Haley ryder playing with her vibrator in front of the cam masturbation and pornstars

Haley ryder playing with her vibrator in front of the cam masturbation and pornstars
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Emily and I had known each other since third grade, and I think I even had a crush on her then. She moved away during middle school, and I didn't think I'd ever see her again. Finally in my sophomore year, I heard about a new student joining my chemistry class. What I saw was one of the most stunning sights I'd ever seen. Emily walked in, but not as I remembered her. During those three years apart, she had gone from a cute little five foot tall girl still wearing a training bra to a five foot eight, C cup girl that would give any guy a hard-on faster than a Ferrari could hit 60.

Every guy in the class didn't know what hit him, gonzo anal scene with emily thorne by ass traffic this was a sight to be seen. She walked in and, me being the only one in the class she knew, sat down right next to me. I tried as fast as I could to hide the massive bulge in my pants, but I don't think it helped.

She came over and gave me an enormous hug, and feeling her perfect tits against my chest didn't help the situation in my pants any. The rest of class went rather uneventfully, except for the fact that I couldn't stop thinking about the wonder that was sitting less than a foot away from me.

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Class finally ended, and we all rushed out of the classroom. I had to get to the third floor afterwards, and the freshmen herding in the hallways just made it worse. By the time I got to my next class my erection was gone, probably because I was so nervous about being late to class.

I slipped through the door just as the teacher was closing it, wiping my brow in relief after sprinting about one-hundred feet down the hallway. The rest of my classes were pretty boring, and I got called out for daydreaming in almost every class. I couldn't stop thinking about Emily's perfect body, and I couldn't focus at all. Just as I was walking up the door to catch my bus, she came up to me. "Mike, thank god I caught you, I forgot to give you my new cell number.

Here, I'll write it on your hand." She pulled out a pen, and scribbled the ten digits on the palm of my hand. After I got on the bus, I plugged it into my contacts, thinking I was the luckiest guy in the world, having one of the hottest girls in the school give me her number, without even asking!

When I got home, I quickly said hi to my mom and ran up to my room to rub a quick one out. I had the worst blue balls from pitching a tent in my pants all day, and once I was done I felt like a new man. I elegant nympho is geeting pissed on and splashes wet slit to call up Emily after I finished up my homework.

I asked her if she was doing anything, but she said she had a date. "Fuck!" was all I could think, so I just spent the night home, watching TV and talking on AIM. The next morning I got on the bus, and when I got to school I didn't even see her.

I went through the day until lunch, and finally I saw her. "You believed me last night didn't you?" she said to me. The little bitch. "You didn't have a date!?" I tried not to scream. "Well after I saw what was in your pants yesterday." "Damn it, she saw it. Now she's pissed." I thought to myself.

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All of a sudden, I felt a tug, and she pulled me into one of the private teacher's bathrooms, holding up the key and laughing. "I stole it, I knew I'd need it." she said in what was probably the sexiest voice I'd ever heard. "Wait so what was with the date last." but she cut me off. "Just a little trick. I didn't want my whole plan to unravel last night!" Now my cock was ready to burst out of my pants, my fly hardly holding together.

She got down on her knees, and sat me down on top of the sink. "You're gonna loooove this." and with a deep breath she shoved about half of my manhood into her throat before gagging a little. "Holy shit, I peculiar teenies pound the biggest strapons and spray ejaculate all over the place expected it to be so huge." and she tried again.

She got me deeper and deeper every time, until finally she took all eight inches. Her mouth was so warm and wet, I could hardly hold myself back. She started licking all around, starting at the base, flicking her tongue around all the way to the tip, where she delightfully took the little drop of precum that was there. "Mmmmm." she moaned, as she began sucking on the tip and swirling her tongue around.

Just as I was about to explode, the bell rang. She pulled off a little, but I begged her to finish. She did, and we walked out of the bathroom before anybody came back upstairs. She did such a good job that I was satisfied for the rest of the schoolday, and could actually focus on my studies.

The day went by normally, and I finally got on the bus to go home. All of my friends were making fun of me for "just being friends with," and "not taking advantage of my opportunities with," the hottest girl in the grade.

We looked like nothing more than good friends on the outside, but nobody knew anything else about us. When I got home I started my homework, then decided I'd sneak over her house for a surprise. She'd said her parents would be out for the night, and both cars were gone when I got there.

I looked under the doormat and found a key, and quietly let myself in. I snuck upstairs and heard music and laughs coming from one of the doors.

I slowly creeped down the hallway. "You did what!? Oh my god you slut! How big was it, did he like it?" It was the voice of her friend Allie, who was also pretty hot, but already had a boyfriend.

So, after Allie said that, I walked in and said, "Yeah, she does a really good job." Emily came over and gave me a bit of a look, but I just leaned in and we started making out for a few minutes. I asked if she felt like having some fun, and before she could say anything, Allie chimed in, "Well, how about you show us what you've got." I already had a hard-on, and was ready for action.

I knew Allie had a boyfriend, but at this point I didn't care. They both came over and started working on getting my jeans off. Allie pulled down my boxers, letting out a little gasp when she saw my cock. She started right away, wrapping her lips around the head. Emily started working on my balls, licking and sucking, but still being gentle.

Finally I told them, "Ok, now it's my turn, you've done enough. With no hesitation they stripped each other down, and my dick got even harder. They played with each other's tits a little, before I came over.

Emily laid down on the bed and started stroking her wet pussy. She was shaven, except for a little patch above her cilt. I dove right in, licking and sucking all over. I moved to her clit, and started sucking on it as her back started to arch. I gave it a little nibble, and she let out a moan. Just then I realized that Allie was sitting on the other poetic just ass seymore butts bradys pop productions, so I switched for a few minutes, playing with Allie's clean shaven mound, sucking on the lips and finger fucking her, first one finger, then two, then three, and almost four.

Emily finally came over. "I've been waiting all day to feel you inside me, and I'm not letting you leave until I do." She rolled me over, and mounted my rock solid eight inches. She could hardly fit the whole thing in, but she started riding up and down, and soon all she could do was moan as I sank deep inside her beautiful cunt. Then Allie lowered herself onto my face, and I started eating her out again, even giving a little attention to her tight little ass.

Just then, her boyfriend walked in. We all froze for a second, but all he did was pull off his shirt and drop his pants. He didn't have the longest dick in the world, but it was by no means short.

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He came over and shoved it down Allie's throat, and she took it all without hesitation. Finally, we all switched, and I ended up fucking Allie on the bed while Emily and Allie's boyfriend Greg were in a sixty-nine on the floor. I felt Allie's pussy tighten up, and she went into one of the longest and most powerful orgasms I'd ever seen.

Her juices went everywhere, and I licked every last drop off of her body.

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We got down on the floor with Emily and Greg, and it was just chaos from there. I ended up eating out Emily, while Greg was pounding Allie's pussy, and I rammed my cock up her ass. She let out a little yelp, but relaxed and really started enjoying it.

Both Allie's ass and Emily's pussy started to tighten up and I was about to blow. Suddenly, Emily's came all over my face, Allie's ass clenched around my cock, I blew my load in Allie's ass, and Greg pulled out and came all over Emily's and Allison's faces. After that I looked at the clock and realized that it had already been four hours, and that Emily's parents would be home soon.

Allie and Emily cleaned up, and Greg got dressed and ran out the door. Just as I was leaving, I heard the garage door open, and Emily told me to hide in her closet until her parents were gone.

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~To Be Continued