Pretty amateur babe threesome in the backroom for money

Pretty amateur babe threesome in the backroom for money
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I had the greatest wife any man could ever ask for, Vicky was a good woman, a good mom, a hard worker, and was always ready for sex. We fucked as often as we could and would go on rides on the golf cart and fuck in the woods and she would always want me to cum on her tits or on her ass if we fucked and she would just wear it back and go into the house to the bathroom to clean it up.

Logan would sometimes see my cum on her mom and she would just smile and tell me" I see you had a good time." I would always lean over and rub her tits or her ass and she would just look up at me and moan. Logan and I had some time alone together at times, as Vicky was sometimes needed to go out of town on business, and on those special occasions, Logan would normally stay naked around the house we could go outside some and she would ride on the golf cart with me with her feet on the seat and her pussy wide open for me to see.

There were times when she would ask me where Vicky and I was at when she sucked me or when I fucked her the last time, and I would take her to where I tied up big tits blonde anal fucked cum on her mom the last time and she would rub her clit Until she came in the same spot that her mom had cum.

Logan would sometimes trickle a little bit of her little girl juice out of her pussy, and she would stand up and turn her ass to me and tell me" lick me clean daddy and makes sure my ass is clean too" and I could never tell her no, I would lick her tiny little pussy and asshole and taste her sweet cum and get her all cleaned up and then we would ride some more.

At night we would spend every m9ment together, her always naked and most of the time I would have underwear on, but normally had a hard cock inside of them and Logan always liked rubbing it and playing with it. Vicky would call to check in every night and Logan and I would sit and wait on her call, when she did I would talk to slim teen megumi shino takes double penetration a little then Logan would get on the phone and talk to her mom and ask her what she was doing and how long was she gonna be gone, and then I would get back on the phone with her and we would talk about sex and what she was wearing and normally it would turn into phone sex with Vicky getting off while I talked to her, when we first did this I would always wait until Logan was of the room and try to keep my voice down some, but since Logan was just as horny as her mom was I just sat right there watching Logan rub her pussy and ass while I talked her mom through yet another orgasm.

And after we would hang up it would be time for bed so I would get Logan bathed and we would get into bed, and she would sit beside me and watch me jack off and sometimes she would help me by rubbing my nuts and when I was ready to cum she sometimes would get her face close and let me cum on her face or on her chest and then she would suck me and clean my cock and I would get up and get a warm cloth to clean my cum off of her what she didn't scrape up and swallow.

She always told me how good my cum tasted and that she couldn't wait until she was big enough to let me cum inside her mouth and she wanted to try and swallow it all. We decided that we wanted to take a family vacation to the mountains and Vickie said she want3d to get a cabin kinda away from everything with no one really close to us. I called around and found us a cabin up on a mountain away from any other cabins and it's had a hot tub outside on the porch overlooking a valley.

When we got there it was just what we had asked for, a very nice cabin, rather large three bedrooms, two big bathrooms and the one in the master suite was a large jacuzzi tub and when we were walking through it and we all saw the jacuzzi Logan said "mom we could all get into that tub together" and Vicky just laughed a little and we moved on to getting the truck unpacked. It was late afternoon when we got finished so we decided to get dressed and go into the nearby town for dinner, Vicky and Logan went into logans room and were getting her ready and I went to get ready also, I was sitting on the bed when Vicky came in and I was sitting there with just my underwear on and Vicky asked that when we came back if I would like to get into the hot tub for awhile, I told her that we could.

She stood in front of me and stripped out of her jeans petite teen slut blowing and massaging big black cock under the shower interracial showering I reached out and grabbed her ass, she turned and looked at me and said " don't start something you can't finish" this bitch was using my own words on me. I stood up and pushed her back onto the bed and pushed her legs open, I pushed my face into her ass and shoved my tongue as deep into her ass as I could, I was holding her down so her face was towards the door and she was facing the door and I could see the door when I looked over her ass and back.

I was sucking on her beautiful ass and tongue fucking it and right in the middle of it the door flew open and there stood Logan, she gasped a little and when Vicky and I heard it we both froze and looked up, Logan just stood there for a second and finally said, " I'm sorry daddy go ahead and finish, I'll wait out here" I couldn't move.

Vicky turned to look at me and said" I cannot believe what I just heard, did she just tell you to finish me off and she would wait on us" I said that it sounded just like what she had said.

Vicky laid there a bit and finally just shook her head and said" well are you gonna do what your daughter told you to do or are you gonna puss out and stop" I looked at her and she laid her head back down and reached back and spread her ass for me to finish her. I buried my tongue inside Vicky's ass and kept eating her until she came.

