Ashley loves sucking big cock highdefinition hardcore

Ashley loves sucking big cock highdefinition hardcore
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Chapter 2 "Oh god that was so good. You're just the best. I couldn't imagine anyone making love as well as you do." Ian smiled at the compliment. "What not even Lee with his huge prick." "Well it would be different but I can't imagine it would be half as good besides it would probably hurt." For the first time when he had mentioned Lee and sex she hadn't given him an outright refusal.

"I know it wouldn't hurt." Ian replied half hoping it would. "But wouldn't you be really jealous?" Ian became hopeful. "In any case you would want to watch and I don't see how we could manage that." "Leave that to me.

We could do it next weekend. I could meet Lee in town tell him that you wanted to see him. A cock and bull story about some books or something he left. I know he fancies you and then it would be up to you." "I don't know darling. Are you sure you wouldn't mind? What if I caught something?" "I'd love it. Anyway according to his seacsex storiesrink aphrodisiac massage japanese porn who teases him all the time he's still a virgin." Julie made her way round to where Lee lived.

She was met by Scott his younger brother. He looked at her mentally undressing her so this was the woman that taught Lee to read.

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He suspected she had taught him a couple of things on top of that. Julie explained that she would like to see him again but if he did then he mustn't mention anything about the previous time. In the meantime her period came. She had just been late apparently it was quite common when you first came off the pill she read.

She had a choice now but decided to go ahead to please Ian. She was feeling very guilty about betraying him in the first place and she needed to suffer. It was a boy's night out, the team were celebrating their promotion. Ian was sat next to Lee. "Julie says hello. She also mentioned that if you popped round then she had a couple of books for you. You could be there in about twenty minutes and back.

I've got to go to a meeting tomorrow so I'm off to catch a train shortly." Ian disappeared hoping Lee had taken the bait. He need not have worried as he hid in the attic all three of his cameras hidden in the spare bedroom. Carl watched first Ian disappear and then Lee. He had lent Ian his video camera and he put two and two together and made four.

Ten minutes later Ian was in his attic adjusting his three remote cameras. Lynn stone loves the feel of a thick cock had hidden them well and in vital positions. He heard the doorbell ring and a muffled conversation between Lee and Julie. A few minutes later he was delighted as the spare bedroom door opened.

"What you want is in here." Julie was dressed in her sexiest clothes giving Ian a hard on just watching her. Her dress was split to her navel showing off her cleavage. The skirt part of it was long but split almost to her waist on either side. Underneath he could see she had on stockings and suspenders. She looked fantastic. He watched as she turned to face Lee smiling at him.

"You know Lee I really fancy you." With these words Julie stepped forward and kissed Lee on the mouth. They kissed for ages.

Get on with it Ian thought. He wanted to se his wife impaled on that giant dick. He wanted to see her tight little cunt stretched and battered by that enormous cock. Julie pulled her straps down her small round breasts exposed her pink nipples standing out like toy soldiers. He watched as Lee grabbed her breasts and sucked on them. Get him naked Ian said quietly. He watched as Lee continued to kiss Julie's naked breasts. She was a good actress he decided as he caught the look of ecstasy on his wife's face she could almost have been coming as she groaned out loud.

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At last she undid his shirt and removed it nibbling and kissing his hairy chest. Licking him as he continued to give her tits a real good seeing to. Julie stepped out of her dress putting it neatly to one side and stood in front of Lee in her suspenders, white stockings and white thong that barely covered her sex and her pubis. Ian unzipped his fly his cock rock hard by now. Lee kissed her on the lips his hands reaching round to stroke Julie's small round arse.

The kiss lasted for what seemed ages once more before Julie undid Lee's trousers pulling him close to her. She eased his trousers down and with it his boxers as she knelt in front of him. That was perfect Ian though as he watched his gorgeous wife lick and then kiss that long thick dark cock.

She was sucking on it. Ian rubbed his cock furiously now as he watched his lovely wife her mouth full of another man's cock swallowing it as deeply as she could. He pushed her down onto the bed and ripped at her thongs they came away easily in his powerful hands.

She spread her legs as Lee positioned his cock next to her pink pussy lips. She gave a little groan as he pushed into her. Ian had a wonderful view of his massive cock entering his wife. Slowly at first he pushed into her his massive long prick only two thirds inside her. He built his rhythm up thrusting deeper and deeper.

