Blonde babe threesome sex with nasty man for some money

Blonde babe threesome sex with nasty man for some money
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"Donnie what are these? I just counted 20 jock straps in your drawers," Mrs. Patterson asks her son. "Oh, bein' out for basketball, I go through them fast." "Not that fast, I do your laundry every Saturday and I don't see why you can't get by with four or five? This seems excessive." go "Well, Mom I don't want to run out. Besides, Tommie can use them when I go to college in a couple years." "Your little brother has his own.

You have way more than you can use. Come in here for a second. Where do you get these, young man?" Walking into his bedroom, Donnie replies, "From the Top Sports Shop in the mall." "You must have a $200 worth here." "Yeah, but I bought them with my own money." The following weekend when Mrs.

Patterson is doing laundry in the basement she notes several jock straps that are dirty but one appears new. She reflects that Donnie had basketball practice three days this week and a game one day which equates to four jocks but there are five here in the laundry counting the new one. He should have gotten by with four so why five?

"See you later, Mom!" Donnie announces as he heads out of the house. "Wait a second - where are you going?" "To the mall. Do you need anything, Mom?" "No. But older daddy and fuck me in the ass xxx frannkie and the gang tag team a door to door. See ya." Mrs. Patterson returns to her laundry.

She holds up the supporter and sniffs it. "Oh! Whew! Semen! What is going on here?" She knows both her sons masturbate like other boys but why with a new jock? She decides to solve this mystery so goes upstairs and grabs her car keys off the top of the refrigerator and heads for the mall. She catches up with Donnie's car but maintains her distance. She parks away from his car and heads to the west entrance of the mall while Donnie goes to the north one. She walks quickly to get to a store, a book store, from which she can observe from across the hall the Top Sports Shop.

Sure enough Donnie turns into the store. Mrs. Patterson waits until her son leaves 40 minutes later. He exits with a small sack in his hand. She goes into the sports store and looks around.

She notes a female sales clerk who must be in her 40s and another woman with a manager's nameplate who appears in her 50s. The younger clerk is in a white-pleated skirt and has a tight frilly white top which is restraining large breasts. With her hour glass figure covered in an all white outfit and with her sporting fire-engine red fingernails she might be seen as a high class call girl but somehow she looks classy. She has the appearance that makes men wonder, "Why the hell is this striking looking woman having to work and in this kind of job?

The middle-aged clerk turns her way and they both smile. The clerk comes over. "Can I help you her find anything?" "Just looking," Mrs. Patterson nods noting 'Patti' on her name plate. After awhile Mrs.

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Patterson is satisfied that she saw nothing irregular and was about to leave when an older boy who appears about the age of her son walks into the store. Instead of going out the door she detours behind a rack of sunglasses.

She watches the boy go to the clerk and ask to see some tennis shoes. Clerk Patti removes a pair from the shelf and then sits on the low stool giving the boy a nice view of her cleavage. She helps him slip on the shoes. Mrs. Patterson thinks that was cute males whatever their age can't pass up an opportunity to peek down a woman's blouse. Mrs. Patterson overhears their conversation as the young man decides to pass on the shoes but asks to see some athletic supporters.

In her business-like manner, Patti comments: "We have all sizes and a wide number of brands of supporters including: Bike, Flarico, Go Software, Kinkware, and Colt." Mrs.

Patterson moves around the sun glass rack to position herself to hear a little better. "I am not sure which to get. My mom used to buy these for me." Clerk Patti points to the rear of the store, "Here, take these three and try them on in the men's changing room. If you need some help just open the door a little. " Mrs. Patterson observes Clerk Patti wait on another customer and ring up a sale. The clerk then retreats to the changing room in the back. Mrs.

Patterson decides to leave the store to avoid suspicion. She goes across the hall and takes up a position in the window of the bookstore again where she can still continue to observe the transaction in the sports shop. In the meantime, the manager continues to wait on customers while clerk Patti is in the back with her young customer.

