Sex stories 4 sex fairy tales pron sex shoophie dee

Sex stories 4 sex fairy tales pron sex shoophie dee
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Fair warning. My story is no longer TOTALLY true. These events DID happen, just not EXACTLY this way. ---------------------------- Brianna and I entered Kays bathroom, hands clasped. Brianna turned to me and hugged me. "Oh Bret." she sighed.

"Kay is so lucky." "For what?" I asked. I knew the answer, my big head just wanted to fuckmate makes beautiful chick cum hardcore and blowjob it. "You." she said.

I ran my hands down her back and cupped her perfect ass cheeks. "I'm feeling like the lucky one right now." I said. Brianna looked up and me and we met in another long kiss. "Come on." I said. "We came in here to get cleaned up." Brianna and I broke our embrace and let the water run.

Steam began to fill the room and I opened the curtain for Brianna to step through. Once inside, we allowed the water to remove our coats of sweat and lust. The warm water eased the tension that had flooded our bodies. There were a few things I just had to know. "So why'd you do all this?" I asked Brianna. She looked taken aback, fearful I was finally scolding her.

"I.I.I just." Brianna started. I moved in and let her know that in no way was I upset with her. "I don't know, Bret.

Kay just talked about you all the time. About how she loved you and you loved her. She told me about how sex made her feel so good.and it was sex with you.

I was going through her phone one day and saw the pictures of you cock.I just put it in my pocket and never said a word." She explained. "Ain't that somethin'?" I said. "Kay always said she felt bad that she didn't wait for you to be her first.

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I wanted to wait for you to be mine." she said as she lowered her head. I moved in and used my index finger to raise Briannas head.

I slid my tongue into her mouth. "I'm glad you waited." I said with a smile. Brianna ran her hands through her hair a few times, letting the water take the sex out. I got some soap on my hands started to wash Brianna off.

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I ran my hands over her shoulders. I moved to her chest, her stomach, and finally onto her blood-stained pussy. Brianna followed suit and took her hands from her hair and began washing my cock. The soapy tugs brought me to attention immediately. With all signs of blood removed, I knew I was ready for more. The still-tugging hands of Brianna told me she was ready as well. I got down onto my knees and instructed Brianna to turn around and bend over, using the wall to support herself.

I ran my palm over her smooth slit and brought my face to her. I used my tongue to taste this previously-innocent delight. What a great taste when it's freshly clean. The water beat down on our bodies as my assault on her hole continued.

I loved having my face so close to the most perfect ass I'd seen. I brought my face to the air, spread her cheeks and gave her a final lick from hole to hole. I grant michaels and renae cruz in route 69 my self up and used an arm to keep Brianna in her position. I lined my cock up just right and slowly entered my new kingdom.

She still felt good as new. Hot water beat on my face and Briannas back, causing our intense body heat to rise. I leaned in and grasped her right tit as I continued to pound. I decided it was time for my trademark, the thumb in the ass. Losing her innocence so recently, I expected some resistance. None.

Instead, to my great delight, I was instructed to "Fuck my ass, Bret. Oh. Fuck my ass." Let's just say I crumbled to peer pressure. I exited Briannas pussy and moved up a floor. Of course, I was much more careful here. I didn't want to hurt my sweet new toy. The entrance was slow and steady, with the water providing seemingly no lubrication.

I found it ironic that as long as Kay and I were fucking, she'd never let me. I fuck her sister by accident, and look at me now. With my balls beating her slit, I freed my hand from her tit and brought it down to finger her. "Oh yeah.fuck me, Bret. FUCK ME!" she screamed. Now, I had been priding myself on my ability to last and withstand. But her screaming, coupled with her hot body and tight ass, just threw me over.

I thank God I had pulled out of her sweet pussy because there was no way I'd have had time. I blew a mini shower into Briannas ass. I grabbed her ass firm as my balls emptied once more.

I pulled myself out of Brianna and leaned against the wall. Brianna turned to me. "I think I might have to keep you for myself." she said. "I think I might have to let you." I replied. I turned the water off and embraced Brianna while the steam cleared. ---------------------------- Thanks for reading the "Dr. Love" series. Hope you enjoyed it. I plan on this being the final installment, unless some of you object.?