My pussy is all wet now com fuck me deep

My pussy is all wet now com fuck me deep
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She was posting in her blog once again about her ideas and plans for her future self. She wanted to look like a complete and stereotypical bimbo. Big boobs, big hair, lots of curves, and when necessary the clueless look. She posted pictures in her blog all the time of what she thought of as the type of bimbo she wanted to become. She was getting fans all the time and some of hot camgirl shows off her sexy body fingering and hotgvibe making donations to help her with her transformation.

Along with her "bimbo" pictures, which were always sexy and kinky, she posted some taboo pictures as well.

She wanted her followers to know that yes, wanted to look like a bimbo, but deep down she was not. Her taboo pictures ranged from incestuous to bestiality.

What she didn't know though, was that she had developed a following of individuals that not only understood her views, but accepted them as well. These individuals liked both of her aspects and would always love her pictures and even on occasion send encouraging messages. The only thing she did not realize, is that these individuals were also a very tight knit group among themselves. And that they also happened to live nearby to her too.

So it happened one night, one of them got injured and reluctantly went to the nearest hospital. Only a few went with the injured one for support as well as to aid in something much bigger. As the staff took care of the injured member of the group, a nurse was recognized. They watched her while waiting for their friend. They made sure that his blood was not kept and their secret was kept once again.

They also started watching the nurse. Days turned into weeks as the observation was maintained. Mostly they watched from great distance. After watching her long enough they decide to make their move. She makes a post complaining about having to work a long week and that once it is done she will get a long break. Seems she had to cover for some nurses going on vacation and one going onto maternity leave which resulted in her working for eleven days straight.

The group decides to make their move on the morning of day twelve, which is supposed to start five days off of work. She walks out of the hospital and walks over to a small restaurant she madison fox seduces a younger man away from his gf for hard dick on her last working day.

She eats a decadent meal and drives home. The whole time she is followed by them. She arrives home and enters her small home. She tries to turn the lights on, but nothing happens. As she goes to the circuit breaker to see if something is wrong, she suddenly feels a sharp poke to her neck and it all goes black and silent. She wakes up several hours later.

As her brains starts to waken and orient itself, things don't feel right. First, she opens her eyes and it is almost pitch black and quiet. She looks around and realizes she is not in her bed much less her room.

She sits up in the bed and realizes she has no clothes on and there is something crusty and sweet smelling on her bare chest. She runs her hands over it to discover that it covers all of her torso and down her sides. She feels the bed and can feel some dampness around where her body was resting. She swings her legs around to get out of the bed and stands up. The floor feels like stone, not like a concrete floor, but a stone floor. She tries to look around more, hoping she can see something after hers eyes have adjusted, but she unable to distinguish anything around her.

She stretches her arms out and feels some pain and discomfort in her upper arms, almost like she was held down for a long time from someone over her. She shakes the sensation off and takes a few steps forward until she feels a wall. She steps a little closer and starts to follow the wall into a corner. She does this until she finds an opening. There is no frame so she starts to believe that is in some kind of cave.

A chill runs through her body and against reason, her nipples hard and extend from her tits. She continues past the opening to get the rough size of the room fixed in her head. While she has done this, she does not feel any other furnishings in the room. As she arrives at the other side of the bed, she stops and sits down. She once again looks around the room, hoping to determine more.

It is still as dark and quiet. She ponders where she is and runs her hands over the rest of her body. She feels small splashes of other crusty residue as well as she feels indentations in her upper arms. She smiles a little as she recognizes it to be marks left from rope bondage. She feels more at the middle of her thighs, calves and her ankles.

So she now knows she was tied up at some point. Instead of panic taking hold, which for most sane women this would happen, she just smiles deeper and giggles slightly. The eyes from the hallway nods at her reaction and silently steps away. "You were right, she is not panicking about being taken. In fact she was smiling after she felt the rope marks and the untamed and hot muff diving hardcore blowjob amount of dried cum left on her body.

She was not putting up a front or lying about her wants and desires." A man leans forward from his chair and grins widely. "I am glad to hear this, as will the others.

Let us be good host and bring her something to eat and drink. Take care of her minor needs. If she has questions, bring her to me." "Yes Alpha." The thinner man silently pads away and does as he is commanded. She is sitting on the bed, rocking slightly, when she hears someone coming.

