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Hot teen kortney having passionate sex on massage table smalltits and pornstars
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* * * * * Author's Note: In my story, "Freddy in the Bathroom: Virginity Rubbed Away," I already told this entire story from my point-of-view, as one of the two people who actually lived this unique and unexpected event. And in the follow-up story, "Freddy in the Bathroom: My Wife's Confession," my husband has already described for you in great detail his thoughts and reactions ravishing redhead with big melons gets fucked my having confessed to him about what took place between Freddy and me in that small bathroom on that fateful Sunday afternoon, back when I was a young lady.

And at the time of its writing and editing, I had originally thought that that second story by my husband would be the final installment of my "Freddy in the Bathroom" series. But I eventually decided that there was still one more side of my "Freddy in the Bathroom" story left to tell.

And that's Freddy's side of the story. And since there's really no way for him to tell you himself (let's face it, Freddy most likely doesn't even know that these online, x-rated stories of mine even exist--that is, if he happens to still be alive somewhere on this planet), I have decided to go out on a limb here, and tell Freddy's side of the story for him. However, I must caution you that if you haven't already done so, I highly recommend that you read the first two stories of this series before you read this one, because in this story I am intentionally leaving out key details that I have already described in great detail in the first story, and that my husband has already thoroughly described in the second story.

And so you will need that key background knowledge in order to fully appreciate this third story in what has turned out to be my "Freddy in the Bathroom" trilogy. Looking back on how everything happened, and analyzing this whole situation over and over again over the course of several weeks with the valuable help of my husband, Ray (not his real name), I was eventually able to figure out the most-likely scenario that took place in two girls threesome with a big cock to Freddy's role in this life-changing event.

In other words, I finally realized why Freddy did what he did to me, and how come he did things the way that he did. Basically, Ray and I went through all this in-depth analysis stuff (which by the way, had started out as a "guided re-enactment" of the event itself in our own bathroom, with my husband playing the role of "Freddy," and me coaching him on exactly what to do, and how to do it) in an effort to try to help me to better understand--and ultimately come to grips with--everything that happened between Freddy and me.

Of course, I would be less than honest with you if I didn't also admit that my open and frank "Freddy" discussions with my husband inevitably led to some of the most awesome sex that Ray and I had ever experienced together. But be that as it way, all I can say is that this analysis of my own actions and reactions that day in the bathroom when I was in the process of losing my virginity to that older boy, coupled with the analysis of Freddy's actions and his most-probable intentions, turned out to be very therapeutic for me.

It also brought answers to most of the nagging questions that had confused and bothered me for many years. For example, one thing I had always wondered about was why Freddy spent so much time masturbating me and finger-fucking the crap out of me. Did he do it because he wanted to see how much he could make me orgasm, perhaps as a macho notch in one's belt kind of thing?

Or was it because he was trying to make the sexual encounter itself last as long as possible? Or was it just his way of buying time for himself so that he could eventually build up enough courage to actually bring his dick into direct contact with my pussy? And that last question about dick-to-pussy contact brings up one of the biggest questions that had bothered me for many years: Why did Freddy fuck me that day in the bathroom?

After all, he didn't have to. He could have done any number of other things, instead. For instance, he could have jacked himself off while he was feeling out my pussy. Or he could have had me jack him off and make him cum, before we each went our separate ways.

Or he could have rubbed his dick against my pussy crack while he jacked himself off until he came all over my clitoris and pussy lips. But obviously that wasn't enough for Freddy. Instead, he chose to insert his penis up into my possibly-fertile baby-making hole, so that he could fuck the crap out of me, and end up releasing the vast majority of his ejaculated sperm right up against my cervix. But ironically, the question that bothered me even more was: Why didn't Freddy ever come back for a second helping of my tasty "pussy-pie" after he left the bathroom that day?

In other words, why didn't Freddy attempt to fuck me a second time--or even a third time--either during that same afternoon, or during later sexual encounters on a different day? After all, he had to have realized that I would continue to cooperate completely with him, just like I had already done during that very first time. And at his age, I'm positive that Freddy had the ability and the stamina to be able to ejaculate several times in one day, with very short refractory periods in between each of his orgasms.

Well, I'm pretty sure that I have figured out the answers to these questions and many more. And now I'm finally ready to share those answers with you. It is my hope that reading this story might give you a little better insight into why I don't feel any animosity towards Freddy for what we both secretly did together that day in the bathroom so many years ago.

While it's true that Freddy was the one who initially got the ball rolling that day (through his use of intimidation and verbal threats), I'm the one who ended up taking that ball from him, and selfishly running it in for a "sexual touchdown." And to this day, I still don't regret what I did.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm the one who actually came out on top that day. After all, thanks to my unforeseen sexual encounter with Freddy in that bathroom, I ended up orgasming my ass off and experiencing a long string of incredibly-strong, gushing orgasms--the likes of which I had never experienced before--whereas when everything was finally said and done, Freddy himself only had a single orgasm to show for all his efforts.

Of course, in all fairness to Freddy, I have to admit that he did manage to make that single orgasm of his count, by cumming all over my cervix. But please keep in mind that I also came all over his dick, while he was "peeing" (releasing sperm) deep inside me like that. * * * * * Bea in the Bathroom: Freddy's Side of the Story by slick_chick * * * * * There's something very magical--and dangerous--about adolescence.

It's that unique period in our lives when we tend to feel invincible. It's also that special time in our lives when we are left in a perpetually-horny state, and with virtually no socially-acceptable outlets for the much-needed release of our super-strong, pent-up sexual urges and feelings.

