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Mean girls bondage gangbang xxx hatefuck my hippie asshole
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It was a typical zoo, full of wildlife and large predators bundled up in cages awaiting their daily meals. There was one thing however, that differentiated this zoo from all the others; and that was their wonderful zookeeper Beth. You couldn't walk in the zoo without noticing this voluptuous blonde walking around in her short-shorts strutting her large but firm round ass. Many men would drool admiring her from afar, almost tempted to run up and take a bite out of that ass that she carelessly heaved around; if only they knew however, that tonight was the night one particular animal would be the only one taking a big bite out of Beth.

Beth loved animals; she even gave cute nicknames to many of her favorite ones, but in all honestly she wasn't the brightest tool in the shed. It was only because of her now ex-boyfriend Jim who was the owner that she got her job at the zoo. She was in charge of feeding the animals, but because of her lack in common sense, many who knew Beth well wouldn't have been surprised if she somehow fed herself to the animals one day.

It was this assumption from Beth's friends that gave Jim a very dark idea. Over the past month since Beth had dumped him, Jim grew frustrated and increasingly jealous as he saw her now flirting with other guys and purposely teasing him by showing off her luscious body in the tight shorts she chose to wear to work.

It finally came to a point where enough was enough, if he wasn't going to have Beth, than no one could. The zoo closed at about 6pm, but Beth usually stayed a little after 7, usually hanging around her favorite animal and feeding it one last time; the Siberian Tiger. Jim had this planned for weeks now, and to him, his plan was perfect. "What better animal to eat your ex-girlfriend than a ferocious meat girls fuck bfs anus with big strap dildos and ejaculate semen tiger" he thought to himself as he approached the cage.

Upon arriving, Beth was right on time as she too was just arriving to the animal she loved the most; sadly this time would be her last. Jim: "Hey Beth" Beth: "O hey Jim" responded Beth in kind of a bitchy tone.

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Jim: "I see you're planning on feeding the tiger one last time tonight with that bucket of meat you're holding." Beth: "Yea, if only he'd wake up, he's just sitting there sleeping while I'm trying to give him a well deserved meal.

Hell I forgot to feed him early so he should be starving." Jim: "Welll Beth how about you hop on in there and dump the meat in there for him." Beth: Really?

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You'd actually let me go inside Jim? But what if he wakes up as I'm in there." Jim: isis love logan pierce my dads hot girlfriend come on Beth, if he wakes up just run out the door.

I know how much you've always wanted to get close to him." Beth: "That's true, I mean I have always wanted to get closer to this tiger&hellip.ah why not." Now opening the cage door, Jim led the plump and meaty Beth inside. Not to wake up the tiger, Beth inched her way towards it until she was close enough to drop the bucket of meat. Turning around to walk out, Jim all of a sudden slammed the cage door, which automatically locked upon closure.

Beth: "What the hell Jim, this isn't funny let me out." Jim: "Sorry Beth, this is payback for dumping me, but you know what, it looks like you've gotten a little plump since then, I probably would of broken up with you anyway. I can tell those tight shorts of yours look like they can barely fit you now, i mean jeeze your thighs are huge now.but I don't think the tiger will mind once he starts munching on those thunder thighs of yours." Beth: "Fuck you jim let me out, seriously this tiger will eat me if I don't get out." Jim: "Exactly Beth, and I'm sure your meaty body will prove to be a wonderful meal for this hungry tiger.

Better turn around I think its awake." Beth was shaking now as she turned around to see the tiger awake. It looked hungry, but it first turned its attention to the bucket of meat she had placed beside him. This gave her some time to try and figure out how to get the hell out of here.

She could hear how viciously the tiger was eating the meat, gulping pounds at a time. If only she'd fed him earlier he wouldn't be as hungry and if the tiger was satisfied eating those flimsy steaks, there's no telling how much he would enjoy eating her. Examining her own body, Beth knew herself that she'd be a feast for the tiger because in all honesty Jim was right, she had gained weight, and it just so happens in this situation it only made her look more like a pleasant dinner.

Her thighs were slightly larger now, adding a nice jiggle to them as she walked and her rump seemed to be growing to no end as some of her butt flesh could be seen through the bottom of her nice tight shorts. Reality brought her back from her thoughts as the tiger growled now, finished with the bucket of meat, which seemed like an appetizer to this hungry tiger as it scanned the room for more potential food.

That's when it layed eyes upon plump Beth, shaking now in the corner. It eyed her hungrily, licking its lips as it gazed at her heavily meated legs. Beth was scared and she could tell this tiger was for sure going to try and take a bite out of her.