After about a half an hour the customer and the clerk return and go to the cash register. She has a couple of small boxes which look like the size to hold athletic supporters. Mrs. Patterson walks back into the sports store and takes her position again by the sunglasses rack and hears, "This is a good choice.

It is of good quality and should last well. Here's your change. Thanks very much for shopping at Top Sports. We look forward to your return." The young man's eyes are directed down as he exits past Mrs. Patterson. Mrs. Patterson thinks to herself, "This could be a coincidence but it seems strange just after my son buys a supporter the next male customer buys one too. This is indeed a mystery." She shapely amazing teen plays with twat hiddencam hardcore home to give this some further thought.

She goes into Donnie's room and checks his drawer and does not see a new jock strap. Then she reaches into his dirty clothes hamper and withdraws a supporter that looks brand new. She lifts it to her nose and the whiff confirms it has semen on it but this time it is fresh semen. The mystery continues. The next morning, Mrs.

Patterson invigorated returns to the Top Sports Store. Clerk Patti is there big tit brunette gets fucked by a big cock doggystyle and hairy not the manager.

"Excuse me, could you please tell me when the manager is in? I'd like to put in an application to work here." "Oh you were here yesterday weren't you? The manager is at lunch now and she will replace me in about 20 minutes and you can see her then. I don't think we are looking for anyone but we always accept applications." Mrs. Patterson replies, "Thank you. I'll return in 20 minutes." "&hellip.Can I help you? I'm the manager. I understand you were looking for me?" "I'm glad to meet you.

I'm Mrs. Patterson.

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I note that your clerk, Patti, has a bubbly personality and seems to have a lot of enthusiasm for her work." "Mrs. Patterson, I am happy to meet you. You are so right. She is wonderful, indeed.

Because of her ability I have made 'regional sales manager of the month' for five straight months!" "Good for you. I was here yesterday and I note that young men respond to her." "They really do. I'm lucky to be her manager. Now, what can I help you with today?" "I am wondering how she managed to sell my son 20 jock straps?" "Oh, well, Patti is very good at what she does. She has been our best sales performer in the region." "But that does not explain why my son needs 20 jocks.

He can only wear one at a time. Something fishy is going on here?" The manager sighs, "Well, I thought this might come up some time.

So-" "Yes?" Mrs. Patterson does not let her finish. "Mrs. Patterson, would you please come to the back with me. &hellip.Now, what is your feeling about the social or can I be frank- the sexual needs for young men and boys?" "The what?" Mrs. Patterson exclaims. "Can I be frank?" the manager asks. "Of course," Mrs. Patterson replies. "So what do you think of the sexual needs of young men?" the manager repeats the question with a frown.

"I don't know what this has to do with jocks but young men need to release about every three days at least, I'd say." The manager nods in agreement, "If you will please return in a half an hour we can discuss this in more depth like mature women.

I think we can help you solve your mystery if you will agree to keep this confidential. We can have a 'win-win' situation here." "I am certainly a discreet person. I will be back at 1:10 then." Its 1:10 PM when Mrs. Patterson is greeted by the manager: "Mrs. Patterson, Patti is back so please follow me to my office. … Patti, this is Mrs. Patterson. She has a concern about her son purchasing athletic supporters. Mrs. Patterson, we want you to know we have a mission here at Top Sports in the safety of young men.

We have been to several seminars and learned that boys and young men today have been eschewing the wearing of jock straps.

This leaves them vulnerable to injury as well as jeopardizing their ability to have children and in your case, Mrs. Patterson, grand children. The problem is that kids think supporters look funny or only gays are wearing them. They mistakenly think they can get by without protection.

Some are wearing compression shorts but this does not offer the protection they need." Mrs. Patterson responds with concern, "I was not aware of this problem. I had my sons get fitted for their first jocks when they were thirteen. My sister volunteered to do it for me at her home." The manager educates the women, "Good for you. Jocks have been around since 1874 when bicyclists in Boston needed protection for their balls from the cobblestone streets.

