The struggles of a man living in bangkok pattaya same

The struggles of a man living in bangkok pattaya same
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Sin Street He saw her wandering down the most famous street of debauchery and sin. Despite the immense crowd of drunken fools, he easily picked her out, sliding easily through the crowd as if it were the Red Sea parting in front of her. Many of the other men in the crowd saw her too.

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It was hard not to stare- a petite brunette, long hair to her waist, with a tight body emphasized by the tighter jeans hiding her long legs, topped off with spiked heels.

Even in her high heels, she moved with a grace that was ill-placed on the dirty street fraught with obstacles like a homeless man and countless wasted frat boys. He follows her into one of the many bars, easily blending into the pulsing crowd. Her voice carries above the noise of the revelers, "Rum and coke, please," - a rather hard drink for a seemingly soft girl.

He walks up to the bar next to her, smiling, "Make that two." The bartender complies as her gaze connects with his own; for a split second, he thinks he's going to be turned down, but instead her deep brown eyes light up with a smirk that makes his cock twitch in his pants. "I assume you owe me a drink," she jokes slyly. He smiles back, drinking the liquid the bartender has placed before him. "Guess I can't resist a beautiful woman with good taste." She laughs, and drinks her drink.

"Good. I can't resist a man with a generous wallet." Her laugh sends tingles down his spine; it's mischievous and endless longing of a lesbian is pleasured dildo toy, but so seemingly innocent he questions the validity of her claim.

"Ah, so you like rich men?" Again she laughs, "I'm just kidding.

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As long as you're good in bed, I don't care about the condition of your wallet." Now his dick is really taking notice of the petite nympho.

"Another round for the lady and myself," he ask the bartender. The smirk is back on her face, enjoying the fact that he's spoiling her so. They pry themselves from the bar to make room for more desperate patrons, finding a rare table to place their drinks on. Her red top is long- in fact, long enough to make a very sexy, dangerously short dress. He can't resist taking a hold of the hem of the fabric as she stands there sipping her drink. Her fingertips graze the back of his hand, acknowledging his grip on her shirt.

She giggles, "Now now. what kind of girl do you think I am? I want credit for being a easy date only after 3 drinks minimum, okay?" His hand slides from the hem to her hip, pulling her closer. Their eyes meet, and he smiles, "In that case, I better get us a fresh round." Grasping their new drinks, they begin to walk down the street, navigating the dense crowd around them.

His hand slides around her ass, gently cupping her right cheek as they wander through bachelor parties, gawking tourists, and liberal fun-seekers. She follows suit, sliding her hand and teasingly squeezes his left ass cheek. Passing between bars, they see an alley. He throws his empty cup to shaved teen violet blue gets her ass rammed ground and pushes her into the darkness, trapping her against the wall.

A regular woman would be afraid. Instead, she's intrigued. She snakes her left leg around his waist, pulling him closer to her, while her right hand still holds her drink. "Careful, darling. Spill my drink, and I don't think you'll like the side of me you'll see," she teases. In response, he begins to kiss her neck, beneath her jaw line, down to her collarbone, getting close to her exposed cleavage. She moans quietly, enjoying his lips on her skin.

She goes to take a sip of her drink, but his arms wrap around her suddenly, jerking her body and drink, causing some to spill down her skin. She opens her mouth to protest, but a groan escapes instead as he begins to lick getting throat fucked by his big fat cock drink from her breasts.

His tongue gets closer and closer to her nipples, dipping dangerously low under her black and pink bra. She downs her drink, throwing the cup, and pulls his head up from her tits. Their mouths collide, rum covered lips parting to find each other's tongues. She gently nibbles his bottom lip before licking it and kissing it, her hands tangled in his hair. Their lust is interrupted by a group of men celebrating a bachelor party, whooping and hollering at their display.

"YEAH BOY GET IT!!!!" "WOOO SUCK HIS COCK" "FUCK HER MAN SHE SO WANTS IT" They glance at each other. He grabs her hand and they begin to run down the street, laughing as their distance themselves from their voyeurs. The group's yells of disappointment follow them only for a short time, drowned out quickly by the call of bouncers trying to lure more people into the already packed bars.

He stops quickly, throwing her against another building and attacks her mouth. The straps on her shirt fall, baring her shoulders, as he tries to seek his previous goal of finding her hard nipples. Shrieks and screams of delight interrupt his quest, as something hits the back of his head. He turns around to see a balcony full of topless strippers promoting one of the countless clubs, throwing beads to encourage him to continue, but failing by distracting his attention.

The woman smiles, however, and pushes him out the way. Bowing, she flips her shirt up, showing an ass that could fulfill any man's fantasy single handedly. Grabbing her hips, he pretends to fuck her, earning more shrieks and screams, along with a shower of beads. She simples laughs and pulls him into the building, a rather hot women sex beuty xxx story hotel. Turning to face him, she brandishes a key, wagging it in his face like a treat in front of a dog.

He follows her into the elevator, resuming the action from the street as soon as the doors close. He finally succeeds in finding her bare tits, pulling her shirt and bra down to reveal beautiful perky breasts with rock hard nipples. She wraps her legs around his waist, thankful their floor is so high up, as his lips and tongue suck his treasured goal.

She moans and grinds her hips into his hardening dick as he continues to pleasure her, sending shock waves down both of their spines. The elevator stops, and she drags him down the hall, still connected to her tits. They find the room, and she fumbles to get the card into the lock.

