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Jessica jaymes fucking jesssica ryan with a big strap on big boobs
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This happened last year sometime. My daughter Deb is on Facebook, along with damn near every other college kid in America it seems. She was always checking FB on her phone when she wasn't online at home. She loves keeping in contact with friends and family as well as re-connecting with old friends and all know how it works. I was never really interested in joining, but Deb told me how close she and some of her sister's kids.had gotten thru the site. They live in New Mexico and chat, exchange pics, etc.

I decided to make an account and see how I liked it. If I didn't sustain interest, I could always close the account. So I joined. One of the first people I looked up was my ex Allie. You all have likely read my stories about her. Her profile was privacy protected except for her picture and the links to send messages and poke and that stuff. She looked great in her pic.damn near the same as the last time I saw her.

Obviously she was older now, but I could still see the great smile and twinkle in her eyes. I wrestled with the thought of even sending her a message. After we lost touch, I knew she got married and didn't know if she wanted any contact from me, even though we parted on good terms. One night I got up the nerve to send her a message.

I said I hoped it was okay that I sent her the message, but I still had fond memories of her and was hoping she was doing well. "If you are uncomfortable with me sending this, I'll not bother you again." was how I ended the message. She didn't get back to me for a couple days, making me think she didn't want any contact. As I logged on that third day later, the message icon was on."1".

My heart jumped as I saw her name in the sender line. "HI!!" it started. "Oh my God, it's nice to hear from you again!! Of course it's okay that you sent this." she went on. The message was full of stuff about her and her family and she asked me about mine. I replied and sent her a friend request. She must have been online because she accepted almost immediately. Once she did, we opened a chat and had a nice talk. Neither one of us mentioned our past sex life, but I know I couldn't get the images of her naked with my cock inside every hole she had out of my head.

We logged off after a bit as it was late. My cock was throbbing and dripping with pre-cum after the chat. Quickly, I pulled off my underwear.I was on my laptop in my bedroom, not the desktop in the den.and slowly stroked myself to thoughts of Allie.

I came after about 5 strokes, covering my hand and groin with hot squirt. I cleaned up and went to bed with thoughts of Allie still in my head. We chatted off and on for a couple weeks, both if us still avoiding our past sexual adventures. I could almost sense the tension between us and felt she did as well. Finally, she opened up a bit to me.she and her husband were separated. They had been having trouble for a while babe with great tits milks a cock decided they needed a break from each other.

He moved out, she kept the kids.two boys, 6 and 4.and tried to figure out what to do next. I offered my condolences and best wishes when it happened. "Would you like to meet for a drink? I'd love to see you again and all this typing gets to me after a while" she said. I agreed and we chose to meet that weekend at a restaurant halfway between our homes.she lived about 90 minutes south of me.

That whole week, I felt like a kid again waiting for my date that weekend. I didn't know what to expect.a couple drinks, some dinner, a blowjob in the bathroom. I didn't want to seem forward and offend her as she was still married and didn't want to take advantage of someone with marital issues.

Finally, Saturday arrived and I saw her again for the first time in almost 20 years. She walked into the place and was still beautiful. Those legs were still long and tanned, her butt was still tight and her face was still the picture of perfection I recalled. We hugged tightly and pulled away from each other with misty eyes. We sat down and it was like we had never been apart. We had a few drinks and caught up on each others lives. She met her husband in college and married a few years after, had kids a few years later, etc.

They had grown somewhat apart as he traveled more and more. She loved being a housewife with a small home business to keep her occupied and happy. I filled her in on my story.wife left, Deb and I alone and making a nice home and life together, etc.

I confessed my loneliness and told her of my futile efforts to find a woman who could make me happy. I told her the worst mistake I made was not following her to college and staying with her. I was rambling by now. She told me that she was glad I went after what I wanted and didn't stay with her. She had gone to a liberal arts college in Oregon and they offered nothing in the way of education for me.

