Brother and sister sexx vido

Brother and sister sexx vido
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"Have Massage Table, Will Travel" reads the card of a man. Part 2 I'm in my late forties. Healthy and interested in staying that way. So I'm in good shape and like to ride my bike, walk, hike, workout at my home with weights, stretching and Martial Arts.

I learned massage from the local community college to try something different after 25 years in the computer industry.

Unmarried but happy, I had retired early and was enjoying finding fun and interesting things to do. Purchased a nice second hand table with all the attachments. Assembled a collection of lotions and oils in a little black bag, and placed an add in the local papers and magazines to try massage work. The add simply read, "Have Massage Table, Will Travel" and included my number. My first client was a man named Rod. Appropriate Pretty gals having lots of enjoyment masturbation smalltits thought as I drove home that afternoon.

I made it home and found another message on the answering machine. A man's voice was heard to say.

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"Hi. Just saw your add in the magazine. Are you available in the next couple days? Do you take directions well? Call me back." Absentmindedly I rubbed my throat. What next? After returning George's call and arranging an appointment, I sat down and tried to clear my mind from the day's events. What was that all about? How did I even let that happen? I thought about what steps led to that meeting, my training, my demeanor and my add exhib anal avec un couple francais en cam amateur magazines.

I should probably check on the add placement. At the appointed day, I arrived at George's place and met his wife who smiled when we met, looked me over and then looked at her husband and shook her head. She said she had some things to do today and would be gone all day. She said goodbye and left.

We set up the table and had small talk while he stripped and got on the table. As we started the massage we talked about how things have been and if he has any strains or stresses.

Then I asked about his wife. He was quiet for a moment and I thought I might have crossed a line. "Yeah, about my wife. What do you know about blow jobs?" he asked. son fuck mother big ass talent ho enjoy them.

What's there to know?" I figured he may be having some exploration questions regarding his wife and their relationship. "How do you do it?" I must have changed a few shades of white as I felt my face go flush. I tried to keep focused on the massage and not expose my surprise. My mind flashed back to the last massage and my experiences.

"Do what?" "Sorry, I don't mean to invade your privacy. But, my wife and I have been exploring our needs." I breathed a sigh of relief as I tried to sort out the direction of the conversation.

"That's OK. It just sounded like." "Like I want to know how to give a blow job?" OK, now this is going where I hadn't expected. "You want to know how to GIVE a blow job?" "Yes.

My wife. she thinks I need too much sex and suggested I learn what it takes to have sex with a man like me." I had stopped massaging by now. "What do you think?" I asked "Would you like a drink? Do you mind stopping for a moment? I sure need a drink!" I didn't tell him, or he hadn't noticed I had already stopped. I was just staring off wondering where this was going. I mean I wasn't concerned, but after the previous encounter my interest was on knowing what I was getting into.

Are we just talking it out or what? Maybe a drink will bring out the motive. "That's fine. Just a beer for me." He jumped off the table and ran to the wet-bar with the sheet draped over his shoulder toga style.

Pouring a glass of liquor for himself and taking a quick gulp. He took a couple deep breathes and refilled his glass. Then he grabbed a beer from the wine-cooler and opened it. He walked back to the massage table and handed me the beer. "I'm so horny, just about anything gets me stimulated. I'm willing to explore." "Your wife. did she." "She recommended it. We're not as much prudes as we used to be. What with open relationships, gay marriage and popular athletes coming out.

Not that I'm gay, or in the closet. But, my wife said it would give me a change of perspective." I was sipping the beer and just letting him talk. I thought to myself, another massage gone haywire. I need to check my add to see if something is causing my clients to get the wrong impression of my services. "When we were younger, Jinny and I, we loved the new experiences. Going to new places and different customs around the world. I was always about the sex and she was always about the culture, the costumes and history.

Not that she didn't enjoy the excitement, adventure and role playing of our sexual relationship." He motioned us to the bar. I was relaxing a little as I finished the first beer. He waved his empty glass at me and I nodded, waving my empty bottle back. "You know, she's a sexy girl that Jinny. Likes being in shape.

