Hot babe lets hung bf fuck her freaky friend

Hot babe lets hung bf fuck her freaky friend
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Stacey rather sheepishly welcomed the large man into her house. She couldn't sunny leone milk have a drink boy why she'd been so compliant; maybe it was something about his mature powerful frame that unnerved her. He'd been polite asking if her husband was in; saying he was expected. She had looked quizzical at him. Her husband didn't know any black guys; in fact both of them didn't really like his type.

But that would be how Stacey would word it, other might say they were just down right racist. The Boss eased past her, his body enormous compared to her slim 5'5 frame. He'd seen photographs of her before today so his eyes didn't linger embarrassingly; he already studied her at his leisure.

Today as of most times she was dressed in a tight white T-shirt and white tennis skirt. Stacey was slim with large hips and pear shaped ass. She dressed taking advantage of her assets. Small breasted she had long shapely legs today in a pair of white matching training shoes. Her skin was always tanned her neck and face freckled, eyes grey and nose upturned; with tied back long dirty blonde hair. This had streaks of black roots showing through her peroxide locks.

Her husband was watching the TV with a beer and his face turned like ash as the black dude entered dressed in his long trench coat. Stacey realized it must be in the mid eighties outside and wondered why he would wear such a thing. The man sat down taking a full settee almost to himself. The waif beauty offered him a drink her eyes showing confusion and a little nervousness. The Boss man knew the routine; he'd have to explain, as normal the husbands always just sat there like rabbits in the headlights looking dumb.

"Have a seat young lady," the Boss said in a deep southern drawl. Stacey looked at her frozen husband as if for guidance.

He remained silent, eyes lowered a little from her questioning stare. "Did you know your husband had a gambling problem?" The Boss announced unexpectedly patting the arm rest next to him coaxing her to sit. Stacey felt herself growing in anger as she sat knees together, prim, balanced on the edge of the chubby looking good teen fingering tight pussy on webcam chair listening.

She was turning red with frustration as she was told how her precious husband had run up an enormous tag at a back street gambling den which the Boss owned.

Stacey's husband mumbled and spluttered an excuse why he hadn't been round to settle it, adding he'd get it soon. Stacey's eyes widened in disbelief, he'd just said 4000 bucks. The Boss caught her eye and instantly he knew they didn't have anything near that amount available. The man began to stutter some proposal but the Boss just raised his hand to quiet him. "I already know you can't pay for fucks sake.

No one holds out on me unless they have no other choice." Stacey had been furious; now she felt her stomach go in knots. "What's going to happen to him?" She said nervously. The Boss shifted with menace his coat creaking as the leather moved. "Listen honey unless he pays up it's what's going to happen to both of you." She gave a whine her face shocked.

"But, but…" The Boss stood up aggressively. "Listen you fucks; I already know what I want in payment and if I don't get it right now I'll have my crew burn you're fucking house down with you both in it!" "Calm down, calm down!" The couple cried both trying to stand. "Sit the fuck down." He hissed. Both dropped to their seats like scolded dogs. He took his coat off to show his large T-shirt chest, a pot belly growing above his waist band. He had a video in his pocket.

"Fucking put this on." He ordered to her husband. "And you miss," he snapped looking at Stacey,"sit down next to me." Stacey edged i will give you a handjob as an apology joi against his thigh as he sat there legs open taking virtually all the settee.

Once the video began to pay he told her husband to sit back in his drinking seat. The screen was just an electric snow storm which then turned to black and finally a brightly colored movie began to play. Stacey looked at her husband still totally confused with what was happening.

Then she put her hand over her mouth, it was some kind of porno! She never watched anything like this; in fact her husband told her he also never did; which stupidly and innocently she believed. The Boss spoke gently to her. "All I want is one hour with you honey. Pay off all the debt." She looked at the video then back at him head cocked to one side not really understanding. "But I.?" He shook his head. "Oh for fucks sake how much of a fucking air head are you?

I want to fuck your brains out!" She gasped, her mouth open invitingly, eyes wide in horror. Her husband instantly began making protests.

Seeing the final understanding in her eyes the Boss continued. "Yeah that's right honey, I don't need the fucking money and you need a solution right this minute." Stacey was shaking her head, talking in a high indignant voice. She wouldn't, couldn't; "who the hell did he think he wa." The Boss pointed a finger to her shaking hubby. "Ask him he'll tell you." Stacey turned for reassurance but her worm of a man just shook his head.

"We haven't got any choice sweetie." Stacey gasped in disbelief. "We?" She shouted in anger. The Boss turned the sound up on the video by remote as he leaned back. "Good I take it that's a deal then." And pointing to her bloke he snapped. "Now fucking sit there for ten minutes then I want you to fuck off and don't come back till four, is that clear?" Stacey looked again at her husband and groaned as he obediently nodded shrinking in his chair.

"Now you fucking bimbo, "he growled, "open my zipper, take out my cock and let's watch a movie together." Stacey s hand moved across to his zipper. What could she do? The man was big and powerful and her husband didn't look like he intended to fight. Was this man as evil as he acted? She saw her husbands' terrified face.

Oh God there was no choice but to get on with it. Her perfect nailed fingers open the fly and gently reached in. She gave a little moan of despair as her hand gripped his black slug the meaty length popping upright out of his pants, her very golden skin shinning around the dark baggy foreskin and purple head.

The Boss gave a satisfied groan telling her to gently wank his flesh. "Watch the fucking movie while you do it honey get a real good look at what we could get up to!" On the screen a sultry Latino was been spanked by four men.

Each was in turn fingering her ass, forcing her to suck him. The Boss's hand curled around Stacey's tight waist to touch the top of her ample butt. "Hmmm good girl use your thumb over my open slit." Stacey circled his spunk eye the head rough to the touch and suddenly felt precome begin to make the flesh slippery.

She gave a small gasp of panic. "Hmm you're getting me real hot." He announced as his eyes delighted in the video. On the video the men were fisting the bitch, one of them with three fingers up her ass. The Boss told Stacey to get on her knees in front of him. She sat there trembling, her hand still slowly tugging eyes welling up. Her husband was shaking, the loud moaning from the TV distracting but the sight of his wife on her knees a big black cock in front of her kept his attention.

The Boss gave him an instruction. "Get your cock out." He refused his face one of panic only for the Boss to growl again." Do it!" He fumbled with his pants and his dick pink and stiff sprang upright the video obviously turning him on. "Start wanking yourself," the black thug ordered. He then looked down at Stacey, "and you get that pretty mouth of yours around my fat weeping end." Stacey's husband took his cock red faced into his own hand and began to tug the foreskin.

He could see his delicate wife knelt between the black guys legs. She had one long nailed hand on his knee the xxx of boss and hot moms making a small fist around his iron rod. She was in silhouette and her upturned nose and cute lips came ever closer to the bulging purple helmet.

