Sunny leon first time fuck bid sex stories

Sunny leon first time fuck bid sex stories
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Chapter One I knew it was wrong, but I was obsessed with my sister. She was so incredibly sexy to me and I spent what seemed like every waking hour trying to be close to her, coming up with excuses to touch her, forever sneaking peeks at her body or simply staring at her if she was looking the other way.

I can't remember when it started, but I'd felt this way about Chloe for a couple of years. She was 17 and I was two years younger. My friends always made jokes about fancying her and saying I was lucky I got to see her in her underwear. It was true, I was, and I did at every chance I got. Chloe was about 5' 4", slim, with straight shoulder-length light-brown hair and curves in all the right places.

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Cute skiny ebony tiffany nunez sucks big cock for a ride used to jokingly describe herself as 'compact and bejou'. She had absolutely gorgeous breasts, full and pert, with nipples which would often poke through her t-shirt or dress. They were size 32C. I knew because I'd checked her bra once, before rubbing it against my face and breathing in her scent. But her best feature was by far her bum.

The perfect cross between being voluptuous and perky, just the sight of it in tight leggings would make me embarrassingly hard in my jeans. I used to deliberately walk behind her where possible if we were out somewhere as a family so I could watch it, the buttocks move up and down as she walked. Unfortunately I'd not seen her naked for years. I was well into puberty now and she was fully aware I was no longer her innocent little brother who would sometimes sleep in her bed during a thunder storm.

For the last few years she had house-sat for my aunt and uncle when they went on holiday for a couple of weeks. They had a small one-bed bungalow with a huge garden.

It was a lovely quiet place and Chloe made the most of it to do her school and college work. She was studying art and would paint outside on the lawn. This year I asked her if I could stay over for a few nights too, pitching it as an excuse to get away from mum and dad. She seemed reluctant, like I was impinging on her space, but said yes as long as I didn't pester her.

I dutily promised I'd be good, and spent the following weeks aching for the time to come, turning myself on with thoughts of being able to spy on her. I had had a fairly regular routine for several months at home. She would sleep in a long t-shirt (there were several she rotated) which finished just above her knees, and a pair of knickers. I'd gotten to know them very well.

Each morning when I heard her get up I'd hope mum and dad weren't around and wait by my door, listening. She'd walk to the bathroom, close the door and a few seconds later I'd hear the shower go. After washing herself, always with the radio blaring pop music, she'd wrap a towel round her damp body and one round her hair and head back to her room clutching her t-shirt in her hand. When she closed her bedroom door to dress, I'd rush to the laundry basket in the bathroom, pick up the panties she'd slept in, press them against my face and sniff them, deeply breathing in the musky odour.

Sometimes I'd lick the gusset, closing my eyes aunty fucking her sister son imagining it was her pussy, that almost mystical thing I longed to see and touch in reality.

Sometimes I'd masturbate with them, though being careful not to cum on the soft cotton or lace in case mum found out when she did the laundry. Chloe had very sexy and stylish taste in underwear, lots of matching bra and panty combos normally in light colours.

Probably my favourite were a skimpy white satin pair, with knickers which tied at the side. I'd often imagined untying them and watching them slide down her soft pale thighs, clinging for a second to her wet pussy before dropping to the floor.

Anyway, after what seemed like an age, the time had come for us to stay over at my aunt and uncle's house on the other side of town. I packed a few things and she drove us there in her little blue hatch-back. She looked lovely as always. She rarely wore make-up, opting for the more natural look, and that day wore her hair in a pony tail.

She had on a white cotton vest top, white bra, a flowing blue cotton skirt, which fell just below her knees, and sandals. I found myself getting excited in the car thinking about how I would find out what panties she was wearing the next morning, and had to distract myself to stem the swelling lump in my shorts.

It was a lovely sunny day, and we chatted about making lemonade and drinking it in the garden when we got there. Soon we arrived and I unloaded the car as Chloe went inside, my aunt's two cats, who had been waiting outside, weaving between her legs.

Dinner time. She took her bag to their bedroom, which had a double bed. Sleeping arrangements had not been discussed, and I hoped beyond hope we might share the bed, though suspected I'd be on the floor or sofa in a sleeping bag.

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When she came down I immediately noticed she had removed her bra, presumably to be more comfortable in the heat. The shape of her nipples, though not erect, could clearly be seen pushing against the cotton. As Chloe made lemonade on the work top, we joked and laughed about previous family parties which had been held in the house when we were kids. As she added sugar I sneaked up behind her and tickled her sides, she giggled and involuntarily pushed back against me.

For a second her buttocks squashed against my cock, which nestled perfectly between them. Firm, yet soft, they felt so sexy. I automatically backed off and there was an awkward silence, before I made some excuse about seeing what was on TV in the other room, quickly turning away so she wouldn't see I was getting hard.

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She headed to the garden while I watched a bit of football. A friendly between England and Japan. A while later I looked out of the window and saw she was lying on her back, knees raised, her skirt having slipped up her thighs. I quietly sneaked out and immediately noticed her legs were quite widely parted.

My heart raced and I hoped she wouldn't move before I got close. As I got within a couple of metres, I stooped down and took in the beautiful sight. I could clearly see her light pink satin knickers between her faultless thighs.

I got closer and realised she was dozing, her breasts slowly rising and falling with deep, steady breaths. This made me bolder and I was within two feet now, on my hands and knees. I could see the mound of her pussy, her knickers were pulled tight against it, and a couple of darker brown hairs were escaping at the side.