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I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for her." He passed me another beer and raised his glass in salute. "To little girls. May they grow up to be beautiful women." So, he's a nice guy. Loves his wife and women in general. What does he want from me? "Let me show you something." He reached around to a shelf charming mother id like to fuck loves hard fuck pulling a book from the shelf, placed it in front of me on the bar.

He opened the book at random and there, laying in full technicolor was Jinny. Amazingly beautiful in naked glory. I felt my dick immediately respond. He flipped a couple of pages. She was nude in every picture; in a chair, on the sofa, bent over by the pool.

He must have collected them over years of marriage. She is hot and I was getting stiff. "I know this sounds crazy but bare with me. Guys like sex and sometimes this life gives you lemons. I mean, you don't always know how you're going to feel about something until you try it.

Am I making any sense?" I was now halfway through the second beer and was still staring at the pictures of Jinny. My hard dick in my pants and my head foggy. "I love getting blow jobs and Jinny thinks I should have a taste of my own medicine.

I mean she thinks I should have to do it to see the difference. You know getting or receiving." I must have smiled or something. I was flipping through the pages when I realized he had come around the bar and was knelt down begging me to drop my pants and give him instructions. I could smell the alcohol on his breath. Shifting in pants my dick was starting to ache. "Aw, what the hell." I said as I loosened my pants and let them slide down my legs.

I noticed he was already holding his own through the sheet. He reached out to grab my hard-on and I half sat on the bar stool where I could still see the picture book. He held on to me like an ice cream lezzies trying toys and great penetrating times pantyhose lesbians, licking the head and making me shake.

"I've watched Jinny enough to notice some regular things she does." He said. Then put the whole head in his mouth, teeth an all. "Easy with the teeth. That thing is sensitive you know." "Sorry. How do you keep them out of the way?" I had to think about it for a minute. What did I do with Rod? How did he explain it? "First try rolling your upper lip over your teeth." He tried that. The sensation was different then a practiced mouth, but he was trying.

"Use your tongue around the bottom teeth and use it to push the dick up against the roof of your mouth." "Ike thisth?" He mumbled, trying to coordinate all the instructions together.

He was getting better or I was getting so aroused I didn't care, as he was sucking and bobbing on my dick. "That's good. Try going deeper." He complied with my instructions and enthusiastically moved his hand down my shaft while he re-positioned himself. Then he tried sliding my hard meat further into his mouth. In and out a couple times, then he would gag a little slow down and try again.

"I can't seem to get past my gag reflex. How do girls do it?" Again I had to remember the events with Rod and my experiences learning how to get his monster down my throat.

What was it he said? "Stick your tongue out as you try to go deeper. Maybe change the angle of your throat." Again he complied and dove right in testing the boundaries of his willingness to make it work. I could feel his tongue move against my sensitive dick making me jump.

Then he pushed himself down further with a little gag and back out to try again. By now I'm really raging and I have to resist my desire to just fuck his mouth. My hips are moving involuntarily now as he keeps trying to suck my dick into his mouth. I hadn't noticed but he had released his grip on me and was stroking himself.

The more he stroked himself the more he sucked. "Man that's good. Do you want to move to the couch? It would be more comfortable." "OK!" He said breathing heavy and finding his legs again. We moved to the couch and he looked around trying to figure out the best position. The second beer was taking full affect and I was getting more daring. I was remembering how Rod did it and what I could explain to George. "Get on all fours on the floor and place your head on the edge of the couch." "Oh yeah.

I make Jinny do that. Then I fuck her mouth and play with her ass. I think I'm ready for that. I can't believe how excited I'm getting." He dropped right down and moved up to the edge of the couch. When I looked down and saw how far from my little dick he was I had to move forward a little. That way my dick could just reach his lips. He started to slide his head further on to the couch but I was feeling in charge and pushed my hand on his forehead to keep him back, just able to lick and kiss his lips out to the head of my dick.

"I can't reach. You're too far away." He said looking up at me. He fidgeted for a moment then reached one hand between his legs to grab his own dick and rub it. So, I slid forward a little further and moved my hand to the back of his head.

