Message in a bottle ariel piper fawn mima a thomas lee

Message in a bottle ariel piper fawn mima a thomas lee
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Hell House Chapter 3 Copyright 2018 by the author. All rights reserved In the nubile films trembling orgasm for sexy young coed of my computer interaction with the Black students, regarding my slave, a discussion of his "Introduction & Investiture" occurred. I gave it some thought, then discussed it with Mark.

We decided, given the slave's arrogance and racism, that having the ceremony conducted by the building's Black residents was not only reasonable, but ideal. When a new slave was finished with his initial training, and it was clear he was a keeper, he was presented to any and all building residents who wished to attend the ceremony.

The ceremony was profoundly humiliating, due to the inclusion of public nudity, bondage, sexual submission, and the permanent removal of all body hair. He was allowed to keep the hair on his head, his eyebrows and his eye lashes. Everything else--even his whiskers--were permanently removed. When the hair removal was complete, the boy would be fitted with a surgical stainless steel cock cage with integral lock.

The cage could be removed without the key. But only by cutting the slave's balls off. On special occasions, the cage would be removed, and the slave would be allowed to cum in some humiliating way. When it was on, his only hope of an orgasm, would come from getting fucked in the ass, by someone willing to take the trouble to stimulate his prostate sufficiently.

I found this sharply increased my straight slaves' enthusiasm for getting fucked. This despite the very rare occurrences of orgasm. As part of our workout and recreation facility, the building had an indoor basketball court, with pull-out bleachers sufficient to accommodate the 100 students who lived in the building. When a new slave was presented, the court was reserved for this purpose. The space could also be used for more conventional forms of entertainment, so it was often booked.

But, this was the beginning of a new school year, so the space was available the following afternoon. I had Mark contact the Black students who had used Jimmy the previous evening, and proposed that the 16 Black men who lived in the building be the ones to introduce the new slave. And publicly restrain, humiliate, and use him.

And permanently remove his body and facial hair. Only four of them identified gay or bi, but to a man, they agreed to the proposal. This pleased me.

Not all wanted to fuck him, but all would participate in one way or another. Jimmy would be made completely aware of all of this. And he was also told that serious public sasha grey and faye reagan foot worship was coming his way at breakfast. This was due to the fact that he had failed to beg to keep his shorts, when one of the black men who'd had him the evening before, had asked to keep them as a souvenir.

I had ordered him to offer to do anything for anyone who wanted to keep his shorts. By failing to do so, he had disobeyed. And that meant another punishment. He already had one coming from Mark, but my punishment would be pure humiliation, instead of pain.

Evil Girl with a perfect ass fucked hard Voice: "Slave, I told you last night, that you would only be allowed to wear that pair of shorts in the building, until such time as I deemed you worthy of buying and wearing a new pair that fit better. Therefore, as you no longer have those shorts, you have nothing you are permitted to wear, unless you are returning from, or leaving for class.

Or if I am whoring you out. From now on, you will be completely naked when going for your mail, or to the laundry room.

You will be naked whenever I send you somewhere in the building to service a specific student. You will even be naked, if you just want to go to the student lounge, or any other part of the building. And that includes going for meals." The look of increasing horror on Jimmy's face was delightful to behold.

And from his muscle stud trainer's expression, it was clear that Mark was both aroused and amused. Our sex toy was not at all amused. As I continued to describe his predicament, his eyes welled up with tears, and he was clearly struggling to keep from launching into a full scale sob fest. When he tried to speak, he simply couldn't.

But, incredibly, he was hard! Emotionally, Jimmy might be afraid public humiliation, but physically, it seemed he was already totally into it. As fucking with his mind was every bit as enjoyable as fucking his body, this pleased me. Evil Computer Voice: "I see the idea turns you on, Slave." The now constantly naked slave boy looked down at his rigid little crank, looked up at the computer camera and moaned, as the tears streamed down his face. He continued to hold his display position, though his hips were grinding, as if he were trying to hump the air.

Having slept naked and tied spread-eagled to his bed, on top of the covers, the boy had not had any relief. He was mindlessly horny. I decided, as he was about to be caged that afternoon, that I would permit him some release. Evil Computer Voice: "Slave, you may jack off. You have two minutes to cum. If you don't cum in that time you will have to stop, and wait until you are used this afternoon.

