College sluts filmed fucking frat boys dirty dare dorm

College sluts filmed fucking frat boys dirty dare dorm
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I had the sensation to pee really bad so I ran behind Andrew. He had already turned the taps on and was thoroughly washing his dick off with all the spit and cum on it as I quickly sat on the toilet and took a piss.

Andrew stormed out of the shower and ran up to me as he pushed my legs apart while I was peeing and started to rub my pussy spreading the urine everywhere. "What the hell are you doing!!" I screamed with the weirdest sensation I have ever felt in my life. As Andrew just continued then put his mouth over my bright pink pussy hole with drops of piss still flowing out.

"Mmmmmmm, yummy" he said "That's actually disgusting you know that? Gross…" "Don't worry Alex, its just water flowing out of you, now what do you say we take a shower together?" Andrew asked as he picked me up grabbing my thighs and supporting his other arm on my back as he lifts me of the toilet and into the shower. At this point we were both still virgins but things would not last that way for long by the way we were behaving and experimenting with one another.

As we both soaked in the water and I examined him top to bottom with his dark brown hair, very little neck definition from being chubby, some man boobs and his penis which was somewhat soft for once and then I could see him doing the same to me looking at my dark brown hair, my slightly tan more pale skin tone, my thin arms my chest which held my small boobs and my stomach which was flat and almost forming some muscle definition.

We quickly started to wash each other's filth of touching and rubbing one another but not getting to the official sex yet. I saw the dildo I had bought on the counter top of our bathroom so I quickly ran out of the shower and brought it back in with me.

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"Here bend over lets see how this at final our mother id like to fuck is fucked hard hardcore blowjob as he marched to my commands and did as I told him I quickly and slowly drenched the dildo in hot water and slowly slid it inside him.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, SLLLOOOOOWWWWWW ALEEEXXXX PLEASEEE" "Sorry, Sorry" as I took it slow and rubbed his balls while he was bent over. He started to jack of his penis as I thrust the dildo in and out of his ass and as I ripped it out the smell repulsed me and that's one thing I didn't enjoy it was of course inside a humans butt, so I quickly washed it in water.

"Uhh Andrew this smells horrible we need to clean you up" as I quickly took some soap and rubbed it along my fingers and pushed into Andrews ass with my left hand and I grabbed his dick with my right as I started to hump him his body with the movements I was making.

After I had completely soaped him up I directed the water over his butthole as I spread his buttcheeks wide as I let it drench out. I started back again as I inserted the dildo going deeper and deeper and as I pulled it out, the smell was much better so I quickly licked it and spit all over it and pushed it back in him. It went in and out in and out then I quickly took it out and shoved it in my pussy when he turned around and started fidgeting with my nipples. Andrew came to hug me, so I presumed but in fact he wrapped his arms around me and placed them on my ass as he spread my buttcheeks and with his index finger he started to circulate around my asshole causing my pussy to clench up and hold the dildo as my instincts kicked in to push Andrews hand away from there.

"ANDREW!! No, not there" "Aww cmon why not I let you touch me there!" "No!" "Look you cleaned me up there so now let me clean you up there hey you want to be sanitary right? Girls pride themselves on their sanitation lets see how sanitary you are" Andrew put soap over his two fingers as he forced me to turn around and inserted them into my asshole, he pushed his fingers towards my pussy hole but from the inside which caused me to squirt and I was starting to get a thrill from this more then anything.

"Here let me just soap up the dildo and put it in there" as he slid his moist fingers out and began to lick the soap and asshole tasting fingers. I quickly held my ass over the shower head and let it wash out before Andrew decided to proceed. He made me bend over so it could go further but I told him, "Andrew you are going to go very slowly and only an inch or two max.

GOT IT??" "Yeah yeah Alexandra don't worry" As my face was towards the floor and my ass was up towards Andrew he quickly took the dildo and went in slowly and with his other hand he took his penis and started to rub on my pussy. I'm such a fool leaving my legs spread so wide is just asking for trouble.

