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X full sex stories hot story play
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Now, here we were. A freak of nature snowstorm forced our department to close early. The roads were horrible. People in Georgia cannot drive in ice and way versus pmv video game edit final. The Governor decided to let everyone go home early. In an effort to keep people safe, they had deputies come and take people home. It just so happened, Jeremy and I lived three minutes away from one another.

Jeremy was five foot eight, maybe about two hundred pounds. He had the cutest dimples. No, not cute, sexy. They were sexy. Perfect blow job and lapdance by czech student was smooth. In the two years I have known him, I have never heard his voice change, not even an octave.

He had a police involved shooting and never lost his cool. He was what some women would consider "cute" but to me, he was handsome. He was intriguing. He was different. I found myself thinking about him more and more. He made me nervous. He made me check myself in the mirror when he would swing by. He made me make sure my makeup was done well before I would say "hello".

I was nervous, I always get nervous the first time with a guy. My heart was racing. Yes, I wanted this to happen, but could I really go through with this? Jeremy stood in front of me. He made it clear from the get-go what this was. I have worked with him for two years. We work for the same Sheriff's department. He is a deputy; I work in administration.

I was in a relationship with another deputy, Jeremy was married with three kids. I was not the 'married guy' type of woman, but here I was. Here he was. He was in my house, in my bedroom. He and I had been flirting for months. It started as a joke here and there, but now, it was no laughing matter.

Here we were. The whole way to my house, he made little comments, until finally he asked me "Do you want to get together or not?" My brain was screaming "NO". My heart was screaming "NO". But my pussy was tearfully crying from the moment I sat in the passenger seat of his patrol car.

I watched his arm as he drove, the veins popping out, the muscles defined. I imagined that arm, that hand touching me. I kept looking out the window, trying to think about anything else. He made some small talk, hit me with his elbow playfully to get my attention. He didn't understand that I was nervous. What if he didn't like my body? What if he told everyone we fucked?

I was over thinking it. But I was nervous. I wanted to. I wanted to SO BAD. But, did I have it in me to be the woman that slept with a married man? Did I have it in me to throw caution to the wind and for once, enjoy the spontaneity. But here he was, in front of me.

The heat was blasting in my house. His uniform was on the aqua colored microfiber chair in the corner of my room.

The fireplace had been turned on just for this. My king size bed was empty behind where I was standing. Fresh Fieldcrest brand Egyptian cotton sheets had been placed on the bed.

Jeremy was in front me, his blue and white stripped boxers not hiding his dick. I was in front of him, boy shorts and a tank. I was a bigger woman. I believed I wore it well, but that was my opinion. I had curves, DD breasts and an ass that was like a pillow top mattress.

He said he didn't care about my size, but I couldn't help but&hellip.be nervous. My bedroom window blinds were open. The snow was pouring outside. Jeremy's wife didn't know he was off early.

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My deputy boyfriend didn't know I was sent home early, while he was on-call fighting the snowstorm and idiotic Georgia drivers. We had covered our bases. He was free until late and I was free.

I could, for one night, pretend he was all mine and enjoy everything he was about to do to me. I loved my deputy boyfriend, Michael. We had been together two years. But, Michael and I were not compatible sexually. He and I never did oral, anal and only missionary vaginal. I was enticed by Jeremy. I wanted him to do something to me that honestly I hadn't had done in years.

He walked closer to naras xxx story xxx full xxx sex stories. He didn't touch me, he simply looked at me. My eyes averted his and I looked at the floor. He lifted my chin and made me look at him.

He leaned in and kissed me. That mouth&hellip. I had no idea how nice that mouth was until it touched me. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and I damn near melted. His tongue was soft. I should have known, since his lips were soft too. I closed my eyes and could taste the remnants of the mouthwash he had just used.

His hands cupped my neck. His hands were just as I imagined, soft, yet strong. I lost my nervousness for a moment and wrapped my arms around his neck. I was lost in his kiss. Yes, it was wrong, but damn, this wrong felt so right. I sat on the bed, his mouth still on mine.

I reached for his boxers and tugged at them. He stood up as I pulled them down. His dick sprung out. I paused. I looked at his dick, in my right hand. I kissed the side of it. I licked the tip. I licked under it, from the base to the shaft.

I put his dick in my mouth and closed my eyes as I started sucking on it nice and slow. I didn't want to rush. Jeremy pushed himself into my mouth more and more until he hit the back of my throat. My mouth was making the gagging sound, something that seemed to turn him on. His hand rested on my head as I sucked him off. I dropped down to my knees and started sucking faster. My mouth was dripping with spit. It was sloppy and messy, and I couldn't control the noise it was making.

The spit dripped down on my hands, which I in return rubbed back on the dick. Jeremy had his head back, he wasn't making much noise, but the grip he had on my hair let me know he enjoyed it.

I jacked him as I sucked him off. I hadn't given head in over two years, I was sucking his dick like it was my last meal. I loved how he tasted in my mouth. I loved using my mouth for his pleasure. I wanted him to cum deep in my throat, letting all of it spill into me as I swallowed. Jeremy pulled me up, pushed me mia li horny and hungry for the cock pornstars and hardcore the bed.

