Saucy blonde bounces on a hard member

Saucy blonde bounces on a hard member
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[Thanks to all my readers! Parts 1 and 2 of this series are both in the top 30 of new sex stories. This one might be my favorite so far. Feel free to comment, or you can PM me any comments, suggestions or anything fun on here - thanks!] I barely got out of the house that night. Their parents came home just skinny slut gets rammed in a threesome few minutes after Danielle and I had fucked.

Luckily I was able to sneak out of the back door and make my way home. Things were becoming a little odd at school. Danielle and I were hanging out a lot more, and towing the line of acting like we were in a relationship. In reality, I hadn't asked her out because I didn't know what to do.

I was in full on lust mode with both her and her little sister. I figured it wouldn't hurt to ride things out as long as they lasted before making any major decisions. "So my parents are going out of town for the whole weekend," Danielle beamed as pov dicksucking babe rubs cock against cunt talked at lunch.

"Hope you don't have any big plans." "Hmm," I started, pretending to look through a schedule in my folder. "I may have to move some things around, but I'll try to show up for at least a few minutes." She shoved me and laughed. If I was really honest with myself, I would probably just ask her out and get things over with. We were basically the same age, we had enough in common, and obviously had a sexual connection.

But I didn't feel comfortable taking that step with the uncertainty of Hailey. In some ways, Hailey turned me on more than her sister did. But I wondered if that kind of lust would last. Either way, if I dated one of them, things would probably be awkward with the other. After we parted ways for our next class, my phone started vibrating. I flipped it open and saw it was a text message.

"See you this weekend cutie," it read, from an unknown number. I guess Hailey stole my number from her sister. I decided to play along. "What makes you think I'm coming this weekend?" I responded. "Oh you'll be cumming," she wrote with a wink face. "Over and over and over again. In my pussy." I hope the government isn't tapping our phones.

I decided to make this weekend last as long as possible. I packed a bag on Friday afternoon and told my folks that I was staying with one of my friends for the weekend. I texted Danielle and made sure that her parents were gone and then walked over. Danielle answered the door when I got there. Tonight she was dressed in a button down shirt and a skirt.

A few minutes later, Hailey trotted down the steps in a tank top and a shorter skirt than her sister. The two seemed to trade stern glances but didn't toss out any insults. "We decided it would be best to try not to fight this weekend," Danielle said, noticing my surprised look at the silence. "We want you to stay over this weekend and have fun, so we'll try to stay civil." It looked like they were going to keep to that.

The night started out very innocently, with the three of us watching some shows on television, before ordering in a pizza. We laughed and joked around he didnt make you cum youre gay bullshitted about school. "The guys at my school are so freaking immature," Hailey lamented. "That's why I like when you come over." She said it with at least enough restraint to not set Danielle off.

"Most take a while to mature," I told her. "Some won't for another 10 years." "Ain't that the truth," Danielle chimed in. We all laughed; I was surprised at how well this was going. Maybe the three of us really could go to a deserted island for all eternity.

Of course, things weren't going to stay tame the whole weekend. A little bit after we ate, Hailey busted out the Twister board. It wasn't long until Hailey was in a compromising position, skirt up and panties showing (guess she wasn't wearing a thong tonight). Of course she was wearing those really geeky panties that look so sexy on girls.

A few moves later, and Danielle was in a similar position, but she was rocking a thong tonight. I admired the view of her tight ass and hoped we'd stay in these positions for a while. With both of them bending over to a far spot, I decided to spank them both at the same time. Danielle gasped and Hailey giggled before we all collapsed on top of each other. "Perv!" Hailey teased, as her skirt remained up, showing off her panties, which had a frog on them.

Danielle was on her stomach, her ass completely exposed in her thong, with her skirt ridden up. With all of us getting along, I hoped that this would be the chance to get both of them together.

I hopped onto Danielle's back and grinded my firming cock against her pussy, with my shorts, boxers, and her thong blocking the way. She groaned a little and moistened as I grinded a little harder. Hailey was ready to go, as usual, and came up behind me and removed my shirt. I traded the favor with her as I still grinded against Danielle.

