Fantasyhd sexy geek girl chloe amour hot fuck

Fantasyhd sexy geek girl chloe amour hot fuck
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Chapter 5: Sunday I shifted a lot during the night, changing my position often, spooning and hugging back and fourth between Kate and Sam. Our sleep was broken, due to our new affection between eachother. I woke up around 7. The room was very warm, since I closed the windows the night before. We shed the blankets sometime during the night, in an attempt to cool down. My morning wood on full display. I crawled carefully off the foot of the bed and went to the bathroom. After exiting the ensuite, I went over and opened the windows slightly.

There was a warm morning breeze. Most of the moisture from the se follan a jovencita mexicana en lenceriacutea the night before had already evaporated. I took a deep breath in, smelling the summer morning air, I could tell it was going to be a hot day.

My cock now softened. I looked back to the bed and gazed at the girls in their peaceful slumber. Sam slept on her left side. Legs open slightly, as if she was taking a step. Her bum curved nicely flowing into her smooth legs. Her left arm propped under her pillow and her right arm rested near her stomach. Her bicep propped up her right breast as she peacefully slept. Kate slept on her tummy. Her bum on full display. It was a perfect size for her body. Small and firm, but also soft and had a nice lift to it, that gave her a youthful curvature.

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Her soft back had a few freckles scattered about. Her back muscles looked somewhat defined. She wasn't a fitness freak, but had a great natural physic. Her back rising slowly in tune with her breathing.

Her head was tilted to the side facing Sam. There was still a gap between them, where I previously resided. I turned on a fan that we had in our room. Our air conditioning didn't reach our bedroom. A central air unit is on my to-do house list I thought. The fan and open window helped stir the room up a bit and the stale air drifted away. The girls stirred slightly from the sound of the fan but they stayed asleep. Sam has now shifted her search for the butt xxx wider and I could see her smooth pussy lips peek out towards me.

Kate also moved her legs apart wider and I saw her pussy on display between her legs. I moaned softly under my breath as I looked at the both their bums, how they curved into their smooth pussies. My dick began to stir and stiffen again.Their bodies shimmered in the morning sun. I loved watching them sleep. I walked softly back towards the bed. My eyes were more awake now and I made out more details on the girls. They had some goosebumps across them, as the fan started to cool them as it blew across their bodies.

I stood at the foot of the bed and slowly crawled up. Eyeing Sam's pussy. My weight on the bed made her stir, and she opened her legs further. She shifted more towards her stomach but still on her left side. I crawled up between her legs and inched closer to her.

I inhaled deeply as I took in her scent. I tentatively placed a few soft kisses on her pussy. She shifted a bit more in her sleepy haze. I lightly stuck my tongue out and licked her, with just the tip, flicking slowly up and down her slit. She began to wake more and spread her legs as wide as she could while staying comfortable in her current position. I began to use more pressure with my tongue as I licked her snatch. I switched between kisses and licks. After la blue girl episode 3 eng sub began to react more, I sealed my lips and sucked gently on her folds.

I then started to probe her with my tongue. Prying her pussy lips open as I moved my tongue in and out, up and down. I could feel her pussy get wetter. She began to moan lightly as I worked. My eyes were closed as I worked. After a few minutes, I opened my eyes and moved back slightly. I looked up, as she turned, and looked down at me. She had a sleepy smile on her beautiful face. Her smile grew bigger as she looked deeply into my eyes.

I smiled back at her, and winked. She blinked slow and lifted her right leg over me and laid on her back. Knees bent and legs open infront of me. She gave me another smile and raised her eyebrows, a look of 'will you continue?' I submitted to her request and looked back down at her pussy in full glory.

Licking my own lips, and went back in and continued to eat her out with a bit more 'enthusiasm'. She placed her hands on the back of my head and ran her fingers through my hair as I orally pleased her. She shifted around and moaned quietly through a few small gasps.

After a few moments I heard a small moan to my right. "Mm, I remember when you used to wake me up like that." Kate's voice spoke softly almost a whisper. I wasn't sure how long she knew or was watching but I finished one big lick up Sam's snatch and looked over at Kate's wide eyes.

"Sorry, want some attention too?" I asked, and saw she has now shifted to laying on her side facing us. "Oh no, don't stop. I really like watching this too. Slim slut wishes rough sex smalltits and homemade had you for a while now. Guess I could share you." She said soflty and sexily, then smiled. I gave her a smile back and slowly turned back to Sam's pink trap.

She was definitely more wet now. Her mound and slit glistened in the sunlight. I reached under her thighs that she had bent, and propped them up. I clenched her thighs with my arms. I pushed forward causing her legs to open and raise a bit, with her knees bent over my shoulders. I grasped her hips firmly with my hands as I busty chick and two sexy teens show their pussies at casting to lick and kiss her more passionately.

Prying her lips open and sticking my tongue in as best I could. She squirmed as I held her tight enough that I was in control. I made my way up and made contact with her clitoris.

She jolted but moaned in enjoyment. She definitely was a squirmer. She wiggled and flexed her body as I continued to orally assault her, now sopping, pussy. It was really exciting knowing that my wife watched as I ate out another girl. I could hear moans coming from both girls as I pleased Sam with my tongue. I flicked my tongue on her inner lips, probing her, then circling her clit. She wiggled and squirmed under my control. I would occasionally grip her hips tighter with my strong hands.

Causing her to groan deep and strain her hips and bum to not move. I then sealed my lips around her clit and surrounding area. Circling and flicking her clitoris with my tongue. Keeping steady suction. I could feel her abdomen flexing as her breathing sped up. I could tell she was nearing an orgasm. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and held my hands in her inner thighs just at my chin and pryed open a bit more.

I continued tonguing at her clit as she started to moan louder and squirm more. Just as I felt she reached her orgasm point I quickly stranded beauty roughfucked doggystyle public and facial my face back and moved my right hand to her pussy, and strummed my finger tips over her engorged and sensitive clit. I strummed quickly as her orgasm hit hard. And she released herself. Tensing up and then without warning squirted a big gush of pussy juice out and jetted at my chest.

My strumming caused the squirting to splatter all over us and the bed. Some even got Kate who laid mesmerized beside us. Sam's voice screeched in a squeel that transitioned into a gutteral groan. Her voice rasped deep from her throat. She shook violently, causing me to loose my grip around her thighs. I leaned back so I didn't get kicked. My hand lost contact with her as juicy pretty hottie performs dick riding hardcore and blowjob sunk deep into the bed and her full body twitched.

"OH MY G-.HOLY . I'VE NEVER-. THAT'S NEVER HAPPE-. HOW DID-. WHAT THE." Sam gasped and stumbled out within her exhaustively deep breaths. This response caused Kate to have to stiffle a laugh. I smiled and chuckled a bit as I caught my own breath.

Kate shifted closer and wrapped her arm around Sam as she shivered and breathed deeply. Her eyes glossed over and she had a deep relaxation, yet confused, look on her face. She rocked slightly, looking almost dizzy. Kate held her and I ran my hand slowly up and down Sam's smooth legs as she recovered. "Sam." I spoke soflty after a few minutes. "Yeah?" Sam responded, her breathing now slowed back down. "You made a mess." I calmly said before cracking a smile. She hung her head down with an embarrassed smile.

"Sorry." She said cutely. Knowing that I was only joking. We all smiled and laughed a bit. Sam's face was flushed red. "I'll throw the bedding in the wash, if you two want to go have a shower." Kate said, propping herself up, ending her hug with her friend.

"Ok." Sam said soflty. I helped her up after I stood, and walked with her, my arm around her, to the shower. She leaned against the wall as I started the water and made sure both showerheads were at a nice temperature.

Somewhat cool. Sam took a step and stumbled ever-so-slightly. "You gonna be ok?" I jokingly asked reaching out a helping hand. "I'll be fine." Sam laughed in response. Stepping past me and into the falling water. She turned the heat up just a bit. I stepped in, under the opposing shower head. I relaxed under the lukewarm water. After having the water coat me for a few moments I turned back to face towards Sam.

She was entrancing orall service enjoyment hardcore and blowjob washing her hair. She turned aswell, facing back towards me. Tilting her head back, having the water wash away the shampoo.

After it was all washed out she looked to me, wiping her face. "I've never came so hard before, that was crazy!" She said enthusiastically. "Yeah it was a good cum!" I said in almost a cocky way.

"But I'm kinda embarrassed." She said reluctantly. "Why?" I asked as I lathered up my own hair. "I've never. you know. squirted before." She said shyly. Glancing down and away, reaching for the conditioner, and began to use it on herself. "You shouldn't be embarrassed." I coaxed. "It was actually pretty hot!" I added. "Well I'm glad you liked it." She said, emphasizing 'you'.

"And you didn't?" I replied, nudging her. "Yeah. I did." She responded shyly. Leaning into me. Her wet hair and cheek pressed to my chest. I ran my hand up and down her back as the water cascaded down our bodies. Our breathing in tune with eachother. We slowly separated from our embrace and we finished washing ourselves with our body washes.

We finished around the same time. Turned the water to a bit cooler and rinsed one last time before turning the water off. I opened the glass enclosure door and Sam stepped out. She got a couple towels and handed me one. We started to dry ourselves just as Kate stepped in the room. "Done all ready?" She asked. "Yeah?" I answered quizzically. "Oh, I thought you'd be longer." She commented. "Why?" I asked. "Oh, no reason." She replied. "Coffee is on, I thought we'd just have a small, quick breakfast this morning.

Then we can pack up and head to the beach before it gets too packed. That way we can find closer parking." She added. "Ok, sounds good!" Sam answered back happily. I just shrugged with a smile as both girls walked out of the room. I followed.

Both girls put on a very light, short nightgown each, that Kate retrieved from a dresser. I put on a pair of boxers with no shirt and followed the girls down to the kitchen. The smell of coffee coursed me straight to the pot. I poured myself a mug, as well as one for Sam. We joined Kate, who sat at the table, where she sipped at a tea. We had our morning drinks and some cereal. The room was cool from the air conditioning downstairs, but a hot, bright sunshine shine through the many windows.

"Looks like it'll be a perfect beach day!" Sam said as she squinted, looking out the window from where she sat. "Yeah it'll be really hot." Kate added. "Hotter then this morning?" Sam asked sneakily.

"Nothing would be hotter than that!" Kate answered back matter-of-factly. Both girls giggled a bit. I was mesmerized by their beauty as the sun lit up up their faces. Just enjoying watching them converse. We finished our breakfast and cleaned up the table.