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She had to admit, gazing down at herself, there had to be a good 30 pounds of meat on each of her thighs, it was obvious what was going to happen but she still tried pleading with the animal: "Please don't eat me, don't you remember how many times I've fed and cared for you, I'm your friend." Beth shouted. Her words fell onto deaf ears however, as the tiger continued his advance towards her. From the tigers point of view, Beth was simply a nice juicy 130 pound piece of meat ready to be eaten, with no where to run; trapped in this cage, ready to satiate his hunger.

The tiger began approaching her, anticipating a nice mouthful of possibly one of her luscious hams. In denial nach discbetrunken ausgenutzt und geschwangert this was actually happening, Beth began freaking out as she continued to back up, but then an idea hit her.

If she could only climb the tree that was centered in the cage, she could possibly hold out until the morning. It was the best idea she had and quickly moved towards the tree.

The tiger pounced and missed as Beth's quivering meaty rump ran for safety. She jumped onto a branch and began climbing. It seemed as though she would escape the beast, but all of a sudden she slipped, and somehow with a sudden resilience she grabbed back onto a branch leaving her tangling now towards the hungry tiger.

"O shit" she yelled. Screaming now trying to pull herself back up, she was almost there jut another second more to pull her other leg up. One second was all the tiger needed however, as it leaped up and grabbed hold of one of her feet. Not wasting any time, it sank its teeth into her boot, piercing it, making its way through her thick sock and into nice and tender flesh. Beth howled trying to kick the beast off but to no casey calvert takes a big black cock in her ass, the tiger held on tightly, now stripping her of her boot until just her bare foot was in sight.

This tiger was hungry and it didn't take long for it to begin munching on her foot, pulling and tugging, trying to pull the rest of Beth down from the tree. She howled and screamed, as the tiger began taking large portions from the sole of her foot, eating away strips of her flesh. It gnawed and bit, every time making Beth scream more in agony.

The tiger tried every delicacy of her foot, as it munched on her heel working its teeth in, mining her foot of tender flesh. It even began sawing off her toes slowly, as if it knew how to take pleasure in eating its prey.

Taking its teeth it slowly grazed each toe before forcefully biting off the entire thing. Near the end, the tiger increased its pace as it took now whole bites of her foot, breaking bones and severing off chunks to its delight. The pressure the tiger was putting on Beth by tugging and eating her leg was enough to bring her crashing to the ground as she gazed at the blood soaked stump, which was once her foot.

Finally, now the tiger had some more selection of juicy girl meat. Beth tried crawling away continuously yelling for help.

It was only her and the tiger though, no one was to save her, and her delicious body was now a main course meal. The tiger pursued her, sinking its teeth into her rump and dragging her back to the center. Shredding her of her shorts, Beth was left in a bloody thong now at the mercy of the tiger. Her big full rump was what first caught the eye of the beast once her shorts were removed.

Her ass was without a doubt very big and very meaty.

The tiger couldn't help but place its paw onto her back and test it out. Opening wide, it bit down hard. Beth screamed loudly; the feeling of teeth eating away her ass was indescribable as the tiger ripped and pulled big mouthfuls.

It dined onto one buttcheek for as long as it could until it ate away all the meat, leaving the femur partially bare. Licking its chops the tiger continued on with her other buttcheek, heavily gorging itself and enjoying the taste of female ass meat.

Each new part of her was delicious, and once her fat ass was taken care of, it moved down to the back of her thighs, getting down to where the more abundant amount of meat layed. Beth was certainly a feast as the tiger tore into her legs like chicken wings, as each large bite left big gaps in her hamstrings.

Beth's calves were next, as the tiger ripped one leg below the shin, tugging and tearing flesh from bone. Flipping her over now, Beth was dead from how much blood she had lost, but would soon be gone for sure as the tiger continued on its buffet digging into her well rounded meaty thighs. The tiger had no clue woman meat was so delicious, and that so much delicious meat resided in one part of the leg.

As firm as Beth's well muscled thigh was, the tigers powerful jaw tour through her meaty thigh with ease as it consumed her flesh with delight. The tiger ate until morning, where it finally ended its feast with her big bulgy breasts as dessert. The big melons were like marshmallows, soft and round and easily torn apart.

Although Beth had a D-cup, a tigers appetite clearly turned those tasty hot japanese filly gets pleasured with toys into a meal in hardly a minute. Once the zoo finally opened, people began shrieking and yelling as everyone now shared witness to the mess what was once Beth layed scattered in the cage of the tiger, who was now full due to such a good meal, and calmly began sleeping yet again.