The blood was rushing up his pipes as his own rod become achingly hard. The hardcore movie was still playing; now a barely legal teen in some four way gangbang. "Come on honey time to give your husband a show." And with that the Boss's hand cupped the blonde housewife's head and pulled her mouth onto him. "Mmmmm slurp, slurp!" Stacey closed her eyes imagining it was her husband's member; but realized that would be impossible.

The thing was fatter the foreskin loose and as she stretched her lips the purple head rubbed up into the roof of her mouth. She could hear the groans of the Boss and the fleshy flaps of her husband's cock skin as he jerked near by. The Boss raised his hips forcing more cock in, Stacey starting to gag her hands pushing his pelvis back. He groaned. "Take it all the way down bitch." He turned to her hopeless partner." Keep jerking that cock boy, or I'll fucking choke her with this." And if to demonstrate he gripped her head firmly and pinching her nose pushed deeper.

Stacey bucked the head on her tonsils the thing filling her throat. "Gggghhh cough! Splutter! Ugggggg!" The despairing man increased his rhythm fearing his wife might pass out. The black thug was in total control and he grunted with satisfaction seeing Stacey watch her husband out of the corner of her eye. "He's getting real hard baby." He announced with glee.

"He likes the sight of you swallowing a fucking hard black cock. Shall I tell him what's in store for his naughty little whore?" Stacey didn't acknowledge him her eyes down mouth muscles struggling.

"A cute little bitch like you needs a real good ploughing, and you're going to get it." She whined in response, mouth full of flesh. The Boss admired her swan like neck accentuated by the tightly stretched back dirty blonde hair; the pony tail hanging down to her shoulder blades.

He could see himself bulging in her cheek his end warm with spittle and young woman's gasping breath. "You're going be a good girl for me Stacey," he said sweetly." Just an hour of your time honey, that's all I want." She whined again through her cute nose, mouth foaming a little around his cock. Her husband felt his body starting to tense his hand a little numb with the thorough wanking.

The Boss raised himself off the settee to start to thrust in and out of her mouth. "Suck it, suck it you white bitch yeah," he grunted as Stacey's cheeks puffed and clenched, her mouth gripping his oily foreskin like a vice.

"Ug, ug, ug lets see you come boy!" He growled, looking back to her husband, who could feel himself reaching a peak.

His desperate wife was wresting to hold down the bucking black pelvis eyes wide in horror, the cock rampant in her mouth her teeth twanging the underside of his helmet. She managed to pull her head back crying out in despair. "Oh god uuhh oh, oh!" The Boss pointed to her partner. "Oh yes baby look, look he's coming.

Watch it you fucking slut!" Stacey moaned as her face still full of cheek puffing cock was twisted to see. Her man was heaving in his chair his fist red with effort. The boss's cock sprang from her disbelieving mouth spittle training in a spider strand. "Ugggggggggggggggg!!" Her husbands tip erupted spunk, up and out, two, three jerks his fingers covered, the wads stink instantly filling the room.

"Uuggggggggg!" He bucked with involuntary delight as Stacey's watched hand over her mouth in disbelief; until finally he collapsed with a long pitiful moan. "Noooooooooo!" The Boss pulled the sobbing Stacey back towards his cock. He gripped the hot shaft wiping it across her cheeks. Looking at the spent man nearby he narrowed his eyes. "Now you take a hike mister.

I don't want you back before four, and don't fucking get any stupid ideas about the cops. Your little Stacey's going to get her brains fucked out, I can easily arrange blown out too." Her husband nodded zipping his pants. "I, I, I." he mumbled reaching the hall.

His wife glared back in total disgust. "Just get the fuck out!" She said shaking her head in utter contempt. And with that he left slamming the door behind him.

She felt the Boss pull her face forward and she opened her mouth to allow his now well inspected tip back down her throat. He turned off the groaning video allowing her obedient sucks and slurps to fill the room. Suddenly she thought she heard a noise behind her. The kitchen door! She pulled back in horror the man's dick bouncing up into her cheekbones across her nose. She had panic on her face again, she was sat between a fat guys thighs his cock near to erupting.

"Oh no there's someone." She gulped in embarrassment. "Relax," the Boss said clenching his teeth from the uncomfortable ejection. "He's with me!" And with that she heard an Asian voice over her shoulder. "Ah yes she's as lovely as you described!" Now she remembered. She had seen another figure sat in the driver seat of the Black mans park car. She'd completely forgot about him. She looked slowly over her shoulder at the new visitor. "Oh Jesus!" She squealed. "Oh no, no ohhhhh!" In the door way was a shirtless hairy Asian man his jogging pants loose, feet bare.

He had a black bag in his strong dark arms his stance like some action figure, legs apart, arms curled wrestler selvaggia and anny aurora bottle service sluts, hands as fists. His head was covered with a bizarre leather mask, an open zipper for a mouth, the material black leather. "This is my associate," the Boss announced holding his dick and balls to keep them fully aroused. "You can call him Mask; and honey you better be good cos he's not as nice as me." Up until now Stacey had felt unsure and a bit scared.

She had hoped that this man would have just had his fun and left. The Boss although menacing had been almost affectionately polite to her; and though a lot older he had a certain animal charm. Even after he'd called her a bitch and been so arrogant she had rationalized it all until it virtually made sense. It had to be done for the house, for her lifestyle and well even for her useless husband.

But now her gut twisted, and her chest rose in a slow pant. Some of her tied back hair had escaped and now hung in strands across her freckled nose and high cheek boned features. "Oh God, two. err, I." She stammered as the Asian man neared her. The Mask dropped his bag and gripped her slender wrist. "On your feet you sexy little tart," he growled. His other hand rubbed across her t-shirt chest squeezing through the material. Stacey grunted and then half yelped as his hand shot under her short skirt to goose her ass.

She made a pathetic attempt at a struggle looking back at the Boss; her eyes disbelieving; as the Mask examined her like a piece of meat. First her ass, then her tanned thighs were stroked. He gripped one small tits making her back arch, then caressed her swan neck his finger pushing up to her hot wet mouth.

All the time he was grunting in approval. "Hmm, yes, hmm, good, good ahhh," he said in examination until he finally gave a non negotiable order. "Fucking lay on the kitchen table while we get a good look at you." Stacey whimpered a little and again looked back at the Boss.

He was beginning to stand pointing in that direction. She almost jumped out of her skin as the Mask suddenly hooked his finger inside her tiny briefs ripping them from under her skirt. "We won't need them!" He mumbled to himself. Then he suddenly had a worrying thought. "My timer!" He said, panicking. The Boss frowned pointing to the chiming clock on the wall.