You must catch your load in your hand, and swallow it down.

Go!" As the cameras recorded, Jimmy's hands flew to his aching cock and furiously stroked it to completion in less than sixty seconds. He caught his load in his left hand, and continued to stroke with his right, as he swallowed his load. The horned up little twink never went soft, and continued desperately trying to churn up another load in the remaining minute. He didn't make it, though I suspect he was getting close.

Evil Computer Voice: "STOP!!" Jimmy sobbed and moaned, as he collapsed to his knees. But he stopped. I was proud of him for stopping, but disappointed that there would be no punishment for disobeying.

Still, I had this afternoon to look forward to! My immediate concern now, was a clearly horned up Mark. Evil Computer Voice: "Mark, has this aroused you?" "Oh, yeah!" Evil Computer Voice: "Would you like to make use of the slut, prior to his leaving for class? There appears to be only time luscious teen plays with a dildo while cougar watches you to receive a blow job." "A blow job will do just fine.

I can fuck him tonight." Evil Computer Voice: "Slave, you have four minutes to get Mark off and swallow his load. If you take longer, there will be punishment." Mark had pulled out his rigid rod while watching the boy stroke. The naked teen, already on his knees, literally lunged for Mark's meat, swallowing it whole. Mark grabbed the boy's golden blonde hair, and fucked the willing throat with a vengeance. The big muscle stud didn't last four minutes.

He barely lasted two! Teenagers, am I right? Still, it was great fun to watch. Mark had selected the clothes Jimmy would be allowed to wear for his first day of classes. Underwear was not included, so Jimmy took Mark's suggestion, and wore a condom over his hard, dripping dick.

His little bulge would show against the fabric of his pants, for as long as his erection lasted, but at least he wouldn't leave a stain. There was one requirement, though.

He would have to swallow any and all pre-cum that was captured by the condom. Jimmy rolled his eyes at that, but didn't object. I think he was already getting used to the taste. Jimmy got to his feet and moved to his clothes, clearly planning to put them on at the front door, as were his standing orders. Evil Computer Voice: "Not yet, slave!" Jimmy looked up in confusion. Evil Computer Voice: "Standard attire for slaves at meals is running shorts and slave collar.

As you no longer have running shorts, you will go to breakfast naked, unless Mark wants to present you in a different way." "Sir, would it be acceptable to present the slave in collar, wrist cuffs and leash? Leash attached to the front of the collar, wrist cuffs attached to the back." Evil Computer Voice: "This would please me.

Make it so." The pretty blue eyes went all "Deer-in-the-headlights," but the naked teen just sighed and put his hands behind his head, waiting for the cuffs to be padlocked to the collar.

Mark grinned, padlocked the wrist cuffs and leash to the collar, then removed the ankle cuffs Jimmy was still wearing from the night before.

Naked, with his condom covered dick hard and dripping, his wrists cuffed to the back of his thick leather slave collar and Mark holding the leash attached to the front, Jimmy was a glorious portrait of submission. I used the ceiling cameras to snap a few stills, as other cameras recorded video of the hot little teen being led out of the apartment by his leash.

Jimmy was japan sex orang tua sama perwan muda, as much from excitement as terror.

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The horned up little twink couldn't believe it, and tried with what remained of his will to deny it, but this experience was turning him on! He knew he wouldn't be fucked at breakfast. He would only face massive humiliation and some pain from slaps and gropes.

So that reaffirmed his belief that it wasn't cock that turned him on. It had to be some combination of humiliation, pain, and submission. He wasn't sure if all those elements were making him aroused, or just one or two. But he was pretty sure those three things were a factor in making him hard, drippy, and desperate to cum. And, he realized, desperate to please. He had never been able to please his father, no matter what he ass fuck for a hottie after blow. So he had given up trying.

He had never mom pussy swap daughters clit licking mercedes carrera uma jolie keisha grey missy martinez masturba able to please any of his prep school teachers, so he had rebelled.

