Nadia wants it deep in the ass

Nadia wants it deep in the ass
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When Ralph rang me I realised that I had not seen him or heard from him in some time. Was it weeks or months? Ralph is a long term friend. In the past we very often met at wild sex parties. I don't remember if I introduced Ralph to those parties or he introduced me.

Whichever way it was we both used to attend regularly. At those parties I very often used to have him fuck my anus, because I liked the way that he started very gently, until he sensed that I was ready for a more vigorous fucking, then he would pick up the pace and he always gave me a great orgasm. Quite often, while he was in my arsehole someone else was in my cunt. Ralph wanted to meet me somewhere private to discuss a proposition that he wanted to offer me.

He would not give me any details over the phone. He did mention that he had recently married, and that that beautiful full bush babe leia pounds her hairy pussy and ass relevant to his proposition., so my curiosity got the better of me and I agreed to meet him that evening, in a small bar that we both knew. "Hi Julia. Thank you for coming.

How are you?' "Hi Ralph. It must be months since I've had you in my arse. Where've you been? What happened? I've missed you." Well I really had missed him, even if I hadn't realised it until I heard his voice on the phone. "Well, I fell in love with a beautiful young woman and ended up marrying her." "I hope that you'll both be happy.

So why this mysterious meeting?" "I want you to teach her to be a slut." "Shit! Ralph! You want what?" "I'm amateur hottie gets wild on my dick. She's young, she's very inexperienced, I was her first lover, but she's interested. I've been telling her about the parties where you and I had so much fun. She thinks that she might want to go to parties like that, but she's scared, because it's so far outside anything she knows about.

I think that with your help she would embrace a wilder lifestyle." "Why me? What makes you think that I could do this?" "Because I know and trust you. Because, of all the women that I know, you are the most comfortable and enthusiastic about your unrestrained sexuality. Because I think that you can teach her to enjoy unconstrained sex without any guilt, and that's what I want for her." "Hell! Ralph! Be careful what you wish for. Even if I can teach her to be a slut, you'll never be able to put the genie back into the bottle.

She'll never go back to being your faithful, loving wife." "I want her to be my unfaithful, loving wife. And anyway, she wont be cheating on me if I'm there egging her on to fuck other men . or women. We can still love each other." "OK. If you really want this, I'll have to meet her before I agree to try to do this." "If you agree to do this, I'll make it worth your while." "I can't deny that I could use some extra money, but I wont even start unless I'm convinced that she really wants my help." "Will you come to dinner with us tomorrow?

You can discuss this with her and make your decision based on how willing she seems to you." The next night, once we were seated at the dinner table, Ralph plunged right in. "Rosemary, I've asked Julia here to teach you how to be a slut. I think that, with her guidance, you could be completely uninhibited about who you are cock hungry babe rides on bear skin rug by, how you are fucked, or who is watching. However she wont even consider teaching you unless she is convinced that that is what you want." "How exciting!

How do you propose to go about teaching me to be a slut?" "Well, of course, I'm open to suggestions from you and Ralph, but here's how I think that it might go. I live with two blokes who are great lovers. I'll have no trouble convincing them to help me train you, and when you are ready, they'll take great pleasure in fucking you.

If I've done my job properly, you too will take enormous pleasure in being fucked by them." "I'd like you to come to my place each Friday night for a few weeks.

Each week I'll try to ensure that you experience sexual pleasure that will make you want to come back next week. At the same time, each week I'll be taking you a little outside your comfort zone.

After a number of weeks, you will have moved so far outside your present comfort zone, that you will be amazed. How does all that sound?" "That sounds very exciting. Can we start this Friday? Will Ralph come with me, or do I come alone?" "What do you think, Ralph? Do you want to be part of our Friday night sessions?" "I suspect that it'll go better if I'm not there, at least for the early sessions.

What I would like is for you, Julia, to come here the night after each session so that the three of us can talk about what happened and how Rosemary is progressing.

How does that sound? Rosemary? Julia?" Rosemary and I both agreed to a Saturday-night review session. On Friday night Rosemary arrived right on time, looking sexy in high heels, a short skirt and a tiny little top.

I introduced her to my two live-in lovers, Jules and Jim. She seemed to like them. "So Rosemary, I'd like to talk about your attitude to nudity.

Are you often naked with Ralph?" "Right from the first time that he fucked me he has always insisted that we both are naked in bed.

In the morning, when I get up I slip on a short robe before I go into the kitchen to prepare breakfast while Ralph showers and dresses for work.

We eat breakfast with me still in my robe then he goes off to work and I shower and dress for sleeping mom and son kuck. So really I'm only naked while we are in bed together." "Do you ever shower together?" "Not very often.

Occasionally on a Saturday or Sunday." "I think it might help things along if you stayed naked while preparing and having breakfast. How would you feel about that? And I think that it would be good if you made a point of showering together often. How about every Saturday and Sunday?" "Wow! Kinky! I'd like to do that, but what would Ralph think?" "Rosemary, Ralph's paying me to help you to become a slut.

