Xxx story of shruti hasan

Xxx story of shruti hasan
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Heather is on her knees before my strength, She says " John darling, you are before me with your magnificent erect cock." She looks up into my eyes, searching for my passion and desire for her. Seeking my approval and lust, her hand strokes my hard thick shaft. Long strokes feeling my silky cock skin, the rock hardness of my shaft and the pulsating veins snaking around it, holding it in her hand makes her horny and wet.

Her pussy is dripping into her panties.her mouth is wet and ready.her lips aching to have me between them. " MMMmmmmm." She says. " Babyyy, I want to taste you I need to have your cock fill me." She looks up at me so naughty, my eyes dark with lust looking down at her.

She moves her mouth to my cock head, looking into my eyes.

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Her tongue sticks out to bathe my cock, watching as she licks my head. around and around.the rim. placing her lips on it. nibbling. tasting. smelling. then.needing more. Heather wants me, she can no longer wait. She grabs my cock head in her fist, only the head peeking out placing her mouth on it. surrounding it. licking and sucking. her saliva dripping down onto my shaft. onto her fist. making it slick. moving her hand up and down along with her mouth.

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sucking. sucking. harder. deeper. tongue swirling. tasting. moans vibrating. surrounding my whole cock.sliding deeper in her mouth. Her pussy is soaked and aching to be filled, only makes her suck me harder.

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exquisite torture. Watching her head bobbing up and down.on my cock. so slick with pre-cum and saliva. sliding in and out of her hot wet mouth. so snugly around me .sucking.harder.deeper. Taking me from my tip all the way down, slowly at first, getting used to my size and girth stretching her mouth as I grow. up and down her mouth works my cock. milks it. coaxes my cum.

She feels me throbbing between her lips. more. She wants more. She is moaning and pumping her hips, I want her to deep throat my huge cock. She wants it too. " MMMmmmmm. I'm wet, so wet and throbbing, your cock in my mouth; deeply fucking my wet hot needy cunt. Please." She tastes me so salty and sweet, letting me fuck her sweet teasy mouth the way she knows I'm going to fuck her pussy later.

Pumping in and out. gagging her. feeling her throat close around me. so tight and wet. She can't get enough of my hands on her head, guiding her, teaching her the way that pleases me the most. She is so eager to please. sucking faster.harder. So deep her lips flush against my pelvis; gagging hearing my loud moans, feeling the throbbing so hard now.It's cumming.She knows I'm close. She looks up at me." fill me with your cum. Let me taste you.drink you." Then my hips begin pumping, hard thrusts.

She moans loud around my cock that is locked inside of her mouth; and I cum. My hot cream rushing down her throat. She swallows me so pleased.over and over.sucking me dry. licking and sucking all of my cum from my cock.not missing a drop.

Finding her way up to my lips to kiss me, let me taste myself from her mouth. Her tongue hotly assaulting me kissing passionately then onto the bed where she climbs sex in black fishnet lingerie and a shiny corset on me pushing her panties to the side she rubs my softening cock between her slit to give her some relief from the aching.

Rubbing her clit showing me how much she needs me. How much I have aroused her. With a smile and a fluid move I flip her onto her back, kissing down her body licking, kissing and biting.

Lathing her nipples with my tongue while my hand forces her knees apart, spreading her pussy lips so hot and slick swollen and needy. She moans and writhes beneath my hands. I push two fingers in deeply and fuck her, in and out. My mouth moving lower. She watchs as I withdraw my fingers sucking her juices hot brunette schoolgirl rides a thick dong them, so hot.

I kiss her soft smooth mound moving lower, licking her slit." OH YESSSSSSSS.".as my tongue dives deep. thrusting. licking. sucking. teasing her pussy and clit until she cums around my hot tongue.hard." OH YESSSSSSSS." She screams out my name ending in a delicious whimpering cry. " Oh.John.John.John.aaaaaaahhhhhh.aaaahhhh." Feeling her contractions, it is sweet heaven.

Her cum is sweet and musky, dripping from her open pussy as I lap it up savoring her. She pulls me up to her; into her arms kissing me gently, sharing her cum with me.

She caresses my face, watching my eyes close as I drift off to sleep. holding me close to her. so satisfied. for now. Heather wants to give me something different and unexpected for our first valentine together.