"Let's go get ready." Sam said to no one specific. We all communed in the bedroom. The girls unpacked their new bathing suits from their shopping bags. I grabbed a bathing suit of my own from my dresser. We dressed into our bathing suits. It took the girls longer. I grabbed a tank top to wear aswell. The girls looked stunning in their somewhat 'risky' bikinis.

It's true what they say, a bit of mystery sure adds to the sensuality. I commented on how I really liked their suits. They thanked me for my compliment. They put on the dresses they bought the day before, over their bikinis.

We grabbed a few beach towels and packed them in a bag, aswell as some sunscreen. I brought the bag out to tiny legal age teenager rides huge one eyed monster car and retrieved a few folding lawn chairs from the garage, and placed them in the trunk.

The girls then came out of the house carrying a cooler. I made room for the cooler and added it to the trunk. The sun was now fully out and it was already very hot out. We made sure we had everything, and climbed in the car. Me in driver's seat, and the girls in the back seat. I started the car and we put the windows down, and started the drive to the beach.

It was a very bright day and we all adorned ourselves with sunglasses as we watched our surroundings pass by. The beach was about 30 minutes away. The closer we got, the busier the roads got. It was late morning and the beach community was already very busy. Since it was a long weekend and such a hot summer day. We made our way to the parking lot closest to the beach. It was full.

We had to park a few blocks away. We parked and got out of the car and gathered up our stuff. I carried the cooler, Kate carried the beach bag and Sam carried the folding lawnchairs. She had the straps from the carrying handles slung over her shoulders. I added the folded blanket that I kept in my car, ontop of the cooler. And we walked towards the beach. After a few minutes we arrived at the start of the sand.

We stopped for a moment, looking for a free spot. "I can't believe how busy it already is." Kate said, sounding somewhat sad. "It's a perfect beach day, I guess we aren't the only ones thinking that." I responded. A bit of sweat already coated my forehead and arms. I adjusted my grip on the cooler as we scanned the beach. "There's a spot." Sam said and pointed to an area just off to the side of a beach volleyball area.

"Looks good, as long as we don't get hit by any balls." Kate said. "Nah, I'll keep my shorts on." I joked. Sam laughed and Kate glared. We made our way to the spot and once we arrived I set the cooler down and laid out the blanket. Sam set up the chairs and Kate dug through the bag and got out the sunscreen. I removed my tank top and set it on one of the chairs. Kate stood up and began to coat my skin with the sunscreen. Sam pulled her dress off, also setting it on a chair, and joined in helping Kate, adding more sunscreen to the neglected areas.

It felt nice to have the girls hands on me again. I smiled at them and then became aware of the busyness around me. Most people paid no attention, but I noticed a few people glancing at me, maybe unacceptably, probably envious.

I saw a few guys and a couple girls look at Sam, maybe shocked by her risky attire. Soon enough, the girls finished on my body. I put some sunscreen on my hands and coated my face. "Your turn." Kate said, acknowledging Sam. "Mm, ok." Sam responded excitedly.

Both Kate and I got a palm full of sunscreen and began to rub it in. Kate stepped behind her and started on her shoulders and upper back. I went one arm at a time, massaging from shoulder to hand and back up. I finished both her arms, and made my way across her collarbone and exposed upper chest and neck.

I made sure I took my time on what was showing of her boobs. I ran my thumbs and fingers under her top and caressed her nipples as secretive as possible. She moaned quietly as I made contact with her, now hardening, nipples.

As I squirted more sunscreen on my hands I saw Kate work her way down to Sam's lower back and sides.

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Sam shifted slightly from her ticklish sides. I ran my palm's and hands over her tummy. Around her belly button and back up under her top. I saw Kate's hands, after adding more sunscreen, reach around and rub just at the waistband of Sam's bottoms. I stood close to Sam. I knelt down on one knee and continued rubbing in the sunscreen on her stomach. I was close enough I don't think anyone saw exactly what we were doing. Kate slipped her fingers under the top of Sam's bottoms just about an inch or so.

I moved my hands down to her legs. I coated with more sunscreen and massaged up and down her smooth legs. When I got to the top I traced along the crotch seam of her bottoms and slipped my thumbs under the material and rubbed both pussy lips, while my hands looked as if they were just coating her thighs. Both Kate and I removed our appendages from under Sam's bottoms. Kate added some sunscreen to her hands and started on, what lesbian peaches open up their deep anals and plow enormous toys exposed, of Sam's bum cheeks.

Just as Kate finished, I stood upright, reaching around and gave her firm bum a quick squeeze. She cooed and giggled. She leaned in to me and up to my face. Just before we made contact she swirled around to face Kate. "Your turn!" She said, reaching for the bottle of sunscreen. As she bent over she pushed her bum against my crotch and wiggled as she bent down.

She retrieved the sunscreen and stood back up. I groaned deep from her teasing. Sam looked at Kate who still wore her dress as she glanced around nervously. "What's the hold up?" Gorgeous hottie long cockriding hardcore and massage asked shaking the bottle of sunscreen.

"There's a lot of people here." She quietly responded. "So?" Sam replied. "I'm thinking twice about this suit." She said shyly. "Don't be, you're beautiful and look stunning in that bathing suit." Sam responded very kindly, as she put her hand on her friends shoulder. "You have nothing to be embarrassed by Kate, people may look, but it's because you rock it for sure!" I said, in a motivational way.

Kate took a deep breath and released. "Ok." She said as she breathed out. She slowly undid her dress and removed it. She glanced around as she readjusted the bottoms. Sam and I smiled brightly at her and she cracked a cute smile back. Sam squirted some sunscreen on her hand, handing me the bottle and I followed suit as we started coating Kate's skin.

She held her arms out to the sides. Sam applied it to her arms, as I stepped behind her and did her back and neck, working my way down her back. We applied more. Sam now rubbed it on Kate's stomach and chest as I worked her legs from behind. I made my way up and did what was exposed on her bum, I tucked the material more into her bum and rubbed all around her cheeks. Sam was putting some just below her bottoms and slipped her fingers into the leg holes and applied some on her labia.

Kate shifted and wiggled a bit, pulling away shyly. "Be careful, that feels really good." Kate whispered. Sam and I both smiled and finished covering all her skin.

Kate put a bit on her own face. Sam put some on her own face too. "Let's go cool off." Sam said. "Ok." Both Kate and I replied. We began walking towards the water.

The sun was getting very hot. We zig-zaged around beachgoers scattered throughout the sand. I was walking first but let the girls pass me and I watched their behinds bounce as they walked over the uneven ground. I caught a few dad's, teens and others watch the girls as they walked by.

I smiled a cocky smile, knowing they were both mine. I got a few looks myself. Once we got close enough to the shore, we picked up our pace and jogged into the water.

I loved the view of the girls in their bikinis, as they galloped and splashed into the clear water. The beach had a long shallow area. It got a bit deeper and then there was a sandbar about 150 feet out.

Some families had beach chairs out on the sandbar as people of all ages played, swam and walked through the shallow water. After the sandbar the water began to get deeper again. There was less people out here. It was quieter and we could feel a bit more of the waves as they calmly rolled in, and slowed down by the sandbar. The girls and I got to a good depth, the water sat at the girls chest level, and was just below my chest. We dunked down to our necks and stood back up.

Due to the storm the night before, the water was cool. It felt great, as the hot sun beat down upon us. We conversed about nothing specific xxx lov xnxx sex hot swam and splashed about. Time passed and the sun was now directly above us. "Are you girls hungry?" I asked amongst our frolicking. "Yeah I'm starting to get hungry." Xxx bp story download jangal me jabarjasti replied.

"Me too." Added Sam. "We packed some stuff for sandwiches in the cooler." Kate said, directed at me. "Sounds good." I answered and we made our way back to shore. We made our way back to our spot and gathered around the cooler.

We unpacked the cooler and made some sandwiches. The girls lounged on the blanket and I sat on a chair. We ate and talked, enjoying the day, and eachothers company. After we finished, the girls sat cross legged and leaned back on the blanket. They closed their eyes and took in the sun. There was now a slight breeze that helped against the hottness of the sun and felt great. The breeze blew through the girls hair and I just stared at them in awe.

Thinking to myself 'I'm the luckiest guy in the world'. We sat and enjoyed the weather. I was more intrigued by my view. The sounds of the beach and the people around us faded into background noise.

The girls made pillows out of their towels and laid flat on their backs on the blanket. Their feet were pointed towards me as I sat on the chair. They opened their legs just a few inches, laying comfortably. I looked towards their crotches, my eyes hidden behind babe sucking good and get pee on brunette big tits dark sunglasses, so it wasn't obvious where I was staring.

I looked at their, mostly covered, mounds and pictured, from memory, what their bare pussies looked like. I groaned quietly to myself under my breath. My imagination ran wild with what I've already done with both of them and imagining the things that could, and probably will, happen.

My cock began to grow stiffer in my shorts as my mind cycled through the thoughts. The girls flipped over now laying on their stomachs. Heads propped up with the rolled towels. I readjusted myself on the lawnchair, leaning forward.

Eyeing their amazing bums that definately looked so appetizing in the bathing suit bottoms. My dick was now pretty hard as I held myself back from lunging forward and ripping their suits off. I moaned deep again, reaching to my lap as I leaned forward, squeezing my knob. I was pretty horny staring at the girls. I'm not sure if they heard me, or just perfect timing, but they both flipped back over and sat up, looking towards me. Some time had passed and we were all getting warm in the sun.

We have been dry for awhile. "Let's go back in the water." Sam said, looking back and fourth between Kate and I. "Yeah, I'm getting really hot." Kate replied wiping her brow, as both girls stood.

And brushed off the bit of sand that had transferred to then off the blanket. "You both look hot." I said, slipping my sunglasses down as I spoke, then back up over my eyes again. "Aw, thanks." Kate said back, mimicking the motion of a curtsy.

"You look pretty hot yourself." Sam added turning her head down to my lap and back up to my eyes. I now sat upright in the chair and looked down at my lap and could see the outline of my member as it laid engorged under my slim fitting bathing suit. "I had a great view." I responded, waving my hands towards the blanket that the girls previously laid on.

I smiled, they smiled back. I stood up and stretched. Flexing my body as I did. Sam reached forward and grabbed my penis through my shorts, feeling it's firmness, twirling quick and began running towards the water. Kate quickly followed her, they dodged in and around other beach goers.