I feel sure that he would be delighted to have you practice on him, don't you think?" "I guess so. I guess that I can check with him when we have our review tomorrow night?" "OK. Now how would you feel if I asked you to strip in front of the three of us?" "Just me? I don't think that that would be fair." "OK.

How about if we all strip off?" "Yes. I'd like that. Ralph is the only adult male who I've seen naked. I'd love to see your two lovers naked. Also I like seeing good looking women naked, and you are certainly good looking." So I lead the way.

All that I was wearing was a short skirt and a skimpy top so I was quickly naked. Rosemary noticed that I wore neither panties nor bra. "How come that you're not wearing a bra or panties?" "I practically never wear a bra. I just feel sexier without one.

And I go without panties whenever I'm hoping to be groped. Being groped feels so much better if you're wearing a short skirt without panties. These two can always be relied on for a good groping. And there are lots of other friends, men and women, beautiful mom n son milf know how much I like to be groped, and who oblige whenever we meet." "I'm beginning to fat xxx fool sex stories storys why my husband asked you to train me to be a slut." "Hey!

I don't think that I'm training you. I'm just helping you to find your inner slut. And so far I think that we are right on track." By now we were all naked and Rosemary turned her attention to Jules' and Jim's cocks. "They're beautiful, aren't they? They certainly give me a lot of pleasure. Do you want to touch them?" "Oooh! May I?

Do you mind? Jules? Jim?" "I'd like that." "Go for it Rosemary. It would be nice if you stroked us a bit." Of course, as soon as she started to stroke my two favourite lovers' cocks, they grew to their full length and were rock hard, although still soft to touch.

I knew that her husband's cock was circumcised, whereas these two were uncut. Rosemary lost herself in fascination as she played with their foreskins, sliding them back to reveal their cock heads. After about half an hour of this I told Rosemary, "You know, Rosemary, after you leave I'm going to have to fuck these two boys.

You've been teasing them all this time without giving them any relief." "Oh! Sorry, boys. I didn't realise that I was being a cock tease. However, I'd really like to watch you guys fuck, if that's not too forward of me." "Rosemary, that's exactly what I hoped that you would say.

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Come on boys. I want Jules in my arse today. Here's the lube, Jules." The next evening, as I knocked on Ralph and Rosemary's front door I was pretty nervous about the reception that I would get.

Would Rosemary have regretted her behaviour the night before? Or, if she was happy about what we had all done together, would Ralph be regretting what he had asked for?

Rosemary opened the door to me and as soon as she saw me a big smile spread across her face. She pulled me inside, wrapped her arms around me, and gave me a big sloppy kiss on the lips. Apparently the first of my fears was baseless. Then Ralph walked towards us. "Julia. You're doing a great job. When Rosemary got home last night she practically ripped my clothes off and tried to fuck my brains out. Then this morning she dragged me into the shower with her. She's been naked all day until 5 minutes ago and she's been demanding to fuck as often as I can get it up." Apparently the second of my fears was baseless.

Rosemary wore high heels and her legs were bare.

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She was wearing very short shorts which revealed the shape of her cute bum admirably, and a singlet top with enormous arm holes, the sort that reveals a girl's bra, except that this girl wore no bra. "Rosemary? Did you get dressed because you knew that I was going to be here? I thought that after last night's session you'd be comfortable being naked in my presence." "Well. I hoped that you would think that I was even sexier, dressed like this, than naked. After all nothing is hidden.

What do you think?" Then Ralph spoke up. "Rosemary, you are as sexy as hell dressed like that. I'm dying to take you out drinking, dressed like that." "Really? Where could we go with me dressed like this?" Ralph named a couple of bars that he and I knew well.

"Pick-up joints." I told Rosemary. "Really? Do you expect me to get picked up?" "No. Not yet. Not ever in those bars; the health risks are too great.

But I'd like you to experience being hit on. Get to know some of the standard lines that men use with a sexy woman, like you." "So, how far can I go, if a man hits on me?" "As far as I'm concerned you can go as far as you feel comfortable, provided that you stay in the public bar area.

I don't want you to fuck or suck any of the men in those bars, for health reasons but any thing else is OK with me. If you get into anything that you are not comfortable with yell or wave and I'll be there very quickly to extricate you. How does all that sound?" "Scary, but exciting too. Will you come with us Julia?" "If you would like me to.

I'll bring Jules and Jim." After that cute eighteen year old asian luscious cutie went over the details of our session the night before. Ralph was delighted by every thing that we told him, and Rosemary was proud that he was delighted. When I left them I was more confident that I was doing a good thing than at any time since Ralph had told me what he wanted.

I was quite looking forward to the following Monday when we would be taking Rosemary to the pick-up joints that Ralph had named. To be continued in 'Slut School 2' Please vote and/or a comment.