Lover assists with hymen examination and nailing of virgin cutie

Lover assists with hymen examination and nailing of virgin cutie
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This is a true story that happened just a few days ago. It was something that I never expected. For the past year or so I have had a constant battle with my weight. I would put on a bunch of pounds and then loose a few. At the suggestion of my Doctor I decided to start walking for exercise.

I have always liked walking so it seemed the perfect way to start getting in shape. I joined a local gym as the weather here is not allowing me to walk outside in my yard.

The gym is pretty new, it has an outdoor walking/running track, an indoor walking/running track, weight rooms, an outdoor and indoor pool, what is called an executive locker room and a sauna and steam room as well as a whole array of exercise classes and programs on fitness and how to eat properly. My first visit was an early morning visit. I was trying to avoid the crowds of the day and evening. I hit the gym about 7:00 in the morning.

I walked for 45 minutes at a comfortable pace. I really got sweaty and just figured how far out of shape I am. I went to the locker room and stripped off. I got in one of the showers hot floozy likes her daddys meaty rod hardcore creampie get the sweat off of me.

The showers are not divided and you have a full view of everyone else showering. I was the only one in the shower at that time. When I got out I noticed the sign for the sauna. I thought, "Why not, I have always enjoyed a sauna." I walked into the sauna with a towel wrapped around me (yes, they had one big enough to fit around me) and carrying one to sit on.

I noticed there were two younger guys in the sauna. One was nude and stretched out face down on the lower bench and the other one had a towel over his lap sitting on the upper bench. I spoke to both guys as I sat down opposite them.

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Both acknowledged my presence. Both men were in the late 20's or early 30's. Both were lean and appeared to be in excellent shape. There was not any conversation between us. The guy with the towel over his lap removed the towel and wiped his face. I got to see his large penis that looked semi-hard to me. He did not put his towel back over his lap. He must have noticed me looking at his cock. He started xxx story sex porn dounload his cock and was looking at the guy stretched out on the bench in front of him and then at me.

I was totally shocked at this behavior in a sauna in a gym. The guy who was stroking his cock got down to floor level and told the other guy to turn over which he did. When he turned over on his back he exposed an equally large cock that was full erect.

I was totally shocked because anyone could have walked in at any time. The lighting in the sauna is better than most I have been in and being only about 4 feet away I had an excellent view. The guy standing started massaging the guy on the bench. He did not rub on him long until he took hold of his hard cock and started jacking him off.

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The guy on his back had reached up and started jacking off the other guy. The standing guy moved and started pushing his cock into the other ones mouth. The guy on his back took the entire cock into his mouth time after time. The guy on his back had taken over and was stroking his own cock. The guy getting his cock sucked turned and looked at me. I am still sitting there trying to be cool and I still had my towel wrapped around me. It did not take long for the guy getting his cock sucked to start moaning and telling the other one he was going to cum.

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The guy sucking increased his efforts and in only about a minute he was getting a mouth full of cum. He appeared to have swallowed all of it. I did not see any come out the side of his mouth. After cumming the standing guy got his towels and left the sauna. The guy on his back sat up and looked at me.

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His cock was still full erect and at least 8 inches long and thick. He smiled at me and began stoking his cock again.

Mine does not compare but I was getting erect. He said his name was Dave and that he did not like to masturbate alone and asked if I would jack off with him.

I was shocked and without thinking I just opened my towel to expose my hard cock. He watched as I started to stroke my cock. He did not approach me but he never took his eyes off my cock. My cock had not felt this hard and big in a long time. I watched him stroke his cock much faster and faster. He told me he was going to cum. He shot off several long ropes of cum.

That sent me over the edge and I started cumming. I have always shot large amounts of cum and he watched every pulse of my cock and cum just kept spurting out.

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He stood up and gathered his towel and said he hoped to see me again. I sat there for a couple of minutes shocked at what I had seen and what I had done. I have jacked off with other guys but this was so out of place.

The door to the sauna opened and an older guy came in.

He folded a towel to sit on and took off the one he had wrapped around him. As soon as he sat down he started chatting with me. He also began to stroke his cock and get it erect. I took this as my opportunity to get out of the sauna. I showered, got dressed and left the facility. I nodded to the guy that I jacked off with as I was leaving. I am not sure if I will go back or not.

I did enjoy jacking off and watching.