"It's three now, we won't be disturbed till four. You don't fucking need your timer!" The Boss shook his head; his friend was one crazy fuck. But he didn't know anyone else as willing as him. "Shit." He just had a thought. Had he just got out of the car dressed like that, mask and all? The Boss didn't have time to ask before Stacey decided to struggle for real.

Both men instantly grabbed her arms, the Bosses cock nudging the small of her back the Mask hooking under her knees to lift her onto the pine table.

She whined and grunted neither man raising their voice, both in control; practiced. She was flat on her back the hard surface making her chest thrust up, her plimsoll rubber screeching on the surface. Her shoulders were pulled to the table edge so her neck and head dangled over the side.

In this position she was unable to resist for long before her head tired and fell back. The Boss was holding her shoulders down allowing her hands to grasp the table sides. His cock was above her stretched neck daughterswap hot daughters get stretched fucked group sex beautiful chin and he angled it down horizontal. It came to her lips and she had little choice but begin blowing the old black fuck.

But this time her nostril pointing up into his fats balls, his cock sliding straight deep into her upside down mouth and throat. "Mggggggggg!" The Mask was now between her feet, the shoes and claves dangling over the opposite table edge to her neck. She felt her thighs been spread by cold hands and she wriggled. The Boss grunted as she shifted, his cock slowing servicing her mouth. "Uggg stay still, your not getting up till I let you.

Just lay back and take me baby." She felt the suns rays from the wide window on her arm. "Oh God!" She thought in an embarrassed horror. What if the neighbours come round? Oh no, what if her parents did?" She bucked as his cock slid deeper than he had gone previously. She gargled, the spittle dripping down her face over her nose collecting on her forehead. The Boss admired her twitching throat and felt her spasm as his head pushed just a little too deep.

"Uggg yeah take it yeah!" The Asian man was now up between her legs his hands struggling to force her thighs fully apart. Finally her legs were pinned down, knees wide apart the skirt stretched up to her tiny waist; and the Boss could see her almost hairless blonde pussy for the first time. The Mask moved two fingers to her slit and pressing down parting her flesh the pink clitoral region glistening in the daylight.

Now she was fully under control, taking his cock obediently the Boss felt he would explain hung and horny latin twinks with big dicks fucking bareback tube porn to her. "Did you think I'd just settle for a suck and fuck?" He asked knowing she couldn't answer. "4000 bucks! You sure have got a high opinion of yourself honey." He paused to grit his teeth Stacey's hot tongue and gums sending a shiver from his cock tip to his tightening balls.

"No sir ugh," he paused again in arousing sensation. "We're going do some pretty dirty things to you honey for that kind of money, and do you know what?" Once again she couldn't answer the cock now making her jaw ache with the effort, the blood rushing to her upside down head.

"You're going have to let us." He slowly increased his thrusts. Stacey felt the wet touch of the Asians tongue as he began to lick and probe her young slit. "Hmm good girl keep those legs real wide for him." The boss ordered. "He's wants to get his tongue up inside you and give you a fine cleaning out." Stacey shuddered, the cock now becoming almost too much, the tongue in her hole indeed going deeper and deeper his finger prizing her pussy flesh apart.

Her bud felt the flick of his tongues rough surface and then his lips nipped. She caught my boss fucking herself watch part on cumcamcom, one hand reaching down to hopelessly push his head back the other reaching up to grip the black mans shaft trying to control its entry. The Boss groaned as her tiny hand gripped him. His hands reach onto her t-shirt mounds squeezing the flesh and nipples through the material. Stacey in turn gripped his cock harder as he rhythmical pumped.

His friend bit and licked her exposed pussy and she bucked as his tongue touched a nerve bundle. "Oh fuck!" The Boss thought to himself, the filthy scene becoming too much to bear, "I not going last much longer." The Boss pulled the wet tip of his cock from her mouth; Mena mason her curvy booty fucked hard instantly gasping for breath.

The Mask also lifted his head away from her tasty slit his hand wiping across his zippered mouth hole, spittle shinning on the black leather chin. Stacey was able to pull herself upright surprised he hadn't come, though greatly relieved. The Mask still lightly had hold of her, his hand around her thin upper arm himself a little surprised by the big guy's actions. The slim blonde curled her legs to her side, shoes and top still on; but her panties now missing.

The Boss was silent just breathing heavily and he pointed for Stacey to move to the edge of the table. The Asian man understood immediately and roughly pushed her until Stacey's butt rested on the overhanging edge.

He immediately and roughly pushed her until Stacey's butt rested on the overhanging edge. She felt like a total whore, the black man opening her long legs pushing his waist between them, his cock waving the purple head drooling. "Uhh, oh, oh" Stacey moaned realizing both men were positioning her for a fucking. The Mask forced her forward so she half sat on the table edge looking down between her stretched thighs. The Boss's cock appeared very long. It also looked painfully erect, the head tugged slightly to one side by the over stretched foreskin.

The Boss knew he would come buckets and he enjoyed seeing their faces when his rod finally started hosing up inside them. Only last week he'd noticed a couple in the high street that he had rented a place to months back. The cute brunette had a fat pregnant belly and he'd thought of when he had fucked the squealing girl in front of her boyfriend until he had completely filled her.

Like Stacey and her man they'd been desperate to repay a debt owning. There had been rumours it wasn't her boyfriend child and the Boss had wondered what chance it was his. Now he hoped to repeat the trick with this tanned innocent wench. "Yeah that's its Stacey open them legs real wide. Ugh yeah just a little." "Ughhhhhhh!" The Mask pushed her head forward. "Look down bitch, watch it go in." The tip was opening her lips the black cock looking huge against her white skin.

"Oh, oh, ohhhhhh, "she grunted then squealed The cock head popped into her, pussy lips gripping sucking it inside. "Ooooooooooo!" The Boss pushed his hips forward and his cock was buried up her to the hilt in moments. "Ugh yeahhhhh ah, ah, ah!" Stacey's butt was bounced up and down off the table as he began to fuck hard and purposefully.

The rigid pole hurt as he forcefully rammed up her. "Ugh, oh shit, aww, aww ugh, ugh, uggh, eieeeehhhhhh!" She squealed loudly her head flinging back her small hands gripping his shoulders to steady herself.

The Boss was pounding back and forth no time for subtlety wanting to pump his thick wad deep inside her. "I'm Going to fill you bitch, Ughh! Yeah oh man uggh, ugh uggggggh!" Stacey's small frame was shaking as she grunted and gasped; each thrust making her nip her lip in discomfort and sensation.

His cock end was nudging against her cervix and she gave an eye popping expression as her dead end was battered with his thick ram. "Uhhhhhhh!" His massive chest almost filled her line of vision and she couldn't help but keep glancing down at the shinny dark skin slipping in and out of her. "Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh!" Her flesh slapped against his pelvis the sloppy noise of constant penetration filling the air mixed with his and charming czech sweetie gets tempted in the supermarket and pounded in grunts.

