Here youll get a close up of this blonde teens shaved pussy while

Here youll get a close up of this blonde teens shaved pussy while
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Part 3 A few nights have passed since or pool fiasco. Me and my aunt Evelina we're laying in her bed kissing. We are as naked as the day we were born but I felt in my gut that something was going to happen. I got up and had just put on my boxers when my mom knocked and came in.

She wasn't supposed to pick me up till tomorrow so it was a good thing I put my boxers back on. She started to shout but I told her it wasn't what it looked like so she told me to start explaining. " I was hearing some strange noises and I wasn't sure if someone was breaking in. " I said trying to cover my erection, it was almost full size seeing as I was just intense blowjob action with a slutty blonde out mom and son sleep froce sex the naked woman in the bed.

She said " and what were you going to dohit them with the bat in your boxers." I blushed and couldn't seem to talk anymore. My aunt took over and said ". Stop emberassing him Jill.". She apologized and I asked her why she came tonight instead of tomorrow and she told me she was busy all day and couldn't find the time.

I gave Eve a quick hug and went to collect my things. Needless to say the car ride home was awkward which I though was weird seeing as I thought she brought the lie.

I couldn't tell what was with the smile on her face. We were halfway home when she started talking." So how long have you two been fucking?" " What!"I blurted out. She just chuckles and repeats the question. I stammer out the reply " we don't get together. She's my aunt " I looked out the window so she couldn't see my face and tell I was lying. She dropped the subject and turned it towards what we did all day since neither of us did anything on our weekends together.

I told her we would go out to eat or to a movie or play some games at home. We parked in the driveway and went inside to our separate rooms. I woke next morning already missing the feel of eves warm body next to me. I had a quick wank before I smelled breakfast and headed downstairs to the kitchen. I froze american xxx porn big bobby I got to the door.

My mother was cooking in a very silky robe that only came down to her mid thighs. Now that I already banged my aunt I can honestly say that I am finally realizing how hot my mom was. Milf is the only word that comes to mind she was even a little hotter then my aunt. She was around the same hight 5'11" with a perky 44cc which had no sag to them at 35 (only 1 year older then my aunt Eve.) The best part was her ass it was exactly the same as eves.

She cleared her throat and brought me out of my daze.

"Get us some oj will you." She said while setting the table. I got the juice and I almost overflowed the cups. The top of her robe was slightly open showing her top breast. There was a small heart tattoo with James written on it. I managed to look away in time though. I put the juice back and sat to eat. I started to stare at my plate so I wouldn't be able to stare at my mom. She started making conversation so I had to look at her and try not to stare. " I just talked to eve before you came down.

She told me how you massaged oil onto her before you fucked her." I chocked on my eggs and it took me a moment to get back to normal. I tried to deny it but she said eve told her everything. I should have asked eve first but I thought I was sunk. " She tricked me into it but I won't apologize. I love her and I love the sex so disown me toss me out whatever but just know I have a place to go." I said as I spilled it all.

She just sat there looking at me over her food and for some reason she was surprised. " What you really fucked my sister your own aunt ." She screamed. I jumped up and ran to my room locking my door. She didn't chase after me which only raised more questions until I heard her screaming at aunt Eve on the phone. I heard her slam the phone sunny leyon sexy bf story the next thing i knew my phone was ringing.

My aunt started first (Eve) what the hell you little shit why would you tell her. she just let me have it. (james) hey don't yell at me I was trying to defend us. Hearing obvious shock in her voice she just asked what I was talking about. (James) she told me that you told her everything.

That I had oiled up your entire body and that I fucked you right after. Once I finished she looked shocked and I knew she had set me up I'm sorry eve.

(Eve ). It's okay sweetie I shouldn't have snapped on you like that. I'm coming over later to explain it to her. I want no I need you by my side.

(James) you know I will. I love you eve. (Eve) I love you too sweetie see you soon. We hung up and I went to find my mother.

I searched the whole house and found her in her bedroom. I was about to go in and tell her what was going to happen later. When I got close I heard soft moaning. What I saw will stay with me forever on a small thumb drive with a pass code. My mom had a but plug in her ass, a rabbit in her pussy and a ball gag in. I was shocked but also knew I would not get this chance again. I pulled out my phone and put it on silent mode.

I snapped one pic then another. I was about to walk back to my room when she started to cum. I knew I overstayed when she looked over and saw me but I took a picture and smiled. I went back to my room and made multiple copies before she came barging in. " Give me the pictures. now." She said with a scary scowl. I smiled and handed her the print outs. She knew that was all she was going to get and asked what I wanted for the rest.

I said " Aunt Eve is coming over later to explain and I want you to listen and let us continue if not theese pictures just might be leaked to the web."She just called me a asshole and stormed out. My lover aunt Eve arrived about an hour after that incident and just after I finished a wank to my mother and I could tell she was scared. " Hi sexy" I said while giving her a passionate kiss on the lips.

She pushed me back and said " I don't want your mom to see us." To that I just gave a little chuckle and told her " she knows we been having sex so I'm sure some small kissing isn't going to hurt." She smiles and gives me a quick kiss. She's in the kitchen waiting for us. I lead her into the kitchen and sat at the table right beside my aunt.

I had to give her a small shoulder nudge but she started. (Eve) since you know I only have a few things to say. First thing is I love him. Second is that you shouldn't have tricked him like that Jill.

And finnaly we are going to keep this going and if you don't like it then he will come live with me as my mate and you'll have lost not only a son but also a sister. little aspen is full of boundless energy especially when shes sucking on dick these young lady had a I can see that you really do love each other and if it is what makes my son happy then I guess I don't have a choice but to let you continue.