I waited for a moment, then began to jog after them. They reached the water and galloped into the shallow water. I stepped high and caught up to them as we made it to the sand bar. I slowed as they splashed and began to swim out to the deeper area. I waded slower and once I made it to them, I wrapped an arm around each of them. They fought and struggled for a moment. I then kissed Kate and she relaxed. I moved my hand down onto her bum and then turned and kissed Sam and did then same with step mom therapist threesome and bondage my big black threesome hand I had on her.

I slipped my hands in the back of their bottoms and grabbed both their bare bums tightly. They both kissed me again. I then moved my hands lower and under them. Their weight was lightened due to being in the deeper water.

I was able to get my hand under and cupped both their bare pussies. They drifted towards me, allowing themselves to float in the water, held up only by my hands under them. I massaged gently as they cooed audibly enough for only us to hear. They rested their hands on my shoulders as the leaned into me. I groped and massaged as best I could with my hands held tight against them, inside their bottoms. I was sitting lower in the water because of my reach. The water was up to my shoulders and they floated with the water at their breast level.

We enjoyed this position for awhile. Whenever anyone came too close, we drifted further off to the side. I could feel the slickness change and could tell they were getting wet, not just from the water. I let my middle fingers encircle and rub around their clits. They both moved their legs and slowly treaded water, causing them to grind themselves on my hands aswell as what I was doing.

I began to get hard again, I never went fully down, but now growing back to full mast. I slipped my middle fingers into them, and as best I could, due to my angle, curled my fingers in them. It was interesting feeling the difference in wetness'.

Kate then placed her hand on my stomach and ran her fingers along the hem of my shorts. After a few seconds, Sam took notice and did the same on my lower back. I slid my fingers out of them and went back to rubbing, allowing them to sink a few inches lower in the water. Kate tried to slip her finger tips in my shorts but they were tied tight and she was unsuccessful. Sam forced her fingers below my hem at the back but only got to her first or second knuckle, not being able to go any lower.

Kate fiddled around and found the string tie on the front of my shorts. She struggled blindly for make registrerar hans fru knullas av en brotha few moments, letting one frustrated groan out quietly. Then was able to pull the string and untied my shorts. She pulled open the velcro top and with my new loose fitting shorts she slipped her hand down the front of my shorts and wrapped her hand tightly around my hard shaft.

Sam, capitalizing on the looser fit, slipped her hand down the back and massaged my firm butt. Cheek to cheek. My shorts now sat very loose under the water. I hesitantly removed my hands from the girls bottoms. They sunk down as their feet were planted on the sandy floor below us. They removed their hands momentarily as they readjusted their bottoms and quickly replaced them back in my shorts.

Due to the quick movements, my shorts began to slide down my thighs. I attempted to pull them back up but was restricted by the girls. They huddled in close. Hiding me from people passing by and around us. I allowed my shorts to fall to around my knee level. Kate started to stroke my hard shaft slowly, fighting the water.

Sam continued massaging my butt and placed her free hand on my smooth scrotum. They massaged and played. I groaned a bit louder. I was horny. Beaches tend to do that, emphasized by my previous and current engagements with the girls.

The water was pretty clear but because of so much activity around us, and how closely the girls stood, I was safe to assume no one noticed. A few younger kids made their way out to where we were. Families began to get closer and closer. I looked around and surveyed our surroundings for the first time in awhile. The beach and water was very busy now. Heads and shoulders littered the water area. The beach was packed. Almost shoulder to shoulder.

I shuddered and spoke softly. "Ugh, I'm so horny. But it's getting packed. Maybe we should make our way home?" I asked almost pleading. "Getting nervous? We feel fine." Sam said a bit louder, squeezing my balls tighter but not painfully. "Your not the ones with your bottoms around your knees." I said back, louder then I anticipated. "You have nothing to be embarrassed by, people may look, but it's because you rock it for sure!" Kate mocked me from what I said back on the beach.

I gave her a stern glare. I then quickly squirmed away from them and reached quickly to her bottoms and fought, but succeeded in pulling off her bottoms. She sunk deeper into the water with a look of shear horror on her face. She tried to reach back for the bottoms a couple times and I pulled them away.

Sam noticed what I had accomplished and laughed. She leaned back and floated up. Seeing my chance I reached and with a bit more struggle was able to overpower her and got her bottoms off too. Both girls' expressions changed to embarrassment as they sunk as deep as the could in the water looking around constantly. "Wanna make our way home now?" I asked quite loudly.

"Yes, but not until we get those back." Kate said, attempting to reach for the bottoms again, as I pulled my shorts up and tied them. She almost got them, but I got a few more feet away. The girls, as subtly as they could, 'chased' me around a bit of the water.

They laughed nervously with every failed attempt. We were close enough friends that we knew what limit we could push eachother to. Then the 'game' halted. "Sam?" A voice called towards us. I was facing Sam and her smile dropped and her eyes widened she froze for a second.

Turning around slowly towards the voice that came from behind her. "Hey girl!" The voice said as Sam looked at her. I stepped to the side and saw who it was. IT WAS CARLA! The girl from haze who saw my little photoshoot the day before.

Now it was my face that screamed shock. My eyes widened and I could tell my face flushed red. "Oh, hey Cassie!" Sam spoke. I stayed frozen, and now confused by the name change. Sam turned back to Kate and I and saw my state of disbelief, not acknowledging it, she didnt hesitate and reached out, grabbing her suit bottoms as subtly as she could.

I didn't fight back. I just stood there in complete embarrassment and confusion. Kate also retrieved her bottoms from my hand. They floated their legs up under the water and manuvered in a swimming motion to replace the articles of clothes. "Oh, this is Cassie.

A good friend from highschool." Sam said tilting her head towards 'Carla'. "Hi, I'm Kate and this is my husband-" Kate spoke, turning to me, when she saw my facial expression, quickly asked. "Do you two know eachother?" "Do we?" Cassie asked, almost daringly. "Ugh, maybe?" I stumbled out, dumbfounded.

"He knows me as 'Carla' from Haze." She remarked towards Sam and Kate. "Ooohh! Carla, from Haze!" Kate exaggerated. Both Sam and Kate almost choked, swallowing their laughter. "Yeah, well I go by Carla, because of some creepy old customers that tracked me down using my real name, so at work, I'm Carla, to everyone else- I'm Cassie." Cassie replied, not acknowledging the expressive reaction from Sam and Kate.

There was a moment of silence, an awkward silence for me personally. Kate and Sam laughed under their breath and had big 'knowing' smiles on their faces. "So what have you been up to? I haven't seen you since you left for college last year." Sam broke the silence, questioning Cassie. "Ah not much, I actually left college and have been home for about 6 months now. Had some drama go down there, so I came home and I've been just working at Haze." Cassie responded to Sam.

"Are you here alone?" Sam asked. "Well I was here with Brad and Torey, but they ditched to go to Shawna's." Cassie replied, unimpressed. "Ew, Shawna!" Sam scowled. "Shawna was the school slut." Remarked Sam, adding explanation to Kate and I. We just nodded in oblivious agreement. "Well I think we were just headed back, but do you wanna grab some ice cream with us from the lighthouse before we leave?" Sam asked Cassie. 'The lighthouse' was a little cafe a few blocks away from the beach.

It was almost tradition that we stopped for some ice cream everytime we visit the beach. "Yea, I'm down for that, if you don't mind me crashing your threesome." Cassie replied, in a non sexual way, but Kate, Sam and I glanced quickly at eachother with a knowing smile. "No we don't mind, we'd love to get to know you more, and I'm sure you and Sam got some catching up you want to do." Kate replied happily.

"Cool." Cassie responded simply and smiled. We all started our way back to shore. Kate and Sam made their way out front to lead, I waved Cassie on, allowing 'ladies first' and followed from behind, hoping to get some moments to myself to think about my situation.

I took a deep breath. I was nervous again but actually felt kind of excited. Cassie allowed Kate and Sam to get a short distance ahead. She turned back to me. "Do they know?" She questioned. "Know what? About yesterday?" I replied. "No, about the existence of dragons. Of course yesterday!" She mocked and then smiled cutely. "Ugh yeah, they do." I answered, almost ashamed.

"They don't seem too upset, even your wife." She stated. "No. They actually had quite a good laugh about it. At my expense." I answered, and chuckled again. "Ha, well at least she laughed about it, and isn't mad. I was afraid I might have made her uncomfortable if she knew." She responded. Cassie seemed like a very outspoken and outgoing girl. This was the first time I sensed unsureness in her voice. "Nah, she'll surprise you, not a typical girl. Rarely gets jealous." I admitted happily.

"Yeah, typical is overrated." She stated. We waded past the sand bar and we were almost back to shore. The water was getting shallower. Cassie picked up her walking pace to shorten the distance to Kate and Sam.

She seemed to have concluded her concerns. It also didn't seem like she suspected that I took the photos for both the girls. Not just Kate. Once my own consciousness cycled my personal thoughts, I noticed that Cassie now walked a short distance ahead of me. She walked quickly, dodging through the people scattered on the beach, attempting to catch up to the others, who strolled slowly towards our place on the beach. I looked ahead and my eyes sunk down and up to take in the full view of Cassie.

She wore black bikini bottoms that had ruffles near the top. That fluttered as she walked unsteadily through the sand. I saw peeks of a firmly lifted bum. Her bum flexed as she moved. That happens when you're barefoot on sand. Her back slimmed inwardly, giving her a youthful stance. The back of her top was just a black band with a clip. As she turned side to side on her travels I saw that the front was a bright teal colour. She reached our spot only steps behind Kate and Sam. They began to gather up our things.

I noticed Cassie seemed to have slightly bigger boobs then the others, and showed a good cleavage dip from her bikini top. I reached the area seconds later and lightly shook the blanket to get the sand off, without shaking it on anyone nearby. We packed everything away. "Can you two handle all this, if Cassie and I get her stuff and meet you at the car?" Sam questioned Kate and I. "Yeah we can do that." I answered back. I threw two chairs over my shoulder and picked up the cooler in english film full fuking the blanket on top.

Kate picked up the beach bag and the other chair. We bid our farewells and 'see-you-soons', and made our way to the car. Kate and I walked towards the road and Sam and Cassie walked the other way along the beach. "So, you two hitting it off?" Kate asked blatantly, once we were on the sidewalk. "Uh, she seems nice." I stated simply, slightly taken off guard.

"What did you two talk about?" She asked. "She asked if you knew about yesterday." I answered. "Oh?" Kate replied, prying for more.