Hailey ripped off her own bra and was left in just her short skirt and panties. While still on top of Danielle, I decided to remove her shirt, unbuttoning each button from behind and slipping it off her, before unhooking her bra and adding it to the growing pile of removed clothing. I decided to catch Danielle off guard. She was facing the wrong direction still, with me enough on top of her to keep her down. I pulled my shorts and boxers down enough to release my shaft, and quickly pulled Danielle's thong to the side.

Before another second passed, I shoved my cock deep inside Danielle's now exposed pussy.

"What the fuckkkk yeahh," she moaned as I entered her. As I started to get into a rhythm, Hailey came in front of me and threw her chest in my face. I started to suck on her nipples wildly as she pulled down her panties.

She must have been feeling pretty raunchy milf fucks a sexy teenage babe, and less mad at her sister because she decided to lay down on top of her sister. She flipped her skirt up and showed me her ass. Danielle was having too much fun to get upset over this as my cock stretched her tight walls with each thrust. Their two bodies were close enough for me to live out something that I had only seen in porn.

I pulled my cock out of Danielle's pussy and slammed it into Hailey's. She screamed and urgently shoved her hips back against me, bucking wildly. After a few seconds, I pulled out of her and shoved my cock back into Danielle's pussy. Each time I would enter one of them, I would grab their hips to make sure they got it hard.

"Fuck, shit, fuck, yeahh, ugh, unnn, fuck," the two of them rambled as they got fucked. I made Danielle flip over to lay on her back now, and had Hailey turn towards me. After the quick maneuver, Hailey and I were making out, while I slammed Danielle's pussy with all my power. A few seconds later, Hailey was moaning into our kiss. I looked down and nearly lost it when I saw Danielle eating out her sister. Danielle had spread Hailey's pussy lips and was flicking her tongue across her clit.

Danielle was the first one to cum, as her pussy started to britannia chopra xxx story download my cock in big contractions. Hailey's breathing was getting more desperate and she was vibrating more into our kisses.

She screamed out and came, squirting some juices onto her sister's face. I kissed Hailey passionately as I watched her squirt onto her sister. I picked up the pace and rammed Danielle's pussy deeper. Danielle was still eating out her sister, but Hailey was now helping me, bending over to lick my balls as they slapped against her sister's ass. Every so often, she would switch to licking Danielle's clit, putting the two of them in a 69 position while my rod bounced in and out of Danielle.

"You better cum in her you stud," Hailey said. She ran her hands up and down my body, adding to the sensations that were already starting. "Cum, cum, cum!" she chanted.

Hailey then began to suck Danielle's clit hard, barely avoiding my crashing body from each thrust. This sent Danielle into another orgasm, and finally brought me with her. I tried to hold back my cum as long as possible, but Hailey's massaged my balls until I couldn't resist, and my cum shot into Taut ass drilled on cam hardcore blowjob pussy with a broken hose.

I grabbed Hailey's breasts as I filled up her sister's pussy with my seed.

After the final blast of cum, I pulled out and Hailey licked my cock clean. "Isn't it nice when you two get along?" I laughed. Hailey smiled and gave me a playful slap on the cheek. Danielle was too worn out to respond, but I think she smiled too. "Why don't we let her recover?" Hailey beamed and grabbed my hand. "Let's go play some video games!" Danielle just nodded as Hailey and I ran off to her room.

Surprisingly, Hailey actually turned on her Nintendo and sat down next to me. We were both still naked, which I wasn't about to complain about. "I'm totally going to beat you," Hailey teased. "Not going to happen," I fired back.

"We'll see about that," she winked and started up the game. After it became pretty clear that I was going to easily beat her, Hailey stood up and put her ass in my face. "Hey I can't see!" I laughed. "Are you actually trying to look at the game around my ass?" she responded. She paused the game and reached down to stroke my cock.

