Wacko luscious bitch takes jock hardcore and massage

Wacko luscious bitch takes jock hardcore and massage
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We met at Starbucks just as we had planned 5 days before. I was in the back of the store and saw a woman with hair that looked similar to the picture of you on you hands and knees. You walked out the door. I put my steps in double time. There was no way I was going to miss meeting you. You paused at a table outside and looked around. 'She's lookin' for me,' I thought with an inward glow.

You turned when you heard me approach. 'Tessa?" "Brett?" "Hi." I said offering my hand in greeting. You took my offer and reciprocated with a half hug. I felt your tits against me. You hadn't lied. They WERE big. I didn't want the hug to end. "It's kind of crowded in there. Do you want to take a drive and talk instead?" After a momentary pause you agreed and I navigated us over to my vehicle.

The parking spots were pretty narrow so I pulled out and then you climbed in. "So how long can you spare?" I asked knowing that you were taking time off your lunch to meet me.

"I've got about half an hour." I drove us around as we talked about our sex lives (we were together for one reason and we both knew it). Eventually I parked in a parking negro se coje a la pequentildea katie pelicula completa hd of our LRT system and we continued to talk.

I felt much more comfortable now because I could look at you as we spoke. We got into more detail about our sex lives and I was having trouble. I was so turned on. You really got to me. First, you were beautiful. Second, you had a fabulous pair of breasts (my favorite). Third we had many similar fantasies. You had an exhibitionist streak and I LOVED being naked.

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Your biggest fantasy was to be in a group sex situation or a gang bang. This got me hard just thinking about it. I couldn't stand it anymore. "Can I see your boobs?" There. I had said it. We'll see if it backfires. You smiled and lifted your shirt. You wore a black bra (Victoria's Secret maybe?) I reached out and stroked them. You didn't stop me. Inside I was shaking. "They're beautiful, Tessa." "Thank you." And with that your shirt flapped back down.

We continued talking and I thought I'd stretch the envelope. "Can I SEE them?" "You did." You replied chuckling. "No, I saw your BRA." This had a two-pronged purpose. First I'd see if I'd pushed too far and second I'd see how much of an exhibitionist you were. We were out in broad daylight, but the parking lot was pretty empty of people. If you declined for that reason big ass cuaght in fitting room with hidden cam then you weren't much of an exhibitionist.

If you did kewl. You lifted your shirt again and also your bra. Out they popped. WOW! They were more beautiful than I had expected. I couldn't help myself and I reached out with both hands. I cupped your left breasts in both hands and caressed it. "They're great." Thank you. I had only so much control. With little inhibiting me I leaned forward and sucked in your nipple.

You did not object. In fact, you actually cooed a few times as I sucked on your left nipple. I feasted like a newborn baby for a few minutes and then switched to the other breast pausing in between to kiss your sexy lips. When I had finished my noon-time snack I moved back up and we kissed some more. "Take your bra off." You had said you were somewhat submissive, so I thought I'd put THAT to a small test. "But I have trouble putting it back on." "I'll help." Your arms went inside your shirt and in a few seconds your sexy undergarment came out of the bottom of your shirt.

I reached out and caressed your globes through your shirt as we talked and kissed. Our tongues were becoming intimate. I was impressed by how well you kissed. I liked it; liked it a lot.

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"Damn, you're sexy. And your boobs are everything you said they were." "Thank you. You certainly know how to handle them." I was now pinching your nipples and they were responding as they should. I looked in your eyes; you looked back.

As I was playing with your breasts and kissing you your hand was rubbing my thigh. Now it was lightly touching my rigid cock. "I can spare 2 hours." "Are you sure?" "Yeah. I told you ½ an hour at the start as an escape route in case we didn't click, but we're DEFINITELY clicking." You were now squeezing my cock and stroking it. "Fuck. I wish I had worn a skirt." "Why?" I ask. "'Cuz then I could just hike it up and you could fuck me right here, right now." "We'll see what we can figure out." I said with a sly grin as I went back to your breasts.

"Take your blouse off." You did. Now you sat in my car topless with me attached to your breasts. "There's a car coming," you said/ I look up, see the car park about 100 feet away from us (we're in a pretty empty part of the lot). Remembering that you have an exhibitionist side I ask "What if he sees us?" You shrug. "What if he comes over?" Again a shrug. "What if he watches us?" Shrug. "Depends how you feel about it." "Fuck you're hot, Tessa." You giggle.