But he could please these men. They had a use for him, and if he did well, they said so. Even the Negroes had been nice to him, after he had served them. He would have much preferred a different way to serve them of course, but this is what they wanted from him.

And frankly, he knew he wasn't really good for anything else. He had no skills. He was a poor and unmotivated student. He knew he was great looking. He also knew that wouldn't last forever. At some point men probably wouldn't want to use him anymore. But they wanted to use him now. And he was getting good at this. Plus, he didn't have to think. He just had to obey. With these men, he almost always knew what was expected of him. And it seemed he would only be punished if he screwed up.

That seemed like a sort of justice, somehow. As he was led toward the dining hall, Jimmy tried very hard to shake the feeling that what was happening to him was a good thing. But perhaps, he deserved the humiliation and pain, for having been such a despicable human being all his life?

And it seemed there could be redemption of a kind, in serving others, in these degrading ways. He suspected that sooner or later, his father would find out and disown him. That would leave him with two choices. He could run away. He wasn't going to be restrained in any way when he went to class. He would not have an escort like Mark, for that. He'd been told his collar and cuffs would be removed when he went to school. So it would be no problem to run away. He had no skills, but he could probably trade on his looks to get some kind of entry level job that would give him training.

He could whore himself out. He certainly had those skills now, at least at a basic level. Maybe he could find a sugar daddy to take care of him. But he'd probably be tossed out for a younger model, after a while. And if he was going to wind up degraded and serving cocks anyway, what would be the point of leaving?

If he stayed he would be used, just as he would on the street, or by a sugar daddy. But here, he could leave all the thinking to his owner and to Mark and the other building residents. They considered him valuable property, and would take care of him. He had no such assurances, if he went out on his own. But if he didn't run away this morning, he probably never would.

It would become easier and easier, just to stay and obey. He was about to eat breakfast stark naked and collared, in front of about a hundred college boys, plus some grad students, and adult staff.

There was no getting out of that. But this afternoon's ceremony could be avoided if he ran away during classes this morning. He knew there was major pain, degradation and public humiliation coming to him after classes were done. He knew if he stayed he would be whored out, and made permanently hairless. And caged! Once that cage was on, running away would either mean the end of his erections, or the loss of his balls.

The only way to avoid that was to run away during classes today! Another reason to run: So far he had only been used by other students around his own age. Not that it should matter to a straight boy, but they had all been fit, good looking and well, hot.

He viewed them as deserving of a good time. Even the Negros. He would have preferred it not to be at his expense, but if he was required to service men.

But if he stayed, he would be used by papua new guinea upng porn old perverts who had skills and experience he couldn't even guess at. They would mind fuck him as well as butt fuck and throat fuck him. And some might torture him! Most would probably be fat and forty. Or even fifty! Could old guys still get it up at sixty? One of them might be his current owner.

One or more of them might purchase him, when his owner put him up for sale. They could be serious sadists. Jimmy was trying so desperately to convince himself to run. But despite thinking of being degraded by nasty, sweaty old fat men, he was still hard, dripping, and excited. The naked, golden-haired teen, knew he couldn't begin to imagine all the things that would be done to him. But if he ran away, he would never find out. And some part of him clearly wanted to know.

Would they use up his youth and beauty, then discard the empty husk that remained? Or would his future master reward his submission, but allowing him to continue serving in a non-sexual way, when his youth and beauty were gone? Was he willing to bet his future on that hope? To leave, he would need courage. He would have to develop a spine.

He would have to become a real man. Could he do that? "Snap out of it, slave! It's time to meet the building residents." And with that, Mark opened the door to the dining hall, tugged hard on the leash, and led the hot naked blonde through the crowd of jeering, laughing male students. Word had circulated that the new Building Bitch had given up his shorts, and the returning students knew what that meant.

The oldnanny extreme fisting teen and mature extreme fist pussy fisting tube porn would arrive for breakfast naked. They wouldn't even have to wait for that afternoon's Introduction & Investiture to see him in all his glory, so to speak.

When Mark entered with the submissive golden-haired slave in tow, a cheer went up. Word had spread that this one was a real hottie. And Jimmy did not disappoint! What was not expected was the way the boy was restrained. With his wrists bound to the back of his slave collar, the little twink was on full display.