Something that she knew I'd love and never forget. Waking up, Heather bought me one of the usual Valentine's Day gifts a pair of black silk boxers with red hearts on them and an Italian watch I'd been eyeing for the past three months. Aside from her doing the planning, everything is going as usual. She is wearing a mid thigh red lace chamisa with spaghetti straps resting on her shoulders.

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Underneath she is wearing nothing. We go downstairs for breakfast, I'm wearing only the silk boxers. We sat at the candlelit table, we drank some champagne, talked the same conversation, said the " I Love You's." Everything is normal. It is sweet and romantic early morning breakfast. After we finished our breakfast I slid a red velvet box across the table. She opens it to find a beautiful platinum necklace in the shape of heart lined in diamonds. It s gorgeous!

I stood up and put it on her. When I sat down she gave me the watch that she had bought which I loved. It was the exact one I'd been wanting.

Heather told me that she had a surprise waiting for me in our room upstairs. She is anxious to see the look on my face, and I'm anxious to see what my surprise is. She opened the door she told me to leave the lights off as she took her shoes off near the door. She lit a few candles around the room huge natural tits babe bangs in bathroom stood next to the foot of the bed facing me. She slowly slid the dress off of her shoulders, down her body, and onto the floor.

She stood there naked wearing nothing but the necklace I had just given her. Her nipples are hard from a combination of the lace on the dress rubbing against them and the slightly chilly temperature in the room. I stood there smiling as she walked over to me.

She kisses me deeply running her hands over my chest and shoulders. Then she kisses my neck while sliding her hands down my body.

She feels my cock stiffening in my shorts. She gently kisses my stomach as she slides my shorts off, as she moves her mouth downward my hard cock hits her lips as she opens her mouth and takes in as much of my cock as she can. She continues to suck and lick my entire cock, making sure not to leave an inch untouched.

After I'm undressed she tells me to go lay on the bed and she gathers my belt and tie. She walks over to the bed holding my belt and tie and straddles herself over my hard cock making sure not to let me enter her. She took my left arm and tied my wrist to the bed post with the tie, then tied my right wrist to the other side using the belt. She can tell by the grin on my face how excited I am. When she has me securely strapped she leans down and kisses me again then stood up and walks over and sat on the couch.

I look at her with an extremely confused expression on my face. She smiles at me then yells " He's ready!" The bathroom door opens and there stands Marci my New York lover wearing a sheer chemise that ends an inch below her pussy and nothing underneath. I can see her hard nipples creating peaks in the chemise. As she walks closer I can tell she is clean-shaven. Heather pats the empty spot next to her on the couch signaling for Marci to sit beside her, which she did.

She sat on Heather's knees facing her. Heather looks over at me then kisses Marci as she slowly slides her hand up her silky thigh, underneath her chemise, and begins caressing the wet lips of her pussy with her fingers. Marci let's out quiet moans. Heather glances over at me. Heather can see the precum on the tip of my cock reflecting the candlelight in the room.

My eyes are wide open as if I can't believe what I'm seeing. Heather whispers in Marci's ear to go over to me. Marci walks over to me, I look at Heather as if I were surprised that she is letting this happen. Marci kneels on top of me slowly lowering herself onto my cock inch by inch. I trie thrusting my hips up and she pulls back. They told me to be patient and Heather got behind Marci holding down my legs to make sure I didn't try that again.

Marci starts again slowly sliding onto my cock. This time I didn't move and Marci got all the way down having massage rooms oil soaked sensual blonde czech ffm threesome last inch inside of her.

Heather lets up off of my legs and Marci starts riding me hard. Marci bounces on my cock and she lands harder and deeper each time she screams louder and louder. I'm breathing heavily. Heather sat herself back down onto the couch and touches herself as she enjoys the show. Heather is dripping wet and knows it won't be long before she came. Heather remembers being turned on this much four hours ago.

Heather can tell they were both getting close, too. Heather watches Marci fuck me faster and harder as they both got louder and louder. Then at the exact same time they both yelled out in ecstasy as they came. Hearing and seeing that brought Heather to orgasm her juices quickly flowing. Afterwards Heather stood up, shaky in the knees, and told Marci to sit at the top of the bed next to where my head is.

Heather spread open Marci's legs and begins eating her out licking up my cum as it trickled out of Marci's freshly-fucked pussy. My cock starts to get hard again this time Heather wanted it. Marci left shortly after Heather finished licking her clean. Heather untied me and as soon as I'm free, I thank her for my Valentine surprise.

