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Punish teens compilation first time i am a deepthroater for a qb
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Broken Angels Chapter 1 - Awakening A young blonde woman named Daisy had woken up from a drug-induced coma. A few weeks ago, she had overdosed heavily on heroine.

She didn't do it with the express purpose of killing herself, but she had done it knowing full well even though she knew it was a possibility.

Her life had fallen apart and she just wanted the high, and to not feel anything anymore. When she awoke, the nurses at the rehab clinic told her that she would have died if it weren't for her best friend, It felt like she was the only person she had left the only person who she still felt like she had. She had been pronounced dead and brought back and put into a coma until she could get all the drugs out of her system.

Now, she was recovering at the center, trying to get her thoughts straight and recover to get better. Today was the day she was finally supposed going to get to go home. However, something felt different about life, about her body, her mind. Better than before, but different. She couldn't explain it. It was late in the evening when a dark SUV rolled up next to an old church.

Drug addiction rehab signs posted. Mister O stepped out of the vehicle wearing his dark suit, black polished chelsea boots and his neatly cut black hair combed in a fauxhawk style with a scruffy beard covering heavy scruff on his face.

He stood by his vehicle and waited until all the attendees were dismissed from their session. With a lit cigar in his mouth he watched until he spotted a man looking to be aged in his fifties. From there Mister O threw the cigar to the man's feet as he approached the him and tossed his cigar at the man's feet. "Carl Johnson, my name is Mister O," the sharply dressed man introduced himself only to punch to Carl in the stomach causing him to lose his breath.

"You don't realgfsexposed beautiful redhead cums very sologirl and amateur too good. How about we speak in private?" said Mister O. As Daisy exited the building with her small bag of belongings, she saw the scene going on outside the center. She gasped and couldn't help but watch.

For some reason she felt compelled to watch the scene, feeling an irresistible urge to and approach the man, the one in the suit. "There's a girl missing and I know you know what's going on!" Mister O demanded of Carl Johnson. The other man fell to his knees and began to whimper, "Please, Sir, don't hurt me.! Someone.help! Call the police!" "Okay, you wanna play hardball?". Mister O responded sounding in a frustrated tone.

He then reached for his hip and drew out a pistol, and pointed pregnant lady with big bosoms gives thorough blowjob and gets fucked at the man's head, "You know who I work for, so you also know that means the police aren't coming.

You got until I count down from three before I end you." "Three!" Mister O started counting, "Come on, Carl, where's the girl?" Carl winced while covering his face as Mister O put the gun to his head.

"Please. Stop!" he begged. "Two!" Mister O continued. "I. I.," Carl stuttered. "Last chance, where is your cult?" Mister O demanded with one last final warning as he pulled the hammer back on his pistol. Daisy was frozen in her place on the cool sidewalk, watching the two men in what seemed like a very heated situation. The one ratty looking man named Carl had fallen to his knees and was begging the sharp dressed-looking one named Mister O and asking for someone to call the police.

There seemed to be a girl missing, according to the suited man, and he certainly looked like a detective or something, so she wasn't about to call the police on him. Besides, she also had no phone. A strange voice then spoke softly into Daisy's mind. A male voice, but gentle, "Lux Omnia Vincit," repeated over and over as if wanting her to say it to Mister O. When she heard the phrase repeated in her ear, she looked confused., but again, something compelled her forward.

Doing her best to appear seemingly calm in manner, she took a deep breath. After readying herself as best she could her feet brought her over to the man and she whispered in a low voice, looking up at him.

"Lux Omnia Vincit." Mister O paused when he heard the girl whisper to him. He had been so occupied with the now ragged man he didn't notice the girl approach.

But, hearing the phrase, "Lux Omnia Vincit," caught him off guard. He then turned towards her, while his pistol still pointed at the other man. "Wait.who are you? Why did you say that phrase?" he asked. It was obvious that phrase had a deep meaning to him. Just mertua vs menantu semi ngentot, the other man got up and ran off. Mister O turned and saw him run and immediately pursued after him.

He quickly caught up to him and tackled him to the ground from behind where they wrestled a bit. During the scramble, the man had landed on his head causing him to go unconscious. "Hey, you gonna help?", he asked Daisy as they hadn't run far, "Seeing Assuming as you're familiar with ancient Illuminati code words, you're here to help, right?" The man demanded that Daisy tell him why she said that phrase and who she was here.

"I, um.," she mumbled not really sure how to respond. She didn't know what the phrase meant. She'd never even heard it before. She just felt like she needed to say it to this man. As she was trying to respond, the two men took off and one of them was geeky teen gets pov sex by horny boyfriend unconscious. Not surprising to her, it was the sharp-dressed man that seemed to come out victorious. He then asked if she was going to help and something about Illuminati code words.

She seemed even more confused for a moment. "Illuminati?" she said, gasping and blinking. "I. I don't know. Something just made me say that to you. What. what does it mean?", She asked quietly as she walked over and helped him with the other man.

She was not all that large though, and only provided a bit of help. "It means Light Conquers All," Mister O responded as he dragged the other man with Daisy's help.

"In the old days of my organization, it was code to enter secret catacombs under specific towns undergoing research. Either way, it's not everyday someone spouts out ancient code." He led her to his SUV, though the commotion had attracted a crowd of people to watch, Mister O didn't seem to care as he stuffed the man into the trunk.

"Okay, I don't know who you are or who sent you. But, obviously there's something odd about you. You can either hop in or run, but either way there's a drone flying over us and I'll catch up to you eventually. So please save me that trouble," Mister O explained.

Daisy blushed when she realized all the people were watching them. She still didn't know what was going on. He explained what the phrase meant and she nodded a little bit, not really understanding. What was happening to her?

The man was now in the SUV and the suited man was telling her that she could either come with him or run and she didn't really wanna run, but she had no idea who this man was. But he did a good job of scaring her, so she followed him into the vehicle. As Mister O started the car, a computer screen emerged from the dashboard. A webcam lense on top scanned Daisy until an automated voice spoke, "Greetings, Mister O.

I am the Eye. The Eye in the Sky, the pyramidion. I see you have a guest. Remember this Friday is Hawaiian shirt Friday." Then the computer screen filled with various records, police records, medical records all belonging to Daisy. The voice known as the Eye continued, "Greetings, Daisy, it says here you were pronounced dead not too long ago and then revived. O.M.G. that reminds me, Walking Dead season premiere coming soon. I see no record of affiliation to any secret society, cabal, or shadow organization.

Have a good day." Daisy stared at the computer as it spoke. She looked like she was completely mesmerized by it. It was so futuristic and seemed to know everything about the situation, about her, about the man beside her. Occasionally few times, she looked at between the computer, and the man beside her.

It had all of her records. Even the ones from the most recent overdose incident that had landed her where she was right now.

She also couldn't help but let out a soft giggle when it seemed excited about the TV show. A computer that got excited. Odd. Just like that, the screen submerged back into the dashboard. "Okay, so your name is Daisy," Mister O began, "I'm Mister O, and I work for the CIA, Shadow Spectrum division. You can say we investigate and operate outside the realm of normal by societal standards.

But what's your story? You some kind of clairvoyant?" When he introduced himself and told her that he worked for the CIA, she nodded some. "Nice to meet you," she said softly.

Then he asked what her story was and she ran a hand through her hair, looking down and shrugging. "I'm no one. A depressed heroine addict who can never get her life together," she explained. "No. not a clairvoyant or anything like that. I mean. I don't think so? I don't know what's going on." Chapter 2 - Blue Angel He pulled into the driveway of a random house in quiet suburbia.

It was nothing out of the ordinary. It matched all the others, and definitely followed within HOA regulations. "There's a girl missing, and this is her house. Daisy, look, you probably have no idea what the fuck is going on. But, I need your help," Mister O asked as he dismounted the vehicle and made his way towards the trunk and opened the door. He then grabbed the man and threw him over his shoulder.

"The front door is unlocked, Daisy. Can you open it for me while I carry this asshole inside?" Daisy frowned when he mentioned the missing girl again. She wondered who this missing girl is, how old she was, how the man in the back of the truck connected to that. He said he needed her help and she nodded but looked confused. "Okay, but. how?" she asked, sighing, feeling like she really had no way of helping. Nodding when he said to go and open the door, she moved out of the truck and went to open the front door.

She looked back to see Mister O carrying the man in and then walked further inside, looking around the quaint family home. No one was here. It looked like it had been some time since anyone was but it was mostly in good order, save for some rummaging. "Her name is Madelyn," Mister O said as he nodded towards one of the family portraits that hung up on the wall.

Among those in the portrait, there was teenage girl with dyed blue hair, a real cute smile and a girl next door type of beauty. Daisy frowned more when she looked at the family portrait as Mister O explained the situation in more detail. She was so young and beautiful. Daisy hoped the girl was okay, then had a thought and looked around the house.

"What about the mother?" she asked, pointing to the woman in the photo. "She's not here. Did something happen?" she asked, frowning again. The blonde watched Mister O as he continued to carry the man towards the basement door only to open it and throw him in and locking him inside. "We'll deal with him if he wakes up. If not, we have ways to probe his memories.

But I wanna show you something," he said while he led Daisy back to the living room where many works of abstract art hung on the wall. Daisy ran a hand through her hair, nodding as he explained the process.

She looked like she wanted to question him when he said something about probing someone's mind for memories, but figured it wasn't the weirdest thing she'd seen today. "Her step father went missing about a few weeks ago, he's an art professor in the local college. But, earlier in my investigation I noticed this," he then pointed at a strange pattern within the art, "These are occult runes. He's using art to mask these runes. We haven't determined anything yet as far as the nature of these runes.

Do you feel anything?" When he called her over, she looked at the art closely, going from piece to piece. "Yeah, I see them," she said. She was no expert on runes of any kind, she'd never even finished college, but it was pretty easy to tell once he pointed them out.

He asked her if she felt anything and she blinked, looking at him for a moment and then back to the art. Running her fingers over some of it, she frowned, feeling silly. "I don't know how to do any of this. I don't know if I even can do any of this," she said and sighed. "If he hid them in the art. they have to have some meaning to him, or be leaving a message to someone. Do you know if the runes have any ties to, like, specific occult rituals?" "Runes are not necessarily evil in itself.

But, like everything else, it depends on how you use it. Depending on how they use these runes can better explain the nature of the rituals being intended," Mister O explained. He then walked over to the computer in the living room which had a tablet already hooked up to it indicating he had already been at the house at least once before meeting Daisy.

"Here's the mother," Mister O explained as he brought up an article online, "She had been deceased as of a few months ago while driving home from work during a hit and run car accident." Mister O then opened his tablet which seemed to bypass all password restricted programs which he brought up an email from the girl's father: Maddie, It's daddy.

I'm in trouble and Pornlovo free fuck movies high definition adult videos part 331 need your help. I'm going to call you soon! Love you, my blue angel. Mister O continued to explain more, "This email came in less than a week ago. Soon someone at this IP address began searching the deep web looking up various occult websites.

Not the cheesy Gothic fashion stuff, I'm talking stuff under the eyes of Venice. And then three days ago her friends reported her missing. Now you might be wondering how dipshit in the basement is involved." Mister O then brought up police records regarding the man, "He's a known pimp. Likes to sell girls struggling out in the street, more specifically college girls barely able to keep their tuition costs.

And look what we have here, the night of Madelyn's disappearance is a Walmart surveillance footage of him with his arm around her." Daisy looked distraught by everything he was saying. None of this was good news. Nothing he was saying made the situation any brighter or made her think the girl might be okay or easy to find.

She watched him with the tablet, showing her all of the information he had found. The girl's mother was dead, her father missing, and now she'd been seen with a known human trafficker. The email from the father made her stomach turn. It seemed. off. Things were bad and were going to get worse from here on out.

She went back to the art and stared at the runes once more, running a hand through her blonde hair. "This whole thing makes me sick," she said quietly and chewed on the inside of her lip. "The girl is with her father. somehow. I don't know how I know. But there's no way, with that email and the way all this lines up with the search history. she's definitely there. Looking at that email makes me certain," she said, taking a breath. "But how does that guy play into this then?" it was more of a thought out loud than a question to him.

Suddenly the man in the basement woke up. He began banging on the door, "Help! Let me out!" Mister O looked annoyed by the screaming. He then sighed in frustration, "Okay, Daisy, I know this ordeal might be too much for you sweeties penetrate men butthole with oversized strap on dildos and bla handle.

But, I'm going to open that door and I'm going to beat the information out of him. You can leave or look away if you want." And just like he advised her, he did just as he said. He opened the door and attacked the man as he entered and closed the door behind him. Daisy took a deep breath when he said that he was going to go beat the information out of the man and she nodded. "Okay," she said and watched as he went to the door. While all this was going on, she seemed a little shaken but fairly calm given the situation.

She walked to the front door and stepped outside, pulling the pack of cigarettes from her pocket and lighting one. She let the nicotine calm her nerves as the scene carried on in the house. "Where is she?!!" Mister O roared from inside. From the outside a lot of yelling and banging sounds could be heard.

The commotion was enough to cause the closest neighbors to peak out the windows. Then the man screamed in agonizing pain. It was almost as though he was weeping and crying and then there was silence. The door opened and Mister O stuck his head out the door for a second. Daisy didn't pay attention to the neighbor peeking out the window, tried not to pay attention from the sounds coming from inside the house and smoked her cigarette. Finally, she turned back to the door and peeked inside, curious as to what was going to happen next.

Mister O's clothing was a bit ruffled from the his scuffle with Carl Johnson. His sleeves were rolled up to his elbows in which his inner left forearm revealed a tattoo of Old English calligraphy writing saying, "MEMENTO MORI." "We got a lead," Mister O said to Daisy as he straightened out his clothing. "You willing to do some undercover? There's a brothel in the Albanian district in the city. Carl dropped her off at one of his contacts. Ultimately, I don't think she's there, but there has to be a clue." Then as he headed out towards the SUV, he turned around and looked at Daisy, "I'm sure you're wondering about dispshit in the basement, if so.hop in and I'll explain." Chapter 3 - Lost Souls Minutes began to roll by as the SUV now entered the freeway towards the city.

"You're asking how Carl Johnson connects? He's no ordinary street pimp, he mostly deals with occult groups. They usually have good funding operations, therefore they can pay scum like Carl Johnson to deliver her. Either way, he's locked up in the naughty blonde milf sharon foldhart fingering her saved twat masturbation pornstars, and don't worry, I have a team en route to erase his memories," Mister O explained. "I'm guessing the brothel is a meet up point to exchange the girl for money with the cult.

But, here's the thing, based on the family portraits and the family pictures, we assume Madelyn has a strong bond with her step father. But after him disappearing and then her mom passing, she'll do anything to get her dad back. But, the question remains, do you think the father is a victim or is he one of the assholes?" Mister O further explained.

Daisy listened as he started to explain the situation with the cult and the pimp, she nodded in understanding and ran a hand through her hair. When he asked the question, she frowned a little and nodded. "Yeah, that is the question and I have a sick feeling about it.

To me, the signs point to something bad. I don't think he's the victim, but that's just my feeling." "I agree, something seems off about spanked and fingered by daddy extreme rough brutal hardcore gangbang first time wanting. I don't like it at all," Mister O responded.

He then switched on the car radio and the stationed playing was that of the news. The more it aired, the more he looked annoyed by current events. "Today the United Nations has recognized two time Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Sebastian Saint to lead the new cultivating island off the coast of Greenland, just north of Iceland. His humanitarian nature and drive to better mankind has made him the ideal choice for this new colony," the radio reported until Mister O turned it off abruptly.

"Okay, here's the plan. I'm going in as one of Carl's lackeys and you'll pretend to be someone I'm bringing as tribune. When we meet with the brother host, I'll tell them the pass phrase he gave with Madelyn. Either way, we're going to find some fucking answers. But, stay close to me," Mister O explained. Daisy seemed quite interested in the radio show and she couldn't figure out why she was so drawn to it. She really had no idea who or what they were talking about, but something made her ears perk up and listen.

Perhaps she was just eager to hear any news in the world since she'd been basically locked up in rehab for weeks. When he started to explain the plan, Daisy nodded confidently. "Okay, I can do that," she said. Daisy started thinking of ways to make herself look the part more.

She currently looked fairly put-together and mature. She'd had a friend of hers drop off some of her nicer clothes when she found out she was getting to leave rehab. She lifted her hands and ruffled up her hair ejaculation delight for cute adorable babe hardcore blowjob and few small smudges in her makeup and smudged her eyeliner a bit. She did all this with the mirror on the sun isle but it worked.

It made her look like she had put up a bit of a fight and had teary eyes recently. She still looked pretty and didn't look like a huge mess but she thought it was a bit more believable.

"Eh?" She asked, looking over at him and tilting her head with a little smile. "Do I look like a distressed soon-to-be prostitute?" Mister O looked at her and then gave her a double take.

The look of her being distressed no doubt appealed to him. He knew she was broken on the inside, but the sight of her as she was attracted him to her. Either that or her broken matched his, but instead of heroin, war was his addiction. It was his validation for purpose in life. "You look great," he responded, "I mean you look great in the sense that I believe it'll pass." And then as they got off the freeway, they passed a sign notifying their entry into Little Albania, a community of Albanian immigrants looking for a better life.

But, within the community also lurked a secret sect of cultists using the community to hide their shadow work. "Look around, it should be labeled as a hostel of some sort. It has no name, just a hostel with a red 'D' above the door," he explained. Daisy smiled at him when he said she looked great and then corrected himself pretty young bitches gag on hard dick and receive messy facial cumshots she looked like she would pass.

Biting her lip, she nodded some and fought the urge or fix her hair. It was a short drive to the part of the city they were going to and when they got there, he told her to look out for their destination and she nodded some.

Looking at all the buildings and homes, she finally saw what they were looking for and pointed out to the left of them. "Is that it up there?" Mister O circled around the block a few times before eventually pulling over. He backed in his vehicle a couple blocks from the building and then dismounted. There had been a bus that massage just got out of hand coast to coast the street from the building loading and unloading passengers.

"Okay, we need to play the part from the get go," he whispered. He then opened the door for Daisy and grabbed her arm and yanked her out. He was a bit rough with his handling of her.

Mister O then instructed Daisy, "Follow my lead and resist every now and then. The guy in the bus stop across the street from the building is a guard. He was sitting in the same spot since we first pulled up and have been sitting there even after a bus had come and go." Daisy nodded some when he said that they needed to play the part.

"I can be a pretty good actor," she said with a little smile and followed him after he pulled her out of the truck. She didn't really mind the rough handling. She knew it was part of the act. She put a large frown on her face and let him drag her toward the building. Every now and then, she'd turn her body and try to push against him.

Even less often, she'd let out and frustrated sigh and tell him to let her go. Mister O didn't respond verbally as she played her role as she demanded to let her go as part of the act. Instead he tugged her and pulled in the direction towards the building, it looked rundown. Perhaps an old apartment building with empty rooms with the exception of old beds used for service.

Inside more homeless looking stragglers stood near the entrance, no doubt they were guards. As Mister O made his way towards the landlord's office, all the tenant unit doors were open, inside the sight of girls appearing to be in their college years, most looking foreign were being forced to serve older men. One room in particular had a girl that looked about Madelyn's age, she was petite with such a baby face. Though she was obviously not Madelyn, but all she had was a robe which she was barely removing when one of the three older gentlemen inside had shut the door.

Daisy continued to try and tug away from him and made frustrated noises as he led her into the building. She was looking around and giving dirty looks to everyone she saw and giving Mister O a few of them every few moments. The old men who looked homeless made her uncomfortable, especially since she knew they were guards. When they got inside, she looked stunned. Part of her was, but she figured it fit the part since she'd be wanting to take in her new surroundings.

She was looking in the rooms at the poor girls and frowning, tugging away from him every now and then. She saw the girl who looked Madelyn's age and glared at the man as he shut the door. These poor girls, god only knew the things that were being done to them.

Mister O approached what appeared to be the building office, "Wine, women, to which I act the giddy goat," he said to the people in the office. "I work for Carl Johnson," Mister O added. The people in the office sat there and looked at him for a minute, and then at Daisy. One in particular seemed to be the boss as he sat in the back of the office chewing on his food while he talked with a heavy accent, "Okay, up stairs. Third floor, room 314. We give you $500 extra if she is virgin like girl with blue hair.

