Sunny leone xxxx with boy

Sunny leone xxxx with boy
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The Hotel Maid Staying over in hotels was always a part of my job I disliked. I always liked to be at home at night in my own bed next to my wife rather than alone in some out of the way place.

Unfortunately on this occasion I had no choice. It was late and a 300 mile drive through the rain didn't appeal, so reluctantly I checked into a hotel. One of the bonuses was that I could put the hotel bill on expenses so I found a place that looked reasonable and checked in for the night.

I told the girl behind the desk I would be leaving early in the morning and paid for the room in advance. I must have been more tired than I realised because as soon as I had teen solo squirt hd your pleasure is my world into bed I was asleep. I woke up a few times in the night, disturbed by other guests entering their rooms but on the whole I slept well.

So well, in fact, that the knock on my door the next morning was assimilated into my dreams and it wasn't until I heard the key being put into the lock that I opened my eyes. During the night I must have kicked the covers away from my body because I was laid out on my back, completely naked and sporting an early morning erection.

Usually I would have covered myself up but I felt a surge of excitement rush through my body at the thought of being seen. I closed my eyes again and tried as best I could to make out like I was still sleeping. My cock was rock hard against my stomach as I lay there, totally exposed, waiting to be seen.

I heard the door open and then close behind whoever was entering. My heart was thumping against my chest as I lay there wondering if it looked obvious what I was doing.

The bed was partitioned off from the door of the room and I opened my eyes just enough to see a shadow on the wall of an approaching figure.

I shut them again and lay as still as I could and then heard an obviously female gasp as I was spotted.

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It was then that I opened my eyes properly and saw the young chambermaid, her eyes staring at my hard cock. Now, even if I say so myself, I am quite well blessed in the penis department and I guessed that this young girl who couldn't have been more than 18 had never seen one of such size.

I looked into the young girls face as she stared down at me before she composed herself and said how sorry she was but that she thought the room was vacated. She turned to walk away but I pulled a sheet over my lower half and told her it was okay, I had just overslept and that she could carry on with her job while I showered.

I half expected her to leave until I had left the hotel but as I went to the bathroom, covering myself with a towel, she began to clean the room. My cock was throbbing under the towel and I couldn't get the image of this young girls face from my mind. I stepped into the shower and began to masturbate as the warm water added to the excitement I was feeling.

I had deliberately left the bathroom door ajar in the hope that she would come in ad see me again and sure enough within a few minutes I saw her at the door, sheepishly looking in and asking if I had enough towels. I turned to face her, my cock still held firmly sex with bushy oriental pretty gal hardcore blowjob my hand and I saw a smile forming on her lips. I saw that she couldn't take her eyes away from my cock and I let it slip from my hand and stand up, big and proud for her to see.

This time she made no motion to leave. "I … I've never seen one so big" She finally said in a sweet, shy voice. I smiled back at her and motioned for her to come closer for a better look. I turned off the water from the shower so not to get her uniform wet and stood there while this young girl stared at my erect cock.

"Would you like to touch it?" I asked her Without saying anything she reached out her hand and took hold of katya rodriguez sweet latina gets fucked on cam cock. I let out a sigh as her slim fingers wrapped around it and held it tightly.

She held it for a few moments, as if unsure what to do next, before she began to slowly work her hand up and down its entire length. I reached for her free hand and guided it to my balls which she cupped and squeezed exquisitely, applying just the right amount of pressure.

I looked into her eyes and without needing to say anything I watched as she opened her sweet little mouth and fed the tip of my cock inside. I could feel the underside of my cock brushing against her warm, moist tongue and I pushed my hips forward slightly allowing the first few inches of my cock to sink between her heavenly lips.

She closed her mouth around my shaft and sucked hard, struggling to take more than the first few inches inside.

Her mouth was warm and wet and her tongue was sending amazing sensations through my entire body. I had to stop her before I came inside her mouth, I wanted to fuck her before doing that. I reached for the buttons to her shirt and began to undo them, revealing her white bra underneath.

As I slipped the shirt from hottie blowjob and gag her bf cock before getting fuck shoulders I unclipped her bar and let both garments fall to the floor. She had the most beautiful, fleshy, rounded breasts I had seen for a long time and I couldn't resist sucking on the gorgeous nipples which grew hard in my mouth.

I played with her beautiful tits, squeezing them and loving the softness as I sucked. I alternated between breasts, giving each the attention they so deserved as she began to moan softly. With my face buried in her big tits I reached my hand down and unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor of the bathroom.

My hand caressed her cute little bum through her knickers as she held onto my cock and slowly masturbated it. I led her from the bathroom back into the bedroom, her hand still grasping me firmly as we walked.

I laid her down on the bed and kissed her passionately, feeling her big soft tits pressing into my chest. I kissed her neck and shoulders and made my way down to her breasts again and took one in my hand and sucked greedily on the erect nipple. My hand slid down her stomach and into the waistband of her knickers onto the soft pubic hair underneath. My fingers pressed against the wetness of her pussy before sinking inside causing her to let out a soft moan.

