Mom and son sleep froce sex

Mom and son sleep froce sex
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Bringing Their Young Sister On Board Despite Tyler's efforts. . her younger sister, 15-year-old Carly, had caught her running topless, and couldn't understand why her sister would be running into the bathroom half naked. . without a top on with her brother obviously home from school! Carly put her books down in the kitchen and wandered down the hall to the bedroom, she shared with her sister.

She wondered whether Tyler would answer her, if she gave her a shout out. "Hey sis. . what's with the topless run down the hallway?" she said with a sly smile on her face. There was silence and then she heard Tyler's voice. "I'll tell you about it later. Please start dinner while I take a shower." "Are we having fish sticks and fries?" she asked taking off her school clothes and putting on a one-piece swim suit.

"Yup, mom and dad aren't getting home until late," she heard from the bathroom. Then Carly heard the shower turn on. "I'm gonna pre-heat the oven and then run under the sprinkler for a little bit.

It's still soooooo hot outside." Meanwhile Tyler let the hot water spray against her naked body, as she began to wash off all of the cum stains that had hardened on her skin. She still could not believe what the boys had made her do (read part 1 if you haven't).

Carly home porn czech next door blonde uma Matt on her way to the kitchen and he nodded his head as he passed by her. While passing, he noticed his little sister had begun to show serious signs of tittie bumps on her chest and wondered whether she would ever join the fun he had just participated in. . upstairs with Tyler. As he passed, he turned around and watched her tight little ass sway back and forth inside her bathing suit as she entered the kitchen.

He heard the shower running as he entered the den, closing the door quickly, but then leaving it ajar, and knew she was probably washing off the guys cum that had coated her body. Damn that soooo fun, he thought as he took off his clothes and stretched out on the Lazy Boy. He was still horny from that experience and grabbed a porno magazine one of his "boys" had lent him that he hid under the chair, and began to slowly manipulate his organ as he watched the pictures.

He had a blanket over his feet in case he was interrupted. Meanwhile, Carly preheated the oven, left out the back door, turned on the hose and ran through it a couple of times, quickly bringing down her body temperature. She found a towel and wiped her body dry and wandered back into the house. She was about to enter her bedroom and take off her wet suit, when she noticed the den door was left ajar and she was guessing her brother was inside.

. probably looking at porn. Having an older.

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. . very horny brother meant that she had watched him either jerk off a lot or watch some wild porn where everyone else was either masturbating or fucking each other. Knowing she might be able to watch him jack-off, (which she enjoyed doing whenever she could sneak a peek), she knelt down and watched him immediately exercise his "cock".

. a new word she liked to say with her 8th grade girl friends. She was beginning to get excited as she watched his shaft grow in size and did not hear her sister open the bathroom door. White sewy girl fucked by her bf was wrapped in a towel and suddenly realized Carly was watching Matt, probably masturbate. . knowing him. She thought for a few minutes, as she knew her brother had the capacity to almost cum.

. again and again. . and she quickly came up with a scheme that she hoped would keep her from having to tell her sister what she had done earlier. Suddenly, she quickly stomped over to where Carly was kneeling and tapped her on the back of head. "Ow!" came a voice from outside the door, which Matt recognized as his little sister's. "Now get IN there!" said Tyler, as the door opened. Matt was reaching for the blanket to pull over his body, but it was too late. His prick began to wilt like an overheated marshmallow.

. but lewdly remained exposed. Tyler opened the door, and pushed Carly in ahead of her. Matt was in too much shock to even move because at first he thought it might be his parents. Lying there naked, with his cock shrinking, and his pants down around his ankles, he knew it was obvious what he had been doing. And since his younger sister had not been involved in his daily activities with the boys, he thought he might owe her an apology.

But was he in for a very pleasant surprise. "Your little SISTER," said Tyler, giving Carly a shake, "seems to want to sneak around and peek in on her big brother." Carly blushed, and hung her head. "I just got out of the shower and caught her peeking through the door, while you were. . uh getting yourself off," continued Tyler examining his shaft. He didn't know which shocked him more: The fact that Tyler KNEW he was jacking-off, or the fact that she didn't seem to care.

Then he caught a wink from his middle sister and things began to make sense. He decided to go along with whatever she had planned. "WELL, go on over there and LOOK, if you're so all-fired interested", said Tyler, giving her younger sister a shove in his direction.

