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Attractive gal receives banged well pornstar hardcore
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It's been two weeks since Darren has been back, with his future wife, Jazymn. Autumn really liked her I mean she didn't think she would at first because she seemed like a perky bumbling idiot when she first arrived at the Day's door in her "Diamond Metallic CLS-Class Coupe." Those are supposedly rumored to start at $72,000 and work their way up. Autumn was filled in on all the details, apparently Jazymn is rich…very rich.

No, Jazymn's family isn't rich she is. Despite her being a new 18 she's mad her millions on her own. You already know that Darren is a mathematical wiz, able to compute even the most complex of equations in his head with lightening quick accuracy, how accurate? Since learning his time tables Darren has never gotten a mathematical or scientific question wrong…unless it wasn't taught to him.

Even then he would answer some questions correct or come pretty damn close. Jazymn was just the opposite, no not a mentally challenged fool but a historical prodigy. She has an eidetic memory which means if she sees it she remembers it…forever. Though she excels in sciences too she never forgets dates, events, or locations.

She and Darren found themselves in a school together both on scholarships for the most elite of 1time mom sex with son in the country. Jazymn however agreed to the endorsements and advertisements from the time she could walk accumulating an enormous amount of money along her way. My brother waited for her to graduate and together they both dropped off the radar this year, she was supposed to have graduated in may but of course being that smart she finished a semester early and graduated in November.

"Damn they are lucky" Autumn huffed to herself in her window, "The only date I can remember is 9/11 and that's never on a fuckin test." "Talking to yourself again?" queried Darren from her door. "Such a fuckin oddball." He teased as he strode to her bed and plopped himself naughty slut jumps on black dudes dick. "Why aren't you rich, with millions of dollars working as some nerdy ass physicists like on that show "The Big Bang Theory?"" Autumn got off her window landing and sat down next to her brother.

"I don't want to be, I'm training in the academy to be an officer just like dad, that's what I want to be nothing more sunny leon xxx download sex stories less, so is it ok if I can be a brilliant, smart, intelligent, genius, sexy officer?" asked Darren pushing his sister off the bed. Autumn smiled as she tried to gain her balanced and shot at him "You can be smart and all that stuff but how the hell are you gonna convince people that your sexy?

"Hey! You can't see it cause your my sister but come on, I'm 6'4, I've got reddish brunette hair, golden-green eyes, one hell of a chiseled chest and abs, I'm smart as all your friends in the 10th grade combined, I have a gorgeous pearly white smile, I'm nice and funny, I'm tough and a fighter who doesn't lose, and even though Sex xxx sambalpuri story new mentioned my physique once I feel that my massive biceps need a mentioning of their own." Darren stood up to flex for his sister, his muscles tugging at his v-neck, straining it so tough that if he flexed any tighter it would strangle him, or rip&hellip.yea more likely rip.

"Sorry to tell ya Oddball, but I took every good gene mom and dad could make…ever. Why do you think you're such an Oddball?" Autumn rolled her eyes at his arrogance, "And modest, you forgot to mention how modest you are" she quipped as her brother continued to flex and smile smugly.

Though her brother's arrogance annoyed her everything he said was true. He was a knockout, not only good looking and an adorable loveable personality; he was really that brilliant a mind working as fast as a computer.

Maybe he did take all the good genes. "Yea yea, what a waste, all that brain and all you care about is screwing girls, you typical guy." Darren stopped flexing and studied Autumn, she was genuinely annoyed, not the first time he's seen this side of her since he's been back. Every time he's seen it it's been whenever she was talking about a guy. "You know I've never had sex" Darren's statement was a little off placed and completely caught Autumn off-guard.

She peered through her glasses at him as he pulled the black leather office chair from under her desk and swiveled it towards her as he sat down placing his elbows on his knees and his stubbly red chin in his hands.

gorgeous lora has her trimmed twat hammered She liked that about him now…facial hair, it was cute; it made him look like a young kid trying to look old.

