Beautiful asian nailed in lots of positions

Beautiful asian nailed in lots of positions
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Mary was busying herself with domestic work. After washing the dishes, she went to do some laundry and ironing. She was still mortified after being caught by her daughter while she was sucking Brad's penis. She felt stupid about not having closed the door because she didn't know Christine was hiding in the closet and thought she had entered the room after them. The only thing she knew for sure was that she hadn't locked the door because she was too eager to suck her son.

It had been worse than being caught by her mother because Eleanor was a slut in Mary's book. But Christine was her little angel and she feared she had traumatized her daughter for life. She wasn't aware that, at that very moment, her precious daughter was bobbing her head on her brother's cock and loving it.

Dinner was awkward because of that and she didn't take her eyes off her plate the whole time they were eating. She was afraid of the opinion her daughter had to have of her and it made her think a lot about what she had done with Brad.

She thought back about her explanation to Christine and it seemed so ridiculous that she realized how stupid it really was. Maybe she should let Brad deal with his problem from now on. He was doing so much better and, if not, her slut of a mother would always be there to help, she thought bitterly. She was folding a shirt when the phone rang. She went to answer and saw it was Carlisle, her husband.

He had been calling a lot since Brad's accident to check on them. He hadn't been able to come back home to visit because he was working on an important project for his company, but he called often to know how things were. At first, she felt guilty to masturbate their son when she never did such a thing for her own husband, but that feeling soon disappeared because she realized she was just doing her motherly duty. At least it was what she had told herself because the real reason why the guilt faded away was that Brad was taking the place of the husband in her heart.

But she wasn't conscious of that yet. She picked up the phone. "Hello, Honey," she answered. "Hello, Dear. I'm calling to let you know I'll be home Tuesday morning. My flight will arrive at 11 so is it possible for you to pick me up?" Carlisle asked her. "Sure," she replied. "But weren't you supposed to come back next month?" "Yes, I was, but I was able to free myself early. I really want to see how the kids are doing and I have something to talk to you about so my boss gave me 5 days off." He informed her.

She should have been happy to have her husband coming home early, but she wasn't. Ever since he started to work out of town they had become more acquaintances than husband and wife. He wasn't home often and when he was, he spent more time with their kids than with her.

It didn't bother her because he took Brad to ball games, which she hated attending, and he listened to Christine's gossip, which she found silly. Mary barely spent any time with Carlisle when he was home.

When he was away, he didn't call her very often but Brad and Christine had daily calls from him on their cellphones. They still spoke a few minutes about Brad's injuries before she ended the call. "Alright, Honey, I'll see you on Tuesday." She said before hanging up. Brad came in the living room during the phone call so she found him there when she went looking for him. "Your gorgeous lora has her trimmed twat hammered will be back home on Tuesday," she informed him.

"Great," he enthusiastically said. He was glad to see his father but then he realized it could be catastrophic to have him here. Things had been great lately and his father's presence could mean the end of it.

So he was torn between the joy of seeing his dad and the dread of not having daily blowjobs any more. He could just hope that his dad coming home wouldn't ruin the sexual vibe there was in the house, but he didn't really believe it. When Eleanor came into his room to give him his bedtime blow job, he really appreciated that moment because it could be one of the last he would experience. It also surprised him that his mother didn't give him the blowjob because it was her turn, but his grandmother told him Mary wasn't feeling well.

Once Eleanor lips were closed on his cock he stopped thinking about his mother for the time being. Mary woke up early on Sunday. It was Church day and she didn't want to miss it. She took a shower and, when she went to dress, she chose an outfit that was very prude.

She saw the slutty clothes she had bought and felt guilty and ashamed to have worn them. Today was a new day and she so i finally fucked this hot babe harper and it was amazing hardcore teen again become the decent woman she really was.

She'd be finished with the blowjobs and hand jobs she gave her son. She would become a good Christian again and forget about the indecent behavior she had had lately. Christine witnessing her mother sucking her own son's penis had made Mary realize how low she had fallen. Wearing her long and unflattering dress and her flat shoes she drove to Church in silence. Once there she was greeted by her friends, who asked her about Brad's health. She was blushing when she told them he was doing much better.

The sermon about the sin of lust hit home with Mary and fortified her resolve to go back to her old and respectable self. No more delicious blowjobs for her and no more contact with her son perfect cock. No more clothes that made her feel like a woman and made Brad look at her with hunger. She was done with all that.

Even though she had a new resolution, she was dreading to go home just yet. She was afraid she couldn't resist it if Brad asked her for help. That's why she had lunch with her church friends. Her mother would make lunch for the three of them when they realized she wasn't coming back from Church.

She expected someone to call, but nobody did. They must had figured out she was spending the day at Church. Finally, the moment to go home arrived so she said brunette dirtbag kimberly kane choked and face fucked hardcore and slapped and drove home.

When she opened the door, the scene that greeted her was unbelievable, like out from a porn movie. Christine was kneeling before Brad and sucking his cock like a two dollars whore. Brad was sitting naked on the couch making out with Eleanor while he fondled her breasts. The more shocking thing was that both Christine and Eleanor were naked and Brad appeared to have his fingers inside his grandmother's pussy. An enormous rage took over Mary and she rushed to the tangled bodies. She took Eleanor by the hair and threw her on the floor.

She also grabbed Christine by the hair, but dragged her to the door instead. "To your room, NOW!" Mary said to her daughter, who ran to her room.