"And you," she said to Matt, "why don't you give her a GOOD show, while you're at it. If this little pervert wants to see what it looks like when a guy masturbates and shoots off his cock, then she might as well get a GOOD look." "But Tyler!" said both Carly and Matt in unison. "Go ahead and jack off mom and sun xnxx porn pornburst your little sister!" said their middle sister, in a voice that surprised both of them.

Carly shuffled over a little closer to the chair; while Matt did his best to try to recapture the sexy thoughts about what he and his guys had done with Tyler an hour earlier. He wondered whether this show might include her accidentally dropping her towel, and exposing her naked body to both him and Carly.

But after capturing his cock in his hand and jerking it a few times, it was no use. He tried, but he wasn't even getting a hard-on, while both girls were watching. It just wasn't working. "I'm sorry," whispered Carly. Her apology made things a little easier; but Matt still couldn't quite get back in the mood. Tyler could see this; so she decided to help. "If you're going to be looking at Matt," she said, "it's only fair that he gets to look at you at the same time." "Huh?" said Carly, not believing what her sister was suggesting.

"Get out of that bathing suit and strip naked for him so he can look at your body!" snapped Carly. "Bottom line. . if you can hide behind the door and watch him jerk off with almost no clothes on, he should be able to look at you as well." Carly opened her mouth to object; but then she saw the determined look on Tyler's face, and decided not to.

Wordlessly, his little sister slipped out of her swimsuit, while he watched with an arousing new interest. She moved the straps to the side and pulled the top past her small titties. Unlike her sister who had lately begun to bloom in the breast department, Carly was a bit behind girls her own age.

Soon she had slipped the suit down past her ankles and she was now totally naked. He had not seen her nude in several years and this TRULY got his attention. His cock started to get hard again, as he looked at his sister's developing body. Ripe apple shaped bumps on her chest, and a slight rounding of her hips were the only signs of her approaching her current teenage years, but it was enough. Her bare pouting pussy lips were sexier than he had fanaticized about earlier in the hallway.

As his cock continued to grow, it was soon easier to pump. Only now, it wasn't Tyler or any of the young chicks in the magazine, which he was imagining to fuck and take advantage of; it was 15-year-old Carly herself. He knew it was perverted to even think of fucking her hairless tight little pussy that glistened with excitement, but having her standing next to him, NAKED while she watched him jack off, was incredibly thrilling.

"Go on, and get a MUCH CLOSER look Carly," said Tyler, pushing Carly right up to the side of the chair, until his leg brushed against her smooth stomach. He looked up and noticed that Tyler's towel was slipping down and now her bare breasts were once again visible, adding even more to his excitement. He could feel his youngest the girl is engaged in anal sex from the mout warm breath on his leg and cock, and he almost came right then.

But he wanted this to last a bit longer. Gritting his teeth, he managed to hang on, until the moment passed. And it was a good thing, because he might have missed what came next. "If you want a good look, why don't you get a good feel too," said Tyler, with a wicked grin on her face.

If she played her cards right, she might be able to watch Carly do what the boys did to her earlier. "Huh?" asked Carly, still staring at her brothers' growing cock.

"Go ahead and feel it," said Tyler, enthusiastically. "Just run your hand up and down, like he's doing." Then she turned to him, and continued, "And why don't you feel her up too, while she wanks on your cock? After all, if your horny sister's going to be feeling your hard cock, it's only fair." Three things seemed to happen all about the same time. First, Matt felt Carly's incredibly smooth cool hand surround his cock.

Second, he felt her budding breasts and especially the stiff nipples up against his body. As a result, he ran his right hand down between her legs into the smooth slippery cleft between them. Third, just as his finger somehow found its way inside her moist tunnel, much to her squirming pleasure innocent inna dominated and fucked in bondage..

. her hand surrounded his bloated cock, and the stimulation got to be too much. He instantly began squirting big thick sticky ropes of cum all over his fully aroused little sister, as her pleasure pulling. . aimed his cock squarely at her face. Two big squirts landed right on Carly's cheek and mouth, and trickled down her chin, while the rest decorated the young girl's chest; landing first on her breasts making them shine with cum, and then running in streams down her tummy, and even splattering onto her leg.

He was slightly disappointed that none of it landed near his sister's slit, but a big concentration DID hit the back of his hand, which he sneakily rubbed against the girl's slippery little love crack. Carly opened her mouth, and licked inside the big glob of cum that had landed on her lips. "OH wow!" she said, "This is a boy's cum isn't it." "Yes it is. Did you get a good look at his cock?" asked Tyler, looking over her shoulder. "Uh, huh," said Carly with a big smile on her face.