Isit up and get up off the bed, taking her hands I pull her towards the bed. Sitting on the edge, I take her hips pulling her to stand between my legs.

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With the mirror behind her she knows that if she bent to take my cock into her mouth, I would see her pussy lips and parted ass cheeks. She moves to do just that, I stop her, positioning her to stand there with legs slightly parted. I lean forward and capture a nipple between my teeth, teasing her, before sucking it into my mouth and stroking it with my tongue. Her fingers are drawn to her other nipple, squeezing and twisting the hardened flesh between finger and thumb.

With me tugging on her nipple she feels her pussy start to tingle and a shiver runs down her spine. My hand is curved around her hip sliding over her belly and down to the top of her thighs. My probing fingers explore further, parting her pussy lips and grazing across her clit, before slipping into her pussy. She hears a satisfied groan, not knowing if it came from me or her.

Lifting my mouth, my eyes meet hers, " You are so wet and I'm going to fuck you." My hands guide her so that her back is to me once again she can see herself in the mirror, eyes wide, skin flushed. " Sit on me Heather," my hands on her hips guiding her down.

She pauses hovering above my cock so she can take it in her hand and guide it. Pressing past the lips letting me feel her wetness with my tip, before taking all of me inside her in a slow downward movement. She moans satisfaction at how good my cock feels inside her pauinge to savour the sensation. Her pussy contracts around the thick shaft, my cock throbbing in response. The thick shaft feels oh so good and she starts to rock her hips backwards and forwards.

She feels my moan against her shoulder and my hands cupping her tits and pushing them together, squeezing her pale flesh. Her hands on her thighs she starts to rise, releasing all but my tip, before consuming me again. Her hips circling each time she raises herself, ensuring me feeling her tightly wrapped around me. With a final squeeze of her hard nipples my hands clamp firmly on her hips, inciting her to fuck me faster, pulling her down onto my deliciously hard cock.

The mirror reflects all and she sees us joined, she sees her pussy stretched around my big hard shaft, swallowing it only to free it again. Her eyes fixed on my cock surging into her. My hand lingers over her pussy, stroking the parted outer lips, flicking her clit, eliciting a loud moan of frustration when I pause in my ministrations. Her fingers quickly replace mine, brushing against my cock as we fuck, rubbing her clit in rapid motion. I know she is going to cum and I thrust up inside her pulling her tight to me.

" Look in the mirror, into your face as you cum." Heather sees her wide eyes and parted lips, before her eyelashes flutter down and her body stiffens, her pussy contracting and pulsating tightly around me as she emits a long, yr olds suck cock amp fuck compilation amateur allure moan, echoed by my own.

Heather opens her eyes to perky tits teen smashed by huge shaft in many positions masturbation pornstars the reflection of me holding her, her hands grasping mine.

I kiss the side of her neck and urge her to sunny leone sex her cunt, her legs feeling shaky. Stroking her hips and ass, I position her so she is bending over the bed, resting on her elbows and if she turns her face she can see the mirror.

She feels the heat of my body behind her, hands spreading her legs a little further apart. Fingers brushing her soaking wet pussy. Then I, rub the tip of my cock against her, probing her folds.

Pushing slowly, until every inch of my cock has been consumed and I groan in gratification. Withdrawing completely, I grip her hips, holding her firmly thrusting inside her in one move, filling her.

Turning her head she can see me, my cock thrusting in and out of her. Oh it feels so good this deep, then fucking her hard, where every thrust is greeted by a sigh or moan of ecstasy. She feels my fingers rubbing over her clit, deliberate pressure meant to make her body tingle.

Seeing my cock fucking her, feeling me deep inside her and my fingers against 4739 show me what you got on camera clit, She knows that she will have to cum soon, she can't hold it back.

Her stomach tenses as she feels my thrusts harder and faster, fingers clutching at the covers as she feels those first sensations. Body tensing, followed by rippling contractions around my cock. I slam harder, faster as her pussy squeezes me so tight. Then I succumb, thighs straining, cock throbbing as I erupt inside her, flooding her pussy with my seed. She feels me pulsating as I expel the last drops of cum and wrap my arms around her waist, breath hot and laboured against her skin.

Heather knows I will never forget my Valentine Fuck sessions.