"Yea right you not having sex, please that's what all guys want doesn't matter what age, and with your brains and looks of course you have." "Is that what you think?" Darren said a little above a whisper "Of course, don—" "Then you'd be dead wrong." The sharpness in his tone made Autumn shiver. She leaned back into her pink and purple pillows pondered the situations and then spoke.

"Ah I see, you've been with Jaz pretty much since you've left and she won't let you hit huh?" Autumn giggled to herself at the thought of her big old muscular manly brother begging to get some and being shot down by a tiny bubbly blonde.

"Wrong again." The seriousness in his voice made her feel like a child who just didn't know when to stop playing. "Jazmyn has wanted to have sex, lots of times, sometimes it almost happened other times it was stopped quickly each time though I thought about you." "WHAT THE FUCK" Autumn thought, she would've said it but the words couldn't get past the vomit swelling in her throat.

All this time her brother some kind of sick incest pervert. It disgusted her and she wanted nothing else to do with him. "You've got some really fucked up thoughts oddball" Autumn managed to look through her glasses at her brother as he sat back and stared at her as if she had to be the dumbest ginger on the planet. "I meant that everytime I tried to have sex or got close to it with Jazzmyn I stopped because I thought of what happened between you and Kyle, and each time I couldn't love the woman I love most." Autumn couldn't believe what she was hearing; her near-rape experience had traumatized her brother.

Darren spoke again, somehow managing a more serious tone than before. wench mamma gets fucked hardcore japanese and blowjob love Jazmyn, and this time next year she'll be my wife, but I can't make love to her because I'm afraid of hurting her the way Kyle did you.

What if we don't work out and I was the one who took her virginity? I think about what kind of marriage we'll have when a husband can't screw his wife." Darren dropped his face into his hands and sighed deeply.

"You know it makes Jazmyn depressed at times, sometimes she doesn't speak to me for a week or two…I know it's because she thinks I'm not sexually attracted to her and God that's wrong but I don't prove otherwise." Darren stood up and looked at his little sister, "I've noticed your hatred for men and I don't blame you, but you have no male friends nothing but the homos anyways and they don't really count.

This is a secret that only Jazmyn and I know about…and now you." Barely able to talk Autumn muttered.

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"So why are you telling me? I thought it was your job to tell me not to let a guy touch me or you'll beat his ass." "I shouldn't have to tell you Autumn, I've done that already before, and I'll do it again. But I'm sure you knew that. I guess I'm telling you this because I don't want your life to be like mine, full of doubt and worry to the point where you can't function in a healthy relationship that is the best thing that could ever happen to you." Darren slumped to the door cocked his head and told his babysister.

"Autumn I love you, but if the right guy wants to love you…let him, but you must love him too, and promise me you'll never let him go." He didn't wait for an answer he disappeared from her doorway and Autumn turned over into her pillow and burst into tears.

-------------------------- It was decided two weeks ago, the week of New year's eve, that it would be best that Darren and train as a police officer in another county so that his father's position couldn't play an influence on his promotions and repercussions. Since that day the entire Day family and Jazmyn have been searching for an apartment to move to in the New county.

The found a condo in Sumter County, the pricing didn't matter Jazmyn bought it with no problem, the only issue is Sumter County is 3hours away from Taylor County where the Day family live.

Autumn was sad to see her brother and new friend leave but they both invited her to stay at their place over the summer. That made her happy. ---------------------------- All the moving was done by January 12th, which was a relief because Darren planned to spend his 20th birthday partying with his girl, they could unpack on the 14th but the 13th would be his. But in order to live it up on the 13th he had to go to bed now, he was dog tired too after all the heavy lifting.

Jazmyn of course bought a penthouse and even though they had an elevator that was a lot of moving. They managed to set up the fridge, couches, Tv, and bed. The entire time Darren whining about the plenty of fully furnished condo's in the area but noooooooo Jazmyn wanted to make it personal to make it "Theirs." It didn't matter the day was over, the moving was done unpacking was for after his birthday.

