Curvy blonde milf with big tits does a striptease

Curvy blonde milf with big tits does a striptease
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I just got a request for how I met my best friend and lover, Dana. I thought I would tell that and she is here with me at the moment to help me out with it.

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Well, I was trying to learn to defend myself and so went to a local martial arts place to see if I could take lessons. No, I never did do very good nd still do not know much but anyway, I walked in and there was a woman and three guys there. The woman was wearing a black belt and as anyone knows, even me, that means that they know a lot. The two men were wearing green belts and she was finishing their session.

She had short cropped dirty blonde hair and was very beautiful, blue eyes and a very athletic body that was obvious even through her custom made outfit. I waited until they had finished and she showed the guys out and she came to me, "What can I do for you?" she said drying her face with a towel. I was stunned at how awesome she looked and she said again, "Can I help you with anything?" I was already wet just seeing her, "Well, I want to learn how to protect myself." I said.

She laughed, "Well, I guess so, have a lot of guys after you?" she said. "Well, yes, but I just want to protect myself, I really don't care about guys much." I said. "Oh?" she said. "Yeah." I told her. "Come with me." she told me and we went to the locker room. She pulled out a uniform and sized me up and tossed me a top and bottom. "Take of everything and put this on." she said. "Everything?" I said.

"Yes, everything means everything, totally." she said and left the room. I undressed and hung my bra and dress in the locker (I was not wearing panties) and went to the main room.

She stood at the door and called me to follow her. She led me to a smaller room after she locked up teen babe hollie sucks a black cock pornstars and hardcore the night and closed the door behind her.

There were mats and mirrors around the room and she came to me, "I am Dana but while we are in class you will call me mistress Dana, is that clear?" "Sure." I said and her slap was not hard across my face.

"Yes?" she asked me. "Yes Mistress Dana." very good" she said. She back up and taught me the bow and my top was falling open which I did not mind and neither did she it seemed. "I am going to give you a crash course and you can decide if you wanna go on, okay" she said. "Yes, Mistress Dana" I remembered to say.

She smiled and stepped to me. She reached and took the collar of each side of the uniform and now it was pulling apart some more. "How do you make someone let go of you?" she said and I shook my head that I did not know. "Grab me the same way." she said and I did.

Suddenly she came up with both arms between my arms and spread them out and struck my in the chest above my cleavage knocking me back and some of the air left me. I fell on the mat and gasped. She took my hand, "No you do it." and she grabbed my collars.

I tried to do what she did but her hands stayed firmly on my uniform and then she pulled me towards her and she went down on her back rolling and her feet in my stomach and I was sailing through the air over her landing on my back my top almost all the way open. My tits were fully exposed and the nipples hard simply naked guys and when its kylers turn drake nearly makes th tube porn I was getting hotter by the moment.

"Nice, very nice" she said and stood over me.

"Going to cover yourself?" she said. "Why, you will just throw me around again and my tits will come out again." I said then included "Mistress Dana" she laughed and said, "You learn fast. Tell you what, just strip and we will do this naked." she said and her uniform was almost off as she finished speaking. I did as she said and she saw I was dripping wet between my legs.

"Sweating already?" she said. "No Mistress Dana, I am turned on and my pussy is soaked." I said and she looked at me, "So, you like this?" she asked me. "Yes, Mistress Dana. I love it." I said quietly. She stepped to me blonde harlot misha cross gets her pussy serviced by masseur her arms went around my shoulders and she kissed me deep, her tongue long and finding its way to my throat.

I melted to the floor and she was beside me and then her hands on my tits and my nipples were on fire. Her mouth went to my nipples and began sucking then biting each one in turn. "Oh harder please harder." I heard myself moan. Then her teeth dug into my nipples and I felt the blood driping from them down the sides of my tits and onto the mat. I had an orgasm at the same time and the spray from it soaked the mat under me.

She went between my legs and her mouth found my pussy and I was going nuts with her tongue deep inside me.

Then I let out a cry as her whole fist went inside me again soaking her with an orgasm and I was tossing all over the place. I slowed down and then she moved to tell me, "Eat me now, do it good." and I went to her pussy and began licking her and kissing her the best I had ever done any woman.

I ate her through 4 orgasms and she laid there limp.

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She pulled me up on top of her and kissed me. "You belong to me now, understand?" she said and I told her, "Yes Mistress Dana." Lovers call each other by first names Dear, it is just Dana." she whispered. "And I am Sue." I said and we kissed for a long time wandering over each other and kissing and sucking and have orgasms slowly now, moving gently with each other.

The next day she moved in with me and we have been together ever since.

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That is a short version but I have to go now. love sue