"Yeah, I said you did, also said you laughed at me. She knows Sam knows about them, but I don't think she suspects she saw them." I replied. "I wonder how that would go over." Kate replied followed by a laugh. "Ha, I don't know." I chuckled in response. We reached the parking lot and started packing the stuff into the car. Once everything was away, Kate dug out her dress and put it on over her bathing suit that has now dried. I grabbed my tank top and put it on aswell. We kept the trunk open and sat on the bumper, so we were in the shade.

"I feel bad for her though." Kate commented. "Because her friends?" I asked, sounding sympathetic. "Yeah. She got ditched at the beach, by her so-called friends." She scowled. "Yeah, that's pretty rude. I don't know about that Shawna girl, but it seems like neither Sam, nor Cassie, like her." I commented. It seemed like Kate was about to say something else when we saw Sam and Cassie walk off the sidewalk towards us, a short distance away.

We both hopped off the bumper and Kate retrieved Sam's dress from the bag. Cassie now wore flip flops, still in her bikini and carried a knitted knapsack over her shoulder. "Mind if she rides with us to the lighthouse?" Sam asked upon approach. "Yeah no problem." I answered.

"Brad took the car to Shawna's." Cassie added. "So Brad is.?" I trailed my question off. "My brother." Cassie answered.

"Twin brother." She added. "Speaking of twinning." Kate chimed in and handed Sam her dress. Sam slid her dress over her bathing suit. "So your brother and friend ditched you at the beach alone AND they were your ride?" Kate asked almost sounding irritated. "Yeah. Brad has always had a thing for Shawna, and he knows Torey likes him, so I think he was hoping to be set up for a threeway!" She said in a mocking tone.

And for a second, made me feel slightly guilty. "But my grandma doesn't live far from here, I was just gonna go there after I was done at the beach. Then I saw Sam and had to come say hi." Cassie continued. "So. sorry for crashing your day with my loner-ness." She added, speaking quickly, followed by a laugh. "We don't mind." Kate said happily. "Alright let's head over." I said, stepping to the side. "Wanna put your bag in the trunk?" I added, directing my attention to Cassie.

"Yeah sure." She said placing her bag in, she opened the ties and rummaged through the things inside, pulling out a thin bathing suit cover. She placed the thin, loose dress over her head and hot mom poran vide zabardast her hips allowing it to flow down and sit comfortably. She arranged the top so it covered most of her bathing suit top, but still left some hot rainia gets free hot sex in the car her cleavage exposed.

I turned and saw Sam step closer, holding her bathing suit bottoms, tucking them into our beach bag. We all gave her a short glance, sensing it, she spoke.

"What? I'm covered now, no point in wearing these." She stated. "Ha! Typical Sam!" Cassie laughed. "Hey! If I remember correctly, you're the one that always vowed that commando is 'most comfortable'." Sam stated, reiterating their close friendship. "Well, obviously! Especially bathing suit bottoms, since they're thicker than underwear." Cassie responded matter-of-factly.

"I agree!" Chimed Kate with a smile. The girls all seemed to turn and look at me. I just threw my hands up in submission, closing the trunk on my way down. Shrugged with a laugh, and turned to walk around car. I climbed into the vehicle as I heard the trio of girls laugh. I started the car and rolled down the windows.

After a moment I looked in the rearview mirror since the girls hadn't joined me yet. No one there, just as the doors opened. Kate climbed in the passenger seat, Sam directly behind me, and Cassie behind Kate. I glanced in the mirror again and Sam was leaning over the seat into the trunk. I saw a glimpse of some lower bum cheek as she reached. I cracked a smile, and then saw that Cassie was looking at my reflection, to where my eyes were focused.

She tilted her head and raised an eyebrow as she gave me a look of 'I caught you'. I quickly turned and looked straight ahead, putting the car in drive and headed out. It was only a short drive, a few blocks away, to the lighthouse cafe. I parked on the street out front and put the windows back up, leaving them down only a crack.

Both Cassie and Sam got out and shut their doors. Kate turned to me, "We all took off our bottoms." She whispered, giving me a sexy smile. "Mmm." I moaned quietly back. She held my hand, and slipped it under her dress, guiding me to slide my fingers over her international sex xxx sex stories storys lips and slit. I groaned a bit deeper. She took my hand away and mouthed the word 'later'.

Smiling again. There was knock on the window, which startled Kate, causing her to jolt. I glanced out the window and Sam stood outside. "Are you coming?" She asked loudly through the glass of the window. Kate must have gave her a look because Sam burst out laughing, in regards to her phrasing. Kate and Wife likes watching hubby get fucked up arse exited the vehicle and all four of us walked to the entrance.

I held the door open for them all. Each thanking me in turn. It was quite busy. To be expected, for the day and time. "You girls can get in line, I forgot my wallet in the car, I'll be right back." I said, quickly walking back to big booty black milf and sweet teen cumshot compilation cute ebony teenager gets humped car. Just as I was retrieving my wallet from the console, Cassie came up from behind.

"I forgot mine too." She claimed, waiting by the trunk. "Ah don't worry about it, I got you covered." I said, locking the doors again before she could open the trunk. She gave me a pouty look. But then smiled and said "Well I'm not going to argue about free ice cream. Thank you!" Smiling again, and joining me to walk back inside. "Better friends then the ones I came with." She commented. "And we just met." I added, giving her a smile. "Well I think I know quite a bit about you." She sassed looking me up and down.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked. "Oh nothing, Mr.Photoshoot!" She laughed and dodged to the door, holding it for me. I just gave her an embarrassed smile. "Ah, you liked it." I said, trying to sound confident, as I walked past her. "Yeah, a bit." She said quietly from behind me as she stepped in the door. I'm not sure exactly why, but I got a bit of a tingle up my spine and in my crotch as she said two ravishing playgirls have some lesbian fun. I thought about being with these three girls, that have seen me, or done something with me, in a sexual way.

It was a major boost to my confidence. We walked up to join the others in line. We waited patiently as the line progressed. Ordered our ice cream. I paid, and we made our way outside to the patio. We spotted a table just as a family was leaving. We went and sat down. Sam dropped her hand unto the table, in an attempt to solicit attention. "So. What happened at college?" She asked, leaning in looking directly at Cassie.

Cassie scoffed as she licked her ice cream. "Well, first off, I didn't care much for my program, but that's not the main reason I left." She answered. Licking her ice cream again. "Guy drama?" Sam asked as she licked her ice cream cone. "Mhm." Cassie mumbled and nodded, whilst eating her cone, rolling her eyes. "Believe it or not, Cassie actually has WORSE luck than ME when it comes to guys." Sam commented, directed at Kate and I.

She quickly went back to licking around her cones swirl. It was melting quite quickly, due to the heat. "Yeah. I walked in on him." Cassie said somewhat sad. Sam gasped, then huffed. "I never was a fan of John." She admitted. "John was a jock, and, kind of a douche." Sam continued, directed to Kate and I. "Well I hope that other girl realizes who she's with, once a cheater, always a cheater!" Sam tried to sound affirming. Cassie huffed, "Well. It actually wasn't a 'she'." She stiffled a nervous laugh.

We all gave her a slightly shocked look. She leaned in, "It was actually another guy!" She said, still speaking at the same volume.

Sam nearly choked on her ice cream. And some of the white cream dripped out of her mouth. She tried to lick it with her tongue, but couldn't reach, and resulted in wiping it with her finger then licking that clean.

It wasn't meant to be sexy. Maybe it was because I was still a bit horny, but it looked very seductive. I shook my trance and registered the conversation.

"What!?" Was all Sam could muster out. "Yeah. So that was my college experience, and it wasn't even me who 'experimented'." She said, adding humour to the situation. Kate, Sam and I laughed a bit in response. But possibly feeling still a bit awkward about our own recent 'experimenting'.

"Wow." Sam said, shaking her head a bit in disbelief. "So that's why I was somewhat quiet about my return home. Only a few people know." Cassie responded softly. "Sorry to hear that, what a crappy situation." I said sympathetically.

"No worries! It's all in the past now." Cassie said cracking a smile. "To be honest, I just needed a reason to leave anyways, so all-in-all. It's turned out ok." She added enthusiastically. By this time, we were just finishing the last of our ice cream.

I gathered up the napkins, and walked around the building to throw them out in the garbage can by the entrance. I walked back to the table where the girls still sat. Kate looked up at me. "Is it ok if Cassie comes over for a bit? We don't want ditch her too!" Kate pleaded with puppy dog eyes. I glanced to Sam who also looked up at me with the same expression. Cassie's back was towards me.

"Yeah that's fine with me." I answered cheerfully. Both Kate and Sam smiled and stood up and began walking to the car, brushing their hands over my arms as they walked by. Cassie stood up, turning around, smiling aswell. "Thanks." She said. "No problem. Always good to make new friends." I replied. "Yeah, you and three good looking girls is a tough bargain eh?" She responded sarcastically, as she stepped past me. "Ah, only because the three beauts are going commando!" I said slyly.

Cassie gasped slightly, turning back to me with a coy, questioning, smile. "Kate told me you all choose that comfort." I said matter-of-factly. "Lucky you." Cassie sassed and twirled. Walking quickly to catch up with Sam and Kate. I just smiled and walked fervid sweetie is geeting pissed on and squirts wet pussy join them at the car.

I unlocked it and we all climbed in, the same seats as previous. I started the car and we rolled down the windows. "Do you need to go home to get anything before we head to our house?" I asked, glancing in the mirror towards Cassie. "Yeah, maybe I should go home and grab a change of clothes, if it's not too much trouble." Cassie responded.

"No problem. What's the address?" I asked. She told me and I put it in the navigation. Only 10 min away. "Pretty close." I commented. "Yeah, I live with my grandma, she has a little cottage, not too far from the beach." Cassie replied. I started the drive. The traffic dissipated the hot brunette with huge pierced tits gets creampie we got from the beach's main area.

I pulled onto a small gravel side road. I drove slow, passing some small but nice beach cottages. "It's the blue one just to the right here." Cassie commented when we were a couple houses away. I pulled into the driveway. There was an elderly lady bent down digging in the front garden covered with beautiful flowers, beside a nice wooden porch.

She had a large sun hat on, shading her from the hot sun. "Ugh, my grandma shouldn't be out working in this hot sun." Cassie commented, as I put the car in park. "I'll just be a quick minute." She added directing at us.

She reached into the trunk and grabbed her knapsack. She hopped out and went towards the front porch. "Grandma! You shouldn't be out working in this heat!" She spoke loudly, as she jogged towards the porch. The woman stood, removing her garden gloves. "Oh darling, I'm fine. I got my iced tea. I won't be long, just trimming from the rain last night." She spoke. We were close enough we could hear her clearly with our windows down. The voice seemed familiar.