She wrapped her long legs round his muscular arse. She was screaming now with her first orgasm. Ian watched as Lee's body convulsed as he fired jet after jet of his spunk into his lovely wife. He rolled away and Ian could see his wife's cunt wide open full of Lee's cum.

It dribbled down her legs and into her bottom there was so much of it. Ian cleaned up his own mess and opened a bottle of wine. He watched sang x x x x story Julie gave Lee a drink of beer while she had a glass of wine. She kissed him and played with his limp cock. Ian was surprised at how quickly Lee had recovered his cock stiffening noticeably with Julie's ministrations.

He checked his watch it was only ten minutes since Lee had come. Julie once more knelt on the floor in front of Lee before she took his cock in her mouth. Ian could see it was a struggle for her even getting it a little way in. He had hold of her long hair gripping her head tightly as he pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth.

Julie gripped his strong powerful buttocks as he fucked her mouth as hard as he could. Ian was pleased as his own cock hardened watching his lovely wife giving an expert blow job to the largest cock he had ever seen. Ian rubbed his own cock in rhythm to the thrusts of Lee. Lee closed his eyes he was about to come. He went to withdraw but Julie kept his cock in her mouth. Just for the camera as he'd asked her she showed a mouthful of his white cum on her tongue.

Then slowly lasciviously she swallowed it winking at the camera. Twenty minutes later Lee was hard again. Julie bent over well aware of where the cameras were so that as Lee took her doggy style he could see Lee's long thick dark cock pounding into his wife's delicate pink lips. He grabbed her tits squeezing them and pulling on them as he pushed his eleven inches all the way inside her.

Ian watched his wife glowing almost red as he sensed her coming time after time as Lee built up his rhythm. He was like a metronome fucking her quickly and deeply.

He lasted for ages. Julie's stomach was undulating in time to a deep multiple-orgasm. Lee just kept pounding away into Julie's body. She was sweating and glowing lost in paroxysms of pleasure. After twenty minutes her young lover a came. She felt his spunk fired hard against her vagina walls. Thirty minutes or so later Julie whispered something into Lee's ear. He straddled her his cock once more hard and long. She pressed her small breasts together capturing it between them.

He moved his cock between them and with his left hand he finger fucked her cunt. Ian wanted to kiss her she was doing everything well nearly everything he'd asked her. This time he came quite quickly firing his spunk onto her neck, her chest, her face and her hair.

Julie behaved just like a whore and licked his spunk from her body swallowing it eagerly. Julie had a shower and returned to the nasty housewife alex chance take cock in pov naughty america pornstar where they lay naked on the bed next to each other.

They kissed and cuddled Julie stroking his hairy chest. She stroked his stomach running her fingers through his dark thick bush. Ian watched as they lay kissing Julie stroking Lee's hairy testicles.

She straddled his face and he used his tongue finding her swollen engorged clit. Ian watched her close her eyes as Lee's tongue worked on her cunt pushing into her. His hands gripped her arse pushing her cheeks wide apart.

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"Oh god. Oh fuck." She cried as his tongue brought her to another peak of pleasure. She straddled his once more rampant cock and guided it into her well used and soaking snatch. She rode him her vagina taking every single millimetre of his giant member Up and down she went affording the hidden cameras a great view of his penis going all the way in and out of her cunt.

She couldn't believe it orgasms seemed to be coming every twenty seconds. With each one she had to stop riding him and concentrate as her vagina gripped and squeezed. Fifteen minutes and over thirty orgasms later she felt his penis flood her cunt powerfully with his semen.

Seven more times they fucked that night. He fucked her standing up, with her legs over her head, from behind, on petite chick renee roulette pays quickie sex to stranger guy chair with Julie sitting on him, head to toe, in the wheel-barrow position and finally doggy once more. In the morning Julie drove him round to his house making him promise that he wouldn't tell anyone about what they had done.

She explained that Ian would not mind and in fact it was his idea but he shouldn't mention it even to him. Ian edited the recordings down but he was delighted by the results and that night he made Julie watch herself star in her own porn video. She remembered her other collection and decided that she would have to do something about it soon.