Nubile films trembling orgasm for sexy young coed

Nubile films trembling orgasm for sexy young coed
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Fbailey story number 214 Kid Orgy When we were all much younger, dad bought an old house that he called a 'fixer upper' but it never seemed to get fixed up. He didn't make much money so work on the house was pretty slow. In fact I don't remember anything really getting fixed in the last couple of years, not even the lock on the bathroom door. At first he had plans for five bedrooms. You see there is mom and dad and then there are four of us kids. My oldest brother Tom is sixteen, my oldest sister Elaine is fifteen, I'm fourteen, and my youngest sister Carrie is thirteen years old.

Well his plans changed to three bedrooms and then to just two bedroom. Of course mom and dad wanted a bedroom of their own so that left one bedroom for the four of us kids.

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We were little when we moved in so it didn't really matter too much but that was quite some time ago now. Back then dad got two used double beds because they were cheaper than four twin size beds and they fit in the room better too.

I remember sleeping with my brother for a while but then for some reason that didn't work out very well so eventually I wound up sleeping with Carrie and Tom wound up sleeping with Elaine. I think it was mom's solution to Tom and I fighting over the covers or something. Now that I think about it mom was responsible for lots of things that happened around the house.

One day out of the blue mom told dad that if he wasn't going to fix the bathroom door so that it would lock, then he should just remove it. A few minutes later dad was carrying the door outside and putting it behind the garage. That pissed of Elaine because she was just starting to grow her tits about that time. Then Elaine bitched about needing new pajamas. Well mom told her and Carrie to sleep nude like she does and then she told us boys to sleep nude like our father does.

That pissed off Elaine too. At night while lying in bed Elaine would tell us about dad coming into the bathroom every time that she was in there, whether she was on the toilet or in the bathtub and just watch her. She said that it was freaky. When Carrie got her tits, dad did the same thing to her too. Tom and I told them that mom usually comes in whenever we are in the bathtub and that she likes to pee in front of us.

Mom always lifts her dress or skirt up high and that she drops her pants and shorts to her ankles to give us the best view possible. She never keeps her knees together either. Then one day I overheard mom tell dad, "I just gave Tom a hard-on. He was in the bathtub so I sat on the toilet and masturbated for him. I'm so fucking horny that I can't stand it.

Go see if you can sneak a peek at Elaine and I'll meet you in the bedroom. I told her to get in the tub when Tom got out so she should be there right now." When I told Tom and Elaine, sex bp xxx story com knew exactly what I was talking about and explained it to Carrie and me.

Apparently at night Tom jerks off and Elaine knows about it. Sometimes Elaine would Jill herself off too. Then recently they had been masturbating one another at night under the covers. So Carrie and I watched them demonstrate it to us, then we tried it. We loved it and hardly got any sleep for the next week.

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Then one night Tom asked Elaine if he could 'fuck' her. I had heard that word around school but being naïve I needed it explained to me.

Of course Elaine and Carrie already knew what it meant because mom had had 'the talk' with them. Anyway Elaine said yes and lay back with her legs open while Tom poked his cock into her pussy with her help.

Tom grunted and groaned and cum in her in no time at all. Then Elaine told Carrie and I to try it too. Carrie and I had enjoyed masturbating each other and I knew where her hole was so I didn't need any help poking my cock into her.

It was great and it felt much better than jerking off or even letting Carrie jerk me off.

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The feeling of her tight pussy wrapped around my stiff cock and her tiny tits smashed into my chest, was more than I could take. Carrie had her hands on my ass and was thrusting her pelvis up into me as we climaxed together. Elaine was jealous because she hadn't orgasmed with Tom. I was really surprised when Elaine asked me to fuck her so that she could cum too.

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Hey I was hard again so I got in bed with her and stuck it in. Not wanting to be left out Tom got in bed with Carrie and stuck his cock in her. I had hardly gotten started when Tom was grunting and cumming in Carrie. Tom came too quickly for Carrie to enjoy it. Meanwhile I was giving Elaine everything that she wanted. After two orgasms she was asking me when I would finish and I told her that I didn't know, but I did cum during her third orgasm and she loved it. After that the girls would just let Tom fuck them to keep him quiet.

I was the one that they really wanted to fuck them. Once we kids had started to enjoy sex with one another it became much more obvious that mom was exposing herself to us boys and that dad was checking out the girls naked so that they could fuck at night. Tom and I were hard all of the time and Carrie and Elaine would petite client fucked by her masseur on massage table us fuck them any time that we wanted too.

However they both wanted me to fuck them because I lasted so much longer than Tom did. Then it got to become a game for the girls to see how quickly they could get dad hard.

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They started wrestling on the floor in the living room at night. They would spread their legs to show dad their panties. They would lift the other's shirt up so that dad could see their tits. They even removed the other girl's panties. Soon dad would be dragging mom off to the bedroom as we giggled.

The very next day mom was teaching the girls how to suck our cocks and eat the other's pussy. She taught us to eat pussy too. That night dad watched the four of us in a kid orgy on the living room floor then drag mom up to their bedroom.

She wouldn't let dad fuck the girls but she would let Tom and I fuck her. It seemed like double standards but mom just said that was the way it was going to be. Elaine and Carrie didn't mind loosing Tom to mom but they resented losing half of my fucking to her too. Mom was really something in bed.

She was pretty good looking naked too. However in bed mom was a real spitfire. She unbelievably cute lesbian girls playing with toys pantyhose and lesbians in strange positions for me to fuck her, she did a lot of oral things, and she loved having my cock in her asshole too.

Mom was wearing me out two or three times a day. I had nothing left for Elaine and Carrie at the end of the day. Soon Elaine was telling mom that she and Carrie wanted me full time and that she could have dad and Tom.

Mom finally agreed with them and gave me back to them. After that Tom slept along in his bed while Elaine joined Carrie and I in our bed.

The End Kid Orgy 214