Five legal age teenager honeys relaxing masturbation and smalltits

Five legal age teenager honeys relaxing masturbation and smalltits
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This is the story of Brandy a fine upright student of Gunderson Community russian teem boy seducing aunty on sofa. She is five foot eight inches tall. Has dark brown eyes along with mid-level dark black hair. In her third year of collage, if you ask around for her most people wouldn't even know who your talking about. Brandy hasn't been blessed to be the prettiest or most popular student.

She isn't even smart enough to be considered a "nerd". She is kind of plain considering her more busty students. She isn't as smart as her more over achieving students. What she is more of then any of her other students is dead. Beautiful nurse haley reed decides to taste patients dick Brandy has went from a classically unremarkable easily forgotten collage student, to everyone's friend and solely missed classmate.

She has been missing for about three months and even when her half rotted bloated body was found stuck in between a upturned log and rock near a creeks miles away from her home town the cops weren't surprised. They considered her long dead after the second week of her reported disappearance by her mother.

A mother who has been to news stations day time talk shows and even had a half hour segment on the show 20/20. In fact her own mother didn't notice her only daughters disappearance until a week after she missed her weekly call home.

Brandy hasn't been able to make friends with her classmates and has always been akward at social gatherings. It all stems from a over bearing mother who home schooled her until the eighth grade. That left her at a sever disadvantage when it came to socializing with her high school classmates something that carried on with her into her college years. This is her story of falling in love with the wrong man. Getting swept away and her untimely death. The sad part is when Brandy is out of her shell she is a horrible tease.

That only happens when she convinces herself to go to a party after everyone else is well intoxicated. She gets what's left of the keg and tries to hold a conversation with some drunk or stoned guy. "Hey…hi." Brandy says trying to create some conversation with a cute blond guy with slicked back hair.

The jock turned around and saw a thin pasty white girl with no stand out qualities trying to talk to him. Easy fuck so he thinks.

"Hey girl I didn't see you at the party earlier." He says trying to sound like a old friend. "Yea-yeah…that's cuz I just got here." Brandy says with a sheepish smile on her face.

"Glad to see you found yourself a drink. I though all these lug heads and sluts had dranked it all." He said flashing her a slick half smile. "I was just volunteered to go to a beer run you wouldn't mind keeping me company right?" He said holding her hand and giving her some googly eyes to try to convince miley may turns an interracial blowbang into a fuck fest to go with him.

Not that he had to try hard Brandy is like any other human and she felt a primal urge to go with him deep in her loins. "Sure I wouldn't mind." Brandy said while she put her hair behind her ear and gave him a flirtatious smile. Soon they where both in his beat up car and driving past campus and towards town. The local liquor store didn't have late hours so they were going to Larry's.

Larry is a bootlegger…yes they still exist who sells beer liquor and home made hooch to anyone who comes by. His business is a word of mouth type so he doesn't ask how the locals or college kids get to know of his business he just sells them what they can afford. The drive was kind of long and filled with the blond guy trying to grab himself a hand full of Brandy's thigh.

Brandy of course swiped his hand away but playfully. She hasn't ever fucked a guy she did how ever she did sleep with some chick at camp when she was fifteen but Brandy still liked guys more. She wasn't sure if she was going to give it up to this guy but didn't want to seem like she is a prude either so she just played along. She had to admit it's kind of fun the cat and mouse game she and this boys hands were playing.

It was fun until they parked down a little less then a half a mile from Larry's. "What are we doing here? I thought we was going to get some beers." Brandy asked confused and not at all amused about being alone with a strange guy in the middle of the woods.

"Relax baby we are we ain't but a few minutes from Larry's place. I just wanted to you…know." He said sliding closer to Brandy now only a few centimeters from her face. "Uh…no I don't know." Brandy said turning her face from his and blushing.

"Don't be a tease. I thought we was having a good time." He said coming a bit closer to her and huge ass blonde babe nina kay gets fucked hardcore big dick her chin to face him.

"So let's make this good time better." With a peck on her lips Brandy melted. Her legs squeezing together trying to not show how hot and ready she is. They continued to make out and admittedly Brandy enjoyed kissing this boy. It was the thrill of doing something naughty and plus the fact she was as horny as a porcupine sleeping in the middle of a cactus field.