And even had he been willing to accept the subsequent punishment for covering or protecting himself, the wrist restraints made him incapable of doing so. It was so hot, even the hopelessly straight dudes were rubbing their junk--unless they were close enough to rub Jimmy's junk! Students pawed every inch of the helpless boy. He would need a new condom before dressing for class.

As Mark pulled him through the crowd, grinning at his bitch's predicament, Jimmy was poked, groped and prodded. Hands squeezed his nuts and slapped his ass. A leg snaked out to trip him. Twenty hands reached out to help him to his feet, feeling him up the entire time. Fingers poked into his butt hole. Arms wrapped around him, so the attached fingers could pinch his hard nipples. His tight little ass and sore nuts were slapped relentlessly.

A couple of tongues snaked into his mouth for wet sloppy kisses. Feet stepped on his toes. Two dongs for a concupiscent legal age teenager lovely nymph clumsily or sadistically, the bound twink would never know. And all the while the boy remained rock hard and dripping. He was so close to shooting another load!

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If only someone would play with his dick! But the relentless young men that surrounded him, were specifically trying to arouse him without getting him off. And the moaning horned-up twink was left in a state of erotic frustration that had his mind reeling!

Finally, Mark led the boy to their destination. A long table on a raised dais. Seated at the table were the other six Building Bitches, all of them upperclassmen, wearing nothing but slave collars and running shorts. And all with completely hairless bodies. Two Sophomores, two Juniors and two Seniors.

Jimmy was the only Freshman. At least so far. Each had his own handler/trainer seated next to him. The six young slaves, and their handlers, observed the newcomer with a mixture of curiosity and amusement. It wasn't the first time a Building Bitch came to the table naked, by any means. Most of the Bitches sitting there had done so, at one time or another. But it was the first time a naked bitch had arrived with his wrists bound to his collar. Everyone was curious to see how he would eat.

Mark's original thought, back in the room had been to feed him like a dog, and make him slurp from a bowl on the floor. But the boy had been very quiet and introspective during the walk down the stairs and to the dining hall.

Mark knew the gauntlet the boy would have to negotiate, just to get to the table. His dining hall arrivals would get quieter in the future, but today was not only his first entrance. He was naked (unusual) and bound (an all-time first).

Mark's instincts were on the money. Releasing his wrists was out of the question. It would be too anti-climactic, and disappoint the crowd. Wacky lesbians fill up their huge bootys with whipped cream and squirt it out the little teen needed to feel some level of emotional support.

So Mark fed him, spoonful by spoonful. And he quietly told the boy that he had handled the gauntlet well, and he was proud of him. Mark saw tears in Jimmy's eyes, as the boy looked down at his bowl and quietly said, "Thank you." Quite often, the older Building Bitches would have their cock cages removed, and be given a pals daughter girlchum at the dinner table xxx bring your cronys daughter to work day to use the new boy at his Initiation & Investiture.

But everyone already knew that only the Black residents would use this one today. It seemed the kid was an avowed racist. While disappointed that young cam couple and girl does first porn xxx squirting black bosss daughters are the wouldn't get a chance to top such a nicely defined and beautifully assembled twink, they couldn't wait to see the black contingent make use of him!

As breakfast continued, students came up to the dais, individually or in small groups, looking to schedule time with one of the Bitches, if they were available. They would talk to the specific Bitch's handler/trainer who kept the schedule. There was a very long line almost immediately for Jimmy.

But Mark made the announcement that no appointments would be taken the first week. Jimmy would need a couple of days to recover from the Initiation & Investiture that afternoon. And his owner already had plans for him the rest of the week. They would have to try their luck at the laundry or postal boxes, but the boy would not show up most nights this week, as he would be out of the building.

This led to general disappointment and much shuffling, as the residents shifted to other Bitches. It also led to a sense of relief for Jimmy. The length of the line had had him wondering how many young men he would be able to handle. He wondered what was expected in terms of volume. What were the limits, if any? What was the record? Then Jimmy caught himself. He was thinking like he planned to stay! Did he really want to do that?! Jimmy decided to focus on escape stuff. As soon as they knew he was gone, they would send videos to his father.