"Well Brad and Torey went to a friend's. So I'm going to go hang out with some others, if that's ok." She said as she handed her grandma a glass of iced tea off a small bistro table. The woman turned as she took the glass. "Thanks Hun, and that's fine by me." She said kindly, and looked towards my car.

I waved pleasently. She squinted in the bright sunlight, tilting her hat up more, and waved back. That's when I realized, it was Mary. The woman who works at the diner, that we got take out from the night before. She smiled brighter upon recognizing me. "Better weather then last night eh?" I said, making small talk. "Yes. Definitely is." She spoke walking closer to my open window. Cassie then jogged into the house. "So how do you all know Cassie?" She asked kindly, as she leaned towards the open window.

"My wife Kate and I actually just officially met her today, I've met her in passing at a few times at Haze though." I answered signaling to Kate in the passenger seat who said hi and a polite wave. "And Sam went to school with her." I added, pointing to Sam who sat behind me. She leaned forward and greeted her, I saw in the reflection of my mirror, her expression change, registering her embarassing display she gave last night to this very lady. "So you went to the same highschool as Cass?" She asked Sam.

"Yeah, we were really good friends throughout. But she went away to school. Though it's very nice to reconnect with her." Sam replied. "Well you two share the same philosophy of no underwear.

Kids today." Mary laughed at her own joke, trying to sooth the embarrassment by curvy girlfriend titty fucks on roller skates it off, in a way only older ladies know how. "Well now I know where Cassie gets her bluntness from." Sam joked back and giggled, no longer overly embarrassed.

"One thing I've learned over all my years darling, is to be upfront and honest. Makes you more comfortable in your own skin. And if you prefer no panties, then good for you!" She laughed back. We all let out laugh and nods. Just then we were directed to the sound of the screen door closing. Cassie now jogged gracefully back to the car. She now had a bigger messenger style bag with an arm sling. She wore a lime green light summer dress.

"Well you kids have fun. Don't get into 'too much' trouble." Mary spoke then turned and kissed Cassie on the cheek. Cassie joined us in the car. I reversed out and we waved goodbye to Mary as she stood waving back, until we made it off the street. There was a few moments of silence.

"You're grandma is so cool!" Kate spoke up. "Yeah, she's awesome. Really stepped up in raising Brad and I. After my mom got sick, my dad took off. We moved in with my grandma and she sexy babe gets tied up and fucked 2 jobs to support my mom, grandpa, Brad and me.

Then when my mom passed away, my grandma became our guardian. Once my grandpa passed, his life insurance paid off the house, but my grandma continued to work to pay for Brad and I to go to college. Brad is still in school, but visiting for the weekend. Since I dropped out, I work part time to help out as best I can. But my grandma is someone I really admire." Cassie responded whole heartedly. "She's also super cool and chill!" She added with a giggle.

"Yeah. Aha, she sure didn't shy away from calling you out, eh Sam?" I said with a laugh. Looking in the mirror. "Huh?" Cassie hummed, looking confused. "You like it!" Sam spiked back. Not realizing what it may have given away. "Ahem. HUH?" Cassie repeated louder.

"We went to the diner your grandma works at yesterday to pick up dinner. You're grandma saw that I wasn't wearing underwear when my white shorts were soaked from the storm." Sam explained.

Cassie huffed a laugh. "Yeah, she has no shame. And assumes most everyone else is the same. She also doesn't shy away from being observant and will say aloud what she sees." Cassie responded.

"Well she was quick to add the fact you go commando most days!" Sam laughed with her friend. Kate and I laughed at the back and forth. Cassie just exaggeratedly shrugged. "Are you now?!" Sam rustled trying to pull up Cassie's dress black dicks and black pusies where they sat.

I couldn't see if she was successful or not, but their expressions were cute. Cassie laughed and fought back. "Why so shy now? You never used to be one to hide. Remember our sleepovers?" Sam exclaimed, laughing, as she tired her attempts. "That was different. Now we have company." Cassie said waving towards Kate and I. "After the show you witnessed yesterday, you'd think you'd return the favour!" Sam said, feeling proud of her comeback. "What?! You know too?" Cassie laughed, sounding surprised.

"Hey now!" I interjected through laughter. All four of us laughed. We were just arriving at home. It was now late teen maid gets fucked and facialed teen amateur teen cumshots swallow dp anal. "Wow, this is a nice private area." Cassie commented as I pulled up to park.

"Yeah, as much as you may have thought otherwise, I actually value my privacy." I said. "Yeah coming from the guy who puts on public shows!" Kate snickered. "And what a show!" Cassie busty ivy lebelle gets her ass fucked. The girls laughed again, seeing how I wasn't going to have this go in my favour, I dropped the topic.

But still felt uplifted that all the girls joke about it, in a positive way. We got out of the car and gathered our stuff up from the trunk.

I put the chairs in the garage. When I came into the house. Kate was unpacking the cooler. "Where's the others?" I asked. "Sam is giving Cassie the house tour. Almost like she lives here." She answered and laughed.

I helped put away the last few things and brought the cooler to the garage too. I came back in and the girls were gathered in the living room, chatting about nothing specific. Cassie commented that she liked the house.

"Well we should go change into something more comfortable." Kate said to no one specific. "We'll be right back, unless you want to come aswell?" Sam said to Cassie. She just shrugged, not knowing how to answer. "Ah, just come with us. Not gonna ditch you, aha." Kate said, adding a friendly wave. Kate and Sam lead the way, Cassie followed to the master bedroom. I went and checked the chest freezer, thinking of dinner, saw we had a few frozen pizzas.

Now that that was off my mind I walked to the bedroom also to change. I walked in, Cassie sat on the edge of the bed. Sam and Kate stood naked, digging through the dresser drawer that had Kate's loungewear. Cassie looked at me as I stepped through the doorway. "Ahem." She cleared her throat, in an attempt to warn Sam of my arrival. I stopped trying to think of a way to explain that the sight of Kate and Sam naked was nothing new. I must have not given a quick enough response, because Sam looked over her shoulder towards me and then to Cassie who sat on the bed, and had a slightly awkward shocked look on her face.

"Oh, uh, it's no big deal." Sam said turning around, stumbling hungry lust for a hard and tough dick her response. Kate looked over her shoulder as Sam tried to explain. Kate cracked a smile. Cassie looked between the three of us, registering it all. "We go naked camping." Sam stated plainly. "Naked camping?" Cassie asked, intrigued. "Yeah. We go to a nudist campground. There's not much shame between us all." I added to the explanation.

"Like where everyone camps naked?" Cassie asked, sounding excited. "Yeah, no different from a normal campground. There's a small beach, pool, hottub, lawn games, restaurant and stuff. Just everyone is nude." Kate answered. "That actually sounds, kinda cool." Cassie responded. "Weird. But cool." She added. "It's actually super chill and relaxing. I was nervous at first but that all went away quickly.

Now nudity is really no big deal to us." Sam added. Cassie sat registering the new info. Kate found a couple pairs of boxer shorts that the girls used as pj shorts, and a couple tank tops for Sam and herself.

Kate opened another drawer and threw a pair of boxers and a tank top to me aswell. I stood beside the clothes that she tossed, I just watched Kate and Sam get dressed. I looked at their bums as they bent over to pull on the shorts. I glanced at Cassie who was also looking at that direction. I cracked a smile. "Aren't you going to change?" Kate asked, as I looked back at her direction, she was looking at me.

She was now fully dressed. I signaled subtly to Cassie who still faced Sam and Kate. "She probably doesn't mind." Kate said breaking my subtle communication. "Do you?" Kate asked, looking at Cassie. Cassie turned and looked towards me.

"It's not like I haven't seen it before." She said, smiling and laughing borderline-maniacally. "Yeah!" Sam chimed in, with a daring look in her eyes.

Blonde whore summer rose pleasures taxi driver shrugged and exhaled.

I pulled off my shirt, tossing it to the side, and untied the string on my bathing suit. I glanced once more at the three sets of eyes that were glued to me. I smiled in happy submission and pulled my shorts down. I let them fall to the ground. I waited for a second, before stepping out and kicking them to the side.

I knelt by my knees in a squat and picked up the tanktop that Kate tossed my way. Reaching up, pulling it on. Squating again, taking my time, I pulled on the boxer shorts. At no point did any of the girls eyes leave me. I shook my head and held up my hands signaling 'what more'? "First show was better." Cassie stated critically. Racy doggy style sex for busty oriental and Sam snickered. "First ones always free, then you gotta pay." I joked back, turning and walking out of the room.

I heard them all laugh as I distanced myself. I was in the kitchen when the girls walked in. "Want some dinner soon?

There's some pizzas in the freezer if that's ok." I said. They all nodded and agreed. "Ok I'll start them." I said, turning on the oven. The girls all meandered to the living room and sat down. I could hear them chatting away as I gathered up the pizza baking sheets.

And as the oven reached the temperature I added two large pizzas and closed the door. Set a timer and joined the girls in the living room. Cassie was asking some questions about camping, and Kate and Sam gave good enough answers so I just sat down and listened.

"Yeah, that place and lifestyle sounds kinda cool." Cassie admitted, then continued; "We've never really called it 'nudism', but I guess we have similar values at home. Like, Living in such close quarters, there's not much privacy. Only a single bathroom, so it's ussually open when we shower and stuff. And our rooms are right by the bathroom so ussually just a towel or sometimes not, when we go to our rooms. Brad and I have shared a room since we were babies. And still do when we are both home.

Like, yeah he has a dick, and I've seen it, but he's my brother so it's not really a big deal. But we grew up being twins so there was the defining age we stopped bathing together and stuff but because we grew up like that, there never really got to an awkward point where we said 'no more'." She went on.

"But never really met anyone my age that lived those values out. Like yeah, Sam and I have seen eachother like that at sleepovers, but, I don't know. It's just different, but cool, to see there's actually people that do it often without thinking about it." Cassie concluded. "Well maybe one day, you could come with us." Kate suggested. "Yeah, maybe." Cassie replied. "But I do have one question." She added. "Yeah, what?" Kate asked. Cassie turned towards me. "Doesn't it get, you know, HARD to control?" She punned.

Sam burst out laughing at the way Cassie phrased her question. "Well, it's not really like that. I guess once you set you mind to the different scenarios, there's times for THAT, and there's also not times for that." I answered as best I could. "Wow, ultimate control. I'm impressed." Cassie responded. Feeling more comfortable in the new friendships with Kate and I. "Ah, this, and the 'photoshoot', you're easy to impress." I joked. "I'm actually not that easy to impress. Takes a specific breed of person to gain my my respect." She said.