Jockey meant 'rider' and that is how we got the name jock strap. That is also how the famous Bike brand of jocks came about they were bicyclists. Now we have all kinds and styles.

"We have cute cutie is geeting urinated on and ejaculates wet cunt encouraging all our young males who come in here to purchase them. We have found most need help with the selection.

We are pleased that we have been successful getting the word out to the boys so they get an appropriate and a pleasant fit here. If they get some erotic pleasure from it then we have no problem with that. It does not concern us as long as they leave here with some protection. "Yes, Mrs. Patterson, we have a double win situation here at Top Sports in that we are insuring the safety of our youth and our store is honored to have the highest sales performance nationally for our company.

You should also know that the jock sales are only a small part of our gross sales. When the young men come in for supporters they also buy other items such as tennis rackets, running shoes, etc.

Since they started recommending us to others our store has obtained contracts with many high school and college athletic departments in the area. In fact, we have the contract with the diocese for the parochial schools in this region too." Mrs. Patterson interjects, "Well I am getting a better understanding and I appreciate what you are doing. I'm just glad my husband and I were not amiss with our sons. One question though, isn't it embarrassing for the clerk to go into the fitting room to help the customer with his purchase?" "Some of the younger ones are embarrassed," the manager explains, "but they soon become comfortable.

In fact, they usually return in a week or two." Patti looks out to the sales floor, "I probably should leave you two and get back out on the floor; I think a blown away looker in underwear is geeting pissed on and poked came in." "Who is it?" the manager asks.

"I have not seen him for but he is a young man about 17.

I'd better get out there he is looking at the jocks." "Mrs. Patterson, would you like to see Patti serve a customer?" "Well, I do have some time." "Look, Patti and the customer are going to the changing room already. Please come with me, Mrs. Patterson." Patti is standing outside the changing room door while her customer is inside. "Patti, could Mrs. Patterson observe you fit this customer? She is considering applying for a job here." "Glad to.

Leave her with me," she replies. Clerk Patti turns to Mrs. Patterson, "We need to wait to see if the lad opens the door for some help&hellip. Ahh there we go. Excuse me sir, would you allow this lady to observe our fitting the supporter? She may be working here eventually." The bewildered young man, "Ah, oh, I suppose. Okay." Mrs. Patterson enters and looks around. She notes a short bench, some hooks on the wall, a microwave, a mirror, and some mouth wash on a stand.

The stand with several drawers in it is next to a low placed sink. She thinks it is a little cluttered for a changing room. The young man is nice appearing - about 5'6" at 145 lbs wearing a T-shirt, jeans and Nike running shoes. "Sir, may I suggest trying this supporter first it is our most popular brand, Bike basic white." With his back turned away from the ladies he slips off his jeans, removes his briefs, steps though the straps of the white cotton jock and then pulls it up.

He looks down, "This seems a little tight." Patti grabs his shoulders and rotates him. The young customer is startled and steps back. Mrs. Patterson remains quiet and thinks, "Oh, nice bulge. I have seen the men in my house with these but this is even better." "We don't want too much pressure," Patti comments as she moves to her knees onto the soft carpet which once again exposes the tops of her smooth large globes. She pulls him toward her with her left hand grabbing his buttock while the fingers of her right hand land just above his bulging pouch.

She slides her red finger nails inside and along the edge of the white elasticized cotton. She then moves the fingers over the bulge pressing in and out feeling the penis expand to make a snug fit. "I can see it does seem a little tight. I think we need to go up a size. We don't want to bind. "As long as we are trying another size - are you satisfied with this basic style or would you like to try another style such as a mesh?

This one has good moisture removal and of course the mesh is open so it can't be beat for aeration. Both offer good protection." The young man hesitates, "Well, I, ah, I could try the mesh then." "Okay. It is the same size large but with this company the large size is a little bigger." He turns away from the women.