He lost his balance a little with only one hand to balance on. That made him jam himself down on me as far as his gag reflex where he regained his balance and pulled back. I held his head so he couldn't pull completely away causing him to snort a cough around my dick. I pushed forward again. This time he was keeping his head still. He moved his tongue out like we had talked about. I moved in and out a couple of times until he got this rhythm. I let go of his head and used both hands to lift myself up slightly so my hips could do the work.

I started gently and rhythmically for a few until I could hear him breathing heavy and could see him swaying with the strokes. Then I slid a little deeper and he moaned, so I kept that up for a few strokes. Soon I could tell he was past the gag reflex. "How's that feel?" I said without thinking. He moaned approval and pushed himself further down on me. He was almost all the way down every few strokes.

That's when I moved forward to sit on the edge of the couch and free up my hands. He sensed I wasn't working as hard and he took over sucking and fucking himself on my drooling dick. With both hands free, I reach out and with both hands grabbed firmly onto his ass cheeks. He jumped for a moment then moaned approval again. I shook his ass and he kept sucking. I squeezed his ass and rubbed them roughly.

He simply kept fucking his face on to my near climaxing hard-on. Now I'm so close to coming that I'm ready to fuck his throat, so I pull on his ass forcing him all the way down. His nose poked into my belly. He cleared his throat without stopping, so I did it again. This time I let my fingers slide down his crack to his clinched asshole. He whined a little but I just pulled him back onto my dick. He made a low groan as I pushed at his asshole and forced him back on my dick. I did this every time he tried to pull back.

In no time he was sucking himself down to my full length and wiggling against my invading fingers around his hole. "I'm going to cum!"I said. He immediately stopped halfway down my dick. "What are you stopping for? Isn't this what Jinny wants?" He started slowly again. I tried to encourage him with grabs to his ass and probing of his asshole but the momentum was stunted and we had to get back to a rhythm.

My urgency trailed off. "Do you want this? Isn't this how you do it with Jinny?" He groaned acknowledgment and shook busty girl riding her male toy great show head, yes.

Then he reach his hand between his legs and rubbed his asshole. I poked at his hole again and he pressed my hand, urging me deeper. That's when I pushed my dick further in his throat again and he moaned. His asshole was becoming moist and I added a little spit to move it along.

His sucking and fucking with a rhythm again and I was getting excited again. A little spit and a rocking motion and I was finger fucking his ass hole every time he took my dick all the way down his throat. He must have broken through some psychological barrier as he began acting with abandon. His hips were pushing further on my finger and his mouth sucking my dick.

"Just a little further." I said. This time instead of stopping, he went wild sucking and getting finger fucked. I was ready to cum and I pulled on his asshole forcing him to stay down on me while I came. "Oh yeah! That's it! Swallow!" He kept sucking and wiggling against my finger now buried as far up as I could reach from this position. I must have needed this as I kept cumming while he was mindlessly following the action.

He wound down and I stopped cumming. Pulling my finger out he slid back and crouched on the floor for a minute fresh holes get team fucked smalltits hardcore heavy.

I slid back on the couch and caught my breath. Now I could use a beer. "So, was that all you were expecting?" He cleared his throat and got up. "Wow! That was a rush. It felt like I came but didn't. Would you like another drink?" He stumbled away, heading for the bar.

His toga was askew and he kept wiping his mouth and scratching his ass. I looked at the clock, just an hour since I arrived. I pulled up my pants and straightened my shirt. He came back sophia leone gives a messy cock worshiping blowjob a drink and a fresh beer for me. Sitting down across from me he took a sip from his glass and rubbed his jaw.

"I remember doing those kinds of things to Jinny. I never realized what she had to deal with. I mean it was exciting, arousing and challenging to learn how to do that and actually do it, but being the recipient is completely a different experience." "It takes all kinds.

Some want to do it, some want it done to them. I just want to give massages." "Yeah.

Sorry to put you in the middle of this thing. You seemed pretty easy going. Jinny liked you." I smiled and waved my beer at him. Straightening up my table and gear, he thanked me for the massage and my time. He gave me a check for more than my fee.

Then he asked if I would be interested in another massage some time.

I smiled and handed him my card.