Bright-eyed Tyler inspected her younger sister's body as it was now at least partially covered with cum, just like hers was earlier. "So you see what happens, if you sneak around and peek in on Matt?" said Tyler. "Sure do, and I gotta do it more often," said Carly who suddenly became aware that her brother was still fondling her titties and moving his middle finger in and out of her aroused twat. The feeling it was causing inside her was truly sensational. Behind her, Tyler had dropped her towel entirely and had worked her way over to the other side of the Lazy Boy.

"And we can't leave Matt's cock all yucky with his juices all over the place. So I want you to keep jacking him off with your hand, while I practice for tomorrow," she said slowly lowering her head and capturing her brother's cock in her mouth. "Can I join you guys after school?" asked Carly looking at her brother. "I'm sure the boys would love to have you strip naked.

. and join them. Just think . . four stiff cocks just like this one. . for you to fully enjoy. " Carly Joins the Fun Neither of the sisters or brother slept much that night in anticipation of what would happen the next day after school. Tyler was surprised at how easily her sister got into what she had her do. . after catching Carly watch her brother masturbate. She was trying to embarrass her in front of Matt, and instead Carly almost enjoyed baring her breasts and letting the horny boy touch and finger her pussy.

The boys got out of school and arrived at Matt's house 15 minutes later. As they gathered in his bedroom, they eagerly discussed several options for including the girls, once they got home. They had already agreed that Tyler had to have a little quiz at the beginning of the after school special the boys had planned.

Johnson had walked over from his house, next door with a 6-foot piece of stand up cardboard that he had been working on since the last time everyone was together. He had pasted a particularly well built high school looking guy pin-up onto the front of it. The guy had on shorts, but the rest of his body was naked.

The most important part of his design was pretty gf kat dior first time anal sex and caught on tape a hole had been cut where the guys cock anime sex hentai free download supposed to be. "That is soooo wild Johnson. I can't believe you were able to make that without your parents finding out," said Matt.

"It was worth it guys. Can't wait for Tyler. . or maybe even her sister to find out how a glory hole works. Wonder whose cock size she will remember and whose she will have to pay the price for," said Johnson. "Could we bring this down into your living room Matt? I just think we have more room there," asked Dave. "Sounds like a plan. Why don't you guys carry it down and I will set out the outfits the girls must wear.

. at least in the beginning." Matt wandered down to the bedroom the girls shared and opened up their closet. He already knew he wanted his younger sister to wear her cheer leading bitchy tattooed woman gets her pussy smashed in many poses stockings and piercings. . less any bra or panties of any kind. Carly had made it to the freshman cheer leading squad and he always thought she looked supper hot in her skirt and sweater top.

Tyler was another story. He wanted her in as little as possible. Her naughtiest pair of panties, and maybe have her wear his basketball jersey from a couple years ago. He laid everything out with a note for the girls when they arrived.

He found his old style basketball jersey with the arm holes that were several inches lower so that Tyler's titties would show on the sides when she took her quiz. When the girls arrived home from school, they read Matt's note, both turned red with embarrassment as they slipped off their school clothes and immediately got dressed in the outfits their brother had left out.

"This feels real strange without any panties or bra," admitted Carly looking at herself in the mirror over her dresser. "What happens if the front of my skirt flips up like this," she asked her sister as she quickly pulled up the cheer leading skirt to show off her hairless pussy.

Tyler caught the image of her sister's bare cunt in the mirror for the brief second it was visible. "That's why you are wearing that outfit, so that they can easily see your hidden treasures underneath. Don't be surprised if you lose the whole get-up very soon after we join them downstairs. That's what happened to me. " Turning sideways, she continued, "this jersey certainly doesn't do much to hide my titties does it." "Your titties are near perfect sis.

You've got nothing to hide," said Carly. They were interrupted by Matt who was still dressed in his school clothes. "Hey girls.

. time to giddy-up! The guys are waiting and we certainly don't want Mom and Dad to see our After School Special today. Follow me downstairs and I will explain the rules and where you will be seated when we start." For some reason Matt made extra noise stomping down the steps. . as it turned out it was to alert his friends the girls were on their way.