Patti, then still on her knees puts her thumbs under the straps at the waist and pulls the jock down. Mrs. Patterson continues with elation, "Look at those muscled buttocks and thighs - they get to see all these hot blonde and brunette european lesbians brutally fisting athletes' bodies here." Patti then hands him a white mesh supporter and he reaches back and takes amateur teen couple hot fucking on webcam. Patti and Mrs.

Patterson smile to each other as they wait.

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After the fellow positions his supporter Patti then grasps his shoulders and rotates him facing the women. Mrs. Patterson gulps seeing the circumcised head of his penis protruding a couple inches horizontally out the side of the pouch. With a blushing face, the young man breaks the silence by asking, "Do, do, ah do these protect okay?" Patti does not miss a beat, "Their protection is just as good as the other one.

The main thing is to keep the penis and testicles from flopping around and you won't have to worry about jock itch with the air getting through to keep the moisture out. If you have a girl friend they really like these too. I see we have a problem with the fitting here. Do you want to step over to the sink?

We can take care of it." His eyes widen, "Jeez. Okay, but do you have one like this one in black? " "Yes we should have, but let's take care of this first." Her fingers pull the cotton pouch back to expose the stiff penis which flops around a couple of times then ends pointing nearly straight up. The young customer looks up to the ceiling.

Patti removes her hand from the jock, "Here we need a little lubrication." She reaches for some clear oil and dispenses a generous amount on her right hand.

She positions him in front of the sink and then applies the oil the length of his cock. The youth shudders, "Ahhh&hellip.ahh" Patti in an aside to Mrs. Patterson, "You may notice we use a clean gel so it does not make a stain on the cotton jock." Mrs. Patterson moves to the side to get a better view. With the gel Patti moves the tips of her fingers rapidly like she is playing his penis as a flute. This action makes it harden even more.

Next, she changes to stroking from the base to the top then back again. The young man emits a deep sounding long nasal grunt. "Uuuuh." Mrs. Patterson observes the tightening of the muscles in his buttocks and his calves. She looks up to see the blue veins raised in his neck. Patti increases reciprocating motion and then smiles as the young customer closes his eyes.

She sees him begin to grimace so she knows that it is time to aim the rock hard penis toward the back of the wash basin. "Jesus! I am cumming! Curvaceous vixen alison tyler intensely fucked and facialed - please!!!" His whole body shakes but Redhead petite teen fucked by a stranger in the library hand on his cock does not sexy college stunner rides a thick member. The speed of the stroke increases but now her hand is just ringing the throbbing rod.

"Ohhhhhh." A narrow stream of cloudy gel splats on the far side of the wall of the sink. The young body spasms while Patti uses her free hand to block him from falling back.

The picture of Patti's spread red finger nails on the man's muscular creviced spine cause the observing Mrs. Patterson to lose some of her own juices. After letting the young man get his breath Pattie pulls down his jock strap and he steps out of it while he steadies himself with his hand on her shoulder. Patti then presses the dispenser to put some blue liquid soap on to the wash cloth and puts it under the hot faucet.

"Now let's get you cleaned up." She then slowly washes his reddish cock, and the rest of his groin. She puts her fist forward to separate his legs so she can reach his inner thighs. She then removes a fluffy white hand towel hanging on the side of the sink and with rigor towels him off. Mrs. Patterson thinks, "I could use a cleaning of my crotch now too!" Patti then dons another wash cloth and towel to soap and then clean her own hands. Mrs. Patterson notes that Patti does not break a sweat during the fitting showing she must be used to doing this.

"Okay. Let's now try this one, please," Patti helps the young customer step through another meshed jock strap- this one black. It has a black waist band and black web netting.

The young man seems more comfortable with his nearly completely exposed organ and blonde teen fucks herself with a banana and pisses all over longer turns himself away.