I lay on my back, wiping the spit from my mouth as he took my panties off. He brushed over my pussy with his hand, feeling the effects of my Brazilian wax. My pussy was beyond wet. He commented how he has never met a woman who got this wet.

He spread my lips open and rubbed my engorged clit with his thumb. It felt so good. My breathing was heavy as he teased me. Finally, I felt his tongue on my clit. I moaned, staring at the ceiling as he licked my pussy like an ice cream cone.

He rubbed my pussy with his nose, his face was covered in my pussy juice. I loved looking down and seeing his head in between my legs. I rubbed his head, pushing it in my pussy more. I held on to the sheets as he found the one spot that I couldn't resist. He gripped my legs, I couldn't move while he licked my pussy. I came so loudly, begging him to stop. I think my begging turned him on more. He wouldn't stop, he kept going. He sat up, I pulled him towards me, kissing him.

I loved tasting myself on a man's tongue and Jeremy was no different. He eased his dick in my pussy. He was definitely bigger than Michael. I held on to him for just moment. He pushed inside me a little more.

I was tight, very tight. He started stroking in and out of me. His arms on either side of my face. He had his eyes closed as he began picking up the pace.

I told him to fuck me harder. He did just that. He pinned my legs back and found my G-spot. He rammed his dick inside me, beating the shit out of my G-spot. I grabbed a pillow so I could have something to bite into.

I was cumming so hard, harder than I had in years. My pussy was spilling around his dick. It was Intense. He flipped me over-and started fucking from the back. He grabbed my hair, making me arch my back as he fucked me. He smacked my ass and put his finger in my sune lion xxx bf5 story. The sensation of being double penetrated was causing me to have my fourth orgasm.

He grabbed onto the side of my waist, spreading my ass open as he dropped spit in the crack. The nastier he got, the wetter my pussy got. It started making the farting sound as he was fucking me. I couldn't help but moan his name over and over again.

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The same way I did when I would play with my pussy late at night, alone. Just when I thought we were done and ready for him to cum.

He laid down and told me to get on top. I damn near froze. I hated riding. Mainly, I hated daughterswap hot daughters get stretched fucked group sex beautiful because I was so self-conscious about my body.

I climbed on top, I glanced out the window. I couldn't see shit; it was snowing so hard. He eased his dick inside me. He told me to just enjoy. I sat back on his dick, it was a little uncomfortable at first but once I moved a little to the left, a moan escaped my mouth.

Jeremy grabbed my breasts, squeezing them together, rubbing the nipples with his thumbs. My hands were on his chest as my hips moved around, dancing on his dick. I had never been on top of man that enjoyable in my life. He grabbed my ass, squeezing it, black slut wit enormous tits nailed in kitchen made me throw my head back in ecstasy.

I dug into his chest. I felt my pussy ready to sing again. I moved faster, my body was no longer under my control. I had to cum on top of him. He had managed to get me out of my comfort zone and I was loving it. He started thrusting his hips into me, meeting my rhythm. He pushed me off, quickly getting in front me. He was ready to cum. It was only right for me to let him choose where he came, since I was on my fifth or sixth orgasm at that point.

He straddled himself over me, his dick pointing at my face. I moved my hair away and opened my mouth as he was jacking his dick. He moved closer. I closed my eyes. It was coming, I could tell. He was breathing heavy. His dick was touching my lips. I closed my eyes tighter. He was jacking his dick so fast, it was shaking the bed.

I kept my mouth open. Then it happened. His cum sprang out like a fountain. It hit my chin at first before pouring beautifully into my mouth. I didn't dare close my mouth until he told me to. He grunted as the last drops came out. I wiped my chin before swallowing his seed in one gulp. I walked in the bathroom, washed my faced and brushed my teeth while Jeremy collapsed on the bed.

I looked at myself in the mirror. Even I noticed the glow. I leaned on the wall in the bathroom, smiling. I had just been fucked so damn well, I wanted to co-sign for that Ford 250, black on black, thirty-five inch wheels with twenty-inch rims.

I wanted to iron his uniform and scrap the ice from his car. I walked in the bedroom and climbed on the bed. Jeremy was out of breath, smiling. He told me he had been waiting a long time to do that. I was surprised. I had been so nervous and in the end, it was just what I needed.

And better than I imagined. An hour later, I peeked out the blinds. The snow was still falling, there was no way he would be able to drive in it. He was stuck with me, for the time being. It was beautiful outside.

Everything looked so pure and beautiful. Jeremy lay asleep in the bed. I watched him. His dick was limp. I felt bad for what I did next, but I couldn't help myself. I climbed on the bed and took his dick in my mouth, sucking it back to life. Three hours later, while he was fucking me for round three, I glanced out the window. To my surprised, It was still snowing. "Thank you MotherFucking Nature" I said to myself as I rode Jeremy's dick.