As they entered the living room, the girls noticed the large cardboard pinup of the "hot guy". It was in front of a hallway down towards their parent's bedroom. "Carly, I want you to sit on the love seat here so you can watch the dounload free xxx shemail story your sister is going to provide." Carly moved into the position he had explained.

Reaching into his back pocket he stated, "I want you both to put on these scrunchies for us right now." Both girls were surprise by his request, or where he had found them. . but since they both had long blonde hair the pink scrunchies did add to their appearance, actually making them both look a bit younger.

The girls adjusted each other's, so when they were done they looked great. "Tyler, I want you to explain what you did with the ruler last time we were all together, so Carly knows why we are giving you this quiz," said Matt. "He made me measure each guys cock. . as I learned their names," said Tyler looking at her sister.

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"You mean they pulled down their pants and you got to see each one of them?" asked Carly. "Uh, huh," she said, fully aware that at the angle she was standing, her brother could see almost all of her bare tittie. "So now, your sister is going to take a little quiz. Tyler, I want you to kneel down in front of this guy here," he said pointing up at the pin-up, "and tell me the name of sarah vandella is proud of his massive dick guy whose cock you will see right here through the hole," he commanded and then he snuck behind the cardboard to join his friends.

Almost, as if on cue, a nice long fully erect cock was stuck through the glory hole right in front of Tyler. She immediately turned red as she seemingly recognized whose cock it was. "Wrap your hand around it, wank on it for a little bit and tell us who it is," was heard from behind the cardboard, probably by Matt.

Tyler tentatively covered the boy's cock with her sweaty fingers, and immediately the person on the other side began to fuck her hand. Carly couldn't believe what was happening right in front of her eyes and her pussy began to twitch with excitement watching her sister wank on the long cock protruding from the hole.

"Whose is it?" she asked excitedly. Tyler turned sideways and said, "Only one of those guys has a cock this long and I know it's Johnson. Johnson. . I know it's YOU!" she shouted. There was a few second delay as the erect cock left the hole and out from behind the cardboard, Johnson, dressed only in a pair of cut-off jeans made his appearance.

"That's affirmative," he shouted. "Let's see who is next." Johnson elected to sit right next to Carly and was impressed by her cute cheer leading outfit and the way she had her hair. The youngest sister stared at the protrusion of the hidden shaft in the boy's pants as he sat down. Her excitement at the immediate close contact with teen hottie getting pussy fucked hard by moms best friend hardcore and brunette older boy was causing her cute pussy to begin to leak.

Hearing a noise behind the cardboard pin-up, Carly watched a second cock, thrust its way into the hole. By the look on Tyler's face, it told both Carly and Johnson, that she was unsure whose it was. "Go ahead Tyler, whose stiff cock is that wagging at you, right now? Go ahead and wrap your fingers around it just like you did to me," said Johnson with a smirk on his face.

Just like earlier, as soon as the boy felt her fingers surround his erect cock, the anonymous guy began to buck his hips back and forth and ram forward as if fucking a young pussy. "What happens if I am wrong?" asked Tyler nervously, looking at Johnson. "Then you must give that lucky guy, not only a handjob but a blowjob too! And we want you to let him spray your face with his cum, as proof he got that special complete blowjob," he sneered. "Really. . no one told me about that," whispered Tyler, still wanking the boys cock on the other side of the board.

What an embarrassment she thought; if all of a sudden she would have to suck a boy's cock, just a few feet away from her younger sister. "Times up," said Johnson. "Whose HARD cock is in your hand?" "Uhhhhh. . I think it is Dave's.

. no it's Jacks', she said loud enough for the boy in the back to hear. "Wrong!" someone screamed. "Start sucking my cock. . right now!" Carly mia khalifa double d poolside fuck pornstar and knockers believe what she was hearing. She was a little sympathetic for her sister's situation, but at the same time, she was somewhat excited to watch her first blowjob only a few feet away.

Watching Tyler on her knees, about to give his best friend a blowjob had certainly excited Johnson as well. Carly looked down and again noticed his super long cock inside his shorts next to her. . literally almost bursting out of the material. The couple on the couch was surprised that Tyler accepted her fate so easily as they watched her lean forward and begin to lick the tip of the boy's cock through the hole. Carly didn't know if Tyler had sucked boys cocks before, as she watched her older sister move her hand up and down his shaft and at the same time.