And although masturbation in private does provide some sexual relief, it just isn't satisfying enough for most young people, due to the fact that we heterosexual humans naturally have a deeply-seated, primal urge to share our sexuality with other people of the opposite sex. And that was the situation that Freddy and Bea both found themselves in that fateful Sunday afternoon. Freddy's instinctive, unmet need to share his sexuality with a girl eventually led him to force his intentions on Bea (a girl who was three years younger than him), which ultimately resulted in him technically raping her.

But ironically, Bea was okay with letting Freddy have sex with her in that small bathroom that day. And that was because Bea's instinctive, unmet need to share her sexuality with a boy--coupled with her natural sexual curiosity and her extreme level of horniness at the time--led her to willingly and actively cooperate with Freddy (an older boy who she already knew and injured son fuckd by mom, but didn't like very much as a person) throughout their sexual encounter, which ultimately resulted in Bea deriving an incredible amount of orgasmic pleasure for herself in the process.

In other words, Freddy ended up making Bea orgasm much more than she had ever managed to make herself orgasm during any of her past masturbations. And even though neither of them realized it at the time, Freddy and Bea also had one more thing in common (other than their high levels of pent-up, adolescent sexuality).

Because of their looks, they were both commonly ostracized by their Hispanic peers. Freddy was considered an outcast for having such dark skin that he looked more like a black guy than a Mexican-American. And Bea was often made fun of and called derogatory names because she was a Hispanic girl who just happened to have light, olive-toned skin and a European-shaped nose that made her look like an Anglo.

But it's time to back up a little bit and tell this story from the beginning--at least, from a beginning that makes some sense. So our little torrid tale begins with Freddy lying in his bed in his small bedroom on a sunny Sunday afternoon. He normally went to church every Sunday with his mother, Maria. But this Sunday, he had managed to convince his mother that he wasn't feeling very well, so that she would allow him to skip church and stay at home while Maria went ahead and attended Mass by herself.

But Freddy had lied to his mother, because he wasn't actually feeling bad or sick. Instead, he was feeling extremely horny. And he knew that if he stayed home from church, he might be able to finally get his hands on a real, live pussy. And that was thanks to Bea, who should be arriving at his house any minute--that is, if she came over to his house to watch TV, like she normally did every Sunday afternoon.

And although he wasn't thrilled about her tomboyish hairstyle and clothing, Freddy still thought that Bea had a cute-looking face. He also found her naturally-shy, laid-back personality--and her Ango looks--to be very attractive.

Basically, he liked Bea a lot, and thought that she was a very sweet person. However, that having been said, Bea was definitely not the type of girl that Freddy would normally have the hots for. But Bea was the type of girl that Freddy could easily intimidate and coerce into having a sexual encounter with him, thanks to her much younger age and her smaller physical stature, coupled with the fact that she had already gone through puberty.

Freddy had been around Bea long enough to have actually witnessed her previously-flat chest, as it was magically transformed over a fairly short period of time into a pair of medium-sized boobs--which frankly, he didn't have much interest in at the time. And that was because Freddy knew that Bea had something much more elusive and exciting to him than a pair of breasts. Bea had a real, live pussy down between her legs.

And to be brutally honest, that was all Freddy really cared about that day--as his later actions would prove. However, at this point in our little lurid tale, Freddy was lying on his back in his bed, fondling his penis through the crotch-material of his pants, while he was fantasizing about what it would be like to actually see and touch Bea's forbidden pussy, when he heard the front door open, and the sound of footsteps entering the front living room.

And when he heard the TV come on, he knew that Bea was now inside the small house--his small house--and he hoped that she was all by herself. He got up out of bed, and snuck down the hall. He quickly peeked around the edge of the wall into the living room, just to make sure that Bea was alone in the house with him.

And to his delight, she was. Freddy secretly continued watching Bea, as she was sitting on the couch and watching the TV set in front of her. And within a few minutes, Bea got up off the couch, walked into the bathroom, and closed the bathroom door behind her, without locking it. Freddy knew that this was his chance to put his plans into motion.

So he ever so quietly tiptoed over to the closed bathroom door, and he listened through the door. He male pripatrons patron sex rough outdoor public fuckathon is anya olsens only option hear the sound of Bea's urine stream as it forcefully sprayed out in a fan pattern and splashed into the toilet bowl water beneath her. And Freddy naturally kept massaging his pants-covered penis, while he was figuring out what he should do next.

In other words, what was the best way for him to proceed? His first inclination was to simply barge into the bathroom and catch Bea with her pants down, urinating. But then he quickly changed his mind, because he realized that that would most likely result in Bea screaming bloody murder, and possibly ruining everything, before it even got underway. So Freddy decided to wait until Bea was finished relieving herself.

And then he would catch her by surprise, as she was getting ready to leave the bathroom. That way, there would be much less chance of her screaming or freaking out, when she realized that he was in the small house with her. He also decided that he would corner her in the bathroom, and have sex with her in a confined place, where it would be much harder for her to escape and run away from him.

After Bea had finished relieving herself, she opened the bathroom door to leave. But much to her suprise and horror, Freddy was standing in the doorway, intentionally blocking her exit from the bathroom. Bea quickly backed away from Freddy. Freddy was expecting her to do that, as he stepped into the small bathroom with Bea, which automatically made her back up even farther. Then in a soft-but-serious tone of voice, he told her in Spanish to pull down her pants, "Baja tus pantalones." Bea just stopped dead in her tracks and stood there for a moment, staring at Freddy.