His monthly allowance was sitting in the bank, untouched. Normally, he would have spent about 2/3rds of it by now. But other than going out for that one beer, he hadn't gone anywhere since arriving, so he hadn't spent any of it. His prep school allowance had been $2,500 per month.

For college his father had doubled it. But if he didn't get that $5,000 out of the bank before his father got the videos, the money would be removed from his account. So the first thing he would have to do, after leaving school, was go to the bank.

Jimmy had heard that kind of money could last a poor person three or four months. With his normal spending habits, it would last him perhaps three weeks. His allowance, no matter how large, had never lasted the full month, despite the fact he never had to pay rent, or pay to feed or clothe himself.

That's what the credit cards were for. Could he muster the fiscal discipline to make it last the six to eight weeks he estimated it would take to find a place to live, get a job, and receive his first paycheck? The very thought depressed him. If he were a slave, he wouldn't have money, but he wouldn't need it either.

His days of renting limos, going to trendy clubs on his fake ID, and getting hot chicks drunk enough to fuck, were over, no matter what. He would never shay and hayden love his stiff shaft rounds for his so-called 'friends' again. He had always taken his privileged status for granted. As if he had somehow earned it. He realized now, that with no skills, no ambition and no money, what he really was, was a parasite.

That's actually what he had been raised to be. And he had felt entitled and arrogant about his unearned status. If he went out on his own, could he overcome all that and make a life for himself? Then the big question hit him.

Would his owner take him back if he ran away and failed? He wouldn't be able to get back into college. His father certainly wouldn't pay for it, and if the videos went to the Dean, the school wouldn't want any part of him.

And he didn't even know who his owner was. Mark didn't know either. Would Mark even know how to get in touch with his owner? And Mark was actually treating him well, considering what his job was. Would he be treated worse if he ran? Back in the room now, Mark removed the restraints and collar, and let the boy dress for school, including a new condom. He took his backpack and headed for the lobby, and the shuttle buses to the campus. (Freshman weren't allowed cars, so he'd left his Aston Martin DB11 AMR at home.) For the first time, since he opened that first text message, he actually felt kind of normal.

Jimmy decided to stay for his first class, just in case he was being watched. It also gave him more time to decide. Or delay deciding. When class ended, he had an open period, so he headed to the bank. Had the money been gone, the choice would have been made for him.

But it was there. Jimmy withdrew all $5,000 and put it in his backpack. As he headed out the door, he decided that a first class airline ticket would be a serious mistake.

Jimmy headed for the bus station. He had no spare clothes. He wasn't even wearing underwear. But he felt excited! This would be the key moment. Would he choose to run, or to enslave himself? What Jimmy didn't know was that his backpack contained a GPS tracker. I knew I could have him tracked down and brought back with ease. In point of fact, a car with two of my people was following him at a safe distance.

Because of the GPS tracker, they didn't even have to be in sight of him. If Jimmy didn't return on his own, he would have to be sold to a buyer in the third world. Real, lifetime slavery. I certainly couldn't have him out there running loose, given what he knew. I might eventually sell him anyway.

But if he was a very good boy, I would feel safe selling him within the country, to someone who would treat him reasonably well. I didn't even rule out setting him free, and not sending videos to his father. But he would have to convince me that he deserved to be turned loose on the world, once again.

I have to say, this part always excited me. If he came back, I would truly own him. They usually did, but one never knew. I would know at 4:00pm, if not before. 3:55pm: The gym was full. The novelty of an incredibly hot blonde-haired blue-eyed, defined, Aryan twink racist, being taken by a large group of black men in a public setting, had the place packed! If he came back early, he would arrive naked, bound, and on Mark's leash.

If he arrived on his own at the last minute, he would likely still be dressed in his school clothes. If my people had to take him. Well, how he looked would depend on how hard he fought them. He would certainly be naked, and in chains. But he wouldn't be brought to the gym. He would be taken to a warehouse I own, and prepared for an overseas auction.

The students were well aware that a new slave might become a 'Runner.' If that happened, they would miss out on their fun with Jimmy, but get a nice show from the other slaves. They would assume he had run and simply disappeared.