Her pussy was burning the end thumping hard against her deepest end. Her legs were aching so was her back, the masked man still pushing her into the sitting position making her have to grip under her own knees to keep her thighs apart. Only a few hours ago she would have never imagined such humiliation; here on her kitchen table her pussy squelching to a horrid dark mans cock.

His face was twisted and she knew he was about to."Ooooooooohhhhhh!" She gave a cock stiffening squeal as his big tip erupted. The mans dick felt like its head had exploded inside her. Her pussy was awash with his come and she felt him ramming the filth into her cervix entrance. He growled triumphantly as his meat bucked and spat. Two, three, then more shots her pussy instantly becoming as slippery as if he was fucking warm jam.

His cock slopped from her hole almost without him needing to withdraw; the end trailing a long strand of thick semen. Stacey gave a groan of dismay as her lips closed the goo still attached like an umbilical cord to his cock; until finally it snapped and dripped to the floor.

"Oh God! Nooooooooo!" She whined as if she expected her fucking to have finished in a much more sanitized way. He stood back winding his tired monster back into his pants. "Oh man! I needed to do that!" He groaned as if in explanation to his masked friend. Stacey finally closed her legs and looked over her shoulder. "Is…is. it you're turn now?" She asked her eyes pleading for mercy. The Mask nodded and spoke.

"Yes it is young lady and you better do everything I say. Do you understand?" Stacey nodded looking worriedly back to the Boss. Amazing whores are ready for some hardcore orgy action Asian man then climbed off the table for his bag of tricks. He produced some rope manacles which he gave to the Boss.

The black guy helped Stacey from the table ripping her t-shirt from her then her skirt till she stood there naked and embarrassed. She was now totally naked in her daytime kitchen. As he pulled her arms behind her he spoke. "Once I've tied your wrist get on your knees." Stacey did so the cold tiled floor as uncomfortable as where she had just been pinned. She started to moan and shake as the Mask produce long lengths of rubber tube from the bag.

Some of it appeared to have valves; other bits appeared to be inflatable. "What's going on?" She stammered her blonde locks still tightly held in a pony tail her ample butt glowing against the dark floor tiles. The Boss pushed her neck down so her cheek rested on the cold floor tiles, her ass rising as she knelt.

"Oh Stacey let me show you!" Was the sinister reply from the leather clad man as he knelt behind her. The Mask took a long deep suck of his fat forefinger while his other hand spread Stacey's butt cheeks. The Boss had her pinned head on the floor as she wiggled and whined.

"Uh what, you're hurting me. ugh." Suddenly her eyes widened and she gave a scream as the masked man pressed on her shitter with the tip of his wet forefinger.

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"Uhh, ugggh oh, oooooowwwwwwww!" He slid the wet digit into her ass hole the spittle lubricating the entry only slightly. "Ooooooohh, awwwwwwww no, no you c. ahhhhhhh!" His finger bent inside her as he pushed until his clenched fist slapped against her puckered cheeks. "Ugghhhhhh!" The Boss laughed looking down into her eyes, his hand still around her long neck pressing her down.

She squealed as the Mask energetically pumped his finger in and out of her sore butt, spitting onto his emerging digit to make the experience only slightly less sore for the horrified wife. He grunted in satisfaction twisting his finger to widen her canal gloating as he did.

"So tight, yeah uh real tight. That's it baby squeal." He increased his jabbing along with an increase in Stacey's bucking and whining. "Uh, uh, hmmm yeah can you feel it? Can you? All the way in like a dirty little worm." His finger writhed around pressing on her sphincter trying to weaken her tiny little chute.

She gave a gasp of relief as his finger finally pulled out, her ass now red with embarrassment. The man was now fiddling with attachment nearby but she couldn't see what. The Boss smiled at her as he watched the view she was unable to see. The Mask had the strange rubber tube device in his hand. It was like a hard rubber golf ball with two tubes running through its middle. On one side they protruded maybe half and inch on the other they snake down into two long rubber pipes. One of these he had attached to the sink faucet head, the other had a valve half way down to pinch it close.

That end just hung loose to the floor. The Mask was smearing the rubber golf ball with KY jelly as the Boss pressed his finger into Stacey's hot ass hole to get a good inspection himself. "Awwwwwww, oh stop not agai. aggg!" The black mans finger thrust inside her and he too gave her a flurry of burning thrusts. "Hmmmm yeah that is tight, uh, that'll do just fine." She was able glance over her shoulder now and she was speechless with horror. The Mask was bending down pressing the tube ends and the greased ball against her hole.

She squealed as he pushed hard her muscles not wanting to part; then like she was doing a huge dump she gave way the ball end popping inside. She grunted as her ass rim snapped back closed with a desperate grip around the two exiting pipes. The ball was now trapped inside her anal canal, and as her muscles tried to geeky teen gets pov sex by horny boyfriend it out, her sphincter remained firmly shut forming an air tight plug inside her.

Stacey's mind was in overload," what were they trying to doooooooo!" The Boss turned the faucet and the tube filled with warm water racing along up to the point where it disappeared inside her ass then.

"Uggh oh, god ugh, ugh no, no, no!!" Her butt void began to fill with the rushing warm water. Once inside it had no where to go the exit tube had a valve sealing its escape. It could only go deeper and push her flesh wider as her rectum began to accommodate the fluid.

"Oooooohugggh, ugggggh!" Stacey squealed her eyes wide in panic and disbelief. Her gut was been filled and it was so uncomfortable. "Uggggg, no, no more stop, stop!" The Men were watching intently the tap faucet not fully open just enough for a steady warm flow. "Take slow deep breaths" Coached the Mask as he examined her butt crack, not a dribble of fluid escaping.

"AGGGGG, no more uggggh!" She cried desperately writhing on her knees. The hiss azhotporn com big tits lesbian esthetic treatment water changed as the faucet began to struggle to pump anymore into her. "Aggggggggg!" Stacey was feeling sick her gut bubbling the water so far inside her that progress was getting difficult. The Boss turned off the supply. "That's enough I think!" He said knowingly realizing her screams were turning from indignity to outright pain.

The two men groped her ass and pussy. Her groin was swollen and her butt cheeks appeared puffed out as her inside struggled to stretch for the watery void. She was moaning her arms aching still bound behind her. She rested her face on the tile keeping her ass high which seemed to relieve some of the discomfort. The Mask knelt beside her face, pulling down his jogging bottom his cock standing up to attention.

He admired his captive. She was slight of frame her waist so small, out to a well curved hips and that fantastic spankable ass. The two red rubber tubes looked bizarre sprouting from her crack like storks of a buried plant.

Her long knelling legs tapered to thin elegant calves and her ponytail head looked up the high cheekbones and pouting thick lips sending a surge of lust through his cock. He groaned in satisfaction; knowing how much water she was now reluctantly containing inside her tight hot ass. The masked man wasted no more time.

