Sune lion xxx bf5 story

Sune lion xxx bf5 story
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Chapter 1 : Fucker Ivy I had received a tip that Poison Ivy had started making a new drug. I, The Batman, went to take a look. I got to the abanded building in no time, scouted around, and quickly took out the guards with help of my sidekick Batgirl.

We had just entered the building when we where grabbed by giant vines and pills popped into our mouths by a naked Poison Ivy. ''What the hell!" I screamed. "Welcome, test subjects." announced Poisin Ivy. "what the fudge do you mean" Batgirl yelled! I was seconds from cutting my self loose when Poisin Ivy said.

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"Don't you think it's going to be hard fighting me with such a massive boner?" I looked down to see she was right. Just then I also noticed next me my partner had giant wet spot in her "genital" area.

"My new drug creates a chemical effect that will get you so horny that you'll have trouble walking until you get your brains fucked out." Suddenly she blew a red dust on us and all my willpower faded.

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I HAD to fuck Batgirl or else I'd explode. I was about to try to break free of my traps so i could get to her, but suddenly the vines twisted away leaving us naked except for our masks and caps on.

Before I could move Batgirl tackled me and got on top of me. She started lowering herself onto my 10 inch cock. I could tell both women were taken back at my size. Batgirl slowly sat down and i felt my head slide into her velvety embrace. "Screw it I yelled!" and slammed Batgirl down. I felt her hymen break, I knew I should be horrified by what I just done but I didn't care.

After a second batgirl started bouncing up and down, her giant breasts bouncing up and down on her chest. Seconds later, she arched her back and yelled.

"FUck I'm so Fucking close! Fuck Fuck FFFFFUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!" I felt her juices on my cock I was so fucking close.I was just about to pull out when Poison Ivy made vines tie me to Batgirls.

"Sorry, I forgot to mention, I need you to cum in her so I can see if affects the potency of the sperm." "Fuck You" I yelled at her. But I couldn't hold it in any longer. I sprayed multiple times into Batgirls fertile pussy Just as she came again.

But I still was hard.

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We fucked for another hour, I had three more orgasms, Batgirl had twice as many. Suddenly, she was lifted up by the vines, and slammed down in a perfect position so that her ass enveloped my cock.

Niether of us could take all that instant pleasure. We both came immiedetly, but Batgirl blacked out. "What a slut." Poison Ivy said. "you brazzers hot mom cheting sex to talk!, You've been F-ing a giant vine!" I shouted back, it was strue, she had been. her next comment caught me off goard. "I've just been warming up for you, lover." with that she jumped out of the tree where she'd been sitting and on to my cock which had recently been vacated when the vines had pulled batgirl off me.

I didn't let her have the upper hand. I quickly made her get on all fours, grabbed her orange hair into a ponytail, and fucked her rough and doggy style for the next hour.

I came in her surprisingly tight pussy 3 times, her ass 2 times (i switched after 45 minutes), slapped her ass so many times that it was nor a light shade of pink. Just as I was almost done a third time, Poison Ivy came for at least the 12th time in the past hour and blacked out.

"Night night Fucker-Ivy" I said Suddenly to small hands grabbed my cock and started pumping it. to my surprise, Batgirl was pumping my cock, she did something even more unexpected, she put the tip of my monster cock in her mouth.

Shit, it was just to good. I grabbed the back of her head and shoved my whole cock in to her mouth and throat. She started to vibrate her throat, I was just about to cum when I pulled out. Rope after rope of my sticky, salty cum I shot onto her breasts, hair, and mouth. When I was done I noticed Batgirl climb out the window and shoot a rope out of her belt (one of the last pieces of clothing we had) and ascend into the night.

That was the last thing I saw before I blacked out. Chapter 2: Passing the time The next night, Batgirl went out to fight crime, but instead of meeting Batman there She met Robin. "Robin have you seen Batman?" She asked "No I haven't, I was hoping you had." They sat down on the rooftop together.

Batgirl came up with a naughty idea. "Scince it might be to dangerous for us to go out there, how 'bout we pass the time?" she raunchy latina sits on a hard pole. "what do you have in mind?" Robin asked, intrigued. Batgirl lept from where she was sitting and quickly pulled out of Robins suite a hard, 7.5 inch cock. "Robin, do you think I'm sexy?" She asked "Fuck yes" he replied "All I needed to know" She sexily said back, with a smile.

She quickly stuffed his whole cock into her mouth and into her throat, she had learned a lesson from last night. She started to vibrate her throat. Robin was not as used to this as Batman was. He quickly blew his load.

Batgirl was sad to see his cock remained soft. "Aw, I was gonna let you FUCK me." She moaned. THE END? What has happened to Batman?

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If you like comment or rate or send me a PM and maybe there'll be a pt.2.