Pretty brunette stripping and fingering in stockings panties and stilettos

Pretty brunette stripping and fingering in stockings panties and stilettos
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Myra's BDSM session on nov 13 2010 Friday November 5 my Lay back and enjoy the handjob massage called me to keep Saturday November 13 free because he had a special treatment for me. He didn't say what it was and only told me to be ready by 3 pm and the session would last until deep in the night. I had to be naked, only wearing my long coat and heels at my feet as usual.

The coat and the shoes were only for the transfer from my house to the car. The session would last until deep in the night. This Master is experienced and, just like me, into very hard and cruel torture, very deep humiliation, water sports, rape play, group sex, gangbangs, tight and painful bondage, ect. I've had many of these sessions with Him before and trust this Master completely.

I gave him carte blance, no limits and no mercy. I don't want stop words and want him to be able to do to me everything he wants. No matter if I like it or not, my only wish is to please Him in every way. He's allowed to administer every torture, no matter how painful to me unless the wounds inflicted by it would heal completely in the weeks after without leaving a single trace and without the need of surgical operation. He knew exactly what he could and could not do without damaging my body permanently, also considering my age.

I'm 46 and my body isn't that flexible anymore as when I was 18 and that puts some limits on the bondage. I had a tough session with this Master on October 31 and my wounds would be just healed by the time it was November 13th. I didn't have a clue what he has in store for me but I had an idea.

Because he's also into public torture and because I gave him a fictional snuff story about a horrible bdsm snuff convention that I got from the internet it might be something similar. The thought alone made my pussy wet. It wasn't the first time he took a slave girl to one of those conventions. He never told me details about what was going on there because it would not surprise me if he already planned to take me also in the future months ago.

These conventions were private and on invite only for people that could afford it. Because the entrance fee was very high.

I've heard that even people from other countries visited this convention. It's now the workweek before the 13th and I'm feeling a mixture of fear and enormous sexual arousement.

Because I know there's going to be brutal and cruel torture making me suffer very bad but also huge sexual enjoyment such as humiliations, orgies and rape play. He always makes sure I'm totally exhausted and satisfied sexually afterwards. But the tension is high now anticipating next Saturday. There isn't a single moment I'm not even slightly thinking about it. Well, there's not much to say right now at this time and I'll write on after it all happened about what happened to me on the 13th…… Saturday November 13th Oke, it's now Sunday the 14th and I'm going to write what happened to me yesterday.

I got up early yesterday to have a shower and to put makeup on but stayed naked as my Master requested. I put all the stuff away and lowered myself on my knees as the clock almost reached 3 pm. Exactly on time, as always, the Mercedes of my Master appeared in front of my house. I put on my coat over my naked body, went mia malkova phone calls busy storys and locked the door and walked up to the car.

Two other men sat in the car forcing me to sit on the backseat. I never saw the other two men. The car started rolling and as soon as we were out of my street my Master ordered me to open my coat en open my legs to show my pussy. The two men looked at my naked body, then looked at each other and licked their lips. The car stopped at an empty parking lot, only a van was parked there.

"Close your coat and get out" The Master ordered. We walked up to the van and one of the two strangers opened the backdoor. My Master, one of the strangers and me got in through the backside. The other one must be the driver I thought. Directly after they closed the door I had to pull off my coat and my shoes. They forced me on the floor.

They put leather ballet shoes at my feet and locked them with a padlock. I was forced to stand on my feet again and had to hold my wrists together in front of me to be cuffed. The shoes forced my feet way down painfully and forced me to stand on the tip of my toes.

The ballet shoes hurt badly but I bite my teeth and tried to keep my balance. The van had no windows and only a small light lid the loading area.

They cuffed my wrists and tied my arms to the ceiling and applied a chain between my feet so I could not make big steps. They blindfolded me and felt how a piece of cloth was forced deep in my mouth which was taped tightly around my head. I heard someone bang against the inner wall of the van that separated the loading area and the driver, indicating the driver could go.

The movements of the van, driving through corners and over speed pumps almost make me fall over every time because I could not make big steps due to the chain between my feet. The movements of the van made me stumble and the ballet shoes hurt my feet very much because of the uncontrolled way of trying to keep my balance. "Nice whore you have there John" she heard the stranger say. "Yes, she's a fucking whore indeed. The bitch needs to be punished and raped" my master replied.

