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Cfnm babes go wild at cfnm bachelorette party tube porn
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************* Chapter Ten: Tina the Teen (M/g, M+/g, coercion, oral) ************* For her eleventh birthday, Tina Carlson had given herself a present: the young girl had taken a walk down to the creek where she read a Christopher Pike book underneath the shade of a tall oak tree.

She'd read the ratty paperback from beginning to end, and spent the entire day in the warm summer air. She drank from the creek when she was thirsty; stepped out into the hot sun's rays when she got cold. It would have been a fine day. The only trouble was that after the day had ended she'd been forced to return to a home where no one even knew she was now eleven. She'd been living with Uncle Rick and his wife, her Aunt Elbe, for nearly a month.

She loved and hated their place: it was an actual house, which she loved, with over an lusty babe in a red dress masturbates alone homemade amateur of land set out in the woods of the lower Appalachian Mountains. But it was also nearly sixty miles from her home and her friends.

She didn't know anyone here. Plus, she felt like an intruder, like she was unwanted in this place. After all, her uncle hadn't exactly volunteered to take her in. No, she had asked him to. After the trial, the one where her father had been sentenced to five years for aggravated assault, her court-appointed ward had told her that she would be placed into foster care. The only alternative would be living with a legal guardian, but only family would qualify for that status in cases like this.

Tina, who had spent the last three months living with a bunch of foster-care assholes already, had begged her ward to ask her uncle to take her in.

He had, although he'd been reluctant. When she'd been full xxx story xxx gane song me to speak with him, he'd told her that he'd let her stay there "so long romi rain gets a nice raging pecker she listened up and wasn't no pest".

And so, while her daddy was in prison, little Tina Carlson was to be under the care of her dad's older brother. Tina had hardly known him before. He was a stern man; that much she already knew.

But when she'd arrived that first day she realized how stern he actually was. He had given her very specific orders: have breakfast ready by 6am, feed the dogs at 8. She was to make her bed every morning after showering, and she was to feed his wife, her aunt Elbe, at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He was a large and intimidating man. He had the look of a woodsman, with large beefy arms and a wide barrel chest.

He was about 6'4" tall, and was somewhat overweight as his belly attested. However, he had a look of undeniable strength in his large upper body. His appearance was certainly a contrast to little Tina, whose body had only just begun to move into puberty. Her legs and arms were longer than they should be, she thought, and her waist was still coated with baby fat that had yet to begun shedding away. Her chest was almost completely flat, and she stood only 4'8" tall. She weighed less than 85 pounds.

She was small and weak looking, but had a childlike cuteness that melted the hearts of most grown-ups. Her eyes were large and had long lashes for her age, while her lips were thin and created perfect smiles. Her hair, long and wispy blonde, was usually worn braided or pulled back into two long pigtails.

Tina was jealous of other girls her age who seemed to already be shedding their baby fat and growing breasts, and sprouting up in height. Tina had yet to hit that stage. She felt awkward with her body, which she feared would never grow up. One thing that Tina realized right away about her Uncle Rick was that he loved giving her orders.

He would have her fetch him beer, or answer the phone, or find him the remote control. There were more chores, too. Like cleaning the kitchen, and the two bathrooms, and the living room. She was also expected to wash the truck most days, which was her uncle's business (he owned a small landscaping company). Plus, she had to change and bathe her aunt everyday. Aunt Elbe had been bedridden for years, after just barely surviving a concussion suffered during a car accident years before.

The poor woman was comatose. Her frail form and utter silence was a strange thing for a young girl like Tina to deal with, but she did her best. She did her best to take it all as best she could. She felt obligated to keep herself useful, anyway. But the enormity of her tasks, coupled with the fact that her beloved daddy was in prison, did take their toll on her. With her uncle gone most of the time, she absorbed herself in her duties to the house. She washed the windows, cleaned the toilets, and prepared three meals a day.

When she was bored, she dusted. When she had nothing to do, she read. But Uncle Rick usually had something for her to do. The lists of specific chores he'd give his young niece seemed endless, but she fulfilled them each and every day. Tina loved and hated that place, loved and hated her uncle. She loved that things were simple: the regimented routine of her day-to-day activities made everything seem normal. She was earning her keep, working hard to earn the right to live there.

What she hated was the lack of affection, the lack of gratitude, on her uncle's part. Her aunt was unconscious, so her silence had to be forgiven. But her Uncle Rick had no excuse for never thanking her. He only gave orders: sleep now, eat now, do this chore tomorrow. He was more like a boss than an uncle, and she even started calling him "Sir" because, well, it seemed appropriate. He had made it clear since her first day that he was doing her a favor or, at least, doing his brother a favor, by taking her in.

He never once spoke to her kindly or treated her like his niece. On Sundays he would bring her to church. Tina's dad had never been very religious, so it was definitely a new experience for the girl. She found that she loved going there, though: Sunday's were the only day her uncle did anything with her, besides ordering her around.

She liked the sermons and all the people. It was like a completely different world there-- all the singing and the sense of community. It was the only day of the week she had contact with kids her age, too, and she soon found herself longing for Sundays. The services sometimes got boring, but afterward there was always a chance to mingle and play with the other children on the front lawn of the old church building while her uncle spoke with friends and potential customers inside.

She met several nice kids, who seemed much different than her friends back home. They were more "country", more polite in a way. It was too bad her uncle never let her join them after church to play some more. On the night of her birthday, Tina was depressed and longed for home, longed for her old friends. She even missed the ratty old trailer home she'd grown up in. She was completely homesick, and wanted nothing better than to go to sleep and dream about a life where things were better for her.

And so the young girl was tired when she got back to the house, and the hour was late. She'd never returned so late, as normally she'd be expected to prepare dinner well before sunset.

But her uncle Rick was off of work this day, and had granted little Tina's request to stay out. Tina had been grateful that he gave her permission, but had also been crestfallen that he hadn't asked why. "It's my birthday!" the little girl had wanted to shout. But that morning he'd simply nodded when she'd told him she'd like to see the stars at night, out here in the country.

The house, a ranch-style one-floor with basement, was dark by the time she arrived. Only the chirping of crickets was audible on the outside, but once Tina opened the door to the foyer she'd been greeted with another sound. She'd heard it before, when her daddy had had women over. "Maybe-mommies" she'd always called them, and they had always made such sounds.

They were the sounds of gasping and groaning; of panting and moaning. Her dad had never tried to protect her from such sounds, which would have been difficult anyway seeing as they lived in that small trailer home. Tonight the sounds were coming from the living room, and Tina had briefly wondered if her uncle had gotten her aunt out of bed somehow. But then Tina, who had never heard such sounds accompanied by a soundtrack, became paralyzed in the foyer. These weren't "normal" sounds of adult affection-- they were coming from the TV.

Her immature mind couldn't understand why they did, and that made her curious. She could turn right, toward her bedroom, she thought as she stood inside the house. She even looked down the long darkened hallway, as if willing herself to go and enter the dream she so desperately wanted. She had known, even then, that going the other way would probably be a bad idea. She sensed it, could feel a dark foreboding in her mind. Even so, the freshly 11-year-old girl turned left, toward the sounds.

Curiosity won out. When she entered the living room she froze. Standing there, she stared at the TV, aware but unconcerned that her uncle was sitting on the sofa in front of it.

It was the first porn that little Tina had ever seen. On the large TV was the image of a man, roughly her dad's age, laying on top of a woman in her early 30's or so. Tina only barely knew what sex was: she had only ever heard vague rumors about it on the school playground. Her neighbor, Ms. Masons, had told her a few things about puberty, too, but had never gone into too much detail.

Still, Tina knew well enough that this guy on the screen was definitely doing it to the woman, who was naked. It all made sense, suddenly, to the girl. The German sluts love public fucking on a boat hardcore and brunette had made similar sounds; her dad had done this to them. "Tina." She turned to her uncle at his command. He was staring at her, a beer in one hand, his expression stone-cold and serious.

During real babe gets pussy fucked by doctor ensuing silence between the man and girl, he took the remote control and lowered the TV's volume. "I'm. I'm.," Tina sputtered. She merely wanted to break the silence, but knew not what to say. She felt like she was in trouble, as if she'd intruded upon some sort of adult thing that her young mind was trying desperately to piece together.

"Come here," her uncle said, his eyes glued to hers and his voice slightly slurred. Tina didn't move at first. Her gaze swung back to the TV, which was silent now. Then she looked back at him again. He didn't say liz honey has dp in exclusive hidden scene word, didn't move a muscle. She could feel her skin trembling, her knobby little knees shaking. She was wearing a pair of nylon soccer shorts, and a cotton shirt with no bra underneath.

Suddenly she felt very aware of her naked, flat tiny breasts-- probably because on the screen, the naked woman had large bulbous ones which were gyrating expansively as her body was thrust backwards and forwards by the man atop her.

"Come here, Tina," her uncle ordered, his tone the same as if he was telling her to complete some chore. Without even thinking, Tina stepped toward him. She was used to following his orders by now-- weeks of being ordered around by the large adult had ingrained her to be submissive.

She sat down slowly on the sofa, her thin scrawny arms stretched forward and her hands placed on her knees. She was staring at the ground. She could no longer watch the TV.

She knew she'd made a mistake coming here, and that she was in trouble. But Uncle Rick didn't reprimand her. In fact, he didn't say a word. All he did was sigh, turn the volume back up, and gulp his beer.

Moments passed as strange slurping sounds emanated from the television set while the child tried to comprehend what was going on. Part of her was trying to decipher what must be on the screen that she refused to look at, while another part of her considered getting away from her uncle as soon as possible. In fact, every muscle in her young body was ready for her brain's order to jump and run away. Yet the girl couldn't do that; she felt compelled to stay. Soon Tina chanced tilting her head up to look at the screen, her immature curiosity overriding her good sense.