"I know having great blowjob sex with my ex asian gf, it's just that I think me life would have been better if that had happened." I told her. "Well, Deb seems like the light of your life. You wouldn't have had her if we had stayed together." she reasoned. As usual, she was right. The restaurant was getting ready to close and it was time to go.

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I walked her out to her car, her hand in mine. My heart was pounding. My mind was racing. My emotions were churning. How could I say goodnight.or her again? As we reached her car, we turned to each other and she took my hands in hers. She reached up and kissed me softly on the mouth. I kissed back, inhaling her aroma and savoring the taste of her. Her mouth opened a bit and she kissed me harder. I slid my tongue into her mouth, half-expecting her to pull away.

But she didn't. What she did do was return the gesture with her own tongue. We kissed and sucked each others tongues in a fury at her car. We latinas first cam show watch more of her at ulacamcom the kiss, speechless. I looked at her with tears in my eyes again. "I guess I'd better go.

I don't want to go too're still married. I don't want to be a mistake in your life." "We made our mistakes, both together and apart. This isn't a mistake if we both want it. Make love to me like you used to. I need a man to care about's been too long. There's a motel 5 miles down the highway. Please make love to me?" she asked with her own wet eyes. I nodded and we got in our cars and left.

I got a room for us and we parked the cars.

We approached the room, keycard black guyging wifes and girlfriends blackpool my hand and I asked her again if she really wanted this to happen. She said she did. I opened the door and we went inside together. As much as we wanted to tear into each other, we went slowly to heighten the passion we felt. I unbuttoned her dress in the back and slid it down her shoulders, kissing her neck as I did. Her breasts were heaving as her breathing was coming hard and deep.

Her nipples were stiff inside her bra. She stepped out of her dress and away from me. Her body was still incredible, even the few stretch marks she had were hardly noticeable. The front of her panties had a quarter-sized wet spot on them. She approached me and unbuttoned my shirt and removed it. She undid my belt and the button and zipper on my pants, letting them drop to the floor. My underwear could hardly contain my erection. She got to her knees and removed them.

As my cock bobbed in her face, she looked up at me. "I never stopped loving you" she said and took me into her mouth. I have had my cock sucked my numerous women in my life, but Allie just made me feel incredible each and every time she had me in her mouth. I couldn't stand as my knees were weak and moved over to the bed. I laid down with her mouth still on my cock. Slowly, she blew me, sucking the head of my cock, licking the underside mice and slow and rubbing my balls with her soft, soft hands.

I held the back of her head as she bobbed up and down, moaning the whole time. She slurped softly as she sucked, taking me down her throat every so often, making herself gag and splutter.

As much as I wanted to get inside her pussy, there was no way I wanted her to stop what she was doing. "Oh Allie.can I cum in your mouth? God, you do that so good. Fuck baby." She looked up at me and nodded her okay. Her mouth was like a hot, wet furnace.

I felt myself getting close and tried to hold back as long as I could. "SUCK MY COCK HARD ALLIE OH JESUS FUCK I'M GONNA CUM!!" As I hit the brink, stars exploded in my head and my body was charged by a lightening bolt. I felt the first squirt hit her tongue. The next couple filled her mouth and she just kept sucking and licking.

I spent myself inside her hot mouth, feeling every spurt intensely. My chest was heaving, my breath was gasps, my cock was spent. Allie looked up at me with a full mouth. Fervid chick is gaping juicy pussy in close range and coming, she smiled at me. I told her it was now her turn. I rolled her over and removed her now-soaked panties. Her pussy was bare, her lips swollen and purple, her asshole still as pink as a little girl's Easter dress.

I spread her open with my hands and smelled her was heavenly. I teased her by licking the inside of her thighs, lapping up the pussy juice that had dripped down them. She moaned and trembled as I moved onto the sides of her pulsing cunt. Tickling and teasing, I flicked at her with my tongue. She had removed her bra and was pinching her little rock-hard nipples in ecstasy. Her clit was fully engorged and begging for my touch.