Feeling encouraged by the make out section he moved his hand to cup her breast. Brandy was surprised and backed away breaking their kiss. "No.please." Brandy said in a quick gasp. "I'm sorry baby I may have gotten to excited." He said then moved in for another kiss this time keeping his arms at her back. The make out routine continues and they booth soon get hot and heavy to the point where brandy reaches for his hand and places it on the tit she denied him earlier.

He caressed her titty feeling it's sagging girth under his hand. She went bra-less even better he squeezed her titty roughly and felt her skin bounce back under his palm. She moaned out of pain rather then pleasure, but liking the feeling of his hand on her titty she let he go on. Feeling even more bold he switched hand and breast and let his previously occupied hand slip down in between her thighs. This made Brandy jump and she pushed him away.

"Whoa…slow down now." She said in between pants. "Damn it bitch stop acting like a damn nun and open them legs." Brandy screamed as he pounced on her nearly ripping her shirt off. She didn't know what to do now she was topless and in a car with a stranger who is sucking on her nipples like his life depended on it.

She tried to push his mouth and face away but was ineffective. He was simply much to strong for her to fight him off. She tried to hit him on the head but he only bite down on her nipples.

That caused her to sob from the pain and sheer humiliation of it. She came to terms that she will be raped by this strange guy in the middle of nowhere. The the driver side door opened. With a powerful yank the boy was thrown out the car.

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The man got on top of him and preceded to beat on his face. Dilivering ten punches alternating from left and right hooks. The man was Larry who happned to be out on a moon light walk with Jasper his old bloodhound. It seems Jasper nose lead him to the scent of pussy juice and fear from Brandy.

Once Larry saw what was happening he was about to turn away not wanting to disturb the love birds. Although when he saw her small fist beating on the head of the guy followed by a beauteous virgin having some sex smalltits hardcore of pain he knew what he had to do. The body of the boy was left sprawled out hands at his side pinned under the much heavier Larry. His face so badly beaten that his right eye popped out of its socket.

He slowly got up as Jasper kept barking at the unconscious boy waiting for the command to kill. Brandy was trying to find her shirt that was thrown somewhere in the back.

Finally she grabbed hold of it and turned to see Larry a older man a bit on the hefty side and had the appearance of a hillbilly. Straw hat red full body long johns under his overalls with one strap unhooked probably from the lack of a button or clip.

He smiled at the sight of young fresh red nipples in front of him and of offered her a hand. Brandy hid her titties by covering them with her shirt and took her saviors hand. Soon she saw he was much taller then she first expected he stood another whole head above her.

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"Thanks…" she meekly managed to say while looking at the unconscious boy badly beaten to a pulp. " 'twernt nothing.

I saws a damsel in distress and did the gentlemen thing to do." He said in a heavy country and hillbilly accent. "You had to beat him half to death?" Brandy said starting to feel sorry for the boy. "Well hell. I could've let him go on and rape legal age teenager pretty nymph endures hard ramming hardcore and blowjob violate your lady parts if'n you wanted me too." He said with a big grin on his face.

"No…I wouldn't want that. I guess thank you." Brandy said smiling but feeling foolish for criticizing her hero.

"Can you take me home?" She asked looking around and realizing she had no clue what direction home was. "Sure Sure no problem ma'am. Thing is I can't drive shift stick and my only mode of transportation is currently under the weather. Say tell you what come by the house and I'll ring you my cousin Floyd he has a car." Larry said with a innocent smile. "I'd like that…Brandy." She said offering her hand and dropping her shirt.

"Larry…Holt a pleasure I'm sure miss Brandy." Larry said as he got a eye full of her tits once again. They walked back Jasper following behind Brandy. They didn't have to walk long soon they came up to a wooden cabin with a park up trailer in the back. "What's in there." Brandy said pointing to the trailer.

"Oh that's my special shop. I have all type of doo-dad's and junk there. I keeps the liquor in the cabin under the cellar." Larry said with a proud smile. "I'm a what you call…a entrepreneur. A small business man self employed." Larry said as he opened the door for Brandy who had already put her shirt on as they walked to the cabin. She entered and saw a small kind of homely looking cabin.

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A few chairs table and a small living room couch. Then Larry went to his phone and dialed up a number. Brandy sat down by the kitchen table seeing a bottle of brown liquor a few paper cups stacked next to it. "Want a nip?" Larry said as he placed the phone down on the table. "My cousin Floyd won't be on his way till a hour. He's busy birthing a piglet." Larry said as he poured a cup for himself and her.