He stands behind her, fondling her tits while grinding into her perfect ass. An elderly couple stares at the lewd display before she finally succeeds in opening the door. "Just disgusting, this generation," they mutter, before heading to their own room. They somehow manage to get by the bed before she rips of his button down shirt.

Buttons fly in every direction, but it doesn't distract her from kissing down his chest and abs, kneeling in front of him to unbuckle his belt. He wraps his hands in her hair, pulling her close as she pulls down his pants and boxers, finally freeing his frustrated dick. She only allows the very tip of his dick to touch her lips, running the soft smooth skin up and down the shaft, teasing him to breaking point.

She sticks out the tip of her tongue, sliding it quickly over the head. He moans and pulls her head forward. Her mouth opens and engulfs his hard dick, sliding it deep into its wet, warm depths. He's tempted to cum already, but he holds back, enjoying her lips and tongue as she sucks him like a pro, massaging his balls in rhythm with the sliding of her mouth.

He begins to pull her faster onto his cock, fucking her face as he gets closer to cumming. She's fingering herself, having slid a hand down the front of her pants, her top pushed down beneath her breasts. She begins to moan and it sends vibrations his shaft, pulling the cum from his balls. She swallows every drop, licking him clean like the perfect woman she is. He throws her onto the bed, pulling her jeans and panties down to her ankles. He doesn't even both removing her clothes, and she doesn't protest, too hot to worry about such formalities.

Bending her over, he slaps her perfect ass, reddening the cheeks while sliding his cock along her wet slit. She salacious oriental cookie fingering japanese and hardcore and thrusts her hips back. "All good things come to those who wait," he teases. "Patience is not a virtue I was born with," she groans back, swiveling her hips, enticing him to fuck her.

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He pops just the head it, lubricating it with her juices before pulling it quickly out. She lets out a noise of protest, gripping the sheets beneath her. He begins to slowly put his dick in, inch by pleasurable inch, causing her to continuously moan in pleasure. After a few very long seconds, he quickly withdraws - "GODDAMNIT JUST FUCK ME ALREADY!" she screams. Fuck her he does, slamming into her with his entire body weight.

She grunts from the pressure on top of her, unable to make a distinguishable sound thanks to the amount of shockwaves zinging through her body. She simply continuously moans, her clit singing her lover's praises as he rolls it in the fingertips of his left hand, his right occupied with her breasts. She gets louder, moan longer and higher as her orgasm builds.

Her knuckles go white, she's gripping the sheets so hard. Finally, she cums, the muscles of her pussy contracting hard around his dick. He continues thrusting softly as she shakes in his arms, barely able to stand. He withdraws his cock, an exhausted gasp announcing her emptiness, and she turns herself to lay on her back. After removing her pants and panties, he kneels and begins to kiss up her legs, getting nearer and nearer to her pussy. She's writhing on the bed, arching her back to get herself closer to his mouth.

Instead, he skips over her pussy, and begins to kiss down her other leg towards her foot. She begins to whimper, begging him to make her cum again. He begins his ascent, his mouth again near her juicy cunt. Her legs fall open, her foot trailing up his thigh to encourage him forward. His tongue takes a long lick, starting from the bottom of her slit to the very top, avoiding her clit. Her hips buck against his face, as he does it again, sliding his tongue up her slit, only to avoid her clit.

"Oooohhh goodddddddd pplllleeeeaassseeeee-" her begging is interrupted with a gasp as his tongue swirls around her clit before he begins to tongue fuck her furiously. He's thanked with a loud moan of pleasure and her nails digging in big tit blonde loves nerds and one brunette first time decide your own fate back of his head, pulling him closer to her pussy. He licks her furiously, pushing her sensitive pussy over the edge yet again.

Her juices coat his tongue as she cums, tasting better than any rum in the world. He lays on the bed on his back, slowly stroking his cock as she recovers. She turns her head, watching him masturbate; he says, "Come get it." She stands pulling the last of her clothing - her rumpled shirt and bra - from her body.

She then crawls over him, placing her stiletto heels dangerously close to his head. She slowly impales herself on his cock, earning her own begging moan from him as she teases him by only taken a few precious inches before withdrawing him. He tries to thrust into her, but she moves, artfully avoiding his hard dick. His panting is egging her on, slowing her torturous movements to a snail's pace. Letting out a loud groan, he thrusts quickly, finally able to enter her wet pussy again. She quickly begins to fuck him, faster and faster, building a powerful orgasm for both of them.

Her breasts are bouncing with her efforts, only fueling a quicker orgasm with their lewd show. Her tight pussy slides up and down on his dick, faster. faster. he feels his balls begin to contract, he's about to cum.

She stops, sitting on his hips with his dick fully engulfed in her pussy.

"NO!" he begs, desperate to cum. She giggles, slowly sliding up his dick, then slowly sliding down. "Fuck, please. please.

Just. goddamnit PLEASE!" "Aww. I believe you were the one that said all good things come to those who wait." "FUCK THAT!" She pounds his cock hard and fast, their mingled screams and moans of pleasure filling the hotel room.

With a loud moan, he cums, his dick giving in to the spasms in her orgasming cunt. Laying down on the bed, they can only pant, trying to catch their breath. She recovers first, sliding her body on top of his, licking and kissing her way along his jaw and neck. "Want to go find that alley again?" "Abso-fucking-lutely." There's a pause and then she speaks again, teasingly.

"By the way, you owe me another drink. in that alley." "No problem."