Borderhopping latina megabitch taylor got caught by bp brunette and blowjob

Borderhopping latina megabitch taylor got caught by bp brunette and blowjob
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We meet in a bar, you brought a friend. You once told me you wouldn't meet any more guys from xnxx, but you were curious to see what I was like. No names were given as we sat down, but I knew who you were, the other girl though "prettier" held no appeal to me. I liked your attitude, your aloofness and your seemingly unwillingness to engage me in conversation. Instead you let your friend come on to me, but I had no interest in her at all. We had our 2.5 drinks, your friend suggested dancing.

All night long you shut me down whenever I tried to engage you in conversation. Your friend was either a good actress or she wanted me bad, but yet, you were the one that I wanted. Even when your friend put her hand on my cock and suggested going dancing, I was still not interested. I thought about taking her out to rashod zatirki dlya shvov plitki v vannoy van and let her give me a blowjob, which is what she suggested when you went to the restroom.

But, I had hoped to give you that first load, I'd been saving it up all week, imagining blowing it all over your breasts if the opportunity arose. So, that's why when you returned to the table I suggested we all go dancing. You seemed to like that idea and we left the bar. Both of you arrived in an Uber so I suggested riding in my van. We got to the dance floor and fortunately for me, your friend was met by a guy who whisked her away to the dance floor leaving you and me alone at the table.

I decided to play your game of "uninterested" and I acted like it was her "friend" that was the xnxx girl I drove 300 miles to see. I told you about all of our conversations, my desire to seek her out. My desire to find out if the fictional stories she wrote would turn out to be fact or just imagination. You spoke only a few words to keep girl fucks a tied up guy poorpenis femdom conversation flowing, I could tell you were getting interested and about to say who you really were, when I suggested we move out on to the dance floor and dance awhile.

You accepted. We went out during the song "Rock On". But as soon as we got to the floor, the band shifted and started playing Crimson and Clover by Tommy James and the Shondells. I took you into my arms and at first you kept your distance, but then I pulled you in close, put my lips up to your ear and said "Ok Char, it's just you and me now.

Even amongst all these people, know one knows you or me". You pulled back and looked into my eyes, I smiled and said "Yes, I knew who you were from the start", then I kissed you. We were swaying to the music, our lips were together, your body was tense and then I felt you relax and you opened your mouth to me and I slipped my tongue inside and kissed you passionately. I moved my hands lower on your back and pulled you in close. I felt you lean your euro party amateurs jerking and sucking cock into my chest and we continued kissing and dancing to the music.

At that point, your friend came over and whispered in your ear. I seen your eyes widen and you blushed. Your friend most likely meant that message only to you, but I heard it as well and I also noticed that when she said it your eyes moved down to eye my crotch at the same time you blushed. When she moved away and while the song was ending I took your hand and put it on top of my crotch so you could feel that what she whispered to you was the truth.

Your hand lingered and I felt your fingers tracing the outline of my hardening cock. You looked up at me and smiled. You said "so you heard what she said to me" I said "Yes and I think we should go and let you find out if she was correct or not".

We left the dance floor and went out to my van. Tinted windows are great for making love in a vehicle and as soon as we got in, I slid my seat back and pulled you over onto my lap and took your face in my hands, my lips met your lips. Our mouths opened and we kissed passionately, your tongue touching mine. I held you and we kissed, exploring each other's mouth, I toyed with your ears, your neck, throat and held you and kissed you.

You then went back over to your seat and I moved over as well, hit the recline button and lowered you back. I kissed your lips, moved my face down and kissed your neck and moved further down to the cleavage that had been beckoning me all night.

My hands cupped your breasts and my fingers went over your nipples. They were hard and I pinched them lightly. I felt your hand go down to my cock and rub me through my pants. I was already rock hard, but I think I even might have gained an inch when you touched me. I unhooked your bra and lifted your shirt and planted my lips on your breasts. I felt you unsnap my pants and then unzip me.

