Anjum and j couple xxx

Anjum and j couple xxx
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Is it true what your friends say? While having a little conversation with one of them, and he mentioned you thought I'm the most beautiful girl you've ever seen?

That you'd absolutely love a chance with my body! Do you want that chance now? I'm strong about the belief it's better to give than receive, Just please promise to be gentle and I'll let you do anything; whatever your heart desires.

It's obvious you like me? We have talked before you know! You're treating me like a stranger. You've seen and talked to me at parties. I'm asking you to pleasure me! I've ignored you long enough! You're the only one who seemed to understand me and something tells me you want this" Jennifer? The room seemed to begin to twist and turn, warmth from the fireplace seemed overwhelming. I've never expected such a passionate moment; lips tight and tongues talking.

She rolled beneath me, arching her back, her breasts seemed delicious and soft. Without a doubt she's the most beautiful girl in the entire world, grooves in perfect places, skin irresistible. Managing to centre my lips her body, she tingled and moaned; her nails pressed into me. It felt like her heart would explode beneath me.

Lips sealed around her incredibility thin shirt, slowly lifting it above her breasts to uncover what lies beneath. "These all yours; please kiss both. Suck them!" What harm could a little teasing do? "Close your eyes…" I son force rape mom kitchen by pressing my lips between her breasts, rubbing my tongue along her young immense cleavage.

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My desires tangled with a mindless trance, mixtures of lust and greed overwhelmed me. Every minor detail of her chest tongue and lips explored; except the awaiting masterpieces.

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With her body exposed, centring my lips upon her now firm breast; she was ready. "Please do anything! You don't understand, command me; I'll be your servant, slave, mistress" Gliding her hands along her slim body, she began removing her underwear.

Considering she asked nicely, I'm going to give her exactly what she wants; I'll make her beg and scream. I aligned my finger against her slit, gently sliding with the curvature without parting her slit.

My fingertips still running between her legs, we continued to passionately kiss. Jennifer's body is the definition of perfection. I sucked her breasts with an animal's thirst, her fingers gripped my hair. I pressed deeper into Jennifer's warm slit, she started moaning and jerking in pleasure. Her body was absolutely flawless; you cannot imagine such a beautiful body, gorgeous beyond anything!

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Legs just perfect! Xxx story ebony yousex fairy tales download I would just love to spend hours kissing them alone, teasing her and kissing through her undies. Resisting kissing it was unbearable, actually would eventually have been almost impossible to constrain myself. I kissed my way down her body, until her pussy could feel my breath. Gradually easing my lips inwards, my tongue gently into her, caressing her entire slit.

My tongue slit along, coating itself with her juices and eventually running across her clit. She bit her lip and tried hard not to scream, but instead, she jerked her hips forward, thrusting me deeper into her, over and over again.

This was an unbelievable erotic experience between two mere friends. I kissed her wet slit which lay open in front of me; it was a strange feeling making a person you hardly know moaning and scream in pleasure. It was a mixture of unbelief with desire, with bursts of excitement and lust to compliment them.

She must have come at least 3 times in that quick moment, she decided it was her turn and quickly positioned her mouth over my dick. She licked the head of my dick and stroked it fast. Looking into my eyes, she slapped my dick furiously against her tongue. She began thrusting my hard cock into of her mouth, twisting and turning their tongues in the process.

Jennifer's eyes were stunning, she froze them onto mine. She lowered her mouth deep onto my cock, trying to make it fuck her throat; she pushed the dick and gagged. She licked the entire length of the shaft, all the way to the tip where she kissed.

Jennifer had burst of sucking my dick hard and fast, with a slow gentle rhythm for the most part. Her tongue was just magical the way it touched the tip of my dick, which was leaking pre-cum straight into her welcoming mouth.

This girl was definitely experienced with her deep-throating; she could almost touch my balls with her tongue. Jennifer smiled and lowered her lips below my shaft, and licked gently. She then started sucking hard on the balls, while staring up at her master. She rested on her back, I knew what was coming next. She opened her legs and pinned them against her chest, she was ready for me. Holding my dick I aligned it against her slit, with one hand pressing down against her leg.

Slowly, I began pressing my dick into her awaiting hole, her pussy was extremely tight. Jennifer was in ecstasy, I proceeded to shove deeper, stretching it.

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This girl's pussy finally gave way, with one quick motion my entire dick broke into her tight slit. With each powerful thrust, this teenager's pussy slightly loosened, rearranging and reforming itself to account my seemingly overwhelming cock.

I fucked her hard and fast, she screamed and begged for more, I was surely breaking and tearing her pussy apart. It was amazing that such a thin girl could engulf the entire dick until my balls pressed against her asshole. Fluids smeared the length of my muscle, allowing deeper thrusts and more powerful fast bursts.

Jenifer was leaking juices; liquids streamed down her thighs and started wetting the carpet. Hey, I'm only 19!

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