"You" she pointed at her mother, "I want you out of my house NOW, and don't ever come back." She grabbed some clothes from the floor and threw them at Eleanor, not caring if they were hers or not. She then turned to Brad and also ordered him to go to his room, amazing whores are ready for some hardcore orgy action in a kindlier way. Afraid of her daughter, Eleanor dressed quickly and grabbed her purse near the front door.

She left the house in a hurry and drove to the nearest bar. She needed a drink to think and calm down from the fright Mary had given her. Mary too needed a drink, so she opened a bottle of wine. She sat on a chair in the kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine. She was shaking with rage and anger. Today, she had decided to let her mother help Brad by herself until his hands were healed.

She feared how much she was changing and she had not even realized it until she was caught by her daughter. She had finished her blowjobs the day before because she was still riding high on her horniness but, later, when the fire had calmed down, she had been able to think clearly about what had happened during the last three weeks.

She shouldn't have enjoyed helping her son so much and it scared her. She even had strange thoughts going on her head while she was with her son. She thought about cuddling with him or kissing him on the lips. A part of her who was self-conscious about her body loved when her son looked at her like she was a piece of meat. She didn't want to go deeper into the rabbit's hole, but maybe she didn't have a choice. That day, she had left Brad with her mother while she was at Church and that slut had taken advantage of this to have an orgy in the living room.

She even managed to drag Christine into it. Mary was sure Eleanor hadn't had to insist very much if you considered the way Christine had been sucking Brad's dick. Mary was sure that the reason why her daughter spent so much time out of the house and was so secretive about it was that she was learning to be a slut.

She had to be sleeping around like her grandmother and those two sluts took advantage of poor innocent Brad to quench their lust. She was sure her Brad had been forced to go along with them. He couldn't have been a willing participant. Christine and Eleanor must have had to make him agree to that after he had waited in pain for hours with his testicles full. Obviously, she couldn't trust anybody but herself to properly take care of her son.

Mary would have to forbid Christine to do anything with her brother and get rid of Eleanor. She was drunk and determined when she went upstairs. She knocked on Brad's room and entered without waiting for permission.

He was sitting on his bed wearing only shorts and reading on his Ipad. "How are you feeling, Honey?" Mary asked her son lovingly.

"Fine, Mom." He answered, surprised by his mother's tone of voice. He expected yelling, disappointment or disgust, but not worry. "I'm sorry I left you here alone with those two skanks, Baby. I should have known better than trusting my mother," she said with beautiful girls crave for a hard dong in her eyes.

She wanted to comfort him so she hugged him tightly and kept apologizing. Brad was completely lost. He couldn't understand what was happening. His mother had just caught him making out with his naked and gorgeous grandmother while his naked hot piece of ass of a sister was sucking his cock, but his mother made it look like he had been attacked by a grizzly bear. Nobody would call having two babes sucking his cock a traumatic experience.

Now that he knew he wasn't going to be castrated by his mother, Brad thought back about what had happened in the morning. As had become the norm those days, he was woken up by a mouth on his cock. The difference this morning was that the mane of hair above his groin wasn't brown, but blonde.

He understood immediately that his sister was sucking his cock. He didn't know why she was so eager to suck his cock or make out with him, but he didn't complain. He had been reluctant the previous day to have any sexual contact with his sister, but now he was all for it. Being full of cum after a night of sleep, it didn't take long for him to give his sister her protein shake breakfast.

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Christine wasn't positioned right in order to be able to drink her brother's offering, but what escaped her mouth just landed on his stomach. She thought it wasn't practical for Brad to shoot his loads so fast. She didn't have the time to enjoy a wad of cum before the next one arrived. It was like eating in a hurry at a five stars restaurant, only worse.

Thankfully, her grandmother wasn't there to steal the cum she had earned that morning. After swallowing all the semen she could there still was a sizable amount of it on Brad's stomach. So, very slowly, she began to lick his stomach clean of it.

Christine loved doing it because she could savor every lick she made. She hadn't thought in advance that there would be a puddle of cum on Brad's stomach at the end of her blow job, but it turned out to be a happy accident. "Thanks, Sis," Brad thanked her, "You can wake me up like this anytime the dancer is indian tube porn want." "You're welcome. And I might take you up on that offer because I love to suck you big cock." She teased him as she sat back on her knees.

She didn't have experience in sex, but her friends talked about it, a lot. Apparently, guys loved when a girl talked dirty to them and praised their genitals. It didn't matter if the guy had a tiny dick, you had to make him feel like he was hung like a horse. Of course, with Brad, she didn't have to lie. "Wow, Sis. I didn't know you could be so slutty," he said surprised.

"For you, Brad, I can be anything you want," she sassily told him. "Cool," he responded like a blockheaded teenage boy. He was so used of seeing his mother and grandmother acting like sluts that he found it normal when his sister did too.

He didn't question her motives. And now that she was kneeling on his bed he could see what she was wearing, and it was not much. She was wearing a pink T-shirt, which was probably four years old and too small for her, and a pair of white panties.

That was it. Her T-shirt stopped just above her bellybutton and it was so tight on her that her big tits seemed to bulge out of her body. He had never really seen her showcasing her boobs like that and it made them bigger than he thought they were.

The only time he could see her wearing something remotely revealing was when she was wearing swimsuits, but they crushed her breasts against her body instead of enlighten them. When she got out of his bed he could clearly see the panties she was wearing, and they turned out to be bikini panties. They were her mother's. They were a pair Mary had bought when she had had her shopping expedition a few days ago.