As I finger fucked her tight cunt my hand was pressing against her hard clit and I could feel her pussy tightening and gripping my fingers. Her pussy was soaking wet, leaking out juices into her knickers so I removed them and threw them onto the bed.

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I kissed between her breasts and trailed my tongue down her body, over her flat stomach and onto the mound of dark pubic hair. The pungent smell of her sopping wet cunt filled my nostrils and sent shivers down my spine.

I parted her legs and positioned myself between them and sniffed in the gorgeous aroma of her pussy once more. To my delight she had big pussy lips which I eagerly opened and sucked on, which again made her moan sexily.

My tongue trailed her pussy up to her hard clit and I sucked on it, squeezing it hard between my lips. Alternating between sucking those beautiful meaty pussy lips and her aroused clitoris I could hear her breathing becoming deeper and soon she was moaning that she was about to cum. I sucked even harder on her clit and fingered her tight pussy until she spasmed and lifted her body off the bed as her orgasm flowed through her.

My fingers were buried deep inside her tight pussy and I could feel man fucks beauteous gal previous to gfs gripping them and sucking them in deeper as she came. As her orgasm subsided and she lay back on the bed panting I removed my fingers from her and saw juices leaking from her pussy to between her ass cheeks.

I lifted her legs slightly and saw that some of the pussy juice had collected in the puckered area around her asshole. Using this as a lubricant I teased one finger over the entrance to her ass before gently easing it inside. She let out a little gasp as my finger sank deeper into her ass but I could see by her eyes that was she enjoying it.

My finger went as deep as I could get it and I finger fucked her tight asshole before removing the digit and offering it for her to suck clean. She hesitated briefly but then took my finger in her mouth and sucked off the residue of her pussy juice. I pushed her legs further back so that her asshole was exposed enough for me to reach with my tongue as I licked around the tight, sensitive area.

I pulled her ass cheeks apart with my hands and this exposed enough of her asshole for me to get the very tip of my tongue inside this most intimate of areas. As I flicked my tongue in and out of her ass I saw her hand had slipped to her pussy and she was furiously rubbing her clit hot stewardess nikki knightly blows hung passenger herself close to another orgasm.

As she climaxed again her asshole seemed to open and close slightly around my tongue as her ass muscles reacted to the intense feelings flowing through her body. Now that she had orgasmed twice I thought it only fair for it to be my turn so I straddled her face and lowered my balls to her lips, inviting her to suck on them. She opened her mouth and I eased one ball inside and felt her lips sucking and pulling on it.

I closed my eyes and stroked my cock above her face as she did the same with the other ball. It felt so good having my balls sucked by this sweet young girl but I really needed to fuck her by now. I motioned for her to bend over the side of the bed and positioned myself behind her.

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I took my cock in my hand and teased it along the slit of her wet cunt and over her ass cheeks. She was bent as far over the bed as she could be with her ass sticking high in the air as I pressed the tip of my cock against the entrance to her pussy. I pushed my hips forward and felt her tight cunt opening up as the head of my cock disappeared causing her to scream out a little in pain.

She looked back at me brrazzer and nauty america fuck a worried look on her face as she didn't know if she could take all of me inside her. I left the head of my cock inside her pussy for a while, letting her get used to the size and feel before easing another inch or so inside.

She was breathing heavily but relaxed enough for me to continue and with one final push the whole of my cock sank inside the deep, tight, wet hole. I stayed deep inside her for a few seconds while she got used to it before slowly beginning to fuck her. After a few strokes she got used to it and her pussy was accommodating enough for her to enjoy it and I quickened the pace of my fucking.

Very soon my balls were slapping against her as I fucked her furiously and she screamed, this time in ecstasy. Her pussy was gripping my cock and sending exquisite sensations through my body as I continued to fuck her. As a sign of how much she was enjoying it, on the few occasions I stopped for a few seconds, she would thrust her ass back to get as much of my cock inside her as she could.

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We were both moaning and filling the room with the sounds of our fucking and I knew I couldn't hold out much longer. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and turned her to face me and told her to suck me off. She willingly opened her mouth and took the head inside and sucked on it while she stroked my shaft.

Within seconds I could feel my balls tightening and with a loud moan I felt that most wonderful of sensations as my cum shot out of my cock into her mouth. I looked down at her as she continued sucking as my cum dripped from her lips onto the bed.

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When I had finished she released my cock and showed me the huge amount of sticky cum in her mouth before closing her eyes and gulping it down. She smiled up at me with a beautiful expression on her face as I could see she had swallowed it all. All that remained was the wetness of my cum on her teeth and lips and tongue. Unfortunately, after this it was time for me to go.

We had a quick shower together but I was in a hurry to get home before my wife became suspicious. I did however manage to keep the chambermaids knickers which were wet with her pussy juice and beautiful smell as a reminder of a great start to my day.