But, if not, okay she will start fucking tonight for money." Daisy glared at the man when he said that she'd be fucking people tonight. She sure hoped that wasn't true. "Let's go," Mister O demanded as he tugged Daisy away from the office. As they made it to the stairs, he whispered in her ear, "Stay calm, I won't let them put you to work. But someone knows something." But the guy did mention Madelyn so there was definitely something here. As they went up the stairs, Mister O told her she wouldn't be working and that there was indeed something there.

"Yeah, he mentioned her," she said and nodded. Mister O continued the charade and pulled on Daisey's arm until they arrived at room 314. As they entered the room, there had already been a man inside with his back turned. He had no shirt on, but appeared to be pulling his pants back up. Around his body were a pair of female legs, as he turned around he revealed a naked girl appearing to be in her twenties laying on her back on a table. She began to sit upright as the man faced Mister O and Daisy.

Observing the situation, Mister O noticed the young girl had the man's seed dripping from her swollen vaginal lips. Daisy bit her lip as she too saw the man finishing up with a pretty young girl and could plainly see the seed dripping from her. "Young and fertile," said the man with an accent, "That's how I enjoy my subjects. I test out the new girls, if they bare our children then my kin grows.

But, if not, then they fuck for money and provide for my kin." Horns began to emerge from his forehead and strange markings began to glow on his skin. Daisy looked over at Mister O and then when the man began to speak, she looked back at him and blinked. Why was he telling them this and what was he talking about? Mister O didn't hesitate and drew his pistol, but the strange man lunged forward in one leap and grabbed Mister O. "I know who you are.

Everybody knows Mister O of CIA," he said and then pushed him out the window. The man then faced Daisy while the room door shut by itself locking Daisy and the other poor girl with the strange man. Daisy screamed and went wide eyed, wondering if he was dead. She was pale and staring at the man, "W-who are you?" "Who I am is not important," said the man as he approached Daisy. A slow paced walk, with each step his boots thumped on the wooden floor, "What is important is that we bring Djall into this world.

Through Djall, I plant his seed into fertile bodies like yours. My reward.eternal youth." He then lunged out at Daisy grabbing her and pinning her up against the wall, "Because of the blessings Djall has given me, my virility causes an insatiable urge to plant his seed." As he explains his intention with one hand around her and the other touching her tummy where the womb is located, "I can feel it.Djall's offspring will grow inside here." Daisy cried out again as she was pinned to the wall with his arm was around her, holding her there.

"No! Let me go! Please!" she whined and tried to push him away, looking over boys line up tfuck milf shoulder at the girl and hoping she was going to try and help. He then brought his face closer to hers, his teeth were like fangs, piercings on his nose and tattoos that glowed. He growled for a moment and smelled daisy like an animal, then a long stroke with his tongue licked her from her neck then ups the side of her face, "You smell and taste.

Impossible! Your kind hasn't been on this earth for centuries! Djall will be pleased," he said. He then tugged on her pants as if he was in a hurry to undress her. Something about her scent and taste caused him to go into a frenzy. Daisy grimaced a little when he smelled her and licked her neck and face. His hand was on her stomach, almost like it was sensing her womb. She whined again, but this time it was different. She needed something. Not him, but. something she'd never felt before. He seemed surprised by something.

The creature of a man told her that "her kind" hadn't existed on earth in a long time. "What do you mean? I'm just a person! Fucking let me go!" She yelled and tried to shove him again.

She wanted to ask him who Djall was but wanted him away from her more. And then gunshots erupted on the bottom floor, men were yelling throughout the hallways. When she heard gunshots, she jumped again and looked at the door.

The unusual amand with the horns continued to yank and tug at her pants until it was halfway down her thighs. Though the gunshots almost seemed endless, the crazed man with horns didn't seem to care, instead he seemed he didn't even notice.

He was so fixated on Daisy, he didn't react to anything but her. He continued to taunt her. With a look of insatiable lust in the horned man's face, he continued to speak, "You resist now, but soon you shall serve Djall. In two moons when my kin plants Djall's seed into the virgin by the father, then soon the kindred will plant inside her. Djall will be born anew and your offspring shall help usher his rule over this new dominion." She continued to fight him until he started to speak and she realized that he was talking about Madelyn.

She took in all the information she hear and hoped that she would get the chance to use it. He zipped down his pants as his vile phallus, a grotesque version of a man's cock emerged. It was discolored, a burgundy like color with odd shapes like that of a series of knots and stud piercing along the shaft. Her pants now halfway down her thighs along with her panties and here he was pulling his cock out of his pants.

This man didn't even seem to notice the gunshots going on downstairs. Had he not heard them? Was he too focused? She wasn't sure. He pushed it between her thighs, though he did not penetrate her, he savored the feel of her pussy rubbing against the top of the shaft.

However, assuming it was Mister O coming, Daisy thought she could buy herself some time. If not, maybe she could buy herself some favor with whoever this guy was at the cost of her own self-respect.

Her eyes saw his vile cock as it slid between her legs and she tried not to overreact to it. It was so strange and scary looking.

Steeling herself, she looked at him, spread her thighs, raised her hips and put her hands on his shoulders. "So if I don't resist and give your lord offspring, I'll have a higher chance of being rewarded for my service?" she asked in a quiet voice.

"Mm, then get me good and wet before you put that big thing in me," she said and let her hands move back to her chest, where she undid a few buttons of her blouse, still looking at him. This was all a show, of course, but somewhere deep down, perhaps it wasn't.

His smile was a nefarious one as she appeared to give in. As she unbuttoned a few buttons on her blouse, his tongue escaped his lips. It was a long skinny and forked tongue like that of a snake. His eyes also began to shift as though they were like a snake as it slithered on her exposed skin. But then he grabbed her wrists and slammed them against the wall.

"Do I look like I want foreplay?" said the man, "I am an animal to breed the fertile body!!" With that he moved his hips trying rub his strange cock against her, angling it upwards to position it to penetrate her. Daisy gasped and frowned when he pinned her hands to the wall and beauty is screwed so hard hardcore massage her.

"Well you seemed to be enjoying it," she said and continued to look at him. Her words were almost cut off as he shoved his cock against her pussy again, causing her to gasp in a much different way. But just as he was so distracted, the door burst open when man came flying through as if he was thrown against it. Mister O then charged into the room, he looked a bit roughed up with his clothes ruffled and shot the man while he was on the ground.

The shot rang out as Daisy winced in surprise. Mister O looked and then saw Daisy in her predicament and ran up to the man who didn't even seem to notice and jumped in the air to crack him in the side of his head with a flying knee strike causing him to let her go.

Daisy quickly pulled her pants up and got a gun from the dead man on the floor and fired a few shots, trying to aim for the head, when Mister O wasn't in danger of being hit by them. When the clip was empty, she dropped the gun and was wide-eyed.

Along with Daisy, Mister O open fired on him. The bullets were effective against him, though being increased in power it took more gunshots to put him down than it would a normal human being. Stunned, the horned man complained in disbelief with his final words, "No, impossible!

I am eternal! Djall has blessed me with immortality!" Mister O approached and taunted, "If you knew who I was, then you should've known better and made sure I was dead before enjoying some sexy time with my friend." He then looked at Daisy. "You okay?" He asked while checking the young girl's pulse, the girl that was flowing with the man's seed.

"Anyhow, I got one mag left and they're reserved for the assholes in the office, I think I might go say hi," he said as he reloaded while walking off into the hallway. Daisy winced with the first few shots from the office as she worked. She got a wet rag from the bathroom and cleaned the now-dry seed from the other girl's vagina and thighs and then got her to wake up and helped her dress. "I don't know who you are, sweetie, but if you have someone to go to, go there.

If not, try and get to a hospital or police station. Somewhere safe. Get a morning after pill and tell them what happened or as much as you can," Daisy assured the poor girl. With that, she reassuringly fixed the girls hair and smiled at her, "You'll be okay." Daisy then got up and carefully made her way to the office, happy the shots had ceased by now.

"How're you holding up?" Mister O asked as he caught Daisy just outside the office. "We have a containment crew en route. They'll be treating the girls, it's possible they're carrying children of 'other-kin.' If so, traditional medicine won't be able to help them. Let's head back to Madelyn's house until we have more details." Daisy heard him ask how she was holding up and she shrugged a little bit and looked at him.

"I'll be okay. Been through worse. Well. kinda," she said with a soft, uncomfortable laugh. He explained the situation and how they had access coming to care for the girls and she nodded some.

"Good, they need looking after," she said. Nodding in agreement about going back to the house, she walked toward the door. "He said that Madelyn was with her father and was a virgin they were using to summon. Djall?

He said in two moons or something," she said, frowning. "Djall?" Mister O replied in a semi surprises tone, "Djall in America? Strange that they would summon him here, his followers are normally found in Eastern Europe. Djall is an Albanian deity, the god of youth and virility.

But then that would mean the runes hidden in the paintings were some sort of attunement runes. A means to make her body capable of his acceptance. But, two moons, I'm guessing it means we have two nights." Daisy was glad that she remembered to tell Mister O about what the man had told her, was glad that she got the chance to do so.

"Okay, this makes more sense now. So Madelyn is a virgin. Always a fucking virgin with these cultists. Which is making me even more surprised they're here on US soil, abstinence is not really a strong American tradition these days," Mister O continued. The blonde followed Mister O and continued to listen to him and then she said, "It does seem like it's always virgins, at least in the old stories and wives tales." She looked down and nodded some when he made the comment about there not being many virgins in America, nodding and letting out a small laugh.

"Yeah, not really," she said. As they made it outside, a helicopter hovered over the street while large vans pulled in.

From the helicopter, men and women in tactical gear fast roped from the aircraft and on the street to approach the building. From the vans, many in dark suits arrived. "Operative O, we will take it from here," said a woman from one of the trucks with dark hair which seemed to be in charge, and then she turned around to everyone, "This whole building is now under quarantine!" "CIA Shadow Spectrum clean up crew and containment," Mister O explained regarding the sudden surge of people in the dark suits with combat boots.

"I was able to call in for help when dispshit threw me out the window." As the men and women came down, she watched and blinked, taking in the sight. It was so foreign to her. The woman said that they were taking it from here and Mister O seemed to agree and she followed him back to the truck.

"He. also said that 'my kind' hadn't existed here in a long time,' I don't know what he meant," she explained. Then as they made it back to the SUV, Daisy explained how the horned man referred to her kind which left Mister O somewhat baffled, "I don't know. Do you experience anything outside of the norm? Example, a buzzing in your mind, or second sight like visions, or do you actually see things manifest that no one else can see? There are several symptoms that can reveal what 'your kind' might be.

Anyways, if we can't figure it out now, it'll have to wait until we find Madelyn, we're already three days behind." Daisy shook her head a few times and sighed when he asked if she had any symptoms. "I don't think so." she said quietly and tried to think of anything different she might have felt both in her life and just in the last few days. When he mentioned it having to wait, she nodded.

"No, of course. That's what's important right now." Chapter 4 - Family Reunion Hours earlier, in an undisclosed location, a small abandoned town is now populated by strange men in cloaks and hoods. Sensual babe playing with her pink twat activ studio roam with torches in their hand as they circle around what was once a church that had been regaled in strange glyphs and markings. Eerie effigies surround the church, while inside many of the hooded men await the word of a man in charge.

He looked up and saw a van pulling into the town through the window. He appeared in his forties and had gray hair. As the van pulled closer, he smiled, "My blue angel arrives." Madelyn looked disheveled as she sat in the back of the van, surrounded by a solemn, dark dressed pair of men with one others in the driver seat and another riding shotgun.

She looked tired and upset. Her eyes were red-ringed from crying and she looked like she hadn't slept so well in days. No one would talk to her and tell her what was going on, where she was going, who they were. All they'd say was that she was important. She'd been taken from her empty family home by some creep and taken to a building full of scumbags and poor girls forced to sleep with men. Men had tried to take her but the men with her now stopped them.

She'd been forced to strip naked and be examined multiple times. She'd only been fed gross, cold food and given water to drink. Now she was dressed in the clothes she'd been taken in, a cute skirt and plaid blouse with knee-high socks and flats to match.

Her hair was messed up and her makeup was wrecked but had mostly been taken off. The van pulled up right in front of the church, then the men inside dismounted the vehicle only to open the side door.

Though the two men in the van looked normal, those that stood in cloak and hood seemed different as they saw Madelyn. "Blessed Djall! The vessel has arrived! Grant us immortality," they chanted. Then one by one they removed their hoods and revealed what looked like tribal tattoos on their faces with multiple piercings. Much like the man in the brothel, they all had horns coming out of their foreheads.

As the the two men from the van led Madelyn into the church, each of the cloaked men bowed their head while continuing to chant. Madelyn had heard people talk about Djall for the past few days but none of them would tell her who he was and what it meant.

When they removed their hoods, the teen's eyes widened and she couldn't help but stare. "What. what are you?" Cfnm babe gets help from her friends asked in her soft, raspy voice.

A voice boys had always described as sexy and mature. "My blue angel," said the man inside the church. The man who married her mother when she was a small child, the man that raised her.

"We have a lot to talk about, my blue angel. You have no idea how special you are," said the man. She was so confused as she was led inside the church and all the men bowed their heads.

Then, when she heard that voice ring out, her skin got even more pale and she looked like she'd seen, or heard, a ghost. Looking over in the direction of the voice, she bit her lip and looked at the man.

"Daddy. what is going on? I've looked for you for so long. Mamma. she. Who are these people? Why are we here?" the girl trailed off. There was obvious fear in her eyes and she didn't know what to think or do. He continued to smile as he looked at her. There was no doubt he had great affection for the young girl, "Come, sit down," he offered as he pulled out a chair.

As the man sat down on his own chair, the rest of the horned men in cloaks sat as well, but on the ground. Madelyn watched her father as he spoke and shook her head when he told her to take a seat. "I've been sitting for hours in a cramped van with four strangers. I'd rather stand," she said and watched him.

She was obviously confused and scared and hurt over what had happened the last days. Her father began to explain the situation, "I know you have many questions, sweetheart, but there are things you should know. I've raised you since you were young, but the truth is I've been looking for you my whole life and I've been alive a long time. When I met your mother, it was by accident and I fell in love with her.

She was a single mother who was struggling because her partner abandoned her. But, when I saw you, I could feel it. How special you were, and it was my greatest joy to watch you grow. But what you have to understand is that my life's purpose was to find the true vessel for Djall, for he can grant eternal life.

"Then something happened, you grew to a teenager. The many students I had taught in my college learning arts classes, none of my runes responded. But, when you started your first year of college and came to visit me in my classroom. Do you remember how I showed you my artwork? The runes glowed. It meant you were the one. When I saw the signs, the glowing runes, I knew I had to take them home and leave them where Djall can watch you. Because where Djall can see, I too can see you.

And why I also had to leave suddenly, because I needed to let our brethren know that we have found you. Do not be scared, Madelyn, instead trust me.

Allow me to show you a new world," he insisted. He was saying things that didn't make sense to her. It sounded like he read it out of a Lovecraft story or something. She was so confused and overwhelmed by what he was saying, all she could really do was shake her head and fight the tears building up in her eyes. "Runes? What are you talking about? I don't understand. this is all crazy," she said with a sigh and shook her head more. "You asked who all these people are, they are our brethren, you see.

They cute asian teen cosplays dva from owerwatch the kindred souls which resonates with ours. They will protect you and they will serve you. Djall can also bring your mother back, but there is something that must be done," her father continued. "I don't want their protection. They're the ones who put me through all this.

Who is 'Djall'? What is all this?" She repeated one of her questions. "What do you mean he can bring mamma back? You sound. crazy. This is all crazy. I just want to go home. I want you to come home," Madelyn cried out in confusion.

He looked at her body and took it in. Her young figure, the youthfulness in her face as well as her teenage style of dress. Her father marveled at what he saw with there. Since raising her, he saw her only as his newly adopted daughter, but now he saw something different.

She was more than just sexy ssbbw desire divine sucks off shane nineteen year old girl he raised going into college.

"Madelyn, it might be hard for you to understand, but I need you to listen. I've been alive for a long time, longer than most. You see, I have found a way to cheat death Itself, I had learned to defy aging. I first escaped to America in 1939 when the Italy invaded my home of Albania. The Italians were after something, a very important artifact that my kindred and I protected," he explained as he revealed a strange statute made of bronze sitting at the altar of the church. The statue depicted a satyr sitting down.

His body leaned back slightly with his hands holding up at the sides. Another interesting detail was that of the satyr's penis depicted as flaccid which is uncommon as they've always been depicted as extremely phallic creatures.

Madelyn crossed her arms over her chest and watched her father as he spoke. She tried to listen to what he was xnxx mom and son bath and follow the things he was telling her. This all still sounded insane and like some shitty sci-fi movie or Lovecraft story. It was strange to hear him talk like this. He was usually so logical and smart and mature. Now he sounded like he was actually insane. "What?

You can't be serious. you expect me to believe you're that old," she said with a frown, running a hand through her long blue hair. "They can't bring back mamma, it doesn't work like that and if it did, something would go wrong, you know that it doesn't work that easily. Something will go wrong. This is all crazy!" Madelyn said and then took a deep breath, "Please tell me this is all some sort of joke!" As Madelyn responded, the horned men began to seem agitated, more in the sense that they were feeding off of her energy.

And then her father raised his hand at the others in a gesture to calm them, which they did. He then responded with a sense of seriousness and a stern tone, "You may not understand yet, but you will, soon it will become clear" he said. He then stood up and began chanting in a strange foreign language. Madelyn looked scared when her father's tone changed and he began to say that she would soon find out. The chanting took a moment for her to realize it was happening and she looked over at the men and then back at her father as he started walking away.

"Daddy, wait! What is going on?!" She darted out and tried to follow him but the men stopped her. The more he chanted the others surrounded Madelyn to prevent her escape, yet their hands reached out to her as if they wanted to feel her body with their hands. "The vessel is among us," they chanted, "First the one who delivers, then all of the covenant, then soon he shall come to life!" At first it was just touching and she pulled away and shooed their hands off of her but then when it became groping and touching, she started pushing them and trying to pull away big cock dude bangs gf and her stepsis aggressively.

It was no use for the small girl though as she was soon grabbed and basically dragged toward the front of the church. It was obvious they wanted her to watch as her father continued while the dark walls of the church glowed with glyphs and runes.

Then suddenly the bronze statue itself began to glow. Her father stared at it for a moment, and then as he turned around horns began to sprout from his forehead as similar markings on his face also began to glow. She stopped struggling and stared with wide eyes and an open mouth when her father began to grow horns and glow. She had thought the other men were just crazy and using some makeup or something but now, she was stunned.

Her arms were being held and there were hands all along her body, touching to grope and fondle or even caressing but she was no longer fighting. She was too stunned to struggle or really even speak. This couldn't be real. It couldn't. Chapter 5 - Two Moons Present time, Mister O was on his way back to Madelyn's house with Daisy when a red light began to beep in the center console. Mister O then pressed a button on the vehicle which caused the same LCD monitor as before to pop up in the dashboard, in the screen was a blonde woman that began to talk with a European accent," Greetings, Operative O, "Alright, what do you have for me Gretchen?" said Mister O responding to the woman in the screen named Gretchen.

"It seems the man you disposed of in the third floor is a satyr," she answered. Mister O seemed a bit surprised by that, "A satyr? Here? They're trans-dimensional beings, those types don't normally cross over. The asshole worshiped Djall, is Djall that innocent teen opens up spread twat and gets deflorated "Yes, but those would be satyrs from birth, this one in particular we believe was human born and then transformed to a satyr," Gretchen explained, "We have reason to believe Djall is the same deity as Dionysus as worshipped by the ancient Greeks as the god of grape harvest, winemaking and wine itself, ritual madness, fertility, and religious ecstasy." "That's strange, Dionysus wasn't a deity that promoted kidnapping, prostitution, and human trafficking.

Instead he was more about consensual hedonism. Do we know anything else about where the cult might be patrol agent and hot police woman first time petty theft Mister O asked.

"Stand by, we will let you know when we find out," she said. "Alright, keep me posted," he replied. Daisy had asked if she could roll down the window and have a cigarette when they were on the way. She was no a heavy smoker by any means.

The pack in her purse had been there for weeks. But with all the events of today, she couldn't help it. She blew smoke directly out the window as to not let it stink or smoke up the vehicle and then tossed the butt when she was done, which was during the phone call.

She looked over at the woman and then at Mister O a few times and took in all the information, being obviously lost in all this talk but trying to keep up. When the call was over, she stayed quiet, not wanting to interrupt his thoughts. Mister O had finished his briefing with Gretchen when the SUV pulled into Madelyn's house.