He straddled her upturned butt his hands gripping under her groin to widen her thighs. His cock was at her pussy its head rubbing her slit. Her insides would be cramped due to the expanded anal cavity, he knew it would be an lick my cum covered feet clean cei so tight fuck." As the Boss egged him on he pushed inside her pussy; and she squealed much to his delight. "Agggggg, God, shit uh uhhhhhhh!" Her pussy would hardly open the walls pressed closed.

"Agggggg!" His cock was in and sliding up her. Her tummy gurgled as fluid adjusted in her belly and ass. "Ooooooooo, nnnnnnnnnn!" He reached as far as he could go his waist slapping against the sprouting ass. Then he began to pump! She though she would throw up her insides flexing and gurgling the thrusting not only burning her pussy but massaging her bloated ass. "Uh, ug, ug oh, oh, oh shittttt!" She gasped feeling the man's hard rod burrowing up her artificially tight hole.

The Mask was loving it. From his doggie position he could see her shoulders and hips quivering. Each fleshy slap of his groin onto her butt made her squeal. And he knew it wasn't just because his wet head rubbed deep inside; each thrust made her tight sphincter flex with the internal pressure and almost spit the big rubber cork from her.

The Boss turned the faucet again and she screamed as more water tried to fill her. A second later the Mask unclipped the valve on the exit pipe and she felt her muscled begin to squeeze water down the tube out onto the floor.

"Uggggggggg!" She grunted in disgust. The tiles began to pool with dirty water, but the faucet still ran slowly meaning a continuous current of warm water now rinsed her pounded gut before been emptied onto her kitchen floor. The Mask gripped her waist and fucked harder. Each forward thrust made the exit tube bulge and pump with a momentary increase in water pressure.

Whoosh! Whoosh! "Ug, ug God ugh stop, stop ugggggg!" Stacey was been rinsed thoroughly each thrust making her squeal with humiliation and discomfort.

The Mask pulled his cock with some difficulty from her twat. The hole gratefully clamping shut. Lesbians dillion harper and sinn sage achieve strong orgasms using strapon toy two pipes were clipped close again her inside still bloated with fluid and the faucet attachment was removed.

The Mask waved his cock over her face as the Boss gripped her shoulders lifting her so she could suck. The men spoke together. "Is it too much? You need to go don't you? You need to shit honey, yeah? Empty that cute ass of yours?" Stacey only half acknowledged them the gurgling water feeling like it was slowly been absorbed into her body. The Mask thrust his cock in her mouth his hand jacking hard on his saggy foreskin length. "Yeah, yeah, yeah!" The Boss squeezed her butt and she gave a startled expression and gargled in protest.

The Masks cock non stop sex scene with lesbian attractive babes filling her gums, pushing against her cheek walls making them bulge.

As he fucked bondage porn videos search watch and download bondage free sex pretty mouth he explained. Once he had shot his load into her throat they would let her go to the john.

The clock said almost 3:25 pm. Stacey needed to go so much, she double her efforts her hot mouth sucking for dear life. She felt the hot semen hit the back of her throat, the spurts emptying copious amount of white filth down her gullet. She gulped and coughed tasting the hot Asian load, the fluid smearing her pearl white teeth a trail coming from her wide lips as he withdrew in total satisfaction. "Yeahhhhhhhh!" The Boss gripped her ponytail unfastening the tie so her blonde mane hung free.

He pulled her up by it as she yelped her bound hands making it difficult to get to her feet. The spunk was dripping from her chin onto her freckled chest, her eyes watery and pathetic. "Get up stairs," he ordered. The Mask pushed her along as the Boss followed with the bag of tricks. She walked bow legged her ass swollen and unwieldy. The tubes hung down and as she began to climb the stairs the Asian slapped her butt getting a panicking yelp from Stacey.

She felt the pressure on her hole even more now that she was standing and feared the rubber plug would just explode any moment from her ass. Half way up the stairs the Mask gripped her shoulders.

"Just here honey this'll do." She looked confused then felt the two pipes been tugged. The Boss was pulling them taut the rubber plug under pressure to eject. "Aw oh God no, not here, no please let me ug, ugggg, uggggg!" The Asian held her firmly laughing the Boss straining to pull.

"No do your toilet here." "Uggggg oh no, no, no!" The ball was appearing spreading her ass hole wide the pink skin shinny and sore. "Awwwwww shit, shit, please not on the… ugggggghhhhhh!" The thing was almost out any seco.

"Aww whosssssshhhhhhh!" The plug had finally spewed from her ring the water farting out in one torrential ass belch. "PhugggggggttTTTTT!" Stacey ass released her load in a wailing continuous shit.

Her sphincter ravishing redhead with big melons gets fucked and spluttered the dirty fluid over the stairs, and down her calves.

The revolting sound of escaping air and fluid made her almost retch; the two men cussing as the filthy spray spattered them too. "Uggh you dirty fucking bitch. You just fucking shit all over us." They taunted, as Stacey sobbed in horror. They left the soaking stairs and discarded ass tubes behind as they reached her cute homely bathroom too late for poor Stacey. The room was white tiled with a shower cubicle and ornate free standing bath.

The Boss rummaged in the cupboard as his friend rinsed the poor girl down in the cubicle. The black man found what he wanted.

He produced a bottle of baby oil. "Do you smear you're mans cock with this," he asked insultingly." I bet you do honey, give him a slippery hurried wank?" Stacey glared back. "You're both fucking filthy sad bastards." She shouted over the hiss of the cleansing shower. The men pulled her out, and the Boss towered over her menacingly.

"Listen, you fucking bitch how would you like to go through that again? Except this time we'll force the exit tube down your fucking throat. Hd porn s pissing and point of view sex do not disobey master would you like to shit into your own mouth?" Stacey was speechless her body slumping at the shoulders her knees nearly giving way.

The image in her head was obscene. The Boss continued. "We need a little time to get hard again for you; so until then we'll just have to amuse ourselves with a few little toys." The Asian unbound her hands and she looked like she might run.

"Don't be a fucking fool;" he hissed in her ear. "Get in that bath tub and start oiling yourself up." She felt the bottle placed in her hand. "Oiling?" She said quietly. "Every little bit of you honey." He replied. "Get yourself so slippery you'll look like you've been dipped in a vat of it." Stacey got into her white central bath after removing her dirty trainers from her feet.

The men then knelt either side and watched as she poured the oil over her tits, arms, and shoulders. It ran down her spine to her ass crack. It pooled in the bath and coated her thighs and legs. It covered her painted toes, her neck and down between her sampled slit. The two men began to strip until finally all three of them were naked in the warm afternoon washroom.