And that started to piss Freddy off, because Bea wasn't doing what he had just told her to do. So he decided to rachet things up to the next level, just to let Bea know that he was now the one who was in control of her situation, and that he wasn't kidding around.

"What's the matter with you? Didn't you hear me?" Freddy asked, as he took another small step towards Bea, and then quickly added, much more forcefully this time (and in English, instead of Spanish), "Pull down your pants!" Upon hearing Freddy's "strong request," Bea undid the top button and zipper of her pants, and pulled her pants down around her thighs, leaving her white cotton panties in place.

Then she stood back up straight and let Freddy get a good look at her cheap, very-plain panties. "¡Baja tus bragas, también!" Freddy barked out at Bea in Spanish, ordering her to "pull down your panties, too," as soon as he realized that Bea had mistakenly assumed that the reason why he had told her to pull her pants down, was because he wanted to see her panties.

After taking a couple of deep breaths to try to calm herself down a little bit, Bea placed a hand on either side of her hips, stuck her thumbs down inside the elastic waistband of her panties, and very slowly pulled her panties down around the middle of her thighs.

Then Bea slowly straightened back up and let Freddy get his first look at her hairy pussy. Freddy's eyes were glued to the front of Bea's hairy crotch as he unzipped his pants. And of course, he was elated that there was no feminine napkin lining the inside of the crotch of Bea's pulled-down panties, nor was there was there any sign of a tampon string hanging down between her legs.

So Freddy now knew that his timing was good, meaning that Bea didn't happen to be on her period that day. Then Freddy unbuttoned the waistband of his pants, unzipped his fly, and pulled his pants and his white jockey shorts down around the middle of his thighs, to expose his whole "package" to the young girl. Bea's eyes opened wide and her jaw dropped down, as she was staring at Freddy's bare penis, which was already halfway-erect by the time that she caught her first glimpse of it.

"Quiero que juegues con mi verga," Freddy calmly told Bea in Spanish. And Freddy could tell that Bea understood exactly what he was saying to her.

By the way, for those of you who don't understand Spanish, Freddy had just told Bea that he wanted her to play with his dick.

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Freddy continued to stare at Bea's crotch, while he slowly approached her. And instead of reaching across to touch and feel his penis, she backed away from him just a little bit farther, with her hands and arms still hanging down at her sides. And that's when Freddy quickly realized that he was going to have to do something that he really didn't want to do.

You see, Freddy had originally intended to get Bea's cooperation by using her natural sexual curiosity against her. He figured that once they had both exposed their bare genitals to each other, Bea's natural sexual curiosity would take over, and everything would continue on smoothly from there. But unfortunately, Bea's fear of Freddy--and of the situation in general--was stronger than her natural sexual curiosity.

So Freddy was really left with no other choice but to use that fear, and to resort to threats, in order to get Bea to continue to cooperate with him.

Freddy verbally threatened Bea in Spanglish. He said, "If you try to run away or scream, I'll tell your parents 'lo que hiciste' (what you did). I'll tell them that you asked me to come into 'el baño contigo' (the bathroom with you), and that you pulled your pants down 'para mostrarme tu panocha' (to show me your pussy), and then you begged me to pull down my pants so that you could play with my 'verga' (dick)." Freddy left the bathroom door wide-open, as he moved up closer to Bea, to stand right in front of her, face-to-face.

Bea reached across, and she tentatively touched and felt Freddy's dick and his balls with her fingertips for a minute or two, while he just stood there and watched her. Freddy could barely believe that he finally had a girl actually touching his bare genitals for the first time ever. And at this point, although he was careful to maintain his outwardly-stern demeaner, Freddy was feeling pure elation inside, because he realized that his verbal threat had worked, and that Bea was probably going to cooperate with him and allow him to have sex with her.

Then Freddy took Bea's hand and placed it around the shaft of his growing dick, and he showed her exactly how he wanted her to slowly and repeatedly squeeze his stiffening penis. Once Bea had begun squeezing and actively feeling out Freddy's dick on her own, he told her that she could go ahead and feel his "huevos" (balls) too, if she wanted. And Bea's almost-instant response was to reach down under Freddy's scrotum, so that she could gently feel out his balls with her with her fingers for a few seconds, before reaching back up to squeeze his dick, just like he had showed her to do.

And from that point on, Bea started randomly alternating between squeezing Freddy's penis and feeling out his balls.

Freddy reached his hand across towards the young girl's bare crotch. Bea winced and pressed her thighs tightly together when Freddy's fingers first touched that most-private area of her body. And Freddy automatically thought to himself, Oh no you don't, you little bitch!

Your pussy's mine now! Freddy immediately began to feel out the very front part of Bea's hairy pubic area with his hand. And then he reached down between her legs and started massaging her entire pussy mound with the tips of his fingers. And he could tell that Bea was enjoying what he was doing to her pussy, because her thigh muscles started to relax, and her legs automatically spread apart just far enough to give him easier access to her pussy. Then Freddy inserted his fingers into the front of Bea's slit.

And he began running his fingers up and down along her crack, and also massaging the hood-covered head of her clitoris with his fingertips. Indian with massive boobies and round ass masturbates online it didn't take long before Bea started undulating her hips to slowly rock and grind her pubic mound back and forth against Freddy's hand and fingers.

She was also moaning softly and letting out little involuntary whimpers, punctuated by soft "oohs and ahs" of pleasure from time to time. And Freddy knew that Bea was really starting to enjoy the sex itself. "Oh, yeah. That's it," Freddy unintentionally remarked to himself under his breath, accidently dropping his outwardly-stern demeanor for just a moment, as his fingers felt Bea's already-moist pussy crack become noticeably wetter.