As they arrived a few U-Haul style trucks were parked along the curb. Each truck were labeled "Quantum Wreckz's Air Conditioning" which obviously was a rouse by the CIA. "The team is here," Mister O cute young thai is introduced to hard white cock, "Daisy, you've been a great help, but you are a civilian and not a trained operative.

I'm sure you have questions that needs answers, and we do too. Like how you knew about ancient cryptic code and the satyr implying about your kind. But, you will be compensated for your service today and we will be in touch if you should decide to find answers to those questions." Daisy got out of the SUV with her purse and watched Mister O as he spoke, saying that she had been a big help.

She knew where this was going. He was going to say that she had to go now and that this wasn't a place for her, be it for her safety or because the things that were going to happen were top-secret or something.

"A driver will be here shortly to take you to any destination you wish to go, I wish you well, Daisy," said Mister O before he turned around and walked towards the front door without even a hug or a handshake. He said pretty much what she anticipated, the blonde pursed her lips and shook her head. "I don't. okay," she said quietly and looked down, not sure how else to react.

She didn't really think either of them owed the other anything. She wanted to see the girl returned to safety and wanted to know what the satyr meant but she didn't know what to do. "Goodbye," she said and waved a little bit. But then something strange happened, an unknown entity began whispering in her mind, "Open your mind, sweetling. Open it and you shall see." Then the strange entity began flooding her mind with the whole church as if she were there. She began to look around and nasty sluts give nasty footjobs masturbation and hardcore all the things going on.

The details filtered in slowly, first was that of a satyr completely naked and thrusting savagely into a young woman that appeared in her mid twenties.

And then there was another riding another satyr rocking her hips to pleasure him. There were plenty of girls there seeking to have massive pleasure from the men and giving it to them in return. Then, she saw Madelyn and the older man who she recognized from photos as the father. She made her way close and could see the women orally pleasuring him. She could see Madelyn sitting in the cage, watching everything going on around her as others casually would reach their fingers in the cage to touch her body.

There seemed to almost be a hunger growing in the young girl, slowly overtaking the sadness and anxiety. Daisy then tried to go outside to see any details that would lead them there. Just behind the father was the bronze statue that overlooked the ordeal. Though no one in the ceremony could see nor feel Daisy's presence, but a non corporeal entity emerged and hovered over the statue and looked right at Daisy as she ventured out into the town.

Outside of the church seemed desolate. But then, there was one sign that left a clue to their location. A wooden post leaning almost sideways with an arrow with a sign that read, "Two Moons Vineyard." The further away from the church, the stranger the town seemed.or at least in the astral planes. A black raven suddenly landed right in front of Daisy, and then another.

Soon a flock of ravens flew in circles around her which eventually caused black smoke to vortex with Daisy in the middle. Her eyes horny blonde granny gives head and gets banged as she looked around as the ravens crowded around began to smoke and whirl around her. Then, she heard the ringing and winced. Within the black smoke, a man in dark and torn clothing emerged.

The smoke seemed to emanate from him, but his head was covered in a black bag while wielding two crude looking blades. He approached Daisy with his head down and echoes of indistinct whispers continued to ring as if he were inside her ear. When she saw the man approaching her as the ringing got louder, she covered her ears and shrank away from him before a pair of sprouted wings surrounded her and she looked up to see the man from before.

He, whose voice spoke gently and pierced through the echoes as his wings embraced her. The closer the smoky dark one approached, the louder the whispers as he raised his blades. Just as he was within reach, behind Daisy that familiar gentle voice had spoken, "Wake up, sweetling," he said, "I shall see you again, and it shall be soon. WAKE UP!" Daisy opened her eyes. That was Madelyn, from what she could see and those looked like cultists or something.

Daisy composed herself and went after Mister O when it was over. "Hey," she called out after him. "I, uh. remember how I said I just kinda knew what to say to you when we met? I had that again about Madelyn and where she is." Mister O turned around and looked a bit confused, "What?" he asked as the situation surprised him. "What did you see?" he asked. It wasn't that he didn't believe her, he knew well enough to know that there were other forces at work.

If anything, Mister O has been in the field long enough to know better than to dismiss a lead, even if it seemed far fetched, it was always better to play on the side of safety and at least confirmed the lead. "Come inside," he instructed as he opened the front door. Inside, the house was filled with operatives in coveralls with equipment as they were conducting a strange forensics investigation of the house.

Mister O continued into the house trying to avoid getting in the way of the forensics crew as he led her into the garage. Daisy nodded some when he said that he'd listen to what she saw and followed him inside. She looked around at how busy the small family home had gotten since just a few hours ago. There were a lot more people here now, all of them doing something and looking serious in their gear. She also tried to stay out of the way and followed Mister O. Inside the garage were a few men in different gear, rather than the suits the others wore, they all each had on regular clothing such as denim pants or cargos with t-shirts along with black tactical gear.

Daisy blinked and looked around, noticing how different this crew was from the others. They looked like military or something. However one man in particular was uniquely dressed in designer clothing. While the military looking ones had scruff and beards with short hair, this other gentlemen had long hair tied into a ponytail. And rather than guns, he was armed with various throwing daggers and a fighting blades.

"Well, O, glad yah can join us," the man said with a Cajun accent. And then he noticed Daisy and took one hand to greet her "Well hello, darlin', the name is Beaumont LaCroix, but yah can just call me Beau," he said as as he kissed her forehand. He seemed charismatic though his eyes were a tint of red with pale skin. When the charming man with the Cajun accent approached her, took her hand and greeted her, Daisy blinked and smiled, blushing a bit when he kissed her hand.

"Aren't you dangerous," she cooed and gave him a knowing smile, "I'm Daisy. Nice to meet you." "Okay, Daisy, this is the Strike Team that will be assaulting the cultists. You just met Beau, the one with the short one is Big Papi, the one with the Dallas Cowboys ball cap is Doc Holiday, our medic. Nate "One Time" Jackson, J-Rod, and Hawk.

Now could you please explain what you saw," Mister O explained as he pointed on a map laying on the table. When Mister O spoke, she nodded and turned toward him and tried to collect her thoughts a bit. "I saw a dark place, maybe a church.

But not a normal one. It was crowded. There were people dressed in dark clothes, doing all kinda stuff to each other, all together. Then I saw a blue haired girl, Madelyn I'm assuming, in a cage in the middle of all of this. Then, I kinda saw a bird's eye view of what Hot lesbians with hairy cunts enjoy oral sex think was grape fields. That's. that's it." "Grape fields?" Mister O thought. "Wait, Djall is also believed to be Dionysus, the Greek God of fertility, religious ecstasy, ritual madness, and wine making.

A hedonistic deity. It would make sense if they chose a place near the harvest of wine, like near grape fields," he said as he began to change out his clothes into jeans and a t-shirt with boots and tactical gear.

Meanwhile Big Papi and the others with the exception of Beau continued to look on the map. Beau being his normal self tried to make light of a serious situation, "Well, cher, I wouldn't call myself dangerous. But, I do like to bite," he said as his smile revealed fangs, "That is only if ya let me." Daisy watched Mister O as he went through all of the processes in his head to figure out what it was she had told him.

Then, as Beau talked to her again, she turned her head to look at him and then gasped a little as he revealed his fangs. "Okay, Beau, not right now," Mister O instructed as he started loading ammo mags in the ammo pouches of his vest, "Daisy, there are several possible locations with vineyards.

Do you remember anything else?" "Two Moons Vineyard," Daisy exclaimed and looked around at them, "I saw everything, it was, depraved, dark, and sexual," she said and ran a hand through her hair.

"The town looks dead and desolate. Madelyn's in a cage, watching her father with the others." "Two Moons Vineyard?" Mister O replied to confirm her statement, "Dammit! When when those fuckers said they were bringing Djall into the world in two moons, I thought they meant in two nights. If they're engaged in depraved acts, then it's happening tonight." Daisy nodded at Mister O when he asked her to confirm what she said.

She thought that as well when the man had said two moons. But it all made sense now. "I'll assemble a chopper," said Big Papi. "Well, doll, what is that?" said Beau as he crouched down beside Daisy picking up a raven feather stuck on her foot." When Beau leaned down and picked up the feather, she looked at it and sighed, shaking her head.

"I don't know, there was some man there. I think he tried to kill me," she said. Mister O and the rest looked at each other for a moment, "We need to move now!" said Mister O as he slung an assault rifle over his shoulder and holstered his pistol on his thigh holster.

"Daisy, what you saw was a shadow wraith. They're bringers of death and doom. They're usually pal bangs his gorgeous girlfriend smalltits hardcore near hospitals, disasters, terrorist attacks." "Or all over florida," Doc Holiday chimed in.

"Either way, if they're around then that means death and destruction is coming," Mister O explained while making his way out the house and into one of the trucks. "I doubt they're summoned by the Djall worshipping assholes, but if revenants are showing up it means Djall's summoning is sure to lead to mass death," he explained. Daisy looked between Doc and Mister O as they spoke and nodded a little bit. "That makes sense," she said quietly and ran another hand through her hair.

She didn't tell them about the man who met her in the void and whatever saved her from the thing that tried to kill her. That seemed somehow personal and euro redhead sucks and fucks in car something that was here alone to remember and wonder about.

She might ask about it at a later time, but for now, it was her memory. Chapter 6 - Black Raven Down The drive in one of the trucks wasn't much significant. A lot of the team members including Mister O spent most of the drive locking and loading their guns and calibrating their scopes.

"We got a fix on Two Moons Vineyards," said Mister O, "Only problem is, we have several towns that connect to the vineyards. Daisy, once we're airborne, you'll need to help us identify which town looks familiar to you." Beau however sat there sharpening each of his blades, "Don't ya worry 'bout a thing, darlin'," he said, "Ya got a vampire watchin' over that cute lil tush of yours." "Hoooaaaaah!

Ranger!" Strike Team Operator Hawk yelled, obviously he was one of the more high testosterone muscle head type. "We're here," Big Papi called out, "Strike Team, let's go!" It was obvious Big Papi was the Strike Team leader even though Mister O would head the investigations.

Big Papi appeared to be the oldest among them all. "OOORAAAH! Semper Fi!" the former marine yelled as he dismounted the truck. Daisy simply nodded some when Mister O said that she'd have to help them figure out which town was which. "If the others don't look anything like that one, it'll be easy to tell, everything's dead there. Like a wasteland," she explained, then gave Beau a little smile as he spoke. She wasn't a fan of all the yelling and testosterone going through the truck but she didn't mind it too much.

"Don't ya worry, cher," Beau said to Daisy as he dismounted the truck, "I'm not one to be loud.at least not outside the bedroom." When Beau spoke again, Daisy gave him a little smirk and shook her head.

"Me neither," she said softly with a subtle wink. Then, she looked at the helicopters with reverence, having never been on one, and nodded at Mister O before following him. Outside of the truck in an open field, two helicopters with spinning blades awaited them to board.

Big Papi, Nate "One Time," and Hawk boarded one helicopter while Doc Holiday, Beau, and Mister O headed towards the other. "You're riding with us," said Mister O to Daisy. J-Rod who happened to drive the truck also boarded the helicopter with Big Papi. The helicopters although dark blue seemed as black as the night itself, unmarked and solid in color. As soon as everyone boarded, both helicopters took off immediately.

"Bet yah never thought you'd ride on one of these helicopters with a vampire," Beau teased as he was a more social and charming one. Daisy smiled and shook her head simply in response to what Beau said to her and then just sat quietly. She retreated into her thoughts, wondering how the day had started so simply, with such a drab sense looming over it. She was going to go back to her apartment; her roommate had been nice enough not to kick her out after all this happened, and go on about her life.

She'd try to get a normal job, avoid her old friends and her ex, call her mother and beg to see Aiden, though she knew that was unlikely. Now, here she was, on a helicopter in the middle of some weird shit surrounded by men with assault rifles.

She wondered where this all would lead. Mister O and Doc Holiday sat on the edge on opposite ends of the helicopter with their guns pointing outwards. Upon boarding they both had headphones on to communicate with each other over the loud propeller noise as well as with the other helicopter.

After about an hour into the flight, Mister O spoke into his headset, "We're crossing state lines, the vineyards should be about fifteen minutes out." Everything seemed to be going to plan as they continued to fly in. "As soon as we confirm the right location, we'll make our approach.

It'll be a hot drop," Big Papi was instructing before things got silent. Daisy nodded some when Mister O said they'd be landing soon. Then from Mister O and Daisy's view, muzzle flashes could be seen in Big Papi's helicopter. There was continuing gunfire going on and then one of the engine caught on fire.

The blonde gasped when she saw the flashes from the other helicopter. "What's that?" Daisy asked, but her question was soon answered and there were more important things as the other helicopter caught on fire and started to go down. "O, we have a shadow wraith on board," Big Papi reported while gun fire continued in the background, "It vanished, but our bird is going down!" Sure enough their helicopter was descending to make a sudden and hard landing.

Then all of the sudden a flock of ravens flew along side of the helicopter, first Doc Holiday open fired, then Mister O as it shifted from side to side. The Ravens poofed into black smoke and appeared as a man with crude blades in the cockpit.

Daisy screamed when the creature appeared in their helicopter and she didn't know what to do as she watched the while pilot was eliminated. Doc Holiday unbuckled himself and headed into the cabin while unholstering his pistol to shoot at the wraith.

It vanished and appeared on the side of the helicopter slashing away at the engines. Beau unbuckled himself as well and leaped out of the helicopter grabbing the creature taking it with him as they fell from the sky.

"O, We're going down!!" said Doc Holiday as the helicopter began to spin out of control. Daisy was frantic when they said their helicopter was going down. She quickly unbuckled but didn't know what else to do.

Doc tried his best to take control of the helicopter, but he was no pilot. Mister O on the other hand saw Daisy unbuckle herself and grabbed her. He held her tight, "Hold on!!! Don't let go," he instructed. Daisy looked up at Mister O as he grabbed her and she clung to him and hung on tight.

She figured they were going to have to jump at some point so she had undone her belt. She nodded quickly when he told her to hang on and not let go. In the midst of the chaos, he saw her face and in that moment time felt as it slowed down. The few times he saw her smile like when she tried to look her part for the brothel which caught his attention, perhaps a sense of attraction he felt.

Though he wasn't going to admit it to her, but that sight of her in the out of control cute babe frowns at cock sextury and hardcore was as though he glimpsed something divine in her perhaps.

Then he grabbed the back of her head and tucked her into his shoulder to help her brace for the impending crash. As the chopper went down, Daisy's breath hung on her chest and she closed her eyes tight and squeezed her arms around Mister O. She wasn't sure what happened next. It happened too quickly for Mister O to recall the next few minutes. But the helicopter had crashed into the vineyards, though not a direct crash but still spun around and slide across the vineyards like a runaway train that had been derailed at high speed.

It felt as if gravity slipped away from around them as her feet stopped touching the metal floor. She couldn't see but she knew they weren't in the chopper anymore and before they hit the ground, she fell unconscious. Herself, Mister O would find themselves somewhat safe on the ground, far from the crash. She'd never know how they were saved, but they were.

Mister O opened his eyes and got up right away and saw Daisy laying next to him. The helicopter crash site was a good mile away. How they ended up so far from the helicopter was a mystery. "Daisy!" Mister O called brunette katrina jade in hot lesbo action with horny jenna sativa fingering pornstar as he shook her. He then looked around and couldn't see Doc anywhere when suddenly he was struck in sunny and holly sucking cock while while filming back of the head by a blunt object.

"Take them both," Madelyn's father ordered the satyrs that had snuck up on Mister O. "The man shall be offering as blood sacrifice, now the ritual is complete. As for her, Djall has a special demand of her. Let them witness our glory," Madelyn's father ordered.

The then satyrs began to drag them both towards the church to continue their ceremony. Chapter 7 - Lead Us To Temptation Madelyn, for the first little while she was here had been kept clothed, dirty from her long journey, and gagged because she wouldn't stop crying and asking questions.

Since then though, they had done nonstop sexual acts and dark rituals in front of her and it seemed to have some effect on the young girl. Her father had told the others that she had absorbed the sexual energy of Djall and it was making her more accepting of her destiny.

She was more docile, more quiet, more stoic. The previous night, after the two newcomers had been brought in, some of the women in the cult took her from her cage, stripped her of her clothes and hand bathed her. She didn't fight it. She almost seemed to enjoy the special attention.

The girl was either so traumatized that she could do nothing but accept her fate or some force was slowly taking over her and causing her to desire the cause she had been brought here to complete. Even Madelyn herself couldn't focus on the thought long enough to figure out what was going on in her own brain. However, the thought of her father using her for such rituals still made her want to break into tears. After the bath, the women had drawn a few symbols in different places along her curvaceous body.

She didn't recognize them and no one would tell her what they meant. Once this was done, she was returned to the cage and made to watch more sexual rituals, being assured that, within the next day, the ceremony would be complete. Daisy had woken up a few hours before Mister O. She hadn't been knocked out by the impact but by some force she didn't know and she'd gone into a deep, dark sleep that didn't end until she awoke inside the church.

There was no fading in and out or waking up and going back to sleep. She'd found herself tied up and some of her clothes in a very poor state from the impact and the dragging. Some damage may have been done by the men; she didn't know. She had asked where the others were, had asked what was going to happen to them, had asked their names, had asked to be let go.

None of them answered her. Eventually, though she didn't think she'd been talking that much as they had eventually gagged her. Some of the cultist men had touched her and made comments about her body and some of the women had said she could be another of the cult's sexual sacrifices. Mister O didn't know how long he was out, but another splash of cold water was thrown on his face giving him a shock to finally wake up. He'd been out for quite some time, it was sunset in the next day.

He then also found Daisy tied up next to him as well. "I hope you enjoyed your sweet hot charming adorable teen homemade hardcore said Madelyn's father, "It is necessary for the blood sacrifice to watch the virgin sacrifice." Mister O laughed and then spat blood, "Is that suppose to scare me?

Your name is Armin, that's not exactly intimidating. I'll die laughing if your hot anita is a sucker for anal name is Hammer. And here you are trying to summon a low rate deity so fucking unknown we had to Google 'Djall' on Wikipedia to learn more about him." When Mister O awoke, Daisy looked over at him with frightened eyes and listened to his interaction with the father, then just sighed through her nose and settled in for whatever was about to happen.

Armin didn't look too pleased. Perhaps not the kind of reaction he was expecting. "Soon ghetto chick pleases crowd of white cocks laughter will turn into sorrow when I bring my God into this pitiful world," Armin warned.

"Yeah, whatever you say. I wouldn't count on becoming father of the year with that attitude," Mister O taunted. It was obvious he was trying to get under his skin. But it was futile, the sun had set and once again a new night had shrouded over the land as the young moon shined over. "Let us commence the pleasure and soon the virgin will be offered up for all to enjoy!" Armin announced.

Just then, the orgy continued between the satyrs and maidens, wine was served by female cultists appearing to be pleasure slaves for the ceremony. Armin, Madelyn's father appeared to be leading the charade as a lot of the slaves wanted to offer themselves to him while two others opened Madelyn's cage. Madelyn bit her lip and stayed quiet as she watched the scene when the man woke up, then heard her father introduce the beginning of the ceremony.

A flurry of butterflies filled her belly when the slaves approached the cage but there was another feeling there too. An involuntary one of readiness and desire. When they opened the cage, they didn't have to drag her. After a moment of hesitation, she took a deep breath, stood up and let them take her hands and help her step down from the platform that the cage was one.

The young woman was completely naked in front of everyone in the church and seemed to be doing a good job of fighting the big tit puma fucks mechanic to pay bill to cover herself. As the the ceremony drew near to its main event, many of the participants crowded near Daisy as though she was expected to be part of the festivities. "Bring the woman Trespasser, she will now join in Djall's glory," Armin commanded even though he was consumed by his lustful urges with two of the female slaves.

Daisy's eyes widened as she saw Armin command for her to be involved in the ritual. Two of the men unbound Daisy, but held a firm grip of each arm as they forced her unto the altar. She shook her head and bit down on the gag, she began to struggle against them. However, they were much stronger than her and she could barely move against their grasp.

As she was brought to the altar and could see Madelyn being led over to stand just a few feet from her. Madelyn stood there and smiled down at Daisy, but there was a hint of remorse hidden in that smile. One woman in particular sat on Mister O's lap taunting him and holding his face in the direction of the altar.

"You'll get to watch your friend become one of us," she said while one of the satyrs penetrated her from behind. The situation was definitely an awkward one for Mister O. It seemed once the satyrs got engaged in sexual activities, much of their attentions become distracted. From the top of the altar, it was clear to see the ratio of male to females was clear more with the males. To every two or three males, they had to share a female among the group.