She looks to the opening and sees a light approaching. She turns her head then covers her eyes with her hands. She feels someone enter the room and slowly she opens her fingers to let her eyes adjust to the light. Once she is acclimated, she lowers her hands. She doesn't try to cover herself, she feels that would just be pointless and look silly.

Her body has obviously been seen by whoever is here. Before stands a thin young man, maybe five foot and six inches tall. He has long black hair, a long beard and moustache, his eyes are a bright blue and seem to look uncomfortable in the bright lady he has provided. He holds a wooden tray in his hands that is piled high with meat, bread, cheese, and on the side looks like a small pitcher with a fluid in it.

Her stomach growls, against her inner commands, and she licks her lips. She watches his bare chest expand in a deep breath. In a rough voice, "I have brought you food and drink. When you are done, I will take you someplace to clean yourself." He steps to bed and puts the tray down and then retreats to a corner close to the opening. She sees that he is only wearing a small loincloth made out of some kind of animal skin. He is also bare foot and looks to have a few scars along his shins and his forearms.

He sits back on his haunches and watches her. She scoots over to look at the food on the tray. She takes a big slab of sliced meat and bites into it. It is tender and sweet and taste better than anything she has eaten in years.

She suddenly realizes how hungry she is and starts to eat in earnest. She grabs bread and tears into, and enjoys the taste of homemade bread. After several minutes of eating she reaches over for the pitcher and drinks deeply. It is clear and clean water tasting as good as the meat and bread.

She devours all the food provided and finishes the water. She looks over to see the man smiling and wonders why. She looks down at herself as best as she can and sees nothing wrong. He continues to smile more, stands slowly and steps over to grab the tray. She tries to grab at his hand but he moves quicker than her. He is standing in the doorway and his smile is gone.

"I will take you to get clean now. Follow me, closely. And please don't try to run away." He moves slowly away, waiting for her to follow him. When she doesn't he returns. "Please, you will want to get clean before meeting the others." She stands up and follows him as he walks away again. She looks around and sees that there are lights embedded into the rock ceiling.

He leads her down a long hallway with many other openings along the way. Some have cloth inside and blocking views, most don't. Finally lisey sweet sexy blonde masturbating with huge arrive in a large communal room. He stops and says, "Please wait here a moment." He steps into another opening and walks away quickly.

She looks around the room and sees that it resembles a room similar to what she had in college. Several different types of chairs, a few couches, and in one corner was computer tower and good size monitor. On the opposite wall was a big screen TV mounted on the wall.

As soon as she finishes looking around, the skinny man returns and smiles. He steps over to another opening in the big room and motions for her to follow him once again. As they move down the hall she is looking around and trying to determine where they are. He leads her to a room that resembles a locker room shower and directs her to clean up. She hesitates, then realizes that she is already naked and it would feel good to get all the dried up spunk off of her body.

She steps under a showerhead and reaches to turn it on, she squeals as the cold water hits her body gorgeous teen honey sucks and rides cock hardcore blowjob the skinny man just laughs at her. After a few seconds it warms up a little, but does not get any hotter. She sees dispensers for soap and shampoo so proceeds to get clean as ebony lesbian babe pussylicked at the gym as she can.

As soon as she is done the man throws her a towel and waits. Once she is done he grabs her hand and starts to lead her further down the corridor, she thinks that it turns, but is not really sure. After a couple of minutes she is lead into a large chamber where an older man is sitting on a large wooden chair with wolves carved into it. The skinny man steps up to the older man, bows slightly and introduces her to "The Alpha".

The man steps out of his chair and down to look the woman over. He is pleased to see that she has nice curves already and is certain that she will look better with larger tits. He paws at her flesh, digging sharp ragged nails along her skin. He leans in and sniffs at her and lets out something similar to a growl.

Finally, he steps behind her and reaches around to grab at her tits. She tenses up when she feels his bare cock brush against her ass. Without thinking, she pushes her ass back into him and she feels his cock twitch from her actions. He leers at then smiles. "She is acceptable, definitely need to get her tits bigger, preferably a natural way.

Put her in with the boys." She looks around at the few others in the chamber and fear starts to fill her body. She kind of liked his remarks, but the tone he used made her very nervous. She is lead down the hall and definitely around a few corners into she is pushed into a large room with very few lights. She looks into the opening, and can smell testosterone galore. She is very certain that there are many boys in the room and probably a lot of men too. She looks to the skinny man and hesitates.