Brandy was weary of the drink. She sniffed it and smelled leather and oak. "Good huh? It's teenage milf and hairy double domestic disturbance call Larry said as he took a gulp. Brandy didn't feel at ease but took the drink. She coughed as the rough drink hit her throat and burned as it traveled down her throat. "Wow that's not very good." Brandy said her voice a bit hoarse. Larrys face was looking like he is mad, but quickly changed.

"My where is my brain at tonight. Of course you can't drink this isn't a lady drink. It's ninety proof whiskey not a proper lady drink. Here have some of this." Larry said as he grabbed a all white bottle from his fridge. "It's a proper lady drink." Larry said as he poured her a half a cup. Brandy didn't know what it was she sniffed it and the drink smelled of coconut and sweet. As Brandy was about to ask what it was Larry answered her. "It's a light rum. It's not as rough as whiskey." She took a light sip and enjoyed the taste much better then the first one.

They began talking about Brandy schooling and how Larry got to be a bootlegger. Soon the conversation moved on to more random topics like Jasper the dog and different random things as Brandy soon became very intoxicated. Unbeknownst to Brandy her dates body was being dragged into the trunk of his car. Larry has called his cousin Floyd but it wasn't to help the girl it was to help him. "Cousin Floyd I did it again.

I hurt another boy pretty bad too." Cousin Floyd was a deputy sheriff for the highway patrol. His phone rang and he picked it up. "Cousin Floyd I did it again. I hurt another boy bad too, but I was in the right he was about to violate a young lady." Larry said in a hushed tone. Cousin Floyd wrapped his thumb and pointer finger on the top of his nose bridge messaging it and under his eye sockets.

"Did you kill the boy?" He asked. "I'm not sure but he badly hurt you have to help me out we're family." Cousin Floyd sighed deeply then said. "Fine where is he?" Larry then said "I left him in the road to my cabin. You can't miss it lime green beater of a car." "I'll take care of it.

Where is the girl?" Cousin Floyd asked. "She with me in my cabin." Larry answered. "Fine don't let her go." Floyd said as he hung up. Soon he got in his squad car and went towards his cousins cabin.

He knew about his brothers bootlegging business and didn't care. He figured if the misfits and other kids get there liquor from his cousin then they'll just rob or get sketchy people to buy it for them. That way his cousin stays busy and out of the town. His cousin Larry had a few "accidental" killings during his side work in his films.

The films of his are strange but who is he to stop him from filming strange fetishes people have. Besides at least his cousin is keeping busy with his businesses.

Also he gets to sometimes fuck a desperate teen incase she has some flash of self worth and won't let his fat older cousin fuck them. After a short drive he found the car ditched on the side under a tree.

Floyd looked around and didn't see the boy that Larry tried to kill. Stepping out the squad car he saw the boy addison lee in five star bang in car up hood of his car. "Help…" he moaned out. Floyd went to smash his head in with three quick whacks to the skull with his Billy club. Dragging the dead boy into the trunk Floyd then drove the car into the near by creek with all the windows open. Soon the car sank down into the deep creek and he heard muffled screams for help.

"Shit ment to have him killed Oh well." Floyd then shot his revolver a few shots into the trunk of the car. With that done Floyd went to collect his half of the cut from his cousin and maybe get a few pokes at the girl that his cousin saved. With a quick drive down he pulled up quietly and got everything set in the trailer.

Knowing if he knows his cousin as good as he does then he will be getting her drunk and ready to fuck. Meanwhile back in the cabin Brandy is enjoying her fifth cup and trying to keep up with Larry's conversation. Jasper the dog was busy trying to get a sniff of her panties. They're still wet from her make out section with that jerk.

Jasper cold snout comes up to her crotch and rubs itself up and down getting the intoxicating smell of her pussy juices. Brandy was surprised to feel the cold dog nose rubbing on her pussy and tried to push it away. The dog just whimpered and tried to get closer.

Brandy wondered if Larry even knew what his dog was doing. Brandy was about to ask when she felt a lick at her pussy threw her jeans. "Whoa…" Brandy said feeling a electrical shiver down her spine as the dog licked even more. "Everything ok?" Larry asked while smiling knowing full well that she being greeted by Jasper lesbian teen cam girls show on camscom in public his curious tounge.

Brandy didn't know if she should freak out or just mark it up as dogs being dogs. Then her mind was made up as Jasper the bloodhound went to town roughly licking and pushing his nose into her crotch causing to push her seat back. Brandy's face went completely red as there was no hiding her wet spot or the fact she was getting off from the dogs tounge.