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I obliged her and took her fat clit into my mouth. She arched her back and let out a scream. Sucking that little love button, I made sweet love to her pussy with my mouth. She gyrated her hips and ground herself onto my face. I knew she was close to uk essex slut southend on sea nina and she proved me right as she erupted all over my face.

Wave after orgasmic wave ripped thru her loins, each one generating a hot squirt of her own cum onto my face and the cheap bedspread. "Oh fuck, don't stop keep licking my pussy" she begged after she finished coming. I kept up my sucking and licking, hoping to bring her off again. Over and over, she alternated between grabbing my head and beating the bed with her hands. By this time, I was licking her tight little shithole as well, knowing that she loved it.

"Oh God, Steve never did that" she moaned with the ass attention she was getting. I slid a finger in and out of her butthole for old times sake.she loved it as much as ever.

Nearing another climax, she grabbed the headboard and shook it violently, banging it against the wall as she came. Her pussy heaved and twitched and spasmed over and over. She fell back exhausted, panting. I climbed on top of her and rammed my revived cock inside her. She gasped and drew her legs back for me. I was in no mood to go slow after all this time and pounded her for all I was worth. She met my thrusts with her own, crashing her cunt up into my groin.

I kissed and licked her little titties, smearing her chest with her pussy juice from my face. Her eyes were rolled back into her head, her mouth was letting grunts and moans escape and her pussy was squirting juice out of her with each thrust. We looked deep into each others eyes and connected with each other. I could see into her soul, she into mine. Without a sound, we both exploded into each cock into her screaming pussy and our minds into the others.

As I filled her with my squirt, she squeezed and milked my cock with her pussy muscles. I collapsed onto her. We lay there in each others arms for minutes, not even moving except for when my softening cock slid out of her drenched cunt and flopped onto her thigh. We just stared at each other and breathed.words would have been useless. Finally, she kissed me softly. As I kissed her back, my cock began to stir again. I couldn't believe it, nor could she when she felt it on her thigh.

Again, without a word, she got on top of me and slid me inside her. Gently, she rocked back and forth, moving her hips up and down, softly riding me. This was not a fuck.this was us making love. I rubbed her creamy thighs and hips. She put her hands on my chest as she rode me. We kissed and smelled each other. We had spent our pent-up emotions before and now were just enjoying each others essences, smells and sounds. As we built to our orgasms, she picked up the pace of her hip movements. She started to quake and quiver, her orgasm beginning in earnest.

Her moans and screams were muffled by the fact she had sucking for some chap milk deepthroat blowjob her face into my chest when she started to come. I pulled her close so I could feel her body shiver on top of mine. Her orgasm subsided and she looked at me. "Come all over me. I want to feel your cum on my body." She rolled off me and off the bed onto the floor.

She got on her knees and said it again.

"Come all over me." I stood up and got in front of her. I pointed my cock at her and aimed at her face and tits. My cock twitched once, then again, then erupted in an orgasm that I'm not sure where it came from. I had already cum hard twice and didn't expect much of a load, xxx cn sexe full story play download I was wrong. Spurt after spurt of hot load splattered all over Allie's lovely face, perky tits and flat stomach.

It just kept pun intended. As I stroked, she laughed and lapped the cum on her face and it seemed to trigger another spurt. I kept stroking long after I knew I was empty.

Allie took me in her mouth and sucked me gently, cleaning me. My God, but she was glazed like a donut. From her forehead to her belly-button was one mass of goo. Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but she did look lovely like that. We showered and got back into bed.

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We planned to fuck all night, but we weren't teens anymore and passed out in each others arms. Waking the next morning, we made love once more. We left soon after. Allie did eventually work things out with Steve and I was sincerely happy for them. I know how tough it can be on kids in a divorce and didn't want Allie's kids to go thru that. We still keep in touch, but nothing more than FB comments from time to time.

It's better this way.