After she had gotten me hard again, she unpaused the game. Without saying anything, she sat down on my cock, impaling her pussy with my length. I decided I didn't mind losing this time. I put down my controller since Glamorous chick is peeing and rubbing shaved vagina couldn't see anyway, and guided her bouncing ass up and down.

She started to moan but was still playing the game, making sure to beat me. That changed after I reached around and started to rub her clit. She started moaning louder and put her controller down to, grabbing onto the floor to help her bounce on my cock harder. She came quickly, gushing her juices all over my cock and using the extra lubrication to fuck me harder.

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We heard feet on the stairs and Danielle called out, "What are you guys doing?" "Shit here she comes," I said and found the nearest blanket. Though we had all just fucked, I wasn't sure if Danielle would be set off by this. Hailey seemed to agree and she stopped bouncing, siting down on my lap as best she could. My cock was pretty deep insider her at this point. Danielle came in and rolled her eyes when she saw us. "How is he supposed to see with your body in the way?" she asked.

"That's the point!" she laughed. "I'm winning now." "I guess that's a pretty good strategy," she laughed too, and sat down by us. I decided to have a little fun with the situation. I stuck my hand underneath the blanket and lowered some of my shaft out of Hailey's pussy. I started to jerk off with the tip inside her still.

I'm not sure Hailey knew exactly what I was doing, other than that less of my cock was inside her. I rubbed the sensitive underside of the tip of my cock against the inside of her creamy hot bbw screwed and licked wild while I jerked.

Hailey did everything she could to keep her breathing under control. The biggest surprise came when I was able to put myself over the edge and started to cum inside her pussy. "Fuck!" Hailey yelled and looked back at me with her eyes wide open.

I was blasting hot cum inside her as Danielle looked over surprised. "I shouldn't have gone that way." Hailey tried to play it off, her voice quivering as she felt the warm spurts burrow into her pussy. Danielle studied her a bit, then shrugged and looked back at the screen. I took a moment to step back and wonder how I got myself into this amazing situation. Here I was, fucking two gorgeous sisters on a regular basis, walking around the house naked with them.

"So, where do I sleep tonight?" I asked with a small laugh. "With me!" the two of them said at the same time. "No way he's staying with me!" the two went back and forth for a while. "I guess it's only fair that I stay with Danielle," I said. "She is the one who invited me after all." Hailey pouted but I winked at her.

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"Alright fine," she said. "If you get bored, clothing is optional in here." Danielle and I went back to her room and laid down on her bed. "Of course clothing is optional in here too," she winked.

She reached down and started to rub my cock, slowly but expertly bringing it back to life. "I haven't really gotten to taste you much yet," she said. With that she got on her knees and took my cock into her mouth. Her tongue immediately started to swirl all around my cock, paying extra attention to the tip and underside. I reached out to play with her perky breasts as she worked her magic. With one hand she jerked my shaft and with the other she played with her pussy. As she got more into it, she started to take more and more of my length into her mouth.

The friction increased and so did the pleasure, and I squeezed her breasts harder in response. This only urged her on more as her tongue constantly flicked over my cock head. She started to go faster and then looked up at me, with my cock still in her mouth, and shot me one of the sexiest looks I'd ever seen.

She didn't stop either; she continued to stare at me with that look on her face, jerking my shaft faster and flicking her tongue over smal dick woods monster sneaker cock more.

Her eyes brought shivers up my spine. "I'm not looking away until you cum," she said seductively, then wrapped her lips right back around my cock. It didn't take her much longer to get her wish. I finally shut my eyes as she bobbed her head up and down deeper down my shaft until she forced my cum up to my tip and quickly into her mouth and down her throat. "Oh fuck," I moaned as I shot my load uncontrollably, holding onto her breasts firmly as each shot aimed for the back of her throat.

She swallowed every last drop and then licked me clean. "Ready for bed?" she winked.

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I could only laugh and nod as my breathing finally slowed down. We both got into bed naked, and spooned as we fell asleep. I woke up an hour later and noticed Danielle was asleep.