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We got up and got dresssed and we both walked out to Logan sitting on the couch watching tv, and Vicky said let's go get some dinner, and reached out and took Logan by the hand and we went to the truck. We headed down the mountain and Vicky turned around and asked Logan "baby I am sorry that you saw what you did earlier and we will try not to let it happen again" Logan said " Nothing to worry about mom I know y'all are gonna have sex and I beauteous teen bawdy cleft is nailed well that sometimes I should knock but I was in a hurry and I am sorry that I just busted in on y'all and it's fine I just want all of us to be happy" And with that Vicky just looked at me and turned around and looked out the window.

As we rode on towards town. We had a good meal and when we got back to the house we got ready and went to the hot tub and got in. It was really nice as I sat there with my wife on one side of me and my daughter, or step daughter, on the other side my arms around both of them and we just sat there relaxing and talking.

I leaned over and kissed Vicky and it was a pretty good kiss and I guess we held it a little too long, and Logan asked if she should go in, and I asked her " why do you think you need to go in baby" she said " well I don't want to interrupt you two again" I told her that she was welcome to stay with us for as long or as short a time as she wanted and that she would never be excluded in anything that we do, and that if she wanted to be with us she could be but sometimes if a door is closed she may need to knock before coming in.

Vicky sat anybunny full force kareena kapoor a minute and I could tell that that mind was turning and she had a question, she scooted up a little and came around if front of Logan and under the water I could see her hands on Logans legs, and she told her that we have a good relationship and that none of us ever has to feel that they should lie to either one of the others about anything, and Logan agreed with her as did I, Vicky looked at Logan and asked" Logan honey have you ever seen us doing anything that you have a question about?

" and Logan said " I have seen y'all doing it some and even though I know y'all love each other and me I realize that's what mommies and daddies do, but it's not like anything y'all do scares me or anything I just like to see y'all in love so much." Vicky just looked at me and said " now that's not what I was expecting" We stayed there a little while just talking and listening to the sounds around the mountain.

We went to bed that not and didn't have sex of any kind. Vicky was up the next morning first and had breakfast ready when she came to wake me up, I went out and sat down and Logan came out in just her panties and sat at the table, I just looked at Vicky and she said" I think it's fine if she wants to be open around us" I just looked at her and smiled.

Vicky came around and sat down beside me and laid her hand on my leg and smiled at me and looked at Logan and smiled a tree her. We had a good day riding around the mountain towns going into little shops looking at different sights. Vicky said she was getting tired and asked if we could go back to the cabin and rest, we agreed and she looked back at Logan and then to me and said" nude teens in public sex and cowgirl first time fighting for affection I might need to feel that tongue back inside my ass and pussy again" I whipped my head around and looked at her and she turned to Logan and said" I just need sex right now baby and I promise I will not shut you out in any way" Logan just sat there for the ride back.

We got back and went inside and Logan went in and sat in front of the tv and Vicky grabbed my hand and we went to the bedroom, I slowed to close the door and Vicky said " No we will never close the door again when we are having sex, if she wants to come in and watch let her" I left the door open and Vicky told me that ever since Logan walked in on us she has been mixed up some but now she knew that it excited her that Logan saw us having sex and she didn't care she wanted me to fuck her and hopefully Logan would want to see what I was doing to her.

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We teen babe hollie sucks a black cock pornstars and hardcore naked on the bed and we got into a 69 position and she was on top facing the door sucking y cock, and she was being very loud with her sucking and sometimes she would come off my cock and be very loud when she would say eat my pussy daddy or tongue fuck my asshole, we carried on for awhile and I felt her when she jerked and stopped sucking me, I asked if she was ok and she just started back sucking me, she raised up off of my face and slid down and sat down on my cock and buried it inside her pussy, she was facing the door, and I was just loving her tight wet pussy wrapped around my cock milking me and trying to drain my nuts, she came a couple of times and when I finally filled her pussy with my cum, she just fell back onto me, we laid ther for a little bit and she's rolled over to look at me and said" Logan stood there at the end of the bed and watched us fucking the whole time and that's why I came so much it excited me to have her watch your dick inside my pussy" I just held her and she laid there and we talked about what had happened.

We were on top of the comforter and I called out to Logan and she came to the door and I tapped on the bed inviting her to climb up beside us. I asked her if she was ok with what she had seen and she said she's was good with it, I asked her what she thought about what she had seen, she said" I was fine with seeing you two fucking" I looked at Vicky and she said I am ok with her saying that when it's just us, I loooked back at Logan and asked so how do you feel about it, she said" it made me feel kinda funny down near my pussy" I looked back at Vicky and she said" she heard me say it so as long as it's just us I am ok with anything she says.

I looked back at Logan and asked " so what did you do when it felt funny down by your pussy" Logan stood up and spread her legs and said " I rubbed myself right near my pussy and it was all wet so I just rubbed it more until it felt better" I turned to look at Vicky and she said" I don't blame you at all baby mommies pussy feels great when I have just came" Logan walked up the bed and said " Daddy I notice your dick is hard does it hurt when it looks like that" I told her that no it didn't hurt and that when my dick is hard is when I need to either fuck something or have someone suck it.

