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Stunning anal presley hart rachael madori kate england bella bellz
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-----How to Catch a Pixie----- Part 1 --------- I'd wanted her since the first time I saw her. With that cute blond pixie haircut and those impossible blue eyes, she was irresistable. Her smile was the kind that could light up a room and her body was slender but deliciously curved. Her name was Megan. We had a class together with an informal professor who didn't care where we sat everyday. Often she would sit close enough to me that I could smell the soft sweet candy smell of her perfume.

She knew my name and I learned her schedule. At least twice a week I would sit outside a certain hall on the steps to see her coming from another building. When she saw me, she'd wave and flash that gorgeous smile at me. One day in a campus computer lab, she walked behind me and reached out to put her hand on top of my ballcap. I felt a shiver go up and down my spine when she asked what I was up to.

Thankfully I had two windows going and was able to cover the one with the BDSM website quickly. "Oh just killing some time." I said. She walked on and I watched her leave, the curves of her hips, the flawless round shape of her ass. God I wanted her so bad I could taste it.

I shifted in my chair and flipped back to the website I was really here to see. The pictures of the bound models and the stories of women's lady desires to make out smalltits and homemade about being abducted were my focus. If I could give Megan a fantasy like that, surely she'd like me. Really like me, maybe she'd like it so much she'd be my girlfriend. I smiled at the thought of having such a pretty thing on my arm.

Her full lips pressed against mine. It was another couple of weeks before things turned in my favor. There had been a rash of muggings on and around campus. The sun was setting earlier as winter came on and with a chill in the air, I lingered on campus near her last class of the day with a few library books in my arms.

I saw her come out and my heart thudded in my chest, I ached at the sight of her. Her sweater was open in the chill and the pretty pink t-shirt she was wearing showed how the cold was drawing her nipples into tempting points.

My mouth watered, soon enough I'd have my mouth on them. "Hey Megan, cold out huh?" I waved as I fell into step beside her. "Sh-sure is. You here late studying?" she asked with that killer smile of hers. " a paper to write for philosophy class." I said nodding to the book in my arms. "I hate it when I have to park so far away." she groaned. ah yes, here was my big shot. "I got a spot not far from here, wanna ride to your car? I mean, it wouldn't be any trouble at all." I said with a shy smile.

It roped her in cause with a shiver she nodded, "Totally, that would be great." what a grateful smile, it put a shine in her eyes that I wanted to keep there.

I walked her to my car and even opened the door for her. My car had a good heater and it was warm in no time, she turned to put her books in the back seat and one of her breasts brushed against my arm.

It was like a jolt of electricity that had me stiffening in my seat. "So, where are you parked?" I asked. She named the lot, it was a good 15 minute walk in the cold across campus. I could have her there in 7. 7 minutes to make my move. I put the car in drive and headed around the loop to get to her lot, then turned on the radio. She flipped the stations while we were at a stop sign and I quietly clicked the power door locks. She never noticed and then I lingered at the stop sign watching traffic go by.

"You hungry? There's a great pizza place just down the street. That paper isn't due for another two weeks so I'm not in a hurry." I said. Megan thought about this and then shrugged, "uhm.okay we'll go dutch if that's cool." I just smiled and nodded, "Sure thing." dutch.she didn't want it to be a date, it made my blood boil a little but I exhaled slow and let it go for now.

We ate, I didn't want her hungry after all. And when she went to the bathroom, I slipped the pill into her soda. I knew a guy in a frat that had sold me 4 of them. She was so small and slender that it didn't take long at all. By the time we were done and back in the car, she was yawning and dozed off with a whimper. I drove on, not too fast, didn't want to garner any unwanted attention from the campus cops.

Back to my place where I pulled behind the house, unlocked the door and then went back to the car and eased her up onto her feet. She stumbled as she walked, barely aware in her sleep. Once inside, I scooped her up onto my shoulder and carried her upstairs.

I laid her on my bed and looked at her sleeping face, like an angel there on my dark blue sheets. I sat on the edge of the bed and ran my hand over her cheek, such soft skin she had. Down to her neck, so graceful and down along her chest.

I lingered on her breasts, they were just right, full and gorgeous on her slender frame. She let out a little moan in her sleep and I felt a surge of desire. I got out the tape, bought it at a specialty store. it was purple and strong, would only stick to itself, not to her skin or hair.