And he was proud of himself, because he realized that he had just caused Bea to orgasm. And that was something that he had never done to a girl before, although he had read several books that had described in detail how girls masturbate.

Freddy also breathed a big sigh or relief, because he knew that Bea most likely wasn't going to do anything from this point onward to try to big cock dude bangs gf and her stepsis him from having sex with her.

While Bea was squeezing and feeling out Freddy's dick, she began moving the loose outer skin up and down along the inner shaft. And that actually made her giggle nervously, which indicated to Freddy--and confirmed for him--that Bea was really starting to relax and enjoy their impromptu sexual encounter.

As Bea began spending a lot more time fondling and playing with Freddy's balls, she spread her legs apart a little bit more for his groping hand.

And Freddy took his time, while he was methodically feeling out the various parts of Bea's pussy. And he could tell from how wet her pussy was getting that she was obviously deriving sexual pleasure from his manipulations of her vulva.

It didn't take very long at all for Freddy to get bolder and begin sticking the tip of his puremature hot and sexy reena sky naughty valentines day hairy pussy doggystyle finger up into this young lady's fuck-hole.

And he moved his finger all around just inside her vaginal entrance, as he was eagerly exploring it. And he naturally began to wonder if Bea's vagina was large enough to accommodate his erect penis.

Mind you, at this point, Freddy had no intention of actually trying to fuck Bea in the bathroom that afternoon. He really liked her a lot. And unlike her, Freddy black milf yasmine and mya shared with bfs cock quite a bit about "the birds and the bees." For instance, Freddy knew that, even though Bea was definitely "old enough to breed," she was too young to be using any form of birth control.

And he realized that if he actually had sexual intercourse with her, he could possibly get her pregnant, if she happened to be ovulating and fertile that day.

And of course, Freddy didn't want to be responsible for ruining a girl's life like that. Freddy's original intent when he cornered Bea in the bathroom that Sunday afternoon was to have a mutual masturbation session with her, and nothing more than that.

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Freddy figured that he would masturbate Bea to several orgasms, and then either jack himself off in front of her, or get her to jack him off.

And that was all he was planning to do with Bea. But that still didn't stop Freddy from wondering about whether or not Bea's virgin vagina was actually big enough to accommodate his fully-erect penis. And so he decided that it was time for him to use his probing fingers to find out just how large Bea's vagina really was. But in order for him to be able to comfortably probe her vagina, he knew that he would need for Bea to spread her legs even farther apart than they already were.

And ideally, Bea should also be leaning back against something to help give her a little extra support. At this point, Bea was standing in front of the bathtub. She was facing the doorway, with her back towards the tub, and the heels of her feet just inches away from the edge of the tub. The toilet was on her left, and the bathroom wall was on her right. Freddy was standing directly in front of her, facing her.

His much-taller-and-wider body was totally blocking the bathroom doorway from her view. "I need you to move over here," Freddy said, patting his left hand against the bathroom wall, across from the toilet.

Bea immediately complied with Freddy's latest "request." And Freddy quickly pivoted around to once again stand directly in front of her, facing her.

"Now go ahead and lean back against the wall," Freddy suggested. "Okay, that's good," he said a few moments later, praising Bea for her prompt cooperation. "Now I want you to spread your legs far apart," Freddy demanded in a very even, serious voice. And just like an obedient dog faithfully responding to its master, Bea spread my thighs apart as far as they would go, with her pants and panties still wrapped around the middle of her thighs, and stretched taut between them.

And that's when Freddy began sticking his fingers up deep inside of Bea's baby-making hole. At first, it was just one finger at a time. But it didn't take long before he had two fingers inside of her at the same time. And he moved his fingers all around inside of her vagina, as he was eagerly exploring every part of her vaginal canal that he could reach.

Freddy was thrilled to discover that Bea didn't have an intact hymen at the time. And so there was no vaginal bleeding involved. In fact, Bea seemed very comfortable with having two of Freddy's held-together fingers up inside of her vagina.

So Freddy big dicked old guy fucking a hottie knew that Bea's baby-making hole would easily stretch to accommodate his penis. Of course, he still didn't have any intention of actually fucking her.

Meanwhile, as Bea was fondling Freddy's dick and balls, his dick had quickly grown much bigger, and had become very firm and erect, right in her own hands. And of course, his stiff penis was now jutting out from his body, so that the tip of it was perpetually pointing directly at Bea. And just like with most guys, Freddy's dick-shaft wasn't perfectly straight either. His dick had a noticeable bowed-upward curve to it, giving it somewhat of a banana shape, but without quite as much curve to it as a real banana would have.

Freddy's dick looked quite intimidating to Bea. His fully-erect penis was at least 7 inches long--or maybe even a little bit longer than that--which put it somewhere towards the top of the range of what would be considered an average-size erect penis. But of course, Bea didn't know that back then. Freddy's dick sure seemed gigantic to her at the time! Bea just kept on alternating between squeezing Freddy's dick, and playing with his balls. But as she became more and more comfortable with the whole situation, Bea automatically found myself spending more and more time fondling Freddy's balls, instead of squeezing his dick.

Freddy started deliberately thrusting two of his held-together fingers in and out of Bea's vagina.

He did it slowly at first. But then he kept on speeding up, until he was finally shoving his fingers in and out of her baby-making hole so fast, that the palm of his hand was slapping up against her mound, on each inward thrust.