"She's a good fuck, her holes are still tight even though she is 46 years of age and she's eager to please" my Master continued. "A real pain and lust slave whore to her core. That wet cunt has been fucked my many men already and hot sexy girl strip teasin dancing in front of the mirror never gets enough of it like a good slut." Then I heard the stranger grin and he squeezed my tits and fondled with my pussy.

"Yes, the slut is soaking wet already. She's such a filthy whore.

We need more women to be like that so we can abused their fuck holes for our pleasure" The way the two men were talking about me was humiliating, as if I was nothing more than a piece of fuck and torture meat. I felt more hands grabbing my tits and invading my ass and pussy and the men laughed. Suddenly plugs were put in my ears, muffling the sounds and making it almost impossible to hear what say said. I only heard vague noises. Blinded, bound, gagged, not able to hear well and the sometimes wild movement of the van making me having even more trouble to keep my balance and had no clue where we were and how long we've been on the way.

I lost sense of time and direction and let myself dwell in the unknown. The trip lasted and lasted. The pain in my feet was bearable now because the van didn't make wild movements anymore. We most be driving on the free way or something. I shifted my weight from one foot to the other to relieve the pain. After a very long time the van started to move more and more until it became very bad. We must me driving on a bad farm road or something.

I moaned from the pain in my poor feet. Arriving Suddenly the van stopped and I felt cold air when the backdoor opened again. Vaguely I heard noises, people talking, cars driving over what seemed to be a parking lot covered with small stones. My arms were unlocked from the ceiling and I was led outside, still blinded and naked.

I wobbled on my shoes. I had never wore shoes like that and the chain between them didn't make it any easier. The three men guided me into a building were it was warm. The cold air outside had made goose bumps on my skin and my nipples hard. Now my skin tinkled from the warm air. The noises of talking people was louder here but I still couldn't make up any words.

They led me further into the building and locked my arms above my head again. Then the earplugs and the blindfold were taken off and it took a few seconds for my eyes to get used to the light. Not that it was dark, in fact it was quite dark in the room, but still. The room wasn't big and to her right another naked woman was tied with her wrists to the ceiling just like me.

She also was naked and looked a bit younger then me with a curvy hottie banged in hotel room czechsuperstars and slim figure.

She also had those painful ballet shoes at her feet and her face showed her discomfort. Her breasts were a bit bigger then mine and they were slightly hanging. Her moist inner pussy lips hanged out a bit, indicating her arousal. She looked at me and said hi. I said hi back and told her my name. "I'm Sandra" she said. "You know where we are?" I asked her. "In a big shed at a farm in beauteous chicks know how to satisfy every other lesbian dildo Limburg (a province in the very south of the Netherlands).

The shed is used for swinger parties, orgies, bdsm shows, and so on" She said.

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"Have you been her before?" I asked. "Yes, on several occasions. I'm also a swinger, my husband and I come here on swinger parties on a regular basis. But I'm also a pain and lust slave. My husband is my Master." She said. She took a deep breathe and continued: "Right now it's the monthly torture night. That you're here in this room means you must love cruel and harsh torture too. Cause women on the stage are all tortured hard to entertain the rich and perverted men and women.

They pay a lot saucy amateur filly rides a massive dick money to see women tortured harder then in "normal" bdsm clubs.

It's an exclusive club where it's hard to get into as a member. Two or three slave girls are tortured during these events and there's always orgies and sexual depravity.

The most pervert, dirty, and harsh sex you'll ever see." She suddenly stopped talking after hearing a noise at the other side of the door. But the door didn't open and the noise reduced again to the vague rumble of lot's of people talking and walking behind the door.

"I never heard of this place and my Master didn't tell me where we were going" I said while I was admiring her curves. Sandra said nothing, her eyes were going over my naked body. It was silent for a while but then Sandra looked up to me and said: "You look good and sexy. I'm glad it wasn't the woman from last time.

She was fat and ugly, she disgusted me. I'm mean, I'm 100% bisexual and it doesn't matter how someone looks like but geez&hellip. She was&hellip." She didn't finish her sentence. "Thank you, you look very yammy too." I said while my eyes glided over her luscious curves again. "thx" she replied and smiled at me. I once again shifted my weight from one foot to the other.

"Damn painful, huh? These shoes." I just nodded and tried not to feel the pain in my toes. "Only real sadists and depraved masochist pain sluts come here to indulge themselves into all kinds of sexual atrocities. You're going to be totally exhausted at the end." Sandra said. "It's going to take a while before they're going to get us. First there's a feast with lots of food and drinks, mainly for the Masters and Mistresses.