It was actually quite the compliment I felt. "Yeah, he's a special kind of guy." Kate added, smiling at me. "Yeah, he's alright." Sam groaned then laughed. We continued to chat about nothing specific until the alarm went off on the timer. "Dinners ready." I commented, raising to my feet. "Good, I'm hungry now." Kate said, joining me. Sam and Cassie stood aswell, we walked into the kitchen.

"Smells good!" Cassie commented as I opened the oven. Kate grabbed a few plates. Sam opened the fridge and got a 2L bottle of pop. "This ok sex wwe esx xxx story everyone?" She asked, holding up the bottle.

We all agreed. Sam retrieved some glasses and the girls all played a part in setting the table. I sliced the pizzas. One by one the girls came to me and I dished out the slices. We all sat at the table and began to eat. Conversation didn't go beyond just getting to know eachother better. Once we finished eating, I began to clear the dishes. "So what's next crew?" Sam asked, leaning back into her chair. "Wanna play some games or something?" Kate asked.

"Sure." they replied. "What do you wanna play? I have a good selection of games." I asked and stated, gathering up the last of the dishes. "Why don't we play that new game you bought?" Cassie asked. "Oh yeah! I forgot he bought that!" Sam chirped. "Yeah that would be fun!" Kate added. "Ok, I'll grab it and meet you guys in the living room." Kinky brunette gets nailed on the porch outdoor and teen said.

They went into the living room and I went and retrieved the 'adult charades' game I bought yesterday from Cassie at Haze. I took off the plastic wrap and carried the box into the room where the girls sat. I opened the box and looked over the rules. "Ok, so since there's an even amount of us, we can either play on teams, or where one person acts out and everyone guesses." I stated, awaiting what the girls wanted.

"Let's play team's first." Sam said. "Ok Sam and I versus you two!" Kate quickly said. Cassie and I quickly glanced at eachother. "You're good at games like this, so it's only fair that you team up with someone you don't know aswell. Plus, Sam and I want to win!" Kate added and laughed.

"That's sounds fine to me." Cassie said, then looking at me. "We'll kick their butts." She sassed, starting the smack talk. We flipped a coin and Sam and Kate got to go first. The game came with a timer. The person acting drew a card from a stack. They had 15 seconds to act out the card without speaking. Their partner could guess as many times as they wanted. If they got it correct, the team got two points.

If the 15 second bell went off, the opposing team got one guess. If correct they got one point. If the person acting chooses not to act out their first draw card, they could choose a new one but would only gain one point if correct.

If they time out, the other team still gets a guess for a possible point.

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After explaining the rules, we began the game. "First team to 10 points wins." Sam said, as she stood up to go first. Kate sat at the edge of the couch, ready to guess.

Staring intently at Sam. Sam stretched obnoxiously. "You're not running a marathon. Ready?" I asked and laughed. "Ready!" She claimed and struck a runners pose. "Go!" I exclaimed, and turned the timer on. Sam grabbed a card and read it. Smiled. She held up two fingers. "Peace?" Kate spoke. Sam rolled her eyes and shook her head and shook her hand more. "Oh! Two words!" Kate corrected herself.

Sam nodded, then started running her hands up her sides, emphasizing her curves. Kate began to guess; "Sexy! Uh, curves? Umm." Sam wiggled her hips and began running her hands all over herself. Kate kept guessing; "Uh, touch! Rub! Ummm body?" Sam shook her head yes and got a smile. Then she looked as if she held a big gun and motioned a gun shot. "Shoot? Gun? Body guns?" Kate stuttered. Sam 'reloaded' and 'shot' again. "Oh! Shot! Body shots!!" Kate yelled.

Sam jumped pointing at her friend, "Yes!" Sam exclaimed. "Good one! Two points for you." I congratulated, resetting the timer. "We got this! I'll go next." Cassie said standing up. I was glad she opted to go first. I passed the timer to Sam. "Ready?" She asked.

Cassie just nodded. "Aaand. Go!" Sam instructed, and started the timer. Cassie picked up a card. She looked at it for a moment, thinking, then she started to 'gallop' and waved her hand above her in a circle like a lasso. "Uh, riding! Horse? Cowboy? I started guessing. She stopped and half nodded but kept thinking. Then quickly ran her hands over her body.

I gave her a confused look. She stopped for a split second then reached up and gave her boobs a squeeze and jiggle, giving me a frustrated look. "Ooohh! Cowgirl?" I asked.

"Yes!" Cassie squealed. She held her fist up in victory. "Wow, that was quick!" Kate said. "Woohoo!" Cassie said as she came up and highfived me then sat down on the couch, close to me, thigh to thigh.

I sat recalling the girls' movements. Kate was up next. She walked up to the floor before us. Sam passed the timer to Cassie. She shifted, reaching. Her bum rubbed up my hip as she did. Coming back to rest even closer to me. She had to maneuver herself so big tits milf and teen interracial threesome session oldvsyoung hardcore wasn't half sitting on my lap.

She set the timer on her thigh closest to me. I took notice of how her short dress rose up while she sat, after her reach. The hem just barely below her crotch. Her legs sat tight together and part of her dress tucked neatly between her upper legs and crotch. I had to shift my glance, as I was still somewhat horny from the beach. Trying to calm my dick from rising. "3, 2, 1, go!" Cassie jeered and turned the timer on. Kate grabbed a card, looking at it.

Scoffed and looked as if she was trying to think about what to do. She cracked a smile and then started to sway finger banging college pledges during wild hazing party hips. Looking at Sam with a suductive face. She pulled the bottom of her tanktop up slightly, revealing her tummy.

She took her other hand and pulled the side of her shorts down, exposing the side of her mound and hip. She still swayed her hips side to side. "Naked! Peeking?

Sexy? Seduce?" Sam started guessing. Kate swirled in a circle pulling her shorts down quickly then back up. "Stripper? Flash! Umm." Sam was getting flustered, sitting right on the edge of the couch. I watched intently as my wife moved. My cock involuntarily started to twitch and grow. I felt nervous, as it was only held within thin boxers. But I couldn't take my eyes of the 'show'. Kate held hug ass black grandmothe pussy squirting on finger and wiggled it back and forth as she slowly shook her head 'no', as she still tugged up and down at the hems of her clothes.

"Cocktease!?" Sam yelled. Kate huffed, feeling like she wasn't getting anywhere. *BUZZ* The timer went off and their turn was over. Kate shrugged frustratingly and groaned. But laughed. "Sorry!" Sam said. "That was a very distracting show!" Sam added with a laugh. "It was!" Cassie added with a giggle.

She leaned into me as she giggled. "But we get a guess now!" Cassie added. She leaned into me, looking up at my face, I made eye contact with her, thinking. "What do you think?" Cassie asked.

"Umm. Striptease?" I responded. Changing my focus to Kate. "Ugh! Yes." She groaned and reluctantly went and sat down beside Sam. "Sweet! Another point. 3-2 now!" Cassie cheered. "Your turn." She added, nudging me to stand. I slowly arose and somewhat readjusted my semi-hard penis in my shorts, as subtly as I could. I don't think anyone noticed. I walked up infront of the girls and realised due to my semi-state, my dick has grown enough to bob and cause a 'tent' in my shorts as it somewhat defied gravity.

"Looks like someone REALLY enjoyed your 'striptease' Kate!" Sam said loudly. "Oh, at least someone got it!" Kate laughed and nudged her friend as they giggled. Cassie also snickered at my expense. I shrugged. Trying to be as confident as I could.

Cassie leaned and handed the timer to Sam. I watched her dress ride up and expose a bare hip. No underwear. Just as I suspected, I thought to myself. When she sat back into the couch her legs sat slightly open. Her dress seemed higher. I couldn't make out details but saw flesh peeking out from under her dress. "Go!" Kate beckoned, snapping me out of my trance. I quickly grabbed a card, looking at it. 'Player' was my word. I thought for a moment then stepped apart and acted as if I held a football and acted as I threw it.

"Catch? Throw? Football?" Cassie guessed. I pointed at myself and then acted the same scene. Cassie kept guessing; "Quarterback? Football player?" I stopped pointed at her smiling and exclaimed "Yup!" I smiled a cocky smile at Sam and Kate. "Your card was football player?" Kate asked grudgingly. "It was 'player'." I responded. "Laaame!" Sam beckoned. "Hey! She said it!" I replied victorious. I walked back and highfived my 'partner'.

"5 to 2 now. We need to step up our charade game!" Sam chimed. Sam stood up to take her turn, and handed the timer to Cassie. Cassie placed it on my lap. She lifted her left leg, that was closest to me, and bent her knee to the side.

She sat half cross-legged as she rested her knee on my thigh. She tucked the front of her dress down in her crotch covering herself. Must be natural, since she rarely wore underwear, according to her grandma. Even though I've done so much more this weekend already, the skin on skin contact of a new girl, added to my current horniness, multiplied by the game we played, sent shivers up my spine. I tried to keep my semi-hard penis from growing stiffer. Sam got ready for her turn.

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Cassie pressed on the timer which sat on my lap. "Go!" She cheered. Sam reached for a card. Looked at it for a moment. She discarded it, taking another.

She did a silent laugh and started to act. She traced a large circle with her hands. "Circle! Round? Big?" Kate guessed. Sam then put her hands together, placing her head on them, acting like she was sleeping, then traced the circle again.

"Sleep, sleeping together? All night? One night stand!" Kate kept guessing. After Sam did the action one last time to no correct guess. She scrunched her face and did a little stomp. "Ugh!" Kate groaned anxiously. Sam took a deep breath of desperation and turned around, pulling down the back of her shorts, bending over, putting her beautiful bum on full display! "Moon!" Kate yelled. Just before the timer buzzed.

Sam pulled her shorts back up, turning around. "Yes!" She yelped. We all laughed a bit. "Now why didn't you start with that action?" Kate asked through giggles.

"I don't know, it's our group so I don't know why I hesitated." Sam laughed in response. "But we only got one point though." Kate added. "Yeah what card did you pass on?" Cassie asked. "Orgy!" Sam scoffed. "How the heck do I act that out alone?" She laughed.

"Could've asked for help!" Cassie joked. Sam just glared at her, then breaking into laughter. "5-3 now, a point is a point." Kate said happily. Cassie uncrossed her leg, grabbing the timer. She placed her hand on my bare thigh, pushing down to boost herself up.

Innocent enough, but in my state, any movement, touch or sight was causing me to strain myself to not go crazy. I clenched my teeth.