Yet his body ached every last muscle ached from all the loading and unloading of the day. He went to take a shower, letting the water roll over his body letting the heat ease his thoughts and put him into a trance. He lathered up his hair and stood directly under the stream of water to rinse it out. He let the suds son fucks mom after dad down his chin and neck over his muscles around his back down his toned ass and abs, drip off the tip of his dick and ring around his legs into pools around his feet.

As the water trickled he thought about the conversation he had with his sister, how he had never allowed Jazmyn to love him. Hell she'd be in the shower right now with him if it weren't from him refusing to allow her. He never allowed her to do anything that could lead to sex, no hand jobs, no showers, no sleeping naked nothing.

He turned off the shower and Darren wiped the mirror he looked at himself and felt pity and regret. He sighed reached for a towel, of course there were no towels he left all his shit in the living room with the other boxes, but which box? He opened the door and expected Jazmyn to be asleep but she was sitting on the bed with her hair in a messy ponytail, the lights on and watching the news.

She looked up at him and her face became flush red as she looked at her naked boyfriend. She'd seen him naked before but never completely each time was just a flash and he was gone but now he stood there.

Darren bit his lip "You know where my towels are, or underwear?" "There in one of those boxes, I know exactly which ones, I never forget, there under the old heavy boxes from the apartment, the ones you said you'd move tomorrow because you beautiful young blonde girl with a toy sore tonight." With that she got up and tossed him a towel never letting her eyes leave his body.

He whence at the thought of moving those boxes and decided he could break his rule for just one night. Darren shrugged his shoulders and slid into bed. "What are you doing" Jazmyne breathed as she felt Darren slip his arms around her waist. "Watching Tv. What are you doing?" " w-watching tv too I-I-I guess?" "Ah, ok then shush lets watch." Jazmyn could feel her panties dampening she couldn't help but imagine Darren naked under the sheets just knowing he was there made her nipples stiffen and her pussy itch.

"Up next on TMZ, should Riahnna forgive Chris Brown? How long is too soon or too long? I think we know as we caught the pop duo get cozy in a hotel, I guess Chris Brown really had to have that Cake Cake Cake!" "Please turn this shit off" murmured Darren into his fiancé's shoulder.

"The remotes on the bed somewhere" she replied breathing heavily. Darren tried to ignore her as to not feed into her sexual desires. He felt around the bed with his feet and found the remote at the end of the bed under the covers. He lifted the sheets over his head and was instantly hit with a powerful, moist, tangy smell. Darren knew exactly what it was as he smelt it on Jazmyn before but never so strong.

Darren left the remote sat up from under the covers, he pulled the sheets back and slipped his fingers between Jazmyn's legs. He pinched the edge of her nightgown and peered between her legs against her yellow panties. Her panties weren't wet, they were downright soaked, a huge stain from near the brim of her panties all the way down, disappearing between her supple ass cheeks. Jazmyn didn't dare look at Darren she was embarrassed as hell and even hornier, but instead of her usual whining and begging to just get a peek at his cock while she fingered herself she saved herself the torture gripped the sheets rolled over and closed her eyes.

The first thing she felt was the piercing cold air strike her body, the second was a powerful hand gripping her rib turning her on her back grasping her thighs and pulling them apart, and third she felt her nightgown being ripped straight down the middle followed by her panties being pulled on both sides making them ride into her pussy kinky teen was brought in ass hole madhouse for painful treatment bit before finally giving way and snapping.

Finally she felt the most electrifying and stimulating feeling she's ever known she felt to hands cupping her ass with a pair of lips pressed roughly against her pussy. With her last ounce of sanity Jaz pushed Darren back and closed her legs.

Darren dropped his shoulder in between her thighs forced her legs open and wrapped his lips around her clit. Jazmyn arched her back gripped Darren's ginger locks tightly and slid is face, up and down over her pussy.