Stacey by now looked a golden brown the oil accentuating her tanned body. It glistened as she slipped and slid in the bath tub. The two men had not wasted the opportunity to smear and rub the oil into her soft flesh. The Boss had massaged her tits until the pink nipples stood out firm and aroused her modest domes hard marvelous oriental pussy poking lingerie and japanese shiny.

The Mask had opened her thighs and with Stacey hopelessly trying to stop him he had squirted the bottle head up her pussy. She squealed as he pulled her long leg making her slide onto her back.

Once again the bottle neck was squirted inside her, this time oiling her sore butt hole thoroughly. Yes Stacey was now a very slippery, slimy girl indeed. The clock downstairs chimed for the half hour, and the Boss his fat belly now covered in oil reached for the bag.

Stacey watched eyes wide as a procession of sex devices was taken out and handed round. First there was a suction cup and pump, next anal beads then a ribbed monster dildo. Stacey watched innocently as each was inspected unsure of what each was used for.

The men wasted no time in beginning to show her. Stacey could hardly keep herself level as her slippery body rolled around the tub. The men had her knees and they lifted one over either side of the tub her butt lifting of the ground her hands gripping the bath sides to steady herself.

Her ass was so oiled up she only began to girl fucks a tied up guy poorpenis femdom the beads after the first two inch parted globes had been slid up her. The ten plus beads were all the same size on a piece of flexible rod, the Mask slowly twisting it as he skewered her ass. "Ooohhhhhhhh oh, oh take it slower! Uhhhhhh!" She moaned like a cheap whore her pussy now also coming under attention. The Boss had placed the clear groin shaped suction cup over her blonde pussy, the oil making a firm grip.

The small tube snaked to the hand pump which the Boss began to squeeze, gently but rhythmically. Stacey felt the cup suck hard on her slit the removing air and oil making an air tight fit.

"Uhhhh, what? Why?" She groaned four or more beads in her back hole, her clit been exposed as the suction cup pulled back her oiled clitoral lips. The Boss continued to hand-pump the device; the oil around her pussy bud visibly bubbling. "You're going come for us honey, like the good little whore you are!" Stacey began to moan slowly at first, but steadily building. The suction cup was flexing on her almost bare pussy, the thing making a dirty sucking noise.

Her clit was under intense pressure the sensation like tugging and licking all in one. Her pussy canal had been sucked empty of any remaining air and her walls trickled with juice, that too been slowly drawn from her. She bucked as the anal beads now wiggled 6 globes in. "Oh God!" She though biting her lip, "no further up please, pleaseeeeeee!" The Mask quizzed her. "Does it feel like it's in your throat, yes? Good, soon this will feel like a walk in the park." Stacey felt the beads been pulled from her, one after another, plop, plop!

Finally the last one bust from her sphincter and she gave a satisfied grunt. "Ugg!" She wondered why he had said that. The sensation had been horrendous how worse could it get?

"Open your legs wider," ordered the Boss. "You're getting hot aren't you?" Stacey pushed her pelvis up looking down in awe at the strange Perspex suction cap. Inside she could see her flesh vibrating the sensations getting stronger and stronger. "Oooooo!" The Boss nodded to his colleague. "Quickly before the little bitch comes, hurry!" Stacey began to gasp and splutter as the Mask pushed the fat dildo against her ass. The thing was large, like a rubber corn on the cob; but much bigger.

The ribbed sides and rounded tip were twisted against her abused ass. "Uh, oh, oh, oh.oooooohhhhhhh!" She flung her head back nails biting on the porcelain rim of the bath. She was taking it. "God it must be 3 inches wide how the fuck was it going. ugggggghh!" Her rim stretched allowing the ribbed edge to bump along up inside her.

"Ugggghh, no, no, uggggh!" It felt like an arm or a fucking python. But this huge snake wasn't smooth instead the raised nodules made the penetration more intense. The sensation was ecstasy and pitiless humiliation. Her husband had done this to her! Made her the plaything of two dirty ethnics!

The men had her totally dominated her legs wide like a cheap tart.

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She felt the fat dildo somewhere deep in her rectum amazed at how her body could accommodate it. It was all too much. The clit sucker was working overtime, now this monster was busting her latina mirror show watch more of her at ulacamcom. She began to cry and moan at the same time.

"Oh God ugh, ugh!" She knew she was coming, "Oh heavens the embarrassment her body giving in." The dildo was hard inside her as her anal muscles began to spasm. He clit burned and frothed. "Ugh oh, oh, ugh, no, no, nooooeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiieeeeeeeeee!!!" She convulsed slipping further onto her back.

The Mask rammed the rubber cock to the limit her gut twisting. She desperately tried to grip the suction cup to pull it from her. "Awwwwwwwwww!" Her ass muscles contracted more, shitting the huge cock almost out of her. "Oh, oh, noooooo ug, ugg, uuuuuhhhhhhh!" Stacey came like never before! She collapsed a quivering wreck in the oily tub her long fingers finally managing to pull the sucker from her swollen bud and slit. "Urrrr thank God!" The two men stood over her satisfied with her performance.

She looked up with innocent sexy eyes her face red with exertion. "You beasts," she snarled. The Boss held his fat limp cock over her and then she notice the Mask also had the same stance. She suddenly had a terrible idea what was next. "Oh no you're." She didn't get time to finish before both men began to urinate over her slim shoulders and firm tits. "Uggghhhhhhh!" Their piss splashed her face running in streams between her legs.

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The Boss pulled her hair towards him so he could hose her cute face. The Mask put a foot on the bath lifting him higher so his cock showered her brow down over her high cheek bones to that wide sensuous mouth. In less than a minute they'd fully relieved themselves over the panting, coughing, spluttering housewife.

They only had twenty minutes left with her by the time they'd yet again showered her clean. Stacey didn't care any more. She'd been deep throated, had her ass filled, then emptied, fucked with strange devices and finally pissed on. How much more humiliation could they do? In her charming bedroom the Boss had found something. "Put this on," he demanded as he stood there oil black, naked his belly hanging over his cock. She gave an anguished moan. It was the Basque and stockings from her wedding dress.

In his other hand was her delicate banded veil. She shook her head but the Mask slapped her face. She gave a yelp then quickly began to dress. The men helped her, no time to waste. At last she was on the bed white Basque and stockings, no knickers but with her 3 inch white heeled there are always more women than stunt brunette and blonde shoes on.

The Boss threw her the veil and finally she was dressed for their fantasy. The two men climbed onto the bed, the Mask shouting with glee. "I want our fucking bride's ass first!" He pushed her down spreading her knees pushing them wide and back to her corseted hips.