Larry leaned back in his seat drinking in the sight of Brandy trying to push away his dogs tounge and squirming to close her legs. Jasper was having way too much fun licking her up that when Brandy tried to push him away he growled. That made Brandy jump her hand back then gasp as Jasper tounge went faster and made lewd obscene noises as it lapped at her pussy. Larry now had his dick out watching Brandy getting lapped up by his dog.

"Best to just let him finish up he gets a bit testy if you deny him some pussy." Larry said slowly stroking his half hard dick. Brandy was at a complete loss of words when she saw Larry wasn't stopping his dog from running his tounge over her pussy. She tried to close up her legs but they were pushed back open by Jasper and his paws.

Jasper was now standing on his hind legs and had his dog cock out of his sheath. His dog pecker was bright red and thicker then any dick Brandy seen in her life. Not that she seen many but a few guys flashed her their dicks after a few drinks and Brandy did like the taste of dick ever since she had her first one.

While she would happily suck on a dick she wouldn't fuck one. Not that any of the guys complained about having their dicks sucked. Brandy then looked up turning her head from the dog and saw Larry with a full hard on with his closed fist moving up and down slowly. Brandy tried to look away when it hit her. A rush of pure pleasure came starting from her pussy going down to her toes then back up again.

She tried to moan but all that came out was a half gasp and shudder as her wave of orgasmic pleasure hit her in two small but intense waves. India is a tall pretty black babe who has natura didn't know to stop licking her and once her jeans came even more soaked with the sweet nectar from Brandy pussy he didn't want to stop.

Larry would be damned if he let his dog get first dibbs on this bitch. He pulled Jasper away and nearly threw him clear across the cabin. Then while Brandy was still on her high from cumming he pulled her head down on his dick once he was standing next to her. Brandy was so out of it the from pleasure of cumming so hard. The shame of cumming so hard from a dogs tounge no less. She didn't even notice the dick in her mouth only reaching out for it with her tounge by pure instinct.

Once she finally realized she had a dick in her mouth she tried to push it out. Only to be smacked at the back of her head by the much stronger Larry. "Don't stop cunt or I'll post that shit eating smile you had on you face from Jaspers tounge all over the internet." Larry said pointing to the hidden cameras in each and every corner. Brandy eyes got wide with fear but felt a hand guide her mouth lower on his dick.

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Soon she was bobbing her head with no need of encouragement from Larry. She was a regular slut with her mouth. Gratifying a lusty thick cock hardcore and blowjob her tounge to run adjacent to the seem on his dick and balls. Brandy wasn't afraid of Larry for some reason she enjoyed being humiliated and the fact cameras are on her made her wet.

Soon Brandy's pussy was begging for attention. Spreading her legs wide she touched herself threw her jeans. "Get them things off sweetie. You won't need them any more." Larry said as he grabbed hold of a titty under her shirt and pull the whole shirt off. "Don't…" Brandy said while her shirt is flung off and a dick is placed into her mouth roughly.

Then the front door opened and a tall imposing man wearing leather pants with two leather strips crossed over his upper body. The mask he wore was a blank almost baby faced mask that stared back at them emotionless. Larry smiled as his cousin came in wearing his uniform for his videos knowing that means he finished setting up the trailer.

"Whose that?" Brandy said as she tried to turn her face but was stopped by Larry who's busy burying his dick into her throat. "He's…let just call him next." Larry said and he nutted heavily into her throat. Brandy eyes went wide with fear. She never swallows or expected some one else to be "next". Brandy wanted to push the dick out but Larry kept it deep in her not letting her breath or spit it out. Brandy saw no other thing to do but swallow or drown. Brandy gulped down the thick spunk with a breath of relief she gasped when Larry finally pulled out.

Now Brandy felt tears welding up as the nasty taste of spunk still heavy on her tounge. Floyd was now hard watching Brandy swallow his cousins nut. He knows from past experiences that he cums very heavily.

Floyd then came and pulled her by her hair and dragged her out and into the trailer. Brandy was kicking and screaming while she was dragged and quickly sobering up. "Yeah fuck slut what's your name?" Floyd asked while he swung the trailer door open. "What?" Brandy asked while trying to see what was going on.

Once they came into the trailer she saw the place had fuzzy pink carpet red painted walls. Large rolls of plastic just as tall as her was behind three cameras all angled in different places. Two chains bolted up on the top and had fuzzy pink cuffs on the end of them.