Cassie walked over and handed the timer to Kate as Sam sat down. Cassie then got ready for her turn before us. "Ready, and, go!" Kate called out. Cassie quicky grabbed a card, looking at it for a moment. It looked as if she was about to discard it, then stopped, and started to act.

She cupped and folder her hands and held them up at the top of her head. She stuck her tongue out, and with an open mouth, acted as if she was panting. "Beg?" I guessed. She kept the same action going.

Her tongue, even though not used in a seductive way, was very sexy. It was longer then expected, she had good control over the wet muscle. She acted a bit more emphasized, sensing my distraction and lack of guessing.

"Dog? Cat? Pet?" I spouted off guesses. She stopped and flicked her hair, almost striking a model pose. I was confused for a moment, then realizing what she was getting at. "Doggy style?" I guessed. "Yes!" She exclaimed, adding a hop. Her dress fluttered with her jump. Raising with her, then flowing slower down, like a parachute.

I got a quick glimpse of what was hidden underneath. But not enough to cause me anymore sensation then the second it lasted. "7-3!" Cassie excitedly proclaimed. "Ugh, man, you guys are good at this game." Kate reluctantly admitted. She raised up and handed the timer to Cassie before she came and joined me on the couch. Again, sitting right beside me. We all looked towards Kate as she braced herself for her turn. "Go!" Shouted Blonde bombshell pleasures a big shaft orally as she started the timer.

Kate grabbed a card, looked at it. Smiling, she began to act out. She pointed between herself and me. "Married! husband! Wife! Love!" Sam began to guess. Kate then walked on the spot, with her hands clasped together infront of her. "Marriage, wedding!" Sam continued to guess. Then Kate took her left arm and held it horizontally in front of her and took her right arm and held it vertically, elbow on top of her left hand. She then waved it downward so the hand met her other elbow.

Using her basic sign language knowledge as best she could. "Wedding day?" Sam guessed. Kate shrugged gaining frustration. Then dropped her hands and began to just hump the air. Blushing through an embarrassed expression. "Married sex? Oh wait! Wedding night?" Sam yelled out. "Ugh, yes! Finally!" Kate huffed, stopping her air thrusts. We all laughed a bit at her movements.

The timer buzzed. "7-5, catching up!" Sam cheered. I reached for the timer that sat on Cassie's bare thigh. I bumped it accidentally, and it slid around her thigh and fell between her legs.

She rocked back into the couch and reached for it, but through her shifting, the timer fell closer into her crotch. She sat close to me, I sat on my own couch cushion but she sat over a seam between two cushions. She reached deeper since the timer sank in-between the two cushions.

I watched her hand disappear. Her wrist caused the hem of her dress to raise up quite high. She opened her legs more and dug for the timer. To no avail, she groaned. "I'll get it." I offered, not thinking of the specifics of the situation and placement.

I knelt before her, between her knees. She tilted her hip and rested off to one side, causing her to raise up one thigh. I reached under the cushion that she took her weight off of.

Feeling the timer I pulled it out. Looking up from the seam just to catch a full view of her bare snatch from under her dress. I only saw it for a moment before she lowered her leg and tucked her dress back into her crotch. Not seeming to know that she gave me a peek.

I cracked a small smile. I stood up and handed the timer to Sam. I took my place before the girls in the centre of the room. I still had a semi as I stood before them, but not as obvious as my earlier turn. But after my quick glimpse I felt a bit more stirring down there. "Go!" Kate said, I quickly grabbed a card. 'beach bod' was my card. I started to flex and do my best bodybuilder poses. "Bodybuilding? Strong? Muscles? Flexing?" Cassie guessed.

I then pretended I was swimming. "Swimmers body? Workout? Pool? Beach?" She continued. I nodded and pointed at her, signaling she got part of it correct.

"Beach?" She asked. I nodded and went back to flexing. "Beach workout? Beach, umm." she started to think out loud getting anxious about the time. I then ceased my flexing and ran my hands up and down my sides. "Uh, uh, uh, um. Beach body?" She guessed. I half nodded and circled my hands for her to keep guessing around that answer, I didn't want Kate and Sam to put up a fight as to specifics of what the card said.

"Beach body, beach fitness? Beach bod?" She guessed. "Yes!" I said just as the timer buzzed. "Ugh, so close to timing out!" Sam groaned cutely.

"That makes it 9-5. Better step up your game!" I razzed Kate and Sam, as they handed me the timer. Sam got up and took her place before us. I sat back down beside Cassie. "Go!" I said as I started the timer. Sam quickly grabbed a card and looked at it only for a split second. Lifting up her tank top and exposed both her beautiful breasts. With the speed she did it, they bounced and jiggled freely and she gave a sneaky smile.

"Flash!" Kate hollared. "Yes!" Sam shout back, adding a jump and more bounce before she lowered her shirt and adjusted herself. Before rushing over and hugging Kate who jumped up in celebration of being correct with her first guess. "I totally would've pretended I was the super hero flash." Cassie laughed. "Well we two ravishing hotties fuck in the prison masturbation and interracial told to step up our game!

Booya!" Sam cheered. "You definitely did." Cassie laughed, and sincerely applauded her for her effort. "Still 9-7. We could win this round." I pointed out with a laugh.

"Blah, still got it first guess." Kate snickered and stuck out her tongue. "It's all up to you." I jokingly nudged Cassie. "Read my body language!" She said with a bit of sass. "Gladly." I whispered slyly back.

She tried to keep a straight face but blushed a bit. She nudged me back and got the timer. Kate and Sam were still jittery about their last round. Cassie handed the timer to Sam. "This is where we win." Cassie joked, mocking smack talk. She twirled jb dark-meat-dark-treat ice la fox havana tube porn in a circle. Her dress flowed a bit outwardly as she did. She stopped and pointed right at me. "Ok team, this is it!" She said motivationally, cracking a smile.

"Go!" Sam said quickly, catching Cassie off guard. She stumbled and grabbed a card quickly, knocking the pile off the ottoman. But she looked at her card. Looking back up to us.

She held up three fingers. "Three words!?" I said outloud. She made an 'iffy' hand gesture. I looked at her confused. She took a breath and held up three fingers again, waving them to us, and then began to air hump.

Holding her arms bent at her sides. She bent her knees and thrusted. Her dress fluttered with the movement. I tried to catch a glimpse of the hidden gems but also thought about the gesture. "Threesome? Threeway?" I guessed. She leapt up, causing her dress to really raise. She yelped "YES!" And as she came back, to having her feet planted, she swayed side to side humming 'we are the champions' she flowed side to side as she danced in victory.

I stood up, stretching, looked at Sam and Kate. "Better luck next time." I said sympathetically. Sam looked at Cassie as she continued her celebration. "We'll get lucky tonight!" Sam whispered sexily to me. I raised my eyebrows and gave her an approving smile. I winked at both Kate and Sam. "Winners clean up." Kate said as she stood.

That was a rule for our game nights. Cassie happily obliged. She knelt down and started to gather up the fallen cards. I gave Kate and Sam one last smile and went to help. After we had all the cards, I stood up. Offering my hand to Cassie. She took my hand, and I helped her rise.

We put the timer and cards back in the box. All four of us then made our way to the kitchen where we got a few drinks. Cassie sipped and glanced out the window that overlooked our yard. The sunset lit up our yard in an orange and pink glow.

"You have a hottub?!" Cassie spoke excitedly. "Yup." I answered simply. "Oh, I've always wanted one. I love hottubbing." She cooed. "We can go in the hottub for awhile if you want to." Kate suggested. "Yes please!" Cassie responded happily. "Ugh, I left my bathing suit at home." She moaned in a sadder tone. "Oh, uh, we don't wear bathing suits in the hottub." Sam spoke up. "Oh. I guess I could have guessed that." Cassie said reluctantly. "I'm sure you could borrow one of Kate's, if that's what you prefer." I replied, soothingly.

There was a moment of silence, Cassie seemed to be debating within her own mind. "You know what? Screw it, I've seen all of you naked already. I guess it won't be that big of a deal. I'm willing to try new things!" Cassie exclaimed. Almost sounding as if she was trying to motivate herself. "Ok! Right on girl!" Sam cheered. "I'll go get it ready." I said as I walked out the patio doors gir receives an a hole massage hardcore and blowjob began to take the cover off and turn on the lights in the hottub.

I left the patio lights off, the darker light would hopefully ease Cassie's nerves. If she had any. As I got the hottub prepped, I thought of my current situation. I've seen plenty of people naked, from the summers attending the nudist park. But knowing that I am sexually active with two of these three girls, and after the game we played, and my horniness from the day so far, my boxers began to tent as I grew harder. I walked towards the patio doors. I looked inside. The interior lights lit up the kitchen brightly compared to the darkness outside.

Kate and Sam were already fully naked. They stood slightly to the side, with their backs towards me. I glanced to the side and Cassie was just pulling her dress up and off her body. She stood slightly to the side aswell but more shrima malati fucked by guys amp dped sz her front was facing me. She looked at Sam and Kate though. I followed the hem of her dress as it rose, and took in as much detail as I could.

Her upper thighs touched eachother slightly as she stood straight. I looked at her clean shaven or waxed mound. Because she stood with her legs together I didn't see much of her vulva but she had beautiful plump lips that were pressed together. Her stomach had beautiful curve. She had a sturdy figure. Not big, but had a sporty look. Her breasts bounced as they freed. She had larger breasts then Sam and Kate. A bit more sag, but only from big boobed sexy sluts fucking one lucky dude weight.

A very healthy look. Her pink nipples were also larger then Sam and Kate's but fit her breasts perfectly. They seemed to stand erect, but maybe just due to the AC indoors. As she pulled her dress over her head I took in the full view of her nude form.

Seemingly instantaneously my dick raised and twitched to full mast. I didn't want to barge in fully hard before Cassie, so I stepped back into the shadows, out of view, and quickly stripped naked.

I placed my clothes on a chair and climbed in the hottub, starting the jets, hiding my erection below the water and bubbles. A few minutes later Kate and Sam came out. "Oh, thought you were going to come back inside, guess not." Kate said to me, noticing my discarded clothes, smiling. "I was about to, but saw through the door that you were all ready, so I just got in." I answered back nonchalantly.

Kate and Sam stepped closer to the hottub. "C'mon, just come out!" Sam yelled back inside, laughing a bit. "Ok, ok, just give me a moment." Cassie yelled back, laughing a nervous laugh. "Do you need me close my eyes?" I laughed back. "Just don't stare!" Sunny leon nude sex stories story downlode laughed in return.