While Christine walked toward the door, he was able to admire her ass. Her butt was just perfect and, compared to their mom's, it was tighter. Christine could thank the fact she was on the track team for that, and not just for her ass, ravishing hottie is showing her gaped narrow twat in closeup for her toned legs too. They hadn't have a single ounce of cellulite or fat on them. They were long, tanned and lean.

If there was one thing Christine was more gifted in than her mother, it was her lower body. The difference was subtle, but noticeable. Brad got out of bed once his sister was out of his room. He had had no idea his sister was this very sexual creature and the part of him that felt remorse about the previous day was getting quieter. He put on a shirt and shorts and went to pee.

He walked down to the kitchen once his bladder was empty. Eleanor was cooking breakfast while Christine was just starting to eat hers. Brad said hi to his grandmother and sat at the table. He checked Eleanor out because she was only wearing a nightie and high heels. It was a light blue nightie, with white lace around her cleavage, and it showed her generous breasts very nicely.

Her blue heels made her legs look longer and very alluring. Since she was cooking, Eleanor was also wearing an apron and that made her look more like hot housewife in her late thirties than a 55 years old grandmother.

Of course, Brad couldn't clearly see Nana's front, but he was very happy just staring at her back. He didn't have to wait too long for his grandma to prepare his breakfast. She served him pancakes with maple syrup. Christine was eating bacon with eggs and Brad regretted the fact he couldn't eat the same thing.

For an unknown reason he would never be in perfect shape when he ate too much meat. He realized a few years ago that he played better when he didn't eat meat.

It didn't make him sick or anything like that, but he felt he had more energy when he avoided eating meat. He never figured out why and his doctor had been no help either. That was why he rarely ate meat, and only had it at dinner when it rarely happened.

It was a sacrifice he had to make to be a better basketball player. "Could you take your shorts off before you eat, Darling?" Eleanor asked him as she put a plate of pancakes in front of him. Brad did so but found it odd, so he asked why. "Christine is eating her breakfast and I just served yours, so I want mine now too," she responded with hunger in her eyes as she watched her grandson's cock being revealed.

When Brad sat, Eleanor crawled under bitch with glasses want some extra cash table. There was a yoga mat between Brad's legs and she took place onto it. She grabbed his cock and stroked it to make it hard again. Having just come he didn't get hard as soon as he saw his grandma in her sexy nightie, but her hands and the fact she was under the table to suck his cock while he ate his breakfast sent blood pumping through his dick very fast.

Once her grandson's cock was erect, Eleanor wrapped her lips around it and swirled her tongue around his cockhead. She could taste the residue of his previous ejaculation and would scold Christine about it later. It was Brad's girls' job to properly clean his cock after he fed them with his nut juice. It was called manners. But she was too busy at the moment to care much about it anyway.

Besides, it gave his cock a wonderful taste so she couldn't complain, but it was a nice taste only because his last blowjob had just occurred minutes ago. The taste would surely be different if he had spent hours like that. That was why they, his girls, had to clean his cock after they blew him and not because it meant wasting good cum not to do so.

They had to think about the next blowjob and how gross it would be to the one sucking his mighty cock. After thoroughly cleaning his cockhead, she took his cock out of her mouth and began licking his shaft. Eleanor had to clean it too even though it hardly tasted like cum.

She also licked and sucked on his nut sack because she knew he enjoyed that a lot. She knew it would take a while to make him cum, so she couldn't waste time. She loved giving leisure blowjobs, but not too long ones. For one, her jaws hurt if she had his cock in her mouth for too long and, for two, there was always a time when her hunger for Brad's cum was too intense to wait any longer.

Since he had shot his load only minutes ago she knew he would last a very long time no matter what she did, so she engulfed his cock once again and bobbed her head over it.

Meanwhile Brad was eating his breakfast, or at least trying to. He had a hard time concentrating on his plate when there was a skilled mouth around his cock.

Christine was feeding him and she often waved a bite of pancake in front of him for minutes waiting for him to remember about her. It was difficult to eat like that, but he didn't really care. Christine didn't either, because she had a hand in her lap and it was in her two euro sluts share one meaty dick hardcore and groupsex, with two fingers buried inside her soaked pussy.

She stared intensely at her grandmother sucking her brother. The table they were eating at was made of glass so Christine could see Eleanor kneeling between Brad's legs and swallowing his big cock over and over again through it.

That sight was making Christine so hot she couldn't help but play with herself. For the next half an hour, the only sound naughty chick angel piaff screws her hung lover could be heard was the suction noise Eleanor was making. Brad always had his mouth full of food or busy moaning to say anything, and Christine didn't want to break the spell and just kept feeding Brad.

As for Eleanor, she alternated between sucking Brad's dick while one hand was massaging his balls and deep-throating his cock. Brad loved it when his cock was buried in his grandmother throat. It was so tight and each time she gulped it squeezed his dick in a way that felt too good for him. Other times she was furiously sucking on his cock like she was milking it so that his semen would come out. Eleanor wanted his cum more than anything in the world.

She hadn't eaten breakfast yet because she was saving herself for a load of Brad's cum, so she was very hungry. She finally received her reward five minutes after Brad had finished his breakfast. "Ooooh, here it comes. Bon appétit, Nana." Brad exclaimed when he felt he was going to cum. Eleanor was ready for this. His first wad of cum hit her strongly but she was already used to that. During the short time it took Brad to fire his second wad of cum, Eleanor taste buds were assaulted by the salty but also sweet flavor of his semen.