She loved the way his brushed against her pussy, how his moist lips were covered with her wetness how he tugged on her folds, on her inner lips, with his teeth. Darren reached around her thighs and used two fingers to spread her pink pussy.

His cocked strained in his pants as he saw glistening liquids dribble out of the wet hole down her pussy dipping and disappearing under her ass. Without further ado, Darren flicked out his tongue, licked his lips, swallowed hard as he tried to clear his dry throat closed his eyes and pressed his tongue flat against the bottom of jazmyn's pussy and licked slowly but hard all the way up to her clit, allowing at times for his tongue to press and briefly slide between the folds of her lips.

When his tongue circled her clit she grabbed his head and pressed down further, and whispered, "Suck it baby, do it please, I need it" Happy to oblige Darren wrapped his lips around her young guy gets cum on her face clit sucking and nibbling, licking and kissing and then it was gone.

Jazmyn peeked through one eye and saw ginger hair between her legs. She felt two thumbs slip deep into her pussy then they pulled her wide apart. Darren didn't take his time admiring this time he shoved his tongue as far into Jazmyn's wet pussy.

Licking over her walls, sucking on her lips tugging and chewing on the edges. "Fuck baby stop, s-stop" Darren continued to twirl full sex stories xxx story mom san tongue over her walls licking every inch savoring the tangy sweet taste she released in his mouth. "B-baby n-nooo n-nooo" Her hips began rocking she crushed Darren's head between her thighs, her pussy juices pouring down his chin.

"Aughhh, F-F-FUCK Fuck Fuck Fuck, mhphhhhhhhh" Jazmyn flailed and thrashed on the bed kicking and gripping shoving and grinding Darren's head deeper into her abused little pussy until she came down from her climax. Darren slowly kissed his way up to his fiancé's neck, he whispered in her ear. His hot tangy breath on her lobes, making her shiver. "I love you Jazmyn Green Dreamer." "I love you too Darren Anthony Day." She gave him a tender kiss on her head and cupped her still convulsing pussy.

Darren looked down and smiled. He replaced her fingers with his and tits on shower glass customers wife wants the d stroked her, slightly prodding his middle finger into her depths.

"I'm glad I could finally do this for you, but I won't break my rule babe, I don't want to ruin this moment so we can talk about it when we wake in the morning…should I get dressed?" Jazmyn's first instinct was to get mad, how the fuck could he lick her pussy so good, especially for a virgin, make her cum for the first time ever besides a dildo or her own fingers and say no sex?

But this was her baby in rare form this was Darren horny and dominate she wasn't about to give up so easily. "And what about you baby? What can I do for you?" Jazmyn slid her hand down to hardened dick and gripped it, slowly stroking it up and down. Darren's words were caught in his throat, he'd been masturbating since he was 11 and never had he felt such a perfect rhythm and stroke as the one Jazmyn was giving him.

She wrapped soft hands around his cock, slipped them all the way downputting a slight pressure on his balls and slid them all the way up past the tip of his dick letting her thumb circle the entrance on the tip of his head. God she was beautiful, her dirty blonde hair caressing her face, as her gray eyes shined through. She had a devilish smile, not the cute pouty one, or the sexy adorable one, but one with hell bent intentions on getting him off tonight.

Darren removed his sticky fingers from inside his fiancé and pushed her back away from him slipping her hand off his dick. "Jazmyn I love you, your my future wife, and I don't regret what I did tonight but to avoid any temptations I just think its best that we leave you as the satisfied one tonight, I'm happy knowing what I did for you." Are you fucking kidding?

HE WAS SERIOUS, she could tell it was written all over his face he was hard, she was naked, wet and sticky, and he wanted to go to bed. "Jazmyn?

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What do you have to say mami?" "Mami says fuck that Daddy" She pressed her sticky palms into Darrens chest and slipped from his lunging hands. She gripped his cock and without thought or instruction she shoved the massive pole in her mouth.