He pushes her in and a door is closed behind her. Her eyes adjust to the small amount of light and as they do she can see that there are indeed many men and boys in the room.

It is much bigger then she thought it would be. Against one corner is a very large bed, bigger than she has seen before. Several men are standing around it and slutty lesbian centerfolds are spreading and fisting anals begin to touch and stroke their growing cocks.

She worries about how many are there, but she is not scared. A couple of boys step up her, look her in the eyes and instead of fear like so many women before her, her eyes instead are filled with lust. They suddenly start howling and quickly all of them are howling low and deep.

Almost like wolves she has seen on TV. She is then grabbed by the boys roughly as they pull her to the bed. As she is tossed into the middle of the massive bed, male bodies move onto the bed as well and they all start to touch her. She is overwhelmed with sensations of hands touching and brunette deepthroating and dped in fishnet stockings and gloves, mouths kissing and tasting her flesh.

Tongues touching all of her skin in some way or another, her body is responding even with her hesitations. She thinks about how she is always messaging about this exact experience or something similar, and now faced with it, she is not sure she is ready. The male specimens around care less whether she is ready and as she hesitates, their primal needs kick in. She is suddenly grab and flipped around with great ease and there are cocks in face.

Many of them, small to large and short to fat. One pushes forwards and touches her lips. She keeps her mouth closed, out of fear as well as curiosity. A hand grabs her wet hair and pulls hard on it.

She yelps out in pain and the cock rams into her mouth. Her teeth scrap across it, but that does not seem to even slow down the man attached to it. He starts to move his cock in and out of her mouth and she doesn't hesitate anymore. She feels the hot flesh of cocks rubbing across her flesh, pressing into her. Cocks pressed against her tits, squishing into her ass and thighs. Hands groping, pinching, pulling, twisting her nipples and tit flesh from all angles.

Hands sliding between her legs and feeling the fluids begin to flow as her body yields to the attention of so many cocks and hands. She pulls away from the cock just long enough to mewl out… "Use me!" Grunts and howls fill the room and a sexual frenzy vibrates through everyone.

Energy radiates from all the bodies. She loses herself to the sensations and becomes limp. Her mind wanders and then flares… this is what I have always wanted. This is my purpose. She moans and groans with all the touching and tasting and pressures. Very soon she feels a cock in her ass, one in her pussy, the one fucking her mouth and throat, as well as dicks in her hands and pressed against her face and body.

She cannot even fathom how all of them are touching her or even how many there are. She yields to the primal energies and left it wash over her. Minutes stretch into hours, she can feel cum sliding down her body, fluids dripping from her ass and cunt as they are being pumped full. She has lost count of her own orgasms, and has even moved to a state of euphoric bliss. As her mind tries to center and focus, she starts to make a realization, there is fur touching her.

She moves her head around, trying to open her eyes only to realize they are almost glued shut with cum. She lets a cock go from her right hand to rake across her face to clear her eyes. A moan of frustrating quickly follows.

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As she clears frenchmaid pov jerking hard cock reality cumshot eyes, she looks around to see that everyone touching her is covered in fur or really long hair. Her first thoughts are that they are wearing fur suits. She lets her head fall back onto the bed and is swept away with pleasure and pain.

She feels two cocks squeezing into her asshole at the same time and her mind decides it is time to shut down and she loses consciousness. She awakens to her body being washed. It is gentle and soft. She slowly opens her eyes to see she is in a small pool that is feed by a waterfall. She is surrounded by women of various nationalities. They are all chatting quietly as they are bathing her. When they notice she is awake they step up and sooth her. They speak quietly and assure her that she is okay.

Her body is bruised, she can feel most of them already forming. They must have continued after she passed out until they were all spent.

An older woman steps into the pool and approaches the woman. All the others fall back a bit and wait. "I am glad to see that you are awake. I was worried they had broken you. I am going to give you some medicine to help with the aches and pains as well as examine you to make sure you are alright everywhere.

Do you have any questions, besides the obvious?" She tries to speak, her throat is sore and raw. She is finally able to squeak out, "Where am I?" The woman waves for another woman to approach. "You are in the mountains obviously, right now I will not tell you anymore. Alpha has plans and if you continue to survive, and not severely injured after taking on the boys, more blonde chick gets hard dong in her asshole be revealed to you.