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"Don't you dare think about pushing your penis in me mister, this is not how we are doing this!" "Don't worry" "AHHHH, OWWWWWW, OHHHHHHHHHHHHH" as he slowly slid the dildo in me which slipped by easily as it was very soapy. He slowly slid it in and out going in 2inches, then three inches then 4.

I couldn't take more after that, "STOP, you're going in to far" I yelled as the water continued to hit my arched back and Andrews dick continued to rub on my pussy eventually causing him to cum all over my pussy lips.

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Such a full sex stories all sex vidoes com light pink covered in white goo. After cumming he immediately took the dildo out of me and I quickly washed my pussy off and we both left the bathroom with an incredible experience. We also rushed out of there as out parents were soon to get home. As our parents got home things got quiet between us.

We did the usual do homework, eat dinner with our parents watch some TV do more homework and then go to bed. Around 1030 as my parents went to their bedroom I quickly sneaked down from my room to my brothers which was in the basement.

I opened my brothers bedroom door to find him sleeping already, I guess I must have tired him out from our shenanigans earlier in the day I was wearing a hoodie with no bra underneath and some leggings with no panties on. When I turned on the hallway light so I wouldn't wake him up but still be able to see him, I saw him covered in the sheets.

I quickly moved the sheets aside to see my brother sleeping in the nude with his legs spread out his dick lying on top of his ballsack facing his bellybutton. I was pretty wet when I saw this. I quickly jumped on top of Andrew and with all my clothes on I began to hump him. My wet pussy could be felt by him through my tight black leggings as I began to grind on his cock. He quickly woke up with the bed shaking with me over him as I took of my hoodie and let my tits bounce.

"Andrew, wake up" "Wha, what what the hell, Alexandra? What are you doing??" He knew what I was doing and I knew he did as his penis was getting harder and harder and slightly wetter as my pussy was soaking through the tights. I rubbed up and down dry humping him as he woke to full attention. He quickly turned on his bed side table lamp so he could get a glimpse of the situation at hand.

He was amazed watching my tits bounce with my tights on as I could see the pre-cum forming from the tip of his cock and going on his stomach. I kept on rubbing on his penis pushing my wet pussy harder and harder on him as it lie downwards while being hard. "Here come here let me suck on your nipples while you selfishly get yourself off" "Hey, shutup I'm sure you will cum before me" I said as I layed my body over his.

"Here tell me when your going to cum I want you to cum in my tights so I can go back upstairs and masturbate with your cum, then I'm gonna leave it there and tomorrow afterschool you are going to eat me out with your cum covering my pussy" I told Andrew as I continued to dry hump the shit out him.

"OHHH ALEX, ALEXANDRA, YES, YES, YESSSSSSS, IM GONNA CUM!!!" Andrew whispered to me as I quickly pushed him of the bed and made him stand up over the side of the bed while I slid my tights slightly down to my kneecaps and then pushed my legs together so my pussy lips would stick out of my thighs and I rose peculiar cutie is brought in anus nuthouse for uninhibited treatment kneecaps to my face so he could perfectly shoot his cum into it.

"Ohh baby here you go a nice landing spot for that hot cum, cum on my pussy baby" I encouraged him as he shot load after load onto my pussy while taking his penis and rubbing onto my pussy also. "Good boy" I said as I got out of that position and quickly pushed my tights back up to my waist as I could feel the hot liquid rubbing around my pussy and changing the color of the tights .

"Hey tomorrow's Friday, you know what that means! More time for us and maybe even some legit sex how does that sound?" (Fridays we got of school 2 hours early nice looking brazilian rouge cant live without sex hardcore blowjob that meant more time alone before our parents came home) "Alexandra don't you dare tease me" I closed the door and walked slowly up the stairs as I did not want the cum to get all over my legs.

As soon as I got to my room I took my tights of and hid them so my mom wouldn't see the white all over it. As I sat in my bed and with my lights all on so I could clearly see, all I could see was white, my pussy was no longer pink!

I was so horny and wanted to make sure the cum soaked in for my brothers eating tomorrow!

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