I looked at Kate and winked at her to reassure her. "I already did!" I yelled back in. Smiling at Kate. She rolled her eyes, but not in an angry way. She smiled at me as she climbed in the hottub. I sat across from the stairs, Kate sat down and drifted over, sitting to my left. Sam followed her in and sat on my right. All three of us looked towards the open door.

Cassie poked her head out and smiled at us. Looking from side to side. Then she scurried out and quickly climbed in the tub.

As she rushed her boobs bounced and swayed with her movement. Once she splashed in, she sank down and faced us. We all looked to her and then she nervously laughed.

"This is actually really comfortable." She admitted. "Best way to hottub!" I said. "Yeah, it is actually really nice. I prefer to be naked at home and stuff, but never really done it with others." Cassie continued.

"Yeah, we ussually are naked or in very little when we hang out here. It's different when you're with people you big dicked old guy fucking a hottie, we've grown so accustomed to it, that's it's more weird when we are clothed. Especially swimming or hottubbing." Sam added. We continued conversational small talk. After a minute or two, Kate placed her hand on my thigh. After a moment of contact, she reached her hand across my lap and searched and found Sam's hand.

She placed her friend's hand on my upper thigh. Giving it a squeeze, then Kate moved her own hand to my other thigh. The girls in unison, rubbed up and down my thighs, making their way closer to my, still rigid, dick.

Without hesitation, and borderline desperation, I moved my own hands onto both Kate and Sam's pussies. I massaged and rubbed their pussies. They moved their hands to my cock and balls. Kate beagn to knead and massage my balls and Sam wrapped her hand firmly around my rock hard member.

It ached from its hardness, begging for release. Sam began to stroke me, slowly, but firmly, admiring the stiffness. I worked away on them aswell. Penetrating their openings and massaging around their clits.

I could feel their slick pussy juices in contrast to the water around them. Sam would stroke me a few times, then rub her palm around my swollen head. Kate kneaded my sensitive balls and would massage under my perineum. We carried on conversation as best we could. Cassie, feeling more comfortable, was talking a lot about work, family, school and life. We would respond with nods and words of affirmation to keep her going, showing our interest. Even though our focus was elsewhere.

Kate moved her hand up and shared stroking my member with Sam. I picked up my pace and vigor on the girls pussies. Soft moans escaped them, and probably me aswell, but they could be written off as moans from the spa jets. The girls stacked their hands.

Kate held the base of my dick and Sam gripped closer to the head. They stroked in unison. I could feel my balls begin to stir. They ached from the teasing throughout the day and now swelled, ready to burst. I stuck my fingers deep into Kate and Sam, signaling my approaching orgasm. They kept their stroking steady but quickened the pace slightly.

I felt both their thighs and legs quiver. Their pussies tensed and squeeze my intruding fingers. The moisture was evident and slickened the surrounding skin. My dick tensed, almost to an uncomfortable stiffness as I erupted under the bubbling water. The girls squeezed my cock as it must have shot 6 or 7 loads of cum into the water. I groaned deep and louder then I planned. The orgasm lasted awhile and I came a lot. It wasn't visible though, due to the darker lights.

The swirling water washed my load away. Then, just as my balls emptied. The girls slid their hands off of my dick and back onto my thighs.

My dick twitched and shot another forced spurt out. Cassie, taking notice of my deep groan, looked at me. "Jets that good eh?" She asked slyly. I looked at her.

"Yeah. Really working out the aches and tension. Really needed it after today." I replied, trying to steady my speech from my winded state.

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I laughed to myself about the double meaning of my response. "Yeah, they are really nice, and I can admit, I see why doing it naked is better." Cassie replied. All three of us looked at her and smiled.

"Oh no! Not like that!" She laughed back, not meaning it to sound the way it did. "Like more skin, no wet, uncomfortable bathing amazing babe having hot group sex smalltits hardcore Sam cut her off as she stumbled, trying to explain herself.

"You don't have to be embarrassed. We all masterbate." Sam replied bluntly, feeling sexually empowered. "Whoh, ok.I know, but that's not what I meant." Cassie replied with a laugh.

"The jets are good for that though!" Sam said, factually. "Yeah, they probably would be." Cassie admitted with a nervous laugh.

"You sound like you know from experience." Kate laughed, directed towards Sam. "I do!" Sam stated. Kate and I gave her a somewhat shocked response. "Hey! Don't think I don't notice what you two do sometimes, you have eachother, I have the jets!" Sam said in a cocky manner.

She must be still sexually charged, as her honesty was quite blunt. "Ok, we should probably change the subject." Cassie interjected.

Almost sounding nervous. "Why? It's totally natural. Masterbation is totally normal and healthy!" Sam stated matter-of-factly. "And mutual masturbation can be fun!" She added. I was very surprised by her admittion. "Yeah I know, but this conversation is, you know, adding sensations." Cassie also stated bluntly.

"Are you getting horny?!" Sam asked sexily. "Maybe a bit." Cassie admitted. Followed by a laugh. "It's not often someone is more blunt then me, but I think that's why we were, and are, such good friends." Cassie added in response to Sam. "You just gotta embrace it. Stand up-" Sam spoke as she stood up, revealing her wet naked body, turning to the side, continuing - "and tell the world that you are HORNY!!" She yelled, running her hands up her body seductively, gasping audibly. Then sat back down quickly, almost a cannonball back into the water.

Splashing us all. We laughed. "But with others." Cassie said shyly. "No offense to you two, but we just recently met." She added, directed towards Kate and I. "You've already seen him horny!" Sam said, wiping the water off her face. "There's nothing to be ashamed of in this group. We share a lot and don't really shy away from anything.

You said yourself that we were, and are, such good friends because we hold nothing back." Sam continued in support. "Yeah I guess that makes sense. As long as you two are also that open. I don't want to be the prude." Cassie laughed. "We're open books." Kate added. "Ok." Cassie happily replied. "So real talk then, displays like that (signaling towards Sam) don't make you horny?" Cassie asked, directed towards me.

"Well yeah, at times, but Kate and I always talk about stuff like that, and if at anytime, anything that happens makes either of us uncomfortable, we would let eachother know." I answered. "How far is too far then?" She asked, her honesty and bluntness growing. Kate and and I all shared quick glances, trying to think of an acceptable answer. "Well, we haven't crossed any lines yet, so I guess the sex geometry facial cumshot natural tits see once we get there, or close." I answered simply, trying to be honest without giving away too much.

There was a moment of silence. "So if I was to shift to the side, to take advantage of a jet, none of you would be weirded out?" Cassie asked. Catching us slightly of guard. "Be our guest.

That's why we bought the one with the best full body jets." Kate answered, smiling. "That seats the best one!" Sam jumped in, pointing to a lounge type seat over to the side. It was a recliner type seat that caused you to lay out, rather then sit upright. It had a cushioned pillow on the head, just above the water.

It had multiple jets down the back and sides. And quite a few little ones on the area where your legs sat. There was also a aubrey black tigress wants to be fucked hard jet near the bum portion of the seat.

Possibly for lower back, but if you sat just right it sprayed at the perfect spot with the perfect angle. Cassie smiled sexily at us and drifted herself over to the seat.

Sam floated over and helped her position herself just right. "Now raise your body up just a bit." Sam said guiding her naked friend's body up to the perfect position. The jet hit her spot and her expression changed instantly.

Her eyes widened and she let out a moan. "Oohhh. My." She exhaled and moaned. "I'm sorry, I'm kind of vocal, and this.feels. amazing!" She cooed as she wiggled a bit in her seat. "I know right! So good!" Kate spoke, seemingly getting more intrigued by the situation. "Oh, jeez I can't believe Exceptional sex kitten is popping out her gaped wet vagina in closeup amateur babe doing this right now." Cassie huffed as she smiled.

Sam also moaned as she helped her friend use the jets in the best way. Cassie relaxed more and rested her head back on the cushion. She closed her eyes and moaned softly through the sounds of the jets. Sam crouched over to the side, somewhat standing in the hottub.

She angled her bum over towards a jet and let it spray at her bum and pussy from behind. She softly moaned aswell. Kate shifted so she had a smaller jet caress her backside aswell.

I sat back, watching three beautiful girls enjoy the jets, sexually. Kate sat closest to me and I could feel her manuver herself, catching glimpses of her perky tits. I could see all of Sam's back and side of her breasts, and at times the top of her bum as she rode the pressure of an opposing jet. Cassie reclined out, still with her head back and her eyes closed.

A content smile across her face. Lips slightly parted. Her breasts rose with her breathing, just above the water level. Sam placed a hand on Cassie's shoulder as she steadied herself. I moved to the side so a jet blew gently against my flaccid dick. My balls contracted and loosened from previously emptying. I massaged my package.

It was still sensitive, but I just massaged gently as I watched the girls. They looked so cute and innocent in their 'experimenting'. I would be a lot hornier if I hadn't just had a huge cum. So it was very nice to just relax and enjoy the views, sounds and feelings myself. Cassie began to rock herself and her breathing increased. "Are you close?" Sam questioned her in a soft voice.

She just nodded slowly, with her eyes still closed. Sam placed her hand on the back of Cassie's head. Sam watched closely, gauging Cassie's reactions. I moved in closer to watch. Cassie moaned and her mouth parted, she gasped lightly. Sam, knowing she was right on the brink, reached into the water with her free hand and pressed down on Cassie's mound, forcing her deep towards the jet, it hit her right on her clit and her open mouth exhaled loudly then she let out a deep moan. Her eyes opened wide as she came hard.

Sam kept her held down on the jets. Her chest heaved and she shook her head as her body twitched. "Oh. My.Go-" She moaned. I could see Sam looking her up and down and a smile across her face, knowing she was in control. Kate leaned back into me, "This is so hot." She whispered into my ear.

"Mmhhmm." I moaned in response. Cassie started to come down from her peek. Sam let go and she readjusted herself in the seat. She sunk into the seat. The jets now massaging the rest of her body. She blinked slowly. Then keeping her eyes closed she breathed steadily. Sam manuvered herself back to sitting in one of the contoured seats. We all sat silently content. We all sat silent, with only the sounds of the jets' rumble. After a few minutes the timer clicked and the jets turned off.

We soaked for a moment longer. "Wow. Well. That was an experience." Cassie broke the silence. We all laughed in approval. She swiveled on her seat, sitting upright. "You guys are awesome!" She said excitedly. We broke into a louder laughter. "Shall we make our way inside?" Kate asked. We nodded and replied in agreement.