Lot's of them also brought their slaves. Most of them will be quite drunk when we're entering the stage." I lifted both my feet off the floor for a moment to get some relieve only causing pain in my shoulders and wrists when my full weight hanged from them. I groaned in discomfort. "I'm hungry" I said when I realized it nice looking sex with lesbian luscious babes be hours ago since I last ate something. "Don't worry, you'll get something soon" Sandra said.

I startled at the sound of the door opening. My master and another man walked into the room. "So, are you both comfy?" My Master sneered sarcastically while he unlocked my wrist cuffs from the hook in the ceiling. The other man was obviously Sandra's husband and Master.

Master put a collar round my neck and forced me on my knees. He unlocked my wrist cuffs and locked them together behind my back and attached a short chain to the front of my collar.

He attached the other end of the chain to a d-ring in the floor forcing my head close to the floor. I felt a cold metal hook being forced in my ass. I looked back and saw my Master attached a chain to it and clicked it into the hook in the ceiling forcing my ass in the air.

Sandra got chained in the mercedes and aria get fucked on a sex swing vca position. "Look at our sluts, how they present their fuck holes." My Master said while slapping me hard on my ass cheek. Sandra's husband grinned and they both left the room. "We're going to get something to eat now I guess." Sandra said. I nodded. "Looks like have to eat it like dogs." I reacted.

"Yes, sure looks like it." Sandra said. I was glad to have my body weight off my feet for a while. My feet were still forced painfully backwards but the pain in my toes was killing me. Then the door opened and two gagged female slaves crawled in on their hands and knees. They both had a head harness on their head on which a plate was mounted.

On the plate was a bowl with food and the room filled with the aroma of Italian food. The slaves lowered their heads and put their plates underneath our faces. "Sluts, crab the bowls with your teeth and drag it on the floor!" A male voice said. We obeyed. At the same time I had my teeth on the edge of the bowl the slave pulled back, letting the bowl slide on the floor.

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"Enjoy dinner, sluts" the voice said again. The slaves left and the door was closed again. Right under our head was a damping bowl of macaroni. Hungry as I was I pushed my tongue in it and ate it like a dog. I devoured the food to fill my rumbling tummy. "God, you're really hungry aren't you?" Sandra said while looking at me. "I nodded with my mouth full of pasta. After a while we both finished our bowls. Shortly afterwards the two slave girls came back and we were ordered to put the bowls back on plateau's that were mounted on the girls' head harnesses, which wasn't very easy without the use of our hands.

But with a lot of trouble I managed to get the bowl on the slave girls plateau. It was hard to get my teeth sexy mom picks up couple at yoga have enough grip on the bowl to lift it just enough to get the bottom on the plateau.

The girls backed up, their breasts wobbling with every move. They were young, in their 20's I thought. I looked at the firm young ass of one of the girls disappearing through the door opening. They didn't untie us and left us tied like this for a while. "How old are you?" Sandra asked. "I'm 46, and you?" I replied. "I'm 32" she said. I once again admired her beautiful body.

She threw her head back in a swift move to throw her long blonde hear to the other side of her head. "You don't mind doing it with an older woman?" I asked. "Ooh, not at all. I love all ages, except miners. That's my limit. From 18 to eehhm, what ever. men and women." She said. I nodded. "Same here." Suddenly the door opened again and my Master and Sandra's hubby walked in together with the two young slave girls. "So, you two get acquainted with each other, huh?" My Master said and we both nodded.

"Untie these whores!" My Master ordered and the two slave girls rushed to obey the order. We were put on our feet again and were guided out of the room into a small hallway. The noise of the crowd was louder here and it was clear everyone had a good time. We were led into a big bathroom. We were allowed to relieve our bladders and bowels and then tied to the shower area. The two slave girls, now reporter bangs teen and her step mom totally naked, gave us an enema to clean our insides and washed us thoroughly under the shower.

They blow-dried our hear, put makeup on our faces and sprayed us with perfume. All the time nobody spoke a single word. After this we were led to another room by the two black and white bareback tube porn girls.

I was still wobbling on the ballet shoes. Sandra seemed more used to it because she seemed to have far less trouble with them. Our arms were bound tightly behind our backs at the elbows and wrists and clamps with little bells were clipped on our nipples. Our collars were tightened very tight, making it harder to breathe and a leash was attached to the D-ring at the front.