I can tell you this though, most of what has happened to you, it is because you yourself asked for it. Now be a good dear and drink this, it will taste horrible, but this will help your throat and more." She drinks the concoction handed to her and sputters, almost spitting it out. The matronly woman waves her hand in the negative.

It slides down her throat, and besides the taste, she can feel soothing sensations spread from her throat to her neck and then her whole body. She wonders what is in since she has never felt anything like this in her life.

"Will I ever be allowed to go home?" She is able to ask with little discomfort or pain. "Why would you want to", is murmured from all of the women and girls around her. The matronly woman moves between her legs, "In time you will understand, now please relax I need to exam your cervix." After a few minutes of uncomfortableness, the woman moves away.

"You are fine dear. I will tell Alpha that you need more rest today, as well as a good meal. Let these young ladies finish taking care of you and they will lead you to where you will be staying from now on. Toddles." The women finish bathing her, telling her about how life is so vanessa cage brother blackmail corey my sister simpler here than it ever was before they came here.

As the evening progresses she notices that all of the women have heavy, large breasts, exactly like she wants for herself. They finish her long bath and help to dress in a simple gown that can be easily discarded. She follows them into a room near the pool. She sees that there are few accommodations but it does not bother the others. They show her around and get her familiar with the other women present as well as what is expected of her.

She is told that she is here to pleasure the men, boys, and if she is lucky the Alpha. She sits on some pillows and ponders what she is told. Minutes later a bell rings and they all get up and rush out. She follows them slowly to a large kitchen where they are given directions and chores for a meal preparation. When all is done, they serve the meal to a room full of males of various ages and nationalities.

When they are done, the older women tell them to start cleaning and when finished will be feed. At the end of the day she is exhausted, not having performed that kind of work ever. She follows the other young women back to their quarters. She falls asleep quickly, having dreams of strange furred men fucking her. She wakes up a couple of times, not sure if she is afraid or excited about the dreams. Days pass by before she sees the skinny man from she first arrived.

She is starting to get used to her new life and quickly sees why none of the women really want to leave. She finds herself actually happy in this community where she is told what to do, when to do it, and the expectations are not difficult to maintain.

The skinny man takes her from the kitchen and down the corridor. She realizes that she is being taken before the Alpha once again. This time she is not afraid, she has seen him at meals, but he has never acknowledged her beyond demanding more food or drink.

Her nerves build as she wonders what is going to happen. The skinny man escorts her in, then leaves quietly. She looks around the room once again, no longer in fear. She sees animal hides on the walls and across the floor and the large majestic wooden chair carved with wolves.

She does not see Alpha, but hears him come into the room as she is looking around. "I am pleased you survived the boys. You have proven that you are worthy to be with us and ready for your changes. The boys wish to have you again tonight and Auntie says you are strong enough again. I hope you will enjoy tonight as much as you did the first." He waves her away and sits on his massive chair.

The skinny man steps in and leads her away from Alpha and down the room with "the boys". She enters the room and again smells the hormones as well the old smell of sex. She smiles as flashes of the last time crosses her mind. She looks around and sees all the men and boys in the room.

This time she is able to see just how excited they are to see her again. All of them are hard and throbbing. She pulls off her simple dress, tosses it into a corner and moves over to the bed, climbs to the center on her knees. She looks over her shoulder to see that she is quickly surrounded. Her heart races with anticipation and a slight undercurrent of fear. She takes a deep breath and exhales… "Hello boys!" They pounce on her like a pack of ravenous animals. She squeals out in pleasure as hands grab and squeeze her body.

She reaches out to grab male flesh, cocks, hands, whatever she can. Then it happens again. As her hand flails out, it brushes across fur or short hair. She tries to look for it this time, wondering if one of them brought a dog to their party of sex and ecstasy. As her eyes finds what she is searching for, she stops in shock and surprise. She sees one of the boys in the middle of some sort of change.

His body is thrashing slightly, his back is stretching as well as his arms. She watches as the other males grope and grind against her. One tries to move in front of her to shove his long cock into her mouth. She pushes him back to see the boy finish his change into what she can only call a wolf-man. The man she is pushing, looks over to see what has distracted, he chuckles and let lose a howl.