She found herself looking at two men, both adult and well muscled, stroking their hard penises near a young woman's face. Tina's brow furrowed as she tried to figure out what was going on; then, suddenly, globs of white goo squirted out and onto the woman's face, coating it entirely. As the woman smiled at the camera, the scene faded to black.

11-year-old girl stared at the black screen. She was confused, disoriented, and afraid. In the midst of her confusion her uncle asked, "You like that?" Not knowing what else to say, the 11-year-old girl responded simply, "Uh-huh." The movie faded into another image, and Tina, who felt more certain that she wasn't in trouble now, watched this time from beginning to end. This scene of the film involved two men once more, but this time there were two women, too.

Tina watched it, and her breath picked up for some reason as the scene progressed: the men seemed so sure of themselves as they watched the young women kiss. Tina thought that was weird, but found herself leaning back more comfortably into the couch as she watched them.

Then the two women, with smiles on their faces but otherwise remaining silent, undressed. When Tina saw their breasts and their pussies, she felt even more at ease for some reason. Then came the men's dicks.

Tina stared wide-eyed at the screen as the men sat down on a couch and the young women got on their knees. When they began sucking on the men's things, Tina glanced nervously over to her uncle.

He was staring at her. "It's called a blowjob," he said flatly. He then gestured with his hand toward the screen and said, "Those women are blowing those guys." Suddenly it thrilled her that her uncle would allow her to see this secret, forbidden movie, and explain it to her, too.

Blowjobs: she'd never heard the term, but it sounded so familiar for some reason. Suddenly she couldn't wait to see her friend Michelle again! How she would impress her with her newly acquired, sophisticated knowledge! The scene went on, and Tina's heart raced as all nervousness and confusion melted away. She began to feel a strange desire within her, something she'd never felt before.

It was as if this movie, these images, were leaving an indelible mark on her young mind. They were changing her. Maybe she was becoming an adult, now. Maybe, the girl wondered, she would always remember her eleventh birthday as the day she ceased to be a child. It was so exciting! As yet another scene began, Tina became aware of a slight dampness between her legs.

It was a sort of sweaty feeling between her skinny thighs as she watched a small young white woman impale herself on a large black man's penis (or, as the actors kept referring to it, his "cock"). She wanted to ask her uncle about it, but breaking the silence seemed sacrilegious somehow.

Then he interrupted the silence instead. "See how she fucks that nigger?" her uncle asked, his voice sort of slurred from drink. Tina looked over at him, feeling incredibly small next to the large man. She nodded slowly, embarrassed at her uncle's racist remark but interested in what else he had to say. He was grinning. "She really loves it; look at 'er. He's gonna tear her in two and she's cumming all the same." Tina nodded, more aware than ever that her vagina was slick and damp.

It was starting to embarrass her; was this normal? "Ahh, watch this," he said, fast-forwarding through the remainder of that scene. When he hit play again, the same white woman was laying on a bed with her legs spread wide while several men, all black, surrounded her. She had her legs splayed out and had her hand between them. The camera zoomed in on her finger, which Tina noticed was sliding in and out of herself! It caused the young girl to gasp, and a chill to tingle up her spine.

"See how wet she is?" her uncle asked, his voice a mixture of awe and contempt. "She's getting wet just from them niggers watchin'." Tina gulped. Sure enough, the woman's vagina was glistening. Suddenly the young girl spoke up. "I'm wet, too," she said softly, her girlish voice shaky. There was a long pause as her uncle stared at her. Then he said, "Really?" The child nodded at him with innocent wide eyes. She saw his gaze fall to her lap and he said, "Let me see." Tina felt embarrassed again, and quickly looked away.

When she didn't respond he asked, "Ever felt that before?" She shook her head. "Lemme see," he commanded her. Her fingers trembling, Tina instinctively obeyed while her mind raced with all sorts of strange thoughts. She felt good, excited, but incredibly nervous about showing her daddy's brother her most intimate area.

Still, she slid her nylon shorts down her thin legs until she kicked them off, along with her shoes. She glanced back at her uncle, who was now watching her intently. Her pink panties came down her legs next, and Tina felt a chill of cool air between her damp thighs as they did.

When the panties were off, she sat there feeling numb, her heart pounding and her breath racing. "Don't be shy," her uncle said softly. "Let me see." She nearly jumped as her uncle placed his meaty hand on her thin upper thigh.

The touch shocked her, scared her, and made her want more. For the first time the girl had an idea of what may happen. She wasn't sure what to think. Her uncle had muted the TV again, and turned on a floor lamp to his left.

Tina stared at his hand as it gently pressed between her naked thighs. Her hands dug into the cushions of the couch as she struggled to control her breathing. She spread her thighs apart for him, though. How could she not? He was sliding closer to her, dwarfing her body with his. He seemed so big and so in charge-- and parting her legs for him was obviously what he wanted. "Uncle Rick." she began to whisper, feeling scared. "Shh," he interrupted her. "Just be quiet. You are wet, that's fer sure." She gulped as his hand made contact with her young bald mound.

Her body tensed as he lovingly caressed it, cupping the entire area with his wide thick hand. Tina leaned back into the couch as he began to rub there. Soon the young girl was panting. What she was feeling was hard to describe: he was doing something to her, making her feel like those women in the movie.

But she'd never felt it before. It was scary and intriguing; perverse and exciting. Her breath had picked up and her eyes had closed as her pussy was played with for the very first time in her young life. "You're going to cum," he started whispering in her ear. "You're going to have your first orgasm. You're gonna love it, okay?" She merely nodded, her thin young lips alternately pursing together and parting in slight, high-pitched gasps.

His hand was rubbing her between her legs still, never changing its pace, but the young girl felt her hips begin to rock back and forth into it.

Her naked young butt slid across the sofa as she built toward her first orgasm, but she was suddenly aware that she needed something more. At that thought, she suddenly felt her uncle stop his hand and slide a finger down her small, thin labia. She gasped loudly at this, then cried out as his finger pressed it inside her slick, tight hole. Instantly her body shook. The 11-year-old came, then. When the orgasm subsided she felt drained, and confused, and electrified. Her uncle had sensed she was finished and had removed his hand.

He was silent as he stared at her. She continued to breathe deeply, catching her breath. Then she heard him say, "Now you gotta help me." The numb girl looked at him, and saw that he'd removed his penis from his jeans.

How long he'd had it out she didn't know, but it was young blonde babe knows how to work my pole telsev and long and impossibly thick. Her eyes went wide as she stared at it. It was the first adult penis she had ever seen in real life before.

"Wh--what do you mean?" "Come over here," he was saying. He slid back to his side of the couch, and leaned back into it. With his left hand, the one he'd used to make her feel so good, he gently pulled on her wrist until she slid over next to him. Then he brought her hand down to the thick member between his legs. She watched in amazement as he placed her tiny hand on his large dick, which was surprisingly warm. She gulped when it jumped in her hand, and stared at him with a mixture of fear and curiosity.

"Just grip it, and slide it up and down," he explained. He removed his hand from her wrist, and Tina slowly began to do what he'd instructed. It felt weird, wrong even, but the confused young girl was still lost in a post-orgasmic numbness. She couldn't disobey her uncle, or even think of doing so, anyway.

So she just did what he said, hoping that she was doing it right. It didn't take long. In fact, she stroked it only a few times before he began to sigh with pleasure. Taking from his gasps that she was doing it right, the small child stroked it faster and faster, beginning to love the feel of the man's cock in her frail girlish hand.

When suddenly a glob of gooey white stuff squirted teen skank merri heys gets her bumhole ruined of it, she jumped back.

"Don't stop!" he said, sounding angry. Quickly, Tina gripped the cock again and continued jerking it, despite the goo that was oozing out from it. He moaned as gob after gob of the creamy white goo came out, trickling down over her hand until finally he told her he was finished. Once it was over, she stared at her hand and the gobs of semen coating it.

She couldn't take her eyes off of it. She heard her uncle say breathlessly, "That's my cum. Taste it." Tina looked over at him: he was serious. She looked back at her hand, and decided that her uncle must know what he was talking about.

He was an adult; he knew what was right. Slowly, the tiny girl brought her sticky hand up to her lips. She could feel her uncle's eyes on her as she nervously stuck out her tongue, and tentatively touched it to a string of his cum on her hand. She recoiled initially, more from the texture than the taste. It felt weird!

"Go on," he said again, more forcibly. "Lick it off." Gulping slowly, the young girl tried again. This time she managed to lick a long gob of the stuff into her mouth. She cringed again at the texture as she tried to distinguish the taste: it was a little like sweat and sugar mixed with salt, and it had an odd aroma. She wasn't sure if she liked it, but she was too confused to stop.

Soon she licked it all off of her hand, and gulped it all down her throat. Her uncle was smiling tiredly. "Good girl," he said. "Now, go wash up and go to bed. You've been up late enough." His words disappointed Tina. They were as uncaring as usual, no different than on any other night.

After what they'd just done, she had somehow expected him to be kinder, more friendly. She'd expected him to at least talk to her a bit, let her stay up. Slowly she stood and picked up her shorts and panties and walked quickly from the room.

Two weeks passed after that, during which time her uncle never mentioned what they'd done together that night. Tina hadn't really expected him to, but she was disappointed all the same. Her dreams were filled with images of those movies, and of her uncle's hand between her legs. She couldn't shake the memory of her orgasm, and found herself hoping for another one. She wasn't ashamed or upset by what had happened in the least.

If anything the young girl was just confused: she wanted to talk to somebody about it, but couldn't. Her only friends were sixty miles away, and she feared broaching the subject with her uncle. He was pretending it hadn't happened, so she played along. She was utterly alone, and spent her days as she had before: doing her chores, washing her aunt, preparing the meals.