In her haste to get a taste of the pre-cum oozing out of Darren's dick she shoved his dick in a bit too deep. The tip of his cock grazed the back of her throat and she let out a gargled moan as she felt his grip on her shoulders. Darren slid to the edge of the bed to allow his bride-to-be to rest on her knees on the o fute pana isi da drumu in ea romaniaxxx of their new condo. Jazmyn rubbed her hands over Darren's thighs, she gripped his ass, and ran her hands over his abs as she bobbed her head over his dick trying her hardest to imitate the countless porn she's watched.

Darren started breathing harder gripping the bed with his left hand and pushing Jaz down harder, faster! As he neared cumming.

Then his eyes flew open as one thick, hot, long rope of cum shot into the back of her mouth. Jazmyn had practiced sucking cock on her dildo plenty of times but it never came in her mouth, panicking Jaz tried to swallow it. That would've been a good idea if it weren't for the massive cock in her mouth. Her throat started contracting over Darren's member, squeezing and tugging as it tried to swallow him.

The feeling became too intense and Darren pushed Jazmyn's head down completely onto his cock.

Forcing a little of 7½ inches into Jazmyn's throat. With her nose pressed to his stomach Darren shot off round after round of hot, sticky, thick, cum into his fiancé's throat. After ages he finally slid his dick from her mouth.

Jazmyn jerked back instantly gasping and sucking for air, clutching her chest and trying to pull herself back onto the bed as she sucked in chunks of air. The feeling of euphoria passed and Darren was mortified at what he'd done, how could he have hurt his little Jazmyn?

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"Baby I'm sorry I didn't mean to I couldn't help it you were sucking so good I didn't mean too I know you th—" Darren stopped in dead sentence as he watched Jazmyn, still trying to regulate her breathing, climbed onto the bed.

Her pussy was glistening, it was shiny all over her lips and ass. He glanced down and saw her fingers slick with her juices. That little minx. While she was choking for air she must've been fingering herself, doesn't look like she was able to cum in time; good thing too. As Jazmyn tried to ease her body down onto the bed she felt two solid biceps against her thighs, two strong hands on her ribs squeezing them applying pressure, the fingertips of these hands pinching and pulling her nipples.

Darren pulled her into position on all fours. His newly renewed hard cock bouncing off her ass. He saw the succulent little pink star of an asshole as he gripped her cheeks and spread them. It took him all his strength not to shove his cock in there, but now wasn't the time he'd get there…eventually. Besides he didn't want to hurt her, more than he figured losing her virginity to him would be. Darren positioned the tip of his head against her entrance.

His head nudging and prodding her clit. He slipped the head into her wet folds, "You sure about this baby?" "Yea, fuck me" "Its going to hurt mami, I don't like hurting you" "Ohhhh its ok, I-I got a dildo, my-my-my hymen's gone" Darren continued to press his head against her clit, harder, and harder, and harder. "Oh so I can ram it in?" "WHAT! Hell no" "Too late". Jazmyn tried to roll over but Darren slapped her ass making her arms buckle. As she fell into the bed she felt her folds being pulled apart, her lips separating, her pussy opening.

Then she felt a massive cock being slammed into her. "Augghhhhhhhh" It was nice nympho gapes tight slit and loses virginity he could manage as the tears built a blurry wall in her eyes, waiting for the first blink so they can crash down her face.

She may have had a dildo but Darren was wider than it…a lot wider. "Oh fuck jaz" What the hell was he thinking all this time? Not fucking jazmyn when she asked him to, when she begged him too. She was tight, realllly tight, in fact if she wasn't so wet and slippery she might actually hurt him. He eased his way out his head barely between her folds, then he shoved it back in. This time a lot slower, then faster, then faster, then longer, then faster.

He picked up a rhythm as the blonde naras xxx story xxx full xxx sex stories her face into the pillow.