. mouth the tip of his cock with her lips. Young Carly would have to remember that technique. . if it became her turn. . maybe even today. "Do you know how to use this," asked Johnson, taking his iPhone out of his front pocket (and at the same time allowing instant relief from lack of space in his pants). He switched it to video mode and handed it to Carly. She examined the phone and smiled. . followed by a nod indicating she knew how to use it.

"Do you want me to zoom in on what they are doing?" asked Carly. . surprised at his request. Johnson nodded his head and explained they would watch it later . . on the girls Apple TV. The now very horny girl zoomed in. . so that only Tyler's face could be seen with the boy's cock moving in and out of her pink lips.

Around and around her sister twirled her tongue over the head of the boy's cock. But the plot was about to get more exciting. Turns out. .

. Johnson was full of surprises as he took out what looked like a silver torpedo out of his other front pocket. "I am going to make you feel really good as you film your sister. . SUCK cock Carly. You'll soon hear a little buzzing sound, and I promise you will love it." "What is that thing?" she asked still trying to film her little porn flick of her sister .

. but at the same time, sunny leone x mp4 2019 polite to Johnson. "They call it a crystal high intensity bullet, and it makes girls very horny." "I love feeling VERY horny," admitted Carly almost in a dream as she watched the boy turn on the device and then slowly begin to rub it on her stomach first over her cheer leading sweater.

"How about a kiss Carly? Let's kick out the stand on the phone and aim it at Tyler," he said gently taking his phone out of her hands and making that adjustment and leaning back to make sure the angle was right. "I'd like that. . a lot", she said just before he covered his lips with hers. Carly, a freshman, was very excited suddenly being kissed by a "senior" boy.

Guys her age were usually all grabby but Johnson seemed a bit more mature as they continued to kiss and then French kiss for several minutes. All of a sudden the device he was talking about was being moved over her titties. . still over her top, as they continued to kiss. The vibration was unbelievable and what it was doing to her nipples was simply sensational. Back and forth he moved the little bullet as he continued to kiss the girl passionately.

She couldn't help but moan in full appreciation at what he was doing. Little did she know, he was just beginning his well-planned seduction. As they continued to kiss, the horny boy slowly slipped the vibrator under her sweater and within a few seconds, he was moving it across the base of her titties.

Back and forth he moved the device across her breasts as he continued to insert his tongue into her hot mouth. Once the tip of the device hit her nipple, the girl almost shouted with excitement.

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Johnson smiled to himself, eager to have her topless and the sweater out of the way. "Let me see what I am doing Carly," he said, backing away from her lips for a brief second and slipping his hands under the bottom of her top and then slowly moving it up until he could see her bare titties. They were almost like firm apples, with stiff nipples at the top. He loved small breasts on girls and hers were among the best he had ever seen. Slowly he ran the vibrator over each of her nipples, and again she just moaned in gratitude.

But he wanted to see her fully topless, so he raised the sweater over her face, but not quite over her head. In this position, she couldn't see what he was doing, but she sure could feel it. Johnson's lips were now sucking one breast while the vibrator did its magic to its mate. Carly had never let a boy lick and suck her titties before, and the feel of his lips sucking and then his tongue licking was incredible.

She was getting very warm with her top covering her face, so she hurriedly pulled her cheer leading sweater over her head and tossed it aside. Once free of the garment, the impressed expression on Johnson's face was very arousing to the young girl, as he literally stared at her naked breasts.

Seconds later, before she could resist, he once again leaned over and gently grasped her closest breast with his thumb and first finger and began to pinch her nipple into a fully excited bud.

He continued to use the vibrator over the other nip, with the same result. He continued to manipulate her breasts, with his mouth, fingers and silver bullet. He watched the girl close her eyes with excitement, and in english film full fuking reached over and placed her hand over his stiff rod.

At first she pulled skinny milf homemade this way we could instruct this criminal a lesson hand back, as her eyes opened wide in surprise. Then she looked down, pulled back a little, and looking down again. . .said "I think I just felt your.thing." "I'm sorry about its giant size.

I really don't have any control over being this excited being with you. That's what happens when you kiss a beautiful girl and touch her body. You're just turning me on." She smiled and blushed.

"It's ok.

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I'm excited too. But doesn't it like hurt.I mean, (looking down at his stiff shaft) it looks a little uncomfortable." "Yeah, it's certainly not ideal. But there's not much I can do about it. . right now." Johnson leaned forward to get back to kissing her lips amazing beauties get plowed in hardcore fashion breasts, and she pulled back. The next thing out of her mouth almost made him blow his load right then and there.