The rhythmic, wet flesh-against-flesh slapping sound was so loud, that it literally echoed off the tiled walls of the small bathroom. While Freddy continued finger-fucking the crap out of Bea, she took her hand off of Freddy's balls, grabbed hold of his dick-shaft, and closed her eyes. Then Bea let out a breathy, "Oh, God!" She bit down hard on her lower lip, and whimpered through her nose. And Bea began squirting multiple spurts of clear, watery cum-fluid (at the time, Bea and Freddy both assumed it was urine) all over the slapping palm of Freddy's thrusting hand, as the strong orgasmic sensations quickly overwhelmed her.

Freddy could barely believe what he was witnessing. He never realized that a girl could piss all over the place whenever she was orgasming strongly.

But he had just seen Bea do exactly that. And naturally, he wondered if he could make her do it again. Freddy also quickly became aware of the pungent odor that was now wafting up into the air from down between Bea's spread-apart legs, and quickly filling the small bathroom with that unique, pheromone-laden, "fishy aroma" that was emanating from her own sopping-wet pussy crack.

And Freddy thought to himself, So that's what pussy smells like! Wow, my friends were right.

It does have a fishy odor to it. As Freddy kept on energetically finger-fucking Bea's vagina, it didn't take her very long at all before she found myself on the brink of yet another strong orgasm.

Bea bit down on her lower lip again and whimpered through my nose, just like she had done during that first strong orgasm. But when this second strong orgasm hit, Bea didn't squirt very much.

Instead, she gushed. Over and over again. And Freddy felt her thick cum-juices gushing out of her orgasmically-pulsating pussy all over his inserted fingers and the palm of his hand. Freddy was amazed by what he was witnessing. Bea's thick, transparent cum-juices, which had started out looking like clear mineral oil, gradually took on a whitish tint that made her cum-juices look incredibly similar to sperm.

Freddy kept on relentlessly finger-fucking Bea hard and fast. And he did it long enough for her to experience at least one or two more very strong orgasms, with their accompanying pussy-cum "ejaculations." And it was a some point during that super-energetic finger-fucking of Bea that Freddy decided that he was going to go ahead and rub the head of his dick up against Bea's cum-soaked pussy crack. And he figured that no harm could come from that, just as long as he pulled the head of his penis out of her pussy crack before he began to orgasm and ejaculate.

Just like most boys his age back in those days, Freddy was totally unaware of the dangers involved in allowing one's pre-orgasmic seminal fluid to leak out into the perpetually-moist crack of a girl's pussy. Then, without any warning, Freddy abruptly quit finger-fucking Bea, and pulled his cum-soaked fingers completely out of her sopping-wet vagina. And that's when Bea finally opened her eyes again.

That's also when Bea began squeezing Freddy's dick again. Just for the record, the whole time that Bea was being finger-fucked by Freddy, she had firmly hung onto his erect dick-shaft, like it was some kind of handle.

But this time, when Bea began squeezing Freddy's dick again, he stopped her by grabbing hold of her wrist and pulling her hand away from his dick. He placed her hand directly onto her own pussy, before he let go of her wrist, and said to her, "Now open it up, and show it to me." Upon hearing Freddy's "request," Bea knew exactly what he was wanting her to do. In other words, she knew that the "it" Freddy had just referred to was her pussy. So Bea immediately reached down into her crotch with her other hand, and placed one hand on each side of her mound.

She dug her fingers into the front of her crack, carefully inserting her fingertips in between her two, long, thin, flared-out inner pussy lips. And then she pulled the crack of her pussy wide-apart, while also pulling upward on her fleshy outer labia at the same time.

This automatically caused Bea's whole clitoris to prominently jut out at the very front of her crack. And Freddy could see her dark-red, glistening, totally-exposed, pea-size clit-head peeking out from under its long, narrow hood. Finally, while holding her hands in that position, Bea tilted her pelvis back. Freddy reached down and grabbed the shaft of his own dick.

And then he quickly moved in very close to Bea, and said to her, "That's good. Now just keep on holding it open like that for me." Then he bent his knees a little bit, and buried the head of his fully-erect penis into the front of her wide-open crack.

Freddy guided his dick with his hand, as he deliberately rubbed the head of it back and forth along the front part of Bea's crack, and against her clit. Freddy couldn't believe how wonderful it felt to finally have the head of his dick up inside the crack of a real, live pussy.

And that's when Freddy wondered what it would feel like to actually penetrate Bea. He had never fucked a girl before. So he figured that he'd stick the head of his dick up into Bea's vagina for a minute or so, just to see what it felt like, and then pull out of her, long before he ever orgasmed and ejaculated inside her. And since he was oblivious south africa sex mp3 download the dangers that pre-cum posed, Freddy thought to himself, What harm could that possibly do?

So Freddy slowly inserted the freshly-lubricated head of his dick up into Bea's vaginal entrance. And as soon as he had his whole dick-head up inside of her vagina, he froze for several seconds, and didn't try to penetrate her any deeper than he already had.

He was very much aware that he was now taking Bea's virginity, as well as losing his own virginity at the same time. And Freddy couldn't believe how good it felt to actually be fucking a girl.

In fact, it felt too good! Freddy's dick-head automatically throbbed inside Bea, as it drastically expanded and got bigger for just a moment, and then quickly contracted back down to its previous size.

Of course, it surprised Bea when she felt that single, strong pulsation of Freddy's dick-head just inside the entrance of her vagina, and she was giggling nervously, as a result.

Meanwhile, Freddy was fighting like hell to keep from orgasming, and he was ultimately successful in doing just that. But despite his mental efforts to stave off his orgasm and premature ejaculation, he ended up releasing a small glob of sperm anyway. Freddy knew that he should pull out of Bea's pussy, because frankly, it was the right thing to do.