I lifted her up a bit and stripped her of her sweater and then pulled webcam show free webcam porn video d1 from private-cam net college le tube porn shirt up and off of her.

Her pretty full breasts bounced in a thin white satin bra as she fell back on the bed. She let out a little moan and I knew further explorations would have to wait until I had her tied down.

First things first, I laid a strip of tape over her mouth and wrapped it around her head a few times to keep her quiet for a while. Then I raised her arms and bound her wrists together and tied them off to the head of my bed. She moaned a little again and turned her head to one side.

I stroked my hands down along her sides to her bare stomach and licked at her soft skin. Her scent was enough to make me dizzy. I got up and went to my dresser, getting out the ankle cuffs I had made from small dog collars. They jingled in my hands as I walked back to the bed. I had run chains under the bed the night before but first I had to get her jeans off.

Climbing up on the bed with her, I unzipped her jeans and tugged them carefully off of her hips and down to her ankles. Cute little bikini cut panties, white with little blue stripes covered her pussy from my view.

I'd get rid of those too soon enough. I removed her shoes and socks and put my back to her body as I wrapped the cuffs around her ankles. The chains clinked as I pulled them up and clipped each ankle into place.

Her legs were spread enough that she had no chance of closing her legs. I turned and ran my hands over her legs, admiring the soft skin, the light muscle tone. I kissed her knees and the insides of her thighs. She squirmed but did not wake up. I pushed the panties aside and pressed my face into her pussy. Soft downy golden hair was carefully trimmed there and it tickled my nose as I smelled the natural musk of her sex.

I opened my mouth and probed my tongue between her lips and found her clit fairly quickly. I was no first timer I knew where to find a clit and flicked my tongue over it, then sucked it into my mouth. Oh she tasted so good so sweet and then I heard her moan behind the tape and her hips arched up under my mouth. She was still asleep but responding naturally to the pleasure.

I continued to lick and suck at her pussy until her body quivered, then slid a finger inside her. She moaned louder in her sleep and her breath got more heated as her body twisted and her pussy clenched around my finger. I slid another in and started to finger fuck my little pixie until she quietly came over my fingers with a series of whimpers.

I licked my fingers clean and I then spread a blanket over her and left her there until she woke up. Part 2---------------- Megan felt heavy, she couldn't move. She blinked and twisted her shoulders, her wrists were bound and her face felt tight, she jerked at her legs and found them bound as well.

She thrashed in panic, not recognizing the room at all. I watched from the doorway and smiled seeing her struggle like that. "something wrong?" I asked as I entered the room. She turned her head and her eyes locked on me, shock filled those pretty blue orbs as they widened. Then pleading as she whimpered behind the tape, as if I might rescue her. I peeled off my shirt as I approached the bed and the dark look in my eyes must have registered because she started to struggle and scream again.

I pulled the blanket back from her body and sat on the edge of the bed. Running a hand over her stomach and up to her breasts. "I imagined you'd feel this way, but don't worry.I wouldn't dream of hurting you. In fact, I big bobs with black cock make you feel really good." I leaned in and pulled her breasts free of her bra, licking at the flesh kissing and sucking at her skin.

She twisted and screamed behind the tape, I growled and sucked at her left nipple. Running my hand down her stomach to slip into her panties. She wriggled and panted, starting to whimper.

I loved the sound and raised my head to kiss her over the tape. Her muffled screams became pitiful little whimpers as my fingers probed between her pussy lips and massaged at her clit.

"feels good doesn't it? close your eyes pretty girl and just let me work." I murmured near her ear. Her eyes closed tightly and her chest shook as she tried so hard not to cry. A knife from my pants pocket made quick work of her panties and I peeled them away, the touch of cold metal on her skin made her jump and scream again. The chains jingled as she struggled and I growled lowering my head to that pretty golden pussy.

Perhaps she was more fun when she was sedated I thought as I moved between her legs and spread her lips wide with my fingers. "You have the prettiest pussy I've ever seen." I said. She twisted her hips under my hands and her muffled screams sounded angry now. I looked up to see her glaring down at me. "mmph mmm mph mmph mmph!" she replied. I tilted my head with a little smile, chubby chick with saggy tits bates on cam now, what's that?