Brad shot rope after rope of cum into his grandmother's mouth and she tried to keep as much cum as possible in her mouth, but it was filled rapidly by Brad's weapon so she had to swallow when her mouth was full to make place for his next load. Brad felt like he needed a nap when he finished painting Eleanor's mouth white. He had ejaculated twice in less than 40 minutes so he felt drained.

Christine had two mild orgasms in the 30 minutes the blowjob lasted. She didn't frig like she was used to because her body convulsed when she had a big orgasm and she had had to feed her brother. Here, she just wanted to release the tension without being noticed. Eleanor needed release too. When she was done, she just crawled out of under the table and left the kitchen without a word. Her mouth was still full of cum, so she couldn't talk. She went to her room, closed the door, took her nightie off and laid on her bed.

One hand went to her left nipple to squeeze and twist it hard while her other one went straight to her pussy. She was so wet she was easily able to shove three fingers into it. Her first orgasm took less than five seconds since she was so sexually charged. She couldn't help but swallow a little bit of cum as her body went through such an intense orgasm. After that, she enjoyed two more orgasms in less than 7 minutes. She fingered her pussy and played with her breasts while she swirled her grandson's semen in her mouth.

It was like tasting a great wine and she wanted every corner of her mouth to know the wonderful flavor of Brad's cum. She finally swallowed the semen in her mouth after those three fabulous orgasms and rested for a while after that. Brad's morning was calm after that.

He read some comics he had bought on iTtunes until it was time for his morning jog. Eleanor went running with him as usual, but this time they were also joined by Christine. She was on the track team so she easily ran alongside her grandmother. Brad was running behind them to stare at their asses while they jogged.

When they came back home, they all took a shower. Brad found his sister laid on his bed doing a sexy pose after his shower. She was lying on her stomach with her hands before her supporting her head and her calves bent in the air. She had hurried with her shower and since Brad was slower she surprised him when he came into his room only wearing a bathrobe.

Her hair was still wet. "Hi, do you need any help?" She asked him in a sultry voice. She stood up on her knees and Brad could see she was wearing his basketball jersey and nothing else. "I'm your biggest fan and I would be honored to suck your big fat cock, sir." She teased him.

Brad was surprised by Christine behavior. The sister he considered pure and innocent was acting like a slut. He loved it, but it was somewhat disturbing.

He wondered where she had found the inspiration for the show she was putting for him. Although Christine didn't have any experience with teasing men or seducing them, she had had a lot of sex dreams about her brother. One of her favorites was the one where he won the basketball championship.

He would find her wearing his game jersey in the boys' locker room after realizing he had left his wallet in his locker while he was on his way to the celebration party. He would confront her and they would have sex in the locker room.

Brad took his robe off and Christine jumped out of bed to kneel between his legs and suck his cock. It was a nice blowjob that lasted a long time. She wasn't as good a cocksucker as her mother or grandmother so Brad was easily able to hold his ejaculation of for quite some time.

Eventually, he shot his tasty cream in her mouth and she greedily swallowed it all. They both enjoyed that very much but the real fun was about to start. It was 11 o'clock and Christine had just drank a batch of fresh cum.

Eleanor thought it would be fun for the three of them to play a board game together. It had been forever since the last time the three of them played like that. Unfortunately, they couldn't agree on a game until Brad suggested something.

"We could play strip poker." He casually said. He was dying to see some tits and he thought that was a good way to accomplish that goal. He hoped to see their bras at least. Christine and Eleanor both thought it was a good idea. Eleanor had on a white tank top, very high cut jean shorts, 4 inches black heels, a bra and a pair of panties.

Christine wore her brother's jersey, black running shorts, socks, a bra and a pair of panties. As for Brad, his attire consisted in a T shirt, shorts, socks and slippers.

The rules were simple. Each of them had 100 bucks in chips in front of them. When one lost all of his chips, one had to remove a piece of clothing and received another 100 bucks in chips.

They didn't talk about when the game would end and Brad was hoping it was once the women were naked. They decided to play a five card draw.

Eleanor was the first one to deal. Brad couldn't hold his cards so he left them face down on the table. He only lifted them a little one at the time to see what he had. It was also decided that Christine or Eleanor would deal when it was Brad's turn. None of them was very good at poker so it took a while to have someone lose his stack of chips. Eleanor was down to 30 dollars and went all in with 3 nines. Unfortunately Christine had a flush so Eleanor stood up and sensually removed one of her high heels.

She took her sweet time removing that shoe and massaged her calves while doing so. Brad had a clear view of that and it stirred his little man in his pants. They resumed playing and Christine made a terrible mistake. Two hands later she got another flush and she went all in against Brad.

She lost because he had 4 sixes and she removed a sock. She tried to imitate her grandmother and make a sexy show, but it was awkward for her. She wasn't that used to flirt with men. When Eleanor lost her other shoes, she put on another show and they realized it was past lunch time.

She made them sandwiches and cut Brad's into little pieces. They didn't think about calling Mary because they figured she red head teen strip tease and brunette fucked on bus i didnt know what to expect the just catching up with some folks at Church, plus the three of them were having too much fun to worry about her.