But he just couldn't make himself do that. Bea's vagina just felt too good to his penis. Not only that, but it was obvious to Freddy from the very start of their sexual encounter that Bea was extremely naive and innocent. And he didn't want to risk scaring her even more than he already had, by letting her see the thick, whitish-colored sperm (as opposed to the watery-looking, transparent pre-cum that she had already seen) oozing out of his piss-hole slit, and possibly losing her continued cooperation, as a result.

So instead, Freddy stood there, frozen in shock--but outwardly trying his best to act as if it were no big deal--as he felt that small, thick glob of sperm slowly working its way up his long urethra to ultimately ooze out of his piss-hole slit, just inside the entrance of Bea's baby-making hole. And that's when Freddy began to naturally rationalize away the situation. He was scared shitless, as he realized that he had just unintentionally fertilized this young girl's totally-unprotected vagina.

And it really pissed him off that he hadn't even managed to start thrusting yet. But he realized that there was nothing he could do now to undo the small-but-potent semen release inside Bea's vagina that he had just accidentally let happen. Or did he actually do it on purpose?

Freddy wasn't really sure. Because at this point in the encounter, Freddy naturally found himself thinking with the head of his dick, instead of the head on his shoulders. But no matter whether it was by accident or on purpose, Freddy figured that the damage was already done, and that he might as well go ahead and finish fucking Bea, and at least experience an orgasm this time, while he was thrusting away at her baby-making hole and releasing the rest of his sperm deep inside her vagina. Freddy also knew that a girl almost never gets pregnant during her very first intercourse with a guy.

It usually takes multiple intercourses over a period of time for that to happen. And so he figured that the odds were in his and Bea's favor that if he went ahead and fucked crap out of her in the bathroom that afternoon, he wouldn't end up getting her pregnant. Besides, Bea was standing there with her legs spread apart, holding her pussy crack wide-open for his dick.

He knew that she had throughly enjoyed herself (translation: orgasmed her ass off) while getting her vagina energetically fucked by his held-together fingers just a few moments ago. So Freddy figured that Bea should enjoy having her vagina fucked by his dick even more. After all, a guy's erect penis is exactly what a girl's vagina was designed to play host to. Freddy let go of his dick-shaft and placed his hands on Bea's hips, one on each side.

And he firmly held onto her pelvis. Then he began rocking his hips back and forth, very slowly at first, and then horny blond babe in need of cock speeding up. Due to the fact that Freddy was much taller than Bea--as well as the fact that the couple were in a standing-up, face-to-face position--even though his knees were bent, and her pelvis was tilted forward, Freddy was still having a hard time getting his penis underneath Bea's eve makes hot love in the cold snow. So although the head of Freddy's dick was entering her vagina, the shaft of his dick was almost parallel to the bathroom floor.

This meant that the topside of his dick-shaft was pressed snugly along the crack of Bea's pussy, and it was firmly rubbing up against her clit, as he was thrusting away at her vagina. About the only thing that was actually helping Freddy's dick-head to penetrate Bea in this standing-up position, was the banana-style, sweeping-upward curve in his long dick-shaft.

As Freddy's thrusting gradually got faster and faster, he reach around and grabbed hold of Bea's butt cheeks with his hands. He pulled her whole pelvis towards his, as he pressed his own hips forward towards hers. At some point, the head of Freddy's dick finally worked its way far enough inside Bea that it simply moved back and forth, while remaining inside her vagina, instead of repeatedly penetrating her vaginal entrance, like it had been doing up until sex xxx sambalpuri story new. Freddy was now fucking Bea in the way that a guy would normally fuck a girl--except that they were both still standing up, face-to-face.

Freddy squeezed Bea's butt over and over again, while he was humping away at her no-longer-virgin vagina at beautiful babe bounds on big dick hardcore massage moderate pace. Her hands were still in between their two pubic bones, as Bea tried as best as she could to keep holding her pussy crack wide-open for Freddy. But that was quickly turning into a losing battle for her.

Freddy suddenly shoved his dick even deeper into Bea's vagina, without any warning. And naturally, that shocked and surprised the young girl. She instantly reacted by taking in a very quick and loud gasp of air. And Freddy immediately began thrusting his piston-like dick in and out of her pussy like a madman. Freddy could feel the ballooned-out head of his blood-engorged penis rubbing up against Bea's firm, doughnut-shaped cervix on each inward thrust.

And that only served to take Freddy's mental sexual excitement to a whole new level; one which he had never experienced before, since Bea's was the first vagina to ever play host to his penis. And Freddy could tell that he was just moments away from orgasming, and liberally coating the opening of Bea's possibly-fertile uterus with his man-seed.

And of course, that excited him beyond belief, because by this point in the sexual encounter, Freddy's natural instincts had completely take over both his body and his rational mind, as he unexpectedly found himself actively trying to get Bea pregnant. Bea was leaning back against the wall, but she still had to struggle to keep her balance, and stay on her feet. This super-energetic humping on Freddy's part only lasted for maybe 20 to 30 seconds or so, before Freddy made one final very strong deep thrust, which actually lifted Bea up onto the balls of her feet and caused her to let out a short, loud, totally-involuntary, high-pitched squeal.

Freddy was also raised up on the balls of his feet, with the muscles of his calves and thighs tightly-contracted, as his orgasmic feelings were rapidly overwhelming him. He kept his hips pressed forward while he was intentionally holding his penis as still as he possibly could inside of Bea's vagina.

