Shy as that lovely babe gets her cunt sucked

Shy as that lovely babe gets her cunt sucked
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Daddy's special chair. Britney couldn't remember where it came from, Daddy's chair had been a fixture in her home for as long as Daddy had been coming around. The black leather chair with the low arms. The back reclined, but there was no foot rest that came up, like the typical lazy man's chair, nor was it as big as those chairs. A foot rest like that would have gotten in the way. It sat off to the side of the living room, close to the front door. Not positioned well for watching tv.

No one was allowed to sit in it except Daddy. Next to the chair was a small stand, made to hold a jacket and trousers, like something seen in a fine hotel. On the other side of the chair was a small table, with a drink coaster ever present on the table. Sometimes when Mommy wasn't looking, Britney would sit in the chair.

Once she had gotten caught and her mother was none too happy. She'd gotten a swat on her ass and been sent to her room for her indiscretion. Over the years, the allure of sneaking a sit in the chair had faded, now having just graduated from High School, Britney hardly paid attention casting in pov with a french debutante it.

Except of course when Daddy came over. Daddy wasn't really her daddy. He was a tall handsome man, he dressed well and always had a smile and polite hug for Britney. He never yelled at her mommy, if he was annoyed at something he'd just make a face, one side of his mouth going up and a stern look in his eyes. That was all that was ever needed to affect whatever change he expected from Mommy or Britney.

Britney's real father was not a part of her life. He was "Daddy" because that is what her mother had always called him and how she had always referred to him. Daddy didn't live with them, but he came over for dinner, or took Mommy out on dates and sometimes even slept over. Daddy would stop in more days than not. Whenever Daddy stopped in to see Mommy, whether it was to pick her up to go to the opera or just stopping by after work, the routine was always the same.

Daddy would come in, greet mommy with a hug and kiss, and the same for Britney, if she was around, he'd remove his jacket, if he was wearing one, while Mommy went to the kitchen to mix Daddy a drink. Daddy would drape his jacket over the stand next to the chair, then sit down as Mommy brought in his drink.

A clear glass with ice, some clear liquid and a fresh slice of lime. The same drink every time. "Here's your drink Daddy", she would say as she handed it to him. Daddy would set it on the coaster on the table as Mommy knelt at his feet and began to unlace his shoes. Daddy would squeeze the lime into the deink and stir it as Mommy removed his shoes and set them to the side.

They never paid Britney any mind as they went through their routine. Mommy would then unbuckle Daddy's belt and with a little help from Daddy, drag his slacks and and boxers off his legs.

Mommy would then neatly hang the pants on the rack. Daddy would often unbutton his dress shirt as Mommy removed his socks. By this time, Daddy's cock was usually standing tall and thick from his lap. Calia qadehsfemaleagent fake casting luis creampie anal sex Daddy would tell mommy to strip off her clothes, he'd watch her and sip his drink, other times if they were going out and Mommy was all made up, Daddy would let her keep her clothes on.

Then as Mommy kneeled before the chair, Daddy would drape one leg over the chair's arm and sip his drink as Mommy took his big cock into her mouth. Mommy would lick the shaft, use her hands to play with his balls, and suck on the head of his cock. Often, Mommy would ask Daddy for things as she knelt before him, nibbling and stroking his cock. "Daddy, I need a new dress for the party on Saturday, can i get one please?".

Or "Daddy, my car is getting old, I really want a new one". She didn't always get what she asked for, but usually, the more Mommy begged, the more likely that whatever she had asked for would be in her closet or driveway the next week.

She would beg and tease him for several minutes before Daddy would groan and push her head down onto his cock with one hand. Mommy knew it was time to get serious once Daddy did that. She'd begin sucking his cock in earnest.

From that point on, Mommy wouldn't let Daddy's cock out of her mouth until finished. Britney didn't know how she did it, but her mother would make Daddy's cock disappear down her throat.

Her tongue could be seen licking Daddy's balls as she engulfed his cock. Her head would bob up and down as Daddy would groan and tell her what a "good girl" she was. Sometimes he would hold her head down to his stomach as he came deep in her throat, other times she'd just milk the head guys team up to fuck her hard his cock as he came.

Britney could see Daddy's cock pulsate as he groaned, "I'm cumming baby", Mommy kept her lips wrapped tightly around head of his cock until he relaxed into his chair. When they were done, Daddy would finish his drink as Mommy licked up any cum that may have escaped her greedy mouth. Daddy would take his time and finish his drink, sometimes talking about mundane things like there weather or recent events, then get dressed and depending on the day, kiss mommy and Britney goodbye, take mommy out, or stay for dinner.

But no matter, Daddy would not sit in the chair again until he wished for mommy to kneel before him and service his cock. Through the years Britney didn't pay much attention to Daddy and Mommy when he was in the chair, but in the last year, she'd taken more of an interest in it. Britney's pussy would tingle and moisten now every time Daddy came over, and she'd been imagining what it would be like to take mommy's place.

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She began to watch carefully every step of their routine. Britney had even discovered a dildo in her mother's nightstand. it was shaped just like a real cock, about the same size as the phallus, she saw protruding from Daddy's lap so often.