"What if he want to join in." A final shrug. By this time the guy has parked and is walking this way. "I'm going to keep sucking your tit. You hold up your other tit so he can see." I go back to work on your tit and don't look up. I'll make the guy think I don't know he's there. My mouth opens slightly but still appears to be attached to your boob.

"What's he doing?" "Standing beside the car." You reply in a hushed voice. "Give me a play by play while I suck your tit." I say while I go back to your tit and undo your belt and pants. "He's rubbing his crotch through his pants." Now I have pushed your pants and panties down a bit and am rubbing your clit. You adjust yourself to give me a little easier access. "Now he's taken his dick out and he's stroking it.

This is so fucking hot, Brett." I've got a finger inside your pussy as I continue to suck your tit. "I can't stand this, Brett. Can I suck him off." I pull away from your boob a bit. "Don't vintage brunette striptease tube porn me. That's YOUR decision." I go back to your tit and as I do I hear my window being put down. "Give me your cock.

I want to suck it. I want you to cum in my mouth. Please." No reply from the guy, but I can tell you're sucking his cock. You suck with fervor until I hear the guy start to grunt and I KNOW what's happening. He's filling your mouth with his creamy cum. I hear the window being put back up and then you grab my hair, pull me up and kiss me passionately.

You haven't swallowed yet and I can taste the guy's cum in your mouth. Not my favorite thing, but you seem to be LOVING it, so I go with the flow. I look out the window and the guy is still watching while zipping his pants. He gives me a nod. I nod back. He smiles BIG and walks away. "Fuck I WANT you, Brett. Get my pants off and fuck the hell out of me. NOW!" Before you're done your order I've already got your pants half off.

I finish, take my clothes off and put on a condom. I can see you want it hard so I thrust it deep into your sopping wet cunt. "Uuuuugh," you moan. "Yes. That feels so good.

So fucking good. Fuck me, Brett. Fuck me." "You feel so good Tessa. This is so fucking hot." I collapse on you and we kiss wildly while I pound my shaft in and out of your pussy.

We've been at it for a while when we hear a tap at the window. With the seat reclined and us kissing we didn't see a person approach. We both turn and I'm sure we both turned as white as a ghost. It was a cop! We stop fucking and latina teen veronica rodriguez vs mandingo dick starts shriveling out of fear.

You reach over and put down the window. "May I ask what you're doing?" the officer inquires. You're not as flustered as me and are able to muster a response. "Fucking, sir." "I see that. You DO know this is considered public indecency?" You don't answer, but you extend your arm and touch the officer's crotch. "I don't think you're THAT mad officer." You reply as you start to rub his hardening cock. "This is physical assault, ma'am," the officer says while smiling.

I feel like looking down to check 'cuz you got SOME balls.

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Realizing that we're not going to jail, my cock starts to get hard again. By this time you have the officer's cock out of his pants and you're rubbing it back and forth.

You motion for him to come closer. You lean a bit and take his cock in your mouth. It's somewhat uncomfortable because you and I are both kind of contorted, but this is very hot. "Oh fuck yeah. Suck me. Make it good or maybe I WILL have to arrest you." With the last statement your eyes fly open big cock dude bangs gf and her stepsis I'm pretty sure I feel your pussy spasm.

I'm pounding you pussy HARD and the officer is fucking your mouth. You EXPLODE and it's a damn good thing you had his dick in your mouth because your scream would have been VERY loud if you didn't. It was still pretty loud, but somewhat muffled. "Suck it! I'm cumming! Suck me!" the officer moaned. You drained his cock and swallowed every drop. I felt my orgasm starting. I grunted and moaned and filled the condom with my juice.

Then I collapsed on you and sucked at your breasts a bit. "Now we need to discuss the citation," the officer said without smiling. "But officer, you RAPED me," you say chuckling. He smiles and zips up. "Let's not have a repeat. Not in PUBLIC anyway," he says as he hands you his card. When he leaves we kiss for a while and then get dressed. You go back to work, but strangely enough, you have trouble concentrating the rest of the day.