Hot babe with huge melons rides her dildo

Hot babe with huge melons rides her dildo
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I was 18 and just out of High School, I had no delusions about being a "ladies man" I was a virgin with a capital V. I had the misery of being a lower income kid in an affluent school district. I took the bus everywhere. The limit of my sexual experience was gleamed from a sheaf of well-worn and glued together pages of some 70's era European porn mags that I found in an alley. I was the jerk-off king. No kidding. I would do it as many times as I could get alone with my dick.

Added to all this was the fact that I was a very late bloomer.

At lunch table a dinner turns into an orgy

I swear I didn't have pubes until I was almost 17 (thank you God) I was also short (did I mention chubby?) The thing is I was always a cut-up, I literally could slay my friends, family and even my teachers with humor. To this day I have had people who I've long forgotten, tell me they still remember something I said or did that made them laugh. It was probably a defense mechanism for being a pre-pubescent, short, fat, poor kid.

I'm also smart (excuse me if you don't find my erotica exceedingly verbose and over-intellectualized but you have to write to your audience!) I was on my way to a big East coast university and was working at a landscape center to save some money for college. Miraculously, that Spring and Summer I had grown and in a very short time: I was almost 6' tall, my metabolism must have kicked in because I was suddenly trim and starting to get results from the weights in my garage.

I also noticed that I was getting a better response from girls. I still wasn't making out or having sex, but at least they weren't repulsed. My dick was getting bigger and my chest was getting some fuzz.

At the home center I started getting friendly with a regular customer named Nancy. Nancy was in her early 30's and very good looking with frosted blond hair and a California tan.

She was tall with a dancers ass and a small but bouncy chest. She usually wore shorts and tight top (always bra-less). Every time she came in I would crane and strain to look at here. I used dark honey deepthroats and rides girlfriend hardcore as jerk-off fodder more than once. She was so out of my league that I didn't get nervous when I saw her, for to be nervous would have meant that I thought there was a chance for me: there was no chance for me.

She was an avid gardener, and was always in the center buying something. She'd ask me about this and that (like I was an authority) One day, I finally confessed that I literally knew nothing about gardening and that the only reason I had the job was because I knew my way around the lawn mowers and gas powered equipment.

Sometime later she asked me if I could look at her lawnmower that was on the fritz, I said I could. She lived nearby and told me to come by the next day after work. She and her airline pilot husband lived in a small house not too far from the ocean. She answered the door in her normal outfit of shorts and t-shirt but her hair was wet and she said she had just been running and needed a shower. She led me through the house to the garage and showed me the mower, she said she'd be back and left me with the ancient artifact that probably hadn't run right in 20 years.

She came back in a gauzy robe that was loosely tied. My mind was wandering and I tried to be calm as I explained to her that it needed more than a gas line and a spark plug and that for the repair cost and reliability: she'd be better off with a new mower. I nearly died when she squatted across from me and held her knees while we talked.

There were folds of fabric and shadows but I could see her honey blond pussy. It was the first time I'd ever seen one up-close and personal! I was looking between here horny beauteous bitch does her most good to cum while we spoke when I looked at her eyes and realized that she caught me hot teen enjoys dick in her ass at her and was looking at me looking at her.

She said, "My eyes are up here" I was humiliated at being busted. I stammered something about having to go. Normally, I'm the least tongue-tied person I know. I could easily have written something clever here, but the truth was, I was a flushed mess, incapable of being witty.

I mumbled an excuse about having to leave and skedaddled from her porno teen newbie spunked interracial and amateur. Over the next few days I rubbed my cock raw visualizing that muff and labia. The next day at work I told one of my co-workers, an older (and more worldly) college student named Johnny, what had happened. He said, "You're an idiot, she wanted to mess around. How many more signals and clues do you need? She invites you over.

Her husband is a pilot who can't fix a mower?, she tells you she's taking a shower, she comes out in a thin robe and then she squats down and shows you her twat?" I wasn't just naïveté: I was totally unable to consider that she was interested in me.

I had an epiphany, and if what Johnny said was true, I wouldn't make the same mistake twice. Sure enough, a few days later, she came in and asked me to sell her a lawnmower.

We picked out a model and she asked if I could help her assemble it when I got off that evening. I told Johnny what was happening, he had been lurking the whole time, he said, "Dude, I have no idea what she sees in you, but she's definitely on the make" I pleaded with him not to fuck with me and to swear that he was on the level. He swore that he was. By the time I got to her house it was almost dark. She answered the door in a jeans and a blouse. I started to work on the mower and pretty soon I had it assembled and running.

She asked if she could buy me dinner. I said thanks but that I was grimy from working in the sun and had gas all over my hands. She said I could take a shower and borrow a shirt from her husband. I finally said "Don't you think your husband would be upset if he knew?" with that, she started laughing. She said, "What do you think he'd think? That I was fucking the lawn center boy?" I was embarrassed but didn't think I deserved that nerdy teen girl masturbating xxx kinky birthday desires of ridicule.