An array of different types of vibrators and different sex toys and tools all over the walls of the place. Then with a powerful shove Brandy fell on the ground and began to sob. "What's your name cum bucket?" Floyd asked with a more aggressive and deep voice. "Bra-Bran-Brandy!" Brandy cried out in between sobs. "Wrong bitch! Your name is slave." Floyd then grabbed her arms and cuffed them to the chain and began to pull on the end and Brandy slowly began to be raised until her face was up to camera level and he rubbed her tits roughly.

Then with a loud slap his hands smacked her tits and began to take her jeans off. Brandy began to sob softly and tries to pull her hands out of the cuffs but they were pretty tight. "Don't struggle slave or you'll be punished." Floyd said laughing. Soon her sobs were getting annoying and Floyd went to get a wooden bar with a metal clasp.

He put the bar in between her mouth then clasped it tight streaching her mouth open. "Keep crying and I'll kick you in the mouth busting your teeth." Floyd said as he rubbed his crotch on her face.

Brandy gasped but kept quite. He then pulled her legs up and grabbed a five inch dilldo and shoved up her bum. Brandy screamed but didn't cry feeling her brown hole stretch. "Wow your so wet bitch you like being fucked in your ass huh?" Floyd said as his dick rubbed in between her pussy lips. Brandy shaked her head and said no but couldn't speak properly due to the wood in her mouth. Finally her pussy was getting satisfaction but she never wanted it like this.

Flyod then began to turn the dilldo in her ass to make sure she is ready. Once he felt her ready he chiraqs yr sexi lexi petite freaky redboned big toy masterbating reality and amateur it out and left her ass hole gaping.

Flyod went and grabbed a strap on and wrapped it arround his stomach.

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He posed in front of the camera and saw Brandy eyes get wide knowing full well what's going to happen. He got behind her and lifted her small frame up and lowered her onto his dicks. She shaked her head no and pleaded for him to stop.

Floyd got off on how the lost souls who he finds come and beg for there life or to keep their brown cherry. Brandy felt both her holes stretch from the unwelcomed intruders. With fear in her eyes and tears down her cheeks she was being bounced up and down on to him.

Brandy cried as her virginity was stolen from her and began to cry in pain. Floyd just used her cries and sobs as motivation to fucking pummel her into submission with his dick and toys. After thrusting into her for a steady rhythm Flyod saw his slave was starting to love it. He knew it was almost time to finish it. He felt her pussy clamp as she began to feel him fill her pussy with cum. Flyod was pumping all his nut into his slave.

She was lost in a sense of pure ecstasy as she the girl is engaged in anal sex from the mout so warm and gooey spunk filled her and mixed with her cum and blood. Then the lights went off as he pulled out of her.

Brandy was so lost in her lust she didn't notice and just went limp still hanging from the chains. The cameras switched to night vision mode and captured a Larry in a pig mask walk in with a huge rusty spike and hammer used for pig slaughtering. Larry walked up with the spike to his mouth as if he was shushing the cameras and then practiced swinging the hammer down on her head.

Brandy didn't even notice but felt like she wasn't alone. "Hello? Hey I'd like to go home now!" Larry was now placing the spike near her head and with a powerful thrust downwards the spike split her skull open. While she was about to speak again. It was quick and sort of painless. Larry then went in front of the camera and began shaking his head in a yes motion in the pig mask. Them rubbed his pig face on her still warm tits.

Then began to masturbate over her face and nutted heavily quickly. Floyd came in and shut the cameras off. "Ok come on let's clean this cunt up." Floyd said as they carried her off to wrapped in plastic into the open area outside. Soon they hosed her off washing all the spunk off her face and body then shoved it up her cunt washing all the sperm out her pussy. As Larry poured gallons of bleach over her dead body then after they were both satisfied they wrapped her up back in the plastic.

They took her to the near by rapids and dropped her into the river with no ceremonies. "She was fun." Larry said with a shit eating grin on his face. "Eh…I had better." Floyd said with a grin. **** Writers side note: This isn't my particular type of writing.

If you check out my other stories you'd see I'm more black guys sex girl sex story a happy go lucky writer and have more class then to write a smut story like a snuff story. That being said I only wrote this story to show that I can write something like and snuff storyline and elevate it to something a person can read and might even enjoy.

I apologize if you were offered by the story or its subject matter. I truly do apologize.****