She looked at Vicky and asked her if she should leave so she could take care of my hard dick, Vicky told her no baby you don't ever have to leave when we do anything in bed again, Vicky rolled over and said" you just pumped my pussy full of cum and you're hard again it there something going on that I need to know about" I looked at her astonished and said" Natural sweetie is gaping tight snatch in close up and cumming damn her you and I are laying her naked and just finished fucking and your young daughter is standing her talking about her pussy and rubbing it and cumming and you want to know why my dick is hard" she said" does daddy have a fantasy about my little sister" and looked at my eyes and swallowed my cock.

I just raised my ass off of the bed to meet her lips and she was going alll the way down on my cock and Logan was staring at my dick in her mommas mouth and Vicky seemed like she was obsessed with sucking my dick. She sucked for a little while and came off of it and asked" well do you have a thing for my baby sister" Logan looked at me and smile do and i said that I do love watching her watch you suck my cock, Vicky went back down on me and looked up at Logan and reached out a hand to her and Logan took her hand.

Vicky pulled her closer to my cock and took logans hand and shoved it between my legs and Logan grabbed my balls and started massaging them like she had done so many times before, Vicky looked up and said" damn she knows exactly what to do with a guys nuts" and Logan just smiled and kept playing with my nuts. Vicky sucked me for a little bit more and then asked Logan if she would like to feel something really good. Logan nodded yes and Vicky told her to sit on my face.

Logan stood up and moved up and knelt over my chest, I asked Vicky if she was sure that this is what she wanted me to do.

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She ran her hand between her legs and when she showed me her hand it was dripping with her cum and she said" more than anything I want you to eat my baby sisters pussy and make milf caught compeer xxx jane doux in when father is away stepmom will play cum in your mouth daddy" I couldn't help it then I buried my face into my sweet baby's pussy and I sucked her pussy clit and asshole until she was squirming on my face and screaming in another language, after about ten minutes of eating that sweet young pussy she's was wailing and finally fell limp on my chest and when she did that I pumped her mommas mouth full of my cum and then I was the one doing the screaming.

Vicky did all she could but she couldn't get it all down and some leaked out around my cock and when she sat back Logans face was right at my cock, and I felt it when she put her mouth on my dick and started licking my cum off of my stomach and cock, she cleaned me completely and looked a thing her momma and said" I love the taste of my daddies cum momma" Vicky stopped her and said" from now on whenever we are in bed together I am your sister and you are my baby sister and he is our daddy.

And whatever we do is between us and no one else and doesn't need to be told outside of the our house" Logan agreed with her and looked at me and said" Daddy I need to pee would you take me to the bathroom" I got up and took her hand and she just looked at me and held her arms up asking me to carry her, I picked her up and her tiny ass was on my arms and I Carrie did her to the bathroom and Vicky could see us and Logan starting voiding mia khalifa and lisa ann bladder and I just watched her pussy, she finished and she just sat there and looked up at me and asked me" do you want to lick my pussy clean daddy" Nw I had done this to her before and she knew I loved licking her pussy right after she peed, I looked towards Vicky and she just shrugged her shoulders Andy pointed towards logans pussy, I looked back at Logan and asked her" what do you want your daddy to do baby" she smiled up at me and said" I want you to get on your knees and lick my pussy and ass and clean me up daddy" And I did just that I licked her pussy and asshole gloria gucci and her friend take on four cocks best I could with her sitting on the toilet and she moaned as my tongue entered her pussy.

I stood up and Logan raised her arms again for me to pick her up and I did and when we turned towards the bed and Vicky was laying there with one hand in her pussy and the other going to town on her clit. Logan squirmed a bit and fell out of my arms and when she hit the floor she was in full stride and dove into the bed and between her "sisters" legs, she shoved her face into her mommas pussy and started licking it and Vicky grabbed her head and laid back pulling Logan with her but keeping that sweet young face in her pussy.

Logan was lick8ng her mommas pussy when Vicky started squirting, she never made a sound but her pussy was pumping her cum into the air all over Logan and alll over the bed. I just stood there as they both calmed down and I walked over and laid beside Vicky and Logan crawled up and laid on both of us, I asked Vicky did you enjoy having your"sister"eat your pussy. She rolled her head towards me and said" ever since she busted in the door and saw you between my legs I have dreamed about her sucking you and eating my pussy, now the only thing is to get her pussy around your cock and I will be happy" I couldn't believe what she had said but Logan looked up at us and smiled and said that she wanted to feel my cock inside of her like it had been inside her sisters pussy.

We talked a lot that weekend about sex and what we should do and not do with Logan and we all agreed that until she's was a little older that we could only let my tongue inside her pussy and asshole.

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Logan said she would be ok with that but that whenever she could she wanted to be included in our bed and our sex. Vicky knows that I want to fuck her daughter very bad and when Logan is older I know I will.