I said, "Maybe he'd think that you showed him your pussy in the garage" She stopped laughing, "You saw my pussy?" I went further "If I described it to a police sketch artist, they'd pick you up in ten minutes" She said "Don't you think I could do better than you?" I said "Why are you doing this?

Why are you humiliating me for looking at you?" Now, she was embarrassed. She said her husband was indifferent to her, that he had basically checked out of the marriage and that they barely have had sex or spoken in 2 years. She suspected that he was cheating with anything he could get his hands on. Her eyes glassed over, she said, "I thought you were sweet, you never hit on me. It was nice." I said "I never hit on anyone, I've never even touched a busty slut kaylee hilton pussy and anal pounded hard interracial and pornstars was embarrassed when she started crying.

I moved to console her and I barely touched her shoulder when she literally mashed her face into mine. It was the most erotic moment of my life (still is) we kissed and mingled our lips and tongues until there was a mix of sweat, tears, saliva and gas all over our faces.

I don't even know how long this went on. It was like four years of High School anonymity and teen angst all came out over this vibrant and neglected beauty. We never went below the neck! Just kissing and caressing, I finally said "I smell bad, If I don't get a shower, you'll be traumatized and will reject me" she said "Let me bath you" I'm not going to say I was cool and that I took off my clothes and let here touch and see me.

I didn't. I was still shy from being short and chubby and having a bald dick. She went into the bathroom and started the shower, before I could even stop myself I said I had to leave. I was about through the door when she came out of the bathroom totally nude. I literally got dizzy. Her body was so very long and beautiful her tan-lined hips and breasts were straight out of my fantasies. She said "don't leave sweetie, we can do whatever you want" The truth is: I was embarrassed and shy, I hadn't been naked in front of another human being since I was a child (I used to duck out of showering in gym class by wetting my hair in a sink) I was very nervous.

Handsome boy rape by his dick woods bestfriend said "I sorry I'm just not ready for this, can I leave my cloths on?" She said "OK sweetie, we'll go nice and slow" with that she took my hand and lead me to her bedroom.

She went to the bed and laid down while I stood over her. She said "look at me, ask me anything you want" I knelt by her and asked if I could touch her breasts. She said, " I'm here for you, anything and everything you want to do or know" This was a dream come true.

Nowadays, everything is available with a few keystrokes on the internet, but back then there was a lot of mystery, there were no videos, no chat rooms, hardcore was only available in theaters and cheesy 8mm reels.

Guys just didn't have access to any information. I had read the Joy of Sex, and had seen pictures, but it isn't the same as live one-on-one Socratic instruction. The guys in the locker room were full of shit. My His red head girlfriend cheated with bbc was stoic and old fashioned.

This was going to be my opportunity to learn and I was a good student, and like a good student my curiosity took over and my nervousness abated. I started asking her about her body and sex. She put it all out there. She was totally exposed (literally) and honest with me, no question was off limits, I started getting bolder: "Do you like having your breasts touched?" "yes, but they are sensitive and need to be gently rubbed, unless I'm totally aroused then they need to be grabbed and sucked" I asked her about her past, when she started having sex, when she noticed her pubic hair coming in.

I found out that she was an exhibitionist (big surprise) and that she would masturbate to the mental images of young men sneaking glances at her. As a teen she had an older teen neighbor who would constantly stare at her at the community pool and in the neighborhood.

She would let him look and adjust herself to let him see more. She also said she would see his cock pressing against his pants and she would imagine what it looked like. The whole time I was asking these questions she was lying there completely nude writhing and moving in her bed. Absentmindedly, I was gently touching and caressing her, getting bolder and bolder as I got more comfortable. "Do you play with yourself?" "Yes, a lot, do want to see?" "Yes, please" She turned over onto her stomach and went to the corner of the bed; she put a pillow under her chest and then began grinding her pussy and pubic bone on the corner of the mattress.

I was enthralled. She put both hands between her legs and started grinding and rubbing. It was mesmerizing and unlike anything I had imagined. She wet her fingers and started playing with her asshole as well.

In a very short time she was grinding rhythmically, her breathing started getting heavier and soon she was flush and having an orgasm. In the middle of it she appeared to spasmodically urinate (little did I know!) which went in the air and landed on the floor where she had placed a towel without me noticing.

I was a little freaked out by the "urine" and I asked her why she didn't "go" before slinky gonzo jennifer white auditions and gets fucked hard by a bbc did that. She explained that it wasn't urine and that she was totally normal but that when she was super aroused she would ejaculate. Since she didn't like changing the sheets three times a day, that's how she masturbated.

She said her husband never liked it and said she was a freak. It caused her to stop being able to orgasm with him. While we spoke I was pushing and adjusting my erection (which I had had for at least an hour) She said "come on honey, don't be afraid, I'm a friend, let me help you" she tried to rub my bulge through my pants but I jumped and was antsy, She said "look, go take a shower and put on a towel, I promise no tricks if you are uncomfortable we can just hang out" She walked past me and called me into the bathroom.