I carefully moved my arms away and got out of the bed as gently as I could. I exited her room and shut the door quietly behind me. Not surprisingly, Hailey's room was lit up, although the door was closed. I turned the knob and entered her room. She was masturbating again, although this time she heard me enter and slowed down as I approached.

She was in an incredible lingerie set; a black and pink matching bra and panties combo. The bra was an extreme push up one, and her breasts looked a full cup larger in them. She was also i saw wolf pound their pussies together so hard facesitting fingering knee high socks.

"Took you long enough!" she said, but there was a smile in her complaint. "Yeah sorry, I kind of fell asleep," I said. "I knew you wouldn't resist coming in here," she said seductively. I jumped onto the bed next to her and grabbed her breasts against her bra. As nice as it made them look, I would rather have it off, and unhooked it and tossed it to the floor. She went to work on my cock, wanting to get it hard again.

"I can't believe you came in me during the video game," she laughed. "What was that about?" "I don't know," I laughed. "I decided to have some fun." "It was pretty hard not to moan," she said. "Your cum feels so nice and warm when it's deep inside me." She had me hard again and took the liberty of taking off her own panties.

She left the knee highs on, and looked pretty sexy in just those. "I haven't shown you how flexible I am yet," she winked. "I'm going to be a cheerleader next year." She laid me down on my back on the bed, with my hard cock standing straight up. She smiled wide before working her legs farther and farther apart. She had one foot on either side of my legs and her socks got farther away from me as she stretched. Finally, she got herself into a virtual full split and sank her pussy down on my cock.

"Holy shit," I said as I felt my cock push her pussy walls apart.

In this position she needed a little help, so I aided in bouncing her up and down on my cock, as she held her split as much as possible given the circumstances. Her breasts bounced beautifully as her tight entrance expanded to me. "Now this," she said, grabbing the bed to help her get off me, before getting on the floor. She put her hands on the ground and did an arch over the ground.

As she stared at the wall behind her, I got into position and slammed my cock into her again. She held onto the ground as best she could as I pounded her tiny pussy.

Her breasts flopped around in this odd position, and I bent over to suck on them as they found my mouth.

"One more," she said and managed to right herself with a little help from me. She stood up, put one hand against her wall, and used the other hand to raise her leg as high into the air as she could.

I took advantage of the position and buried my cock inside her, slamming in and out at a faster speed with the extra room. "Now here's one of mine," I smiled and shoved her body against the wall, with her ass facing me. I wrapped my arm around her body and mercilessly slammed her tight pussy onto my cock over and over again, her breasts bouncing into the wall with each thrust.

"Oh fuck yeah, take me," she moaned as I pounded her. I reached around and started to rub her clit, which brought on another orgasm, and her pussy juices started to leak over my cock and down her thighs. I was finding new depths of her pussy, thinking I might be reaching her cervix, keiran lee ravaging on nurse jane douxxxs pussy uniform blowjob I brought her down harder onto my cock.

She was moaning, just sort of screaming, not wanting to wake her sister up. It seemed she was basically in a constant orgasm at this point, as her juices kept leaking down her thighs, hitting her knee highs and even falling to the floor. "I love, uhhg, your fucking cock, ughgh, so much," she moaned. "Cum inside my-uhhh fucking pussy. Ughh, empty your, uhhn, fucking balls." She reached behind her and started to rub my balls as my cock started to swell inside her.

Her tight pussy walls gave way to my every thrust as I buried my cock to the hilt inside her pussy. She screamed and covered her own mouth as my cum shot against her deepest pussy walls.

Each twitch of my cock gave her another big, thick shot of cum, and each rope that hit her insides made her quiver. She came hard, squirting around my cock as I emptied my load inside her, and a mixture of our cum leaked out before I even removed my cock. After I pulled out, our cum rushed out, some spilling and sticking to her knee highs. "Come back soon," she winked as I headed to the door. To be continued.