Quickly the others pick up on it and they also start to change and shift into similar forms. She is suddenly surrounded by wolf-men with throbbing dicks. She looks into their eyes and see them glazed with lust and yearning.

Her brain kicks in, lust flows through her body, her legs shack and she falls to her ass. A slightly curved penis is pushed into her face, she takes it into her mouth and starts to suck on it hard. She lets go and as soon as it happened the orgy seems to return. She can feel her own juices practically pouring from her pussy as they press in on her.

Just like the night before, she has cocks pressed against her. She takes them in her hands, stroking each one that she can reach. With the bodies moving and shifting it seems she has a different dick in her hands every few seconds. She is sucking and swallowing the one in her mouth as she feels it swell and pulse. She quickly opens her throat as best as she can as he shoots his spunk into her stomach. And so it goes for the rest of the night. Cocks are pushed, shoved, rammed, and stroked throughout the night.

She realizes that all of their dicks are thicker and some even longer. She just moans and groans in total need and pleasure. She is excited more by the fact that they are wolf-men. It seems as though all her deepest, darkest taboo thoughts are starting to come true. As she tries to focus back on the sex, a large, long haired wolf-man grabs her by the hips, flips her around with no problem so wet teen brunette sucking cock for tasty jizz is glamorous centerfold is showing her gaped slim crack in close up her hands and knees before him.

She laughs at the irony of the position as he rams a large, pulsing cock into her cunt. He immediately pushes against cervix and tries to go deeper. Pain rocks into her abdomen as he slams into her, each stroke in pushes harder until finally getting where he wants to be.

Her mind reels in the pain of his fat head entering into a place that has never been breached before. Tears stream down her face, then they are wiped aside by fat dick in her face. She opens her mouth and takes as much as she can into her mouth, trying to swallow it if possible.

Soon the pain from her pussy ebbs as he plows into her hard and fast. She can feel claws dig into her hips, with a slight sting of pierced flesh with the warmth of blood dripping from her punctured flesh. Her brains seems to enter a new space of bliss she has never entered before. She wails out in wanton lust and pushes back against her lover.

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The rest howl in delight and fervor as they recognize her acceptance of what she has become. Wet, dripping cocks pressing all over her body. Leaving behind trails of pre-cum as they slide against her. She tries to touch and stroke as many as she can. She doesn't know how many are there, but she wants to feel each and every one.

Soon each of her wet holes are being used and filled with cock. As soon as one fills her with cum and slides out, another takes its place. She feels her pussy and asshole stretch and slide over the monstrous dicks being pushed, shoved, and rammed into her.

Her voice is gone after a couple of hours of her moans, groans and her throat being used for as cum dumpster. This time she is able to maintain her consciousness and enjoys each and every dick that is used in and on her body.

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By morning, she is not able to move. Her legs are sore from all of the sexcapades and rough use. As she lays on the bed, the males start to silently leave as the young ladies come into the room once again.

They help her up and into the pool, where she drifts in and out of sleep as she is bathed and examined. She awakens in the communal room she shares with the other young girls. She is covered in large fur pelt, she slowly shifts from under it and slowly stands up. Her legs are weak, and she hurts in places she has never hurt from before.

She smiles none the less and makes her way to the bathroom. When she returns to the room she sees the matron from earlier waiting for her. They embrace each as she sits down. "You will be staying with us a long time if you want. But this is your one and only chance to leave.

I am pretty sure you are pregnant from one of the boys, but won't know for sure for a few weeks. You can stay with us, become a part of the family and continue to breed future generations. Or you can leave and never return to us or our ways. Think deeply on this and tell me in the morning." The matron kisses her on top of her head and leaves her alone. Once she is gone, many of the other young girls come rushing and pounce on her. All of them giggling and smiling, they are all hugging her tight, acting like sisters.

As she is overwhelmed with emotion, she realizes this is most happiness she has had in a long time. She busty milf nikki capone blows well hung painter pornstars hardcore accepted and wanted here. She wiggles free of the girls and rushes out into the hall. She see the matron at the far end, then yells… "I will stay!" She returns to the room to squeals of happiness and joy. All the girls are hugging her again and telling how happy they are that she is staying.

They all collapse down in the bedding hugging and touching each other. She lays in the midst of the warmth and love and feels content for the first time in her life. Then she wonders&hellip. How big will her tits grow while she is pregnant?