizabeth to get up. Then the boys tied her down to the makeshift fucking station. She whimpered and sobbed, begging for us to let her go. But her punishment was not yet complete. "You brought this on yourself, Lizzy. You're an insatiable little cockslut, aren't you?

Of course you are," I said. "No, Daddy, please no." My sons and I were all sporting enormous erections already, and the real show had yet to even begin. The boys tied her down with her outstretched arms over her head. Her legs were splayed wide open, ankles tied to the stirrups. The seat was angled so that her cunt was elevated and right on the edge. DeMarco snorted and stamped the ground, his raging prick bouncing around under his belly with his impatient movements.

His massive penis was at least two feet long and wider than a soda can! It was a deep purple color with pink spots -- truly intimidating and bizarre looking.

"Let's see how much of this cock we can fit inside this girl's cunt!" I said, grinning and slapping my hands together excitedly. Elizabeth was in prone position to be mounted by the horse, her thighs pulled painfully far apart and her tits jiggling madly.

She was shaking and staring at the big cock bouncing with the horse's every step as I led him over to the platform in front of her. The boys stood on each side of the platform, ready to assist with controlling the powerful, horny animal. Using the straps and some effort, I coaxed DeMarco's front hooves onto the platform.

The horse's huge body eclipsed Elizabeth's, casting a shadow over her. She began screaming. I took the thick shaft in my hand and aimed it right for my daughter's slick slit. John kept his phone trained on the scene, recording every second of the depravity. Elizabeth howled as the speckled prick pressed against her gash -- it was gigantic. Mack helped keep the horse steady and John bent over to pull Liz's pussylips apart, trying to assist with getting that giant cockhead inside his sister's teen hole.

My own prick was engorged at the obscene sight. Tears were falling down my daughter's rosy cheeks. "Help me, somebody! Please, please! I'm being raped!

Help!" she screamed. "By a horse!" said John, laughing. DeMarco snorted with frustration and bucked his powerful hips. Elizabeth shrieked again. The raging cock stabbed into her hole, folding her pussylips aside, stretching her cunt to the max. Her screams echoed throughout the stables, but there was nobody around the remote farm for miles to hear her cries. DeMarco continued thrusting savagely, slow and hard. Only a few inches of the shaft were inside Liz's hole -- her cunt couldn't hold more than that!

I helped keep the animal's prick inside angry gamer fuck his stepmom cathy heaven, trying to shove more and more of it into her womb. Her gash was red from being split open by the gigantic horse cock! She whimpered and moaned.

The horse penetrated a few more inches into her hole, but her cunt could take no more than 6" of the thick meat. Elizabeth's face was red, her body sweating. Her mouth was hanging open now from the intense fuck, her pert tits jiggling with the steady thrusts. DeMarco snorted again, his tail swishing around. His prick splayed Liz's cuntlips apart. I felt the giant shaft in my hand pulsate, and suddenly the animal went still over my daughter's prone body, not even half of its prick buried in her cunt.

Liz gasped and then cried out. Then a torrent of sperm began leaking out of her hole and all over the ground below. We all gasped with amazement, never having seen so much cum spurting into a pussy before! It was impressive, and so raunchy. A gallon of sperm seemed to puddle beneath Lizzy's ass, overflowing from her womb. With a lewd plop, the engorged animal prick slipped out of Liz's juicy hole.

Another gush of cum came out with the massive cock. Elizabeth squealed. The cum continued oozing, then dripping out of her. John led DeMarco back to his stable. Her entire lower body was covered with horse sperm. She lay there, restrained, glaring up at me. Mack jerked his cock over her face, groaning. I watched my son ejaculate a load of his own semen all over Elizabeth's face.

My own prick was ready to blow. I aimed by prickhead at her tits and let my cock erupt all over her tits and neck. She winced at the feeling of warm ropes of sperm coating her neck and chest. John came back and blew his load all over her face and hair. Now she was totally cum covered!

"Well, Lizzy, what have you learned from this punishment?" I asked, my meat deflating. Her body was glazed with sperm. She stared up at me hatefully.

"Well?" "I learned animals are a better fuck than you!" she said, and then she burst out laughing. What a little whore! After that, I didn't catch Elizabeth with any boys again. I did, however, catch her fucking my dog pretty often! The End