Beautiful babe with hot tits fucked herself gazed at it for what seemed like hours, lustfully seeing how her underwear disappeared between the bottom of her buttocks and the grass. I ached to touch it, to bury my face against it. I crept further forward and wearily leaned my head between her legs.

I was centimetres from her most sacred, private area and I was rock hard in my shorts, breathing as quietly as I could. I could feel heat radiating from it and took in a deep, long sniff. I could smell light coconut body lotion, and ever so slightly a more musky odour.

I took in a few more deep breaths and leant even closer, my lips almost touching my sleeping sister's sweet pussy. a plane flew over head, she stirred and I bolted inside, almost panting and feeling so horny, and slightly ashamed. The rest of the day and evening I couldn't get it out of my head.

We ate dinner and I struggled to make conversation, constantly feeling flushed. Then it was time for bed. Sure enough I was on the floor, but result, I'd talked her in to letting me sleep in the bedroom with her, arguing the cats would bother me in the night in the lounge. I was surprised how easily she gave in. I rolled my sleeping bag out, got inside and lay against the pillow, next to the bed.

Chloe was getting changed in the bathroom and brushing her teeth. She walked in, wearing a white t-shirt with a big bear on the front dressed in a nightgown, with the slogan 'Time for bed'.

She had to step over me and I didn't waste the opportunity of peeking up between her legs, catching another glimpse of her pink underwear.

She turned off the bedside light, and the room was plunged into darkness. I couldn't sleep. All I could think about was my beautiful sister next to me, her warm body, those full breasts, sexy knickers aching to be pulled down.

I heard her breathing deepen, she was asleep.

I sat up, and watched her in the grey light, my eyes having adjusted to the gloom. She was facing away from me, in the foetal position. It was warm, and she had the quilt pulled down to her stomach. I could see her t-shirt had rucked up a bit and hoped it was at least half-way up her legs. I realised I was breathing heavily. Calm down. Keep quiet. Don't wake her. I slipped my hand under the quilt and started sliding it towards her.

Thankfully she was on my side of the bed so I didn't have to lean right over before I felt the mattress depress, I must be close to her sleeping body. I could feel its heat and tentatively pushed on until I felt something. What was it, her back, bum, legs? I spread my fingers out and, getting braver, pushed more against her. It was her lower back, not much give.

I slid my hand slowly first night marrage xxx story 2019 her body, quickly feeling the folds of her t-shirt and then.

yes. skin, she must have pulled it up above her waist. She was so soft and silky, my heart was racing, I had to compose myself. Don't rouse her. My stiff cock was pressing urgently at the side of the bed. I ever-so-gently slid my fingers further down, expecting any moment to feel knicker elastic. Nothing, and I could now tell by her body contour I was at the top of her left buttock, the flesh was much softer, more give.

This was amazing, I felt so hot. There was guilt but also a real feeling of tenderness. But more than anything it was pure lust.

I ran my finger tips across the top of her bottom until they found the start of the crack, and I pushed a bit firmer, my middle finger lightly resting between her buttocks. I began to slide further down, an inch or two, had she taken her underwear off!? Then there it was, the elastic. Her panties must have slipped down as she slept. I was disappointed, but still loving every second of my secret touching. I was getting braver and braver, seeing how firmly I could touch her.

I slipped my fingers underneath the elastic and carried on my journey south. My hand was entirely covering her right buttock now, my thumb near her hip bone, little finger nestled in the crack.

I gently squeezed a few times, her arse felt wonderful, I almost came, but held back. I knew I must be close to her pussy as I slid ever further, and then I felt that tell-tale heat, I was so close to it and could sense soft, light pubic hair. She sturred, I froze, waiting, I felt tense and poised, like a hunting cat, barely breathing, waiting, satin stretched across my hand, potentially seconds from being discovered, ostracised by my family as a little pervert.

Her deep breathing returned and I relaxed slightly. I began squeezing her buttock again, not wanting to waste a second, and then slid further down, my two middle fingers now being tickled by her pubic hair. She stirred again, this time kicking her leg. I whipped my hand out from under her knickers and the quilt and hit the deck, lying as still as possible, angry all my work was undone.

I sniffed my fingers, just coconut cream. Disappointing. I waited several minutes, until the tell-tale breathing returned. I decided to do something else, I wanted to see her. I slowly eased the quilt down over her hips, thankfully it was a very light summer one. As I revealed her I began to breath heavily again, keep calm. I kept pulling until it was half-way down her thigh, then stopped to take in the beautiful sight of my teenage sister's arse in the half-light, partially covered by those sexy pink knickers.

I leant my face in so my nose was touching between her buttocks above the knickers and took a long, deep sniff. She smelt so incredibly sexy, body lotion and a sweet musk. I ran my tongue lightly across the crack, tasting her for the first time. I then brushed my parted lips down over her knickers. Her knees were still pulled up so I knew I'd be able to get good access to her pussy through her underwear.

That same heat returned and I knew I was close, her sent was getting stronger, more intense. I was right next to it now, my nose touching, just a thin layer of warm satin all that stood between my face and her sacred area. I listened to her breath softly as I put my lips together and kissed the mound, barely touching it at first, but then pushing harder against it. I expected to be greeted with the soft, yielding mound, be able to make out her pussy lips, the texture of her pubic hair, but I couldn't.

I felt something hard, two things hard. I wondered, as I felt around with my lips, then realised, they were nails! Her fingers! They were now motionless, but in her knickers none-the-less. She must have been playing with herself before she fell asleep! She stirred again, totally moving position this time, rolling to the other side of the bed where I couldn't reach.

I came against it, having to clear up my mess with a tissue once I'd calmed down. I lay back, smiling, waiting for whatever tomorrow night may bring. To be continued.