Mom dad sister son beeg

Mom dad sister son beeg
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I waited impatiently knowing my wife was being used by another man. She is my living porno, yeah, even better than porno because it was real sex with a real woman.

I guess every guy wants their wife to be a slut, but usually with only them. I suppose I just have enough confidence to assume that she isn't going to fall in love with someone else. She always comes home to daddy and she seems to be a rare woman built for sex, although she doesn't look the part.

Seldom wearing or needing make up her long black hair partially covers her Native American features. With blonde highlights streaking through her hair and rose colored sun glasses she can resemble J-Lo at times. My wife looks like the type to have the potential to be wild yet doesn't act on it. Wrong! She returned Saturday afternoon with an evil grin as we headed straight to the bedroom.

I wasted little time getting my hand between her thighs to inspect.

With her tongue in my mouth I felt my wifes sopping wet pussy. She had just spent the last couple hours with Joe and only moaned as my fingers parted her thick swollen lips and into her wet cum box.

Had she let Joe fuck her sweet ass too? Placing her on all fours I spread my babys firm ass to reveal her glistening soft hole.

I immediately dove between her cheeks noting how my tongue slid into her normally resistant ass with ease. Joe had just pounded his hot load into my wifes ass and I didn't care.

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Maybe because I knew I was gonna be next to enjoy her anal delight and with her lips jiggling and hanging down between her legs I just mowed on her sexy ass like a ravenous wolf. As usual, whenever my wife was just with another man she is wetter and hotter than ever. A certain lustful fuck me long and hard look comes over her face. It's almost scary when she becomes more than I can handle and I have all I can do to resist cumming or catch my breath.

This was the first time my wife had given up all three holes to another man and I couldn't keep my fingers off her slightly loosened ass while pumping her.

I began rubbing the head of my girthy cock around her asshole before pushing.

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She held her legs up and apart while I slowly worked my way in. We were whispering what a slut she really was and how she was taking two cocks in her ass in one day. Although my cock slid in a little easier than times past it was still only with some force that I could get the length of my meat inside my wifes firm ass. Thanks to Joes pre lube in no time I was pounding my lil sluts asshole with full aggression just like it was her pussy.

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God, it always feels like virgin territory and I could only imagine how quickly Joe exploded in my wifes ass minutes earlier. Since she didn't often give up anal I wanted to camp out in her sweet ass and pound her a new one. I may have lasted a record fifteen minutes between her cheeks before the combination of my sexy slut lying their twice ass-fucked in one day and having her clamped onto my thick cock like a vice forced my to explode deep in her ass.

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She let out a husky moan as I smashed my balls against her, gritting my teeth as she wiggled milking every last drop. My wife began to talk about having me and Joe at the same time, we could take turns and she would have something to suck while we did.