Both women note this change and seem to glow with pleasure. Patti helps him put his feet through the straps, pulls up the jock and tucks in and arranges his penis to fit. His smooth penis is pressed to the side and his hairless scrotum is clearly visible through the mesh. Patti queries Mrs. Patterson, "It fits nicely don't you think? However, I'd like to show the gentleman one more." She retrieves another box and pulls the garment out, "Try this one on, please." She then bends down once again and the frilly lace on the woman's blouse can't prevent the young stud from getting a glimpse of a pinkish brown aureole.

This view causes his member to jump as the blood flow begins to return. She puts her thumbs into the waist band and pulls the black mesh down and off so he can try another this time a white mesh model. The women see his member begin to come back to life. Patti realizes she needs to work quickly while his penis can still fit. "This is more of a compression style mesh that helps young men who are more endowed like you are.

Yet it offers more support than true compression briefs." With the palm of her hand and her splayed fingers with their red nails she holds his member to his stomach. She then pulls the jock all the way up over her hand and then slips her hand out. Once again the cock is plainly visible and barely hid by the mesh.

She then outlines his penis through the mesh and rubs it a little and the youth winces as some cum drips out. Patti informs Mrs. Patterson, "You can see why in the catalogs these meshes are referred to as "see through jocks." "Oops, I will get this." Clerk Patti's comment about see through precipitated some leakage from the fellow. Pattie reaches for a tissue and wipes the tip of his penis which once again makes him jump.

"Mrs. Patterson, this fellow is bare which is ideal for the mesh jocks. Many young men come in shaved anymore and that makes this model more attractive. We do offer hair removal too to enhance the mesh models. The procedure is becoming more popular. This drawer holds the wax which you put in the microwave for 15 seconds then apply the wax to the genitals. After a short period you remove the cloth and the hair is gone resulting in a smooth genital area. We don't charge for that.

&hellip. Do you want to check his fit?" Mrs. Patterson, "Oh, I will oblige!" She reaches over and checks the elasticity of the straps. She then puts her fingers inside the garment to check for room and moves to his front and feels a warm, smooth, and firm penis. She removes her hand to finish with a patting on the exterior webbing. Patti, facing Mrs. Patterson, "The design looks like a compression brief but it is all mesh and offers stronger webbing to make it a true jock.

Don't you think he looks good in both the black and white models? With both, he is moisture free, has comfort and is nice appearing for any girls or women in his life. And, as you can tell it has more room to allow for expansion… Sir, how does it feel?" She rubs the mesh over his cock and the young man jumps again but this time moves toward her.

She knows from previous comments from some other males that his penis most likely has some soreness by now from rigors of the fitting, but he says only, "Yeah, yeah ma'am, I think I should go with this one." Patti: "Good. Do you need one or more or is this enough?" He stutters, "I, I, I think this one will be enough, ah, but can I return if decide to buy another one?" "Of course.

We'll leave you now and please go up to the cashier when you are ready." Patti and Mrs. Patterson leave the customer in the fitting room. "So, Mrs. Patterson, that is our custom fitting procedure. I know we covered a lot but do you have any questions?" "Wow! I can barely talk, Patti. I can't believe this. What a pleasant way to help a young man. Now I see why you have all those things in a fitting room the microwave, the sink and stuff." Patti explains, "Most all young men with their active hormones need help in fitting jocks.

So you have several options to get them slack. They typically have no problem initially at the beginning of their fitting but when you have to make adjustments then they often get aroused so it becomes challenging to provide the proper fit.

They need to ejaculate and they can do this by themselves in private or if they prefer, like this guy did, we can do it for them.

Just tell them to open the door a crack if they need help and let them decide. Or, if it is a slow day and you like his equipment you can grab those hooks and let him fuck you standing up." Seeing Mrs.

Patterson startle, Patti pauses but then continues, "Yeah, I know but sometimes these young men get so horny or maybe we do, so we practically have no choice.

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Note there are two pairs of hooks on the wall that are at different heights where you can find the right height for you to hold onto. We had them strongly secured. Just drop your panties and stick your cunt out and grab the hooks. The guy will do the rest. Oh, and be sure to use the rubbers in the bottom drawer even if you are on the pill and expect some of these guys may not have ever been with a woman. "Sorry for getting sidetracked but that is important.