"Can I see it?" If you could find me one guy in the world that would say "no" to Carly's question, I'd love to meet him. Johnson couldn't believe his luck. Things were moving much faster than he had planned. "Yeah, if you want to," he said nonchalantly, but secretly saying 'I'll have my cock in her mouth in minutes'. Her face lit up with excitement. He leaned forward to kiss her again.

But this time, he put his hand on the side of her face, and put a finger into her mouth, motioning for her to open it up. "Do this," he said as he curled his lips over his teeth. The girl matched his demo and Johnson quickly lifted his ass off the couch, stood in front of her and swiftly unzipped his shorts and yanked them down to his feet. Carly still with her mouth in the favored "O" position looked down at his rock hard cock.

In fact, the first real cock she had seen this close. . and was mesmerized by it. "Wow, it's so long," she said imagining in her mind.

. that it had to be a foot or more in length. "You can touch it. . if you want to." She reached out a hand, and wrapped it around his throbbing shaft. Her touch was amazing. Her hands were so soft and gentle. She couldn't take her eyes off it. She had leaned her head down slightly to get a closer look while running her hand up and down the entire length of it.

He had to fight the urge to grab the back of her head, and pry her hot warm mouth open with his cock. But he had to let her go at her own pace. A few moments felt like an eternity.

He wanted to move forward so bad, and was desperate to speed things up. Her head was now bent further down, maybe six inches away from his cock.

"You look like you want to put it in your mouth," said Johnson hopefully. She smiled and looked up at him. "I don't know. I think I do, but I'm not sure I would be good enough at it for you," she said as she continued to hold his shaft in her hand.

He placed his hand over hers, and gently taught her what he wanted done to his cock. She slowly began to tighten her grip as she jacked his cock through her fingers. "It's totally up to you," he said impatiently now examining her titties once again, wondering what it would be like to rub the tip of his cock all over her still stiff nipples. "Do you want masturbation with ice cubes australian female joyce to?" she asked.

"Fuck yes. . but I don't want you to do anything you're not comfortable with." Carly did not respond. He was dying to shoot his load, and felt like she needed a little push. "Why don't you just kiss it like you kissed my mouth, and see if you like it." She smiled and leaned in closer until her mouth was just inches from the tip of his cock. She puckered her lips again, as if to kiss just the tip, but when her lips touched she opened them just enough to let the tip pass through her lips and enter her mouth.

She held her head down for a few seconds. It wasn't a kiss as much as it was her letting the tip of his cock sit inside her warm mouth. Johnson knew he was going to fill her mouth up without warning if she continued. She picked her head up, looked at him shyly and said "Can I kiss it again?" He didn't answer with words. Instead he leaned forward and parted her lips with his tongue, swirled it around her mouth, pulled back, and shook his head yes.

She bent her head back down with more confidence. This time she kissed the tip, then started kissing the sides. . all the way down the full 7" length and back up again. When she returned to the tip, she parted her lips and took several inches of his shaft into her mouth.

He let out a loud groan as her wet young mouth felt incredible. She picked her head up, looked at him and giggled. "That was way cool", she said inspecting the trail of saliva she had just made.

Determined, Carly kept moving her hand tightly up and down Johnson's shaft. She decided to add a slight twist back and forth to her technique, now that his shaft was damp from her tongue, which was driving Johnson crazy. Thoughts of this guy's cum shooting into her mouth and then all over her face kept her focused on her task. Then it happened. . Johnson could take it no more. . and he moved his hips upwards. . .making the purple head enter her pink lips and an avalanche of hot cum began to belch out of his throbbing shaft.

He closed his eyes as his ejaculation became so intense he couldn't keep them open. But seconds later, Johnson eked out. . "just SUCK my cock". .

which is what she did. Not believing the amount of fluid that was filling up her mouth, Carly had to use her tongue to quickly block that stream of semen. Still holding his cock, she moved her head upwards, but kept squeezing his shaft as rope after rope of hot cum continued to spray against her face.

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She began to laugh at the amount as Johnson, finally opening his eyes grabbed a hold of his 7" shooting cock and aimed it all over her apple-sized titties. Somewhere around his 6th or 7th eruption, he glanced at what he had created and the very attractive blonde haired beauty with her hair in pigtails was totally covered with his cum. A trail of his juices was now drooling out of her mouth, which added to this very erotic sight.

What will happen next? Stay tuned.