Britney would lick the rubber sex toy, unknowingly licking her mother's dried cum from it, pretending she was licking Daddy's cock. Britney wrapped her lips around the dildo and tried to take it into her mouth was far as she could. She sucked on it the way she saw Mommy suck on Daddy, but could only get half of it in her mouth before she started gagging. When she did play with it, her pussy would throb and drip, Britney would put one hand in her panties and rub her pussy as she held the dildo with her other hand and sucked.

She brought herself to many orgasms like this, always being careful not to get caught by her mother. A couple times she was even bold enough to take the dildo to the chair, hold it on the seat and kneel before it and suck on it as she masturbated. She was always scared and excited when she did that, as the first thing Mommy would see if she came home, would be Britney's bare ass and back of her head bobbing on a dildo in the chair.

Britney never got caught, but came close one day. Britney was on the verge of an orgasm when she heard keys in the doorknob of the front door. She sprinted from the chair, dildo in hand and was able to drop the dildo into her mother's nightstand and make it to her room before her mother gained entry. Little did she know, but her mother had been noting when her dildo had been moved, or was mysteriously cleaned, and had even noticed the occasional wet spot on Daddy's chair and on the floor in front of it.

Then one day it all changed for Britney. Mommy was running late. Mommy and Daddy were going into the city for a gala event. Mommy was flustered, she still hadn't taken a shower and needed to get dressed and put her makeup on. Daddy was due to pick her up any minute. "Britney honey, could you do Mommy a huge favor, I have to jump in the shower, when Daddy gets here, could you make his drink for him and tell him i will be out in a minute?" "Okay Mommy", Britney replied, slightly surprised.

She'd never made Daddy's drink before, but had seen it done a thousand times. Moments after her mother had jumped into the shower, Daddy walked through the front door, he was quite dashing in his black tuxedo and bow tie, dressed for tonight's fancy event. "Hi Britney", he said with his usual smile and charm. "Where's your mother?" "Oh she's in the shower, she said she'll be out soon and told me to fix your drink for you" "Oh" Daddy replied, a bit blonde gf plays with her toys hardcore cumshot a surprised look on his face.

Britney went to the kitchen to make Daddy's drink, as Daddy removed his jacket and hung it on the rack by his chair. Britney took one of the tumblers of the drink tray that was a permanent fixture on the counter, she went to the fridge and dispensed ice into the glass, following her mother's routine, opened the vodka bottle and poured some over the ice. She then opened a small tonic bottle and filled the glass up the rest of the way. Britney plucked a fresh lime from a bowl and very carefully sliced a wedge free.

She split it and slid it onto the edge of the glass, took a mixing rod and placed it in the drink. Britney stepped back and admired her work. Perfect, just like Mommy did it. Britney picked up the drink and walked to Daddy, he was seated in his chair as she handed him his drink, "your drink daddy", she said. "Thank you baby", he replied "I hope i made it as good as Mommy" Britney stood in anticipation, worried she messed up as Daddy squeezed the lime, mixed it into the drink and took free porn movie downloads for psp first sip.

"It's perfect baby, you did a great job" he said with a smile.

Britney blushed at the compliment, proud of her work and even more proud that Daddy had called her baby for the first time. "Now help me with my shoes, baby girl", he said with a smile as he took a second so of petite teen ava hardy masturbates and fucks huge cock drink.

Britney felt like a foolish girl, realizing she forgot Daddy liked to have his shoes taken off for him. Blushing further, she quickly knelt before Daddy and began unlacing the shiny black shoes he was wearing with his tuxedo. Once they were off his feet and set to the side, Britney was about to get up. "And now the pants, baby girl" instructed Daddy. Britney felt a lump form in her throat, she hadn't considered this step, but she knew the routine by heart.

She reached up to find Daddy's belt, but the tuxedo did not allow for belts, instead this large shiny band was around Daddy's waist. He saw her confusion. "Let me help", he said, "tuxedos are a bit tricky" A moment later, the cumberbund was draped over the rack and the clasps of Daddy's pants were open.

"Now, take off my pants like a good girl", he instructed. Britney felt the blood rush from her face and go straight to her pussy. She could feel herself getting wet and throbbing between her legs. She was about to see Daddy's cock up close and personal. Would Mommy finish her shower before she got to see Daddy's cock from the front row, she hoped not.

Britney grabbed the sides of Daddy's pants hooking her fingers over both pants and silk boxers and slowly drew them down. He lifted his hips off the chair to help her. It seemed like time slowed to a crawl as Britney's eyes transfixed on Daddy's crotch. First the top of his close cropped pubic hair came into view, Britney's mouth began to water.

Then she saw the base of his shaft. His cock slowly becoming more exposed as she drew the pants further down. The world could be ending around her, but all of Britney's focus was on seeing Daddy's cock up close for the very first time. Her panties were wet from her dripping pussy. Her mouth watered as if a juicy steak had been placed in front of her. She noticed the thick veins standing out on Daddy's cock, the line where the color of his skin changed, then how his shaft narrowed slightly before the head.

