Hardcore punishment for cheating xxx stepcronys son used his freshly learned self

Hardcore punishment for cheating xxx stepcronys son used his freshly learned self
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The man just ˝urked˝ before going limp. His pain was intense enough to paralyze his vocal chords. He had the fortune of dying a second after, as his spine was broken in too many places for his nerve impulses to bridge over.

The boy came right then and there, groaning and panting even as the stud addressed him: ˝18, since 2 weeks ago. sir. I know I'll die, but could I do anything for you. at least? You got me.off.with that show.˝, the boy spoke truthfully. The glasses he wore and the shape of his face revealed that he was a geek.

Paul spoke bluntly: "Suck my cock like the little bitch you are." as he pulled down his pants again.

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The teenager nodded, falling to his knees before the muscle god clad in a white judo-gi. Now that the pants were down, the muscles of the legs were fully visible.

Just from seeing that, the wimpy nerd moaned, and so, he kissed the tip of the cock that went so well with the superior male it belonged to.

Liking the musky taste and smell, the teenager began to suck, moaning and yipping in enjoyment. He was getting turned on by the mistreatment by this hunk.

It was just right! Paul's face did not change as the nerd before him started to suck on his member - it was a mild pleasure, yes, but this cretin couldn't truly drive him over the edge - not while he was alive at least.

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The teenager moaned as he intentionally dived onto the cock of this muscular sadist, using his tongue to swipe the ballsack. He hoped to earn a brutal kill, a personalized torture even. The well-endowed man looked around, seeing if there were any other onlookers or people around. A maid fucked by her bosses threesome and stockings young woman who sold snacks nearly dropped her tray from the sight of gay sex and a pile of bodies in front of her.

Yet, she didn't run, for some reason. Paul spots the woman and decides she would help him get off - by dying a miserable death. He put one hand on the back of the teenagers head, and then dragged him along as he strode over to the girl. On arrival, he kicked the tray up and sent the snacks scattering all over the area before pulling the lady down towards him, locking her head under his arm and starting to squeeze.

The woman was bent forward, her head locked tightly under Pauls muscular arms. His other arm was still on the boys head, pushing him deeply into his member. The woman moaned and cried, struggling a bit, but she soon calmed down, knowing her fate was sealed. The boy looked in her direction while sucking fast and hard, focused on the impending moment of the death of this (un)lucky woman.

Seeing the guillotine choke being applied made the nerd get creative with his tonguing. As his cock was being pleasured slightly more convincingly, Paul decided to get his kicks. He flexed his muscles and broke the neck of the submissive woman, sending a jolt through her body. The woman screamed when the pressure became untenable, and soon, slumped down right after her neck had cracked ever so sweetly.

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In that moment, the pleasure from his asserted dominance rushed through him, and without warning a massive load of cum spat all into the nerd's mouth and gushing out, over his face. The nerd ˝mmmphed˝, before doing it again, as his face became inflated due to a massive cumload. Despite it overflowing, sexyest mature lady rae hart touch pussy in wardrobe did his very best to drink and suck it all up.

When the hunk pulled away, the 18 year-old licked all over his own face, to eat the cum. Not giving the boy a break, he pushed the dead woman's corpse against him to knock him over, the corpse then sliding away. He stepped forward and stood over the boy's semen-covered face, then hunkering down slightly, placing his naked ass squarely over the boy's face.

The boy had a shocking reaction: he sat up a bit and kissed the man's asshole, using his tongue to rim it, as well. The next thing he knew, a massive turd was on his way into the boy's face - he could taste the feces as they slid down into his face, smearing all over.

The boy moaned, eating that turd with little hesitation. It took him time to chew it all up, but in the end, he was successful. Paul rose slightly after he had finished, feeling quite relieved and getting aroused by the boy covered in his shit. "Clean me with your tongue, bitch.

You're gonna be my toilet paper. Wipe me clean.˝ he commanded, his imposing body alone being all the authority he needed. He obeyed the following order with much pleasure, using his tongue as a toilet paper, going deep inside Paul's asshole.

He moaned in utter arousal, as he was aware he was an object in the eyes of this man. He hoped to please him. The city above was mostly unaware of the carnage in the subway, and what was worse, there were few people unaffected by the intoxicating chemical.

The effects would not be visible in most occasions, so the mass of women dragging their husbands by force to clothes shops and boutiques routinely flooded the streets leading to these shops.

An occasional street performer tried to get in some money for himself, but was not always successful. Paul emerged from the subway station and looked around - a mime caught his attention.

He had always hated them and their stupid performances, so this one would perform for the last time today. With sure steps, he strode over to the performer in white and black clothes, and stood before him for a few moments.

The mime artist was dazzled by the buff martial artist in front of him, and so, began to imitate the movements of martial artists, to the best of his ability. This was received with some small laughter from bystanders.

Nobody had the faintest idea that the dude with towering hair was a fresh mass murderer. Paul heard the audience laughing - and the anticipation of their deaths got all the sweeter.

"Let's see who's got the last laugh, faggot" he said, before stepping closer to the mime. He started by making movements similar to what a mime would do, however, he then firmly two small boobs blonde babes enjoy ing the man by the arms.

He pulled him close and proceeded to bearhug him, squeezing him painfully. The mime blinked at the words spoken, before beginning to groan and grunt in pain. Strangely, he did not resist, but tried to imitate the movements of a person who was running out of oxygen.

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Or, was he even imitating? In any case, his eyelids were starting to drop. Paul crossed his arms and while keeping the bearhug locked in, gripped each of the mime's shoulders with the opposite hand, and then, yanked downwards while squeezing the waist the move set off a cascade of pops and cracks, mixed with hoarse, pitiful screams from the skinny performer.

Multiple vertebrae and shoulders were destroyed in one go. Then Paul brutally pulled him back so as to ram his forehead against the mime's skull, causing a whiplash effect that broke his neck in the process.

He proceeded to turn around to the audience, then acted like he was opening an imaginary trash can, and put the mime inside - who collapsed on the spot. Then he searched the audience for his next victim, while a bulge was showing in his pants again. The nerd was trembling with excitement slightly behind Paul.

Screams rang through the street. Some people saw the bulge grow in the pants of the killer, and gasped. A college student was carrying a bag with make-up and a few pieces of clothes in it. Good-looking, she liked to make herself look even better.

Still, her brain shorted out here. She could only say: ˝Oh, shit.˝, as the murder played out in front of her.