I followed her and as I started to protest for her to leave, she turned off the lights and started silently taking my clothes off in the dark. Soon she had me undressed and guided me into the shower. She walked in behind me. Soon I was touching her tits and stomach and timidly just grazing my fingers over her wet pussy. She purred encouragement telling me that I had a nice physique and that I had no reason to be shy. Soon she was soaping me up and down, washing my chest and armpits. Eventually, she very carefully started touching my cock's base and inner thigh.

I was extremely ticklish, I had never been touched there before and it was a very new and weird sensation. She said, "We'll have to get you used to this, I know it must feel strange, go with it" I had been holding my breath. She finally grabbed my swollen and strained cock and balls and massaged them rhythmically.

She said "You're lovely, such a pretty cock, do you like this?" "Oh, I can't believe how smooth you are, what a nice cock, just right" she went on with comforting and erotic banter until she said "Are you ready for my mouth? I want this in my mouth now" and with that she was kneeling down and pulling my penis into her mouth. She was an artist, while her mouth and hand were working my cock, she slipped a soapy finger in my ass and started rubbing my prostate, considering a woman had never touched me, it was a little surprising and I bolted straight up.

"Relax, it feels good, doesn't it?" I know a lot of guys cum super-fast the first time they get their cocks touched, but I guess that my marathon jack-fests had given me some staying power: I lasted almost 2 minutes!

It was more than I could take. I never saw a drop of cum, as I pumped what seemed like a quart of semen, she held me deep in her mouth until I stopped pulsing and then as she stood up, she swallowed with a dramatic flourish. "I never swallow my husbands, but your cum is sweet and mild" I was wobbly. She said it was time for more lessons. We went back into the bedroom and she dried us both off. Soon we were on the stripped bed just touching and playing, she said I was mature tutor blowjob and rub tug teen bath moms cronys daughters getting nasty in her good kisser but that I needed some lessons on the finer points.

She methodically and in delicious detail went over every inch of her anatomy, neck, knees, toes, the base of her spine; I kissed and caressed every single inch of her body. She cheating wife loves sucking me off cocksucking swallow that when she was done with me I would know how to please a woman and what to look for and how to listen to a woman to make sure I was doing it right. She showed me how to go down on her, in explicit and devilish details I was instructed on how every woman is different and that their clitorises need a different amount of attention and stimulation.

She was super-orgasmic and easily capable of multiple orgasms but she said some women aren't. I spent a long time licking and lapping pulling and sucking, she showed me where to put my fingers, when to speed up when to slow down.

By the time she came I had forgotten the previous deluge of juice that went on the floor, this time it went in my face! I wasn't grossed out but enthralled, I felt powerful and omnipotent! Look what I just did! When the time came I entered her and learned to share a rhythm and intimacy from all the different angles and positions.

She milked and sucked my cock for what seemed like hours I made her come at least three or four times that night. We fucked in as many positions as she could think of. My cock was sated and I was completely spent. I left at 4AM. I never told Johnny what transpired (he had a big mouth and this wasn't that big a town) it must have encouraged him because he buzzed around her like a gnat whenever she came in to shop.

Her lessons and guidance allowed me to formulate a code that I think has served me well and I have used my whole sexual life: I consider a woman's vagina as an intimate portal, when you kneel between her legs you should do so as a recipient of a gift, a type of communion.

Be grateful and attentive and ready to learn: Woe be to man who considers himself "an expert" on a woman's anatomy, they are not onesize-fitsall.

You are never an expert; you must be a gentle student.

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The other thing I learned is: when going down on a woman, her orgasm comes when it comes, there is no "normal" timeframe, you have to gratefully commit to the act and allow your partner old blonde loves getting her pussy fucked hard hardcore and cumshot relax, so that in her heart she knows you are there for the duration and that she need not worry that it is taking "too long".

This in turn will become self-fulfilling and she will relax and ultimately have an orgasm. Over that summer I spent at least two nights a week there (always after her husband left on a flight) sometimes we just had quickies in the car, other times we had long sweaty sessions in her bedroom.

I learned to shed my inhibitions and to please a partner. We had long hours of pillow talk. I learned that I had an appeal and that I was a worthwhile human being, capable of giving and receiving pleasure. I also learned how to read women and learn what they wanted and desired. It made me a better man. Literally, from that summer on: I was never without a smart and attractive companion.

It was like a Masters course on sex and seduction. To this day my friends always ask why I had so many good looking and smart girlfriends. I always say the same: I was a late bloomer.

When the time came she said she was going to leave her husband, and she did sometime later. That Fall I went away to college and never heard from her again. I still carry around many sweet and savory memories of my time with her. I never can repay her for the kindness and love she showed me when I needed it most.