Then one night, about two weeks after her birthday, Tina was washing the dishes after dinner when her uncle came up behind her.

She ignored his presence, suspecting that he was going to ask her to wash his truck again. She was tired, and blonde lingerie orgasm on cam watch part on ulacamcom been hoping to spend the evening reading out by the creek. Instead he said, "After ya finish those, come join me for a movie." He walked away, then, and Tina felt a wave of excitement throughout her young body.

Another movie? She was sure it'd be another one of those adult ones! Only just that morning the young girl had woken up with damp panties from yet another dream involving such films.

Her dreams had been growing wicked lesbian beauties are stretching and fisting anals intense over the last few nights, and the desires she felt were confusing and jumbled. Perhaps tonight she could get some answers. Perhaps tonight her uncle would explain the intense thoughts and feelings she'd been experiencing lately!

Quickly, Tina finished with the dishes and then went into the living room. Outside the sun was on its way toward setting and its soft glow illuminated the quiet amazing busty redhead milf in lingerie hot masturbation. Her aunt was soundly asleep down the hall, Tina knew, since that's all she did anyway.

Her uncle was on the sofa, drinking as usual, and waiting for her. "Come here," he said when she entered. The young girl came to him, and sat down on the far end of the couch. She sat there nervously as her uncle started the movie. Sure enough, it was another porn. The two watched it in its entirety. Tina carefully studied it this time, even its title: "Campus Sluts".

She paid close attention to the words used by the actors and actresses, words like "whore" and "fuck" and "pussy" and "cock". It was nearly two hours long and, just like before, Tina began to feel that lovable sweetie is gaping soft snatch in close up and having orgasm sensation between her legs soon after it started. The sweaty dampness there began on the second scene, which involved two young women in a small room kissing each other while a group of three guys in football jerseys watched on.

When the guys took off their pants, Tina felt a surge of those strange emotions rush through her body. They were so intense this time that Tina began breathing hard, until she realized her uncle had noticed. Embarrassed, the 11-year-old girl quieted down as best she could. By the time the movie had ended, Tina was in quite a state. The young girl's mind was filled with images of women doing all sorts of things, only half of which she barely understood but all of which had caused her to grow incredibly damp.

Now she was sitting on the couch in silence with her uncle, the sun having long since set. To her surprise, her uncle broke the silence by saying, "Okay, go wash up and go to bed." She'd been totally ready, eager in fact, for a repeat of their first night watching porn.

The young girl felt cheated, and very confused, as she stood from the couch. She felt her eyes well up with tears, and she thought about saying something but stopped herself.

Quickly she turned and walked to the bathroom. After brushing her teeth the poor girl went to her bedroom feeling completely sorry for herself. She was tired but energized, too, from the movie, as she buried herself beneath her sheets.

Her only pajama's were a long t-shirt and panties. Tina thought she heard her uncle turning the TV back on out in the living room, and she turned toward the wall in anger and pulled her sheets up over her head. Why would he do this to her?

Why would he let her watch again but not "finish" her like before? She would gladly have finished him! It was so confusing. The only thing the sad girl could think was that when she'd finished him the last time, she'd done a bad job. Just as she was convincing herself that that must be it, Tina heard her bedroom door open.

The tired and upset little girl slowly turned over to look, and felt a sense of relief when she saw her uncle standing there in the darkness. She didn't move, or say a word. He walked toward her and turned on her bedside lamp. "Uncle Rick?" she asked quietly. "Shh," her uncle said. "I wanted to tell you something." He took a seat on the edge of her bed, and Tina pulled her covers up to her neck as he spoke.

"You've been a really good girl," he explained softly. "With all the chores and everything, you never complain. You do right by your aunt, too. I wanted to let ya know how I appreciate it." Tina simply nodded. She had a feeling there was more to this than a simple thanks-- she hoped there was, in fact. He sighed. "Your aunt's been sick so long, I'd gotten used to doin' things all myself.

I don't think I've told ya how nice it is to have you here, taking care of all the wifely things like the house and meals and chores and all. You been a really good girl, Tina." Tina gulped.

She felt a surge of pride that he would equate her, a young girl, to the role of wife. For the first time he was letting her know she was appreciated, and she found herself smiling.

"You're welcome, Uncle Rick," she said softly. "I like living here." She meant it, now more than ever. He studied her carefully as he nodded. When he continued, his voice was even quieter, only just above a whisper. There was an edge to his tone as he said, "There's one other chore I wanted to give ya, but I'm not sure you're ready fer it." Tina slid up to more of a sitting position.

Looking at her uncle the girl replied earnestly, "I'm ready! What is it?" He was staring intently at her now. Tina felt a chill run up her spine when his eyes left hers and moved down her body.

"There's one important wifely chore," he was explaining, "no one's done for me in a long time. Not since your aunt got sick.

It's been too long." Tina nodded. She felt a mixture of confusion and expectation as she listened to him speak. "Remember what we did a couple weeks ago? When I made you feel really good, when I gave you that orgasm?

You did it for me, too. That's the wifely duty I'm talking 'bout." Tina nodded again, well aware there was more to it than just that. She felt her young pussy tingle as she whispered, "I'm ready, Uncle Rick." No other words were spoken. Her uncle stared at her, and she stared back nervously as he slowly pulled away the sheets and tossed them to the floor.

Tina didn't move a muscle, but was breathing heavily as her uncle gently placed his hand on her small, flat belly. She remained motionless as he gripped her long t-shirt in his hand and began to pull it up. When it got to her waist, the young girl arched her back reflexively, feeling shy and aroused by his actions.

The shirt was covering her face now, and she couldn't see her uncle but could feel him grip the shirt with both hands. She stretched her arms above her head as he pulled it dildo blowjob fake cumshot and little blonde teen cronyly family competition off. She was naked on the bed, now, except for her pink panties. She found herself blushing in embarrassment: her body looked nothing like those of the women in the movies.

She was young and small, every bit a little girl; those actresses, without exception, had been tall and big breasted, perfectly developed women. She felt inadequate and ashamed. But her uncle simply stared at her from head to toe, making a soft sighing sound as he did. He didn't sound disappointed. Moments passed, and then Tina's breath picked up again when he stood up. She watched from her laying position as he unbuckled his jeans and pulled them off along with his boxers.

She gulped at the sight of his penis, which was hard and pointing toward her. He took off his shirt then, revealing a slightly pudgy and very hairy chest. He sat back down on the bed right next to her, completely nude.

She continued to lay there limply, unsure of what to do. Then he ran his hands over her practically flat breasts, and the sensation from his touch sent shivers of pleasure across her flesh.

No one had ever touched her like that! Tina marveled at the feeling when he ran his large hands down her body, right down to her hips. She wasn't surprised when he gripped her panties in his hands and urgently pulled them down the length of her legs, which wasn't really that far.

Now she was completely naked, too. Never before had she been naked in front of an adult like this, and she felt incredibly vulnerable. He wasn't looking at her face at all, the girl realized, but down between her legs. She looked, too, as his hand slowly caressed her thighs. She gasped at the touch: how could a simple touch feel so good? She looked again and she saw his hand was moving ever closer to her bald young pussy. Instinctively, she began to part her legs for him as she stared at his cock, which was right next to her.

Suddenly an idea came to her horny little mind. As he continued to explore her bald mound with his hand, she wrapped hers around his hard, warm penis. He seemed pleased by this, so Tina began to stroke it the way he'd shown her before.

He picked up the pace between her legs, now: his finger began to probe at her moistness there, and she found herself groaning with pleasure as he played with the hole at her cunt. She tried her best to jerk him off, but it was awkward at this angle. Also, she found herself growing increasingly stimulated by his hand at her pussy: his finger, now, had slid into her, causing her to tense up reflexively.

She tried to concentrate on the cock in her hand, but it was impossible. Suddenly, it didn't matter. Her uncle took his hand away from between her legs, and took his cock away from hers. Just as she began to wonder what was going on, he was crawling up onto the bed. This is it, she thought. Somehow she'd known this was going to happen, had known since her birthday. She wasn't sure what to think, only that she was excited and nervous.

Part of her was just anxious and curious to experience this, but another part of her only wanted to please him, make him appreciate her more. Show him that she was, indeed, ready for this wifely chore. He positioned himself so that his hips were between her legs, which she moved even farther apart for him, and then leaned over her, obstructing her entire view.

His hairy belly was only inches away from her face, and she could feel something probing at her pussy again. This time, she knew, it wasn't his finger. She gasped audibly and dug her fingers into the bed when his cock began to slowly press inside her small body. It was painful: too large, surely, to fit. Thankfully she was incredibly damp, but still the young 11-year-old groaned in pain as her uncle handjob cum three xxx brittney white takes it hard pushed into his niece.

For a moment his progress was slowed as something seemed to block his cock's path, and then Tina cried out in real pain as that obstruction was breached.

For a moment Tina sobbed, but her uncle didn't say anything to comfort her, nor did he stop forcing his member deeper inside. Suddenly his cock pushed all the way in her young body, and she cried out in surprise just as she felt his pubic hair against her soft skin. He was fully planted into her 11-year-old body, she realized. The pain began to dissipate as her uncle breathed heavily above her. She couldn't believe he was totally inside her: it seemed impossible!

She wondered at the sensation of having such a large object in her, while her uncle kept her stuffed with his cock for what felt like hours. Her flat belly felt bloated and full, and she groaned. It felt good to the girl. Finally ebony slut kandi kream fuck her old teacher started to pull it out of her, slowly, before pumping it back again. It took only a few such strokes before Tina's pain became a distant memory, and pleasure instead consumed her.

He grunted and groaned while the girl gasped and panted, their sounds and the small creaking bed filling the otherwise silent house. Tina experienced the second orgasm of her life like that, with her uncle fucking her tiny body. It felt empty and then bloated with every thrust of his hips, all the way through her orgasm. Her eyes had closed and she saw stars as a dangerous wave of pleasure erupted throughout her.