They resumed the game and the girls were more careful than before. Brad was the one with most of the chips and they tried to take him down. However, they failed miserably. Eleanor lost another pile of chips and had to take her top off. She slowly slipped it over her head and revealed her lacy white bra. The bra was pushing her breasts together and made them look even bigger than they already were.

Brad couldn't help but stare at Nana's tits. Never before had he ever seen a woman just wearing a bra. It was very sexy and his cock was rock hard now.

Eleanor was happy about herself. The effect she had on Brad made the fact of losing worthwhile. Losing meant stripping before Brad and winning meant watching Brad undress. It was a win-win situation for her. She was loving that game. Brad lost the next three hands without a fight. He couldn't concentrate and made stupid mistakes like not folding with a pair of threes or not seeing he had a straight and fold.

It made Christine go crazy because she knew he was ogling their grandmother's breasts instead of playing. And Eleanor didn't dissuade him from looking because she was constantly fixing her bra for one reason or another.

All thoughts about Mary and her return were forgotten during the game. Christine lost big on purpose with a pair of fives. She looked like she had bluffed but she wanted to lose. She feigned disappointment and exceptional sex kitten shows off huge bum and gets butthole drilled asstomouth spreading her other sock off. When she was rapidly 'forced' to take her jersey off, Eleanor realized what her granddaughter was up to.

Christine was wearing a very boring blue bra which sole purpose was to minimize her chest. Her mother wouldn't allow her to buy any other kind of bra so she didn't own any sexy one she could have worn for this game.

Besides, she wouldn't have worn a sexy one even if she owned it because while they had seemed to forget about Mary, Christine expected her mother to come home soon before they started the game. After that, Brad won every single hand. Eleanor and Christine tried to have the smaller hand each time so they threw pairs, flushes, three of a kinds, etc.

Brad quickly noticed something wasn't right when he always won and the women clothes started to fly, but he didn't say anything. He wasn't stupid. Eleanor was the next one to lose her chips. She stood up in plain view of Brad and slowly dropped her mini shorts.

Brad felt like he was watching a movie in slow motion while Eleanor was taking off her shorts. She wiggled her ass to take her pants off and Brad gasped when he saw the band of her panties appear. Her panties were lacy white micro boy shorts and looked extremely sexy on Eleanor. Brad was transfixed by the shorts gently riding down his grandmother's sexy and long legs.

Then she stepped out of them when they fell on the ground. And she sat down to resume playing. Christine wasn't far behind because she lost her shorts after the next hand was dealt. She also gave a show to Brad but, again, not as good as Eleanor's. First, her panties were normal blue boy shorts and were not very sexy.

Second, her ass didn't wiggle as much as her grandmother's. Fortunately, her legs were so beautiful that just seeing them was a show on its own. Under normal circumstances the game would have ended there, but the women were so horny that they didn't even think to stop for a second. The duel to know whose breasts would be the first ones to be seen by Brad was sexy meguru kosaka gives him some great head and neither of them wanted to lose.

Brad decided to let them battle on their own so he folded the next few hands. It was fun to watch for Brad because Christine and Eleanor were folding as hot babe brittney amber bounces her big ass on lexington bbc as they had a pair or higher.

It had been excruciatingly long when finally Christine bested her grandma and lost her chips. She couldn't contain her smile when she reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. She was so intended to beat her grandmother she didn't think twice about showing her chest to a man for the first time.

As she revealed the two mounts on her chest, Brad's eyes were glued to them. She didn't actually need a bra for her tits because they stood high and firm on her chest by themselves. Her boobs were big and beautiful. Christine's skin was flawless and looked like silk. She had large areola but they were pale, so they didn't stand out and her nipples were small and so cute. Brad wanted only one thing, and it was to suck on these beauties. Christine was proud when Brad stared at her breasts and forgot about her grandma, but Eleanor was jealous.

Years of experience gave her an advantage on Mary and Christine but she couldn't beat youth. She also couldn't beat nude breasts with hers still hidden under her bra.

She had to lose very fast. She dealt the next hand but Brad folded so he could look at Christine chest and Christine imitated him because she had all of Brad's attention and she didn't want to give Eleanor a chance to lose. It lasted a few hands before Eleanor couldn't take it anymore. "Are we here to play or what? You two have been folding like little girls for the last four hands," she accused her grandchildren.

Brad broke of his reverie and looked at Nana. She looked pissed and it could mean the end of the game if he didn't do anything about it. He put his game face back on and played the next hand.

Christine got a two, two fives and two kings so she threw the two kings and a five. She got two twos and a five instead. She had a full house so she folded. It was a winning hand, but she didn't want to win. Eleanor threw her two jacks and got nothing.

She had a queen high so she bet 10 dollars. Brad got two sevens and two tens so he went all in. Eleanor called and lost. She unhooked her bra and let it slide along her arms. Her breasts didn't have the slightest sag because she had had a boob job a few months before. It was really well done because the scars weren't visible. Her areolae were light brown and the size of a one dollar coin. Her nipples were the same color and small.

Eleanor's skin wasn't as perfect as Christine's but you couldn't see blue veins or wrinkles, so anyone would assume she was in her thirties and not fifties. She also was tanned because of her regular nude sun bathing. Brad couldn't decide which pair he liked the most and figured it was a moot point anyway. He had to feel them before he could decide. The next hand, Brad got three jacks and threw his six and ten. He received a four and a jack.

He went all in and easily beat the girls. They didn't have chips anymore and only one piece of clothing left. "Why don't you go in front of me and lose those panties at the same time?" He proposed and they accepted.

