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Teen great boobs sex video naked cam chat from
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I woke teen with natural tits gets her cum load in the middle of the night and found Amber missing. I figured she snuck off to the kitchen to get a snack or something drink. I felt kinda thirsty so I went in that direction to join her. I got into the kitchen and heard the sounds of sex coming from the living room so I peaked in that direction and saw Amber riding my Dad's cock hard and apparently in the midst of a powerful orgasm as her body was rigid against his and her hands clasping her small boobs and pinching her nipples hard.

After she came she wasted no time climbing off his lap and start servicing my Dad orally milking his cock for a sweet load of cum.

After a minute I heard my Dad grunt as he exploded deep into Amber's throat. She started to get up and I realized she was probably going back to the bedroom so I hurried back in there and quickly laid down and pretended to be asleep. I was so horny I laid on my side and stuck my hand into my crotch and shoved two fingers up my little snatch. Amber walked in the door and laid back down on the bed with me so I didn't have a chance to do anything but when she laid next to me I could smell the scent of my Dad on her and that didn't help matters.

She finally drifted off to sleep but I was way too turned on to fall asleep. Finally after a couple of hours of laying there going in and out of sleep I got up and went to my Dad's room. I found him there in bed (apparently he moved after his session with Amber).

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He was sound asleep and I didn't want to wake him so I just curled up around him and finally drifted off to a light sleep. I slept for a few hours then woke up again and the sun was just up and I saw my Dad stir a little.

He rolled onto his back and I looked up and down his body admiring it and then stopped at his crotch and saw the bulge rock singer ella artis malaysia sex it and noticed he was a little hard.

I was still super horny from seeing what happened last night so I ran my hands along his body slowly until I reached his thick cock and started stroking it and massaging the shaft.

I felt it grow in my hand as he reached a full erection so I scooted down under the sheets and wrapped my mouth around it and began sucking at it while I fondled his balls.

After a few minutes he moaned a few times along with my oral skills and then I felt his hand run up my leg and find my wet little pussy. I lifted my leg to give him access and he started caressing my pussy lips then slid a thick finger into my tight little hole and teased it in and out slowly. "Rosie you are such a good cocksucker." "Thanks Daddy," I said as I switched from sucking his cock to licking his balls and stroking his cock in my hand.

"By the way, I accidentally walked in on you and Amber fucking last night.

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That was hot. I could tell she really enjoyed riding your big cock." "I didn't mean for that to happen, she woke me up on the couch kinda like your waking me up right now." "I figured. I left a note telling her that I was going to your room and that she could join us when she woke up if she wanted.

I hope you don't mind" "I don't mind as long as you don't baby. I loved fucking her young cunt last night." Right then the door slowly creaked open and Amber peaked her head in timidly. I threw the covers back and looked over at her and gave her a Big smile and motioned her to come over to the bed, never letting go of my Dad's hard cock while I did. "I saw you fucking my Dad last night you little slut. It got me so turned on that I wanna see it again and join in." I said as she approached the bed.

When she got close enough I reached my free hand up under her night shirt that she slept in and slid it along her leg until I found her bare wet little snatch and started fingering her while stroking my Dad's meat. "Wow Amber, you're really wet. Get up on the bed and let me taste that little pussy." Amber crawled up onto Daddy's bed and laid down on her back next to him. I positioned myself in between her legs and started kissing up her thighs working my way up to her wet pussy.

I had never actually done this before but I had seen a few lesbian pornos and had a general idea of what to do. I reached around her and continued to stroke my Dad's cock and started kissing and licking all around Amber's sweet hole. I was so enamored by eating my first pussy and how good it tasted, then by Amber's deep moaning and squirms in reaction to my tongue that I kind of stopped playing with my Dad's cock so he got up and positioned himself behind me and thrust his thick meat into my little pussy and started fucking me while I ate out my best friend.

As my Dad started thrusting into me I let out a deep moan and felt Amber shiver as I did, then I remembered how my Daddy liked it when I moaned on his cock and figured it must be the same for girls. Daddy kept thrusting into me deep and hard and I moaned deep into Amber's snatch then I reached up and stuck two fingers into her little cunt and spread huge round ass mom fuck by son lips so I could dive my tongue deeper into her.

I continued to shove my fingers deep into her cunt as I ate her out and a few minutes later she was gasping and grunting then finally she let out "Oh Dammmn I'm CUMMING, DON'T STOP!!! UUUgggnnhhh." She went rigid and locked her legs around my head and her pussy gushed a juicy load all over my face.

"Wow Rosie, where did you learn to eat pussy like that, that was awesome." "You were my first actually. Daddy lay down, I want to ride you while Amber eat my pussy" Amber sat up and locked her lips with mine and kissed me deeply and passionately then started kissing and licking my cheeks and neck cleaning all her juices off of me. "I can't wait to taste your pussy, and you fucking your dad is so hot I love it." My dad had laid on his back and I positioned myself over his cock facing away from him so Amber could lay between our legs and eat me out.

I slid myself down onto his cock to the hilt and began grinding against him hard as Amber wasted no time and dove tongue first into my snatch licking my clit while my Dad filled my little pussy. She licked up and down his shaft and sucked his balls into her mouth then went back up and traced my pussy with her tongue and flicking my clit a few times before repeating the process.

I was in heaven but I wanted a little something more. I rose up off my Dad's cock and aimed it at my perky little asshole.

Amber saw what I was doing so she ran her tongue down my slit and started flicking and licking around my asshole to lubricate it for my Dad's massive cock. I eased myself down onto him a little ways and felt it needed more lubricant so I raised myself back up and Amber engulfed his cock into her mouth and noisily sucked on in making sure to coat it with her spit then let me guide it back into my posterior and continuing to lick and suck on my pussy.

Finally I was fully impaled on my Dad's cock and started riding up and down on it. I could tell he was happy as he was moaning deeply as he softly thrust up into me. I loved feeling my Dad's thick cock filling me up so fully.

I was riding it hard and feeling good when Amber decided to speed things along and shoved two fingers up my snatch and started licking my Dad's balls. I picked up speed and was really slamming into him and I could tell he was close to cumming and so was I.

"Oh Daddy, your cock feels so good slamming into my tight ass. Amber shove your fingers deep into my little cunt. Oh fuck me Daddy, make me cum. Shoot your hot load up my ass while Amber fingers me. Cum for me Daddy, Oohh." I was just starting to cum when I felt my Dad tense up and shoot his cum deep into my ass while Amber ground her fingers deep into me. I was over the top. I felt my body go rigid and my eyes shut as I gasped in pleasure from the orgasm.

I slowly eased my Dad's cock out of my ass and Amber sucked it into her mouth once again sucking all the juices off it greedily then started licking my asshole and sucking his cum from my sore little rectum.

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When she got done she sat up and looked at us. "That was fucking hot. I wanna come over more often." She looked at my Dad and noticed a concerned look on his face as I guess he was just realizing what had happened. "Don't worry Mr. D. Our little secret." She giggled and hopped off the bed and skipped towards the bathroom.

"You should go clean up too Rosie, your mom will be home soon and we can't be all naked and smelling like sex when she gets home." "Ok daddy" I said and kissed him then kissed his cock before following in Amber's trail.