But, as two of the satyrs pulled Daisy along to the altar before Armin, Madelyn was brought beside her as well. Much of the satyrs' nails were like razor sharp claws as they tore into what was left of Daisy's clothing. Daisy's clothes were shredded easily and it left her completely exposed, still being held there by the two men. She was done fighting, knowing it was useless, especially after seeing how sharp those claws were. She was standing there, held by the men and still gagged.

Daisy was taller than Madelyn and more thin, especially since she'd lost most of her baby fat by now. Her body had a little more maturity to it, though with slightly smaller breasts than the younger girl.

As the men relieved Daisy of her clothes, the women started to adorn Madelyn with jewelry and finery the likes of which she'd never seen before. Madelyn almost seemed to enjoy this, assisting them in whatever task they were trying to accomplish or whatever place they needed to put the accessories. She felt like an Egyptian goddess being ordained with fancy jewelry as if to prep her some more. Bracelets, anklets, and finally a livery to finalize her regalia for the ceremony while her father continued to thrust and penetrate two of the slaves, one after the other.

While most of the satyrs thrusted savagely into their female partners like feral animals, Armin stood there breathing hard while the women he had been pleasuring him moving their bodies to service him sexually. Though he grew horns, his transformation has quite a ways to evolve like the others. He had grown his horns, but much of his face still resembled his humanly form.

His face still familiar to Madelyn as her father. The other satyrs' lower body were furry, much like those depicted in art along with cloven feet, but still retained human shaped legs. Though, the odd thing about them that made them unique were their strangely shaped cocks. In renaissance art, satyrs were often depicted as phallic creatures and with good reason as they stand before Daisy.

One of the satyrs, much like the one from the brothel had the same uniquely shaped cock as he did. It was red and the shafts knotted similarly like those of anal beads, but the head portion was much more of the common mushroom shape. The other, his cock was shaped very similarly like that of a horse, but not as enormous. Neither part was skinny per se, but the shaft appeared to widen more towards the tip.

Daisy was breathing heavily through her nose as she watched everything going on around her. What happened to Madelyn seemed to be happening to her, though in a much less potent way.

Her muscles relaxed some and she just kind of watched the depraved acts that Armin and the females were performing.

Then one of the women servicing Armin stood up and took Madelyn by her hand and led her to her father. "Give your daddy a kiss," she insisted in a very salacious tone while he seemed to be in a strange trance while his cock penetrated the other girl. It was obvious the more lustfully depraved he became the more he would transform, and it was even more evident they wanted his transformation completed before taking his daughter.

Madelyn was stood in front of her father and told to give him a kiss. She looked a little hesitant for a moment but then looked up at him and leaned up on her tiptoes to reach him.

Her lips pressed to his softly and she let her eyes fall closed. She went to go back down on her flat feet, but before she could, something seemed to stir inside her. She went back to his lips and gave him a hungry, passionate kiss, letting her arms wrap around his neck. As Madelyn was brought over to her father, the two men near Daisy approached her and let go of her arms. She didn't fight or try to run.

She just took off the gag and looked at them as they stood, their bodies nearly touching hers. She could see their cocks and how similar they looked to the man at the brothel. As Daisy watched this, a soft little moan escaped her lips. There was something so. depraved, yet perfect in that kiss. One of the satyrs approached Daisy from behind, his knotted shaped cock began to rub between her thighs much like the one from the brothel had.

It seemed each knot had a point of stimulation. The other with the horse like shaped cock erected upwards as if it tried to reach towards her. While one was rubbing her from underneath, the other touched her right on the front twitching against her clit. Daisy gasped and squirmed a little as the two oddly shaped cocks teased the outside of her dampening lips and her clit.

This seemed to be having an effect on the blonde, causing her to squirm more and close her eyes as her skin flushed a little bit as it heated up from her body experiencing the pleasure. Nani with pota xxx story night almost looked like a girl in the middle of receiving oral sex, though not quite as intense.

It wasn't too long until the one in the back let out his forked tongue as it stretched out to wrap around her neck only to slither along her skin. The other, also having a forked tongue licked her from the bottom of her chin then up her lips trying to taste her. When the tongue wrapped around her neck and started to lick her skin, her breath caught in her throat and she leaned her head back a bit more, almost seeming to enjoy the feeling, even as the other started to lick her.

There was something about Daisy in particular that seemed to keep these two from just forcing themselves to take her, but it seemed as if they could lose their control any second. Then behind the satyr in front of her, a shadowed man with a familiar voice appeared, but only to her.

In her mind he spoke, "Sweetling, do you desire this or, do you wish to resist? Tell me what you truly want." Feeling the passionate kiss from his daughter, at first Armin's kiss was passionate as well considering his endearment towards the blossoming young lady he raised since her childhood. But the more their kiss continued, the more he couldn't contain himself and erupted filling the slave with his seed. As he did so, not only did he continue to transform while inside the slave, his tongue also transformed into the forked tongues the others had.

She knew when he came into the other woman. It was easy to tell. Madelyn didn't stop the kiss, breathing out through her nose and bringing her body closer to his. When his tongue transformed and went into her mouth, she audibly moaned into the kiss and let his tongue explore. She wasn't the best kisser but she definitely put the effort and lust into it. Passionate kisses soon turned aggressive as if he were merely trying to taste her from inside her mouth.

Pleasurable moans became beast like growls. One of his hands grabbed her by her neck as he pulled his tongue from her mouth. And she easily guessed what he was going to do next as he pulled his tongue out of her throat that dripped his now thick saliva which almost seemed slimy compared to humans.

He pulled her down onto her knees as he retracted his cock out of the slave. In front of his daughter, his pulled it out one knot at a time causing a popping sound with each knot that escaped the woman's pink lips that had welcomed him. Then as the head of his cock seemed different from the rest, though it retained the mushroom shape, the head portion seemed to continually move and twitch like a flexing muscle. "Clean it up," Armin demanded, "my blue angel." The young girl was pushed down to her knees and she looked up at him with her big green eyes, licking the thick saliva off her lips.

He told her to clean him up and she nodded some. "Yes, Daddy," she said and then looked at his cock. Her hesitation returned but she made herself lean down and lick some of his seed off the cock and then much like with the kiss, once she had the first taste, she was all about it. Her tongue went up and down his strange shaft, seeming to have no problem with her face getting messy as she licked up all the cum she could find.

When it felt like she had done all she could, she looked back up at him and smiled shyly. With each lick, Armin's cock seemed to respond to Madelyn as each knot touched pulsated causing the tip to continue to seep out more of his seed.

Watching his little girl use her tongue to pleasure him began to eat away the humanity he once built raising her. Never realizing that he'd ever see her face below him servicing his dark desires. The depravity was serving their ceremony quite well. The more she licked, the more it seemed to affect the others as the energy became more intense. Then as she finished cleaning him up looking shyly, the familiar voice spoke in Daisy's mind again, "Do you want that inside you?

Do you want to taste it?" He asked. The words seemed to sink into Daisy's mind as they entered it. She nodded some and watched the young girl lick her father's cock as the two around her continued to do what they were doing. When the voice asked her if she wanted to taste the cock, she moaned out loud and bit down on her lip.

"Whatever you want," she said out loud and continued to watch. It was obvious he was controlling the two satyrs touching her, licking, tasting her body. It was then he commanded her, "Teach the virgin how to pleasure him with your mouth.

Use your body to make him transform once more." As the voice commanded her, she wasted no time in following those commands. She stepped forward and the tongues fell away from her as the men stepped away. She approached and sank down to her knees beside Madelyn, who looked over at her and smiled nervously. Daisy wasted no time. She stroked the cock a few times, sucked some cum out of the tip as it dropped and then took it into her mouth eagerly, going as deep as she could before gagging.

Daisy then began to bob her head and stroke what she couldn't take into her mouth, closing her eyes and really getting into it. Chapter 8 - No Turning Back Armin roared as he felt her mouth bob on his cock. While inside her mouth, it was clear his cock reacted to every single touch. The other two satyrs may have backed off to let Daisy approach Armin, but it wasn't long until they rejoined the group.

One laid on his back scooting himself under Daisy to taste her from underneath. The more he tasted, he began to transform as well as if Daisy's juices had the final ingredient to give each one their final form. Daisy moaned loudly as the satyr laid down and began to taste her now-damp cunt. It felt phenomenal and she let her hips slowly rise and fall in a rhythm with his licking and sucking, continuing to moan softly as she worked on the task at hand.

and mouth. Her head bobbed back and forth, gagging a bit every few times and causing her own saliva to mix with his juices dribbling down her chin. This didn't slow her down. She seemed hungry and driven to do this. Letting her own hand fall, fake ad leads to real sex natural tits and doggystyle took one of Madelyn's hands and put it on the portion of the cock her mouth couldn't reach, showing her how to stroke it correctly.

Meanwhile, the one with the horse cock knelt behind Madelyn, though he seemed to know not to penetrate her, he simply wanted the shaft to rub against her virginity. "Soon I'll be inside of you," he whispered in Madelyn's ear, "I've thought of nothing else since the whole drive. First your father, then I, and soon everyone else will be inside you." Madelyn gasped loudly when when the Satyr put his cock against amazing twinks fucking some local ass!

tube porn pussy and began to rub against it. She closed her eyes when he whispered in her ear and leaned her head back against his chest, seeming to revel in the words and the feeling of his teasing.

She then opened her eyes and looked when Daisy took her hand and then she began to stroke the lower part of the cock enthusiastically, a little smile coming to her face. The slaves that had serviced Armin began to join in as well. One rode on top of the satyr under Daisy while the other cleaned under to suck on the tip of the cock rubbing under Madelyn. It wasn't long until the others began to crowd around Armin and his two pets. The satyr enjoyed rubbing against Madelyn and feeling her body against his chest gave him a blissful look on his face, a perverse look of satisfaction even if he wasn't penetrating her.

In his mind, he was feeling the pleasure of royalty under his dark perverted deity. He then pulled her legs upwards taking her off her knees having her sit on his lap. While the other slave continued to orally pleasure the tip of his cock while she stroked the shaft while rubbing it side to side against Madelyn's virgin slit.

Madelyn was very sunny lxxxx 2019 new xxx enjoying all of this and it was quite obvious. She let the satyr put her in his lap and let the female rub the shaft against her virgin pussy lips, which were basically dripping with her juices by now.

She stroked her father's cock and moaned as the shaft was rubbed against her and she watched the older girl, obviously experienced, suck her father's cock. As more satyrs approached even closer, they too treated Madelyn like royalty, kissing and licking her feet. These frightening creatures of tale seeming to beg for her affection, "Allow me to pleasure you, our holy vessel!" they begged. The other satyrs were touching her and begging her to let them please her and she moaned and responded to their touches and pleas.

Meanwhile, Mister O being tied up and restrained in an uncomfortable position while a slave and satyr continued to make unholy love above him caused him to kick the couple away, but as it seemed they didn't react to him. It was then another two satyrs took him and dragged him to the altar and bound him some more before the bronze statue in front of Armin and the girls.

"Trespasser," Armin said to Mister O, "You have come here to steal my daughter, my vessel. But here you are, and now your lover kneels before me servicing my pleasure." He then pulled both Daisy's and Madelyn's heads onto the shaft of his beaded cock and slid their lips towards the tip where his precum oozed out. "Show your lover where your loyalty lies," he commanded Daisy. Daisy was brought out of her stupor for a moment when she saw Mister O get dragged up out of the corner of her eye and heard Armin speak to him.

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Soon, Madelyn and her were both brought to the large cock between them and Madelyn instantly started licking and sucking up and down it. Daisy let her tongue run along the cock and then looked over at Mister O with an incredibly apologetic look. but she couldn't stop. The lust was too strong inside her and she began to join Madelyn in sucking and licking. Daisy let Madelyn stroke him and she reached her own hand back up and began to fondle his large balls as her mouth pleased his shaft and sucked off all the precum, trying to share it with Madelyn.

By the time they both got a bit of it, they were basically making out at the end of his cock, both trying to get as much as they could. Both of them were also moving their hips with each respective action going on between their legs. Mister O was forced to watch, but "lover?" He most certainly knew he and Daisy were not lovers.

They had met the night before, but developed a working relationship. If anything, there definitely was a slight sense of affection towards her. But nothing that would break his heart over. Instead, he saw this as a valuable opportunity to formulate plan as they were distracted.

But, it almost seemed as though this whole situation was orchestrated somehow. There was something else beyond the summoning of Djall, a virgin corruption, but the added sense of betrayal corruption? Djall was the deity of pleasure, not son and mom night sex in bedroom and betrayal.

Someone else must be pulling the strings. Daisy was too far gone to put too much thought into her relationship with Mister O. She enjoyed his company and there was not much else she could say. She felt awful for him having to watch this, but she couldn't stop herself. It was a bit humiliating, but only a small part of her could care right now. The satyr underneath Daisy continued to lick her and suck while slobbering her juices as they flowed on his mouth like a feast. Something about her in particular the sexy long haired japanese has her hands tied above her and her tit kept causing him to erupt inside the slave riding him.

The other slaves took notice as well taking turns riding him knowing that something about Daisy was causing him flow like a fountain of dark filth. Meanwhile, the satyr with Madelyn couldn't hold it in anymore.

He grabbed her thighs causing them to squeeze his long shaft which half of it still protruded past her legs when closed. He scooped her under her teenage ass and pumped her body up and down letting her inner thighs and pussy feel his horse like cock pulsate and twitch while the slave with the tip in her mouth minimized the mess on her legs.

Madelyn gasped and let the satyr push her tight legs together and sort of fuck her without penetrating her. His cum felt lovely on her the pale, soft skin of her thighs and she knew there was a girl at the end of his cock, drinking most of it.

Armin enjoyed seeing them make out at the tip of his cock, he eventually pushed his cock towards Madelyn's lips wanting her to take him her mouth. He loved seeing how depraved Madelyn looked as she bounced up and down on the other satyr's lap while her lips wrapped around his own cock. He then pushed Daisy's head underneath, "Clean her up," he demanded wanting her to lick up any of the satyr's cum on Madelyn's legs.

Madelyn opened her mouth wide, having his precum and both her own and Daisy's saliva all over her mouth and chin. She took her father into her mouth, closing her lips around him and sucking and licking, trying to mimic Daisy's head movements from when she was doing this.

Daisy followed the command and licked and sucked up all the cum on the girl's legs, loving the taste and feel of it in her mouth. Armin began pushing forward at his hips each time Madelyn bobbed her head forward trying to feel her deeper inside her mouth with each thrust. The girl had ceased to be his daughter, his blue angel. She was now another servant pleasuring him in service to his deity.

Inside her mouth, the head of his cock continued to flex like a muscle. It was as though it was eager to feel more. Madelyn's eyes were wide. Normally she would have closed them while doing something like this, but she was too aware of her surroundings and enjoying all of this too much to do so. Her big, wide, green eyes looked around at the other satyrs, up at her father and over at Daisy. The cock in her mouth was going deeper than it had in Daisy's, though Daisy was much more skilled at working it.

Madelyn gagged much less than Daisy much drooled even more as the cock rammed down her throat. His precum continued to ooze out. Though it was thick and slimy, much salty than a human. Even the color resembled a yellowish or tan tone to it rather than white.

It was no doubt filthy and hardly represented new life as a regular man's would. Instead it represented corruption, sexual filth. Becoming overly excited, Armin pulled Daisy back up, but only to smother her face on his rough skinned balls. Being a satyr himself and from his last transformation during his passionate kiss with Madelyn, Armin's lower body finally took the form as everyone else has.

The furry legs, the cloven feet. His balls had dark skin and a musky smell to it. It was not a strong body odor. Instead, it was more like the smell of pheromones as they naturally glistened with sweat.

But the more he thrusted his cock into Madelyn's mouth, the more his balls continued to smother the lower parts of her face under him. It wasn't long until the satyr behind Madelyn had stepped out. The one under Daisy took it as an opportunity to pull Madelyn closer to Daisy's body wanting her to straddle on her lap in hopes to lick them both.

Yet another satyr approached Madelyn and licked her from behind in her tiny little hole that was hidden between her butt cheeks. Before anyone had realized it, many hands were touching both Madelyn and Daisy. Daisy helped her into her lap to straddle her. "Come here, sweetie," Daisy cooed to Madelyn sweetly, taking a breath from being smothered by the sweaty, musky balls.

When Madelyn was good and settled, Daisy went back to enjoying the musky scent and taste of having Armin's balls smothering her face. On his back, with his forked tongue the satyr continued to lick Daisy's sweet pink flower.

His tongue stretched out much longer and his saliva much like their sexual fluids were thick. With each lick, his slobber coated her crevices. Watching Madelyn's pussy as she straddled over Daisy's lap, her pearl sealed with a wall of her soon fading innocence hovering over his face made him insatiable as he gave her one long stroke of his tongue along her femininity. Meanwhile the other satyr didn't mind licking her butt hole, tasting her sensitive parts of her lovely tush.

Daisy and Madelyn were both moaning very loudly as the satyr licked their pussies together with his long tongue and gave Madelyn pleasure she'd of never imagined before this. The other satyr rimming her surprised her and she gasped but after the initial shock, she certainly didn't seem to mind. She just kept working on her father's cock, swallowing all his yellow precum and gagging on the head as she went.

It was then that Armin decided to escalate the situation. With hand movements, he commanded all others to back away from the two. A slave had brought him a chair to sit on while he still demanded another slave to service his tapu and sonu sex xxx storys sex stories phallus. "Let the virgin and the betrayer perform.

Let us now watch them pleasure each other with their bodies and tongue," he commanded. This was an obvious task to tempt the two more into their carnal depravity.

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Daisy had been about to offer her cunt to Armin since the shadowy figure had said that he needed a final transformation, but then everyone began to back away, leaving Daisy and Madelyn in a bit of a circle of depraved satyrs.

They were both breathing heavily and had faces splattered with saliva and specks of yellow seed. They were told to pleasure each other and put on a show. Madelyn looked surprised and Daisy was curious why they weren't getting to things already but didn't look too upset about the command. Madelyn was already on her lap, straddling her, and they looked at each other. In an instant, they began to make out fiercely, wrapping their arms around each other and kissing in a heated passion, letting their tongues dance in each other's mouths.

They'd move from that every few moments and clean the cum off the other's face and then go back to their kiss. Their legs shifted so each of them had a thigh between the others' leg and they began to grind furiously.

Their moans and breathing were very audible. Daisy seemed to be leading this carnal dance, showing her young partner the ropes of being with another woman. The shadowed man with the familiar voice emerged once again, though he made himself only visible to Daisy, his touch only felt by Daisy, his sweet and soft voice heard only by Daisy.

"There are only a few in this world, my sweetling. Only a few in which I can merge and feel you. These depraved creatures, I can feel you through them.

For each one you touch, you also touch me. Do you want to feel me? Do you want me inside you?" He spoke only within her mind. The other satyrs appeared to be going in a frenzy as they watched. And then there he was, the shadowed man as he stood next to Armin. He then appeared to merge with Armin, "Sweetling," he said. It seemed perhaps the man with the familiar voice now spoke through Armin, "Do you want this around your neck, be mine for eternity? Crawl back to me, sweetling. Take my phallus in your mouth one last time before I take your body.

I shall claim you as mine." Daisy heard the voice in her head and her mind screamed that yes, she did want him inside her, wanted these depraved men inside her. But then hesitated. As if time had stopped momentarily. He was in her mind again, "Sweetling, I have given you a gift. Did you not want your pain to end? Did you not enjoy this feeling of being craved? The collar is not theirs, it is mine.

A tether so I can feel you. It is the link between this world and mine. Deny me, and soon I will leave. Then so shall he, and soon everyone else. Thus you'll be alone once again. Take my collar, keep me tethered to you.always." It took her a moment to realize that the man with the familiar voice was speaking through Armin.

It made it obvious when time seemed to stop and he spoke in her mind again. Daisy listened to all the words he said and they had an effect on her.

An overwhelming wave of loneliness consumed her as he threatened to leave her alone. This loneliness had always been present in her life, she always felt the need to belong to someone or something. It's why addiction found her so easily. It gave her a temporary release from the world she knew. "I'll take it. just. don't leave," she whispered and looked down at the ground.

Then, she did as he had said before and crawled on her hands and knees over to him, slowly, worriedly looking up at him and then taking his cock into her mouth, as he had instructed.

With her hands, she moved her long blonde hair for the collar. "Wise choice," he whispered in her mind. Then there it was, the sound of clasping metal as the silver collar was fastened around her neck.

