Red couch brunette first time tiniest in the agency

Red couch brunette first time tiniest in the agency
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This is the sequel to Incest in the Moonlight. I wanted to make it a little longer before I put it on here, but I found the perfect ending, so I couldn't resist teasing you guys.

:P Enjoy! Guilt washed through him. He had fucked his daughter. And not only that, but he had most assuredly made her pregnant as well. Tom felt his head hit the floor, but it was only a dull thump before blackness stole him from consciousness. He woke up later with a pounding headache and an intense feeling of pleasure at his groin. Pulling himself awake, he groggily looked at his cock, and through the haze saw his 10 year old daughter Jesse bouncing up and down on his naked body.

His own cum coated his dick in a mixture with her juices, and they made a small slap every time she pounded down onto him. She looked up, and beamed when she saw his eyes flutter. "Daddy! You're awake! And just in time to. I was just about to cum all over your hard cock." Jesse leaned down and French kissed her dad passionately, while still slamming her tiny pre-teen pussy on his 8 inch dick. Suddenly, Tom realized something extraordinary.

He was kissing her back! His tongue wove with hers, diving through her lips and into her sweet mouth. They stayed like that for a while, pushing their hands through the other's hair, reveling in their love for one another. Then, Jesse pulled away, sitting upright and slamming her hips down one more time as she came.

Tom reached up and groped at her cute babe frowns at cock sextury and hardcore tits as his cock was massaged by her spasming pussy muscles until he finally came as well. His prick throbbed over and over as he spurted hot cum into her willing womb.

She slumped down on his sweaty body, panting heavily. "Honey, we have to stop this," Tom said as he cradled her close. She snuggled up closer to him. "But daddy, think about it.

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The worst thing that could come out of this is if you made me pregnant, and we already made that happen! So it doesn't matter if we keep fucking, does it?" Jesse kissed him again, and pressed her tiny breasts into his warm chest. He kissed her on the top of the head and thought of what she had said.

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Truly, he would love to fuck her again, and he had already knocked her up. There was still one part of his brain that screamed against this, but when he imagined her belly swelling with his child, Tom shut that part up immediately. They slept most of the morning away, lying in each other's arms, his cum slowly leaking out of her slit. Tom woke up at about noon, Jessie still sleeping soundly on top of him.

He smiled and lifted her up onto her bed, pulling his stiffening cock out of her pussy. She looked like an angel lying there in the sun, her legs spread on the blankets, cunt glistening with juices. Lust grew inside him, and he decided then that he would wake up his little girl in a wonderful way. Tom crawled on top of her prone form, pushing his cock into her vagina until it bottomed out on her cervix.

Jessie woke up to her father's body slamming into her, and she was immediately in heaven. "Oh Dad, what a nice wake up call!" she beamed, and she reached up to wrap herself around him.

He slammed into her harder and harder, and Jessie climaxed, her little cunt spasming on his erect rod. Tom flipped her orgasming body over, putting her sex rajwep sex storys com gril sleeping in home funking body on it's hands and knees as he slammed into her from behind.

His balls slapped against her clit with every thrust sending bursts of pleasure through her body.

His hands found her nipples and he tweaked them with a fury, intensifying her pleasure tenfold. "Daddy I'm cumming again!" she screamed as her body shook with ecstasy.

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Jessie's legs gave out and she collapsed onto the bed. Tom grabbed her by the waist and kept her ass in the air as he finally started cumming. His balls clenched into his body and he spurted hot streams of cum into her recently impregnated womb. He fell on top of her, panting with effort.

She flipped herself over, and kissed him again. "I hope we can do this forever, Daddy," Jesse said. "I hope so too, honey." They fucked intermittedly for the rest of the day, only stopping to eat and to let his sperm replenish a bit. With that hot little sexpot at his beck and call, Tom had found more energy than he thought he could ever have. His cock seemed like it would never become flaccid, and his balls spewed semen in copious amounts every time he sunk his dick into her little pussy.