"The fuck are you doing?" Darren slapped Jazmyn's ass leaving a bright red print on her ass.

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"When I fuck you, I want you to scream, don't hide it, tonight everyone is going to know Jazmyn Green Dreamer lost her virginity." With that he grabbed her ankles and shoved his rod into her deeper, pumping in and out of her. When Darren had settled into a rhythm Jazmyn kicked with the fury of a wild stallion, threw her head and body into the bed and rolled away from Darren's penetrating cock.

Her moves were so spontaneous Darren fell back into the wall, Jazmyn rebounded and eyed her naked lover, his ginger sweaty hair, his golden-green eyes, his flush tan body, his adorable ginger freckles, his tightening biceps, his endless abs, britney amber in a very sexy stop over firm ass, and tone thighs, and his long swinging dick covered in pre-cum, her pussy wetness, and a little of her blood.

She charged at him and jumped straight in the air. She figured if she was going to lose her virginity tonight then she would have some say in how it happened.

Her body hit Darren's and he did a remarkable job of staying on balance. Her pussy crashed against his hard member and her nipples slammed against his chiseled chest. She cried out in pleasure as their lips meshed and the two intertwined. Darren gripped Jazmyn's ass sliding his hands under her thighs to stroke her pussy before dropping her on his dick.

"FUCK, DARREN, BABY!" Jazmyn exclaimed as she was impaled by his long cock. "That's right, you've wanted you've got it, ride me." And ride she would Jazmyn rode Darren's dick up and down allowing her nipples to slide over her man's chest sending pulses throughout her body as her clit slid against his stomach.

Not one to be shown up Darren forced his dick deeper into his love. The two both fighting for control. "Ugh, Jaz I'm going to cummm." "What? NO! Not in me, BABY NO!" Since they've never came close to sex Jazmyn wasn't on the pill, she placed her foot on Darren's thigh to try and rise off of him but she slipped, shoving nearly all 7½ inches inside her.

That was all he needed, his balls began to tighten and gripped her ass wrapped his arms around her back pulled her close and came in her pussy. His warm liquids were just about done emptying into her belly when she startled him by wrapping her thighs and legs around his waist. Clawing at his back, biting his shoulder bouncing up and down, grinding, and moaning. "B-baby no no no" Jazmyn shook extremely violently, her body contracted as her pussy milked every inch of cum from his dick as he shot off his reserves inside her.

His stomach was soaked, so was hers, and their legs, and a pool on the floor, 18 years of built up frustration and Darren helped her reach her first squirting orgasm. Darren plopped down in the chair, slid his body from under his love and licked her pussy. Savoring the mix of cum and wetness. She cooed and sighed as his gentle tongue rolled over her lips and folds. She moaned as he sucked softly on her clit, and when she was clean he carried his baby to the bed.

Darren was tired, this was tougher than any gorgeous arab dancing no money no problem he'd done so far in the academy.

"I love you Daddy." "I love you too Princess." "Do you?" "Of course, that's why I proposed" "Good, just making sure you're not in this for the sex" The two fell into laughter half-heartedly both too tired to rattle off jokes.

Before Darren could respond Jazmyn was asleep. He leaned over and flipped off the light then turned off the T.V. He nuzzled against his Jazmyn and buried himself into the scent of her soft Melon scented hair. Ugh they still have to unpack in the morning…well that will be in the morning, and this will be now. Now is time for love, now is time for sleep, now is the time for Darren to hold his Jazmyn after the closest night they've ever shared.

----------------------------------- It had been a little over a week and a half since Darren left and already Autumn was missing him terribly. She hadn't seen her brother in almost four years and he was already gone. "Girl, what is with you, you have been zoned out all day…still think about Doom?" "Hey Cat, yea, I dunno I just really miss him, Jazmyn is cool but I wish he didn't have to go I mean if she wasn't here then he'd be living with us." Autumn crossed her arms on the cafeteria table and dropped her head into them.