Bea's hands were squeezed flat in between their two pressed-together pubic bones at this point, and the blood-engorged head of Freddy's long, upward-curved penis was pressed right up against the firm neck of her uterus.

Freddy let out his breathy little "cum-grunt," and his dick faithfully and automatically took on a life of its own, as it began to rhythmically pulsate inside of Bea's lower abdomen. She could feel Freddy's "thing" going crazy down between her legs, as it was repeatedly and forcefully throbbing against the walls of her vagina, and along her crack at the same time. And they both immediately felt the drastically-increased vaginal wetness that was being caused by Freddy's sperm-ejaculation.

However, Bea was so naive about "the bird and the bees" at the time that she thought that what Freddy was doing with his pulsating penis was urinating inside her vagina, and that he was simply doing it in small rhythmic spurts, instead of peeing in one long steady stream.

But Freddy's out-of-control, throbbing penis sure felt wonderful and sexy to Bea. In fact, it felt wonderful and sexy enough to cause her to spontaneously orgasm, right along with him, and release her own rhythmic gushes of female cum. And that was because, on a deep-down, purely-instinctive level, Bea sensed that she was letting Freddy mate with her. And although Freddy and Bea were both orgasming at the same time, the only orgasmic vocalizations ("oohs" and "ahhs") were coming out of her mouth, and not his.

After Freddy had let out his initial soft cum-grunt, he was very stoic and quiet throughout his entire sperm-release. So in other words, Freddy didn't outwardly behave as if he were even experiencing an orgasm--other than the fact that he was breathing a little bit heavier, and kneading Bea's butt-cheeks with his hands, just like a cat does on a scratching post.

But inwardly was a totally different story. Freddy was orgasming his ass off so much that he felt like he literally might pass out any moment. And he wasn't even conscious of the fact that he was kneading Bea's butt-cheeks. Instead, his hands were on auto-pilot, doing their own thing.

As Freddy began coming down from his orgasmic peak, he instantly became aware that the muscles surrounding Bea's vaginal entrance were rhythmically and repeatedly squeezing his dick-shaft. Freddy couldn't believe what was taking place between their two coupled-up genitals.

And he thought to himself, Wow! So that's what it feels like when a girl cums while you're fucking her. After Freddy's dick had finally stopped pulsating, Freddy and Bea continued to stay coupled-up like that--with his long, stiff "thing" deep inside of her "big hole"--for somewhere between 45 to 60 seconds.

Bea's hands were still squished flat between their two pressed-together pubic bones throughout this whole time. Meanwhile, Freddy kept kneading away at Bea's butt-cheeks with his hands--but by this point, his hands were no longer on auto-pilot. Bea could also feel Freddy's fingers dart in and out of her "butt-cleavage," as he was copping quick feels of her ass-hole sphincter with his fingertips, while he was busy kneading her butt-cheeks.

And Freddy quickly realized that Bea seemed to be okay with letting him feel out her butt-cheeks and her ass-hole for a long as he wanted to. Then Freddy finally let go of Bea's butt-cheeks and rested his hands back on the sides of her hips, and he slowly backed away from her just a little bit. This finally freed up her squished hands. And Bea immediately lifted her hands up out of my crotch area, and moved her fingers all around for a few seconds, just to get the blood flowing back into them.

Then, without even thinking about it, Bea automatically reached back down into her crotch, and pulled open her pussy crack again for Freddy, so that he could continue rubbing his "thing" against hers. And that's exactly what he did. Freddy grabbed hold mfc camgirl alielle self fisting no sound his dick with his hand, and began rubbing his dick-head back and forth along Bea's crack, just like he had done when he had first stuck his dick in her crack.

He was repeatedly squeezing his dick, and moving the skin up and down the shaft of it, while he was rubbing the head of it against Bea's pussy. Of course, by doing this, Freddy was intentionally "milking out" any remaining semen that was still inside of his urethra directly into the sopping-wet crack of Bea's freshly-fertilized pussy.

The two of them must have stayed in that position for at least another couple of minutes. Freddy didn't say a word to Bea the entire time, as he just kept "milking" his dick. And of course, Bea couldn't take her eyes off Freddy's dick. And naturally, Freddy's penis was getting softer and shrinking in his hand, while he was "milking it." Freddy abruptly stepped back away from Bea, and removed the head of his dick from her pussy altogether.

He then took another small step back. At that point, he was still standing about a foot away from Bea, facing her, with the back of his legs just in front of the toilet bowl.

Bea couldn't help but keep staring at Freddy's dick and his sexy-looking balls. At this point, Freddy's penis was no longer erect. It was soft and pliable and hanging downward.

It had shrunk all the way back down to about half the size that it was when Freddy had first exposed himself to Bea. His penis was also soaked with their combined sexual juices. And so was the stretched-out crotch material of Bea's panties, which had managed to catch most of the "sexual drippings" from her pussy.

Freddy reached down, and he pulled his pants and underwear back up. He zipped up his pants, turned towards the bathroom doorway, and sauntered away as if nothing special had just happened. Then he walked out the front door of the small house, and closed the door behind him, leaving Bea still leaning back against the bathroom wall, with her pants down and her legs still spread apart, and with her hands still holding her pussy crack wide-open.

Freddy was on Cloud 9. He had just finished fucking his very first pussy. And that was something that he would have never dreamed could happen when he first cornered Bea in that small bathroom for the purpose of having a mutual masturbation sexual encounter with her. But Bea had ended up being a much more cooperative and willing sex partner for him than he ever could have hoped for. And thanks to Bea's active and enthusiastic cooperation with Freddy--as well as to both of their extreme levels of horniness at the time--Bea now had a wad of Freddy's sperm coating the neck of her womb; her possibly-fertile womb.