She cried out as it consumed her, and after that she lay limp on the bed until, only a moment after, she heard her uncle groan loudly and felt her pussy filling up with cum. So much cum! She gasped as it squirted inside her, filling up her womb and pouring out of her cunt and onto her bed.

For a moment Tina wondered if he'd ever stop cumming, and just then, he did. His large body, which he'd been holding up with his arms, suddenly crushed down upon her small frame.

She suffocated against his hairy body before he finally rolled off the small girl, off the bed and onto his feet. She panted as she tried to catch her breath, and he was panting as well. Tina touched her sore, gooey pussy tentatively. To her surprise her hole had returned to its normal size. She slowly slid herself to the edge of her bed and sat. Her soft fresh skin was glistening with sweat and her light blonde hair was a mess as she stared at him, her uncle, who was slowly getting dressed.

When he was done he looked at her, his face still sweaty. "Okay," he nodded. "Good job, sweetheart. I'll see ya in the morning." He left after that, leaving Tina alone with her strange thoughts and cum-stained bed.

After several minutes exhaustion took her, and she fell asleep without even washing up. For several days after that, Uncle Rick didn't fuck her. He couldn't, he explained, because her young pussy needed time to heal.

In the meantime he taught her how to give blowjobs, which she started doing for him several times a day. She found that she liked sucking his cock. At first it was weird, even difficult. But eventually she got used to it, and she loved the fact that she could please him so much in such a simple fashion. It didn't take long for her to get used to the taste of cum, either. Soon she even enjoyed it. Blowjobs became another part of her daily routine.

She would suck him off in the morning, right after breakfast, usually either in the bathroom or in his truck. When he got home for the day she would blow him before dinner, and then again at night as they watched the movies together.

He began asking her what her favorite scenes in the new girl xx story com were, and bringing home appropriate titles after work as gifts. Her first answer was a scene involving two men and one woman, and he brought home a movie called "Gang Bang Sluts". She loved it. The next time he asked she said she loved scenes where women kissed each other, so he brought home a movie called, "Hungry Cunts #2".

It was great, and he even took the time to explain to her what lesbians were: "When women have no guys to fuck," he said to the impressionable 11-year-old, "they start fucking each other. That's 'cause women can't go without sex, and they hate masturbating." He even taught her that word: masturbate. He knew so much, and she was hungry to learn it all.

When she was ready to fuck again, they did, this time with her on top so she could control the action. They did it right before dinner: she had been in her bedroom, reading one of her books, when she heard his truck pull up. As expected he'd come straight to her room and asked her how her pussy felt. "It feels fine, now, Uncle Rick," she'd said. She'd been saying that for days. "Show me," he replied. With a smile, Tina had pulled down her denim shorts for his inspection.

He did so dutifully, probing her cunt with his fingers as her knees trembled against his touch. When he was done, Tina was thrilled to hear him say, "Okay, come before bed fuck first time orange you glad im so tiny laid down on her bed, and instructed her to undress him.

She did so eagerly, and then followed his instructions and mounted him. It was hard at first, impaling herself like that on his large member. But it also felt good to be in charge. It was a lot different than when he had fucked her.

She was able to control the rhythm and the tempo, and she came hard and long just before he did, too. Then she went to the kitchen and prepared dinner, his cum still leaking out from her tight cunt and into her panties. She had liked being on top, but decided that she preferred it when he was in control.

It made everything easier, when she didn't have to worry about what to do. She was having lots of wonderful orgasms through all of this. Even when she blew him, she would get so horny that he easily made her cum afterwards. And while he was at work, she would often fantasize so much that by the time he got home, the young girl was so horny all he had to do was finger her a minute before she came. She was loving it, and none of it confused her anymore. Her uncle had taken time to explain it all very clearly: the job of a woman was to please men.

It was simple. Women fucked men, blew men, anything to make men happy. Women were so inherently slutty, in fact, that they would do each other rather than go a day without cumming!

The young girl believed every word he said, too, because it made sense. After all, the young girl was constantly horny now. She was becoming a woman. There was nothing wrong with that. All girls became women, after all. He would often comment during the movies they watched together what a "good slut" one woman appeared to be, or what a "good whore" another one was. And she would agree, even giving her own opinions about which women were sexier than others.

She was trying to be all the things her uncle expected: a good niece, a good slut; a good wife, a good whore. This could have gone on forever, for all Tina cared. It was always so exciting, so exhilarating!

She would often think, as she did her chores, about how great her life had become. It was so much better than it had been with her dad, in that scummy trailer home being bored to tears all the time and constantly worried about whether her dad would come home at night. Her uncle was so much more responsible, she thought, it was amazing he was her daddy's brother. They still went to church three russian blondies gets fucked by a black cock Sunday.

Tina still enjoyed it, but not as much as before since her home life had gotten interesting. Her uncle forbade her from mentioning anything they were doing together, so she couldn't tell any of the other kids she met there about anything.

It was more of an inconvenience now, to go to church. In fact, Tina only enjoyed it when her uncle made her blow him in the parking lot before service. It was exciting doing it outdoors where there were people around.

The summer passed by quickly, a summer full of fucking and cumming. The impressionable young girl's view of reality completely changed to accommodate all this. Her mind had grown so perverted, in fact, that on many occasions while washing her aunt she fantasized about making her cum and awaking her from her torpor. Why should she lay in bed all day, mute and despondent? She could join in the fun! The 11-year-old tried more than once to arouse her by playing with her hairy pussy, but never received any response, and she was always too nervous to try very hard anyway.

A few weeks before school was supposed to start, her uncle called home in the middle of the afternoon. Tina was dreading school, because it meant a change to the life she'd grown accustomed to.

But her uncle had explained that she had to go: not because he valued education but because the social worker assigned to her case would be making sure she did. He explained on the phone that he would be bringing over a friend for dinner, and that she should prepare an extra meal. This was a surprise to the young girl.

She didn't even know her uncle had friends! She'd certainly never met any of them before. She busied herself making sure everything was ready: having a guest over required special attention to detail, the girl reasoned. She vacuumed the entire house, washed all the dishes, and replaced all rolls of toilet paper. She went outside and swept the porch, and then walked the three dogs around the property to tire them out before leashing them and filling their food bowls.

At six o' clock she had dinner ready, and waited patiently at the table for them to arrive, everything else having been prepared properly.

They were late. At 6:30pm, Tina had to feed her aunt by herself. Her young mind was preoccupied as she did so with the idea that she'd be meeting another adult soon.

She hadn't seen any at this new home except her aunt, uncle, and her social worker. The idea alarmed her for some reason. At 7:00pm, Tina decided to eat, too. The selvaggia and anny aurora bottle service sluts was growing late, and the spaghetti she'd made was getting cold. She was worried.

Where were her uncle and this friend of his? By 8pm Tina was nearly in a panic. It wasn't like her uncle to be late, especially after calling to say he would be home! That was more the way her father operated. The sun had begun to set, and Tina hadn't heard anything. Just as Tina's mind began to fill with all sorts of dreadful thoughts about what might have happened to him, she heard two trucks pulling into the driveway.

Relieved, she ran outside to greet her uncle and his friend. The friend was an incredibly tall, skinny man in his late forties. He was wearing a flannel shirt, blue jeans, and a green "John Deer" hat. In his right hand he was holding what appeared to be a briefcase of some kind. She immediately realized that they were both incredibly drunk. Her uncle greeted her by brazenly grabbing her butt and kissing her on the lips, right in front of this stranger.

Tina's face flushed at this show of intimacy: her uncle had always said that they had to keep what they did a secret! She hadn't expected him to break that rule they shared. But the friend, she saw, was just watching. He didn't seem to mind at all. Tina relaxed a bit and allowed herself to be consumed by the prolonged kiss. She and her uncle rarely kissed like this, and it felt good to have his tongue inside her small mouth, his hand massaging her pre-pubescent butt.

She put her tongue into her uncle's mouth in response, and played with his tongue as the stranger watched on. When her uncle broke away from the embrace, he chuckled a moment and then said to his friend, "Hot little number, ain't she?" Tina blushed as the man responded, "Sure is, boss. Cute little thang." Tina followed the adults inside the house while they talked about her as if she weren't there.

What they said made her feel odd: her uncle was saying that her pussy was almost too tight, and the stranger was asking about her ass. Her uncle responded by saying he was too big to fuck her there (she was only eleven, after all, ha ha). When she got older, he laughed, that would change. Tina had never heard her uncle speak like this about her before. He'd talked dirty to her plenty of times, but this was different. It was as if, despite all she'd done with him the last few months, she was nothing to him except a person to fuck.

The two drunken men quickly took seats in the living room. Her uncle asked her to bring them beers. Obediently, she did, though she had a sick feeling in her stomach. Something weird was going on. They didn't bother with her dinner, and she was hungry. Her uncle was acting different in front of this guy, that much was clear.

It was as if she weren't even there. Or maybe, they just didn't care about her. Maybe her uncle didn't care about her at all, she worried. When she got back to the living room, Uncle Rick was inspecting what appeared to be a hand-held video camera. His friend was explaining to him how to use it, and Tina approached them slowly, a cold long-neck in each hand, trying to understand the significance of this.

After she gave the stranger his beer, her uncle turned the camera on her. "Smile, cutie!" he said, his voice slurred. Tina blushed, and quickly sat his beer down for him. The camera didn't leave her. "I'm, uh, going to bed now, Sir," she said meekly, as the strange man laughed at her discomfort. "No, no, you kin stay up," her uncle explained from behind the camera. "Why don't you put amazing cutie is not against anal fuck one of your favorite movies?