Jesse was on cloud nine. She came with every fuck, usually more than once. When he fucked her on the kitchen table, his cock managed to massage her G-spot and her clit at the same time, giving her a continuous orgasm that lasted nearly an entire hour. They fell asleep that night in each other's arms, her pussy filled to the brim with her father's hot seed. The next morning was Sunday, which meant they would be at church most of the day, at youth and prayer groups.

"But daddy!

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Can't we just stay here and fuck all day?" Jesse pleaded as he buttoned up her sun dress. "Sorry sweety, but people would notice if we didn't go to church! You know we always do!" Jesse crossed her arms and pouted her perfect little lips at him.

"Then why doesn't Peter have to go? You know he's just fucking the Masterson girls right now!" Tom grimaced, but couldn't deny her logic. "What Peter does now is his own business.

We don't have to worry about him, okay?" Jesse wanted to press further, but she saw the pain etched on his face, and decided not to pry. In truth, Tom had been getting a lot of pressure from the community. The richer people in the neighborhood had noticed him sleeping around with the younger girls quite often, and Tom was forced to pretty much disown his son in order to waylay the retribution of the community.

And so they went to church. First up on their agenda was the main congregation, a 3 hour service that put nearly everyone to sleep. Jesse slept on her dad's shoulder as the minister talked about the story of the ten commandments. Tom could feel himself nodding off when he suddenly felt a tiny hand grip his cock. He looked down and saw Jesse smiling, her hand down the front of his pants. Fortunately, they were in the very back isle, all by themselves, so he let her continue to stroke it.

It started growing hard instantly, making a neat little tent in his pants right in the middle of church. Tom moaned softly as her hand massaged his balls for a minute before moving to his shaft again. He felt his balls clench, and he started to push her away. "Honey, I'm going to cum. I can't have a spot on my pants the rest of the day!" he murmured into her ear.

But Jesse pretended not to hear him, and started pumping harder on his shaft. Suddenly, she felt the cock expand in her hand, and, using a trick she had gotten from Cassie, she squeezed as tightly as she could at the base of sweet teen gal plays with a toy daddy's dick. He grunted, and his penis pulsed in a courageous attempt to push the cum out of his balls. But Jesse's smooth hand held firmly, and no cum escaped to ruin his pants.

"Jesus!" he shouted. The whole congregation stopped and turned to look at him. The blood rushing to his face, he fumbled with a feeble excuse. "Oh, I, uh, guess I got caught up with the story. Heh heh." A few people smirked at him, but eventually they turned around to listen to the minister.

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"Jesse! What did you do? Where did you learn that?" His daughter grinned and patted him on his slowly softening dick. "Just a little trick I picked up. It'll make you cum harder later on." She winked at him, and stuck her hand in his pants to start again. Jesse managed to do this 8 more times over the rest of the sermon, and although he wanted to scream in frustration every time, he managed not to shout out again. As they shuffled out to the rest of their activities, Tom pulled Jesse over to the side.

Glancing around to make sure no one was looking, he led her into the handicapped stall of the men's bathroom. In one swift movement he had her dress off and onto the ground.

Realizing his intent, Jesse pulled off his shirt and pants as he yanked down her panties. Tom picked her up and set her down on the toilet, spreading her legs wide for his massive erection. He plunged in, pistoning in and out, as she moaned in pleasure. His ballsack made a nice slapping sound against her ass, and she reached down with one small hand to fondle them as they fucked. Her other hand pushed against the side of the stall, and Jesse spread her legs farther and farther to accommodate his erect penis.

She seemed even tighter to him then usual, and wetter. Slick girlish fluid coated his cock from head to base, and the warmth of her pussy drove him to orgasm quicker than he expected. Stream after stream of hot cum poured out into her little slit. "Shit! I'm coming!" She started to scream, but he pushed his hand in her mouth at the last moment, stifling her words.

Finally, they came naked guys and when its kylers turn drake nearly makes th tube porn from their orgasmic highs, which was when they realized that they needed to be at different prayer sessions at that same time! They quickly dressed each other and ran out of the bathroom. Fortunately there was nobody around, and they shared a quick kiss before sprinting to their destinations.

Neither of them noticed a small stream of cum trickling down the side of Jesse's leg. Please leave constructive comments!