A dildo gag completed the outfit. As on command both slave girls lowered themselves on their knees at the same time after they finished their work. A second later my Master and Sandra's hubby walked in and grabbed our leashes. My Master tugged hard at my leash, making me almost fall over and with his face close to mine he bitched: "Now it's starting you whore.

You will get what you deserve a long time ago!" Just when I re-found my balance he tugged my leash again dragging me out the room. I stumbled behind him. "You stupid bitch, can't you walk anymore?!" he shouted.

He knew that I wasn't used to these ballet shoes but bitched at me to humiliate me. I could only groan behind my dildo gag. He stopped between two curtains that hang on the sides of the stage and a fat man a long beard and tattoo's was talking in a microphone to the audience.

He looked like a hell's angel. The top of his head was bald and his long hair hanged on his shoulders from the sides of his head. The crowd cheered for some reason and the man turned to were we where standing. Again my Master tugged roughly at my leash and dragged me on stage. The two young slave girls were sitting submissively on their knees at the other end of the stage. The crowd kept cheering when Sandra and me were brought to the frond edge of the stage.

"Bitches! Whores! Punish them! Rape them!" They shouted. They turned us around to show the audience our naked bodies. The room was filled with around 50 people.

The Doms sitting in chairs and their slaves, if they had any, kneeling naked and leashed next to them on the floor. Sandra's Master signaled one of the young slave girls and she jumped up and got some kind of leather harness from a table.

It turned out to be a double head harness. Our gags were removed and the slave girl fitted the harness very tightly on my head.

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Then fitted the other half on Sandra's head. The harness pressed our mouths together so tightly that we both had to open out mouths. "Tongue each other, you fucking sluts!" my Master ordered. My tongue easily found Sandra's and we kissed passionately. Our arms were untied and tied to a hook hanging on a cable from the ceiling and our ballet shoes were tied together. Our breasts pressed together. Sandra pushed her hips to mine. "Stop that you filthy whore!" her Master screamed and lashed his whip on her ass making Sandra jump and blow air in my mouth.

She winked at me and felt her mouth smiling. "We need two extra Doms to whip these bitches, any volunteers?! " The 'hells angel' screamed in his microphone and immediately hand rose high from the crowd. He picked two Mistresses and gave them both a cat-o-nine when they stepped on the stage. Sandra's Master and one of the Mistresses stood on a 45 degrees angle behind Sandra and the other Mistress walked passed me, presumable at the same position behind me.

All four of them tested the whips in the air and on their hands, making the whips lash and whistle through the air. And because they did that I totally didn't expect that first blow at me shoulders. I Jumped and shrieked, now blowing air in Sandra's mouth.

The crowd laughed. Because I was hit first Sandra's surprise was far less and the whipping started. Because we both were whipped by two people extreme party girls and hot teen couple public alyce anderpals son in let the man take tempo of the whipping was high, giving us no time to relax.

Lashes landed hard on my shoulders, back, ass and legs. I gasped for air, which bigass amateur rides agents bbc at casting difficult to get because our mouths were pressed together and Sandra was also gasping for air.

Our bodies formed a pack that moved together under the constant lashes. Suddenly is stopped shortly followed by even more biting lashes.

They most have changed whips. I didn't notice it being so busy getting air and dealing with the whiplashes. Every blow bit in my skin and it felt like it was ripping my skin clear off. I screamed inside Sandra's mouth making her cheeks fill with air. I didn't notice the audience and Sandra's screams seemed to come from far away. Again the whipping stopped very shortly and started again even more painfully.

I was out of breath, screaming as loud as I could and my body uncontrollably spasming and trembling. I was used to a more graduate increase of pain to 'warm' me up. Suddenly the whipping stopped and left us girls gasping for air and trembling. "Wooohooo!!! Yeah!!" the audience cheered. "Give it to them, the filthy bitches!" They untied us and bound us together with our backs to each other. Gagged us with ball gags with holes in them and tied our wrists, heads and feet together.

My feet were killing me standing on my toes. I suddenly realized I didn't feel them during the whipping. I moaned in discomfort. The Mistresses and Masters took their positions again with the first whips.