His cock was at her ass hole nudging her exercise sphincter. She felt him push and she moaned as the fat hairy Asian began to ease up her hot sickly sweet ass. Stacey gripped the sheets her hands rigid in discomfort. "Oh God, ugggggghhhhhhhh!" Her wedding night had been nothing like this! Stacey gripped the bed sheets tightly her legs spread, knees bent. The Masks cock was not as thick as the corn type rubber monster he had used before; but she still gave a painful moan as the dark flesh squeezed inside her.

The man gripped her corseted waist watching her ass gasp as more and more flesh was buried. She felt very hot around his cock the earlier oiling making him slip more easily in. He pushed until his hairy base pressed against her tender cheeks. Her face showed the discomfort her lips nipping and eyebrows rising.

He made his hip move in a circular motion and watched her butt wobble as if she was sat on the seat of a rickety train carriage. The Mask pushed her knees wider and down making her pelvis rise until her knees almost touched the sheets. "Ahhhh no, too wide agggg!" She felt like he wanted to snap her like a wish bone. He began to thrust in and out of her butt, taking long strokes the cock coming almost all the way out before sliding firmly back to the hilt. "Ug, ug, ug, oh, oh, ugg!" Stacey grunted her arms gripping the bed board behind her head thrusting her bust up.

"Oohhhhhhhhh!" The Boss was enjoying the view. Stacey clad in white wedding Basque and stockings her legs painful wide, her ass taking the Asians cock with a dirty rutting noise.

Phlut! Phlut, Phlut! "The dirty bitch loves it!" He announced watching her act so obediently. Stacey moaned shaking her head." No, no, no!" She thought over and over. Her ass was burning but the sensation was easing a little, only the sickening nudge of his head too far in causing her real discomfort. "Ugggg!" The Boss knelt on the bed pulling at the Masks shoulder.

"My turn." He ordered. Stacey gasped with relief as the cock popped from her hole. She was ordered onto her knees the Boss groping her fleshy butt as he pulled her into position.

"That's it like an obedient dog, bend over more honey." She yelped as his cock slid back into the slimy shit hole. He began to fuck her fast and hard his grunting almost as loud as her wails. "Ugh, ugh aww eieeeee, eieeeeeeeeee!" The bed was shaking as was Stacey her thighs quivering her hair now loose bouncing over her face like some wild woman. Her shoulder thrust forward with each deep ramming her mouth coughing spittle.

He wanted her to scream, to pass out or collapses anything to show she'd never been taken like this before. "Aaaaaaaawwwwwwww Godddd nnnnnnnnnnooooooooo!!!" Stacey began to convulse with horror a long wailing plea from her mouth, her claws tearing the pillows. "Agggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!" The Boss satisfied she had experienced his fiercest ramming withdrew with another long moan from her.

"Urrrrrrrrrrrrr!" The Mask was pulling her hands to the metal bed board and he began to tie them petite blonde freak emily kaerh finger fucks her wet pussy cord so they were firmly bound together and around the central column. "Ug no, don't I'm not resisting." She cried feeling a little more dominated now she was unable to get out of the doggie position. The Boss told her to "sshhhhh" as he examined the bonds. "We've nearly finished now honey you've been a good girl, so helpful." Stacey could feel her cheeks been spread again finger pressing into her ass.

"Aggggg what?" The Mask was smearing more lube over her hole his fingers slipping in and out with impunity stretching her tight muscle ring. The Boss put his hand over her mouth pressing hard. "Now steady Stacey, it's important you don't resist!" Her eyes show confusion yet an awful realisation that she just didn't want to know what was next. She felt a cone of greased fingers at her anus.

The Asiansa hand trying to prise her open, then push further in. Her muffled screams filled the house as the Boss pinned her bucking shoulder and hips with his other arm.

The Mask was pushing his hand up her ass. The pressure extreme the pain and burning making her almost feint. "No, no, noooooo!" She was frantic but held in place by dominating muscled arms, hand stopping her voice only her mind screaming. The Asian was twisting his wrist his teeth gritted at the same time reassuring his sexy slave. "Take it easy babe ugggg, that's it agggg yes, yes ohhhhhhh yessssssssssss!" She felt his slippery hand pass the widest point her muscle closing back still massively wide around his hairy wrist.

The Boss took his hand from her mouth. "Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!" The hand was enormous inside her anal void. As he twisted it she felt like shitting, screaming and throwing up all in one. "Uuuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkk!" He rubbed it back and forth ever so gently and she groaned her eyes welling, hot amateur blonde czech babe gets pounded in the woods flashing european mouth quivering.

The Mask groaned himself feeling her hot wet inside seeing her spine arch as he flexed. "Oh Stacey you dirty little bitch, mmmmmmm!" She struggled to move her hips, her legs needing to keep so wide not to put any more pressure on her over full rectum.

The Boss was lifting one leg and she gasped as both men began to turn her on her side. Her hands couldn't move so she found it difficult. The Boss was climbing under her instructing her to straddle him, till finally he was on his back fat belly like a dome with Stacey straddling his waist. Her hands were still stretch above his head the Asian man kneeling behind her his hand up her shitter to the wrist. "Baby you're my little fuck puppet!" he teased his hand in sensual heaven.

The Boss was pushing his cock towards her pussy, then into it. "Agggggg!" She began sane lanny xxx story com ride down on his cock the penetration made much harder than before with her ass full to busting with a fist enema.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh!" As she gasped and rode the Mask was slowly pumping more and more, her anal tract widening under protest. "Ugh, ugh, big tit jap mom fucks shy son The Boss stared into her innocent eyes.

"Oh baby I can feel his black man sex story first time its so deep ugh, mnnnnn, mnnnnn oh ride it baby faster com'n your husband will be back soon!" She was sweating and moaning her eyes shut the feeling in her ass turning numb.

The big black cock felt like a pole on which she'd been skewered and she was sure they were doing her damage inside. She gave a pitiful moan to no one in particular. "Oh God why me? Ugggggg!" "Clunk!" The Boss heard the front door go and with the speed of a Panther he rolled from the bed reaching for his jacket.

He pulled his pistol from the inside pocket and darted down stairs. The Mask and Stacey froze in mid pump her hair now a bedraggled mess over her cute nose.

In the hall Stacey's husband froze. In front of him was the big fat black guy totally naked covered in sweat. In his hand was a silver automatic pointing straight at him. In his other hand was his long crooked cock still rigid; the foreskin taut and pulled back pointing skywards. "I fucking told you 4 o'clock!" The Boss hissed. Upstairs the Mask heard who it was so did Stacey and she cried out his name in desperation. The Mask slapped her ass with his free hand and began to fist harder and harder making Stacey plead.

"Oh no too fast, stop, stop, uh, uh, aw, aw, aww nooooooo!" Downstairs her husband quivered haering the writhing upstairs, "Aw Jesus!

What's happening?" The Boss grinned now quite happy he had returned to see the final act. "That;" he said triumphantly," is the sound of you're skinny bitch wife taking a hand up her ass!" The Boss pushed Stacey's husband up the damp stairs closer to the obscene sounds.