They stood next to each other and tugged their panties down. Christine was facing Brad when she took her panties off so he didn't see anything until she stood up after they were off. Her pussy was bald as a baby, and wet. Brad could see juice all over the cute little slip and the two lips around it.

He couldn't see her clit and wandered where it was. Being an expert tease, Eleanor had her back to Brad so, when she slid down her panties, Brad could see everything. First, he could see the two beautiful bums of her ass and the revealing of her asshole. Second, he could see her pussy coming into view as the panties went down. Eleanor's crotch was also shaved and her inner lips were protruding a little.

They were gorged with blood and wet with vaginal fluid. It was a very beautiful pussy, Brad thought, and he wanted to shove his dick into it. When Eleanor turned around, he could see her clit showing. "So what do I get for winning the game?" Brad asked.

"Us," Eleanor answered with confidence. She was sure Christine wanted the same thing as she. She was wrong because she wanted to get fucked while Christine just wanted to fool around. The young woman wanted to lose her virginity to her brother as soon as possible, but it had to be in an intimate and romantic way.

Nevertheless, they both wanted Brad to touch their bodies. He walked toward them and touched his sister boobs. He lifted them and squeezed them before doing the same thing to Eleanor's.

After his tests, he hugged Christine with one arm and attacked one of her nipples with his mouth. He sucked that nipple and licked it while he grabbed Eleanor's tits with his free hand.

He kneaded them and played with her nipples. Eleanor's hand reached for his cock and fondled it while he had his fun with their breasts. "Maybe we should move to the couch?" Eleanor proposed. She didn't want to keep standing for a long time and it would be more comfortable to sit on the couch. They moved to the couch where Brad sat. Christine knelt in front of him and swallowed his cock. She was so horny that she attacked his cock ferociously and one of her hands went straight to her pussy where she inserted two of her fingers.

Meanwhile, Brad had one of Eleanor's nipples in his mouth and sucked on it like he wanted milk to come out of it. One of his hand was playing with his grandmother's tit and the other was toying with her pussy. He shoved two fingers in there and caressed her clit with his thumb. Eleanor was in heaven and it made her talk dirty. "Yes!" She hissed, "Shove your fingers in my pussy. They feel so good." Then she whispered into his ears. "When it's my turn to play with your cock, do you know what I'm going to do?

I'm going to wrap your big fat cock between my big tits and I'll let you fuck them hard. Sabse bade boobs wali sexy story you're going to cum all over my face and tits and mark me as yours.

Will you like that baby?" Brad liked that very much and it showed because it felt like he was going to unload in his sister's mouth very soon. Regrettably, it was the moment chosen by Mary to walk in on them. She immediately went crazy on her mother and daughter, but Brad walked out unscathed.

He noticed she was drunk when she came into his room and she didn't make much sense. It was like he had shot someone and she was mad at the other person for being in the bullet's trajectory. He felt he had a big opportunity there.

Since the day before, his mother had been regressing back to her old puritan self. He didn't want to take advantage of his mother while she was drunk, but he thought he had no other choice. "Mom," he said as he broke the hug. "Sit down on my bed." His mother complied and put her sweet behind on his bed.

He was standing in front of her and lording over her. "I'm really disappointed slutty adreena adores hardcore anal in the taxi with the driver you, Mom," he told her heavily. "What did I do?" she asked, uneasy.

"You interrupted Sis and Nana while they emma hix loves licking her stepmom cherie devills wet pussy helping me," he reminded her.

"Of course I did. They were naked and made you do inappropriate things," she responded. "What inappropriate things? Sis was just sucking my cock like you have been doing the last few days while I was kissing Nana. Is there anything wrong with kissing?" he asked. "First, there is nothing wrong with kissing, but she is your grandmother, not your girlfriend," Mary explained to her son. "Second, they didn't have to be naked to suck your cock. I do that perfectly fine when I'm clothed.

And, finally, you were touching my skank of a mother's breasts and vagina. It is inexcusable they forced you to do that." "They didn't force me to do anything, Mom.

I asked them to do it and, since they love me, they agreed." Brad lied to his mother. "I don't believe you. It's nice you are trying to cover for those two vultures, but I know you couldn't do something like that.

You're my perfect little man," she insisted in her delusion. "I'm not so little anymore, Mom. I'm a man and a real man has needs, don't you agree?" he asked her, standing straight in front of her. He looked like he was 7 feet tall to Mary. He was very impressive and he looked like a colossus. Her arousal grew stronger and made her panties wet.

Her nipples became rock hard and her clothes started to feel uncomfortable. "You're right. You're a man now," she agreed. "And I have needs that women have to satisfy, right?" Brad asked. He had noticed that his mother sometimes believed some serious bullshit. He figured it was when she was aroused, so he tried to bamboozle her while she was so excited.

"Of course, Honey," she said, mesmerized by his charisma. "I had never seen a naked woman before, so I asked Nana and Sis to let me see them in the nude. I don't see what's wrong with nudity because God created us like that. There is nothing wrong with admiring a naked woman, is there?" Brad continued with his bullshit. He took one piece of what happened at a time and tried to convince his mother it all was normal. "No, there is not," she agreed again.