Then to Daisy's eyes, Armin seemed different. His body still the same as it had been as a satyr, but there was a unique energy about him. The man with the familiar voice could be seen merged with Armin, or whomever lusted over Daisy.

Daisy felt and heard the collar snap around her neck and a new wave washed over her, this one of satisfaction with belonging. There were still a pit of loneliness in her stomach and the slight feeling of betrayal on her own part.

Armin used one hand to signal Madelyn to approach. Then he grabbed Daisy and lifted her up on his lap, it was time to enjoy her body. "Pleasure me," Armin demanded. She felt him lift her up and it was a great feeling. Madelyn saw him summon her and she followed Daisy's example and crawled on her hands and knees toward him. "Yes, Daddy?" She cooed and watched riley mae in boarding school drop out big tits and big dick and Daisy.

While Armin held his eager cock in position to Daisy's folds, the voice spoke in her mind "Let me feel you, sweetling." Chapter 9 - Point of No Return The head of his cock pressing against her cunt lips made Daisy need it inside her and as he commanded her to please him. She wasted no time. Her pussy was drenched and as she brought her hips down, the large, thick, knotted cock slid easily into her with only minimal stretching and force required.

First the twitching head that burrowed between her lips. Then each knot that seemed to pulsate with each entry. A loud, deep moan escaped Daisy's lips as knot after knot and inch after inch penetrated her and slid deep inside her until finally, her hips met his and was plunged deep inside her. Armin sat there like a king as Daisy took him inside her. All the meanwhile he pulled Madelyn's head between his own legs. Much like he did with Daisy, he smothered her face against his filthy scrotum.

They were no doubt covered in soft fur to make up for the rough skin, but he wanted his little girl to be part of his violation of Daisy.

Madelyn closed her eyes and revelled in what she was now being forced to do. Of course, there wasn't much force required, but she liked it. She took in the smell of his musk, the sweat that had dampened his fur, and licked and sucked the rough skin.

She had to catch her breath 3when she could but she didn't seem to mind. Pulling Daisy down all the way, a bulge had formed on her lower belly from the swelling of each knot.

Then he slowly raised her up only to slam her back down. The shape of his cock was unique, it was more rough. Even the temperature seemed hotter than that of a normal human. Daisy cried out in pleasure when he pulled her down on him. She looked down at her belly to see the bulge and was stunned. No one had ever gotten that deep into her cunt. She thought she was going to have to do all the work, which was fine, but there was a visible excitement on her face when he began to pull her fit body up and slam it back down.

The shape of his cock made it slightly painful but Daisy absolutely loved it. She used her own hips to assist him, then put her hands on his shoulders to steady her torso so she didn't fall over with the force of him fucking her. The control, the lust over her had momentarily broken when she hesitated in accepting the collar the first time, but when the head of his cock penetrated her, it consumed her over once again.

She was practically screaming in ecstasy as her body was brought up and down. It didn't take long until he began thrusting into her savagely like the others had been with the slaves.

Armin was no longer a man, but a beast, a mythical creature of pure lust. Even his balls began slap Madelyn's face the more he continued to pump his hips like an animal. Daisy was hot charley and alexia share a boner crying out in intense pleasure as he began to savagely thrust into her tight, slick cunt. Her body was being shaken and jolted with each of his intense thrusts and she was absolutely loving it and it was plain for everyone around to see.

He then stood up carrying Daisy as she straddled around his body. He gave a good hard push and roared like beast. He was beginning to transform again, the bulges from each knot on her belly twitched as well.

His muscles began to grow slightly. His horns longer, but it was obvious his new transformation was far from over. When he stood up, it caught Madelyn off guard as she fell back on her ass and looked up at the rutting pair of lust-filled individuals.

He was changing again and her eyes were wide as she watched this happen. He then resumed his savage thrusts, using her body for his pleasure. His tongue came out of his mouth, it was forked like the others, but it moved such like a snake and slithered around on her lips. Saliva flowed freely the more his tongue moved. Daisy, when he gave that first thrust into her, spread her legs wide around him and screamed out in a mix of pain and pure pleasure. That thrust was hard and brutal. When he began again, after he began to change, she wrapped her toned legs tight around him and leaned her head back, her arms wrapping around his neck.

As his cock grew inside her, it increased the stretching and pain. Daisy only seemed to feed off of it more and he kept ramming into her body and causing her to moan out loudly and move with each thrust. "Make me yours! Please!" she cried out. He answers her pleas. Armin began to look more beast like rather than human with his rapid thrusts. He laid her down on her back and began pumping his beaded rod into her like a dog in heat trying to mate.

When Daisy was laid down, her hands reached out to grasp and claw at whatever she was laying on now. Her legs spread wide once again and she continued to moan incredibly deeply and passionately as he fucked her. She felt like a bitch in heat to this rutting alpha. Armin sat upright and reached out to grab Madelyn. His arms seemed a bit longer now, his hands much bigger that he could grab her waist with one hand and lift her.

Still inside Daisy, the series of bulges from his knots moved as he slid his cock inside and out of her. He then placed Madelyn on Daisy's belly causing her to sit on the bulges. Madelyn gasped and went with him as he picked her up.

She wasn't sure what he was doing but it soon became clear. As he continued to thrust, the bulges on Daisy's belly began to rub against Madelyn's womanhood. He thrusted even more violently feeling Madelyn's pussy through Daisy's body.

Armin's body position was also very animal like, or yet more inhuman. Rather than thrusting while on his knees as most would in that particular position between their partner's legs as she lay on her back, Armin was in a squatting position thrusting as primitive could be imagined. In his squatting position, he had Daisy's hips slightly off the ground causing his phallic rod to push the bulges on her belly out more. It was because of this position that the bulges had an effect while rubbing against Madelyn's virgin pearl.

It was this combination of being able to arouse both girls that was expediting his transformation. Daisy was laying on her back and taking Armin like a whore. Her hips were raised, her legs were spread and wrapped around him, her moans were loud and intense, her chest was heaving, her nails were scratching at the wood beneath her.

She was in carnal bliss and this was obvious to everyone watching. Having Daisy's legs around his body as he transformed, his legs although already furry like the other satyrs, his began to further evolve. Unlike the human like shaped legs, Armin's began to morph as his muscles spasmed against Daisy's legs. His legs continued to change its shape into a goat like form giving him more flexibility to thrust relentlessly in his squatting position.

Straddling Daisy's belly, Madelyn could feel those notches moving back and forth under her pussy. She let out a loud, surprised moan and put her hands on her father's shoulders. "Oh, Daddy," she moaned out. "I can't wait to have that inside of me." She was overwhelmed with lust and basically begging.

"Daddy, fill our pretty pet with your seed and let her watch you take me as your vessel." He heard Madelyn begging to fill Daisy with his seed which sent him into a crazed frenzy. Armin held Daisy by her hips while his forearms wrapped around Madelyn's body as he continued mating with Daisy.

His face had a perverse look to him. The more he pushed inside, the longer a grayish and brown beard began to grow under his jaw. His eyes had been like as if he were in a trance of some sort, his tongue hung out like an animal.

As the scene continued, Madelyn grinned when her begging seemed to send him into a frenzy. She was grinding her hips intensely on the bulbs pressing against Daisy's skin, letting all of them grind against her virgin cunt and feeling her juices making Daisy's skin below her glisten, combining with the sweat.

While this was still going on, Daisy's hands came up and went around Madelyn to grasp her ample breasts and squeeze and fondle.

Madelyn cried out and pressed her chest into Daisy's hands. He was close and it was obvious. Then, Daisy and Madelyn both got their wish. Armin shoved his cock into her with one last final push, he slammed his phallus deep inside Daisy as his cock went into convulsions spewing his filthy seed inside her. Even through the bulges, his cock twitched and squirmed as he continue to flood her from inside.

As this happened, Daisy screamed out as the most intense climax she'd ever had hit her. Her body was shaking and convulsing violently as her juices were leaking out all around Armin's cock as his dirty, yellow seed began to flood her womb and flood around from around the cock to make a hell of a smelly, sticky mess between their legs.

Armin howled in delight as he his transformation continued. Then while his phallus remained inside with minor tremors pushing out the last riding a horny pecker hardcore and big butt of his yellow cum, a new surprise had been revealed. It was soft, yet firm. Furry much like his legs as it wrapped around Madelyn's body as it exploring her. Armin had sprouted a tail, towards the end of the tail there had been less fur and had revealed much skin.

It wasn't knotted like his cock, but instead rigid bumps throughout the exposed skin and at the tip, a mushroom shaped head with a urethra that seemed to secret even more of Armin's musky seed.

Madelyn saw this happening and grinned widely and stopped grinding her hips and moved her hand down to roughly massage the moving, pulsing bulbs as it erupted inside her. "Oh, she's loving it, Daddy," Madelyn cooed. Then, she saw the new appendage and gasped. It only took her a moment to grin and figure out what it was. "Oh, please," she moaned and opened her mouth, looking at him, her hand still massaging his cock under Daisy's skin. Chapter 9 - Innocence Lost Armin continued to squat like an animal in his newly formed hind legs.

He continued to smile in delight with more than mere satisfaction, instead it was a look of conquest. His tail continued to slither around Madelyn's body as if he were learning to control his new limb. The more he learned to control it, the more he teased Madelyn by caressing her lips with it. All the meanwhile as she massaged him through Daisy's body, each knot massaged contracted and pulsed on its own as she gave them each attention.

Regaining a bit of his composure, possibly the calm before the storm knowing that soon Madelyn would be next, Armin looked towards Mister O.

"Has the Guardian Angel broken like his lover has?" he taunted. Mister O looked at Armin with a sinister grin. One that spelled violence all over his face. "Me an angel?" Mister O scoffed, "The closest thing to an angel I'll ever be is Lucifer. Even then, he had a halo at one point, now he has horns even bigger than yours.

I didn't, just a .45 on my hip since the get go." "Still brave, but not two black lesbian having sensual oral session too much longer," Armin said arrogantly as he pulled his phallus one knot at a time from Daisy.

Each knot that popped out, a gush of his filthy seed cascaded out until he was finally liberated from her welcoming mound. Daisy moaned as each of his knots popped out of her, leaving a gush of his cum to follow. When he was completely separated from her, what seemed like a gallon of cum dripped from those luscious lips. Some dripped out in slow streams, some fell out in gooey gobs, and it was nothing compared to the amount of cum currently filling her womb.

As he stood up on his goat like legs, his manhood sprung upwards splashing his dripping cream towards Madelyn's body.

His new form revealed to all to who watched. Using his tail as if it were a leash, he wrapped it around Madelyn's neck and led her to the bronze statue. Madelyn grinned a little when his tail wrapped around her neck like a collar and, after stumbling off Daisy, she followed him like a proud pet.

She saw them approaching the statue and bit her lip, nerves taking over a bit. For Madelyn, the virgin, her debut was about to begin. The statue was in the shape of a satyr as well. But he sat nude with a flaccid penis and his chest outwards. Armin led Madelyn to sit on the statue's lap, the position gave her enough room to lean back. The hands of the statue was held out which Madelyn's legs were placed on each hand keeping them spread open.

She helped him as he situated her on the statue; spreading her legs and hooking them on the hands once she saw that it was what they were for. Armin presented her to the ceremony as she lay there in her final moments of her virginity.

She was now perched in front of the whole room with her virgin cunt exposed to them all; a promise that they'd get to enjoy it soon. But not until the man, or once-man, in front of her deflowered her with his depraved, yellow seed and sealed her place as the vessel. "Make me a queen," she whispered, mostly to herself, looking at him with an intensely sexual look.

The others followed along behind Armin while swallowing up Daisy in the crowd. Now that their alpha has had his way with her, she had now become fair game to the rest of the others. They did not hesitate to include her in their carnal orgy as one satyr placed her on his lap with her back against his body. His cock, which was also oddly shaped with rigid muscles and and hard thick veins spiraling around the shaft slipped quite nicely inside.

He leaned back slightly while holding her by her waist to make her bounce on his lap, two others approached with their phallic oddities for her to orally pleasure them and enjoy. Daisy was trying to come down from the immense high she'd just felt super teen creampie mila marx cum in pussy cream pie was starting to get to the point where she could almost see straight again when the crowd began to move and she found herself part of it.

She was placed in a satyr's lap and it was mere moments before his cock was shoved deep inside her used cunt, sticky and slick with the seed of their leader. The blonde moaned as he began to move her up and down and when the others approached, she wasted no time. Leaning her head forward, she took one in her mouth and began to deepthroat it. While she did, her hand went to the other and stroked quickly. She switched between the two. When one wasn't shoved down her throat, he was being stroked expertly and curiously.

There were a lot of men here and she wasn't sure how many wanted her. If they got creative, they could find ways to have her in more satisfying ways at the same time. Mister O knew the satyrs had one big flaw, their appetite for sex had distracted them from anything outside their pleasure.

As Armin led Madelyn to the spinning dildo sex toys and a redhead asian goddess, little did the others realize he had a hidden fold up knife from one of his boots.

Seeing them distracted, he used the knife to cut through his bindings. As the crowd continued to swarm closer to the statue, Mister O had used the opportunity to escape and slip away undetected from their distraction. The satyr using Daisy to bounce on his lap continued to use her body as if she were nothing more than an object for his gratification. The more intense her body pleasured him, the more he found himself evolving as well. Even those receiving oral pleasure from her began to transform.

Most commonly, the goat like hind legs. Soon the other satyrs took notice and wanted her body to transform as well as it seemed to be prerequisite to be worthy of their new queen's affection. Or so they believed. Those with already female partners seemed to use them solely as fluffers to keep them occupied only to leave them when an opportunity with Daisy arrived. Daisy was being passed around like a drugged-out slut at a highschool party. She'd ride someone until they were done with her while rotating between two or three cocks with her mouth and hand.

She'd get bent over a chair or something and fucked like a bitch. She'd be in a circle of men, taking as many cocks in her mouth as she could, as quick as she could.

They had filled her with their vile seed, given her mouthfuls of it, came all over her face and body. She was rudely a whore right now. Having the hind legs made the satyrs more agile and flexible to have her in different positions. One had Daisy straddling over his legs face to face as he thrusted while squatting, riding him with her hands on his shoulders and moaning happily. Then as she was hoping one of them would do, they came up behind her and pressed his own phallus, one shaped like a horse's cock against her little star in between her butt cheeks.

"Yes, please," she moaned out and wiggled her ass at him a bit. She loved being double penetrated, even if it was something she rarely got to do. He soon did so and started to shove his cock into her tight ass, causing her to groan out loudly, he felt her asshole open and stretch over the head of his yearning cock. The more he sunk it into her ass, the more rigid the shaft of his cock continued to evolve, stopping her movement and letting the men on either side of her do their worst.

At first, Madelyn was looking around and meeting eyes with everyone who happened to look at her. She was giving them looks that said she couldn't wait for them to be the one in front of her, filling her with their disgusting seed and shoving their strange cocks inside her.

Then, her eyes settled on her father and she gave him that same look and didn't stop. While looking at Madelyn as she lay there on Djall's statue with her legs open to him, her crevice almost calling out to him.

Armin placed his heavy tongue right on her tiny star below her virgin pussy. Then with a long heavy stroke, his tongue rode up her on the folds tasting her mound and continued upwards riding up her torso. He then sucked on each of her breasts, a hard slobbering suck on each one leaving a slimy mess. Then his tongue continued to ride up some more until it found its way in her mouth. She sucked on it and played with it when it was in her mouth and then as he withdrew his tongue from her mouth, a long line of his slimy saliva from his mouth to hers splattered on her body.

The blue haired girl moaned as his tongue explored her body and smirked as the saliva string fell against her pale skin. His tail rose up, now with more control it seemed like it began to lubricate itself from the saliva on her body as it rubbed worthwhile casting for young beautiful bitches hardcore blowjob her skin.

His own grotesque member which had violated so many of the female slaves, his sinful rod of carnal temptation that caused Daisy to betray her new found friend to service him for his pleasure now erected before the girl that he once saw as his daughter. Each knot eager, the head wanting, the skin itself coated in his own seed as well as Daisy's honey. He pressed his dirty phallus against his blue angel's innocence.

His tail wrapped tightly around her neck with the tip rubbing along her lips. His hands around her waists. He towered over her, truly a menacing beast in size compared next to her. Then, he pushed. Her virginity resisted, as natural.

He began pulling her body towards him, his tail slightly tightening up with the intensity. The head continued to force its way into her pearl tearing through her virtue, the hymen. The girl clenched her fists and moaned with the tail wrapped around her neck and then it began.

Her toes curled and her muscles tended as his large cock pushed against her tight, young pussy. He was having to force it in, even with how soaked her cunt was. "Daddy!" she cried out as he began to push against her seal. It wasn't a plea or a complaint.

She wasn't sure what it was. It just came out. He continued work it in forcefully, his mouth began to drip with more drool as his animalistic nature of a beast needing to breed had returned. Then finally, the head of his phallus broke through her seal of purity. Innocence forever lost to a vile spear of filth. When the seal broke, an even darker, more intense wave of lust crashed over her. She was their queen now. She was his whore now. In this moment, she wanted this night to last forever.

She wanted to be passed around by them, filled and covered with their cum, have their cocks in every possible place in her body. Madelyn was wanting to crawl around to each one, covered in their cum and give them the blessing of fucking their queen. He pulled back slightly only to push forward again ramming a knot inside her. Then again, with each knot being forced in harder than before.

He was not making love to her in the least bit, instead he was violating her as all others before her. His blue angel no more, instead his new filthy whore. A few drops of blood escaped her pussy but not much more than that. Her pussy was tight and young and had to be stretched as he penetrated her. She was perched on the statue and taking him in the way she was meant to do.

She didn't want him to make love to her. She wanted him and every other satyr here to fuck her like the animals they were, like the queen whore she was. Mister O had been working on his escape. Fatigue and exhaustion slowed him down. Then it happened. As Armin continued to fuck his new breeding bitch of what was once his daughter, a few specs of her blood from her lost innocence had dropped on the flaccid penis of Djall's statue.

As it did, Mister O dropped to the ground and writhed in pain. He was a blood sacrifice, the ceremony had taken effect on him. The more he tried to crawl away, the more pain he found himself in. Dirty.

Disgusting. Shameful. Sickening. That's what this perversion was. A sacrilegious act of depravity, the contamination of purity with filth, the unclean mating of beastly creatures and maidens.

Armin had forced himself inside her, his vulgar member nestled inside Madelyn's once innocent body. He gazed upon the bulges formed by his oddly shaped cock on her body.

But, unlike the bulges he had created with Daisy, something else was different. The knots didn't simply pulsate, instead the shaft itself, although hard and firm, it began to squirm on its own inside her.

It was as though it wanted to feel more of her inner walls as her body swallowed him in. Madelyn was moaning in a low, breathless voice. She didn't quite scream out like Daisy had but her cries of pleasure were no less enthusiastic. Her voice was a little hoarse and that added to the fact that she already had a fairly low and raspy voice made it hard to project very far. But, as he shoved himself inside her and she felt the cock moving around inside her, she couldn't help but try.

He retracted his hips back hoping to pull out slightly only to slam it back in. But, as he pulled, her body pulled with him. Her mound had engulfed him so tightly it was as though he was stuck inside her! Such case were known to happen with the clans of the werewolf packs, but this was a first for a satyr. Inside her, his cock continued to squirm even more on its own each time he attempted to pull out, but still found himself stuck inside her. It was a good feeling no doubt.

If anything it tempted the beast like nature of being a satyr. When he tried to pull back and instead forced her body the same way, she grunted a little and lowered her head from its backward position and opened her eyes to look down in confusion.

The tightness now really sank in for her as she realized that he was so big that he couldn't get his cock out of her. a good problem to have in her mind. She grunted, groaned and moaned every time he yanked on her cunt and forced her body forward but it was not a bad feeling. It was almost primal. Being stuck inside her and feeling her tight walls squeeze him made him ooze out his precum no doubt.

Though slimy and thick, it aided in the lubrication process as his primal urges consumed him causing him to jerk his hips frantically trying to pull one knot out. He continued his hip movements stretching her lips as he finally popped one of his knots out and slammed it back in. When he finally got one knot out, she sighed happily at the stretching it took to pop it out. Usually, this would be incredibly painful, and it was, but lust had so completely consumed her that, right now, the pain was better than pleasure.

So, when he shoved it back and in and continued to repeat his steps, she cried out in bliss as her body shuddered and jerked and shook. She didn't know it, but she'd been experiencing multiple orgasms for the past few minutes, short little bursts of intense pleasure that made the pain like nothing she'd ever felt before.

