Gorgeous teen samantha seduces her mom mindi to have sex

Gorgeous teen samantha seduces her mom mindi to have sex
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My sister opened her eyes to find herself chained down on my bed ".what the fuck Matt?!" she yelled as she saw me standing next to super teen creampie mila marx cum in pussy cream pie with my muscular arms holding a whip in my right hand and a gag ball in the other. she saw i was shirtless showing off my 6-pack and tanned skin to her. "whats wrong sis? don't like being tied down by a man?" i teased her, knowing that by now she loved being pinned or helpless around me.

"you better untie me bro unless you want to be in serious trouble!" she threatened. "empty threats again sis? they never work." i held the whip up after putting the gag in her mouth "now.its time i showed you who your master is!" with that i cracked the whip across the floor making her jump(as little as she could) in fear of the whip. "y-you better not touch me with that!" she said trying to keep a straight angry face when it was obvious she was scared. "or what sis?" i asked bravely, not scared of her doing anything.

she did not answer ,so i continued "well if your not going to do anything, i will!" i grabbed her shirt and pulled a knife off the computer desk next to me, then cut her shirt down the middle as she took in air from a gasp not expecting me to tear one of her shirts like that. I held tightly onto the blade as i traced it over her belly slowly making sure not to cut her.

"like it baby sis? knowing i hold a very painful tool in my hand.and i control whether you feel pain or not right now." she glared at me as i talked, then i moved the knife slowly up towards her bra, and traced the fabric around her tits as the blade lightly got caught in some of the fibers and cut them as it continued on.

I sighed loudly suddenly "I'm bored playing with you." i stuck the blade under the front of her bra and cut the middle strap connecting the two. her bra flew open making her tits flop out and jiggle a little. she blushed as soon as this happened a light red color. "aw sis you look so cute like that!" i said to tease her and she let out a low growl at me as i smiles looking down at her tits.

I laughed a little loving when she growled like that. its so cute because she tries to act tough, and resist the things i do to her, but she loves it. since neither our mom nor our dad were home i realized we did not need the gag ball, so i took it out, the second i did she yelled "fucker!" at me. "ooh, sis.how naughty of you! you don't call your master a fucker!" with that i took my whip and cracked it across her tits once on each making her arch her back and squeal with pain.

"you okay sis? did that hurt? not too much i hope.you have a lot more in store for you." with that i leaned down and played home porn czech next door blonde uma her soft tits. Beckie knew she was defenseless and without any means to stop me at all.

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mom and dad were on a second honeymoon. their 23rd year had been ruined by a freak tornado, so they left me in charge. being the oldest, even if only by two minutes, they considered me the better leader.

so they left me and my fraternal twin sister home alone for an entire week. Beckie was now starting to feel her pussy get wet as she realized that i could do whatever i wanted and she could not stop me no matter what she may have wanted. ad she found herself arching her back cute eighteen year old asian luscious cutie the feeling of my hands.

"In fact i haven't even started yet!" i said enthusiastically as i felt her nipples harden and her tits get firmer as i leaned down and sucked on them slowly.

"M-Matt!" she said while blushing still. she was arching her back trying to get more of her boobs into my hungry mouth. i started nibbling on the tips at a soft bite, she sighed lightly, then i bit harder suddenly and she let out a loud gasp and whimpered a little.

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Beckie was not even sure why she was so turned on. normally she would not give in like she was. she normally put up a lot better of a resistance.

we had not had sex in over two weeks since dad got laid off from work. all i could do was tease her all the time. so she figured that was why she was acting this way. "do you like it baby sister?"i let go of her tits and whispered softly in her ear, then i moved my hand slowly down to her belly and lower still. she was whimpering a little louder, wanting me to touch her now. "do you want me to do something for you sis?

i don't know what to do." i put on an innocent face acting like i did not. "y-you know what i want you to do." she said blushing more. "no i don't sis.what do you want.?" my hand was right above her mound and i started doing slow, soft circles. she started moaning a little. "rub me brother! rub my pussy and stop teasing me!" she screamed in my ear pushing her hips up trying to get my fingers closer.

"rubs your what sis?" i rested my hand on her pussy mound still making slow circles now. "MY PUSSY! RUB MY FUCKING CUNT NOW MATTHEW!" it was an ear-deafening scream that let me know she wanted it badly. she her finger fits her snatch hardcore and blowjob called me by my full first name Matthew, but again, another sign she was horny.

"you asked for it! you fucking bad slut!" i put my pinkie and ring finger into her pussy and used my index finger and thumb to pinch her clit. she let out a moan jesse jane and riley steele incredible blowjob away. but i still wanted to tease her. "oh i forgot to take your pants off" i took my fingers out of hr with a loud protest of "NO!" from her and she let out a saddened groan as i went to work undoing her belt and pants, then pulling them down to expose a growing wet spot on her pussy about the length of a toothpick, but the width of a half dollar quarter.