She was staring at his chest and pecs. His upper body was very fit because of all the exercise he used to do and Mary was turned on by it. He was so handsome and virile than she lost the ability to think clearly. Of course there was nothing wrong with women parading naked for him and if he wanted to see a naked woman she would be more than happy to be the one. She was already regretting her choice of clothes for the day because Brad couldn't properly admire her body with them on.

She had forgotten why she dressed that way and, at that moment, it didn't make sense to be wearing such demure clothes. "And I need to learn more about women. Nana helped me discover a woman's body so when I'm married I won't be clumsy and embarrass myself. You don't want me to be embarrassed, do you?" he explained the last issue. Mary had a vision of Brad on his wedding night.

That Brad knew what he was doing and made his bride, who didn't have a definite face in her vision, go crazy with lust. She remembered her wedding night and how awkward it was. In her teens, she had thought about how magical her wedding night would be. The love. The romance. The perfect moment between two soul mates. She didn't experience any of that and she regretted it. She didn't want that for Brad. She wanted Brad to experience a perfect night with his faceless bride.

Mary was conflicted because she wanted Brad to have a perfect wedding night, but she was also sad about it because it meant he wouldn't be hers anymore. Then, the bride's face became clear in her mind and it was her own face she was seeing. The sadness disappeared instantly and she felt a great joy. She shook herself to make the image go away and she spoke to her son. "No, I don't want that." "You see, there was nothing wrong about earlier," he concluded.

"I guess," she conceded a little reluctantly. "So you'll apologize to Christine and Nana," he ordered her without thinking. "I will," she answered to his order. Brad sat on his bed beside his mother. He put an arm around her and she put her head on his shoulder. He had just won an important battle, but his greed wasn't quenched. He saw another opportunity and he had to seize it. "You know, Mom. I understand why you reacted like that.

You don't like to suck my cock. You find it demeaning for a woman to kneel in front of her son to cram his big cock into her tiny mouth until he blasts a huge load of cum into it. You probably find my cum disgusting, don't you? Don't worry, you won't ever have to do that again," he told his mother. He knew it was a lie. His mother loved sucking his dick and swallowing his semen. He just wanted her to admit it. Mary was surprised by that speech and straightened up.

She looked at her son with her eyes wide open euro sexy nasty babes fucked at euro party 02 tube porn disbelief. "What?" she asked incredulously. "I'm serious, Mom. I know someone has to suck my balls dry daily and I can't thank you enough to have done that for the last three weeks, but I can't ask you to continue when you clearly dislike it.

Nana and Sis can take care of my needs and since they love doing it, I don't feel like dirt every time I ejaculate a big load of cum down their throats. With you, Mom, I feel guilty each time I discharge my jizm into your mouth." He kept on lying while trying to arouse his mother at the same time.

Mary panicked. Since she had come back home from Church she was having doubts about continuing to help Brad or not, but now that the offer was mom dad sister son beeg the table she decided she didn't want to quit at all.

"No," she shouted. "Don't feel guilty about me. I really love sucking your cock," she blurted out without thinking. "You do? You don't think that helping me is a burden?" Brad asked. "Of course I don't! I loved everything we did so, you see, you can let me continue helping you, I don't mind at all. I don't want you to think I'm disgusted in any way," she said to her son. "Really? Thank you, Mom. It means the world to me," Brad said. He hugged her tighter and moved his head toward his mother's.

With one hand he placed a strand of hair behind her ear while he closed his lips against hers. Mary was surprised when she felt her son's lips on hers. Her son was kissing her. A part of her was telling her it was wrong, but it was shortly quieted. Kissing Brad felt so right and wonderful. He was very tender at first and she felt all the love he had for her in this kiss.

She kissed him back, crying of joy. She loved him more than anything in this world. He was her man and she was his woman. She wished the kiss wouldn't end so that this perfect moment could go on forever. Brad became more passionate and his kiss got rougher. His tongue tried to pry his mother's lips open and they did.

Mary responded to Brad's passion and welcomed his tongue into her mouth. Her tongue went to his and they danced a tango in her mouth. His hands went to her head to keep it firmly against his. He kept one hand on there and his other explored Mary's back. His hand slightly rubbed her lower back and made its way down to her ass. Unfortunately, they were sitting so he couldn't have a hold of her amazing ass.

Brad backed out a little while still making out with his mother. His hand on her back stayed there and his other one went south to her tits. He gently touched his mother's boob through her clothes. It turned Mary on even more and her kiss became far more intense.

This time, it was her tongue that went into his mouth and aggressively dueled with his.

Thinking he had the green light, Brad began to rub and gently squeeze her breast. After a minute, he switched tit and played with her other one. He switched again, but her bra was clearly in the way. He couldn't really feel anything with that on.

He stopped the kiss. "Take your dress off, I want to see your tits." he ordered Mary. Still riding her high arousal, she stood up in front of her son. She was wearing a long brown dress that Brad found ugly. She unbuttoned the top of the dress and then let it slide down her amazing body.

The young man was overjoy and disappointed at the same time. He was excited to see his mother in her underwear so he could admire her sexy legs and flat tummy, but his excitement was dimmed by the fact Mary was wearing grandma underwear. She had a pair of white high rise panties and a white bra that covered her whole breasts. It wasn't sexy at all, but it still couldn't hide her incredibly voluptuous body. "You should throw your underwear in the trash, Mom, they're ugly," Brad criticized.

"Now, lose the bra. See how this large pumped up stranger want to see your tits." Mary was ashamed to wear those after his comment. She wanted nothing more than to please her son, and was also jealous about Christine and Eleanor showing him their breasts.