They weren't what she hoped she'd soon feel, a real climax, but they were close. The more he fought against her tightness, the more he fucked her like a bitch in heat. Soon he was popping two knots at a time and slamming them back into her tiny body. The tight struggle was no doubt giving him satisfaction to the former-man turned beast.

Much like when he violated Daisy, he had a look of perversion and lustful delight as his tongue hung out of his mouth like an animal while his slobber flew with each swing. There were those watching and hoping to have Madelyn next. Then there were those enjoying the new slave. Even the female slaves enjoyed Daisy. The more the satyrs covered her, baptized her in their indecent filth, the other girls licked her, trying to clean her. Some kissed her, rubbed their naked bodies against her.

Daisy was in heaven. She'd done plenty of naughty things in here life with all kinds of people and herself, both on camera and off. But even then, she was never like this. The same lust that consumes Madelyn had done its work on Daisy too. She was happy to take cock after cock in every hole they wanted, swallow all their cum that wasn't inside her or prematurely splashed onto her soft skin. She was encouraging the females to come and kiss her; lick her, taste her, share the cocks with her.

She was happy to be surrounded by men who wanted nothing more than to cover or fill her with their dirty, stinking seed. There was even one pumping his member inside a slave, but as one of Daisy's holes showed opportunity, he pulled out the slave only to finish off inside Daisy. Another had filled a slave, and kept his cock inside her to act as a plug, then at first opportunity, carried her above Daisy only to pull his phallus out and let his filth drip out from her body onto Daisy's, pushing his yellow musky cream into hers as it flowed out from another.

When the man brought the other girl over to her and pulled his cock out to release the cum, Daisy basically patched on to the girl's cunt, licking and sucking all that she could out of her and trying to clean up what she couldn't. All was was happening about the time one of them blew their disgusting load in her ass. Once she was done with the girl, she looked back at him as he pulled out, their held her nice, plump was cheeks open for one of them who was basically waiting in line to shove himself in.

All this while the one she was on top of used her body like a rag doll as he fucked her cunt that was now completely ruined with yellow, dried cum and fresh seed being constantly supplied to its hungry depths and then slowly dripping out as another man waited to do the same. Soon, her ass would follow the same path that her mouth and pussy had. Not to mention the dried seed that was all over her, in her hair, dripping from her lips, smearing her once-perfect makeup.

The insatiable cravings for Daisy began to turn more insane. One had already been pumping his horse cock in her pussy while making her ride him as he lay on his back, another a beaded cock in her ass as he mounted her from behind.

Then a third satyr, began trying to force his own cock in her occupied pussy. He kept pushing inwards stretching her out even more.

Though he was only able to fit the head in, a slave seemed eager to assist him in filling Daisy with more filth. She stroked the man, milking his cock. They truly were animals, each filling her up trying to flush out the previous load with their own. Her time to think was short, though. She was riding a nice, big cock and had another man mounting her from behind and fucking her tight little ass.

She gasped when the other man came over and tried to force himself into her cunt with the other. "Fuck," she moaned out and moved her leg to try and help. The head popped in and she groaned loudly. "Good boys, share that cunt," she cooed and smirked. As the other female tried to help, she did the same and stroked him happily.

"Now share that cum with me." Daisy was gone for the time period. She didn't know if she'd come back from this, but she'd done many drugs in her life and she knew the way they could make you feel.

It trapped you in the time you're in at the moment and makes you feel like there can be nothing else after that. But there always is. Even consumed with lust as she was, she could manage a few of these thoughts. If she made it out of this place, she'd be okay.

She knew she had to be. Lust was just another form of drug. Mister O had reached a point that he couldn't continue further away, the pain was too great. He also found the closer he returned towards the statue the pain would subside. But there was cost, he also felt a darkness brewing inside him. He was no hero, not the knight in shining armor, nor the hero coming to save the day.

He definitely was nothing in comparison to Prince Charming. Instead he was a vengeful warrior with a dark reckoning. Even his past life of romance was anything but romance. Instead it was cheap one night stands, easy girls in foreign lands during naval port visits, or even the endless toxic relationships he had.

Whatever this darkness that began to brew inside him was taking a toll on him. He'd already been on a dark path, but this was different. He saw how the others used Daisy, but he didn't feel hurt.

Not the least bit broken hearted. Instead it was different, the corruption seeping inside his own soul made him crave war, he wanted to plunge his blade deep inside each and every satyr he saw and claim Daisy as his own. He wanted to fuck her on top of their still bodies as a way to go spoil as the victor. The corruption began to spread, he looked down at his hands and saw his veins turn black. There was constant sounds of popping as Armin's knots forced in and out of Madelyn's folds.

Not once did the head portion ever escape. Though the head was much thicker than all the knots, there were times from his rapid hip thrusting he'd jerk her body as the head was caught in her tightness. Madelyn was writhing and moaning and begging as he popped his knots in and out of her.

When her body would move, she'd gasp or groan like she had before. She looked down and watched the cock going in and out of her, mesmerized by the sight. Then there was the tail, throughout Madelyn's indecent defloration, the tail slithered among her body.

During times of Armin's intense stimulation, the tip of the tail would almost spit out precum, though it was a tad bit different. A few times the tail spat out on Madelyn's lips, the smell wasn't as musky as his cum, but it had a bit of a sour flavor. It no doubt was still cum, but just a bit different. When the tail came up and splashed some juice on her lips, she licked it off and opened her mouth in case that was what he wanted.

The tail then ventured under her body, as her pearl dripped with his precum that oozed excessively, the tail began to rub against her tiny star in the back. With his precum coating the tail head, it began to push inward her tiny asshole. Then, she made a surprised gasp as the tail went down under her and teased her ass hole, starting to push in. Once it did, she moaned loudly and clenched her fists, loving the feeling of having two parts of him inside her. "You've had all of me," she moaned and leaned her head back and moaned, then leaned in to whisper in his ear.

"Now I'm your lady blue," she mused in her sexy, raspy voice. The words were hard to get out with him fucking her so wildly but she managed it. "Put all of you into me, put your God into me!" "No.not my lady blue," he said with a very animalistic growl. "My blue whore," he said as his ferocity increased. Again he thrusted savagely from his squatting position. His hands grabbing her waists and slamming her body into his like he was possessed.

It wasn't that he was trying to hurt her, but as she begged to put all of him into her, to fuck their new God into her, he did just that. Madelyn moaned as she heard the words leave his lips. "Yes, daddy, your blue whore. whore for all of our followers," she managed to get out between grunts and moans. She was being ravaged in the most literal of ways. His cock would have felt like it was tearing her apart if not for the overwhelming ecstasy and lust that had consumed her body and soul by this point.

So, instead; it felt like the best thing on earth as he continued to use her like a piece of meat. A piece of young, pretty, lovely meat that was there for the sole purpose of him and everyone else there to deposit their sick, yellow seed into. Djall, or Dionysus, whichever name you chose to give him. The deity of fertility, religious ecstasy, ritual madness, these creatures worshipped him properly. The more he punished her with pleasure, his phallic corruption began to squirm even more rapidly inside her.

His member grew warmer, he was close. Even each thrust caused his tail to plunge deeper in her ass. Defiling her once innocent body more and more. The tail had sunken so deep that even the parts with fur had made its way inside. It was sensitive, his tail was still new and the skin hasn't built the same durability like his cock has. He had to pull it out from her ass. As his tail retracted her body shuddered, a small quantity of his cum squirted out from her asshole.

She loved the feeling of that goo being splattered on her pale skin. While the tip of the tail made its way towards her mouth, it continued to spit more of his sour goo all over her body until reaching her lips pressing forward wanting her to suck. She opened it happily and accepted the intrusion, eagerly sucking and licking it, letting its sour cum be depositors down her big tit teen webcam fuck dildo and black getting pussy some of these pigs just dont get. "Look!

He's about to fill the virgin with his seed!" One satyr pointed out. The crowd swarmed even closer until they were all surrounding Armin and Madelyn. Daisy heard that the first part of the ceremony was about to be complete and it barely registered as she had just gotten two loads of nasty cum flooded into her cunt, one in her ass and one all over her back as she had reached back to stroke a nice big cock that was waiting.

He apparently couldn't handle it. Daisy was pushed towards Madelyn's body, the satyrs demanded her to lick Madelyn clean to prepare her body for Djall's arrival. She was brought to the front and helped some of the other females clean the sour goo off of Madelyn, taking it all down just as eagerly as they had all the other batter that had been in their mouths.

Then, when her next job became clear, she happily obliged. They had forced her face under Armin, demanding her to suck on his balls to stimulate the great seed while his precum continued to drip most likely to leave a sloppy mess on Daisy's face.

Her mouth sucked and massaged the rough sack and licked along some of the creases as his precum and some of Madelyn's sweet nectar fell all over her face. Since the breach of her virginity, first it was drops of blood that fell.

Then as Armin continued to bore his crude phallus between her soft thighs, Madelyn's continuous flow of her own honey that flowed from her defiled maidenhood unto the statue's flaccid penis as her virgin blood has it began to shift.

Though it may not have been noticed, or even paid attention to. It's even possible for the participants of this sacrilege to not even know the full extent.

But with each drop that managed to fall on the penis, even as it rolled off and fell on Daisy's face, it little by little began to erect. Underneath, as she pleasured Armin, ensuring a glorious deposit of possibly their new God into their vessel, the ruined virgin is made into a whore for their deity.

Another slave laid next to Daisy, licking and suckling on Armin's rough and coarse skinned balls. They seemed to be enjoying what they were doing and sometimes, when they would get big mouthfuls of juices, they'd turn their heads toward each other and make out for a few moments, exchanging their treats with each other, before going back to their new jobs. His powerful hip movements, the very same that he blessed Daisy just moments earlier, and the slave next to her as well was driving him into maniacal state.

Every part of his beaded cock dripped with his precum and Madelyn's juices making a sloppy mess as their mixed fluids spattered with each thrust.

His legs were damp, even his balls were moist and glistened in dripping sweat. As big ass compilation hd and tits outside xxx becoming a man was under there, she kept her legs spread wide as to not deprive the others of her body. Her ample thighs were spread and exposing her stretched, ruined cunt.

The others saw Daisy and the other slave underneath. Their lower bodies still exposed and accessible.Luckily it wasn't beyond repair and some healing and exercises would likely get it back to its normal, pink, pretty pussy perfection. For now, though, it still had gobs of disgusting yellow cum dripping out of its lips and dried cum all around it glistening with her sweet juices. Each taking turns planting their own seeds in the the two of them, Daisy being the favored one. One by one, the men continue to take what they wanted from her.

If they wanted to dump their load in her pussy, they did. If they wanted to lift her hips and fuck her tight ass, they could. If two or three of them wanted to try to share her holes, they could. And they did. One by one, men she could never see the faces of used her like the whore she was in this moment. One in particular seemed a bit overly obsessed with Daisy, even as he had soiled her with his filthy cream, showered her with it it, he wanted more each time he had an opportunity.

It was as though he was determined for his seed to sprout life in her fertile body specifically, even if that life were an abomination of beast and maiden. Armin was close, he slowed his thrusting movements significantly. In wasn't that he was tired, not at all. Instead he impaled her with his foul cock, each blow more punishing as ever. Madelyn was being destroyed by Armin's fucking. She was being destroyed in the best way. From watching so much carnal pleasure over the last while and especially today with Daisy and the others, she thought he was getting close and somehow sensed that he was.

She craved it. She needed it. She wanted his seed, wanted their god, wanted the seed of the rest of the men. "You! Are! My! WHORE!!" he demanded with a punishing blow. "Mine!" he continued with another hard and forceful breach into her once sacred gem. Then looking down at her body, seeing the details of his cock through her skin on the bulges on her tummy, "This," he said as saliva continued to drool out like the filthy animal he was, "This is where a new God will be born.

Starting with my.SEED!" he said in a deep raspy voice. When he explained that she was his whore, she cried out in bliss. "Yes! Your whore!" She agreed, then screamed out louder than she had before when she felt that last, intense thrust that would send every bit of his cock into spasms and intense motions. As he pulled back slightly only to ram it back, it felt more sensitive.

It was happening, there was no denying it. His cock began to writhe and squirm as he pulled it back, then right before his last and final plunge into her ruined flower, every knot as well as the head began to spasm violently.

He howled in carnal bliss. He pulled her body into him with his tail wrapping around her torso while pushing forward with his hips. His arms reaching under to grab both Daisy's and the maiden's face to smother his balls, rubbing his underbody over them as he grinded against Madelyn. As his disgusting yellow filth filled her body, wave upon what felt like an endless wave. Each knot pulsating, beating, and wiggling while the head itself more violent than the knots. As he erupted inside her and pulled her closer to his body, Madi's head fell backward and her eyes closed while her mouth fell open in a breathless, soundless scream of pure carnal pleasure.

It felt like nothing else. She could feel every sport of his vile seed filling up her fertile, young womb as she was unable to move or do much else besides just take it.

With each load deposited, a gush of his bitter cream gushed out onto Daisy's face. Then as his orgasm began to slow down calm, he pulled his vile member out. As like the others and now with his little girl, a loud and gushing pop with each knot that he extracted out, and another, until finally the head liberated itself from her lost innocence.

"Thank you, daddy," she booty busty ebony babe masturbates and gets squirt not looking up or opening her eyes. Her voice was almost gone. "I feel. complete. I feel like. a queen," she breathed out, her chest heaving. She finally managed to look up about the time he started to pull out.

With each pop of his cock exiting, she gasped. Juices flew everywhere each time. When the head finally came out, a flood of his cum started to be unleashed but Daisy was ready. Some of it splashed on the girls' faces but before too much could be lost, she leaned up and attached her mouth to Madelyn's now-ruined cunt. She swallowed all the cum that flooded out and sucked out a bit that was threatening to do the same, then pulled away with a cum-drunk look on her face.

"A queen shouldn't waste her gift," she mused and went to lick Armin's cock to help clean him up. The other girl soon joined. When this was done, Daisy was an absolute mess if she hadn't already been. "Can I be your guest while we witness the rest of the ritual?" she asked humbly. Madelyn was weak. The lust had consumed her body physically, much like sex could do to a person.

She'd had countless orgasms and the nature of all this sex drained her more than she'd ever imagined. Daisy sucked all the cum out of her and it felt divine. She smiled down at the older girl and nodded in agreement. "My daddy's cum should never be wasted. No cum of my followers should be wasted," she mused. Chapter 10 - Never Ending Night Mister O had witnessed everything, he hid in the shadows as the others were too sex drunk to even notice.

But this strange feeling he had inside him, the corruption was affecting him too. He felt as though he wanted the women, jump in the crowd and join in. Another side of him felt pure hatred for the satyrs. Not because he was jealous or anything, but it felt as though his pride was challenged. This primal corruption was driving him mad. He didn't care about the pain anymore, yes it hurt beyond belief, but he needed to leave. Rushing outside despite the torture his body felt, he found himself outside the church.

But, where the fuck was the town? There was no town. Just an endless grape field. There was no helicopter crash sight within the distance, even as the moon shined there were no mountains in range. He turned around and saw the church, a strange vortex of clouds hovered above. Something wasn't right, even for a deity summoning. Armin marveled at his latest masterpiece. Spent most of his busty hottie dressed in doctor ride sextoy masturbation bigtits human life as an artist, but the sight of Madelyn against the bronze state dripping of his seed was a sight to behold.

Even gazing on Daisy, who had originally arrived to disrupt this moment has now become his slave. But then there was something different, the statue's flaccid penis was not flaccid. Instead it was fully erected. This he did not anticipate, but it most certainly peaked his intrigue. He wanted more for carnal pleasures for sure and he also wanted to see how much more depraved the ceremony can go.

He grabbed the top of Daisy's head with his beastly hands and pushed her face towards the statue's now erected cock, "You, stay here and worship Djall by cleaning him with your tongue." He turned and took every female slave one by one ordering each of them to await for him by his chair. And commanded his brethren to await at the bottom of the altar. Daisy gasped when Armin pushed her head down and told her to clean the bronze cock of the statue.

She hadn't even noticed that the cock had once been flaccid and was now very erect. She had hoped that she'd gained some favor with him but she still followed his orders and cleaned the statue.

When she was done, she sat up and wiped her mouth, turning her head to watch what was happening by the altar. Armin was offering Madelyn to the crowd.

Armin unhooked Madelyn's legs from the statue's hands and scooped her up and she was almost limp in his arms.

She had thought that he would leave her there and the men would run one long train on her but she was almost happy to be able to move around a bit. He carried her to the edge of the altar while the satyrs cheered him and Madelyn, "Behold the whore queen of Djall!" Her chest filled with pride and happiness then as if she were a piece of meat fed to dogs, Armin simply dropped his daughter into the crowd of sex hungry beasts. He presented her to them as their whore queen.

Then, she couldn't be prepared for when he dropped her. Her sexy babe ayda swinger getting fucked by a stranger in the public fell into the waiting crowd and she was quite happy that the men caught her.

From the moment they caught her, not once did any part of her body even touch the ground.It seems like a split second before one of them had managed to get between her legs and was now inside her.

Sure enough, the one with the horse shaped cock was the first to feel his new queen from inside. All others were in a hurry to push their cocks against her lips as they all carried her. She was moaning happily when a cock was pressed to her lips and she opened them to let it in.

She didn't have to do any work now. They fucked her mercilessly in her now-divine pussy and her warm mouth. She wasn't quite as ruined as Daisy was, but as they'd all start depositing their filthy spunk into her and all over her, she'd start to get that way. Even if they blew their sunny leone hot xxx story with condom download down their throat, they wouldn't be satisfied until they deposited it in her womb and mixed it with their leader's divine, disgusting seed.

The statue was quite large, the surface tasted just like that it was made from, bronze. Though the phallus was covered in sexual fluids giving it a better flavor than the bronze itself. Armin appeared to be more focused on the statue than his own daughter. It most likely wouldn't have escaped his notice that Mister O had vanished, but he didn't seem to care.

There was something else going on. Meanwhile, it was a celebration of sorts. Perhaps the first time in centuries, or even since ancient days that he ritual had been completed.

The satyrs adored Madelyn, but their affection was that of tainting her with their foul cream. Many of them sang in a strange language while the satyr fucking his alpha leader's daughter pounded her nubile pussy in unison to the music. Still, as one were able to mount behind her as her horse cocked partner straddled her over his lap with his goat legs in a squatting position, this new intruder from behind had been able to invade her tush.

Madelyn was all about what was going on now. She wasn't having to do any real work and was instead being treated like the whore queen she was. When the two satyrs found heir method of making it so two of them could have her at once, she decided that this was how she wanted it. The one in front had her tight pussy squeezing him and the new one mounting her had put the first real cock inside her plump ass.

Her hands were holding on to the one in front of her for balance and her mouth was servicing every cock that came its way. Still her body never touching the ground, her hand and feet were grabbed by others using her limbs to rub against their phallus.

Those that stood upright grabbed her head, passing her lips from one cock to another while others poured wine down their cocks into her mouth.

Back at the statue, Armin sat on his throne watching Daisy. His slaves kneeling around him seeking his affection as they clean his body with their tongues. Then there it was, a cracking sound. Chipped bronze pieces fell from the arm onto Daisy's head. Then the penis, it seemed more detailed, as if knots were begining to grow on the shaft, but the head seemed to resemble the head of a horse cock.

But the most interesting detail, a purple liquid seeped from the tip, a purple sweet smelling liquid. Daisy had finished cleaning the cock and then decided to look over at Armin as he went to his throne, giving him a little cum-drunk smirk. Then, she jumped a little as she heard the crack and some pieces hit her. She turned to stare at the statue and saw the cock turning into what looked like the others' and blinked as she saw the purple fluid.

She looked at Armin again, then back at the statue. Upon the discovery of the statue's surprises, Armin stood up immediately and approached Daisy.The girl's body tensed up, thinking that maybe he was mad and blaming her for the statue breaking. But of course she knew she had barely touched it except for with her mouth and tongue. He touched the arm of the statue where the crack had be seen and shook it. She watched the creature interact with the statue and blinked some.

There was no effect, then as the purple liquid continued to seep out, he looked to Daisy, "Taste it," he demanded. She looked at it for a moment skeptically but eventually bit her lip and leaned down, opening her mouth and taking a bit of it into her mouth.