"GOD DAMN! your fucking wet sis! when did you get this horny? i rubbed the wet spot and she let out a low moan but did not answer me out of embarrassment. "when sis?" i looked up at her now waiting, when she did not answer again i stood up and smacked her pussy with her panties still on making her let out a loud moan. "s-since i got whipped by you." she answered blushing bright red.

"and your this wet already?!" i grabbed her panties and pulled them down with a trail of her her cum following the panties.

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she let out a low "mhm" and stayed silent. "what was that sis? i want a loud yes from you!" i stuck two fingers up her pussy and she let out another loud moan. "Y-yes! I'm very wet already!" she said blushing still as she said it.

"yes.what?" i said. she looked at me strangely.

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"I'm your master! now address me properly!" she looked at me and said "uh-uh!" and shook her head.

"what was that fuck slave?!" I pulled my fingers out and leaned down, then bit her clit hard. "MMMMH! Y.NO!" she said stubbornly. she never makes it easy on me. i stick two fingers in her pussy, as always she was extremely tight, barely being able to even take my cock. i knew a third finger would get the results i wanted. so i showed her i was about to use a third finger and she let out a low groan.

she felt it next to her pussy hole and yelled "YES MASTER!!!" i smiled but played dumb.

"yes master what?" "Y.YES! MASTER I'M ALREADY German wife sex club fisting WET AND-" she cut herself off. ".and what slave? don't make me use three fingers again!" i said "and.and i want you to.fuck.me.master." she looked away blushing a deep red. "want me to fuck you huh? sounds simple enough.but why should i slave? what do i get out of this?" she knew what i wanted.

i wanted her to talk dirty to me. that's what i like to hear. "i.i.il.ill.ill cum for you.master.ill cum all over your cock." she still was not looking me in the face, or looking at me at all. "oh would you now? what if i were to just make you cum with my fingers?" with that i pushed two fingers into her pussy and curved them upward. i knew exactly where her G-spot was, and she knew what i was going to do. "N-NO MASTER! I want your cock to make me cum! not your fingers!" she was now looking into my eyes.

she was sad, pleading for my cock, not my fingers. "then beg for my cock you dirty slut!" i unzipped my pants and took my boxers off, letting my 6 inch cock spring out and point straight at her and i positioned it in front of her lips. she blushed even more as she put my cock head into her mouth ad sucked more of my cock in as she went.

"do you want my cock in your pussy slave?" she spat my cock out. "yes master.i want it shoved into me.please." she went back to sucking my cock.

she wanted to show me how bad 3 dick in one ass wow wanted it in her pussy. she started moving her tongue in circles around my cock head making me moan softly, then she tried something odd.

she tried pressing the tip of her tongue into the pee hole of my cock, which iskul tichar bf storys sexxxx oddly good making me moan louder. "ok that's enough you naughty slave! ill fuck you!" i pulled my cock out of her mouth and went to position my cock at her pussy hole, but i could not because of her legs being tied down.

i reached in my pants for a key and unlocked the chains on her legs. "now spread your legs slut!" she whimpered and spread them high exposing her pussy to the cold air and her puckered little ass hole. "m.master don't forget to use a condom please.i don't wanna get pregnant." she whimpered still wanting my cock inside of her tight cunt hole.

"well you had better get some pills then slave! cause im not using a fucking condom!" with that i pushed the head in. the head slipped in easy as her pussy was soaking wet. "oh fuck! god damn your fucking wet slave!" i gripped her hips tightly and slid more of my cock in. at the same time she was making protests saying how i need to put a condom on.

once my six inch cock was in to the base so my balls rested on her little ass hole i could feel the sweltering heat from her hot fiery cunt around my cock, making it very hard not to cum already. she looked at me and blushed red again seeing and feeling me penetrate her wet, hot cunt lips.

"fuck me brother." she blushed still while saying it, she didn't want to, but she was so caught up in the moment now that her pussy was aching for my cum. inside her or not. "just please fuck me now!" i didn't need any encouragement at all to fuck my twin sister senseless!

but to hear it still was even better! i pulled my cock back till just the head was beyond her pussy lips and she let out a low groan of dissatisfaction of me going slow, but still i had to tease her to the end. as i started pushing back in she would meet my push with a push of her own hips faster than me and gave me moans of encouragement still. "fuck yes sis! your pussy is so fucking wet and hot today! your not making it easy for me to hold back my cum!" she moaned louder at hearing that and said to me "cum brother!

cum anywhere you want! then fuck me some more!" she was whimpering while saying that, but i didn't want to get her pregnant. i pulled my cock out and told her to suck me till i came in her mouth, then to swallow it. her response to that was yes, but that's was the wrong answer, so right before she got to lick my cock i pulled away.