He could hear his wife grunting and gagging, her pleas going unheeded. Also there was a slopping sound of flesh been plugged and he knew all too well that the Boss was telling him the truth. As he entered the bedroom he nearly threw up. His gorgeous wife was on her hands and knees, her wedding white stockings and basque covered in an oily mess. His eyes took seconds to believe the scene.

Her head was on the pillow as she bit into it, her hands tied to the bed board. Her waist curved out and up to her peach ass darla crane moms dirty book he groaned at the view. A man he'd never seen before dressed only in a crazy zipper face mask had his hand wrist deep in her anus. The slopping, farting noise was air and oil escaping from Stacey as he made rapid thrusts in and out of her.

The hole was so wide he almost thought she would split in two, the noises from Stacey appearing to agree with his concerns. "Awwwwwoooooooo, ug, ug, ug, eieeeeeeee!" Each time the Mask withdrew the oily hand she squealed as her ass began to close belching air; only for him to ram back in again making her give a deep grunt, "uhhhhhh!" The Boss pushed her husband to the side of the bed as he struggled back.

He didn't want to get any closer he wanted no part of this. If he could just close his eyes maybe it would all go away. The Boss re-holstered the pistol in his jacket looking back at the man. "Don't even think of trying to draw this," he warned, leaving the weapon in easy reach of the man. "Or you'll be wearing it out of your ass." Her husband just looked dumbfounded he wouldn't know how to take the safety off, let alone fire one accurately.

He nodded slowly still trying not to look at his wife. Stacey let out an enormous scream. It was getting far too painful for her. "Jeezzzzzzzzzz stop awwwwwweeeeeiiiiie!" The Mask twisted his wrist and pulled his hand free with a sickening pop. Stacey screamed again her ass hole not closing fully, but instead remaining slightly gaping; a black wet hole the muscles needing time to regain their strength.

She looked up at her husband. "Oh you bastard! You stupid bas. They've; they've." She couldn't even begin to explain to him the servicing she'd had. The Mask was untying her wrists, his hairy torso almost as black as his colleagues, the sweat now dried and caked on him. Gorgeous redhead tight pussy masturbates with toys examined her seeping ass hole with his fingers.

"Yep that should do it, "he said knowingly. The Boss busty cougar stepmom cockrides in taboo trio stroking his cock again, climbing onto the bed. "I've already spunked up her pussy," he explained to the pathetic man watching near by." Yeah filled your wife to the brim." Both the Boss and Mask began to twist the exhausted girl into the position they wanted, moving her hips lifting her stocking legs; her wedding dress heels dragging at the bedclothes.

"Now we're going to finish the prim bitch in that plump cute ass of brezzar com mom kichn sahwar xxx san full sex stories story Mask was on his back legs over the edge of the bed. Stacey was been lifted onto his cock facing away from him towards her husband. The man winched as he saw Stacey, long legs ever so wide sitting down onto the Asians prick.

She shuddered as the rod bent up into her ass. He reached round to grip her tits tugging her back, and she gave a surprised expression as blond girls lips print on wazoo tube porn was made to lean back the cock in her anus appearing between her raised thighs. "Uhhhhhhhh!" The Boss now stood between her legs, lifting her knees so she balanced on the belly of the Asian.

He began to angle his hungry monster at the same filled ass as the blonde protested. "Oh uh I don't no ugg, uggggggghhhhhhhhh!" Her husband put a hand over his mouth. I couldn't be possible! Stacey screamed and arched her back the Boss using his hands to force the issue until final he could ease himself in along side his friend. She was taking two cocks up her ass! The two fleshy tubes different shades of black sliding against each other, Stacey's legs and hips lifted so high her husband could see under the Boss's swinging balls to her private cute plugged by two men at the same time.

"Uggh, uggh, uhhhh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhhhhh!" Stacey rocked up and down the Masks body while he gripped inside her basque to twist her tits hungrily. Both men were grunting with pleasure the void so tight, but slippery as well. The Boss groaned with satisfaction seeing Stacey's face knowing her husband could see and hear every disgusting detail.

Both cocks rubbed against her walls, her sphincter now stretched like a pouting mouth.

"Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" The two men were bucking and ramming trying to gain an inch on each others cocks. As they both pushed in she felt her gut twist and spasm, tits sore, mouth dry. "Ugh, ugh no more please uggggggggh!" She wrapped her long legs around the Bosses wide hips and ass, bucking herself as he pumped home. The Boss raised his hips punching his cock up inside, making her ass lift.

"Ugghhhhhhh!" The ramming was making Stacey feel feint her head lolled from side to side as her moaning became more distant. The Boss was holding her under her knees looking down at his penetration. "Fucking dirty bitch is taking them both ugh, all ugh, the way in, ugg!" He began to rip her stocking from her legs, then pulling her heels off.

The Mask unfastened the Basque till finally she was the naked oily skinned babe again. He pulled her legs together making her mom and daughtr fuck catch in discomfort her butt cheeks pressing closer together.

His mouth began to suck on her delicate toes his hands caressing her calves. The Mask was pinching her cheeks making her look to the corner off the room were her husband stood horrified. The Boss withdrew his cock allowing the Mask to bounce forcefully up and down. "Ugh, ugh, ugghhhh yeahhh!

Uuukkkkkkkkkk!" He came, a hot torrent in her his zipper mouth smiling as Stacey just gobbled air like a fish out of water.

He was tense for a few seconds them began to rant. "Get off me you fucking whore." He snapped rolling her onto her front a white trail emerging from her none too tight anus.

The Boss was back on her pulling her up onto her hands and knees, burying back in with menace. "Yeah, uh, uh, uh, take it, take it ugggggghhhhhhhhh!" Stacey watched her husband standing directly ahead as the big heavy blood loss sex storys mounted her ass again.

She felt his tool erupt coating her sore flesh with a mixture of runny and chunky semen. "Uggggggghhhhhhh yeah ahhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!" To her husband's relief the hour was almost up.

The Boss began to dress satisfied with his hours work. As he put on his clothes he watched the Mask perform one final humiliation. He had a rubber ball the size of an orange. As he pinned Stacey's neck down he pressed the grease globe against her loose ass hole.

She squealed and her husband protested but to no avail. With a despairing, suicidal scream from Stacey the thing popped inside her cavity, her void swallowing the sphere almost completely. Only a slight orange color could be seen gaping from her ass rim. She writhed around her nails touching the slippery surface but unable to get a grip.

"Aggg ugg get it out ugggggggg!" The Mask pulled on his shorts and both men headed for the front door. "She's all yours," they joked to the frantic husband as he tried to help his stuffed wife. "If you get your fingers in far enough I'm sure you can pull it out!"