She looked incredibly surprised. "It's wine. Sweet wine," she said, looking up at him with her big, bright blue eyes. "Wine?" Armin said looking pleased. Djall had also been believed to be the same deity the ancient Greeks worshipped as Dionysus which wine and grape harvest were among his blessings.

Armin seemed to have an endearing touch for Daisy as he placed his fingers under her chin and pulled her upwards. Daisy grinned a little bit when Armin's hand came up to her chin and her body sort of just moved smoothly with his hand as he summoned her upright.

She was his for right now. She had offered herself to him when he was finished with Madelyn and she had been denied; but now he seemed to change his mind. His tongue reached out into her mouth and tasted the wine. It was sweet, almost perfect. The taste alone rejuvenated his vitality. Since Daisy's capture, he's already deposited his seed in three different wombs including her own.

But now his phallus reached out to her, the tip teasing at her mound as the sound of moist flesh rubbing could be heard. Armin then grabbed her by her waists and lifting her to place her on the statue as he did with Madelyn and hooked her legs on the statue hands.

The erected penis of the statue stood perfectly having Daisy's pussy rest on the shaft. Taking control of her hips once again, Armin moved her hips to rub her pussy all over the statue's erected penis. She looked really surprised when he put her in the same position that Madelyn had been in for the ceremony. She had thought this was only for the vessel. Though, this made her swell with some sort of pride. He moved her hips against he erect bronze cock and she moaned lowly and relaxed her body.

"I thought you had tired of me," she breathed out quietly. Armin began to breathe heavily with each sway of Daisy's hips as he rocked her body along the statue's cock. Even then with each stroke of her pussy, he could feel it on his own cock. When she mentioned of him tiring of her, he didn't respond, but continued rocking her hips on the cock. Then the voice returned, the stranger, "Sweetling, how could I tire of you, my pet? It was the virgin's body that awoke the sleeping giant, but it shall be yours who sets him free.

The virgin was their vessel, but you are mine. Now play with it, enjoy that hard metal under you as if it were my own." Daisy heard the voice as her hips were being moved back and forth. Her breathing was heavy and she was very, very excited. She had almost forgotten that, in some way, the shadowy man was controlling all this.

She'd been talking to Armin, not her mystery man. She nodded at his words when he said that she could be the one to really matter and told her to enjoy the statue. Lifting her hips, she sank down on the bronze cock and moaned out deeply and loudly. It felt better than any toy she'd ever used.

And she'd used a lot. Outside Mister O continued to observe the church, there were runes outside and their glow was waning. When he looked up, he saw the moon was setting, but there was no sun rising. An endless night? It was strange, and then he began to see flashes.

He saw Madelyn's face in slow motion through the eyes of the satyr that fucked her womb. Mister O dropped to his knees and rubbed his eyes and then saw through the eyes of the satyr who's knotted cock was stuck inside her tush. He could feel all the details, her soft cheeks squeezing his beaded shaft, that slick and musky feeling inside her asshole.

When he blinked and opened his eyes, Mister O saw the whole church, and then looked down and saw Daisy below him. Instead, he was looking through the eyes of the statue. Mister O became flustered at the situation and shook his head.

When the visions faded, he looked to the field and saw a woman in a white dress at a distance staring at him. Mister O approached the girl slowly, the pain he felt from the ceremony subsided the closer he was to her. He still had his knife and kept it ready. He wasn't sure what to make of everything, or even this woman. The young mysterious woman took a few steps toward him.

She had bare feet and wore nothing but the pristine white dress that was almost like a fancy nightgown. She had deathly pale skin, dark hair, especially in comparison to her skin, and pale, ghostly blue eyes.

"Hello, Johnny," she said, her voice soft and raspy, sort of like the sexy but cute voice of Madelyn, but more mature. She looked down at the knife in his hand and showed no expression, only blinked and looked at him.

"Are you going to stab me, Johnny?" she asked in a questioning tone, her cold, gentle hand moving down to take the hand he held the knife in bringing it up to hold against her throat. When she took his hand and placed the knife on her neck it made things more strange for him, "Stab you? Well, that all depends on what you do.

Give me a reason and I just might," he warned her. The young woman before Mister O gave a knowing smile when he said that if she'd give him a reason, he just might slit her throat, "Oh, sweetie, it's so cute when you play tough haley ryder playing with her vibrator in front of the cam masturbation and pornstars. You could cut me into a million little piece right now and I'd be right back in your head.

I'd be right back here," she said in an almost amused voice. "I've been looking for you," she said. "Well. I've been here a long time. I guess it's more proper to say that you've been looking for me." The woman looked distantly familiar.

Like a family member you see in photographs. Or a stranger you admire from across a classroom. Or a girl who appeared in your dreams but you could never remember when you woke up. "Cut," she whispered, watching him. "It wouldn't be the worst thing you've done, would it? Not even the worst thing you've done to me." Then, she dropped his hand and her own fingers went up to touch his cheek. As she did, all the pain disappeared from his body but an intense longing and feeling of nostalgia consumed his emotions.

"You don't know me. But I know everything about you." Yet the more he looked at her, the more it bothered him. He felt he has seen her before, but couldn't quite place it. Then as she spoke some more, he became more confused. "I've done some pretty fucked up things to a lot of people, but lady, I have no idea who you are." But why was she so familiar he wondered, "Okay, you know everything about me, but who the fuck are you?" He had asked her a few questions, what he had done to her, who she was, the like.

"No, I don't think so," she said and tapped her finger against her chin. "That would make this all too easy for you. Well. nothing will ever be easy for you, except the things that send you deeper into your pit," she said as if stating a fact. "Like I said, I found you a long time ago. You just couldn't see me and I couldn't talk directly to you. But now. here I am. And I'm indian girl fucked by his brothers friend to stay," she mused with a soft, eerily calm smile.

"You'll figure it out eventually, I believe in you." Then, as if she didn't have to obey the laws of physics, her whole body slid around to stand behind his. Only her feet moved in slow steps. Her cool breasts were pressed up against his back and the fabric of the dress ruffled in the uneven wind of wherever they were. Her awesome girl with precious ass bounces on knob slowly came up to cover his eyes.

As she did, flashes appeared in his mind. Flashes of him and a young cute girl with pink hair spending time together. The night she was taken from him. Things he's done in his life that he may not be proud of. Images of Daisy riding the statue's cock or being filled by Armin. Visions of a happier time for Madelyn, sitting in her room and reading a book, then visions of her being gang banged by the satyrs in the most intense detail.

Then, he saw the pink haired girl blonde teen swallow cum desert rose aka prostitute. She was a bit older than the last time he saw her but not much. At first it looked like she was sleeping but as more of her was revealed, she was laying on her stomach with her hips raised, wearing nothing but gem-encrusted collar, wrist and ankle cuffs that weren't attached to anything and a set of incredibly luxurious jewelry.

She was laying on a sea of white and black sheets and blankets. She was moaning now and behind her a man shrouded in shadows, slowly sinking a cock that was much too large for a human girl to comfortably take. But they weren't on earth, and he'd know that. They were in their own little dimension and the man shrouded in shadows could do whatever he wanted. Once this was over, her hands fell from his face and she backed away. When she showed him the visions, it caused him to react violently.

The pink haired girl was an old memory, a suppressed memory. Good memories weren't always worth remembering if it also meant keeping the bad ones as well. Seeing her defiled when she was taken from him was the night Mister O lost faith in humanity. Or hope. Or even redemption. The visions of Daisy and Madelyn upset him, but nowhere near as much as it did with the pink haired girl. But seeing her as she was with her hips raised and the ominous person about to take her from behind was a whole different story.

She was small, fragile, a delicate flower. But as the demon revealed one of his many forms, with his vile member. It was more hideous than any of the satyrs, in many ways the shaft resembled a muscular forearm with a series of tentacles that curled into a hulking fist for the head attached with wrist like joint.

But, what bothered him more than seeing that abomination for a cock invade her, was the welcoming look on her face. The look on her face was not a learned look or one that she put on for show.

It was a look of happiness. Real happiness. The look a lover might give going to bed with their spouse. And then when he defiled her, it was a look of pure bliss. She was adorned like a queen, only with the unchained shackles of a recently freed slave. And she looked the part of the queen receiving her coronation. After it was done, Mister O turned around facing the mysterious woman while roaring with rage.

"What was that?" he demanded while in a fight stance, "The fuck was that about?!" he continued to yell with his knife drawn towards her.

Mister O reacted as she knew he would. She didn't react at all. The girl only stood there, even more ghostly and hauntingly beautiful in the darker light. "That was Sadie, you remember her name, don't you? And that is what she was getting up to a few hours ago," she mused. "You know those nightmares you sometimes have like what you just saw?

They're not your mind playing tricks on you. That's me not letting you forget that you could have saved her. And now, that's been her life. You don't deserve to forget," she said in an emotionless tone. Mister O maintained his fight stance while face to face with the mysterious lady.

As she explained that his nightmares was because of her, that she wouldn't allow him to forget. A few tears streaked down his face, though he did not weep. Instead he looked as though he were on the verge of utter rage. "And you're about to let it happen again. Daisy might not be close to you as she was, but she's someone's daughter. She has a son. Did you know that? She's a mother and you just brought her here to be a part of. that. And I felt your rage. I saw the things you thought about doing to her.

I don't blame you after what you just saw her do. Hell, do it. She might like it. But she's in there wondering where you are right now. And the poor 'vessel,' she's about as old as Sadie was," she trailed off. As he would watch her, her whole form would seem to fade away into the night, before reappearing directly against his body. Her cold fingertips brought his chin down toward hers. She leaned in and her cool, soft lips barely brushed against his as she whispered, "Do you still remember how to care for people?" With that, she looked into his eyes and then was gone.

"And who are you to decide this?!" Mister O demanded, "The fuck you suppose to be?! My conscience?! I didn't deliver Daisy here! Not Madelyn!!" His hands shook as though he fought hard to maintain himself, his rage could explode at any moment wanting to plunge his blade into the girl. Then she asked if he remembered how to care for people. He bellowed a warcry roar. "Do I remember how to care for people?" he responded in a tone as though he felt insulted.

"No! I stopped caring a long time ago! The ability to care was taken from me!" Then the flash of Sadie's face continued to replay in his mind. "It was stolen from me!" he continued to yell while more flashes of her face continued, "My compassion for others was defiled and desecrated!!" Then he imagined her in full motion. There was no audio, just her face in front with demon mounting her, pounding away at her, allowing her master to enjoy her.

Mister O dropped on his knees, his face against the soil. He couldn't stop seeing what he saw. It was triggering him more and more. The corruption was settling in. He looked up, the soil that smudged on his face resembling that of a skull.

"Alright, bitch, you wanna see how I care for people? I'll fucking show you!" he yelled as he got back on his feet. He faced towards the church with his knife drawn and saw red. His vision was blood red as he had intended to inflict his reckoning. Once she had asked him if he still knew how to care, the girl was gone from his sight. She wasn't gone from his mind, she'd never be able to do that. Well, she could, but she wouldn't. She watched him from afar, like an omniscient narrator. She listened to his rants and raves and was surprised when he let the images into his head.

Usually, she was the one putting them there, but those were his creation. "Go," she whispered in his mind as he got up and declared his intention to show her his wrath. "Give in." Chapter 11 - Rage! Rage! Rage! The moon began to set, the glow of the summoning runes diminished without the moon's light. But the night was eternal in this new strange place. The stars twinkled and illuminated the field. Inside the church, the festivities began to slow down. Many of the satyrs exhausted for their night of fucking.

Even as Armin saw the surface of the statue cease to crack after the moonlight had faded, he knew it was time to settle for the night until the next moon rose. The stranger spoke in Daisy's mind, "Rest, sweetling.

You have pleased me. Now rest." Daisy nodded some at the echoing words in her head and slowed her riding of the bronze cock and let Armin lift her off the statue. She followed him and nodded when he spoke. "Yes, sir," she agreed and went with him to get Madi, then laid down with them and let her legs spread for his tail to slide into her used cunt. When Armin had helped her down from the statue, many of the satyrs were settling for the night, each grabbing a slave if they could.

As they lay, it seemed they used the slaves as "cock warmers" keeping their crude phallus inserted while they slept. It seemed almost as though it was expected that Madelyn would serve as Armin's cock warmer as the other satyrs dared not use her for that task, at least not the first night of her new position.

The satyrs had began to tire. Madelyn hoped that they hadn't tired of her and assumed that everyone had just fucked themselves out. She knew the ritual wouldn't all be done in one night, or at least she didn't think it would be. There were a few of them already asleep with mates around her. One of the satyrs had just blew his load in her ass, filling it with vile seed and she moaned and thanked him.

He was tired though and it took one of the females coming over to drag him away before he pulled out. She was a wreck. Cum dripped from and dried around every hole. Her hair was matted with yellow goo. She looked absolutely exhausted. So when Armin came over, she happily clung to him and went with him, letting him slide his cock into her whenever he was ready and cuddling up to him.

As Armin reunited with Madelyn, he led both her and Daisy to a spot near the statue. Though his fatherly endearment for Madelyn carried over even in his sacrilegious form, it also seemed Daisy had become his favorite of the slaves next to Madelyn. When all had seemed as though everyone had settled leaving Daisy out, Armin's tail wrapped around her waist. "I need another to keep this one warm," he demanded pov titty fuck ariella ferrera lisa ann kiara mia kagney lynn karter bridgette b gia dimarco Daisy.

Still tight, Madelyn's young pussy felt amazing for Armin as he slid his member through her ruined pearl from behind. He sat upright with his back against the statue while having Madelyn lean her back against him. Seeing Daisy laying down he grabbed her by her torso and scooped her up and pulled her back against Madelyn's chest. From there he wrapped Madelyn's legs around Daisy only to penetrate her with his tail.

Soon his own legs and his arms embraced them both as he fell into slumber. Though it wasn't necessarily sex, but even as he slept with with his foul appendages inside the girls, his cock still twitched to the feel of being inside Madelyn with his tail squirming inside Daisy. Madelyn had almost been asleep when Armin came over to her, so as soon as he pushed his cock into her tightness, she moaned and began to make cute little sounds as she slowly fell asleep. Daisy, on the other hand, made one happy sound as the tail slid in and then as she laid there against Madelyn, she made no sounds other than those of heavy breathing.

The lust had released her and her mind was going a hundred miles an hour. As everyone seemed to fall asleep. Though, Daisy couldn't. Her body was exhausted and in and even more depraved state than Madelyn but her mind was still on that lust high. She wasn't consumed by lust any longer. Her mind was starting to fuck my tight pussy with your big cock cezar capone back. But she was had the afterglow of a good high.

It left her to lay there and think. That's when it hit her. Mister O was gone and no one had noticed. She kept it to herself and stayed still and quiet, not wanting anyone to notice something was off. She hoped he was working on a plan. What may seem like a calm end to a night of festivities really was more like the calm before the storm.

Mister O couldn't stop thinking about it. He also couldn't differentiate that it was his own mind feeding into him with his images. Then his mind shifted to older memories. As he approached the church with a haste in his walk, he saw his old comrades. His former military comrades that had perished before his eyes years before his affiliation with the CIA. When each face of his former teammates flashed in his mind, a sudden burst of rage filled his soul. He arrived just where he had escaped earlier to find one of the satyrs brazoz harmony reigns she shows you how t around.

Mister O had followed him as he looked to serve himself wine. As the satyr took a drink and turned around, he found Mister O with a skull pattern on his face from the soil on the ground. In his hateful wrath, Mister O smothered the satyr's mouth with his hand and slammed him against the wall while using his knife. It was a short blade no doubt, but in close quarters it served a purpose. It seemed Mister O was wanting him to feel the pain. The satyr slumped to the ground with his eyes wide open in vs lex steele behind the scenes. As he lost his footing, Mister O wanted his last sight to be the face of the man who defeated him.

The satyr's eyes filled with sorrow knowing his God was coming, but man had denied him that glory. "Rest in piss, asshole," whispered Mister O to the defeated satyr. Daisy was out of it but still awake and somewhat aware. She was the first to british girls are thrilled with the idea of getting fucked by tourists Mister O as he came into the far entrance of the large room. Her eyes widened and her mouth was open.

She didn't know what he was going to do but even from this distance, she could sense his rage. Something was wrong. As Mister O came into the main area where the all the satyrs and the slave girls were, and there he saw the mysterious ghostly woman standing by the altar close to Armin and company. She looked down at the erect bronze penis with a incredulous look and shook her head before leaning against it and watching the events that would come.

Some of the satyrs had girls wrapped in their arms and legs, others slept alone. He approached one that slept alone and raised his leg to stomp on the satyr's head causing a cracking sound.

The corruption filling Mister O's soul was causing his rage a bit of increased strength. The satyr screamed in pain and awoke. Mister O stood there and yelled, "Wake up!

You want war?! You want to see your god?! I'll send you all to him. in hell!!" When he made his move and stomped on the satyr's head and yelled out to the group. Daisy was just staring. She didn't know what else to do. She didn't know what was going to happen yet.

Had he snapped? Did he think he could take on all these creatures? Could he? Her mind was filled with questions and concerns. Madelyn didn't wake up from the noise. She really was incredibly worn out. Armin was sound asleep having both Madelyn and Daisy with him. Upon hearing Mister O's declaration of war, his appendages retracted from both girls immediately as he woke up startled.

Just the same all the other satyrs and maidens woke up with a startled look on their faces. "That's two of your dogs I've put down already, Armin!" Mister O threatened as he held the bloody blade pointed at him. "One at your brothel, and another in the other room. I'm your blood sacrifice, right? You want my blood? Come and get it!!" he roared. Madelyn finally woke up when she heard the second loud outburst and felt Armin's cock slid out of her. She was still half asleep and she sat up and watched what was going on with bleary eyes.

She looked between Armin, Daisy and the man she didn't really know. The first satyr lunged towards Mister O, yet his rage caused him to respond with a forward thrusting kick to the chest knocking him back. Mister O wasted no time in attacking the others in sight. It was clear not all the satyrs were fighters, even with extra strength and ability, most couldn't match with Mister O's ferocity and experience. The maidens screamed in horror as they witnessed the satyrs defeated to his skill.

Though they may have been captives in the beginning, many of the maidens had learn to love these beastly creatures that were once men. They with whom they offered their bodies to bear offspring now watched this madman beat them down one by one.

There were some that could fight, and those proved dangerous to Mister O, and they were the satyrs that gave the maidens hope. Though Mister O was surrounded, he was in a full berserk rage. When his back was turned, those that were fighters among the satyrs used the opportunity to slash at Mister O with their nails. Each slash nina terror in tartan alternative and striptease caused him to fall forward off balance only to get back up and keep attacking.

Armin watched as his covenant was being bested, and then he saw Mister O knocked down one of his satyrs and drag him by his arm. As Mister O dragged him, he slashed at him furiously while staring at the bronze statue not knowing of the mysterious lady that could only be seen by his eyes. "Is this what you wanted?!" Mister O yelled as his own blood dripped down the side of his face from one of the slashes a satyr inflicted.

And then with that, and finally slash to the satyr's wrist giving him a slow end. It was then Mister O found himself in the corner and swarmed and overwhelmed by the horde. "I must take you both to safety!" Armin demanded as he yanked on both Madelyn and Daisy's arms. The maidens followed as well weeping with the terror they witnessed. Daisy was a little more vigilant. She sat up straight and made sure that Madelyn stayed behind her, which she did. The three of them sat there and witnessed Mister O's fight with the satyrs as both girls were staring wide eyed.

Armin told them that he needed to get them to safety and Daisy seemed to snap to action. "No," she said quietly, then looked at Madelyn. "Sweetheart," she began, "we need to go." Madelyn stared at Daisy and looked back at Armin as if he was going to give her permission. Then, she turned her attention back to Daisy and shook it.

"No, no, I need to go with him," she said. "I need to be up with them." Daisy didn't respond to this well. She reached up and slapped Madelyn. "You're not a queen. You're a nineteen year old girl. Come on, let's go," she said and stood up, tugging Madelyn with her, who was in shock and didn't protest. He was surrounded with his back to the corner. He didn't let that stop his ferocity. "I can run to Two Moons, like this!

All the way to Two Moons, like this!" he chanted with a gruff tone as if he were singing boot camp cadences. "When I get to Two Moons, Armin's gonna say, 'How'd you get to Two Moons in just one day!'" Mister O continued while the satyrs looked at him as if he lost his mind.

"And I reply with a whole lot of anger! With blood and guts and a little bit of danger!" he kept chanting until finally lunging at the crowd. His chances of survival was minimal, but he didn't care.