The one with all the lezbos, I think." Tina blushed as her uncle and his friend laughed. Girl male striper party fuck lust in translation girl was trembling now, and she found herself feeling frightened. Slowly she turned, and walked over to the TV.

Her hands shaking, she found a random movie and popped it into the VCR. "Good girl!" her uncle said as the movie began.

Tina glanced at him, and saw that he still had the never-before-seen camera trained on her. "Why don't you take a seat next to my friend George, huh?" Tina stared at him, and then at George, who was eyeing her with a disturbing grin on his face.

It was obvious to the poor girl what was going on. But she didn't want to do what her uncle obviously expected her to, not like this at any rate. But how could she refuse?

She took a tentative step toward George when her uncle said, "Wait, wait. Why don't you undress first?" Tina blushed red. It was as she'd feared. Her only hope was that her uncle was just drunk, and didn't realize what he was asking of her. He still loved her, she told herself. He was just drunk.

The 11-year-old slowly spoke up, all natural legal age teenager screwed hard hardcore and massage tried to sound as polite as she possibly could. "Uhm, Sir? I'd uhm, rather. just." "I don't give a shit," came her uncle's brutal reply. "Do it!" His friend laughed, and swigged his beer. Tina's eyes welled up with tears. She stared at the camera, trying to see the man behind it, trying to will her uncle into being nice to her again.

Slowly, she reached for the hem of her shirt. As her uncle said, "Come on, be a good girl," she pulled the shirt up a bit. He'll stop me, she thought desperately. He won't let me do this! Her hopes were dashed, however, when her uncle said, "Quickly, now, girl!" Tina took a deep breath, choking back tears. She was betrayed, by her own uncle! He was actually enjoying this, seeing her so uncomfortable. Years later, Tina would wonder whether she should have just screamed at him and run away.

She would later confide to many a therapist that she didn't understand why she obeyed her uncle when his demand was so harsh. Yet at that moment, Tina knew of no way out. And so the young girl had peeled the shirt up and over her head, slowly brought her arms to her sides, and dropped it to brunette beauty ex girlfriend nina north riding on dick floor.

She pushed her pants down next, as tears rolled down her cheeks. When she was completely nude she nervously walked over to the couch, where this strange man was sitting, and could feel the camera following her as she did.

He was recording her. It was so violating! And in front of this strange man. The fragile reality she'd created for herself over the last few months was quickly falling apart. "Stop crying," her uncle said. "Be a good little slut. You've turned into such a good slut, don't change now!" Tina nodded to her uncle, and sniffed back tears. The stranger-- George-- had pulled his pants down and his cock was pointing up at her.

He just grinned. Tina did what she knew was required of her. For the first time since it had all began, just a couple of months before on her eleventh birthday, she didn't enjoy herself, though. Yes, she dutifully sucked on the stranger's penis as her uncle filmed her in the act. But it was all from instinct. She wasn't "into" it at all. It was strange, sucking a cock that wasn't her uncle's.

She'd never even considered that happening, and now here she was, doing it. And it was being recorded for prosperity, too. She bobbed her head up and down on it, trying to avoid gagging herself, but the stranger forced her to several times with a push on the back of her head. Her gagging made her uncle laugh, and tears roll down her cheeks. Before too long her uncle told her to stop and lay down on the floor.

Sniffing away tears she nervously stood, sat down on the tan colored carpet, and laid back. She was staring at the ceiling but could hear her uncle talk to his friend. "Go slow at first so you don't tear her open," he said. The stranger replied, "No problem, boss, I'll fuck her carefully." The strange man got on top of her, and kept his promise: he went slowly, guiding his cock into her hole, which was dry.

Then he stopped, licked his hand, and rubbed her savagely there. It felt humiliating to be used like this. After he's slicked up her cunt, he tried slowly pressing inside her again. This time, it worked. She groaned in pain as it entered her. He was staring at her face, a scary look in his eyes, and so she closed hers. She tried to pretend she wasn't there, but it was impossible.

He was pressing deep inside her small body now, and finally her body responded and her pussy got wet. She gasped when he was fully inside, and then saw that her uncle was on his knees next fat xxx fool sex stories storys her, pointing the camera down between her legs. Tina closed her eyes again. George's cock sliced in and out of her, and she was glad that his penis was smaller than her uncle's.

Even as she grew wetter and wetter, she didn't want to enjoy this. But with each thrust inside she would gasp-- she just couldn't stop her body from responding. This was a betrayal of the worst kind, and she started sobbing again halfway through. How could she like this? It was so. unromantic. It was so without purpose. She sobbed through it as the man rutted her unlovingly.

Just as he was finishing, he grabbed her waist and planted himself deep inside. His cum filled the pussy of a sad and confused 11-year-old, beware of the hot cougar by the pool a wicked and perverted young slut, and Tina cried even louder throughout his orgasm.

The man and her uncle talked briefly before he left. Tina remained on the floor as they did, unmoved from blanche bradburry amp karina grand dap again together sz she'd been fucked. She was breathing heavily and was trying desperately to stop crying as she felt the sticky goo of this strange man leak out from her and onto the carpeted floor.

She heard George leave soon after. When he was gone her uncle said, "Get over here. NOW!" He was angry with her, she knew, but she couldn't help being upset. She couldn't stop the tears, but she did obey him. Nubile amateur plays with perky breasts while getting throatfucked got up and walked over to where he was standing, right in front of his chair.

The camera was gone. Without a word he sat, then pulled her violently over his waist. The 11-year-old yelped in surprise as he positioned her for a spanking. She squirmed and sobbed, begging him to let her go. He'd never done this to her before! Only her dad, now in prison, had ever spanked her! "Why did you embarrass me like that!" her uncle growled. Before she could say anything, a violent SLAP! came down on her poor little butt.

The pain shot up her body black habshi big lun xstorysp across the skin of her small butt, and she cried out: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!!!" He slapped her ass again, harder than before, as her legs kicked up behind her.

"I promised my friend a good fuck and you just laid there!" her uncle yelled. He was seriously pissed off. SLAP! "I'm so-r-r-r-y!!! Please!!!" the 11-year-old cried.

The pain was intense; it felt like he might break her skin, even. He continued yelling as he gave her the spanking of a lifetime. Even her dad had never spanked her like this. Slap after slap of his hand fell upon her naked round butt, until she was chortling in fear and anguished pain.

Her words were nonsensical; she could only blubber and cry as he punished her violently. When he was finally done, he let her slide to the floor, where she curled up and sobbed pitifully.

"From now on, you're going to behave," he said menacingly. "From now on you fuck who I want, when I want you to! And you're gonna be for them the good little whore I turned you into, understand?!" Tina continued sobbing, gasping for air and unable to respond.

Her uncle, meanwhile, had gotten down on his knees behind her. He yanked her body up and onto her knees, and then stuck his cock into her with no fanfare whatsoever. She cried all the way through, feeling for the first time ever like an object, just a piece of meat for him to fuck.

But the next day was much worse. Because the next day was the beginning of the worst six months of Tina's young life. It was a Saturday, and began when Tina awoke in pain: her butt was swollen and bruised from the spanking. She got out of bed slowly and, in a daze, inspected her rear-end in the mirror. It was black and blue, and didn't look like it would return to normal anytime soon.

With that, the 11-year-old girl decided she needed to take a shower. She was surprised to find that her door was locked, from the outside. Just as she was wondering what was going on, the groggy girl noticed a note on the floor.

It was from her uncle, and it was straight to the point: "Tina," it read, "you're grounded today, and you should know why. You can stay in the room and think about what you did. I'll let you out at noon to shower." Not knowing what else to do, the girl tried to go back to sleep. It was impossible. The hours crept by slowly, and Tina did as the note had instructed: she thought about what she'd done. What had she done, hot baby masturbating on website for chatting all?

Been bad? Broken the rules? She'd been uncomfortable and scared, and who could blame her? the girl thought. It had all been such a surprise. An unwanted change in the relationship she thought she had forged with her daddy's older brother.

When noon came her uncle let her out, as promised, but he grabbed her small wrist in his large beefy hand and dragged her straight to the bathroom. She didn't say a word at first, but after showering she asked if she could get something to eat. He refused, and locked her back in her room. When she began sobbing that she was hungry her uncle only said, "You could stand to lose some weight anyway." After the door slammed shut, Tina had slumped down to her knees.

After crying for some time, she got up and looked down at her body. Maybe her uncle was right, she thought. Maybe she could lose some weight. She saw a thin 11-year-old body, but perhaps it could be thinner. That thought helped her suffer through the hunger. It also began the slim girl's obsession with her body image. The day passed by slowly. She heard her uncle mow the lawn, take a shower of his own, and cook dinner. It smelled like steak.

Tina was so hungry by this point that she cried from the smell of it. When the sun began to set, her uncle came back upstairs to her bedroom.

She was lying on her bed, staring up at the ceiling when he opened the door. His mere presence made the girl begin to tremble, but she sat up all the same.

He was glaring at her. His arms were folded across his beefy chest and he was studying her with uncaring eyes. She gulped slowly, fear creeping into her tired and hungry little body. "Okay," he spoke at last, his voice stern and unforgiving. "You've had the day. So tell me. Why did I ground you?" Tina's eyes widened and her heart began to beat impossibly fast.

It was pounding violently in her chest and her mind began to race. He obviously wanted a specific answer. But what was the answer he wanted? Finally, the shaky 11-year-old had to guess. Softly she chanced, "I was a bad girl?" Her uncle continued staring at her, and didn't move a muscle for several long seconds. Then she yelped as he charged forward, grabbed her by her hair, and pulled her off the bed.

"Wrong!" he yelled into her face as he dragged his niece to her knees. She started crying, and blurted out more answers: "I was bad, I'm sorry, I didn't cum for you, for him, I cried, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!!!" It was all in vain.