You want me to eat it for you? ooh and finger fuck it too? randy little you wish." I grinned and ignored her muffled protests for now. I lapped my tongue out at her folds, tasting the remains of the sweet juices I had created earlier.

Finding her clit again I flicked my tongue over it, teasing it as I brought a finger down and teased at the entrance to her dainty pink fuckhole. She twisted her hips and groaned under the tape. I didn't look up but concentrated on what I was doing. Sliding my finger slowly up inside her, I started to suck at her clit, grazing my teeth over it as I wriggled my finger in her tight confines. In a few minutes there was little struggling and more of her hips coming up under my mouth.

Megan was losing it, her head rolled side to side as she could do nothing but enjoy the pleasure, she moaned and felt tears burn at her eyes. This was so wrong, but her body was responding to it daughterswap hot daughters get stretched fucked group sex beautiful a slut.

I could feel and taste her as she got wetter, a second finger had her moaning even more, I could hear her sobs between moans and knew if I could be gentle with her she might just go the way I wanted. I fingered her sweet greedy pussy as it grabbed at my fingers, sucking and teasing her clit until she finally bucked her hips up and came with a long shaky moan.

I slowly drew my fingers out and licked them clean as I looked at her lust dazed face. "mmm.not so bad.even comin' from me huh?" I grinned at her. She opened her eyes and huffed her breath out her nose then whimpered and turned her head. I moved up to her side and took her chin, turning her face to mine.

"I've wanted you for so long, but I got this thing with you see this was the only way. Now I'm guessin' you could use a bathroom?" She stared at me and then nodded. I leaned up and took her hands from the headboard, pulling them down to her stomach. Then I unhooked her ankles and raised a piece of chain and hooked it between her feet. "Just a precaution, if you try to run you'll only fall and hurt yourself." I said as I eased her up off the bed and led her down the hall to the bathroom.

She went inside and sat down. "I'll give you 5 minutes." I waited in the hall and watched my clock on the wall. After 5 minutes I opened the door again and she was standing at the window. "come away from the window." She turned and her eyes were stunning babe nina bubble asshole rammed hard and deep again, she had been tugging at the tape around her face. I frowned and cracked my knuckles then went to collect her.

She tried to back away and almost fell back in the tub. I caught her and hefted her up on my shoulder again. Giving that perfect ass a swift smack that made her squeal and beat her bound fists against my back.

"Aww, now no sense in that darlin'. I'm bigger than you and you're in no condition to run." I chuckled. ---Part 3-------- My little Pixie lay curled on the bed, sobbing as I rummaged in the closet.

I had cut her bra away too by now. I found what I was wanting and stripped down strapping on the store bought cock, a thick 9 inches that even had a vibrating feature. I leaned down and carefully cut the tape away from her face. "Robin.I thought you were so nice.what are you doing?" she sobbed. "I am nice, I'm real nice honey, you're the one who's causing so much commotion." I said and touched her cheek.

"I don't like girls like that." she moist ass for a vehement fuck hardcore blowjob. "You never do you know?" I asked and lifted her face to mine, kissing her soft and gentle at first. She raised her bound hands and pinched hard at my breasts, squealing under the kiss.

I growled back and kissed harder, forcing her mouth open under mine. My tongue found hers and tangled with it. She struggled to get away and I held her head in place, reaching down to fondle her breasts, rolling one of her nipples between my fingers until she relented and moaned. "Feels good no matter who does it darlin'. You'll see." I purred at her, breaking the kiss.

She licked at her lips and whimpered, "Robin.please just let me go.I won't tell anybody I swear." "Can't do that, not until I change your mind." I shook my head and pushed her back gently on the bed. She grunted and twisted trying to get away again, but I pinned her and straddled her stomach. " want a dick?

suck this one." I shoved the strap on at her mouth. When she tries to twist her head away, I grip her by the hair and yank, she yells and the cock goes into her mouth. "Go on.suck it. Get it nice and wet cause it's going in your pussy.and you're going to like it." I said keeping a tight grip on her hair. She squeals and cries so I thrust it deeper into her mouth. She gags and I feel no sympathy.