I put my lips on your nipples at the same time you reached into my pants and grabbed my cock. I sucked hard on your nipples and you gave a gasp, whether it was because you now had the understanding of the full size of my cock or the fact that your nipples were so sensitive to my sucking, I don't know. I moved my hands down and put them underneath your skirt and felt your panties wet. I wanted to pull them down, but you pushed me back and took my cock in both of your hands and then leaned over and began sucking my cock.

No one has ever been able to get all of it into their mouth, but you did. I couldn't believe it. I felt my cock touching the back of your mouth and then it went down your throat.

You took all of me and then you started moving your head up and down on my shaft. I about lost it, but quickly regained myself and started thrusting my hips and holding your head down on me.

I heard you gag and I released my hold on your head and let you do the stroking with your mouth and hands. After about 15 minutes of this. I lifted you up and said "my hotel is only a few girls lesbian porn squirting 2019 from here, why don't you call your husband and tell him that you won't be coming home tonight" You said you couldn't do that, but then you smiled at me and said that you could come home late.

Well, I didn't even zip up. I moved over into the driver's seat, started the van and headed for the hotel. While we were driving there, you reached down and pulled off your panties and put them in your purse, like wise with your bra.

I looked over at you with a puzzled look and you said, no sense wasting any time when we get there is it. I had forgotten about your sarcasm. I smiled and said no, let's not waste any time. When we got to the motel and parked. You reached over and sadly my cock had gone a bit limp, it was still hanging out of my pants and you leaned over kissed it and it immediately popped to life.

You started sucking me again and a little precum oozed out. I felt you suck it out of my cock and then you sat up and licked your lips and said I hope that isn't all of it. I just smiled and said "hmmm. I hope not either". We got into the elevator and I dropped down to my knees, lifted your skirt and buried my face into your pussy.

I did this in one fluid moment and you had no defense set up for the onslaught of my tongue and fingers as I drove them into you and sucked on your clit. It happened so fast and so intense that I felt you lift up on your toes, I heard you moan and then I felt and tasted your pussy oozing. I kept that up till we reached my floor, only a couple of seconds, but you weren't expecting my long tongue or my searching fingers and I felt you cum as I sucked hard on your clit and my fingers thrusting in and out of you.

You screamed as the doors opened up and fortunately no one was waiting to enter the elevator. I kept licking you and sucking you and fingering you. The doors shut and the elevator stayed still.

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I kept this up until I felt you cum again. You said "Stan" we need to get off of here before someone comes. But, I didn't heed your words. You tasted so good, your aroma was intoxicating to me and I kept licking and sucking on your clit. I moved my tongue down lower, spread your legs even wider and when my tongue touched that small spot of skin "the taint" taint pussy and taint asshole, you shuddered and came again.

I lapped up your pussy juices and then hotties use feet during their fucking session elevator bell dinged.

I quickly stood up as the doors opened up to a Chinese couple. We stepped out and we heard them say something in Chinese. I looked down and your skirt was covering your pussy, but your ass was showing for all the world to see.

I also felt something dripping off my chin. I reached up to wipe it off and the Chinese lady was smiling first at your ass and then at me. The Chinese guy didn't look to happy as I took my finger and wiped your pussy juice off of my chin and sucked on my finger. The Chinese woman said something to me as she was smiling and then the elevator doors shut. I reached over and huge juggs stepmom and teenie horny trio on the couch your skirt down and we both smiled as we made our way to my room.

I inserted the key and as I moved into the room I went over to the bed, I turned around expecting your to be right behind me, but you were not there. I came back around the corner and there you were standing stark naked. You walked over to me and then removed my shirt and sucked on my nipples, running your hand over my strong chest, my neck muscles, my abs and then you got down on your knees and took off my pants and my underwear.

You took my cock in your hands and sucked on the head. I about blew my load again, but held it back. You kept stroking my shaft and sucking on the head. Your tongue going around the head and then sucking it. Then you started sucking in earnest from tip, down the shaft to the base.

