Aalia baht xxx story sex stories bf

Aalia baht xxx story sex stories bf
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Everyday after school i would go to the park and sit on a lonesome bench while doing my homework. After 30minutes i got there an man aged around 33 would sit next to me. We always talked about anything that came to mind. It was a wednesday and school finished. I walked to the bench and started on my English homework. Its been 6 months since me a Karl hae been talking on this bench. I kept looking around for Karl when my watched beeped for 4:00.

'Hey Cutie, looking for me?' said Karls voice behind me. Karl was around 33, black hair with grey lines on the side nice body for an old man and tall around 6'. I went behind the chair and hugged him. I had to get on my toes to reach him and he always bent over to get a view of my ass. 'You really are a fine 14 year old Ellen.' 'Thank you Karl!' We talked and he helped me on my homework. I came home and My mom and Mel yelled at me becuase they saw me hugging an elder man.

I was furios so i went straight to bed. Next day after school i met up with Karl and told him about what happened. 'Well your always welcome to come stay at mine if you are scarred.' Karl said generisly 'Hey Karl want to see a movie tonight?' 'Well sure sounds Delightfull.' We went straight to the movies after je had answered me.

We decided to see a romantic Comedy and it was only us in the cinema. We had a good laugh and he put french slut lilith fucked by big cock hand over my shoulder.

I lifted up the seperator and cuddled up to him. After the cinema i said 'Hey hold on im ganna call my mom.' 'Mom.I dont want to come home tonight.why.last night you offended me Karl is nice.

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Im staying at Sams. Goodnight.' I raced to Karl and told asked if it was allright if i could stay at his the night becuase Sam was actually on a holiday.

He said yes and off we went to his house. We walked and talked and held hands.

We reached his house and it was massive! It was the Mansion like house 7 blockes away from my street. It was on a hill and a view of the sea north and the city south. We sat on his couch drinking cheap wine and talking still. 'Well how about you have a shower while i zip into town and get a nice drink from the bottlo?' he said 'what a splendid idea.' i said in a posh voice as i was nearly drunk. I went into the shower and had one realising i had no spare clothes. I put my panties on and wizzed to his room and put on an old hawaiin t-Shirt that went below my undies.

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'Ohh what a prerty sight!' Karl said. 'Oh sorry i dont have any other clothes so im just borrowing this.' 'Its all good.' We had a couple more drinks abd we were fully drunk.

We decided to play cat and mouse and i was the mouse. We ran all over his house falling into stuff and breakung them. I ran into the couch and tripped over it and landed on the cushions. 'Gotcha!' Karl screamed 'Now chase me!' I chased him into the master bedroom and tackled him to the bed. We both layed there on are backs laughing. We both turned over and accidently locked lips. 'Ooopsies!' we both yelled and continued laughing. 'You know what we should do?' Karl said Hiccuping after every second word.

'Have Hot greasy sex and never stop?' i said. I say what ever im thinking when im drunk so it slipped out. 'Exactly!' Karl replied.

I rolled my eyes and said 'Ok then.' We locked lips again and with tounge. I knelt on the bed and took of the ugly shirt and revealed to him my Bcup breasts.

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He came up to me and kissed me whilst foundaling my breasts. 'We should do everything we can think of exept you say something then after 20minutes i say something and we do it. Karl said 'hmmm i want you to fuck me just regualar sex.' So he took off his clothes while i removed my panties.

'Wow! I momster cock!' i shouted. 'Yer i got surgery to enhance it by 3 inches so its 11 inch in total!' I was exited.

I didnt know if he could fit that into my youth pussy. I laid on my back and opened my legs.

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He slowly aimed his head into my pussy. I hadnt had sex in ages so i was tight again. It didnt hurt when he put the head in but his dick was 1 and half inched thick. He got 7 inches in me and thrusted that much no more. He stopped for a minute and started back up to save his orgasm. 'Ugh ugh so big ugh ugh.' i moaned brazzers milf isis love takes on young studbrazzers naughty teen sydney cole. It was 20 minutes and he said 'I wish to Lick you for 20minutes.' I lyed still panting and he started forcing his tounge deep inside me.

I could feel my climax coming and so i kept lifting my body up. He got the sign and stopped. He then moved my legs over my head. 'Keep them there please.' he said. I did and he started licking my tight anus. This felt better then pussy licking. 'I want to suck you.' i said when the beeper went off indicating 20minutes was up. I had experience with sucking after sucking my math teacher of to get better grades. I also sucked a bouncer to get into a club and he had an 10 inch as he was black.

I easily fitted 9inch into my mouth without gaging. After 10minutes i got it all in my mouth. He moaned aswell. 'Anal!' he quickly said when the beeper went off.

I got up on my knees and put my hands on the bed like doggy position. He spat on an licked my arse for a couple of minutes before inserting the head in my arse. Before he stuffed any more in me i said 'Please dont insert all maybe 7 inches please.' 'As you wish.' He stuck around 6-8 inches in my arse and went at it. I was moaning like crazy and shouting 'Ohhhh yerrrr!' im pretty sure the neighbours heard me it was that loud.

He did what he girl in stockings pleases a fat cock did, stop then start to save the cum. It was 20 minutes and i had nothing else to think of so i said 'Lets finish this with a 69.' Karl laid on his back and i layed ontop of him. He had his way and so did i. I moaned while sucking him and he wast saying a word. The buzzer went of and we decided to keep going untill we climaxed.

Karl was first to Climax and i got sprayed with his hot cum all over my body. While i sat on Karls facing waiting for an orgasm i licked up all his cum. 'Ugh Ugh Ugh Im ugh cumming ugh!!!' i yelled I exploded with a powerfull orgasm in his mouth. It was around 2am and we decided to call it a night.

I layed there beside him with my pussy rubbing against his dick and my boobs pressing against his chest. My watch started beeping to indicate it was 9 and school had started. I arose from my slumber and woke up to Karl fucking my pussy. I shoved him off and thanked him for the night. I quickly ran home and found Mel cuddling up to mom while mom was crying.

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'Whats going on?' i asked 'I just got promoted to Exucutive Chairman!' 'Thats great news Mom congradulations!' 'We moving to London.' Mom said out of the blue. She discussed that she needed this job and gave me an option stay and get a gaurding or go. I thought loneg and hard and decided to stay. It was 2 weeks and it was time for Mel and Mom to go. I waved as the got in Mels car and they left leaving me with Karl.