And much later that evening, while Freddy was lying in his bed, getting ready to go to sleep, that very last thought really started to bother him. What if the odds were against him, and he had just gotten Bea pregnant that afternoon in the bathroom during his very first intercourse with her? What would happen then? Would Bea tell her parents about what had happened? Of course she would; despite all the verbal threats he had made to her in the bathroom at the beginning of their sexual encounter.

And Freddy knew that. But he also knew that there was absolutely nothing he could do about that now, except to wait it out and hope that he hadn't gotten Bea pregnant. And while he was lying in his bed, stroking his rapidly-stiffening penis, Freddy found himself naturally fantasizing about his encounter with Bea in the bathroom, and about how her wonderful pussy had felt to his dick, and about how he really wanted to fuck Bea again.

And he was positive that, if he chose to do that, Bea would definitely allow him to continue having sex with her in the future. It was obvious from the way that she had behaved throughout that first sexual encounter--that is, once Freddy had initially gotten the ball rolling.

However, Freddy was also very much aware that if he were to go back and fuck Bea a second time, he would be pressing his luck on the "pregnancy thing." In other words, the more times that Freddy had unprotected sexual intercourse with Bea, the more chance there was that she would end up getting pregnant, as a result.

And since he really liked Bea, he didn't want to continue to risk ruining her life--and his--like that. So Freddy made his mind up right then and there that, instead of fucking Bea again, he would just have to go out and find some other young girl to force his intentions on, and hopefully fuck.

Curly woman fucked in mesh body

Freddy also knew that he didn't have to look far. And that was because Bea just happened to have two sisters living at home (an older one and a younger one), right there on the same property where Freddy and his mother lived. And so, while Freddy was contemplating that idea--and actively jacking himself off--he began making plans for his next "conquest." Ironically, at the same time that Freddy was lying in his bed late at night and jacking himself off, Bea was lying in her own bed, and she was quietly and secretly masturbating her freshly-fertilized pussy under the covers, as she was mentally reliving her surprise sexual encounter with Freddy in the bathroom that had taken place earlier that same day.

Mind you, Bea wasn't a big fan of quiet, subdued masturbation. But she was really left with no other choice at the time, because she was still feeling super-horny, and she didn't want to risk getting caught by her older sister, who shared the same bedroom--and the same bunk bed--with her. And Bea was happy about the lower bunk bed being hers, instead of the upper one.

The lower bunk was much more sturdy, and didn't move around--or squeak--nearly as much as the upper bunk did. And Bea, who had always preferred to masturbate while lying on her back, could easily keep a watchful eye on her sleeping sister in the bunk above--even in a darkened bedroom.

And so Bea knew that she could safely masturbate in secret, just as long as she always did it under the covers, and consciously suppressed her normally-loud orgasmic vocalizations, by biting down on her lower lip to turn them into soft whimpers and nasal hums.

By the way, that coveted lower bunk bed used to belong to Bea's older sister. However, that all changed one day, just a few months before Bea reached puberty, when Bea's mother made son small mom old sex horrific discovery that Bea had begun wetting the bed on a nightly basis. And in direct reponse to that, Bea's mother had ordered the two sisters to swap beds with one another, just so that it would be easier for her to deal with Bea's urine-soaked sheets and bedding in the mornings.

Since Bea couldn't really do anything hawt legal age teenager fucked hard hardcore massage change her unconsious nightly bed-wetting behavior--other than to grow out of it over time, which she eventually did--she was ultimately forced to accept her embarrassing bed-wetting as being something that she would just have to learn to live with as best as she could.

However, after Bea had reached puberty, it didn't take long for her to realize that there was actually a silver lining to her "nightly bed-wetting cloud." And that silver lining was that, late a night under her bed-covers, Bea could go ahead and masturbate herself to all the squirting and gushing orgasms that she wanted, without ever arousing the suspicions of her mother or her older sister the next morning, should either of them happen to notice the large soaked area in the middle of Bea's mattress.

They would both naturally assume that the wetness on the sheets was nothing more than Bea's urine. * * * * * Some Final Thoughts: Congratulations! You have just finished reading what I consider to be the most-likely scenario in regards to Freddy's background and his intentions towards me, when he took my virginity that day in the bathroom so many decades ago.

And yes, I am well aware that, throughout this story, I have chosen to give Freddy the benefit of the doubt, and that I could in fact be completely wrong about him. For instance, it is possible that I may not have been the very first girl that Freddy ever fucked. Freddy also might have actually intended to rape me and take my virginity when he first cornered me in that small bathroom that Sunday afternoon. But I seriously doubt that to be the case, judging from the way that things took place between us that day.

You should also know that despite Freddy's verbal threat at the very beginning of our sexual encounter, it was obvious to me throughout the rest of our sex session together that Freddy really liked me a lot, and that he didn't intend to physically harm me. In other words, even though I didn't fully understand why Freddy was doing the various sexually-related things that he was doing to me, I have to confess that I felt safe enough with him doing them to me--even after he started rubbing his bare "thing" back and forth against mine (fucking me).

However, in the grand scope of things, none of that really mattered. The only things that truly mattered to me afterwards were that I had thoroughly enjoyed the sex itself, and that the wad of sperm that Freddy intentionally released deep inside my my favorite stepdaughter extra small porn movies vagina didn't get me pregnant that day. And I'm pretty sure the only thing that truly mattered to Freddy afterwards was that he had successfully gotten his rocks off inside my baby-making hole.

* * * * *