"yes what slave?! you know the rules!" i barked at her. "YES MASTER I WILL SUCK YOUR COCK AND SWALLOW YOUR CUM!" she yelled at me. her pussy was tingling and sending tingling sensations throughout her body as if spreading over her as i teased her more. she hated this feeling normally, meaning she needed male attention, but since she was getting it she was loving the feeling.

"now that's my good girl!" with that i shoved my cock into her mouth and she started sucking like crazy, licking her tongue around my head frantically as she rubbed her legs together to try and relieve some of the aching feeling down there. i saw hard rape xxx ebony story download attempts and decided i would help her out, so i slid my hand down to her wet fuck hole and started fingering it slowly and she let out loud moans and whimpers as she sucked my cock.

"im gonna cum slave! now swallow it all down your throat!" with that i began fucking her mouth fast. her mouth was mine to do whatever i wanted, and i wanted to cum in her mouth. after that thuoght had gone through i moans loudly and came in her mouth very hard. she had a hard time swallowing it all with my cock still in her mouth, but when she got it she then proceded to suck my cock to clean it off.

"oh fuck sis.time to fuck your pussy raw!" i said. she had a gleam in her eye after i said that looking up into my eyes smiling widely. "please do fuck me master.please!" she looked so lactating teen fucked hard on hookup hotshot pleading me like that.

i positioned myself to enter her fuck hole and again was confronted with her puckered ass hole calling me. "if i fuck your pussy and make you cum slave, i fuck your ass right after wards! got it slave?!" she just nodded her head in approval and said "mhm" not caring. with that i shoved my cock into her pussy hard and she instantly arched her back in agreement with the hard object pushing her pussy walls open.

i rested there feeling her pussy pull on my cock trying to suck me deeper into her. "fuck slave! god damn your soo fucking tight!" my hips started thrusting on their own. i could not control myself anymore. my cock was going insane throbbing inside her cunt. she was moaning very loudly unable to hold back her moans anymore, not even from biting her lips. i started picking up more and more speed and her moans turned to long moans that didn't break as much and she started a chant of my name "matt.matt.Matt.Matt.Matt.

Matt.Matt.MattMattMATTMATT!!! she kept going till finally i felt her cum. her pussy walls contracting around my cock trying to make me cum as her bottom half fell onto the bed with a deep sigh and breathing heavily. "no breaks for you slave!" with that in mind i turned her over after un-cuffing her wrist cuffs and lined my cock up with her ass as her top half laid lazily on the bed, not even moving. then i started to gently push into her ass hole with my lubricated cock from her slick pussy juice.

the head slid in with some effort, being thickest after all the blood flow to it. "aaaah! b-broth.MASTER!!!!" she said out of surprise from feeling her ass penetrated. "oh shit slave! your ass is soo tight! HOLY SHIT!" this time when i thrust in it had to be slow because if i had gone too fast my sisters virgin ass would be hurting for a while.

when i got the base i actually was afraid to move my hips. afraid how soon i might cum. but i guessed i would have to fight it and started to slowly pull out till just the head was in again. her moans were combined with deep sighs making a weird combination sound of the two. i slowly picked up my pace getting faster and faster again as i felt myself approaching my release and as i felt my cum start to get ready to flow from my dick i grabbed her hips tightly and pounded her ass hard as she started pinching her clit and tugging on it.

suddenly i felt my sweet release inside her ass. i sprayed the inside of her ass hole with my cum. it was not the biggest orgasm i had ever had, but it was pretty damn big, and powerful. my cock twitched more and she came feeling my cum spray her insides and some juice squirted from her pussy, sending her sweet juices onto the bed sheets making a mess for me to clean up.

we both collapsed at the same time exhausted. me on top of her with my cock slowly growing smaller completely spent, and her breathing heavily, some drool dribbling from her mouth, unable to close her mouth finally the tension to start things off at this a the time being cause of all the heavy breathing she needed to do.

Beckie sighed deeply and spoke softly "how did i ever get into this mess?" i knew what she meant, but of course i had to make things a little less awkward after that question, so i answered jokingly "well when you came you spilled it all over my bed, then laid in it.thats how you got into this mess sis." she looked at me with a small glare in her eyes, but also an expression of "your an idiot" as she leaned forward and kissed me softly on the lips for a good 5 seconds, before pulling away, winking at me and saying good night as she cuddled against my chest pressing her tits against me mushing them.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WELL THAT WAS AN EXCITING STORY NO? WELL WHETHER YOU THINK IT WAS GOOD OR NOT, THE IMPORTANT THINGS IS.THAT MY GF LIKES IT! THE REST OF YOU HATERS CAN GO TO HELL!!! lol hope you enjoyed the story ------------------------------------------ CREDITS Matt- ME Beckie- MY GF Our mom- who would you like it to be? your choice! lol Our dad- WHO CARES?!