They looked at me with evil eyes swinging their cat-o-nines. Then I saw my Master lifting the whip and lashing down at me tits. The blow hit me full force and I jumped backwards trying to avoid the whip pushing Sandra forward. A burning pain in my left tit made me tremble. Then the whipping went on in the same high tempo as the back whipping on tits, bellies, pussies, and legs.

I breathed heavy which was easy now.

I saw saliva flying through the air coming from the holes in my gag with every blow. They changed whips again and I felt like I was floating in thin air. My whole body was pain and I heard myself scream. Finally they stopped and the trembling of my body was worse then before. I could not hold my head still and my breathing was a staccato rhythm. Slowly the cheering of the audience reached my brain. I was totally disorientated. The room seemed to turn but slowly all returned to normal.

I got a bit control over my mind and body again. My Master walked up to me and tied my tits very tightly, turning my tits into inflated balls. I moaned softly and my Master whispered in my ear: "you're okay?" I nodded. Brazzer com ultra sex stories story untied us and bound our elbows and wrists tightly behind our backs. My legs could barley hold my weight but my Master hold me so I didn't fall.

He hooked a hook to my tit bondage and pulled it tight. He let go of me since I couldn't fall anymore. The slave girls rolled a heavy weighted ball over the floor and put it in front of our legs. Sandra was one meter to my right in the same position.

The balls were attached to our shoes with a chain and I knew what was going to happen. Tit hanging weighted down even more by the balls. My Master pressed a button on the remote control and a hissing sound of electric motor came to life and lifting me up. I groaned as my bodyweight put a high strain on my tits that were now slowly turning into a blue-ish color. My Master stopped the hoist before the ball was also lifted.

Saliva leaked onto my tortured tits and pored down my belly and my legs were wet by my dripping pussy. Then he pressed the button again and lifted me higher until the ball was also free from the floor. Tears of pain rolled down my face and probably causing my eye makup to make black lines on my cheeks.

I let out a long moan as the pain in my tits became worse. The crowd cheered and applauded. I looked and saw some of the female slaves giving some males a blowjob. My heart pounded in my chest making the blood vessels in my head pound against my skull. Two platforms were rolled in to let the Masters stand on and be on the same height as us.

My Master and Sandra's husband climbed on the platforms holding a thin crop. My Master showed me the crop and I looked in fear. He knew that I always got very horny being terrified and he always succeeded in terrifying me. He lashed the front of my upper legs hard and I eeked!

Burning pain beamed from my skin and he lashed again, and again and kept lashing at my legs. I screamed and cried behind my gag. He lashed the backside of my legs from the bottom of my ass to almost to my ankles. My legs were on fire, I could hardly move them because of the weight hanging from my feet. The he turned to my tits and lashed them.

Deep red welds appeared on my poor tits. I could not see my legs but they must look also like that. I gasped again for air after he stopped lashing at my body. He pulled a little table on the platform and I saw needles on them. I loved needles and I relaxed a bit.

Naughty showing of hot milk shakes hardcore blowjob tits were absurdly ballooned and almost purple. I hanged from my tits before and I knew all marks would disappear in a few weeks. My Master peeled open the plastic package of the first needle and took it out. With the needle between his fingers he scraped the needle lightly across my ballooned tits. I moaned in pleasure, lingering in my subspace trance. Then he set the needle in my nipple and slowly pushed more force on it.

I opened my mouth wider letting the gag dangle freely in my mouth when I felt the pain of the sharp needle pushing against my sensitive nipple and then it broke through my skin.

It slowly traveled through the soft tissue of my nipple freezing my mouth and a long AAAAAAAAA escaped through the gag. Finally the needle broke through the skin again and was pushed through my nipple. The sharp pain subsided. I heard Sandra eeking when her nipple was pierced with a needle. We were simultaneously tortured suffering the exact same ordeals. The needles kept coming until my nipples were pierced with 6 needles each forming a perfect star.

My Master lowered down to his knees and took another needle. He pulled my inner pussy lip out and slowly pushed the needle all the way through. Tears rolled over my face again intense threesome action with hot twins cumshots and brunette needle after needle pierced my pussy lips.

I didn't count the needles in my pussy but my inner lips as well as my outer lips were full of needles. I felt small streams of blood running from my nipples and pussy, or was it pussy juice? The young slave girls brought in electric shock devices. My Master set the device in the little table and connected the cables to the needles in my nipples and pussy lips and switched it on.

At first I didn't feel anything but soon my Master turned the device up and the shocking went worse. The shocks came in a staccato rhythm and made my muscles strain with every jolt. The knob was turned up higher en higher until both me and Sandra yelled out in pain.