I moaned in ecstasy. It felt so damn good. Just as I was about to cum, I stopped you and said I wanted us to cum together. I led you over to the bed and laid hug ass black grandmothe pussy squirting, you positioned your pussy over my mouth and you went back to sucking and stroking me. I put 2 pillows under my head and just looked at that shaved pussy, wet, inviting.

I licked it one time from the the clit up to your asshole. I put in one finger and felt your tightness. I pulled it out and placed it at the entrance to your asshole and inserted it up there to the first knuckle. I felt you gasp and your tempo on my cock increased.

I was in heaven smelling you, tasting you and I was in my groove and I knew it was going to be sometime, even as good as you were at sucking me, before I was going to cum.

So, I took my time with you. I felt your hard nipples rubbing against babe fucked hard and gets a donut stomach as you raised and lowered your head on my cock. With my other hand I put one finger length ways on your pussy opening and with my other 2 fingers I put them on either side of your pussy lips and squeezed gently.

I took my tongue and licked your clit. Making slow circles with my tongue as I licked your clit. Keeping pressure on squeezing your pussy. My other finger making small strokes in your asshole and my thumb on your taint, tickling it gently. I felt you body tense to orgasm, but I stopped and blew gently on your pussy. I kept this up, building you up for an orgasm and then stopping and letting you relax.

I knew that it was driving you crazy, for every time you came close to cumming, your mouth would relax on my cock and then when I worked you up again, you would start sucking and stroking me faster.

Soon I felt myself getting ready to release. I said something to you that when I came it would be a large load and I didn't know if you wanted to swallow or let it shoot out and lick it up later. You turned around and made eye contact with me and with gasping breaths, because I was at the point where you were; getting ready to cum, you said, you'll find out when I find out.

I eased you off again and I heard you say "Fuck, would you quit doing that, you're driving me fucking crazy here". I laughed and said "well then, get ready". I felt your body tense even before I started licking you again.

I think you were wondering if I would let you cum this time or if I was still 'edging' you on. But, I felt myself oozing precum and knew it was time to let loose. I let go of the pressure on your pussy lips, pulled my finger out of your ass. Stuck that finger deep into your pussy and got it quite sopping wet. I started sucking your pussy harder and faster. my tongue going in and out of your pussy and then I started sucking on your clit harder and faster.

I was moving my finger in and out of your wet pussy. Faster and faster, your breathing was in gasps now and I felt you release my cock with your mouth and start stroking me faster and faster up and down my shaft. You took the head of my cock in your mouth and was only sucking on that. Your breathing intensified with every thrust of my finger in your pussy. I was close to cumming now and I felt your body just as one continual shake and shuddering.

I pulled my one finger out of your pussy and then spat onto your asshole, my spit dripping off your asshole I stuck my finger up your ass to the first knuckle, with my other hand I took my 2 middle fingers and plunged them into your wet pussy, my thumb bent down to touch your clit on each thrust of my hand.

Faster and faster I pushed my fingers in and out of your pussy. You were oozing pussy juice. You were sucking me hard, your breathing intensified, You were quirking your ass back and forth as my fingers fucked you hard and my thumb I now laid on your clit and applied pressure there. Just as I was about to cum. I shoved my index finger deep into your asshole at the same time that I shoved both my fingers deep into your pussy, You tried to scream but my cock erupted and my jizz shot deep down your throat.

You started gagging as my cock continued shooting it's load. You pulled off of me after you swallowed as much as you could and the rest was dripping off your chin.

You came with such intensity that my face and chest was covered with your orgasmic pussy juices. You kept screaming and kinky lesbians fill up their big butts with milk and splash it out stretching threesome as I reached down and flicked your clit one more time. You collapsed on the bed. Your hair was covered with my cum. I'm pretty sure that you were not the only one screaming when you came I moved up on the bed so that we were facing each other.

I reached over and moved the hair out of your face and wiped some of the cum off of your lips and then I kissed you. I suggested that we both might need to take a shower.

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You suggested we take one together. We got into the shower, let the hot water flow over our cummed covered bodies. We lathered each other washing off our love making. I was amazed at your lovely breasts as I soaped them up. your nipples hard again from my washing and caressing. I leaned down and sucked on your nipples and I heard you moan.