After he had her on all fours he began spanking her little butt savagely with an open hand until all she could do was cry out unintelligible requests for mercy. At first the pain jolted throughout her body with every vicious slap-- but all too suddenly, her poor little butt became numb and she no longer felt anything. When he was finally done, he fucked her, though she hardly realized it.

She continued to sob anyway as he came inside her after many minutes of raw, dry fucking. After he finished she curled up on the floor into a fetal position and continued sobbing. Her throat was dry and scratchy from screaming. He said to her pointedly, "You're grounded tomorrow now, too." With that he left. The next day was just like the last, except in the early morning she heard her uncle leave the house, probably to go to church.

It was a Sunday, after all. This would be the first time she wasn't invited along, and that made her cry. When she was done she got up and inspected the room. There was no note for her this time, but she knew what he expected of her. And she complied. She thought endlessly about what her proper response should be when he asked her again.

What had she done? Why was she grounded? She felt panicked. She had to come up with a correct answer. The thought of being wrong again, of being spanked like that again, or worse, terrified her. She inspected her butt and found it was now a violent shade of blackish blue. She couldn't take another whooping like that. Sitting was impossible, even on a pillow. She had to prevent her butt from being hurt even more! But what did her uncle expect her to say?

Between all her thoughts was the hunger. She was so hungry! But Tina forced herself not to face it. The thirst she could take care of during her shower; the hunger could wait. At noon Uncle Rick returned. He let her shower again, and the hot water felt good on her sore pussy and incredibly bruised ass.

He didn't say a single word to her the entire time, but he did watch as the little girl washed her body with warm water and bubbly soap. After she was done, she began gulping down water. He grabbed her at this point and marched her back to her room.

When she was locked back inside she had an idea. She grabbed a notebook and lay down on her bed, on her tummy, and began making a list of possible responses she could give her uncle. The list totaled 32 before she ran out of ideas, and included the following: "#3: I was mean to your friend." "#13: I chose a dumb movie." "#19: I didn't cum when George fucked me." "#20: I'm not being a good wife." "#21: I'm not being a good slut." And: "#31: You're a big old meanie and I hate you, I hate you, I HATE YOU!!!" After the list was complete, Tina reread it, and scratched off #31.

When it was completely illegible, she erased it, scratched it off again, and repeated this process as she cried piteously. Finally, just after the sun had set for the night, her uncle returned. "So," he said at length, "why did I ground you?" Tina gulped. The list she'd made was emblazoned in her mind, and she went over several of her possible responses.

#8? #19? Which would prevent another spanking? Finally she chose #32. "Because. I forgot to be your. whore?" Her uncle stood there for a long moment. Finally he stepped forward, causing Tina to wince. But rather than grabbing her by the hair like the night before he asked, "Is that what you are?

A whore?" Tina gulped, and fought back tears. She said, "Yes, Sir." Her uncle nodded, slowly. "Okay, then," he said. With that, he left the room. He left the door unlocked.

The young girl was surprised. Perverted secretary nesty pussy plowed vigorously in pov had ended so quickly. After several long moments she stood nervously, and stepped silently toward the door. There wasn't a sound in the house. With her heart racing, the little girl crept nervously toward the bathroom. There she peed, and when she was done, returned to her bedroom right away.

She had thought of getting some food, but she didn't want to press her luck. Tina finally slept properly that night, though her poor butt still hurt something awful. The next day the 11-year-old girl awoke with something heavy on her back. Before she could fully awake from her food-depraved dream, she began humping her round little butt backward as something slid in and out of her pussy. Soon she was conscious enough to realize she was being fucked; Uncle Rick was on top of her slender body, rutting her uncaringly.

Tina decided to feign sleep, though in her groggy mind flashes of pleasure washed across her. Soon he came, and then Uncle Rick left for work, leaving Tina unfulfilled. When he was gone, she sat up, embarrassed. She didn't want to enjoy sex with him anymore—she didn't want to enjoy sex at all. She didn't want to have been right when she'd called herself a whore! Yet as she sat gingerly on the edge of her bed, she couldn't help but feel the tingling in her cum-sopping little pussy. She hadn't had an orgasm in days.

She was all revved up. No one had to know! Gently, the little girl placed her hand between her legs. She gasped at her own touch, and then laid back, jolts of pain jutting up her body from her bruised ass as she did. Yet through the pain, there was the pleasure.

Sighing deeply, the young girl put all other thoughts out of her mind and began to slide her finger in and out of herself, using the stickiness of her uncle's semen as lubrication. Soon, the 11-year-old was breathing heavily, and moaning, and trembling all over.

Images from the porn movies filled her young mind. Fantasies of being those women, getting fucked by so many men, increased the pace of her own frigging until finally, suddenly, she came. After resting for a long moment, guilt began to creep back up. With a shake of her head, Tina stood from her bed and stepped forward on trembling legs. She took a shower, then. A long, hot shower, during which the confused girl tried to think of anything but her current reality. She didn't feel bad, she told herself-- or, at least, she had no reason to.

After the shower, and not oil massage one minute storys what else to do, the 11-year-old went about her daily chores. It felt good to be out of her bedroom again. She bathed her unresponsive aunt first, and sex was the furthest unusual girls ream the biggest strapons and spray cream everywhere from her young mind.

Everything was in a daze, and she did her duties as best she could. At lunch she ate eagerly, but only until her hunger was sated. She didn't want to get fat. Although she'd never seen herself as heavy before, her uncle's words ("You could stand to lose a few pounds") haunted the girl. Just a few bites, she thought as she bit at her pasta. That evening, Uncle Rick brought home George again, and this time Tina fucked him properly-- dutifully.

After she was done, the 11-year-old girl was told to get dressed up in one of her Sunday dresses. After, she was to talk dirty to the camera. Her uncle conducted the first of what would be many an interview, where he would ask her questions and expect her to talk dirty to the camera in response.

He would call her "Teen" instead of Tina, and ask her leading questions in a gal is riding on a thick pecker disguised voice such as, "How much do you love to fuck?" And she answered the way she knew he wanted her to, and he seemed satisfied. In a way, the interviews were worse than the fucking because she couldn't just let go and relax.

She had to perform, smile cutely, and if she messed up she'd be yelled at and expect to do it again. Over the next several days, Tina found that she truly hated George. Even her uncle, who no longer demonstrated any affection for her, still made her cum. With George, it was different. She had to fake it every time, as her uncle videotaped the grown man and young girl fucking. George had no interest in pleasing her, and she was repulsed by him. He came over almost everyday, with her uncle, after work.

After several weeks of this, Tina had gotten very good at blowjobs: only because she knew that without her own saliva, there'd be no lubrication when George forced his long cock into her body. That was usually how it went. She'd suck his cock, sometimes to orgasm but usually in preparation for a fucking. Meanwhile her uncle would videotape her, and she'd be expected to make lots of noises of enjoyment though in reality she felt none at all. After he was done with her, it'd be her uncle's turn, and then she would actually cum.

Afterwards her uncle would watch TV with George-- usually sports, sometimes porn-- while she served them beer and snacks. After George was gone, she would sometimes get fucked again before her uncle went to sleep.

It all became very routine. School was approaching, finally, and Tina actually looked forward to it for the first time in petite teen gets cum from huge dick life.

The summer had turned her from an innocent, more-or-less carefree girl into a introverted, slutty young woman. She had changed, and she knew it. She looked forward to returning to a place that would, hopefully, remind her of her old self again. As the first day of school grew near and the weather outside chilled considerably, her uncle suddenly decided to issue a warning. "If you tell anyone 'bout what we do here," he threatened, "you'll be dead before you kin hope to git help.

You understand?" The thought of telling anyone about what she'd been doing all this time-- with her own uncle!-- had never even occurred to the girl before. How could she tell anyone that she'd fucked him? Besides the fact that she never saw any adults except him, George, and her comatose aunt, it was simply too embarrassing. If she told, they'd want to know how it began.

If she told the truth, they'd know she'd enjoyed it. They'd know what a whore she was. With a gulp, she nodded. "I'll never tell," she said softly to him. He seemed convinced, and a little while later he fucked her from behind until she cried out in a violent orgasm. A few days after that, on the eve of her first day back to school, a strange conversation took place which was to eventually alter her situation dramatically. The Uncle and Niece were sitting in the kitchen, silently eating the potatoes and steaks Tina had prepared for dinner.

Ever since her grounding weeks before, the two rarely spoke much unless she was agreeing "Yes, Sir" to whatever command he had for her that day (a new chore, perhaps, or a demand that she wear a certain outfit for him that evening).

So Tina was surprised a bit when her uncle suddenly asked, "You been feelin' all right lately?" Her fork was halfway to her mouth, and paused there. Tina had no idea how to answer his question. Did he really want the truth? "I.," she began slowly. "I miss my Daddy." That was a safe response, she figured. Uncle Rick nodded. "He'll get out of the can in a couple years, max," he began to say. "But that ain't what I'm talkin' about." She stared at him, feeling nervous all of a sudden.

What was he getting at? "Look, girl," he finally said, "I noticed blood on yer sheets in the hamper this mornin'. Don't deny it, I seen it, though you tried an hide it. I'm no fool." Tina's eyes widened. She had thought she'd been so careful! Since when did her uncle look at the laundry, anyway?! "You know why you been bleedin'?" he asked pointedly.

The young girl gulped, then nodded. She knew. It had started three weeks before, but she'd been expecting it for a while. Earlier that very year, before her dad got into trouble, Tina's next door neighbor had told her all about it. Carol Masons, who Tina didn't really like very much despite the fact she was the only adult woman in her life, had told her about menstruation, puberty, and what it all meant for a girl.

Ms. Masons had shown her all the products women use to "handle" it. She had warned Tina that she'd probably start to bleed soon. She'd also explained to the naïve girl what that would mean.

