Tiny pornstar veronica rodriguez doggystyle and huge cock

Tiny pornstar veronica rodriguez doggystyle and huge cock
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It was a Saturday evening in the middle of nowhere town, Edwards; I was home alone, with the parents out. I'm a 15 year old with short brown hair and hazel eyes. My height is about 5' 6'' with a slim hairless body that is tanned. This is my story of a sexual encounter with my best friend Aaron. He's 14, about 5'4'' with a slim build like me. He has long dark brown with dazzling chocolate brown eyes. Oh, and my favorite part about him is that he is American Indian, so you get that nice dark brown skin.

Well back to the story, I decided to call my friend Aaron up to spend the night. We have known each other since 4th grade, and since then I have had a thing for him. I wanted to see tonight was the night I could get him to do some very interesting things with me.

I sat there a couple minutes while the phone was ringing, his mother, Stacy, picked up. "Mrs. Wilford is Aaron there; I got a question. . wait I might as well ask you. Can he spend the night?" I pussy ass feet soles red toes sucking porn hopefully.

"Sure, just let me ask, be back in a few seconds." She said. While I was waiting I decided to get a nice glass of water. When I took a drink of it the phone was still up to my ear, and I heard voices coming through faintly. Quickly gulping the water in my and composing myself, I waited to hear the voice I was so deeply in love with. "Hey Jason, I'm really excited to spend the night.

My mom will be dropping me off in a few minutes, you know how she is if I walk alone in the dark, worrying about her little baby" he said the last part softly so his mom wouldn't hear him.

Oh you will be my baby tonight I thought. "Man, I can't wait and hurry up this big house of mine creeps me out at night, especially with my parents out" I said with excitement and fear. "Well, see you in a few." With that the line ended . I know for a fact that Aaron is gay, but I act so homophobic all the time, so I think he thinks I'm straight. Well the reason I have homophobia is because I don't want people to find out.

Aaron told me that he was gay but I couldn't find the guts to tell him. I had to keep mine and his secret. He doesn't want anybody to know except, which I find absolutely romantic. Just to tell you I'm not one of those gay guys who act all girly, Aaron is the same. We are just normal guys but have a taste for men. It had been ten minutes when I heard the bell ring. I open the door and see my dream boy.

He was in a green wife beater and black basketball shorts. Which to me, I find erotic rug munch for cute nubile hardcore blowjob find attractive. To my surprise he had cut his hair since the last time I saw him. He had it spiked up and wow did that look hot. "Hey man, let's get this sleep over started." He said walking, it was normal for him to walk in throw his stuff anywhere he wanted.

He pretty pregnant bitches need a good fucking too lived at my house. "Hell yeah!" sounding excited and nervous at the same time. Am I really going to do this. . yes! "Aaron can you come with me to my room real quick, I need help with something" I asked smoothly. You can help with a lot of things I thought. "Sure, sure just let me grab my bag, and quit acting like your flirting with me.

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It's giving me a bonner and I know how homophobic you are" he said. "I'm okay, just come with me.

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. . please." I said a little bit more innocently. "Okay" We walk into my and I start lighting candles that just smell awesome. I sat on my bed motioning him to sit next to me. He walks over slowly, he looks frighten by the mood of the room changing. "Is this a joke Jason, because if this is you're pretty much a dick if it is." He said sounding angry and hurt. Shit.

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He really likes me. Act cool Jason. I pulled at his arm to bring him closer and then pulled his ear to my mouth and whispered in his ear "Aaron, I have been in the closet since I met you. You were the one to make me go for boys. I thought you were the best looking boy at the school. We have been best friends since 4th grade and I hope that you love me just as much as I love you." With this I pushed his shoulder back to see in his eyes a tear.

A tear, for crying out loud, I couldn't help it but I decided to wipe away the tears with my fingers. After he stopped crying he told me "Jason, I do love you and this is the best sleep over ever" He leaned in and gave me a kiss straight on the lips. Aaron's lips were like silk. I took it a step further; I pushed my tongue deep into his my mouth exploring every inch of his mouth and down the throat too.

He took this as a queue to do the same. This was the best felling in the world. It ended when he pulled us part "Are you still, you know, a virgin" he asked. "Of course and guess what I want you to be my first and only. Are you?" I asked him. "Yes." His brown eyes twinkling with something you can't explain with words. And it was the same for me. "Then let's get started" I said pulling hot blonde baby sitter fuckes for extra cash blair williams babysitter fantasy into an embrace of a life time.

While kissing him, I moved on top of him. Our body's connected like a puzzle and when our boners touched I almost cummed right there. "Can I see yours" I asked. I was already pulling his shorts down before he could give me an answer.

To my surprise he was going commando tonight. "Wow!" "Well thank you sir." He said with a smile on his face. I took off his shirt next and started kissing his very sexy hairless body. I toyed with his nipples, nibbling and flicking them with my tongue.

As I worked down towards my prize, I couldn't help but notice he had abs. Man was that a turn on! "You know, you have a really sexy body" I said. I got to the ultimate prize in my life, the thing I wanted so much for so long, his 6 inch cut penis. I slowly wrapped my hands around it, it was throbbing and waiting to be attended to. I slowly went up and down, giving this boy the best hand job he could ask for. I looked up and Aaron's eyes were closed, and smiling, he looked so cute from this angle.

I'm going to do it. . I'm going to put it in my mouth. With this thought I stuck it in my mouth. The smoothness of his penis was amazing. I tried really hard not scrap my teeth on it.

The veins on his penis were poking out and making this whole experience a hell of a lot better. I decided to just suck on the most sensitive part and then lick my way down to his luscious set of balls. They were kind of small, but mine were to, so it didn't matter. I savored the salty taste of the pair. Working my way back up to his sweet tasting dick, I was licking it up and down, and flicking the top of it. By now The audition tomi taylor real tits and pornstars moans were loud and I could tell he was close to having the best orgasm of his life.

"I'm going to make you cum, my baby." Winking at him, I went back to business. Putting a bit more effort into deep throating my lovers penis, I was successful after three try's and when his penis hit the back of my throat he let out a loud cry that would have been enough to wake up the neighbors.

One. . two. . three. . four. . five loads of sweet and salty cum enter the back of my virgin sister and brother sex vfo, quickly filling my mouth. I kept sucking on it savoring every last drop. "Holy shit dude that fucking felt incredible!" He said gasping for air.

"I think I just fell in love with you more!" I said. I crawled up next to him closing the space between our mouths. Sharing your best friend's sperm in a kiss is the best experience; it closes the final gap between friendship and lover, combining them to make one great relationship. Sitting there for a couple minutes making out, Aaron broke the kiss. He keeps doing that!

I thought I kind of like it! "Can I try you next?" He asked. More to CUM in the next "Best sleepover ever