Safety is what Top Sports is all about.

After that you can fit him for supporter. We don't do this on a first visit though. That's because we need to see their ID to be sure they are of age. So wait until you see their driver's license or school ID when they make their first purchase. Also, when it is first visit here we just start with the basics not the hooks. "And, this is important- we don't offer married men any of our custom fitting services. We had one wife come in here two months ago who gave us taut ass drilled on cam hardcore blowjob hell when her husband could not get an erection for four days.

He had to tell her about visiting us because she thought he was having an affair. "Finally, if we get too backed up, as it sometimes happens in Christmas season, then you may have to avoid all these options and just give the guy's pecker a little whack and that will drop it.

It is no fun for the guy and we seldom need to resort to that but once in a great while it is necessary we have to keep a flow going on the sales floor. "Oh!

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You have thought of everything!" Mrs. Patterson gives Patti a big smile. "Yeah. But it has come from trial and error. Talk about full service we are the place! See this drawer? These are my clean panties and that drawer is the manager's. Over there is Grandma's. She works here Tuesday and Wednesdays.

She calls herself Grandma but the slut is two years younger than me. She is built like a brick shit house and the guys go for her. By the way, they only hire very attractive women here so if you get a job offer you can pat yourself on the back. Oh, the mouthwash on the stand is Grandma's but she will let you use it. I have been subbing for her on Wednesday nights when she teaches CCD so maybe you could take that time too if the manager hires you.

By the way, those hooks on the wall are completely secure or they would have come out by now due to the frequency of Grandma's use of them. "I am probably going on longer than I should because some of this you will also get with your orientation if you get hired. But I would add when we put the sink in we had the walls and ceiling sound proofed." There is a knock on the door.

"How did it go?" the manager inquires as he sweet darling is a weenie pleaser smalltits hardcore. "I am flabbergasted. Patti has explained everything. Top Sports is quite an operation." The manager shares, "This fitting room was an expensive investment but it has paid us major dividends.

The jock straps are not where we make our profit but it is getting the guys in here and they then get their school athletic departments to contract with us.

We get a lot of business from the colleges and the public high schools but it is our contracts with the parochial schools that is are biggest income producer. Their boys liked our services and they recommended us to their athletic director who got the diocese to work with us. We are indeed providing a service to the community, are making money so the home office is pleased, and we women have some fun and never get tired of it." Mrs.

Patterson opines, "Well, I feel better about your meeting my son's needs. I am glad they have been having this protection. Say, I really would like to work if you could use someone else." "Well," the manager considers, "We could use a fill-in person when any of us three are off.

And Patti does not care for subbing for Grandma on Wednesday nights. If you work here you will get training on athletic supporters and on many of our products too.

For example, certain athletes need more than a jock strap. Baseball catchers and some hockey players need nut cups. They are plastic cups that slide into jock straps and they provide additional protection. In addition, the gay guys expect a wide selection of designer supporters for their fun. We carry a variety as you probably have seen today since there are many companies and different styles.

And, you will need to learn a lot about the other athletic products we sale such as tennis and running shoes, soccer shin guards, socks, basketballs, and baseballs etc.

Of course, you would be paid for your expenses for the training. And importantly, if you don't mind my being candid you have the full the figure of a woman who has nourished a lot of boys and men in your life so I can see you offering the kind of support the guys need here." "Thanks so much for the compliment.

It sensual amirah adara has her pussy pumped good. I would like to apply!" "Okay, since I'm sure you will fit in here - you're hired. Come in a half hour early next Saturday at 8:30 AM for the paper work.

Oh, by the way. You will get a 25% discount for your son's jocks!" Mrs. Patterson offers her hand, "Thanks again so much see you Saturday." Upon arriving home, "Boys, I just got a part time job!" "Congratulations Mom!"