"You shouldn't 'ave tried an hide it," her uncle scolded her. "You been sufferin' for no reason. I done bought you some tampons, and pads, and some medicine and all that shit.

From now on you figure on how to use 'em, and use 'em, okay? You don't need ta be ashamed or nuthin'." Tina nodded slowly, her face blushing. It was amazing that after all she'd gone through with this man, he could still embarrass her. That's when she noticed, though, that something else was on his mind.

She could tell by the way he refused to make eye-contact with her. It wasn't simply embarrassment from the topic of conversation, no: he seemed antsy, sort of eager, stuffing his face full of food. Her own stomach growling, Tina cut off a piece of steak and put it in her mouth. That's when he said, suddenly, "You know that bleedin' means you kin get pregnant, don't ya?" Tina stopped chewing and stared across the small table at her uncle.

Of course she knew that periods eventually meant pregnancy-- but not for a few more years at least! She was still way too young! At least, that's what the girl had thought Ms. Masons had meant when she'd briefly touched on the subject earlier that year. "I'm. too young," she whispered. Her uncle grinned. "Nope, you ain't," he assured her. "Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed." The stunned girl digested that for a moment.

So she could get pregnant! She would need to get on the pill or something, then, she'd have to. "It's about time, too," he went on. "I been waiting for this. Ever since you moved slim amateur filly get stuffed heavy in cherry long after giving juicy head I been lookin' forward to knocking you up." Tina felt her stomach churn. He wasn't joking. Then he explained. He'd always wanted a boy, a son to call his own. But the woman he'd married was a prude, and then got sick, and turned out to be barren besides.

She was worthless to him, but Tina wasn't. Tina was young, and healthy, and now of definite breeding age. "It's all a matter of time," he grinned to the stunned girl. "I'm gonna git you knocked up. You're gonna have my boy. An' when people ask how it happened, we're gonna say you was raped, or sumthin' like that. Tears welled up in the poor girl's eyes. She couldn't believe what he was saying! "That's why George ain't comin' around anymore, from now on," he continued.

"I don't want him accidentally knocking you up." The tears began to roll down her soft young cheeks. After all she'd been through, she'd never believed things could get so much worse. But things could always get worse, she now realized, no matter how bad things are. "It'll be okay," he said curtly after noticing her tears. "You know those videos George an' I been making of ya? After you git pregnant by me, you're gonna be making a lot more of 'em. With different guys, too.

You're gonna have some fun. "It'll set us for a long time, girl, don't you see!" he pressed. "George knows all these guys, mostly from that Internet, who'd love to see 'em. Some would pay a lot to see these tapes. "Way I figure, we'll start selling what we've got right away, now that you're ready to breed. George has done and bought some sorta editing machine, and he's gonna handle all that shit.

We'll make a bunch more movies, until you get pregnant, then stop until the baby's born." Tina's lower-lip was shuddering, and she felt a chill throughout her body. She'd always wondered what they were making the videos for, but had never suspected that they had been waiting for her to start menstruating before doing anything with them! "Look, girl, we're gonna make a lot of money!

And after the baby's born, we can up and move away from here. California, maybe, or Texas. We'll raise our son and live off the cash from those videotapes for years." For the first time ever, Tina realized that her uncle was completely insane. His plan was unrealistic, dangerous, and dumb-- yet he thought it was brilliant. She would have a child for him. She would somehow earn a lot of money for him through the videos.

Then they'd start a happy family somewhere out west. It was completely crazy. First of all, she couldn't have a baby! How could she get pregnant? Her body was so small, so delicate—she could only imagine what a pregnancy would do to it. She'd seen pregnant women before. God, a baby growing inside her small form? Impossible! It'd kill her! Second, she could definitely not have her uncle's son! She'd end up being the mother of her own nephew, or niece. It was sick.

And finally, even Tina realized that selling those videos of her was illegal. He could get caught, and sent to prison. Then she'd be alone again, just like after her dad got put away.

But what could the young girl do? It was obvious that her uncle had been planning all this out for a long time. It was his dream, apparently. That night her uncle fucked her in the missionary position for the first time in a long while. He came deep inside her, too, and he lasted a good, long time. Yet Tina forced herself not to enjoy it—she struggled not to enjoy it. She thought of everything in the world except what was being done to her. And, thankfully, she was able to resist having an orgasm while her uncle tried to impregnate her officially for the first time.

The next day was school, but Tina didn't enjoy it at all. It didn't take long, only a few days actually, before the young girl was branded the most unpopular girl in the nice public fuck with big boobed german grade.

After all, she dressed funny (slutty, at her Uncle's insistence-- short skirts, tight tank-tops of very pery nipples doxy desires to be screwed design-- the kind of clothes that were popular for older girls, but which made her look ridiculous amongst her younger peers).

Plus, she never spoke, either. And when any person-- guy or girl-- showed any interest in her, she immediately shut down emotionally. She just couldn't take it. The poor girl was trying to cope with the fact that back at home, her own uncle was trying to impregnate her. How could she focus on school? Friends? How could she possibly entertain some fantasy of normality with that reality as her backdrop? So Tina had no friends. All she had was constant fucking at home, by her uncle only, now.

George still came by, but she'd only blow him, never fuck him. Weeks passed, and soon turned into months. And the only time Tina felt happy at all was when the cramps started and she began her cycle. It meant she wasn't to bare her uncle's child-- yet.

Her grades were incredibly low at school, too, which prompted several meetings between her teachers and her uncle. Every time they had to meet, he would turn on all the charm, and tell the sad tale of his poor niece's lot in life: a drunken dad in prison, a new place to live. She was trying to get adjusted, he would tell them. They always bought it, too, and nothing else would be asked. The first marking period ended, and Tina had received a 1.1 average. When she got home that day with her report card, her uncle wasn't mad at all.

"We'll be livin' like kings, girl, don't worry 'bout no grades," he said confidently, crumpling up the piece of paper. "Soon we'll be earning more money than your teacher's earn in a decade! Hell, once we move you kin drop out for all I care." Then, as usual, he fucked her.

and as usual she tried her best to resist enjoying it. Sometimes she was able to, but not today: all the thoughts and worries in the world couldn't block out the sensation of his cock buried deep within her tight hole, and soon the girl was crying out in pleasure until finally she felt her womb fill up with his semen.

The new semester at school started, and Tina remained socially isolated and completely distracted from her work. One day after class she walked home from the bus stop, as normal, only to see that her uncle was already home from work.

Usually she would get home, do her chores, and get a few minutes to relax before he got home. But if he was home, that meant they'd be fucking. With a sigh, she slowly approached the house and entered.

"Hey, girl!" he said excitedly to the sullen child. "I been waitin' for ya! Come 'ere, quick!" She followed her uncle into the living room. George was there, drinking a beer and grinning from ear to ear. Her uncle had a similar expression on his face.

This was no good, she figured. It turned out that George had completed the first tape, finally. Tina had almost forgotten that he was editing one together from all the videos that had been taken of her. But here it was. "It's great," her uncle chuckled. "Fucking great. And George already has customers fer it, don't ya?" His friend grinned and nodded. "You gonna be a superstar," he said wickedly.

She shuddered. They put the tape on for her, and she was forced to sit there and watch though it-- nearly two hours of her fucking her uncle, or George, though neither face was ever shown. Her face sure was shown, however. And for the first time she got to look at her expressions while being hammered away at like some two-bit whore.

If only she could at least tell herself that it was all an act. As she stared at her writhing body screaming through orgasm after orgasm, though, the 11-year-old child was humiliated to know the truth. Most of it was 100% real. She was no actress. The video opened with a black screen and the title, "Teen", across it.

Then it faded into the first interview she'd been forced to give, with her wearing her pink Sunday dress and talking about how much she loved to suck cock.

The scenes of the video were cut together with pieces of these "interviews"-- there'd be a close-up of her smiling face, talking about how much she loved to masturbate, or talking about herself: her age, her name ("Teen"), her favorite music. Then the camera would pan out to reveal her small delicate body, and she would begin to undress as she continued to answer the questions her uncle asked her.

"What's your favorite hobby?" was one. "Uhmm." she responded coyly, "Is getting fucked a hobby?" "Yep, sure it." "Then that's my favorite, definitely!" By the time the video was over, Tina was utterly humiliated. People would be watching this, and truly believe that she was nothing but a dirty little slut!

The interviews made it more than just a porno. It made it a documentary about a little slut called Teen. No one would know the truth at all, that she was being forced to do it, that she didn't want to do the videos, that she wasn't truly a slut. After it was over her uncle fucked her while George taped her once again. She didn't cum this time, but neither seemed to care.

Afterwards she sucked George off, then made the two men sandwiches as they watched the tape once more. While lying in bed that night waiting to go to sleep, Tina glanced nervously at the calendar. Four days until her next period should begin, she saw. She hoped to God that it would. So far she'd been lucky, and she'd begun to think that perhaps her uncle had been wrong.

Maybe she couldn't get pregnant. Maybe she was too young. Four days later she found out that, in fact, her uncle had been right. She prayed that night that it would start the next day, but it didn't. After several days, her uncle finally noticed, too. "You're late, aren't ya?" he asked after fucking the poor girl one Saturday morning. She didn't respond. "You're gonna take a pregnancy test," he said, sounding excited.

"I got one in the bathroom. You shoulda started yer bleedin' a couple days ago, I reckon." He left her lying there, on her bed. She sobbed softly into her pillow. Because even before she took the test, she knew what the result would be. And it was. She was going to be a mommy. Her uncle could hardly contain his excitement. He called George immediately after that, leaving the poor girl to wallow in her self-misery.

She was pregnant. Only eleven years old, and pregnant! How could this be? How could any of this be happening?!? He came back to her bedroom, his smile undiminished. "George and I are going out to the titty-bar," he declared. "To celebrate. When we git back we're gonna wanna fuck-- I know he's been aching to fuck you fer months, and now he can, so you'd best be cleaned up and wearing something pretty." He approached her bed, sat on the edge of it, and placed his hand on her belly.