"Ok um, first I thought you liked Jazmyn, second even if she wasn't here he'd still be an officer in another county, stop making excuses oddball." That made Autumn smile. When Darren left she used to bounce the ball he gave her, it always made her happy. But the problem with a lopsided ball is it doesn't bounce very well, well bouncing wasn't the problem…it had plenty of bounce it just never came straight back up.

When she lost it in the weeds behind her school she cried as she frantically searched for it. Many kids gathered to help search for the ball but no one could find it, the grass wasn't cut over the summer and the kids gave up rather quickly despite all that happened to her recently. Selena was the only one who stayed with her for hours and eventually found it, across the street on the sidewalk where no one thought to look. ("Thank you soooooo much, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, TH—" "OK YOUR WELCOME PLEASE SHUT UP!" Autumn was shocked.

Here this stranger help her search for a ball for hours and then yelled at her to shut up. "I'm sorry I just—, this just really meant a lot to me." "It looks weird, Selena said, sort of like an oddball. Hmmm it fits you you're an oddball." Autumn's eyes darted to Selena, not sure what to make out of the unique nickname that only her brother called her.

"So how'd you lose it?" "I bounced it" "That's stupid" "YOU'RE STUPID" Snapped Autumn, now she didn't care if this mystery girl had helped or not, she was offending the sacred ball her brother gave her. "YOU'RE STUPID FOR BOUNCING AN ODDBALL!!!!!!" shouted Selena she was mad now, why did she even help this kid. For some reason neither girl could explain they both fell out in laughter. "Hi, I'm Selena" "Ah so I'll call you catwoman" beamed Autumn waiting for Selena to ask why.

"Nah, Catwoman is Selina Kyle, with an "I" not an "e" but Cat." Autumn was baffled, how could such a pretty cool looking kid know about batman? "Ok Cat it is, I'm Autumn." "Duh everyone knows who you are, you're all anyone talks about nowadays." Selena rolled her eyes.

"Well I can't think of a nickname for Autumn so I'll call you Oddball." Despite her brother creating the original nickname, it sounded right, it sound like home coming from selena. Thus Selena (Cat) and Autumn (Oddball) became bestfriends.) "Helllooooooooooo, Wake up Oddball, I think all your staring has made he come over." Oddball snapped out of her flashback, and glanced at the tall slim, boy walking towards the table.

"Oh God no, not him again, let's go." "Ugh Autumn I swear either you're lesbian or you're lesbian, he's cute…cuteish… he's just a little nerdy at all but he's nice and he's always trying to do things for you." "I'm not interested ok Selena." Autumn spat these words with fire, she was annoyed and clearly wanted the conversation dropped.

She looked up the boy angelina joli xxx sex stories storys almost at the table, a few more steps and he would be in annoying distance.

The boy pulled out a chair, "Hi Autumn" "Heyyy, sorry I can't talk I should've left for class 10minutes ago" Autumn grabbed her back flung it over her shoulder and turned away from the boy.

"Oh, alright" Autumn was halted by Selena who whispered in her ear. "Alright Oddball, leave if you want to, but you're going to be 16 in two stepdaughter krystal gets drilled by her dad, and you've never had a boyfriend, let alone been on a date. Besides I thought you promised your brother you'd try." Autumn was instantly annoyed by the fact that she couldn't keep anything from Cat. "First I didn't make a promise we just talked, and second Damn you I hate you" she turned around threw her bag on the floor and sat down in the chair as Cat giggled and dashed away in the horde of people preparing for the end of lunch.

~~~Ok I feel that most stories on here, all though some phenomenal, lack a sense of interaction, I left the boy nameless on purpose, for two reasons first, I'd like you to choose a name, if I like it enough boom that's his name, second I want you guys to tell me if Autumn is ready for a potential relationship Thanks for reading I hoped you like it as always comments adored~~~