Suddenly Daddy's cock sprang free of his clothes, making Britney jump and let out a small shriek, as it almost struck her face. It stood tall, inches from her, twitching, and veiny, as thick as her thin wrists and as long as her head. She was starring at it, the pants gripped in her fists, forgotten. A string of saliva dripped from the side of her mouth as she drooled at the sight of Daddy's cock.

"Baby girl", Daddy's voice suddenly breaking her stupor, " finish taking my pants off, please". It was more command than question. Britney blushed again, then quickly finished removing Daddy's pants. Flustered, she folded the pants in half and draped them on the rack. Daddy held up a foot, when she finished, to indicate he was still wearing his socks.

Britney, still on her knees removed the socks, then knelt, with hands on her knees looking up at daddy and his big throbbing cock. Awaiting further instructions.

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Daddy looked into Britney's eyes, noting the look of fascination and anticipation on her face. He lifted one knee up over the arm of his chair, opening his hips and sliding his ass and cock closer to the edge of the seat and Brittney's face.

With his legs spread wide, Britney took in the full sight of Daddy's cock and balls. There was no hair on his shaft or on his heavy ball sack.

His balls looked so big, she could see small veins spider webbed across his scrotum and the outline of each sexy blonde masseuse scarlet red got cum all over her face testicle beneath the thin skin of his sack. Almost unconsciously, she reached her hand up to fondle his large balls. They felt heavy in her hand, she hadn't expected that.

But the skin also felt soft to the touch. Daddy let out a small groan. Britney looked up, realizing she had Daddy's balls in her hands. "Sorry, I shouldn't have done that" she said "It's OK baby girl.

You need to finish what you started now." Britney gave a slight nod, and slowly leaned her head forward. This was it, she thought excitedly, she was finally going to get to suck on Daddy's cock for real. Her tongue came out of her mouth, drawn to the clear fluid seeping from the slit atop Daddy's cock. Her tongue snaked out, long like her mother's, the tip of it made contact with the precum before darting back into Britney's mouth to taste it.

It was almost sweet, she decided she wanted more. Daddy looked on as Britney's surprisingly long tongue licked around the tip of his cock, before she began dragging it up the entire underside of his cock. He continued to groan, her lips hadn't even made contact with his cock yet.

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Britney was in heaven just licking the yummy precum off Daddy's shaft, she was surprised how both hard and smooth his cock was. She could feel the veins against her tongue, they felt huge to her sensitive appendage. She closed her eyes and licked down to his balls, then sucking a massive testicle into her mouth. One of her hand gripped the base of Daddy's cock, it was hot in her little hand and her fingers barely encircled it's girth.

Daddy continued to moan and leak precum by the gallon as Britney, sucked one ball and then the other into her mouth. Her fist on his cock, squeezing pleasure from him. The cute girl was lost in a frenzy of licking precum from his shaft and scrotum. Without even sucking on his cock, Daddy was nearing an orgasm. Britney's mind felt like a white light had blotted out anything except Daddy's cock, her throbbing pussy, and her mouth.

Britney dragged her tongue up Daddy's cock one last time, oiling wonderful body on webcam homemade lotion precum as she went, before her head came over the large soft cap. Her lips closed around his head and she began to suck Daddy's precum straight from the source as her tongue flicked across the opening at the tip. She didn't lower her head onto Daddy's cock, so much as she sucked his cock into her. The suction pulling her head downward as all she could think of doing was becoming one with the amazing cock in her mouth.

Her pussy throbbed, each pulse more intense than the last as Britney sucked her face deeper onto Daddy's cock. Daddy's moans continued to increase, Britney was in her own world of lust and pleasure. She wasn't even aware when Daddy's cock entered her throat, all thought was to get every part of the cock into her.

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Her pussy continued to pulsate, her orgasm was begging to arrive, if only she could make it. Daddy's cock was now cutting off all air flow, but the pleasure was so intense she didn't realize it.

Finally her lips bottomed out on Daddy's pelvis, her tongue continued to reach forward, looking for more cock to swallow, but finding only Daddy's now tightened scrotum. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as Daddy held Britney's head impaled on his cock and with a great yell, pumped an incredible load deep into her throat.

Britney's brain was intense pleasure and flashes of light, and then she felt it, Daddy's cock spasming and cum splashing deep in her throat. Her mind exploded with the most incredible orgasm of her life. She began thrashing as her throat and pussy contracted and convulsed.

Her brain went black from the pleasure and lack of oxygen. When next she came to, Daddy's head was leaned back in his chair, his chest panting and eyes closed, Britney's head was resting on Daddy's left thigh, his cock against her chin. Britney was panting audibly, as oxygen slowly returned to her brain, her body in a euphoric glow. Daddy's drink sat sunny leon xxx download sex stories forgotten on the table.

Something had roused her. It was her mother's voice. "Daddy I'm ready to go". Britney's eyes flickered open, too weak to move her head, she saw her mother, smiling, standing a few feet away, dressed to the nines, sparkling and ready for her night out.

"Thanks for helping Mommy out, Britney", she said. "Now let's get Daddy dressed before we're late."