I love your moan. I reached down and found you pussy wet on the inside. You turned your back to me and asked me to wash your back. I lathered up your back, rubbing your vertebrae and up and down beside it.

I then started massaging your neck muscles and your back. I asked you to bend over as I leaned onto your back. I reached around and cupped your breasts with my hands and then I reached around and inserted a finger in your pussy.

Satisfied at your wetness. I continued massaging your back with one hand and massaging your breasts with my other. I positioned my cock so that it was just about touching the entrance to your pussy.

I waited until your breathing was steady and you were relaxed. Massaging your back and breasts and then with one swift movement I shoved my whole cock inside of your pussy. You screamed out and tried to stand up, but I held you bent over.

I leaned over and kissed you on the neck and held my cock inside of you. Your body was trembling, I felt your knees try to buckle, but I held you up by your waist. I started with slow long strokes in and out of your pussy. Your breathing intensified as I stroked you faster and faster, deeper and deeper. You spread your legs further up against the sides of the tub as I penetrated you with each thrust of my hips. I grabbed both of your arm and drew them back behind you, holding you from collapsing as I fucked you harder and harder, faster and faster.

Your breathing intensified and I felt you cum. The water from the shower head still flowing. the heat of the water and the heat of our bodies, steaming up the shower. I kept up my relentless pounding inside of your pussy. You moaned and screamed again as another wave of orgasms racked your body. Then I abruptly stopped. Pulled out and turned you around to face me. Your face was contorted and it looked like you were almost ready to cry.

Your emotions were so twisted between extreme pleasure and shock of me penetrating you and your increasingly powerful orgasms. I lifted you up. placed your back against the wall of the shower and then cock hungry babe rides on bear skin rug you down unto my johny cocktail fucks busty blonde slut while she is talking by phone again.

Your pussy opening up and clenching my cock. We stood there and then you leaned into me and kissed me. You wrapped your arms around me and said "Stan, go slow this time, make love to me passionately". So, I did. lifting you up with my strong arms our mouths joined together in kissing. Lifting you up and down on my cock, each thrust deeper upward.

Then I felt myself getting ready to cum. I wanted to pull out and you said there is no need. I want to feel this load up inside of me. I took blonde stripper sucks off two dicks at once few more strokes then I cried out as I felt you clench your pussy muscles onto my cock and I came.

I held onto you as my balls pumped out load after load. I felt your body tense and you closed your eyes as you came again. We stood that way for quite a long time. I reached over and shut off the water, but yet we stood there, my cock hard inside of your pussy. Your arms around my neck. Your breasts tight against my strong chest and our lips kissing passionately but without the rush of earlier. Finally you released your legs from around my waist and you stood up. My cock slid out and you reached down and lightly wrapped your fingers around it.

Then you bent down and gave it a kiss, stood back up and kissed me. Then we got out of the shower, dried off, I went into the next room and as I started to gather up your clothes, I noticed you were on the phone. I heard you say "ok, thanks". I asked who was that and you came over to me, took the clothes out of my hand and put them on the sofa.

You turned around and walked over to the other bed pulled back the covers and climbed into the bed. You gestured for me to come over to you and I did. When I climbed into bed you kissed me and then pulled the covers off and reached over and shut off the light.

You pulled my arms around you and took my hands and placed them on your breasts. We were in a spooning position and I felt my cock growing again. You reached back, while lifting your leg and inserted my cock into your pussy. Then you turned to me and said "That was my sister that you met earlier.

I had her call my husband and tell him that I wouldn't be coming home tonight. She was going to tell him that I am passed out from drinking too much. Would stay the night at her house and that I'll be home later tomorrow. Incidentally, he leaves on a business trip for 3 days, so I'm all yours" I girl and boy schools sex story in the darkness. Then she says "Oh by the way. I told my sister that yes, your cock is the biggest I've ever seen." Well, considering where my cock was I proceeded in another round of love making.