The electric torture seemed to last ages in which in fact might be only minutes but I could not stop the spasming of my body. With a loud scream suddenly a huge orgasm exploded in my body making me shake violently. The ball hanging at my feet smashed into the table and almost knocked my Master off balance. The orgasm kept on going, wave after wave until it faded away leaving me again gasping for air. "Look at the fucking bitch!" My Master screamed at the audience.

"This stupid winch cummes on pain!" it wasn't the pain but the spasming of my cunt muscles caused by the current massaged my clit. The crowd screamed: "The fucking whore!! What a horny slut! Smack her, beat the bitch!" My master slapped me hard in the face while screaming "You whore!!" He slapped me again and again. Finally he switched off the current and removed the cables.

He removed all the needles and lowered me down on the stage. He untied my tits and forced me down on the floor.

He took the terrible boots off and left me lying on the stage floor for a while to rest a bit. I rubbed my sore tits, arms and feet to simulate the blood flow. But not much time was given to me for recovery. Quickly he removed the gag from my mouth, dragged me to Sandra and forced me to lick her cunt. I tasted her sweet juices and sucked her clit, making her moan in intense pleasure. "Make that whore cum you stupid slut!" Sandra's Master shouted at me. I licked her slice and sucked her clit as if my life depended on it and soon Sandra also exploded into a wild orgasm.

My Master grabbed my ass and pulled me on my knees and rammed his cock into my cunt. He fucked me wild, smashing his hips against my ass. It didn't take long till he pulled out, grabbed me by my hear and pushed his cock hard in my throat. He cummed on my face, shooting hot sperm in my eyes, cheeks and mouth.

When he was recovered he dragged me to a bondage device and tied me onto it. My arms tightly at my back with my hands to my elbows and a head harness bound to my arms so my head would stay up and my mouth open. My legs in a 90 degrees angle from my body and my body resting on a leather padded plank.

My ass sticked two dongs for a concupiscent legal age teenager lovely nymph, making both holes accessible. "Okay, guys, rape her!! Fuck the shit out of her!" Immediately the men jumped up and rammed their cocks in my throat pussy and ass. I gagged, choked on the huge cocks and the raping kept on.

There was one thing I wanted to check and therefore I forced myself to clear my mind and think strait. I locked at the men raping Sandra and saw to my satisfaction they all had condoms round their cocks when they fucked her ass or pussy. Knowing that I let myself slip away again in my sex trance. Cock after cock abused my holes. My cunt was buzzed to countless forced orgasms with a big vibrator pressed against my clit. At one point I was turned around on my back.

My legs tied widely spread and my arms down. My head was forced back. The gangbang went on, men fucking my holes, cumming over my body and face and pissing on me.

I don't know how long they feasted over our exhausted bodies but the amount of cocks raping our holes faded gradually until it finally stopped. My Master walked up to me and untied me. I could not stand on my feet and he held me tight. Carried me to a cum stained couch and we lay down. He kissed me and petted my hair like I was a pet. When I got back at this earth he asked me how I felt. I told him It was sooo good! I loved it, every second of it.

He asked me if I wanted to be treated like a slave till I got home or as a normal woman. I said I wanted to be a slave till I got home. After I said that my Master got up, tied me and locked me in a cage. He walked away to take a shower, leaving me tied, naked in the cage. My body stinking from the cum and the piss. When he got back he tied my hands behind my back, gagged me, blindfolded me and guided me outside. It was cold outside and I shivered, my bare feet walking on the cobble stones of the parking lot.

In the van I heard a noise of a cage opening. He forced me down and I had to lay down in the cage. He secured my body inside the cage so I could not slide when the van had to brake. He finished with locking the cage. Still naked, tied, gagged and blindfolded the trip back home started. I was exhausted and slept all the way. I was woken when we arrived back at the empty parking lot. He untied me, took the gag and the blindfold off and helped me to my feet.

He hugged me and kissed me and said: "Thanks darling, it was great." I just nodded, still groggy from the sleep and exhaustion. He helped me in my coat and shoes and guided me to his mercedes. Cute chick fucks a huge glass dildo was day daylight so it must be at least 8 o'clock Sunday morning.

After I got home I took a quick shower and tiny teen double penetration xxx when the peeping tom stranger tells jade how fine she strait to bed and slept through most of the day…