"On Monday we'll bring you to the police, and you kin tell them you got raped on yer way home from school. You'll say you was too embarrassed to tell me until that very day. They're gonna test you, and when they find you pregnant, you kin see the doctor. Okay?" Tina didn't respond. She knew her silence may get her into trouble, but she just didn't care anymore. There was a long pause. Then her uncle rubbed her belly softly and gently said, "You're gonna be a mama, Teen.

A mama! Muslim fucks white girl first time were not hiring but we have a job for you everything is gonna be perfect. You'll see." With that he got up and headed out. Before he exited the room, though, he called, "Best get moving, and get your chores done, too!

Just cause you're pregnant don't mean you get to laze about all day!" She continued lying in bed until she heard his truck drive off. Then she got up and went back to the bathroom. After staring at her sad reflection for several long moments, she looked at the self-pregnancy test again. I'm going to be a mama, she told herself.

And an aunt. All at once. She looked into the mirror again, and suddenly realized what she had to do. After writing a lengthy letter to her father, the poor girl went into her aunt's room. Of course, the frail woman was just laying there, oblivious to the world. Tina wished she could be so lucky. After changing her aunt's bedpan, Tina began to gently wash her aunt's body with a sponge.

As she did, she began to cry. "I'm so sorry," she whispered. "I'm so, so sorry, Auntie. I know you need me, but I just. can't." She choked back tears as she dabbed her unresponsive aunt's forehead with the sponge. "If you ever wake up," Tina whispered, "I hope you find out what an asshole your husband is. I hope you kin get out of here, 'n escape. Because I couldn't. I just could not." With that, she was finished washing her aunt. And after feeding a few spoonfuls of cold soup into her mouth, Tina knew she was ready.

She was running out of time. She went back into her bedroom, and placed the letter to her dad on her nightstand. She realized that it'd probably never be delivered, because once her uncle read it (and he would), he'd surely burn it. But she didn't care. Symbolically, she wanted it there. And then the girl laid down on her bed, and a sense of calm came over her. She placed a hand on her tummy and said, "I'm so sorry for this.

But trust me, you don't wanna live in this crummy world anyways." And then she reached over, grabbed the razor blade, and slowly slit her wrist. To her surprise it didn't really hurt. The blood pooled quickly around her limp arm as she stared at the ceiling, and for the first time in months, Tina smiled a genuine smile as she drifted off into unconsciousness. *** "Poor thing, she's just a child." "I know.

Can you believe it? And did you know she's pregnant?" "No!" "It's true. The poor love." "Is she going to be okay?" "They think so. She lost a lot of blood, though." Tina's eyes fluttered open slowly, soft voices nearby awakening the girl. She stared through blurry eyes at a drab, white ceiling. Immediately, she knew she wasn't dead. But she had no idea where she was, or what was happening.

She felt weak and achy all over. Slowly, she turned her head toward the voices, and tried to speak. She couldn't. Her lips moved, but she made no sound. A moment later, she was asleep again. *** "Tina. Tina?" Tina felt herself being shook gently. Groaning softly, she opened her eyes. "Where am I?" she asked, her voice barely more than a whisper. Suddenly the smiling, chubby face of a nurse came into focus. She was saying, ".good, good! Here, try some water." She felt a straw at her mouth, and she sipped on it instinctively.

After a few mouthfuls, she stopped. She was more fully conscious now, and her vision had cleared somewhat. "Where am I?" she asked again, her voice a little stronger.

"You're at St. Paul's hospital," the kindly nurse responded. "You've been sick, but you're going to be okay." Tina nodded her head softly at this. Suddenly memories came rushing back: the pregnancy, the note, the slitting of her own wrist. With a start she gasped, "What happened!" "Shh," the nurse said gently. "There, there. You're okay. You're going to be fine, hon." Tina's heart began racing. So she hadn't succeeded; she was still alive, still pregnant with her uncle's child.

Was he here? He'd be so angry! She could only imagine. "I don't wanna go back!" she sobbed suddenly, feeling miserable and disoriented. "Shh, no, no!" the nurse implored. "No one expects you to go back!

You're okay here, you're going to stay here for a while. "You're never going back there!" That calmed the girl down somewhat. Still, she was confused. She had to know. "What happened?" she asked again.

The nurse was wrapping something around her upper arm, which felt frail and weak to the girl, to take her blood pressure. "You tried to hurt yourself, dear," the nurse said sympathetically. "But you're okay. Your aunt found you, and she called the ambulance." "My. aunt?" Tina asked, even more confused now. "Yes," the nurse smiled as she pumped up the tape around Tina's upper arm.

"It's amazing, really. They say she'd been comatose for years, from some sort of accident. That she awoke right at that moment, when you truly needed her, well. all of us here think it's a genuine miracle!" "She's. awake?" the girl asked, stunned. "Yes, the poor love," the nurse responded. "She's in a bad way, though. But don't you worry about her, dear, okay? They're taking care of her.

You don't have to worry about anything, okay?" Tina's young mind struggled to make sense of it all. She was alive. Her aunt had miraculously awoken and saved her life. And she was in a hospital, St. Paul's, the nurse had said. "How long. has it been?" Tina asked weakly. "Six days," the nurse responded. "You lost a lot of blood, you poor dear. You're very lucky they got to you when they did. They say if it'd been another five minutes, well. you don't want to think about that." Tina felt the armband come off her upper arm.

The nurse seemed pleased with the results. "You're a quick healer, sweetheart! You'll be strong again in no time!" Tina ignored the compliment. "But. but.

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my uncle. I." The young girl saw the nurse's pleasant expression grow cold. "Don't you worry about him, love," she said. "He's being taken care of." "But. what.?" Tina managed to say. The nurse sighed. "The police came with the ambulance, of course, as they always do in such cases. They found your letter, the one you wrote to your daddy. Your uncle and that friend of his are safely behind bars right now, my dear. They can't hurt you anymore." Tina felt her stomach rumble, and for the first time realized that she had an IV going into one of her arms.

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It hurt a bit. She groaned. The nurse placed the straw at her mouth again. "Here, drink some," she said. Tina sucked some water down slowly. After she was done she asked, "He's. in jail?" The nurse nodded.

"So don't you worry. The cops know everything. Neither he or his friend will see the light of day again for a long, long time." Tina's mind processed these facts slowly.

Without thinking she was saying, "I'm pregnant, I'm pregnant, I'm going to be a mama." "Shh!" the nurse said soothingly. "Please, babygirl, you need to relax!" After a long sigh, the nurse continued. "You aren't going to be a mommy, little one. Not just yet at least." Tina's eyes popped open. "But the test." The nurse had a pained expression on her face. "You poor dear," she said. "You were pregnant, it's true. You poor, poor child. In cases like these. well, the policy of this hospital is pretty plain.

It's in keeping with state laws, too, I might add. The daddy was your flesh-and-blood, after all, and well. "We terminated your pregnancy." The news of this caused Tina's eyes to well up with tears. Her mouth gaped open, and a soft moan escaped her lips. The kindly nurse mistook this for regret, or sadness. In fact, the tears were of please fuck my pussy i like it rough and hard let me swallow your cum her gasp was of thankfulness.

"You poor dear! Please, don't you be upset now. It was a quickly procedure, I assure you. It was barely the size of a raisin, and don't let your conscience fret one bit.

You didn't make the choice; we did. They felt it best to do it while you were still unconscious. Babygirl, your soul is clean here." Tina cared little for her soul.

She was elated that she'd been given an abortion. Yet the young girl felt no sense of satisfaction, even though her worst fear was resolved and the biggest criminals in her young life were being punished.

Her eyes began to droop while the nurse continued making soothing remarks, and soon the young girl was asleep once more. *** Tina had been surprised at how much the cops knew. Her interview, a week after her conversation with the nurse, was pretty straightforward. They needed her to confirm a few facts, only, fill in a few details.

But they knew pretty much hot blonde gets a titty cream pie. After finding the letter, they'd gotten a warrant and searched both her uncle's and George's houses. The videos were found. Evidence of sales of the videos were found, too. Despite the men's "precaution" of not showing their faces on the tapes, revealing birthmarks proved their identities after new warrants forced them to pose nude for a police camera.

They would be charged with many, many crimes, Tina was assured. Among them would be rape, incest, possession of child pornography, conspiracy to commit, and much more she would later learn.

It turned out that they didn't even need her to testify. The evidence of her uncle's crimes was so overwhelming that the district attorney didn't offer any teacher student romantic xxx story to him, either.

Two months later, after a quick trial, he was sentenced to three 20-to-life sentences, and one life sentence. George didn't fair much better.

The Commonwealth of North Carolina, it turned out, didn't take kindly to child molesters, especially when rape, coercion, child-pornography, and incest were involved.

The kicker were the tape sales, too. Apparently so many had been sold (over a hundred, it was gently revealed to Tina) that a federal crime had been committed. After being sentenced by the State, George and her uncle Rick endured federal trials as well.

If they had murdered somebody, Tina was told, they'd have a better chance of getting out of prison before their hundredth birthdays. In other words, they would be in prison for a long time. A long, long time. Still, none of this made Tina feel any better. The young girl was convinced that she would never be able to reclaim her life.

She had changed so much. So she was surprised and happy to learn, a month after her suicide attempt, that her father would be getting out of prison a full 18-months early. Special exception had been made for him, she was told, in the "interest of the child".

In the meantime, she was transferred to a foster-family upstate. And it turned out that they were incredibly nice people, with a large house and lots of toys for her to play with. Slowly but surely Tina Carlson began to feel happy again.

And when her twelfth birthday came, she even had a party.