Part of the reason they were cool with the whole concept, is that the boys I targeted got a chance to run. If a boy showed up for the ceremony, he was choosing to be a slave.

If he ran, he was choosing freedom. And who knows? Maybe someday xxx pnjab hinde moves com will actually escape! At 3:55 Mark walked in through the back entrance, by himself. Then, at 3:59, my slave walked through the main entrance, still dressed in his school clothes with his backpack on his shoulders. He set the backpack down in front of Mark, then slowly removed his clothes, setting them on the backpack, as the crowd watched, enthralled.

Now naked in front of all the residents, Jimmy walked over to the 6 foot 4 inch Black man, he had served the night before, and assumed the display position. Jimmy had made his choice. Whatever the future held, he would be a slave, until he died or was discarded. He would leave all future choices to others. And he would endure, as best he could. In important ways, it was no worse and in some ways, better than his previous life.

And, he had come to feel, two hot lassies have kinky lesbian sex masturbation and pornstars was actually better than he deserved. So whatever they did to him, he would do his best to please. He was shaking like a leaf, as the crowd cheered and jeered. But he was also incredibly excited and horny.

Big black hands ran over the his naked torso, as the boy shuddered and moaned. Jimmy was led forward, and the little slave let himself be positioned just behind the frame. The frame was 7 feet square, with ropes extending through pulleys from each corner, to wide padded leather cuffs. The black muscle stud had led his prey to the device, and four of his friends attached the cuffs to Jimmy's wrists and ankles. His momentary master picked the hot submissive up by the waist and held him centered in the frame, as four of his fellow students pulled the ropes through the pulleys mounted in each corner.

Once the ropes hollywood milla jovovich xxx porn scandal storys taut, they were tied off, and my newest slave was now displayed to the crowd naked and spread-eagled, hung about two feet off the ground.

The frame had been placed at center court. It was mounted centered on a single pole, attached to a rolling base. It rotated about the pole. This allowed the slender teen's tormentors to slowly rotate the frame, showing off their captive to everyone, from all angles.

After two rotations, the frame was locked in position. The condom was removed from his hard dripping dick, and the contents were squeezed into Jimmy's mouth. He dutifully swallowed, to the cheers of the residents. A laser hair removing machine was rolled out to the frame. With his body spread-eagled and off the floor, Jimmy was in an ideal position. And everyone had a good view of at least some of the process.

Slowly, the fine black men of my building took turns removing my slave's body and facial hair. Each wrist and ankle was released, one at a time, so that the areas under the cuffs could be treated, and the appendage reconnected to the cuffs. They moved the laser over his entire body, being sure to kill even the nascent follicles that had not yet produced hair. Jimmy would never shave again.

He would never have pubic or pit hair. The hairy legs were now permanently smooth. My slender blonde-haired blue-eyed twink would have looked closer to age 12 than 18, were it not for his fantastic definition and his hard prick. The tears in his eyes told me of his humiliation at losing a manifestation of his manhood.

His hard little cock told me that he found the humiliation erotic. This pleased me. The dominating black men who surrounded him now dealt with that last vestige of his manhood. One of them picked up a riding crop and smacked the head of the hairless slave's rigid little cock. As the boy wailed in pain, and the crowd cheered, his dick shriveled down to a soft two inches, the head bright red.

The two straight young black men who would not be fucking him, took this opportunity to render the little dick useless. They installed the stainless steel cock cage, locked it, and handed the key to the fine black man who had first used the boy. He was handed a pair of tin snips. To the gasps and cheers of the crowd, he destroyed the key in front of the ashen-faced slave boy. Each of the sixteen pieces became a souvenir for one of the black students. The crowd roared its approval, as the spread-eagled teen's body sagged in dismay, against the ropes that held him.

No one in that room knew that I had a spare key. This was the first time I had added that little twist to the ceremony. Whether I ever used the key to unlock the boy, I had yet to decide. The little racist bastard would now think that the only way he would ever cum again, would be from being fucked in the ass.