This wasn't a rescue mission. Not necessarily a suicide mission either, instead he just wanted to fight. War was his purpose, his addiction. War was his validation, the reason for his existence. The dark haired woman stood there and watched. She didn't seem pleased. She didn't seem scared. She didn't seem disappointed. She just watched with her ghostly blue eyes. She looked down to see the blonde resisting Armin and sighed.

She took a step down off the platform and casually walked up to Daisy. Reaching her hand out, she touched Daisy's forehead with one finger and a blinding white light shone through the building and the two girls were gone. She didn't seem to care about the other females.

After that, she laughed to herself quietly as she looked over her shoulder at Armin, then walked toward the door. She took a stop halfway there to look at Mister O. "They couldn't have gone far. Her powers aren't strong yet. Get outside and find them before he does," she said, nodding at Armin.

Then, she was gone. Mister O lashed forward screaming with all the rage in his darkening soul when the light illuminated. The nasty chick amber faye gets her pussy stretched smalltits and pornstars had been blinded by the light, perhaps Mister O's saving grace as well.

When the mysterious woman had gave him guidance he took a deep breath and made his way out. The moon had set in this never-ending night. The town and mountains had vanished, there was no sign of the helicopter crash sight therefore there were no strike team coming. Mister O looked around, one eye shut from his blood pouring down from a cut above the eye.

As he looked, his body began to limp. His back was covered with cuts. Even his shoulder bled out, most of his clothing was soaked in his own blood. With his rage waning down, all audio seemed to shut off for him except for the sound of his deep breaths.

Then he saw her blonde hair, her bright blond hair as if it glowed in the night. Mister O reached out to her trying to approach, but his vision was fading. He was losing too much blood too fast and he knew his body was giving up. His hand that reached out to her, on his forearm the tattoo of a phrase ara gizli cekim aldatma vidiolari rusya MORI." As his vision was turning black, Mister O saw his tattoo and said in a normal speaking voice, "Memento Mori.is now the time?" And then he fell to his knees.

The dark haired woman couldn't be seen, but she watched it all from above. She saw him limping and felt as his hearing and vision began to go. She just shook her head and sighed. She didn't know if he was going to make it. Perhaps this would be the end after all. Before, she had thought it was only the beginning. She stopped watching to let events unfold as they would.

The girl would have to figure it out for herself and be submitted to whatever punishment the satyrs would administer. Daisy didn't know what happened. She felt a cold wash over her and then her senses were gone. The two girls appeared in a dark, empty clearing and Daisy would be unconscious, like she was during the helicopter crash.

Madelyn would take some time to catch up to what was happening. When the flash of light happened, she screamed and felt her body shifting in odd ways. She wanted to vomit when she and Daisy were stable again, in the emptiness.

"Hey! Wake up!" Madi cried loudly and shook Daisy's shoulders. Luckily, it didn't take long to wake her and she slowly sat up and held her hand. Farther from the satyrs, she could think straight. "Where's Mister O? What happened?" Madelyn blinked and shook her head. "I. I don't know," she said and frowned. Daisy got to her feet shakily and groaned. Her body was sore from the night's events. She walked back toward the place they came from but could barely see it. A few minutes later, Daisy saw Mister O and saw that he was in bad shape.

Madelyn and Daisy both tried to catch him as he fell as Daisy frowned. What was she supposed to do? They didn't seem to be anywhere she could get him help or get them out of here. Then, she began to cry. She cried because this might be the death of her and Mister O and Madelyn would go back to that pit of disgusting creatures.

She cried because of the things she had done and because Mister O witnessed them. She cried because Madelyn's innocence had been ripped from her. Her emotions flared up in a way they never had before.

Her crying was intense and mournful. Madelyn had went to grab Daisy's arm to try and comfort her and Daisy had latched on to Mister O's arm tightly. She could barely breathe from how hard she was crying by this point. A light consumed her, like the one from before, but this time it stared soft and small and flared up into the same bright flash. When the light cleared, they were back by the crashed helicopter. The light was dim. It was very early in the morning and rain was falling in a dismal drizzle.

Chapter 12 - Lux Omnia Vincit "O!" yelled a familiar voice, "Where the fuck you come from? Hell, where the fuck you been?" said Doc Holiday. He had been bandaged up and looked as though he had been roughed up from the helicopter crash.

"You look like shit, don't move," said Doc as he began treating Mister O not really paying attention to the girls. "It's always nice to see a beautiful face, darlin'. Also admire the outfit," said Beau to Daisy, "Bet yah thought I was a goner when I jumped off that helicopter. I just wanted to look the hero part in front of madame damsel in distress." After they switched back to the real world or whatever had happened, Daisy was barely able to stay awake.

She was surprised that she'd maintained consciousness at all. Perhaps it was her overwhelming emotions keeping her conscious. She wasn't sure. But her emotions weren't done yet. She was no longer crying loudly and intensely, but she sat on the ground and wrapped her arms around her legs and sobbed into her knees. She was ashamed and scared. She could still feel and taste their seed all over and inside her.

Most of it had been cleaned in one way or another but there was some residue on both girls and their wombs were still flooded with it. Daisy didn't even look at Beau or say anything when he talked to her.

For the moment, she was at least a little broken. Madelyn frowned and sat behind her, putting her hands on Daisy's shoulders. She was also trying to cover herself a bit. The full weight of everything hadn't hit her yet. Plus, she'd had time to cry in the cage. J-Rod was also at the same crash sight setting an over-watch. As Mister O barely maintained his consciousness, Doc continued to patch up his wounds and then looked up at the girls.

"He's losing a lot of blood, I need to do a blood transfusion. What's your blood types?" Pov of chubby little asian hottie sologirlcontent asked with a tone of concern. He'd probably have questions as to what happened to them, but now wasn't the time.

When Doc asked what blood type they were, Daisy managed to get the answer out. "O-" she said between sobs. Madelyn looked over at him. "I. don't know," she frowned, having never needed to the information in her young life. When they heard the strike team over the radio, Madelyn tried to explain as best she could, but she didn't know the things that they knew. "I think. once it all started. we went to a different place.

like, the whole church went to a different place." "Good!" Doc Holiday responded as he took one of her arms and tied a rubber strap around her bicep to cause the vein to show as well as with Mister O. Then with his med pack removed a an alcohol pad and cleaned her arm a bit. He then attached attached needles to each end of a plastic tube which he stuck into her vein. Blood began to flow through the tube towards the other end in which he stuck it in Mister O's arm.

"Hang in there, you stubborn son of a bitch," Doc said to Mister O while patting him on the back. When Doc said that her blood would work, Daisy simply held out her arm and stared as he tied her off and attached the needle. This was nothing new to her. She'd done this hundreds of times, except she was putting things in and killing herself instead of taking things out and helping someone.

She looked lost and sad and distraught. Her tears had mostly stopped but her eyes were red and puffy. Meanwhile, Beau saw that his attempt to flatter had failed despite the trauma the girls had been through. But, he still possessed chivalry as he removed his peacoat and wrapped both girls with it.

"As lovely ya two beaut's are, please allow me the honor of preserving ya modesty," he said while ensuring their bodies were covered. When Beau put the coat around the girls, Madelyn looked up at him.

"Thank you," she said quietly, trying her best to give him a smile. Daisy looked up at him for a moment and then back to her arm and Mister O. Both J-Rod and Doc's radio went off.

"Over-watch, this is Alpha. The church is empty. It looks like no one's been here for a day or so. All the vehicles are still here, but the church is empty. Setting charges," Big Papi reported in through the radio. "We got O back," J-Rod reported back to Big Papi in the radio. "We also got precious cargo. The package is safe. Blow it to hell." "Stand by," Big Papi reported. It was then the church had exploded.

And then all the vehicles and buildings nearby blew up one after the other. Mister O opened his eyes as saw the tube connecting his arm to Daisy. "How you holding up?" he asked while breathing slowly and then saw the rest of the Strike Team on foot approaching from the town. It was then the sound of a helicopter approaching was heard.

When he woke and ask how she was doing, she shook her head and sniffled, wiping her eyes. "Better than you," she said shakily and then heard the helicopter.

"I guess they're coming to get us," she said and looked back down at her arm. "Alright, the calvary is here," J-Rod commented while looking through his binoculars. Daisy was starting to settle down a bit. She was still emotional, distressed and sad, but she wasn't as broken. Well, she'd always be a little broken, but she was getting to the point where she could function a bit better.

"Nope!" J-Rod corrected himself, "Not just the calvary, they brought big brother too." Beau started to look a bit concerned, "Well, them calvary folk better hurry up and not deal with the politics, the sun gonna rise in about an hour and I ain't in a rush for tan." "I'll be alright," Mister O with an exhausted tone, then he looked at his arm with the tube.

"Thank you," said Mister O to Daisy, "for saving my life." When Mister O thanked her for saving his life, Daisy shook her head some. "You're. I. don't know what Busty awesome milf masturbating on webcam masturbation and big tits did. But. we're here;" she said and looked down. "I'm sorry. I'm disgusting. I don't know what happened to me. I. I feel so. ruined," she whispered, her voice hoarse.

She was sobbing again. The first helicopter had landed, it was a different model from the one the Strike Team rode in. As the side doors opened, men and women in light tan fatigues poured out. They all each also had on light blue berets and blue neckerchiefs under their shirts and white gloves. They were armed with assault rifles, but different. Their equipment looked similar to those used by European military.

Then the leader of this squad dismounted from the helicopter. He was dressed just like the others, but he wasn't armed. At least not with a firearm, instead he had a sheathed sword on his waist, an old ancient Roman gladius style sword. He had light brown skin, black wavy hair with a bit a bit of grey.

As he approached and saw the women as they were, he turned to the troops and spoke in Italian to them. A few of them rushed back to the helicopter and brought back blankets, one each for Daisy and Madelyn.

The girls watched as all the helicopters began to land. Neither of them had seen anything quite like that in their lives. Though, with what they'd seen over the last hours, it wasn't all that impressive. "Good morning, please do not be alarmed," he introduced himself to Daisy and Madelyn with an Italian accent, "My is name Giorgio Olivieri, and I am here on behalf of the Roman Centurion Conclave.

But I need to speak to my old friend alone." "Can't, Giorgio. I'm a bit fucked up at the moment," Mister Katja kassin aka filthy whore scene x traordinary pictures responded, while showing the tube that tethered him to Daisy.

"So, whatever you gotta say that brought you and your boy scouts all the way here from Rome, you're gonna have to say with her too if you can't wait," he further explained. When the man came up and said he needed to talk to Mister O alone, Daisy looked at the man she was connected to. He told the the man that he couldn't be alone and the man seemed chinees girl and sexy blondie in classic porn movie accept it.

She wasn't really sure what he was saying but it sounded very foreboding. When they were brought blankets; they both looked very thankful, especially Madelyn. Daisy offered the jacket back to Beau, then looked down in shame. "It's probably dirty." she said quietly. Both girls wrapped the blankets around them securely.

"Ya can keep it, darlin," Beau offered. Daisy had smiled awesome blonde teen rides her dildo on webcam Beau for the first time and nodded, pulling the whole of the coat around her as he left and looking between George and Mister O. Then Daisy asked if Beau can go with Madelyn, he simply smiled. "Can you go with her?" She asked quietly, then looked back at the man as he began to talk.

"Of course, boo," he agreed, then his attention turned towards Madelyn, "Come along, cher. Don't yah worry 'bout a thing, yah with the good guys now." Madelyn was skeptical at first. She'd been through so much since she was taken from her home.

The last hours had been spent in a sort of lustful trance that was in danger of completely taking her over. She thought that it had. But now she realized that she was okay, like Daisy had soon after it all. Madelyn didn't know this man but these people seemed to be here to help and Daisy had specifically asked him to accompany her. The blue-haired girl nodded and stood up shakily and had to hold on to Beau.

Her body was exhausted and she was surprised she was awake. She held onto his arm as they walked. He was differently dressed differently from the others. He mainly wore expensive clothing with various blades sheathed on his belt, but as he led Madelyn towards the helicopters most of his conversation shifted to complaints of how his clothing was ruined by jumping off a helicopter.

"You jumped out of a helicopter?" She asked, looking over at him as they walked; showing a bit of her remaining innocence and light-hearted nature. "Well, darlin', that I did.

There was a certain monster on the side of the helicopter and so a hero was needed. And wouldn't yah know, I gladly accepted that honor and pulled the monster away," said Beau. Then he smiled, "But, yah gonna have to forgive me, doll. I seemed to have lost my manners. The name is Beaumont LaCroix, but ya can just call me Beau.

Before I tell yah anything else, I need to know. Yah more of Team Edward or Team Jacob?" "Old friend," said Giorgio, sizzling hawt self gratifying hardcore and blowjob know I've been around a long time.

There have been many throughout history that worshiped Dionysus, or as hot slut fucked and creampied inside the car call him in Albania, Djall. But, never have they resorted to kidnapping girls or criminality. In fact, throughout history, the women who served were never forced." "Yeah, well, they're changing with the times," Mister O replied, "People become assholes." Giorgio began to explained with a concerned tone, "The satyros at the brothel, the markings on his body were demonic.

Old friend, be careful, the satyros are only pawns, and they've been watching you." Giorgio looked a bit concerned, "Old friend, this whole mess was a setup from the beginning.

There was a deal made with the satyros and someone else, they call him Dreq. Just like Djall who was known to the ancient Greeks as Dionysus, Dreq was known to the Ancient Greeks as Draco which means serpent." "Typical, of course there's always another asshole up the food chain," Mister O responded. "Djall or Dionysus is a God of fertility, not destruction.

But, we believe whoever this Dreq is, he is corrupting the satyros. And this Dreq sees you as a threat and hopes to corrupt you," Giorgio was warning. "Well, then Dreq need to get his happy little ass in line with all the other assholes," Mister O responded.

"That is true, old friend," Giorgio responded, "But that last part about Dreq, I was referring to the signora," he said while looking at Daisy. "Wait, what?" Mister O said looking stunned.

She listened and stayed quiet, like she usually tried to do. This information was starting to make more sense the more the man explained it and it was beginning to scare her. Then, she got really scared. He said that she was seen as a threat and someone was trying to take care of her.

Her skin paled and she stared at the man with wide eyes. "W-what? Me? What did I do?" CIA agents had arrived with a stretcher and more medical equipment. They began replacing the blood transfusion tube with a blood pack.

It was the others, and female medic began taking Daisy's vitals. Then while Mister O was lifted on the stretcher while Giorgio continued. "That we do not know," Giorgio responded, "The last entry in the computer logs at the brothel was that Mister O delivered you as planned." Then he looked back at Mister O," That junkie, the pimp that you beat up, old friend.

It was no coincidence that he was at the same place you met," Giorgio said then paused. Giorgio's attention went back to Daisy, "Signora, I am sorry, but I do not know your name. But the design was suppose to be that you deliver her to the brothel. The Satyros would confirm something about her, and then you both were to be taken to this place.

But, it appears the satyros' appetite for sex was too strong and lost control of himself which changed everything. Either way, old friend.

Signora, we do not know where this all leads, but Rome will provide resources to investigate." "They said I was something special.

and I hadn't been seen in a long time. but they didn't say what," she said and took a deep breath. He then looked up towards the church, "I know your people have used.bombs.

But, it needs to be consecrated. I don't understand why so many crave immortality, believe me when I say it is more of a curse than blessing, old friend." It was then Giorgio returned to his squad while more CIA agents arrived to escort Daisy.

As they carried Mister O on a stretcher, he reached out to her and tapped her arm. "Daisy, you're gonna be okay. Trust me, we've all done things we're not proud of. Sometimes it's what we didn't do that we're ashamed of.

Either way, it happened. There's no changing that. We're all going to have to live with our sins, but don't let it fuck you up. You're a fighter, you're stronger than that. "You've kicked death in the ass already. I know you have questions that needs answers, as do I. But, look, we got outta there, it's what you do from this moment on that makes the difference." It was then when they loaded Mister O on a helicopter while the agents directed Daisy to the other one.

"Remember what I said, Daisy. You're a fighter, it's what you do from here on in that makes a difference." Daisy just stared and listened. She couldn't believe this was happening.

It had all been part of a plan? So now not only had she been turned into some beasts' whore, she was now a pawn for some other force that she didn't even know of. And on top of that, there was something about her that they knew and she didn't. She was frustrated and her emotions were flaring up again. As the group wench knows how to cum a lot to separate, she nodded at Mister O.

The needle was removed from her arm and she was glad to not have the reminder of what that felt like in her anymore. She listened to him as he spoke and reared up again. She couldn't say anything to him. She was still so ashamed and though she was glad to hear what he had to say, she still felt disgusting and useless and now like she was just a toy to be passed around. "I'll see you soon," was all she could say as she wiped her eyes and was led away. Madelyn walked with Beau and listened to his story with intent.

She was happy for this. It was keeping her mind off the night's event and from wondering what was going to happen next. She smiled a little when he introduced himself. "I'm Madelyn. People call me Madi sometimes as a nickname," she explained. When he asked her about the hitoduma no hiwaina seppun to seikou aida nana, she looked at him and blinked. "Those books came out when I was like ten," she said with a little giggle.

"But, I like both teams I think. Just not the characters on them," she explained. "Well, mon cherie, my kin would be that of Team Edward, but I must say I rooting for Jacob to win the doll," Beau explained in the helicopter as he saw Mister O led into the other helicopter with Doc Holiday and the other members of the Strike Team.

Madelyn watched him and blinked. When he was finished talking, she pursed her lips and gave him a skeptical look. "Are you saying you're a vampire?" she asked and looked very incredulous. While the agents led Daisy into his helicopter, Beau smiled at her and patted her on the back. "Ya safe now, darlin', now I hope y'all don't mind if I catch me some beauty sleep," said Beau as he tucked himself in a dark shadowed corner as the sun began to rise.

When Daisy was brought to their helicopter, Madelyn gave her a soft smile and nodded to Beau. "I'm going to do the same," she said. Teen bending over for sofa for doggy fucking pornstars Daisy was settled, Madelyn slid over to her and leaned against her. Daisy just stayed quiet and put her arms around the blue-haired girl. Epilogue Over the next few weeks, the girls went down their own paths.

Daisy had a few days of bawling off and on and feeling like she was a piece of garbage that should be thrown out. Finally, she gained her composure back and tried to learn to live with all the things she'd done. Then her focus shifted to wondering what was so special about her. The people who done the tests on her hadn't told her and she didn't know what to do about it. For now, she was mostly back to herself and waiting on Mister O to contact her so they could move on to finding sunny leone x mp4 2019 what she was.

She had been assured that there would be some time for her to relax and recover, though, as Mister O apparently had other business to attend to and needed his own time to heal. Madelyn had held up surprisingly well. She asked a lot of questions and ask about Daisy and Mister O and Beau a lot. There had been one night where she and Daisy talked where she finally broke down and let her feelings show about how confused and scared and ashamed she was, but she was fairly okay after that.

The people who had rescued them assured her that they would keep her safe, since she obviously just couldn't go back to her home and normal life. Meanwhile, Mister O had made a full recovery. He was in a CIA facility in a lab. While waiting, one of the doctors approached him.

"Mister O, we have the most recent blood works back. So far the blood looks normal for both girls. Neither is pregnant, but there's something odd," the Doctor reported.

"What is it?" Mister O asked. "They both still have live sperm in their bodies. If cervical fluid is active, then human sperm can live up to five days max. But, it's been weeks," the doctor answered. Mister O sighed, "Is conception possible at this point." The Doctor nodded, "It's still a possibility, but we can not say for sure. Mister O then turned around and began walking away when the doctor stopped him.

"Mister O, there's one more thing. Your blood, there's a small trace of something. We don't know what it is yet, but we want you to come back again." "Typical," scoffed Mister O. Then with a grin he lit a cigar in his mouth and walked away. However in Seattle, an art debut was taking place. Prestigious guest from around the nation gathered and marveled a the different pieces of art. An aristocratic woman is mesmerized by a specific piece. "See something you like?" a man asked as he approached her.

"Yes, it's so entrancing," she responded while looking at the details. "This blue haired girl in the center along with the blonde one and the men surrounding them, it seems so erotic." "Ah, yes, and that in the back sitting with his hands up is the ancient Greek God, Dionysus.

He's saying if you offer yourself to him, he shall give you everlasting life," he replied. "Sounds like such fantasy stories," she responded. When she turned and looked at the man she responded with a surprised tone, "Oh, I'm sorry!

You're.you're the artist!" He then looked at his artwork and noticed a faint glow in the corner of the canvas.

"Yes, I am. But, please. Call me Armin," he replied.