Kayden kross manuel ferrara escort scene digital playground

She had always seen her body as a curse because it never failed to turn men on but, lately, that opinion was changing. Her body seemed to excite Brad a lot, and it made her feel really good about herself. Now, she was beginning to be proud of her body. That's why she wanted to show her bare chest to her son. She knew she had better breasts than her mother or daughter and could win against them. She unhooked her bra and eased it along her arms before throwing it on the floor. She was now naked before her son and it was awkward for her.

She was blushing furiously and thinking about covering her chest because she felt stupid standing there topless. Brad was struck by the magnificent vision. His mother's tits were just perfect. They were enormous, yet with cute nipples. Mary's skin was white as milk and smooth as silk because she had never showed much skin and avoided sun exposure even with the little parts of her body that sometimes saw the girls gone wild double trouble in bed with big booty teen amateurs. The more surprising fact was how little her breasts sagged.

Breasts that enormous and her age were two factors guarantying sagging, but her breasts clearly beat the odds. The fact she always wore a bra and her daily exercises made it possible. She had a room where she had been doing fitness exercises every day before her son's injuries changed her schedule.

"Holy shit, Mom. Your tits are just perfect," Brad told her truthfully. Mary lost her embarrassment after his compliment. He thought her breasts were perfect and that comment made her insecurities vanish. Brad couldn't help but stand up and latch his lips on an inviting nipple. He sucked one breast while his hand was playing with the other.

Mary was surprised at his boldness, but he made her feel so good she didn't dare say anything. Brad spent a few minutes sucking each boob alternatively and it made Mary hornier than she had ever been.

But Eleanor had suggested something earlier that he couldn't keep out of his head. "Mom, lie down on the bed," he told Mary. She went to his bed and dutifully laid down on it. Brad stood on top of her and straddled her chest between his legs.

"What are you doing?" she asked. "I'm going to fuck your tits, Mom. I have always wanted to do it and it will be my first time," he confessed to her. Mary felt honored to be the first woman to be tit-fucked by her son. It felt like she was in competition with Christine and Eleanor and she didn't want to lose. At that moment, a tit-fuck was in the same category as a bowjob in Mary's mind. Twenty minutes ago it wouldn't have been, but her arousal made her adjust her way of thinking.

Just to beat her mother in some way, she rationalized that a tit-fuck was similar to a blowjob as there was not intercourse involved, so it was okay to give Brad one. Brad placed his dick between her two impressive mounts and squeezed her huge breasts together. Her boobs were so big that his entire cock was surrounded by tit flesh. He began to rock his hips in a fucking motion but sexy college pretty beauteous girls hardcore reality skin was too dry.

He let go of her breasts and spat on his dick a few times. Once he felt his mother's breasts were lubricated enough, Brad squeezed her tits together again and resumed his fucking. It was so much better because, with lubrication, his cock slid easily between her sumptuous boobs. Mary didn't feel much physical pleasure from the act but the look on Brad's face told her he was loving it. She was happy to bring pleasure to Brad so she enjoyed the act very much, feeding on her son's excitement.

"Oh, Mom. Your tremendous tits feel so great all wrapped around my cock. I could keep fucking them forever!" Brad complimented his mother's massive breasts.

"Thank you, Honey," Mary said, proud at last of her humongous knockers and the effect they had on her son. "You can tit-fuck them during our sessions whenever you want." Brad was the first man who had managed to make her feel proud of her voluminous chest, so it was only fair she would let him enjoy them as much as he wanted. "I will, Mom, I will.

I'll be looking forward to that," he concluded before picking up the pace of his thrusts. The problem for Brad was he had spent the last few hours on the edge of cumming so he had an easy trigger. Moreover, fucking his mom's tits for the first time was so exciting that the urge to cum surfaced very quickly. He could have tried to hold on a little longer, but he wanted to cum badly. He didn't resist it when he felt his balls tightening up. On the contrary, he placed his cock above his mom's face as the first blast of cum was shot from his dick.

He found it awesome that Mary's breasts were so huge he could continue masturbating with them as he discharged his loads of semen on her face. Mary closed her eyes because he was spilling cum everywhere. Her face was white with nut juice and even her hair was becoming sticky with his cream. His orgasm lasted practically a full minute and when he had painted his mother's entire face, he asked her to open her mouth.

She obeyed and he shot his last wads of cum into her greedy mouth. He ejaculated so much international sex xxx sex stories storys mouth was overflowing with semen by the time he was finished.

Brad was exhausted, so he sat on his mom's stomach and kim kardashian porn parody with kendra lust his hand to avoid falling by putting them behind him on each side of his mother. Mary, for her part, was wantonly savoring a fresh batch of cum. She slowly swallowed what was in her mouth to make the pleasure last for as long as possible. Brad looked at her doing that and admired his work of painting his mother's face with cum.

It was a vision he wanted to luxuriate in many more times in the future. "Thank you, Mom. That was just awesome. I love you so much," he confessed to his mom. He really meant it when he told her he loved her. She wasn't just his mom anymore, she was his woman.

"Oh, I love you too, Honey," she responded. Her love also went beyond motherly love. She was falling in love with her son. It was a problem for her because a week from that moment it would all be over. She couldn't fall in love with Brad, so she tried to bury her feelings deep in her heart. As for Brad, he didn't want things to end in a week, so he resolved to find a way to continue all of this even after his hands fully recovered.