I doubted he knew losing his balls would not prevent him from cumming, as most of the seminal fluid is produced by the prostate. Without balls, he would just be shooting blanks. My experience with my other slaves indicated Jimmy would be more motivated to serve, as he believed being fucked was his only hope of orgasm. But then, the fact that he had returned on his own, had already proved that he saw himself as a slave.

It was easier for the rich bitch to be owned, humiliated, and used by many men in the most degrading ways, than it was to face the cold cruel world without a fat wallet. The frame lock was now released and rotated, so everyone could see the cock cage. Cheers ensued.

I zoomed the camera in to a close-up of his crotch. Sure enough, his little dick was trying to get hard. I zoomed up to his face, and saw the surprised and pained expression. This particular cage had small protrusions that would cause him pain any time his cock tried to get hard. I hadn't used this type of cage on my other slaves. But then my other slaves had not been such blatant racists, and hadn't been arrested for gay bashing, or assaulting women.

I was curious to see if, over time, the pain would cause his dick to stop trying to get hard. Would it eventually become useless even without the cage? Time would tell.

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Now that Jimmy had been properly prepared for his future, it was time for the fun to begin. Two of the black students began to rotate the frame. Confused, the smooth caged twink, looked up to see about a dozen black men holding riding crops, paddles and flails, standing in a circle around the frame.

His eyes went wide, when he realized what was about to happen. As the frame slowly rotated, blows began to land. Hard enough to sting, and cause redness brrazzer and nauty america fuck welts, depending on the device, but not hard enough to cause permanent damage. I like my property to maintain its maximum value, after all.

After several revolutions, my slave was a little dizzy and a lovely shade of pink. He was then removed from the frame, had his wrist cuffs attached to his collar. A spreader bar was attached to his ankle cuffs, and the newly caged teen was placed on his knees. Twelve of the sixteen black men standing over him were straight, but only two of them had chosen not to fuck him.

They were the men who had locked him in his cage. Now one would use a video camera to shoot close-ups, and the other would stand by with a cattle prod to shock his balls, anytime one of the men using the slave's mouth felt teeth. The fourteen remaining black students had drawn lots earlier, and now seven lined up for his mouth, and seven for his ass. Those pretty red lips would be kissing the foot of each powerful black man in front of him, and begging to have his throat fucked.

So as to ensure maximum pleasure for each of the butt fuckers, these fine young men would wear condoms. They didn't want that tight little ass to become sloppy, and lose friction!

When each finished, he would move to the front and squeeze his load out of the condom into the fuck toy's mouth, when he was between blow jobs. As I panned the cameras around the room I saw a good percentage of the students yanking their cranks in this public setting. This pleased me greatly, as it meant they found the entertainment I was providing to be so hot, they were able to overcome any shyness they might have. If I ever did send a video to Jimmy's father, it would be this one.

His son, the racist gay bashing misogynist, walking into a gym filled with college boys. With no duress, stripping naked, and presenting himself to 16 young black men, to be restrained, depilated, his cock caged, subjected to significant corporal punishment, then placed on his knees, to kiss black feet and beg to be gang fucked in both ends, by big black cocks, swallowing load after load, blue film sex story download downloadsin lagos all had been satisfied.

Remarkably, considering his relative inexperience, and the size of the man meat he was swallowing, he only got zapped in the balls twice. It was fun to hear him scream around a mouthful of cock!

It certainly motivated him to do better. And to his credit he never stopped sucking, and never asked for a break. He wouldn't have received one, but even so. Finally, the spit-roasting came to an end. The young man with the cattle prod traded it for the locking butt plug, lubed it and inserted it into the slave's ass. The key was turned and handed to Mark.

And Mark set the remote to medium vibration. Enough to keep the boy aroused, but not enough to make him cum, while wearing the cage. As his cock tried to expand, and hit the protrusions in his cage, he began to whimper in pain. This pleased me. I was going to have fun with this!

The spreader was removed, and Jimmy was helped to his feet. He could barely walk, but barely was good enough. Mark attached the leash to the exhausted slave's collar and led him back to their room, to a standing ovation from the crowd. ************************* If you like the story, please give it a positive vote! This helps other people find it, as stories are listed by rating as the default. If you like the story enough, and would like to see more chapters, contact me at: [email protected] or leave a comment below.

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