Elegant euro spitroasted before anal fucking highdefinition and doggystyle

Elegant euro spitroasted before anal fucking highdefinition and doggystyle
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****************************************************************************************************************** This is a story that is true to every extent that I am writing.

If at any time it seems I am drifting I truly apologize just recalling the fond memories as they happened (names have been changed to protect the people here) It was the month of April as I recall it, the unusual cold weather this far into the year this far south seemed to be on the decline and the warmer weather was soon approaching.

This is not about a piece of pussy or some hot ass this is a story of hot white passion, a story of lust and a story of love. Sofia was my neighbor I had known since I was an immature child, approximately the age of 12…they moved away after a short stay in the house across the street, when I say they I mean her, her four children and her husband.

Now from the time they were gone I was subjected to bullying, a father who was raised army style and a sweet and gentle caring mother. At the age of 14 I was introduced into the world of drugs and got strung out hard on them for 3 years. I finally got help and started on the path to recovery. Life had kicked me around a bit; little did I know things would change.

Well as fate plays a great hand in things, it would so happen the sweet caring Sofia would find her back into the house right across the street once again. Times have changed Swetha naidu xxx sex storys was no longer a boy but a young adult molding into a man.

She was elegant as ever, dark rich skin showing the roots of czech amateurs hot blond girlfriend ampamp her fellow Hispanic heritage, long curly hair that hung about to her curvy hips, sweet red lips that looked as if they were pulled from some painting or a great work of art un-comprehendible to me, and eyes that appeared to look deep into your soul pulling and tugging your desires.

It seemed as if she and the husband have drifted apart somewhat. Well as it would have it we become close ashley adams steaming auto shop blowjob to chad white the internet, chatting, and through text message.

Through one of our texts I discovered she thought I was a rather cute guy and I admit I was very fond of telling her she was a very beautiful and engaging woman.

Then the one night came, the one night that would change it all. I messaged her just wanting to keep in contact with her to be friendly and after a few texts she invited me over to hang out and relax. Well I was sure as hell not going to let this opportunity go to waste so I got out of bed, put on a shirt, ran a brush through my hair, and after slipping my shoes on I was ready to go.

The walk over there was the most nervous moments of my life so many thoughts were rushing through my head worrying if I would make a fool of myself. As I arrived I took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

She called me inside and I proceeded into the house. She had said she was drinking a little and told me I could asian hottie is great in blowjob and lapdance some to, even though I was only 18 at the time. I grabbed some crappy beer from the fridge that her husband drinks and plopped down on the couch. She tells me her husband is out of town for a few weeks; I can't help but be a little happy at this news.

After a while her friend leaves for work and it is just me and her up talking about whatever comes to nice young adorable hottie licks old dick. She suddenly stops and asks if she can ask me a very personal question, of course I say go ahead. She looks at me and asks how big I am.

As she asked that my heart raced as I thought of the direction this could take if all went well. Well not truly knowing the size of my man hood I briskly reply with the old famous line "I've never had any complaints". She seems to ponder on this a moment and then says if I ever do measure it to let her know. Well fate can be nice and in this case in was a bitch. My mother texted me saying I had to come home because of an event I had to go to in the morning.

Well I can honestly say I did not want to leave this beautiful woman's company. As I stood to leave, she stood with me and beckoned me in for a hug. As I pulled back from the hug and gazed into her eyes I saw everything I ever truly wanted happiness, love, and hope for a better future. I could not help myself and leaned in to kiss her lips. She seemed a bit shocked, but soon she moved her mouth in unison with mine. I did not care if I was in trouble for the rest of my life this was heaven and I was not going to give it up.

I began nibbling on her lips and across her cheeks. I brushed the hair from her succulent neck and nibbled there and unto her ear. Her body was a cellphone set on vibrate and I seemed to be pushing all the right buttons. She pushed me away slightly and reminded me of the time, but I did not care anymore I reached under her shirt as I steadily kissed her and rubbed against her breast, arousing the nipples as she moaned into my mouth.

She lifted her shirt and I grabbed her breast and sucked on her nipple gentle grazing it ever so lightly with my teeth and flicking the tip of the nipple to produce arousal.

She sat on the couch and I attempted to put my hand down her pants, when she stopped me. I was afraid I had pushed it too far, but she told me the way to get there was with my dick. I pulled her up and asked her where she wanted to go.

She led me into another room with a large chair. I pulled a condom from my wallet and jacked my dick trying to get it hard. I was very nervous with her being 11 years older than me and being such a beautiful woman. So she licked her hand and slid her hand onto my cock and downwards onto my balls. Seeing her skin contrasted against mine created a strange feeling deep inside me and I became hard.

I slid the condom over my hardened manhood and she laid down on the chair. She told me to be gentle because it had been awhile since she had had sex, I found this hard to believe given the fact she was married and very attractive.

I crouched down and slid my cock inside her slowly.

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Her face was twisted in a display of pain and pleasure as her pussy adjusted once again to her friend the cock. I began slowly gaining speed when need be, that's when the thought crossed my mind that it has been a while for her so I doubt she has had a make me wait anissa kate porn by babes cum brought on from any other ones fingers besides her own. I asked to take the condom off since I knew I was clean and she was to, she agreed.

I ran my fingers down her stomach and found her clit and rubbed it in a forceful motion, which caused her to spasm and jerk moaning loudly. I felt good knowing I could bring her pleasure and make her feel good. I was making my strokes equal in length and time apart, and pacing myself in order not to cum to fast.

I reached down and slammed into her faster as she yelled for me to pound into her and rubbed her clit a second time.

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This time something I have never experienced happened, she began shaking and yelling beautiful and delicate words I could not understand in Spanish. The language sounded so foreign yet felt so right to me, it sounded as if it was pulled from a great work of literature.

I could feel her juices pouring down my balls and dripping onto my legs. I could feel the old yet familiar clenching in my balls and I knew my time would soon be up.

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She told me she did not think she could cum anymore, so I spat into my hand and circled her clit gently and I felt the juices gush onto my dick and I couldn't hold back anymore and slammed into her with all my might and started Cumming. I pulled out after I shot a few ropes of cum inside her and came on the outside of her pussy. She stood and dressed and I pulled my pants up, I knew I was way over due for my curfew but I just had the best night of my life and I did not care.

After promising her this would be our secret, I kissed her goodnight and left to go home taking in the cool night air and wondering when I could be with her again. ******************************************************************************************************************* Part 2????