I know how I learned about it was wrong but I was only doing it as a joke because of all the time you two spend together. When he told me I was livid but I think I've come to terms with it and don't intend to stop you. I don't want to loose my sister or my son I still love you both. She was playing her part very well. I never intended to give her the pictures back. I thought if I did she could relapse on everything that just happened. I went to the bathroom and was wondering how far I could take this.

When I got back my mother's head was on the table and eve had a wicked smile on her face. I looked at her and asked what she did. She told me she got her and mom a drink and that mom just so happen to pass out after drinking the last drop. With a wink she turned to me and asked what we should do to her I had a wide realm of ideas.

I went to my room to dig into the box under my bed for a gift I was going to give to my aunt but this seemed to be a better use. I also went and got mother's ball gag.

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"How about these." I said tossing the gag and furry cuffs to her. Without saying a word she put the cuffs on mother and the ball gag. I lifted her up and carried her to the couch.

I told eve to try to get her up. She was shaking her and eventually she woke. She started to shout but found that she had the ball gag in and her hands were cuffed. I told her to stop squirming and to listen as I said " we are going to fuck and your going to watch." Eve turned to me to protest but I cought her mouth with mine. We were kissing and I felt her start see how this large pumped up stranger ease so I knew she would go through with this.

I was just starting to take off her top when I saw mom squirming on the couch. I smiled and continued to strip aunt Eve while we were locked at the lips. She broke the kiss to take off both of our pants and my shirt. We were in our underwear in front of Jill. I say on the couch next to Jill while eve sat on my lap. We french kissed and I made sure our audience could see my tounge go into her mouth. I unhooked her bra and tossed it on mother's lap while I started kissing around her breasts. I found her nipples were already hard as I pinched it and she let out a small moan.

I could tell it was genuine but also a little over the top. She was putting on a show and it was turning us both on. She spread her legs towards mom. I slid my hand down her stomach and stopped. I looked over at mom and she just shook her head no. I slid down the rest of the way to start rubbing eves swollen pussy lips.

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Eve let out a loud moan and started grinding on my dick which was now fully erect. She didn't let me rub her pussy for long as she slid off me and to the floor.

She took off her panties in the process of getting to her knees. She looked at her sister and yanked down my boxers. The force made my dick snap back up and slap my stomach. Mother's eyes widened when she saw it bouncing back and forth. I don't know if she was excited or if she was trying to say something cause she mumbled around the ball gag.

Aunt Eve looked straight into jills eyes and took my dick into her mouth. She closed her eyes and moaned around my cock which sent vibrations though it.

It was a good thing I jacked off earlier otherwise I would have shot off right then. She was sucking from the base to the tip swirling her tounge the whole way. Mother was grinding her hips on the couch and was panting. I told aunt Eve to stop and to strip mother. What we saw made us both gasp in Surprise.

She had her butt plug in and a remote vibrating pill thing in her pussy on low. I untied the ball gag and put it on the coffee table. She was moaning and told us to keep going.

Surprised by her we got back to business. I told her to bend over the couch which she did. I got behind eve and bent down to give her pussy a few good licks. I stood back upplaced my cock head at the opening to her swollen sex and pushed in. I slid in easy with both her and mom moaning in unison. I pushed all the way in and start to babe with great tits milks a cock fuck my aunt while my mom sits handcuffed and watches.

Eve was moaning uncontrollably really acting up for mom who was squirming on her toys. I wasn't going to last much longer. I was fucking her as fast and hard as I could ." I'm going to cum eve" I said.

She yelled out that's she is cumming and once I felt her pussy start to squeeze I shot my load into her.

We were both moaning loud but we hear my mom shout that she was cumming. We looked over and she was squirting as she came. The force of her vaginal walls pushed out the vibrater with a wave of juices. After we recovered from our furious fucking I reached over and uncuffed Jill . We all sat there for awhile in silence. Mother was the first to speak (Jill) that was amazing. Can I have hot eighteen year old brunette doxy hardcore massage pictures now?

(James) maybe if you clean me off. My dick needs to be cleaned. (Eve) she wont do that she's to proper. what pictures? Just as she finished saying that my mother got on her knees to lick my cock clean.

She put the head in her mouth after a few licks from the base to the tip. She was sucking light ,just letting the juices come off she finished and sat back on the couch. She had a big smile on her face. Eve said "I want to see these pics. I showed aunt Eve to my room with mom following close behind. I pulled up the pictures on my computer and showed them to her before deleting them. I told Mom that was all I had so she wouldn't know about my thumb drive.

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We went down to the kitchen to get drinks and talk about what happened. We sat down with our drinks and mom started it this time. ( Jill) well I don't know where to start. First I guess I should say that was one of the hottest things I've ever seen.

Better then any porn. At first I didnt want to watch but I couldn't stand it anymore. I've walked around with theses things in me alot and James never noticed. I couldn't hold back the sensations I was having and went with it. (Eve) He really is a great fuck better then my ex. I was a little nervous about doing it In front of you but I melted at his kiss.

And you apparently are very naughty so why dose our being together bother you. (Jill) It doesn't well not anymore. At first I was furious but when I thought about it I got turned on and went to all dudes love sex with breasty doxies naturaltits and hardcore. That is when he found me and took those pictures.

Are you sure that was all of the copies? (James) yes Mom that was all of them. So what are you going to do now. (Jill ) I'm going to join you. We both did one of those comical spit takes and started choking. We couldn't believe what we just heard. Mother continued. (Jill) I also want you eve to move in with me and James and we will share him. That started a great thing.