Vehement scene with a hawt gorgeous gf hardcore massage

Vehement scene with a hawt gorgeous gf hardcore massage
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APRIL'S FRIENDLY FAMILY, PART 5 (For parts 1-3, see Authors: DON) The next time my mother was going out for her monthly "bridge game" with the girls, (I think maybe they went to a male stripper bar or some such thing, since she always came home a little tipsy and looking step mom and not her son fuck cute blonde teen satisfied the next morning) she gave me a big hug and a little wink after she told Daddy not to wait up for her.

I was still in my school uniform, which consisted of a white, blouse and a plaid skirt that was supposed to reach to my knees. However, like most of my friends, once I left the school grounds I rolled up the waist of my skirt to hike the hem to about half way up my thighs. While my dad sat in his recliner watching "Las Vegas," with its plethora of cute girls, revealed breasts, and hot little derrieres, I lay on the floor between him and the TV, letting my legs part slightly so that I figured he could see sex dot com sexx storys janwr to my panties if he chose to do so.

Every once in a while, I would wriggle my bottom or draw up one of my legs to reposition myself, and I was sure he could not avoid catching glimpses of his girl's sweet little bottom. During one of the commercials, Daddy asked me if I was enjoying the program, and I replied that I surely was, and hoped I might look like one of those girls some day when I grew up. Daddy chuckled and said he was sure I would, in fact I was well on my way to becoming a beautiful woman.

At this compliment I jumped up and climbed on his lap to give him a hug and a kiss. Daddy responded warmly, and didn't seem to mind when I just stayed in his lap as the program resumed. Daddy asked me which girl I thought was the most beautiful, and I replied that I liked them all, but was especially fond of the one who played the hostess who seemed to be able to get anything her guests wanted.

Daddy agreed that she was a sexy one, but said he thought I would probably grow up to look more like the Casino manager's daughter, who was slim and statuesque. I was a little tall for my age, and though my body was starting to fill out, I was not chubby or fat. I cuddled into my father's lap, and as I did, my bottom felt something hard underneath.

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I knew what it was because I had seen Daddy using it with Mom just a few nights earlier. As we watched the program Daddy absent-mindedly stroked my hair, ran his hand down my back, and squeezed my little buttocks. When I scooted around to sit sideways, hugging him around the neck and kissing him on the cheek as I did, his hand landed on my thigh, just below the hem of my skirt.

It felt warm and strong as his fingers gently stroked the inner flesh of my thigh, and I was aware of that familiar tingle in my pussy place.

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His hand, seemingly of its own volition, eventually wandered up to the point where his fingers lightly caressed the crotch of my panties, which I am sure were damp, if not wet, by now. I squirmed a little and pushed myself onto his fingers and felt them sink slightly into the crack of my panty-clad vagina.

I responded by planting a wet kiss right on Daddy's lips, and opening my mouth to let his eager tongue slip in. It tasted masculine and sweet to me as I sucked on it just as I would on my mother's nipples.

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Daddy was getting very excited by now, and I could feel his boner throbbing against my ass cheeks. He was breathing heavily, and as the program we were watching ended, he picked me up and set me on my feet and told me I had better get ready for bed.

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I went up to my room and undressed for bed, putting on a little nightie that barely covered my bottom, and leaving my panties in the laundry hamper in my bathroom. Daddy remained downstairs, and I was disappointed that he had not come up to kiss me goodnight. After a while, lightly fondling my pussy lips, I nodded off to sleep. After a little while I heard the sound of my father's footsteps in the hallway, and opened my eyes a crack to see him slip into my bathroom and reach into the hamper to take out my soiled panties.

By the night light in the bathroom I could see him put the panties up to his face and sniff at them, inhaling deeply.

He obviously enjoyed the smell of my little panties, because he balled them up in his fist and moved stealthily out through my room to the hallway. I had just about dropped off to sleep when his shadow crossed my doorway again. He just stood there for a while, and I could tell he was staring at me as the light from the hallway revealed my body, lying comfortably, my legs spread open and my nightie pulled up to my waist, where it had remained when I had fallen asleep playing with my pussy.

I pretended to continue sleeping as Daddy stepped into my room again, but this time he came right over to my bed, bent down and ran his hand gently over my bottom, placing the nightie over my hips and thighs.

I opened my eyes just enough to see that his penis was sticking out of the shorts he was wearing and it was as hard as it had been when he was fucking my mother. As he started to walk away, I squirmed and opened my legs again, and hard core xxxxxxporn with celeberties though he couldn't help himself, he came back and sat down on the edge of the bed. His hand once more stroked over my body, but this time he made no effort to cover my pussy.

Rather, he ran his fingers up between my thighs, stroking gently until one of them rubbed across my vaginal slit. I jumped involuntarily at his touch, pretending to wake up, and smiled at my dear father, who jerked his hand away. But it was too late. I grabbed his hand and put it back where it had been, letting my legs sprawl open so he could have a full view of my girlish pussy.

Daddy's cock was still sticking out of his shorts, so I took it in my hand and stroked it a little. He bent over and kissed me on my pussy, letting his tongue lap along the slit and making my whole body shake with pleasure. After a few of strokes of my girlish hand, Daddy's cock erupted, spraying his creamy cum all over me and running down my hand and wrist. We just stayed that way for a while.

Daddy seemed embarrassed by what had just happened, but I was thrilled to the core, and reached up to hug him one last time as we heard the car door slam outside and my mother coming into the house. Daddy beat a retreat to their bedroom, and when Mom came in to check on me I was sound asleep, pleasantly dreaming about how life had changed and would continue to change in my dear family.