Megan was scared, but not of Robin so much as what Robin was. Robin was a strong woman, older and apparently kinda twisted. Megan was horrified man fucks beauteous gal previous to gfs the reaction of her own body, she found herself turned on by this.

She'd always loved having a two blacks sucking one dick milf cops shoved in her mouth, and even being held down, but she'd never been bound like this before, or treated this way. Woman or not, Megan was alive with pleasure. Megan started to suck at the fake cock in her mouth, reflex to keep from throwing up.

I reached back behind me and toyed with her pussy again while she sucked on the strap on. Her lips were just delicious to look at, even wrapped around a fake cock. I watched her mouth work on it as she tried to keep from gagging. I reached down and petted her hair and saw the tears start again.

I teased her pussy with my fingers and felt it getting wet, wetter than before and I was pleasantly surprised. She was liking this! I eased up on the cock, pulling it from her mouth. She let go with a whimper, her eyes closed. I slipped two fingers into her pussy this time, and she was tight around them. Hotter and wetter than before I couldn't wait to pound her and watch her writhe. I moved quick this time, lifting her legs and laying them against my chest, I eased the head of the spit slick strap on cock against her steamy wet folds and then pressed it in.

She did not scream or thrash this time, just kept her eyes shut tight and let out a low moan as I pushed it inside. "that's a good girl.pretty pixie." I said as I slowly thrust my hips forward, sliding all 9 inches up into her.

My little pixie arched her back up and threw her bound wrists back up over her head. I ran my hands over her lovely legs and down to her hips which I held onto tightly as I started to pump the strap on in and out of her. She gripped the headboard and started to moan more, soft little words now. "oh god.oh my god.ohhhh" she said with her full rosy lips. I reached down with one hand and probed my thumb between her lips, finding her clit and stroking it in firm circles.

This had her start bucking her hips up to meet my strokes, her eyes even opened with a gasp and she stared up at me with that lusty dazed look.

"uuhnnn.uuuhnn." she moaned, her lips parted as she watched me. I looped her chained ankles behind my head and let her legs drop around my waist. I leaned foward, still thrusting with my hips and licked at her sweet tits again.

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I bit at the flesh and she yelped, I sucked at her nipples again and she moaned. I stayed that way, bending her body up under mine as I quick humped her steamy pussy and nursed at those perfectly pink nipples. Megan didn't know what was happening, she'd played along to keep from being hurt at first, then it girl with a perfect ass fucked hard started to feel so good!

It didn't matter who was doing it, it just felt amazing. Now she was arching her back, thrusting her breasts into another woman's mouth. She was aching at another woman's touch, and her pussy was tightening around a fake cock, driven by another woman. It was so wrong and yet. "Kiss me.please kiss me." Megan moaned.

I was amazed and lifted my head, putting a hand behind her head, I lifted her mouth up to meet mine. Her lips were so soft under mine, I parted her lips with my tongue and she met my tongue.

I felt light as air when she did. I broke the kiss and she moaned, licking her lips.

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"mmmm.who's my little pixie girl?" I asked, cupping her breasts as I sat up, slowing my thrusts, I could feel her body tensing under me, knew I could do better. "I am." she whimpered and writhed, "more.please more. don't stop." I pinched at her nipples hard and gave them a twist as I thrust up into her hard and fast again, leaning back and pulling at her nipples, I could feel my own wetness, my own pussy clenching at air as I ground my hips forward against my Pixie.

She let out a little scream at the pain of her pinched, twisted nipples and less than a second later started to buck underneath me as she came. I could feel the wetness gushing out of her, hot and sticky, it smelled so sweet and musky. "Oh yeah.that's my girl.cum real good for me." I growled down at her, watching her face twist with pleasure and pain.

I didn't stop pounding her until she screamed and started to go limp under me again. "robin?" she whimpered as I eased the strap on out of her and rolled to her side, toying with her pussy again as I kissed at her breasts. "hmm?" I asked.

"I won't tell anyone." she whispered and panted. "good to hear." I smiled and stroked her face, turning it to face mine. "if you tie me up and do it again." she smiled such a killer smile at me that I melted all over again. "ohhhh that's my girl." I growled and kissed her hard and heavy.

And that's how you catch a Pixie my friends.